I Took CBD Oil for 2 Weeks. Here’s How it Went.

A month ago I developed extremeeeee anxiety.  I got some CBD oil and started taking it.  Here’s what happened.

My name’s Karen. You may know me as the effervescent personality behind such blog posts as Boys have Dinks, crowd favourite Snail Mucus Moisturizer or the classic And the OTHER Thing About a Brazilian Wax.  I’m a fundamentally happy person who’s rarely in a bad mood. If someone repeatedly tried to cut my toenails while I slept, that would put me in a bad mood I think. But that’s about it.

My perpetual good mood disappeared last month AFTER I had my breast cancer scare. Not during.  After. In the days after I found out I was in the clear, I developed ANXIETY.

I had the kind of anxiety you’d expect from someone who lied about being a great singer and was then pushed onstage (naked) to sing Opera in front of thousands of Simon Cowells.

I felt short of breath, my heart was beating rapidly, I woke up 10X every night and I just felt like a nervous ball of tangled scribbles.  For no reason. I wasn’t afraid the test results were wrong, I wasn’t worried about breast cancer at all, but THAT initial scare triggered some switch in me and I had constant anxiety.



Other than that, how did I know I had anxiety?

In the course of one week I convinced myself I had:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  2. a brain tumour
  3. Parkinson’s
  4. Ovarian sarcoma, anddddd
  5. Rabies.

Soooooo I’m definitely going to chalk this anxiety up to some kind of post traumatic stress after my health scare.

I tried all the things I would normally try if I found myself anxious or stressed out.  Breathing exercises, going for a run, meditation, telling myself to calm the hell down you lunatic NOTHING is wrong. All of it worked a bit, especially the meditation, but the anxiety came back.

By day 2 I started looking into other ways to get rid of my imaginary anxiety because it was cutting into the energy I liked to devote to my real anxiety. The day-to-day anxiety. The anxiety you get when you’re waiting to pull into a parking spot and you suddenly see someone else heading for it too.  

Pills are very helpful for anxiety. But I already take pills.

I have generalized anxiety, which basically means I can become anxious for no reason at all.  For this I take the smallest dose possible of an anti-anxiety drug. I have for years. It works so well that on I constantly think  I don’t need this stupid pill, I don’t even have anxiety, I’m just going to stop taking it.  

And then I remember those people who decide to go off their meds because they haven’t eaten anyone’s face in a long time and 2 weeks later they go and eat someone’s face.  So I stay on my anti-anxiety drug.

I know this particular bout of anxiety is reactionary though.  It’s like a skipping record and I just need someone to bump into the stereo to get me back on track.  Yup. I just need a little bump to get me through it.

Enter CBD Oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of many chemical component of marijuana. It doesn’t get you high.  THC gets you high. CBD doesn’t.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is when the CBD compound is mixed into a “carrier oil”. Something that’s edible like Grapeseed or Olive oil.

What does CBD Oil do?

Everything from curing anxiety to healing bones apparently. Here’s a list of research studies that lists all the conditions CBD may be therapeutic for.  It sounds a bit snake oil to me but I was willing to give it a try.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes.  Unless you live in Idaho, Nebraska or South Dakota. Everywhere else in Canada and the United States, CBD Oil is a legal form of medical marijuana.

Is CBD Oil Dangerous or Addictive?

Nope. In fact it’s quickly growing in popularity among both children and the elderly population as the go-to drug for many ailments like anxiety, osteoporosis (CBD stimulates bone growth), insomnia and ADHD.

So I got me some CBD oil and took it for two weeks.  Here’s what happened

My Two Weeks of CBD.

Day 1. Approximately 35 seconds after squeezing the CBD oil drops into my mouth I was convinced that I was getting high.  Completely and totally high. I was flyingggggg!!!!   I was not.  I was fine.  Anxiety is a tricky bitch.

Day 2. My anxiety felt kind of the same I think. No big change and I still felt like I couldn’t get a deep breath.

Day 3. I might feel better, I’m not sure.

Day 4. O.K. my anxiety is definitely better.  I noticed two things on day 4.  When my heart started to beat faster (which would normally lead me into hours of a pounding racing heart)  it would just stop. Not completely because then I’d be dead. It just stopped pounding.   I’d have a few hard thumps and then it was over.  Also, by day 4 I realized I could breath again.

Day 5.  Pretty much the same as day 4. I wouldn’t say my anxiety was magically completely gone but it was a lot better.  Manageable.  Like I didn’t need to worry that if I went out for dinner I might scream and run across the tabletops heading for the door.  I’d prefer it the anxiety were completely gone though.

Day 6. I was really counting on sleeping better and again, I am sleeping better, I’m just not sleeping the way I used to. I still wake up at night, WIDE AWAKE, just not as many times.

Day 7. All my major anxiety symptoms are reduced by about 85% I’d say.

Week 2. Same as Day 7.  So my symptoms are less they just aren’t completely gone.


It is SO hard to say if CBD oil has “cured” me of anxiety.  Yes, I’m feeling much better than I was 2 weeks ago.  But it all happened so subtly and slowly that it’s hard to tell. Maybe my anxiety just went away on its own. Maybe it’s a placebo effect? Even if it is, that’s fine, so long as I don’t randomly hyperventilate for no reason anymore. I mean a parking lot spot is one thing but gasping for air while buying bread at the grocery store?

Oh, hey, don’t mind me, I’m simply grabbing this loaf of whole wheat while breathing as though I ran 10 blocks while being chased by a knife wielding psychopath. Who probably wants to eat my face.

Next post I’ll walk you through how to get CBD oil if you’re interested in it because the road to it may be legal but it isn’t straight.

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I Took CBD Oil for 2 Weeks. Here’s How it Went.


  1. Rachel Aberle says:

    Anxiety is tricky. Been there

  2. Jane Dykstra says:

    I’m still waiting for my CBD oil I ordered it never came
    Ordered It 2 weeks ago

  3. Jane Dykstra says:

    I’m stIll waiting for my shipment of CBD oil I ordered It 2 weeks ago
    Hope it will come soon

  4. Cynthia Jones says:

    Hey, regardless of your state of mind, don’t underestimate the possibility of face-eaters. I close my timber venetian blinds every night so that the warm golden glow of my lighting does not attract wandering face-eating humans who just happen to be walking down my street. Besides, it’s like a comforting Victorian night-time ritual.

  5. Stacy Kogut-Martinez says:

    I’m curious what oil did you take and what ratio! Have you tried 18:2 capsules (full plant extract) or just pure CBD? How many milligrams?

  6. Tara says:

    This is in response to your anxiety. Did you by chance lower your red meat intake after your scare? My daughter was having panic attacks and in doing research found that low iron levels and B6 vitamins were a huge contributor. She is a picky eater and wasn’t eating any red meat at all. I bought her teen vitamins with iron and she started eating hamburgers and steak. It honestly helped her tremendously. When I was in college I had two friends who were vegetarians. I ran into both of them separately years later and asked if they still were. They both told me they had to stop being vegetarians because they were having horrible panic attacks. Makes perfect sense now. Another friend was diagnosed recently with celiac disease. He had had panic attacks all his life. Once he eliminated gluten from his diet the panic attacks stopped. He was actually absorbing the nutrients now. So it is worth a shot to bump up your iron and B vitamins. I just read the other day that a study had been done backing this theory. As far as the CBD oil, the reason I found your page was I did a search of black spot in eye. My dad has had a black spot in his eye for 20+ years. He started taking CBD oil for his back pain and told me the other day the black spot miraculously disappeared. I was like OMG it is the CBD oil. I read in one of the comments above that it reduces the pressure in eyes. Amazing.

  7. PegB says:

    CBD oil isn’t available here yet, but since reading your article, I have been inundated with unsolicited emails in my spam folder trying to sell me CBD oil. Big Brother really is paying attention to you. Thanks, I wasn’t getting any spam mail before.

    • Karen says:

      Sorry PegB! But I’m not sure it’s because of my site. It doesn’t work that way. There isn’t any way for Spammers to get your email address from Mailchimp (my email provider). It’s a high end, super secure site. Also, I wrote the article and I haven’t received any CBD spam. I would be interested to know if this has been seen by any other people though. ~ karen!

  8. Jill garrett says:

    I have suffered from joint pain all winter and a friend recommended native cbd balm. It’s expensive but provides amazing relief.

  9. Amy says:

    Thank you Karen for discussing this! It is more of a serious topic that many people are dealing with or seeking to find relief using CBD for various mental/physical issues. With some health issues of my own recently, I’m realizing that the kind of silent anxiety or night anxiety I have is affecting my whole health and I never thought I had anxiety until recently since I’m not an “anxious” person. I too am going to try CBD as I’ve heard it helps with sleep issues, joint issues and anxiety to name a few, worth trying. I hold a lot of Well wishes for you in figuring out what works and doesn’t and to a healthier place.

  10. Jo-Ann says:

    My doctor referred me to a cannabis clinic, Apollo, where I received the care of a doctor who specializes in matching one’s conditions/issues to appropriate treatment (and they are available nationwide and through the telemedicine network as well). Their website is full of information and links regarding dosages, suppliers, intake options, ratios of CBD to THC etc and the range of affordability and stock of suppliers – all of whom are subject to medical standards and testing. Some of those suppliers offer compassionate pricing for those of us who are on limited incomes. Every step of the process is easy and all the people were knowledgeable and friendly.

  11. Renee Ryz says:

    I am interested in trying it for my cat. He has some bone deformities that cause him pain and is very nervous & timid. I just do wonder what the taste is if I mixed it in his wet food. I see some cbd marketed towards pets and curious if it is the same stuff or basically snake oil.

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