I wish I had THESE last year. Chicken Coop Plans.

If you pay attention to the little sponsor boxes on my righthand side bar you may have noticed something new this past month.

As you know I spent the majority of last summer swearing at a pile of wood and injuring myself.   All in the name of a beautiful chicken coop.  Now, this whole chicken coop experience would have went with much fewer swear words and scolding looks from neighbours if I’d had some actual chicken coop plans.

Alas, I did not.  After spending hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and HOURS on the Internet looking for the most perfect chicken coops around I emailed all of the owners asking if they had plans for their coops.


Nobody had plans.  Well, one guy had plans, but apparently there was some sort of “legal” issue with them and he wasn’t allowed to sell them.  Oh dear.  The coop I was most desperate for the plans of was Chez Poulet.  So I did what any sane person would do.  I kept a picture of “Chez Poulet” from Heather Bullard’s blog up on my computer at all times, even out by my building area and basically ripped the entire design off.  It’s easily the most well thought out coop I came across.  I modernized  it a bit with a flat roof, dark grey colour and different siding, but basically, it’s the same coop.

So how shocked was I last month when Heather emailed me asking to advertise her COOP PLANS on my site.  Yeah.  NOW she has the coop plans for sale.  Heather had such a demand for her coop plans that she hired an architect to draw up the plans, after her husband had already built their coop from scratch,  (much like I did).

So, Heather is my latest sponsor and believe me when I tell you I COULDN’T BE MORE EXICTED ABOUT IT.  So to everyone who has asked me for plans for my chicken coop … click on Chez Poulet … to buy a set of the originals.




Also new this month is Lynne Knowlton who has a blog called Design The Life You Want to Live.  She’s an interior designer who seems to always be traipsing around the world with her suspiciously attractive family.  To give you an idea of her house and life these are the posts I would recommend you take a look at …

  Quick Tour of Lynne’s beautiful, BEAUTIFUL house             Cancer Sux post











Back this month are “Lovin’ Every Minute”, an Etsy site run by Patricia who will do custom silhouettes of your kids, parents, dogs …  HOLY CRAP!!  HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!!  I wonder if she could do chickens!  Gonna have to ask her about that!  Have a look-see here at some of her work.  It’s cheap too!  (cheap like inexpensive, not cheap like ……………..)


Elizabeth of Compass Jewelry is also back.  I first met Elizabeth a couple of years ago on a show I was hosting.  I think she was the director.  No wait, the producer.  She could have been on the catering team.  Whatever.  Who cares.  As the host all I needed to know was 3 -2-1 … TALK!  Regardless Elizabeth is a jewelry designer and she has a little something light and airy and new for spring!



Also back is Denise from Iguana Makeit.  Denise designs teeny, tiny, teensy things from felt.  She also makes felted soap which I had to explain to my mother.  It’s soap that’s encased in felting which she adds a design to.  The felted soap works as a great exfoliant, plus helps lather things up.  As the soap shrinks, so does the felt.



Now I know you’re probably slowing down on your clicking now, but now is not the time.  Get ready to click again.  Because Barbie, who you might recognize from the comments section, runs Kate Coury’s Farmhouse.  Barbie is also Kate.  Long story.  Read her blog to find out all about it, LOL.  So, Barbie emailed me the other night and is offering … get ready for it … 2 FREE BUNDLES OF LAVENDER WITH EVERY WREATH PURCHASE OVER $50!!   Her twig wreaths are my personal favourites.

Stephanie from Favor the Earth has some of the best stuff I’ve seen online.  I love it.  I have no idea why, but it just appeals to me.  It’s all stuff that’s eco-friendly/organic.  What does that mean?  It’s stuff that’s nice to the Earth and the people on the Earth basically.  Recycled products, organic chocolates, and even vegan/toxin free nailpolish!

Art of Doing Stuff readers get $6 off any $25 purchase from Favor the Earth.  Just use the coupon code KAREN.


As I mentioned earlier this week I’m planting an organic/heirloom vegetable garden in my front yard this year! Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!  Around half of the seeds I’m using are from Laura at Cubits.  You may remember her from her generous giveaway earlier this month.  You still have time to buy some seeds and get them started, so go have a look at her phenomenal assortment of rare and interesting vegetables.  This is the seed I’m most looking forward to growing …



Rough Linen. What can I say about Rough Linen. Every night when I get into bed I literally squeal out loud. Sometimes it’s because of the noxious smell from the large sweaty man in the bed, but mostly it’s because I’m genuinely excited to get into my Rough Linen Sheets. It’s been months that I’ve owned these things now and I still LOVE them. As in, the excitement of having handmade, 100% linen sheets has not worn off. Nor do I imagine it ever will. Well, I got Tricia’s Rough Linen newsletter last week and nearly choked. She has taken the Rough Linen line and made it even better. It’s like that time when someone realized you could take meat and cheese, put them together and end up with a cheeseburger!   She has added “Raw Edge” products.  Tablecloths, napkins, etc. that have a raw, unfinished edge.  LOVE THEM.



And even though you think you might be familiar with all of Brenda’s rolling pins, did you know Cattails Studio also had these??? I thought not.   Brenda has a whole selection coat racks which she hand carves herself.  AND she wanted you to know this …

“Now the dog ones are a bit special, 25% of the proceeds are donated to my special cause Labrador Life Line who fund families worldwide when their dog needs lifesaving surgery..not many groups give money to owners who find themselves short of funds..my theory is with so many folks finding it difficult these days, losing your family dog because you also lost your job, got a divorce, are ill or plain old poor just doesn’t seem right…99 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the vets. Amazing stories of the dogs and families who are helped each year…Oh and I do other breeds as well.”



Finally I have to thank Wayne and Selina from WayLay. They have the “Creative Websites” button on the sidebar. Every single month I email them frantically with a problem I think will never EVER be fixed. EVER. Something I’m sure will end up shutting my website down forever. Within minutes they’ve emailed me back, fixed the problem and sent me detailed, full colour directions on how to fix it myself if I need to in the future. Yeah. They’re that good.



  1. Tracie says:

    Oh My! Swiss Chard hey? Well, I am impressed. Not only that but I’m really considering the heirloom tomatoes. I can’t get your porch out of my head…..

  2. Deborah says:

    Lavender, it’s all about the lavender….oh, and the chicken coop too!!! How freaky in the timing is that?!

  3. Arlene says:

    Love the ripped off design with the egg box access on the outside — Had we been that clever in designing our coop last summer it would have prevented a number of escapes (by Egguardo and Lebron especially), achieved as I collected eggs and they scrambled out over my shoulder. Boy those birds sure look alot smaller and run alot faster when they are outside the coop and free. But I have photographed every single step of the construction — from paper napkin design onward including the celebratory bruchetta and KLB Raspberry Beer party on the 4 x 8 deck of the poulet palace. And Great links explanation – will surely check them out!

  4. This was fantastic today! I spent the last hour checking out a few of the links. Thanks for blurbing about these sponsors with your witty humour! xo

  5. Wooohhoooooo!!!! I felt like I just saw my name in bright lights at Times Square. Thanks for the shout out ! I am screaming that from a roof top!
    I am still laughing….’a suspiciously attractive family’….hahaaaaa….you are a hoot. Most days, I barely get my hair brushed. That is how attractive I am.
    I second that motion about WAYLAY design. They designed my blog too…and they were the best company I have ever worked with in my LIFE. They surprise me every single day with their amazingness :)….yes, I still bother them on a daily basis ( the poor souls) and they solve it EVERY TIME…with a smile and huge professionalism….love them!!
    Big hugs,
    Lynne xx

  6. Barbie says:

    Thanks for the shout out Karen! 🙂

    PS: That coop makes me really wanna have chickens again!
    PSS: Wayne and Selina ARE the best!! I love them too! 🙂
    PSSS: I’m buying my seeds from Cubits this year!
    PSSSS: I’m SURE my dream will come true when I get me some of them sheets from Rough Linen!
    PSSSSS: Gonna visit all the rest of these sites today and check them out….

  7. Melody Madden says:

    What a wonderful group of sponsors. Might be something I may at one point be interested in. That chicken coop is incredible…looks like a guest house from here ….perhaps for guests you don’t want to stay for very long.

  8. Stefanie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    I once again believe that I can build my very own chicken coop, and a tree house retreat. Until I manage to spill my coffee all over the garage floor just trying to walk the kids to school. Can I just visit both of yours?!

    • Stefanie
      You sound like a hoot….so YES, you can visit my treehouse any ol’ time you like. I am thinking of making a password at the door so only adults can enter :). No kids allowed. Ha ! All the adults love the treehouse even more than the kiddies! We can throw water balloons at all the kids that even try to enter.
      Lynne xx

  9. Maureen says:

    Love every product in this post! I bought a prefab chicken coop, the TSC thought would hold 12 chickens. Unless I want to run a battery farm, it holds 2. Got any plans for a coop addition?

  10. Melissa says:

    EXICTED sounds dangerous…what about EXCITED? 🙂

    Also thanks for knowing where all the pretty things are.

  11. ruth says:

    well, i have to go to work, but my evening plans are to come home and CLICK. Do love your sponsors!

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    You do have such a talented group of sponsors..I am off to make a cup of tea and enjoy looking at all of their goodies!!!

  13. Pats says:

    OH. I looked at the veggie pic and saw rhubarb. Must have been wishful thinking. All my rhubarb died last year. The area where it was planted gradually got shadier and wetter and I think it rotted away. :((

  14. Brenda says:

    I may have to get chickens so I can build a coop and feed them stuff from a cubits garden, whittling on my veranda as I watch to see what they will eat. Then I can jewel myself up, do my nails, sleep in a lavender scented, linen sheeted bed that has silhouettes of the labs and cats hung on the wall over it and little needle felted critters on the night table…then I can dream about Lynn’s house of treasures that I saw on her beautiful Waylay designed blog…haha !!

    Thanks for the Shout out for Labrador Life Line !!

  15. Caroline says:

    OMG the felted critter owl is amazing. i don’t want a guard dog. i want a wee prairie owl to perch/watch over my door. since i’m pretty sure this won’t be happening anytime ever at all i will be purchasing the felted version immediately. thank you for posting!

  16. Wayne says:

    Hi Karen!
    We just wanted to thank you so much for the shout out today and thanks to all those that left comments about us too!

    It is always a pleasure working with you and thank you for introducing us to such great clients!

    — Wayne & Selina

  17. Amy in StL says:

    I grew Neon Lights swiss chard last fall when I did my fall planting and it was the prettiest side dish ever. Also, doesn’t it make me sound all farmy and fancy that I have a spring, summer and fall planting? No? Well, don’t burst my bubble. I feel farmy – even if not all my crops-in-a-pot survive.

  18. Shauna says:


    I’m proud to say that a couple of weeks ago (I think it was during the cubits giveaway), I clicked on most of these links. I too was a bit sad that we had already built our chicken coop when I saw she was selling her perfect plans!

  19. Nicola Cunha says:

    What a score that the chicken coop plans are now on paper! I saw them this morning and have been excited all day! Thanks for pointing them out!

  20. Nicola Cunha says:

    Off-topic, I just finished reading “Blood, Bones, & Butter” from the library. I have a huge cooking background and her writing really struck a chord with me – fantastic recommendation! Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, it’s a fun read for anyone who has an interest in cooking let alone someone with an actual cooking background! Glad you liked it. ~ karen

  21. Karen,
    Whenever you mention Rough Linen I get the urge to contact you. I have a custom embroidery shop, your linen pillowcases are screaming out to me for fabulous monograms……

  22. Preston says:

    I want Rough Linen sheets sooooooooo bad!! Also, I was an Art of Doing Stuff tea towel!!

  23. Preston says:

    *-have *+have before ever

    (Clearly, I can’t type well today)

    Maybe you could feel sorry for me and send me a tea towel! 🙂

    and your rough linen sheets (ooooooooo what a nice gift lol)

    Just a thought Karen 😉

    • Karen says:

      Hah! I suspect you’re drunk. I’m not givin’ no drunkie my good sheets. And if I give you the towel you’ll just wipe up vomit with it. I’m not falling for that trick. ~ karen

      • Preston says:

        You suspect right! 😉 However, I disagree. I think giving this drunk your sheets and towel is probably the best choice in a situation like this!

        and besides isn’t that the greatness of having a tea towel?!? 😉

  24. Karen B. says:

    Holy crap, I love your blog. I came across it looking for chicken coop plans and ended up pinning about 9 things. Will be trying crispy sweet potato fries and screen printing this weekend. You’re a bad-ass!

    PS: Sweet name.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Karen B! I’m glad you found my site! And I’m even more glad you like pinning! ;). – Karen!

  25. Stephanie Moxley says:

    Hi Karen,

    I am in the process of planning for my soon-to-arrive chickens! My dad, who is a wood worker and who built his house with his own two hands, will come sometime in the next few months to help build my chicken coop. Since he will only be here for not even a week, he has requested plans for a coop in order to make the project go faster. I will likely order the famous Chez Poulet plans but my number #1 choice is to copy your coop! I just wanted to check in with you just in case you happen to be in the process of getting those plans drawn up and if they will be available for purchase. Please advise!!!!

    Stephanie (Denver, Colorado)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie! Congratulations on getting chickens. You’re going to LOVE them. You really will. I guarantee it. Im sorry I still don’t have plans for my coop. I’ve often thought about looking into getting some drawn up but it isn’t a cheap, or quick process so I keep putting it off. 🙁 ~ karen!

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    I’m taking a look forward on your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hang of it!

  27. simeemma30 says:

    You can learn more about it on woodprix website I think.

  28. Leslie says:

    Where can I order a yellow lab coat rack ?

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