I’m #3! I’m #3!

The Homie Awards results are in.   As it turns out, I am not the #1 DIY blog, as I’d always thought.  I’m #3.

Yeah, so …   #3.  As it turns out.  Not #1.  I hate everyone, kittens are stupid and last  night I punched a rainbow. ARGHTHTGHGHHHH.

I’m nothing if not a gracious loser.

However,  in keeping with my position as the 3rd best DIY Blog I shall abandon my  “#1 mentality” material in favour of something more fitting for a 3rd best blog.

Today I’ll be posting about cheese.




Let’s see the #1 blog produce quality content like that.


  1. jen says:

    I think you came in third because all your loyal readers want to keep you all to ourselves. :) Some of those blogs get 900 comments per post. I can’t read through all those! hah!

  2. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    I voted for you in nominations and again in the actual contest – not because you asked us to, but because once I knew there was a contest it was important for me to voice my appreciation for you… you who gifts us daily with your wit, ambition, ingenuity, relatability, and good taste. To me, it’s not important who got first and second place, because it is THIS blog that I will continue to check in with on a daily basis.
    I say congratulations on third flippin’ place! Do you know how many blogs there are out there?! You go, girl.

  3. Sally says:

    You’ll always be NUMBER ONE to all of us who follow the number 3 DIY blog!!!!! Now, excuse me…I have kittens to degrade.

  4. Lynn says:

    WHAT THE?!? But you had the most nominations?! Well, you are and will always be No. 1 to us Karen. Plus you’ve got the Fella… and the chickens. Pfffft – You’re like No.1 + Inifinitey. And to those of us who love you, it’s like being a fan of the Beatles before everyone else. We know how awesome you are, and soon the whole world will know. Now go enjoy your cheese.

  5. Sally says:

    You’ll always be NUMBER ONE to all of us who follow the number 3 DIY blog!!!!!

  6. gogothrift says:

    Yes, you may be third, but when you get your TV show and still have your blog, guess who will have the last laugh.
    love ya

  7. Andrea @ 101 Life Lessons says:

    Gracious losers suck.

  8. Lynn says:

    You’re tops in my book chica! Stupid polls…

  9. JamieK says:

    HA! You’re 1st in my book and the funniest! Thanks for my morning laugh.

  10. Melissa Leach says:

    You are the number one blgger to me…none other, and I mean no other blog makes me smile and chuckle out loud like you.Congrats! I like cheese, too.

  11. Mona says:

    I’m with J. I found you thru the Homie nominations and I rss’d you because you had me rollin’ @ 2 in the morning reading your stuff. Not many can do that.

  12. Blandine says:

    You’re number one in my book. The first one I read when I log on to my computer, the first one I go to when I don’t know what to make for dinner or when I want a laugh in the middle of the day. Go feed the chickens something weird and random, buy yourself a LARGE bunch of tulips, and tell us about your next project!!!

  13. Jillian says:

    You are number #1 to me because your blog is the only one I read

  14. CarolB says:

    They wouldn’t let me stuff the ballot box. But. You’ll always be number one to me and my daughter.
    I recommend a nice Port Salut for moments like this.

  15. Heather-Mae says:

    I, too, only discovered your site recently through Pinterest and spend many hours catching up on years’ worth of posts (totally ignoring my dishes, children, etc). I was hoping I could vote once every day for you (and I did go to the voting every day to see if they’d allow it but they didn’t :( ). You are brilliant and funny and your faithful followers thank you for what you do.

  16. Nicole2 says:

    Karen, I love you, you’re no. 1 in my book. I don’t know the other blogs, don’t read them. I’m always talking about you around here. My family even started a drinking game for every time I mention you or your blog. Needless to say, they’re pretty inebriated. All the time.

  17. Vieve says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m a reader of “A Beautiful Mess”‘s blog (the winners of the contest) and may or may not have voted for them, BUT simply reading this post alone has won me over. You’re pretty funny, not gonna lie – lolled at my desk. So yeah, you have a new reader, basically.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Vieve! Glad you found my site. And yes … you’re allowed to like both of us. A Beautiful Mess is a well done, professional blog. ~ k!

      • Elise says:

        Who wants to read a well-done professional blog?! PSPSSHHH We come here for YOU! And your chickens… and humor… and the fella. =) If I wanted to be/read more professional, I’d start paying more attention to work and less time on your site. HA

        We love you, and you’re more than #1 to us.

  18. paula says:

    What an outrage!! Never mind, Karen, you are number 1 among your readers, of that I am quite sure. :)

  19. Jen says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but that top blog has a whole team of writers, whereas we need only you…

  20. Barbie says:

    When I opened my laptop this morning and went to read your blog as usual, and saw that you said your #3…well….I was just kinda pissed. So I’m pissed off with you….I voted twice. I too went to look at the other blogs and I think they are lactose intolerant as well! LOL…..I guess there are more boring people in the world than I had thought. :( Sorry Karen

  21. marilyn says:

    you are number one to us karen, isnt that enough you big suck!

  22. Melissa says:

    #3 gets what, a bronze medal? Laaaaame. On the plus side, proudly waving your #3 flag may attract the attention of the yet unconverted internet, and more aspiring DIYers might be rallied to your illustrious cause!

    Uh oh, did this just turn into a battle cry or something? hm. well, in any case, Karen, we love you! and our proud of your recognition. I await the cheese eagerly.

  23. I just did a tour of the “winner”, yours is way better. you should have won. by the looks of it, right now young pretty long haired brunettes that look really cute in big glasses and vintage clothes are the rage though. #3 is nothing to sneeze at though. Congratulations!

    • Lynn says:

      I did the same thing! The Art of Doing Stuff is WAY better. Sheesh. (loved your comment!.. ‘cute in big glasses’ that’s awesome)

  24. Kristin says:

    If it’s any consolation I voted for ya…..this blog is #1 in my mind. Anything that can make me laugh out loud while sitting here in my pj’s, (eating cheese) is worth checking out everyday. You’re awesome and
    you rock :)

  25. judy says:

    Someone must have stuffed the ballot boxes…I demand a recount. You are WAY BETTER. THE BEST. HANDS DOWN. THREE THUMBS UP.!!!!

  26. Meagan says:

    I think the problem was you deserved a whole category of your own. I mean you built a chicken coop! You replace your own screens! You do things with cans of fire! No doubt you intimidate the crap out of people :-) (Really though I must say one of my very favourite things about your blog is that I don’t come across lines where you say “So after getting my husband to build [x] we were off to the races!” You keep the Y in DIY which makes you #1 in my books. Keep rockin’!

  27. Jeri says:

    You’re #1 in my brain and iPad…and that means a lot. Trust me!

  28. Amanda says:

    Oh, cheese! That IS the best drawing ever. You may have been #3, but you’re #1 in my book….golly-gosh-geez-whiz!

  29. Mary Werner says:

    With people that read your blog – you are number ONE! The other people that voted just hadn’t read you yet. I start my day with you and coffee so that it begins correctly – with a smile and some interesting information. Thanks #3 for all you have given me in the happy place department.

  30. Anita says:

    you were robbed!

  31. Deborah says:

    Well BOOOO on the other 2! They just don’t appreciate good talent when they are slapped across the face with it is all! AND…I bet they have never worked alongside Mike Holmes and Jim Caruk either! Your loyal fans are all proud of you anyway, so stop kicking yourself in the butt and have some *wine’ with your cheese!!! :)

  32. Dawn says:

    Yes, but you’re #1 in being awesome in your readers’ hearts.

    Also I’d like to see any of the other bloggers try to open a wine bottle by whacking it against a tree. And having the grace and poise that you did while you totally failed to do so.

  33. eileen ovaclosa says:

    1 is the loneliest number that you ever knew…2 can be as bad as 1, it’s the loneliest number since the number 1 ahhh…don’t remember the rest of the words but URG8 !!!

  34. Moe says:

    Crap :( #1 with me all the way, and in my world, that’s all that counts.

  35. judy says:

    who wants to be first anyway? Only those pushy people..and the tiara that goes with it…much too gaudy, and so heavy, it would probably extend that migrane down to your neck! Third is a nice round number! we your readers know that bronze is much warmer than tacky ole gold or silver!

  36. Sue says:

    Bleah. I looked at those supposedly winning blogs. How conventional. How tedious. Yawn…..

    Now, you over here, on the other hand…. you’re a mfing genius. You’re smart, original, confident, 100% really yourself, funnier than hell, and my very favorite blogger because of it. (I don’t usually vote in polls, for you I signed up for apartment therapy…)

    Maybe this is too snarky to say (and I’d understand if you don’t let this through)but how do you compare what you do to “look at my maternity pictures, I’m so cute, tee-hee,tee-hee!!” Frankly, it will be hard to win with a voting audience that values that mentality.

    Anyway, my (slightly profane, night-owlish).02c

    Keep being you-we’ve got enough other people who aren’t you already ;-p

  37. Stéphanie says:

    Yeay Cheese! Do NOT forget about Munster or Maroilles! You won’t regret it.
    Anyway, sorry you lost #1 place, in m heart you’re number one, does it count? #Bisounours/CalinoursPowa!


  38. Cassie says:

    That sucks. It really does. You should still think of yourself as #1. Poo on them.

    You like cheese? My hubby likes cheese so much he wrote a song about it. He did has a video on you tube but the sound is not so great. To hear just the chorus,(maybe it will cheer you up, but I doubt it) go here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=the+cheese+song+kirk+moore&x=0&y=0

  39. Alix Bouchard says:

    First is the worst. Second is the best. But third is the one with the treasure chest! Or hairy chest, depending on the version you like, but with my version, you get to be the rich one.

  40. Cheese!? You mean you haven’t discovered the therapeutic powers of whisky? (actually you did seriously well – it’s a big WORLD for heaven’s sake)

  41. KEL says:

    Yess!! THIS is why you’re MY favorite blogger, Karen.

  42. J says:

    I found your blog through the nominations and you’re the only one I actually added on my RSS reader. The other blogs seemed lame and lactose-intolerant.

  43. sofia says:

    Ha! So glad you are not Bleu; you’re too Gouda for that… Placing high was a Feta acompli. Now Brie -ng on the Sharp for my cheesy jokes. I’ll bee edam -ned for eternity. Just in Queso you try to top me, it’s Nacho time! If you thought you had a Whey to beat me, but I Curd you of that notion!


  44. Laura says:

    Well if only Secret Sisters were allowed to vote, you’d have won by a landslide. I think it was rigged. You taught your cats how to crap in a toilet, for crying out loud.

  45. Lynn says:

    Well I just discovered you (via pinterest) and if I’d known about your blog before, I definitely would have voted for you. I’ve been laughing like a hyena just sitting here reading all your stuff. More! More!!! :)

    • Karen says:

      Lynn! I’m glad you found my site! I’m confused by your email address. Do you have chickens? Or are you a chick that knits? Either way … I’m with ya. ~ karen!

      • Lynn says:

        I’m a chick that knits! I have a small home-based knitting and spinning business called “ruralchick”. But I love chickens too! We had loads when I was a kid, but I don’t have real ones just now. However, there are a few hanging about my kitchen decoration-wise…. :)

  46. Deneen says:

    Seriously, that sketch was the funniest thing I came across all day. You’re #1 in my book.

  47. Marti says:

    I’m sorry. My bad. I probably shouldn’t have clicked your blog 26,000 per day for the last six months.

    Didn’t mean to get your hopes up, Karen. But look at it this way: you get to… er, nevermind. There’s really no upside to this, is there?

    (Have you checked historicals? How long have those other two blogs been going? I think your blog is humming right along. Maybe if you changed the name to “All About Chickens” or something with a wider demographic like that?)

  48. Laura says:

    Oh Karen you are number one. Everyone else cheated!

    • trinity says:

      actually, I did cheat, I signed up with 2 different email accounts (that was a pain in the neck) and voted twice, that’s how devoted I am, but don’t tell anyone that creative voting was going on.

  49. Alisha says:

    Funniest damn thing I’ve ever read. I’ll use this opportunity to scream in outrage and blatantly disagree with the judges. #3 is BS. You ain’t nothin’ but #1 in my book Karen.

  50. Cindy Marlow says:

    Well, you’re the funnniest (with 3 n’s) and that’s got to count for something. Just think of it as a defect in your many followers, not in your blog. We let you down. It’s probably your fault though since you told us not to cheat and vote twice. That would have put you over the top. Now go apologize to that rainbow.

    • Karen says:

      LOL! I should mention the readers did GREAT. I get about 30,000 views a day. The blog who WON gets almost 200,000 views a day. When you consider we only lost by around 400 votes … that’s pretty damn good. My voters/readers did a commendable job. Now shut up and leave me alone!!! I’m in a mood! ;) – k

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