If, like many of us, you are worried about an impending nuclear, terrorist, cold or World war I think I can ease your mind a little bit.  You don’t need to be worrying every second of every day about the possibility of war.  4 hours should suffice.  It’s a well known fact that you can limit your fretting about pretty much anything to between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight because according to every news channel in the world, “At the end of the day” is the only time anything ever happens.

At the end of the day we’re going to have to buckle down.  At the end of the day we’ll have to ignore all the chatter.  At the end of the day only time will tell.  And so on.

I’ve decided as a blogger of the highest order that I need to up my game in terms of lingo.  Like I said, I’ve noticed that At the end of the day is a very popular phrase on news channels but doesn’t really pop up in blogs all that much.  So I’m gonna run with it, see how it goes.  It was between “At the end of the day” and “The situation is fluid”.  I don’t really know what “the situation is fluid” means … I suspect it means the reporter has no idea what the hell is going on.  So “At the end of the day it is“.

A few days ago I promised I’d be giving away part of my Luffa seed stash.  At the end of the day that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I just realized this might get confusing.  I’m not giving away the seeds at the end of the day.  I’m actually going to give you a few days to enter the contest for the seeds and I’m not really sure yet what time of day that’s going to be.  Could be the middle of the day for all I know.


The seeds were gathered from my very own luffa sponge which I grew last summer.  It took me a few years to work out all the kinks but I’ve finally figured out how to actually grow a Luffa vine in my zone 6 climate to the point that I get an actual Luffa sponge. To understand how exciting that is you’d have to be a gardener.  Imagine you’re at the grocery store and you pull out a grocery cart to wheel around the store only to realize that not a single wheel is wonky on it.  THAT’S the kind of excitement I’m talking about.

Part of the reason for my success, at the end of the day (although we’ve established a little further up that I’m just randomly using that phrase and my success has nothing to do with the time of day anything did or didn’t happen) was the fact that I had fresh Luffa seeds.  Really fresh.

That and the heated seed pad were the two most important things.  So if you want to successfully grow Luffas you need to buy a heated seed pad and you need to get some fresh seeds.  You can’t use ones that you bought 4 years ago and never got around to planting. Your germination rate will be abysmal.  4 wonky wheels abysmal.

I’m opening a contest, right now, right this moment (not at the end of the day) for an envelope of official Art of Doing Stuff Luffa seeds right out of the Luffa I am currently using in my shower.

I have 15 packets of seeds, each containing 8 Luffa seeds to give away.

Like the seed packets?




If you’d like the chance to win a packet of my Luffa seeds at the end of the day (we’ve been through this already) tell me in the comment section why you want to grow a Luffa or if you’ve ever tried before.

At the end of the day, have a good weekend, I’ll announce the 15 winners next week.  The situation remains fluid.

(The contest is now closed)





  1. OMG – here I am at the end of the day realizing I have a heating pad for seedlings BUT no fresh loofah seeds (yet) … oh please let me be one of the 15 – and I will even share 4 with someone else after I sprout them … hoping begging is useful here and we’re not being randomly picked out of a toque or something. meMEmeME

  2. OMG I’m the first at the end of the day

  3. and the 2nd – hey where is everyone

  4. Allison Wakeley says:

    You will not believe how many people I’ve told about this blog post….my hubs, my sister, my brother (who gave me a weird look), and my DIL. Oh yeah, my MIL’s nurse, too. This is in-person conversation, and I don’t actually do much of that these days! SO, suffice to say this was a very intriguing subject to me, and I want a chance to prove to the world that you are the LUFFA SEED QUEEN! I have a lattice area all picked out. Let’s do this.

  5. Carmen says:

    I’m really excited that I’m the second person to reply to this! I’d love to win the seeds because a) I need a really good excuse to buy a heating mat,I look at them longingly every year at this time. and, b) For the last 2 years, (out of the 3 that I’ve had a proper garden) I’ve had a really disappointing yield in all things, because the first year I was pregnant and super nauseous, therefore lacking any ability to be out in the garden with all it’s scents, and the second year, I had a newborn and couldn’t even consider spending time outside to tending yet another living thing. At the end of the day, I’m just hoping that this year will be the spectacular garden year that I make up for the last two. And what could make it more spectacular than a loofah?? …. exactly.

  6. Maia says:

    I’ve tried and failed before, but I’d like to give it another go!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never grown luffa, but I can’t wait to 😉

  8. anon says:

    I’m not at all interested in growing luffas. My sister in law would probably like some seeds and in Louisiana they grow like gangbusters, no prissy heat pad necessary.

  9. Audrey Hunter says:

    “Imagine you’re at the grocery store and you pull out a grocery cart to wheel around the store only to realize that not a single wheel is wonky on it. …”

    That is my dream, Karen. I would love the seeds. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Kathy says:

    Not sure what’s happening here but I received 8 ads in trying to receive your blogps, Karen. Just popped up & couldn’t continue reading until I had to individually delete them.

    • Karen says:

      8?!! Yikes. I’ll look into it. One ad popping up once a month is what it’s set to. Not 8! ~ karen

      • Linda Baker says:

        I get TONS of ads each blog…maybe 10…more the past 6 months.
        What can I do?
        (I would love a pack of your loofah seeds….my poor winter skin needs a good scrub!)

        • Karen says:

          Having 10 ads on a page is fine. In fact, that’s what it takes to make this blog profitable, lol. However 8 or 10 ads or things that literally pop up in the middle of the page is bad. 🙂 ~ karen!

  11. Raymonde says:

    I’d love to win a pack of your luffa seeds because, at the end of the day, growing my very own luffa would be like the coolest thing ever as well as a good conversation starter!!!
    If I win, I promise to spread the love and share the resulting seeds with everyone I know who wants to grow their own luffa.
    Like, duh, who wouldn’t?

  12. Edith says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your seed offer, but I don’t like loofas. But I tell you what I like -your tenacity, that’s what!

    At the end of the day, that’s what makes your blog so interesting and why I’ve learned so much from you.

  13. Alisha says:

    My mom loves to grow challenging and unusual things. We love to browse seed catalogs together looking for new and fun things. At the end of the day, what’s more fun than luffa?!

  14. Tanya says:

    Hello from the North!
    I would be very excited to try the luffa seeds. It is really quite amazing what can be grown in The Yukon and even though I have never tried to grow this in particular, my Dad and I did manage to grow cantaloupe in the green house one year. Yes they were small but edible. A very cool experience. I told him about your post that I saw this morning and he smirked and asked if I was going to try it. I replied not I but we Dad!! So I am very hopeful that we will get a chance with free seeds. If not well lets just say I am inspired, thank you so very much. I am glad to have found your site. Loved the spaghetti video.

    • If I win – I’ll send you some if you want – that would be soOOo cool for you to grow a loofa in the Yukon … in a greenhouse.

      • Tanya says:

        Wow Brenda, thanks and back at ya! I agree, I thought about it all last night; where they would go, what would be displaced? Do they have buddy or partner plants they like? Any they don’t? How I would keep the heat going in late August – without costing the moon? How would they react to 23 hours of sunlight? How many days till ready? Omg my brain is in gardening overdrive as I redesign my greenhouse to fit them in!!! So excited for warmer temps and the days are much longer (7 minutes per day). Everything is getting brighter in my northern world 🙂 Can’t wait, enjoy your day.

  15. Paula says:

    I have never tried to grow a Luffa because, quite frankly, I didn’t know I could do such a thing! I grow almost everything else so I would like to add this to my extensive garden this summer because…well…that’s what I do – grow stuff.

    Incidentally, I should be careful of that expression. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I purchased an organic, live growing lettuce in a pot. At the checkout a fellow customer asked me if it would grow if she just put it on a windowsill. When will people learn? If you want a simple garden answer – don’t ask a gardener. Long and short of it is: I basically told her that I have grow lights, warming pads, etc. because that is what if do…grow stuff. She looked at me kind of funny and it wasn’t until later when I was driving home that I heard the John Derringer Q107 advertisement in my head for the ‘Aquaponics’ store that has everything that you need to grow ‘stuff’. Oh dear, maybe I should expect a visit from the police soon?

  16. Gayle M says:

    I would love to grow some luffas this summer, cuz like, they’re like alien invader zucchini. Grow like squash. Look like squash. And the tiny little baby fruits even taste like squash. But…bwahhhh ha ha! Their true being is insidiously hiding inside! Peel back that unassuming exterior squash-like skin to reveal the real beasty Inside! Rough and tough and looking to scrub away your epidermis to reveal…no, not another beasty. Just lovely exfoliated soft blushing pink skin. Ahhhh! Such a nice tub soak and luffa scrub! And to think, I could grow my own little baby luffas all on my own–

    If only I had some fresh seeds. Sigh. Bless you, Karen. I would be, like, compelled to share not only the harvest, but also FRESH seeds, sharing the love…

  17. Linda J says:

    Because I’d like to give it one more go.

  18. Ron says:

    Karen, We would love to try growing your luffa seeds on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

  19. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    At the end of the day, the situation remains fluid…translation…I forgot to pee before I got in bed again…ok…just send me some seeds….

    • TucsonPatty says:

      Hahahaha! At the end of the day, every day, that is what happens to me! Karen, I don’t need any luffa seeds. I would forget to water them after about three days, and they would then die. Seeds would be wasted on me!

  20. Auntiepatch says:

    I’ve never tried growing loofas before. I do have a great spot for them though. Will they grow in So. Calif.?

  21. Amy Jo says:

    So every time I buy seeds and then wait 2-3 years to plant them, at the end of the day THAT’S why I’m not growing anything? Well, I promise the situation would remain fluid (and planted) if I received some of your luffas.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Oh, the elusive luffa! I tried unsuccessfully to grow them years ago. I didn’t have the patience at the time to figure out how to make it work, but now you’ve done it for me! I would love to win seeds because at the end of the the day I would rather use something natural than some stinky old plastic pouf. I promise to share my seeds and encourage the recipients to do the same. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Lindy says:

    Tis the end of the day: hot and trying and the house is full of guests clammoring for a perfect meal. ‘Ah but you grow all your own vegetables, how maaarveellous’ they say, tucking into yet another platter of greens.

    For a week now there has been that hilarious house guest request ‘now give me a job, let me loose in your garden, I’ll pick the beans.’ But just when you get the trug, the secateurs and the bags, the guests have wandered off with their camera or their beach towell and book and you are still there in the middle of the garden wondering where the helpers have gone.

    Enough. Time to put your foot down. The next person who actually emerges from their languid holiday mode is going to be given a list – pick those cucumbers, pick those beans. Mint is required, rosemary too. Shove them in the direction of the crops and then snigger and hide behind the apple tree watching as they reach for the luffa mistaking it for cucumber and sneak a cheating bite. Hah! Bet that was a vile surprise. They gag and splutter and run screaming for the hills. You emerge from your lurking lair and grab the luffa now rolling along the grass path. Ooh good, they’ve already started the peeling process for you. How maarvellous. Peace and quiet at last. You sit down in the now deserted garden, peel the rest of the luffa, saving all the seeds that try to escape and fantasize about that long, relaxing and silent soak in the bath, scrubbing away the gnarly bits with your home grown luffa sponge.

  24. Many years ago I remember my dad growing a luffa but we were living in a much warmer bit of the country. I have a polytunnel though, so it might be possible. That would be amazing, Scottish luffas! 🙂

  25. Marty says:

    Never tried

  26. I would love to grow a luffa, as my partner has been asking me to buy him a new one for months.. (poss years) as he doesn’t seem to be able to locate them in the shop..
    Until now I truly believed they were from the sea.. this has been a revelation!
    Will I be able to grow them in the UK?

    • Karen says:

      It’s more dependant on what gardening Zone you’re in than what country Corinne. 🙂 ~ karen!

      • Corinne Robinson says:

        Ah yes, I thought that after I’d posted the comment! I’m in the ‘temperate’ south east of England so think I’ll give it a go!! ?

  27. Carla says:

    Yes, I’ve grown luffas before and hard shell gourds and 12 foot high lemon verbena bushes and towering timber bamboo. That was in my former life in Southern California. So it doesn’t really count since everything grows there. Especially the population. Which is why I now live in the frozen north – not quite as frozen or as north as you, true, but still a zone 6. And where I have managed to kill more seeds, cuttings and full blown plants over the last 16 months than in the last 40 years. So when I read your post about the magic heat pad I immediately ordered it. It should be here tomorrow or Monday. Along with the seed starting mix. And the peat pots to transplant the little dears into. The only thing I’m missing? A few truly fresh, totally viable, Karen-hand-harvested luffa seeds!

    • Gigi says:

      I want to win some luffa seeds so I could brag that I have Karen’s luffa cousins growing here in Missouri and make everyone in these parts jealous. Lovely Christmas gifts would abound and glorious showers would follow. I will steal-ahem borrow a heat pad from one of hubbies tomaters and grow them right alongside the cukes n pole beans. I’m guessin they get along fine?

  28. MrsChris SA says:

    At the end of the day
    Heat pad…………………….. got
    Luffa’s …………………….. must have for me
    Seeds………………….. not so much

    What a treat to be able to grow ones own!!!

    but maybe soon (will just have to figure how to get them here!)

  29. Marsha Wigren says:

    Why would I like your fabulous Loofa seeds? I say, “why not.” I have retired early to stay home and take care of my (much older) husband. Seems like all of his quirkiness has somehow turned into the early stages of dementia. Ben has always been the one to do the outside yard work until last year. I have now tried to take over what I can, including the garden bed he made for me when I moved here about 7 years ago. Unfortunately, he forgets that he made it for me and plants quite the assortment of things in there. We have lilies and sunflowers scattered in with tomatoes and azaleas, peas and peppers doing their thing, blueberries and carrots co-habitate together in their parcel and there is always a mystery or two to keep me on my toes. Last year it was the squash that took over the tomato cages that surprised me. I’m thinking my peonies looked lonely last year, so maybe they can join forces with the Loofas.

    • Ev Wilcox says:

      My husband (of almost 50 years) is beginning the same journey, and I am not ashamed to say that I am scared and sad. He is too. Don’t think luffas will help, but a garden this year might. Good luck to us all. Silly how it helps that we are not the only ones in this. Thanks for sharing.

      • Marsha Wigren says:

        Ev, thank you for your kind words. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get some of the loofa seeds. If you don’t and I do, I will gladly share mine with you. With all of this being new to us both maybe it will bring us some smiles down the road. Be sure to take care of yourself, too.

    • cbblue says:

      My dad of 60 years just finished his journey with dementia. Right up to the last couple of months he wanted to be hoeing pumpkins, planting sunflowers and digging potatoes. Isn’t it wonderful the things that bring comfort to them?

      • Marsha Wigren says:

        I’m hoping the sun and warmth might be a motivator for him this year. He spent most of the winter sitting in front of the TV, and that is not the man I used to know. Shortly after I met Ben, he kept a promise to his sister and moved to Mississippi to help her run her chicken farm for two years. She told me he gets going so early he wakes the chickens up when he goes to feed them. Now it’s not unusual for him to not be up until 11:00. I believe he also has seasonal depression and living here in the Pacific Northwest we get lots of dark and rainy days. Jeanne, thanks for the sweet words.

  30. Tracie says:

    Well, at the end of the day, I just want to finally win something.

  31. Teresa Lees says:

    Please!! Would love some luffa seeds….in my younger years I was known as ‘the germinator’, now I have an established garden and mainly plant seeds with the grands. I have heat pads, grow lights and a passion to grow luffas. I promise I will share plants with my gardener friends. It is the end of the day.

    Thanks for the seed template….they will be used.

  32. Sherry Johnson says:

    I’ve tried before, and failed miserably- while my next door neighbor ( using seeds I gave her) was wildly successful. I need to give it another go. I need to prove that my green thumb isn’t somehow prejudiced against luffa. I need to show my kids the meaning of persistance. I don’t care if I never become the Luffa Queen. I just want one plant to live so I can tell people ” Yeah, I grew that.” I need a packet of luffa seeds to do these things. And I thank you for your consideration in helping a handful of people’s dreams come true.

  33. Lori Kinahan says:

    I would love to give it a try. I have a wonderful garden and greenhouse here in zone 5.p

  34. sharon yanaitis says:

    This is an evil plan to cover the globe in alien plants. Soon all of us will be covered in a web of horror. Please may I have some seeds to do my part in this invasion attempt.

  35. Jacquie says:

    Someone pointed out to me just yesterday that I say “at the end of the day” a LOT! I was going to try to tone it down but now it’s been approved by Karen, I’ll say it even more.

  36. Melissa says:

    Thank you for the opportunity, at the end of the day, to obtain some of your precious fresh loofah seeds.

    I, at the end of the day, have never, ever, grown anything in my life, other than ivy and an ingrown toenail.

    So, here I am, at the end of the day, about to embark on my greatest adventure, moving to a farm and try to become a farmer, or whatever it is one does when one moves to a farm.

    Because, at the end of the day, I’m a big city girl, a lipstick, high-heeled city girl. Who, at the end of the day, will have chickens, goats, bees, and a garden. A real, live, g.a.r.d.e.n., from which, I assume, gardening must take place and in which, at the end of the day, things must grow.

    So, in conclusion, at the end of day, I will want to take a bath. Because, I am assuming one must wash the muck and stuff from one’s body at the end of the day. What better device to use? You got it sister, a Loofah. One grown with my own little city girl hands.

    So, at the end of the day, if you so chooseth moi, I would be over-the-moon excited, or at the very least, bewildered.

    The. End. (of the day)

  37. Stella says:

    I like the word Luffa.
    I found a recipe for handmade soap with Luffa inside.
    I live in Zone 9!( might be able to grow them easily?)

  38. Cathy says:

    My concern, or pet peeve really is beginning sentences with ” So…”
    My second one is upspeak, but you can’t accomplish that in a blog unless you put a ?
    At the end of every sentence. Although that might curb some upspeakers to see it in action. At the end of the day, week or month, feel free to toss some seeds my way. Don’t send a drone, it’ll scare the dog.

    • Teri says:

      I read somewhere, in a learned epistle on the English language, that ‘upspeak’ is a form of accent referred to as ‘Canadian Rising’. Probably not unique to Canadians who speak English as their first language but prevalent among them. At least common enough to be remarked upon by those who study these things.
      So, at the end of the day, I offer this useless factoid eh?
      Don’t need the seeds and, given the usual erudite comments your blog brings forth, I’m sure they will all go to good homes.

  39. Beth says:

    Two words – SIBLING RIVALRY! My sister successfully grew loofah in her amazing garden and my attempt was a complete failure. Armed now with your expertise, I can grow insane loofah that will put hers to shame! At the end of the day, is there really any other reason to grow loofah? I’ll probably use it for gifts and make some homemade body scrub to go with it, so there’s that reason too! Thanks!!!

  40. Emma says:

    I vote for Marsha.
    Anyone caring for a loved one with dementia needs the seeds.
    Telling my Mom her 2nd last surviving brother passed away on his only daughters birthday last night really sucked. She did not do well with the news…she has memory problems too. On another note my plants that are too beautiful not to overwinter are at a local greenhouse and my Jasmine decided to start blooming its heart out this week. It had zero blooms on my hot deck all last Summer. Zero. Nada.
    So In Closing…luffas not from the sea…who knew? Tenacity will get you everywhere Karen. Your blog must never go away. xox

    • Marsha Wigren says:

      I have to tell you I started tearing up when I read your post. What a sweet thing to say, but I know everyone has issues facing them and I am so lucky that I was able to leave my job (which wasn’t easy) and be able to be here for him. We live in a tiny town and our life is easy and quiet. My daughter makes a point of almost weekly visits, I have time to spend being crafty, and I am expanding my cooking skills which lag way behind my baking skills. We really do okay around here, it’s just letting go of the things I thought I would be doing in my mid-life. The seeds should really go to someone who has better gardening skills than I do, so Emma, if you get the seeds, how about sending some my way next year after you harvest yours?

      • Emma says:

        Hi Marsha!
        You are so sweet,
        thank you for your message and making MY day. I think this blog from Karen brings together a certain type of fabulous humans!
        If I win the seeds I will send you some and we can both try it out. I have a green thumb for sure, but am relatively new to veggie gardening. I am grateful too for many things. Crafts, gardening and baking are all of my interests too. ?
        We are gonna WIN this thing!

  41. Ei Conklin says:

    Would luff to try to grow genuine KB luffa plants this year. I promise to not store these seeds in the fridge and forget about them. As I have done with other seeds in the past. Please pick me?

  42. Eileen O'Donohue says:

    All that’s missing for a successful growing season is the electric blanket, now I know what I’ve been doing wrong! I know I can do it now, with your help ?

  43. Myrna says:

    I’d love to get grow a luffa!!! I had no idea they grew on vines, so now I’m super curious! And I’d promise to share the seeds I get when I’m super successful 🙂

  44. Karen says:

    What a way to start the day. Only here will I find comments that make me laugh and tear up. I don’t want to enter the contest – my condo actually has “no tall plants” included in the bylaws so I’ll stick to tomatoes in my 2′ × 4′ veggie garden. You already have some excellent candidates.

  45. Sandra Lea says:

    It would be so awesome to grow your own luffa. Until reading your post I had no idea this is where luffa came from, as you had noted in your post, I always thought they came from the sea or else were artificially manufactured. So just to be able to brag to your friends that you grew your own luffa is enough of a reason for me to grow mine. Plus I do love a good luffa in the shower.

  46. Susanne says:

    A package of these luffa seeds would mean so much right now for my son who loved to garden and try new plants to grow. Now at 17 he is suffering with mental health sickness and can no longer care for his plant. Hoping so luffa seeds would give him some joy.

  47. Mary Ann Evans says:

    At the end of the day I would share them with my daughter & son-in-law as they are into saving the bees & butterflies & growing healthy foods & because I’m a super nice nurturing Mommy & Grandma. This is my 1st time commenting…always read & enjoy your postings & think that I should comment but chicken! out. Thanks for all the enjoyment…makes my days happier.

  48. Merrie Hallman says:

    Oh Luffa…I’ve been searching all over the place for seeds. I live in a retirement home here in Florida and belong to our environmental group. We have talked about growing these for a fund raiser so we can buy more plants and trees. My father used to grow them years ago and had so many he couldn’t give them away. Luffas are AWESOME. Please consider me. Thanks.

  49. Angela ? Sampson says:

    I would love to share them with my neighbor Carolee (3 doors down). She introduced me to your blog. At the end of the day we have decided that I have my own micro climate 450 feet down the lane…we would both plant them and share whatever she gets to grow in her farden as most likely they will decide my berm is not adequate nor do they like being watered with lake water vs well water. Hoping to win some seeds to share although the situation remains fluid.

  50. Carla Terry says:

    I would love to be one of the 15 winners. I have tried before, but they didn’t survive. I have always wanted to grow my own. I would love to have my grandchildren help me with them.

  51. Mary W says:

    Down here in Florida should be a decent place to grow luffa but since I’ve never, ever tried, it should be a fun experiment. I want to try growing it along the chain link fencing in the one really sunny place in our backyard. Also will give a try growing it up a palm tree – plenty of rough edges for it to grow up. As for a seed warmer, the cat heaters should be done very soon so they will make an excellent incubator for my little germinated babies. Although I could go buy some seeds instead of begging for a chance to win some, it is so much more fun to beg than to slowly page through the Burpee’s catalog. Of course, it is so much more fun to just read your blog than do much of anything else on the internet. I’m wondering if luffa would make good camouflage around my garden for when everything else has been blown up and starving people are roaming the streets?

  52. Carolyn says:

    I have always wanted to grow luffa and (shed a tear) this may be my last chance. I will be moving from the midwest to the mountains of Utah. There will be no growing there as the HOA, where my condo is, is mean mean mean! Oh, the nastygrams they send.
    Anyway, I will share all the seedlings I don’t use.
    Thank you!

  53. Sandy says:

    Yes, I tried growing Luffa a couple years ago. I direct sowed my seeds. They never came up. I’m in zone 7. I think they would be awesome in the shower and kitchen. Great in a spa gift basket too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Valerie Silverthorne says:

    I’ve never grown one but I’d love to try, and after two years of apartment living I’m back to my house and garden in May, so I’m ready to go.

  55. Sara says:

    I’ve been using a luffa forever (not the same one, of course) and love them. To grow my own would be, at the end of the day, the best feeling ever. And really, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? The best feeling ever?!

  56. Leisa says:

    Please add my name to the hat I’d love to give them a try!

  57. Wendy Crowley says:

    I love reading the comments…..almost as much as the blog. You have some funny, creative followers out there. I would like to try & grow luffa. My own vegetable has been transformed into a giant cutting garden for my new retirement business. All the veggie growing will now take place at my daughter’s farm & my granddaughter will be my helper/slave. She’s closer to the ground at a year old. She has made a habit of nibbling my luffa when enjoying a bath at my house. A new fresh one would probably be healthier.

  58. Kim says:

    I just had to read to my husband the part about your grocery cart excitement as he totally gets that. I, on the other hand, don’t bother test driving a shopping cart before use, but I do relate the expression “At the end of the day…” to fingernails on the blackboard, thanks to a horrible former manager who used that expression way too much. But winning one of the packets of oh-so-cool luffa seeds would make us both happy. We live in zone 6, too, and have an unused heating pad…

  59. Charissa says:

    My luffa situation is fluid. By which I mean the one in my shower is well past its prime and in need of retiring. At the end of its day, if you will. I did not know you could grow them and am super excited to try!

    Thank you for sharing your bounty!

  60. Mel Robicheau says:

    Squeeeeeeee… your post yesterday got me all hot and bothered. Well more like jumping around grinning like an idiot. I love to grow food but have been intimidated by growing loofahs/luffas. Winning the seeds would be awesomesauce. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  61. Katie C. says:

    My reason for wanting to win is fluid, but at the end of the day I’d like to say to people, “That sponge I gave you… Yeah, the one you use to scrub god-knows-where… I grew that!”

  62. Kate says:

    I tried to grow Luffas once, not successful. Now have heat pad, will plant.

  63. BamaCarol says:

    Does begging help my chances? I am going to hope that deer do not eat luffa (loofa?) plants or they will be gone from my pittifal attempt at gardening like most of my herbs. Last count we had 11 deer that frequent our property and scarf down pretty much everything. I would like to grow them to prove that I can and that there is something deer will NOT eat. Ha!

  64. Pauline says:

    Never tried, didn’t even know you could until your post the other day. I’ve only started growing my own plants from seeds (thanks to your amazing seed starting workshop 2 years ago!) Last year I had my biggest success, so growing a “new” seed might be fun! I also have the perfect spot to plant a Luffa plant, if I’m lucky enough to win 🙂

    I also started saving seeds last year, hopefully they will grow!

  65. Danni says:

    I would LOVE to win seeds that you produced, there’s a spot near my cob oven “Ida” that would be perfect!
    (I hope this is a random throw-a-dart-at-the-list contest, because I have to get to work and can’t kiss up more than that….)

  66. Sandra says:

    I wanna grow luffas cause it’s cool! I have an ugly chain link fence and live in zone 8a. I even own a seed germination mat (plant nerd)! Thanks, Karen!

  67. brett says:

    I’d like to enter this situational fluidity by telling you my reasoning for the need to grow my own luffa sponges, but at the end of the day, it will be your decision who gets the seeds.
    I’d like to grow my luffa sponges with the intent of using them for some research. You see, I play gentlemen’s hockey a few times a week and always finish the evening with a shower in the dressing room before heading home. The hockey dressing room of “middle-aged” men is a special place. I’d like to be able to report back to you the comments I hear when I pull out my natural luffa sponge with my towel and flops and head to the shower….

  68. Janine Samuelson says:

    I would love to try to grow a lufa – but am in Zone 4a (Calgary). If at the end of the day you are up for an experiment, pick me! ?

  69. Barbara says:

    Have never tried growing luffas but would love to give it a go, following your directions. Thanks.

  70. Amie Melnychuk says:

    Curiosity. It’s entirely out of curiosity, and the desire to give some to family members at Christmas and say “Damn right I grew that!”

  71. Well, I am nowhere near the first 15–Bravo, Gardenbre–so I may have to suffice with downloading the memorial seed packet. Who says you don’t get anything for nothing? My previous attempts at growing Luffa in zone 5B resulted in sad little cucurbits. I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE HEATING PAD!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sharron! You don’t have to be one of the first 15 to comment to win. The 15 winners will be randomly selected from alllll the comments. 🙂 ~karen!

  72. If they grew in your zone 6 climate, at the end of the day, might they grow in my climate of desperation?

  73. Aj says:

    At the apex of our solar spin, I have recently been telling my hubby that we should try to grow luffa. I have this idea to make a living structure( similar to a bean teepee) for all the kids to play in.

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I described my attempt at loofah growing in the comments section of the last point so I’m going to summarize here: The frost got them.
    Now I know I can PICK EARLY! Excitement. Happy Dance. .. Fast forward to dinner time when I mention to the husband about the post and “remember when I tried to grow them that first year at the house along with the birdhouse and snake gourds and there was the deer prints and the early frost and…” And then dearest husband interrupts with, ” Are you talking about those things in the bathroom? Don’t they come from the ocean?”
    I would love to win some seeds, Karen. Maybe someone in the household will pay attention this time. Especially if he has to build the trellis, heh.

  75. mary says:

    you convinced me a heating mat would be a good investment, so mine should arrive in today’s mail….. Now I just need the seeds. I’m zone 6 here to and this will be a first try at loofa but Im hopefull. I’ve noticed most loofa seeds for sale are coming from plants in much warmer zones – I’m thinkin maybe seeds from a plant that held up in a colder zone will be more hardy, like maybe that plant passed on its cold hardy traits.?.

  76. Donna Fenton says:

    Darn !
    I was alerted AT THE END OF THE DAY- last night at 1:00 am or so – which was really the beginning of this day…..but I DIDNT read it- WHY? Saving your post for more alert hours seemed like a nice treat for myself.
    I would LOVE to try luffa seeds!
    My granddaughter would be amazed and impressed!
    I grow heirloom tomato seeds- last year 95 plants- all different varieties. This year I bought grow lights and a heat mat (disaster with personal heating PAD killed a whole flat of Thomas Jefferson varieties), although desk lamps and work lights did well.
    It was SEEDS that got me to your BLOG. Planning on trying VINE UP A ROPE this Spring.
    I know there are “a lot of moving parts” in give-a-ways, as they are “fluid situations” but the “net-net” is “at the end of the day”, I’d love and use the seeds!
    Please send them to West Virginia in a “poke” (bag); it is “almost heaven” here and “them there” seeds will be treasured like “kin folk”. Otherwise, please send instructions on how to isolate them “my own self” and I’ll be as happy as a “barefoot youngin” either way.
    Love your blog!

  77. Jen B says:

    I have never tried to grow a luffa, but I’ve only been gardening for 4 years. I have been expanding the garden a little bit every year, so this might be the year of the luffa! I have a nice big barrel and could train it over my pergola!

  78. Jenifer says:

    I’ve never grown luffas before but I aspire to! I love the idea of gift baskets with homemade soaps and HOMEGROWN luffas…and who wouldn’t love to get that gift?!? And I can put those magical gifts in a homemade rag basket (which I have made before.) 🙂

    Now admit it, you want one, don’t ya? 🙂

  79. Patricia McPheeters says:

    Hi Karen,
    I would love some luffa seeds because my precious children gave me some last year, and they are still on the clip on my fridge, underneath an ad to the Chelsea Garden Show. Which means they aren’t fresh. Which means I’ve let them down. So if I received some fresh ones, I could grow some and thank my precious children profusely for their thoughtfulness. (I would confess eventually).

  80. Kate says:

    At the end of the day, I want to make luffa soap!

  81. Brittany says:

    I’d love to win these! I’m building a greenhouse this weekend and want to try to grow them in there.

    Plus, with all of the gardening my husband and I are planning to do this summer, I’m going to need a whole stash of sponges. I don’t want to gossip or anything, but he gets pretty sweaty. Really sweaty. I’m just hoping the plants can keep up with the demand.

  82. Sandy Z says:

    Would love to win some loofah seeds to share with my two little grandsons in Waterdown, Ontario (not too far from you), who love to play in the dirt alongside Daddy, who is an avid gardener. Your seeds would be growing in my garden in Florida & in Ontario. We’ll see whose do better. Let the challenge begin!!!…at the end of the day, of course.

  83. Stacey Vass says:

    I am going to buy a heating pad. We are not traveling this summer for once so the stuff I plant this year might actually succeed. Plus I am getting back into starting things from seeds indoors. Luffa seeds would be exciting!

  84. Alia says:

    I tried growing luffa last year. Planted enough seeds that I got a plant, but it was so late in the season that the fruit didn’t have time to finish growing. The plant died cursing my name to all the heavens. I’d like to atone. I have a nice warm spot and a seedling tray all ready,.

  85. Merrilee says:

    I have chickens (just like Karen), I have a garden (just like Karen), but ALAS, I have no luffa plants.

  86. Amy says:

    Karen, I’ve been talking to my hubby and mom about this since you uploaded the blog post!
    Each year my mom and I like to take on a new interesting addition to our garden, and last year is was brussel sprouts, purple carrots and watermelon radish. Oh and there was a watermelon but I heart-breakingly snipped the wrong vine and well it was to soon for the poor thing. 🙁
    Anyways, at the end of the day, I would love to give a go at these with her. Even if we struggle in our Zone 6 garden maybe we could get to where you are (you know, at the end of the day).

  87. Maria Largaespada says:

    I would love to have these precious fresh luffa seeds. But at the end of the day, I live in an apartment with only a tiny east facing patio.

    My lovely daughter (who is currently pregnant with my 9th grandchild) has a large sunny fenced backyard. We’ve already begun planning the garden we will plant and lovingly tend to while she is on maternity leave. We will be assisted by my precocious darling granddaughter who enjoys digging in dirt already.

    So I would be very pleased to be gifted with your luffa seeds so they can be part of my daughter’s garden.

  88. Susan Garza says:

    Oh my, Karen! I need to win these seeds because until your post yesterday, I didn’t know that loofas came from the garden! :{ I am not sure how I came to be a 46 year college graduate and not know this fact! Honestly, if I were on Jeopardy, I probably would’ve said they were in the sponge family …. I’m so embarrassed by this. So, this needs to be the year of the loofa at my house and my tiny garden is beaming with hope to grow our first one. Fingers crossed 😉

  89. Leslie says:

    Luffa seeds! That’s really thinking outside the box. At the end of the day, I really just want to be able to scrub dead skin cells.

  90. Heather says:

    My boss says “At the end of the day” every day…all day…lol I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I read this! 🙂

    I don’t have a good reason to want to win. I just think it would be something fun to try and grow together with my kids who are 13,11 and 5. It would be a learning process and a fun project to see where they actually come from. I am growing a small little garden this year and it is the first time in several years. Now that the kids are older and can help and I can leave them alone for a while I thought it was time to start doing this again. I’d love this to be a part of our family project. How neat to be able to say this cool lady off the internet gave us these seeds to try and grow!

  91. Teresa says:

    The picture is of my snow covered garden which is on a hill. Which just goes to show, I am a committed, if foolish, gardener because hill gardening is a giant four wonky wheel endeavor.

    If I could grow luffas then when the all the bad things I worry about now actually happen – war, demise of the polar bears, my well runs dry, etc.etc. Then I will be able to fill a big galvanizes tub like my grandmother used to do from the rain barrel and I can bathe with my luffa. Because I’m that kind of survivalist.

  92. Amy in KC says:

    I would love to win the luffa seeds because I just bought my first house (!!!) and finally have a big yard to do the gardening of my dreams.

  93. Suzanne G. says:

    I never knew you could grow these! So, thanks for the education. I’m a mediocre vegetable gardener and a decent grower of flowers. I think it’s time to try something new. THIS is certainly new.

  94. Juana María says:

    I would love to plant those seeds, I even think that our weather here in Spain would be suitable for growing luffa, but I suppose the contest doesn’t include your overseas readers. It’s all right, I understand it. But now I’m very curious, so I will have to look for luffa seeds and try to grow them anyway.
    Thank you for your brilliant posts, all of them.

  95. Marilyn says:

    Never tried to grow luffas so this would be a first. One of my un-favorite and overused expressions is “S/he is always there for me”, a cheap cop out for being articulate. But I digress. Love your quirky sense of humor, and at the end of the end of the day, you’re always there for us, Karen. Thanks!

  96. Jill F says:

    i try to grow one thing each year that I’ve never grown before and this year it will be Luffa! It would be great to win seeds so I don’t have to buy them!

  97. Luanne says:

    Here I am in Zone 3 Winnipeg – and I have also tried luffa’s and had a *near* success. In fact, when you were posting about mouse melons, they reminded me of the teensy luffas that came from those GINORMOUS plants. I was living in an apartment, and some friends let me plant this in their garden. The vines were like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, they traveled over the back alley, up the neighbour’s fence and into their yard. Eventually we had to pull the vines as we realized that there wasn’t time for the gourds to grow luffa sized, and trying to maintain the peace between my friends and their neighbours.

    Anyhoo. At the end of the day, now that I have my own home/yard, I’d like to give it a try again. This might not be best year for it, but at the end of the day, all we can do is try, right?

    (P.s. – I’d share half the packet with a colleague who lives out of town and has lots of property with full exposure to sunshine. One of us must be able to do this? Right?)

  98. Elida zamarron says:

    I have never tried before. I hope they grow if I do win. At the end of the day , always enjoy your posts. 🙂

  99. Myrna says:

    If they grow where you are, I’m thinking they’ll grow a bit further north in Guelph. I’d love to give them a try!

  100. Deborah Jenft-Mauck-Bunting says:

    Talk about a fluid situation….Just spent 6 months on a boat in Mexico.
    Need to scrub away all that.
    Seeds please….

  101. Erinne says:

    I’ve never grown a luffa, but I’m up for the challenge!

  102. Sarah Walker says:

    I would love to try to grow my own luffa! I would even do it at the end of the day if that’s what you recommend!

  103. Laura says:

    I haven’t tried before, but I had planned to start this year. I would love to start with seeds that are proven winners.

  104. Funny tucked in my grocery list among soil, yellow rice and tea olive tree are luffa seeds. I kid you not! If I could figure out how to post a photo I would.
    Me, me, me, me…Pick me.
    I always share my seeds. I have provided lemon grass seeds to the schools of Pinellas County (my son’s friend tends the gardens with the kids).
    I just looked there are more lemon grass seeds if anyone wants I can mail em off. Moranga pods are often given as presents too. At the end of the day you’ll find me in the garden planting my new fig tree. Cheers! cc

  105. Dawn says:

    My heating pad is waiting, my garden is waiting, my old rough skin (TMI) is waiting. At the end of the day (i know, i know) I just want to lay my head on the pillow and dream of the beautiful, bountiful vines full of lutfas in my little country farm garden. Perhaps they will be climbing mammoth sunflowers?

  106. Elissa Burda says:

    So my husband of 37 years – whom I have worked with for 37 years, and, at the end of the day, have lived to tell about it, (altho he has hair and I have none, due to alopecia !) was born in Tashkent. Emigrated in the 70s, to the US. Where is this leading? Well, he had luffa trees in his yard when he was growing up! And he loves them.

    So, given the fact that I am one of your newer followers, and my old husband (lots older than me) just had a birthday and no one really knew what to give him, PLEASE PLEASE find it in your heart to pass a packet of those amazing magic seeds to me and I am sure that he will successfully grow the luffas and then, at the end of the day when the situation is no longer fluid, we will harvest them and send some seeds back to you!

    And even if I don’t win, all is well and we think you are the greatest. We are planning to put some shelves up in our dining room and have amassed lots of whiskey and not a lot of clothes….

  107. Clara Woodburn says:

    I would love to win seeds to grow this summer and give as gifts. My sisters, Mother and I also exchange homemade gifts at Christmas, they are my favorite gifts!

  108. Hi Karen, hope you are well, and just as a reminder, you are hellishly entertaining. Thanks for that. Why would I want to grow a luffa; hmmmmm? I’m a gardener from the first day of spring (like to today, but all indoors, despite the weather/we have some 4′ of snow yet to melt and then soil to dry up, being saturated from last years rain fall), until there is nothing left but to wonder what will happen next year, and the year after that. What I don’t grow are veggies, but having now, thanks to the new weather, a very, very sunny and hot stretch on the south side of my city home (Winnipeg), I have a zone 6 microclimate. Poppies have risen from the cracks in my crazy paving paths and walks, and that only happened a few years ago, as the weather changed and became much warmer. This year, it’s out-doors-for-the-summer-succulents, herbs and well, perhaps a luffa. Somehow growing something I’ve only seen sold in the cosmetic isles here, it had never occurred to me we, in Canada, could actually grow them. My life revolves around dry brushing, and very fast, luffa and cold water scrubs and rinses, due to problematic skin, but they don’t last long: Imagine holding one I grew myself.
    Your silliness and delightful rhetoric, at the end of day which is when I receive it, has me smiling as I ready for bed and periodically you inspire the hell out of me. Never, ever a Martha fan, or only until I realized just how Trump-ish she was, every second of the day, I needed a new Diva and here you are; and are! CHARLOTTE NEEDS LUFFA SEEDS – it would be so entertaining to push the envelope that far, even if they are teeny. Have a lovely day Karen! And here’s a hug; you can put it in your jean pocket, and pull it out when you need one – there’s no expiration date.
    The other photo is where I’ve managed to make zone 5 things grow, but it’s certainly not sunny enough for a LUFFA, from the seeds I’d love to try out – actually, having thought about it, it hadn’t occurred to me that we could grow them, as I’ve never seen a seed before.
    Thanks again, for everything, in general. Charlotte

  109. Amanda says:

    Hi Karen! I would like to grow a luffa because, I too enjoy testing the plant growing boundaries of my zone 6 area in here in Northeast Ohio. And because my body could use a good scrub down after all this drying winter weather… And because they’re just plain weird looking.

  110. Sarah V. says:

    I so desperately want to try and grow Luffa. If not just for the thrill of it, my family suffers from severe dry skin. Both daughters have eczema and my father has lived with icthyosis his whole life (runs in the family affecting most of the men). Luffas are our love language. However, I live in a similar climate as you, so I will have to heed your instructions carefully.

  111. Jebber jay says:

    I would love to plant luffa because I had a dream last night that I grew luffa, skinned it, dumped out 5 cups of seeds of all sizes and colours, and rinsed it in the sink like you did. And because I had no trouble peeling it at all I dream-thought “I should video this for Karen!” That’s why.

  112. brittany says:

    I mostly want to grow loofa so that when people ask what I’m growing in my garden I will seem interesting and unique. Little do they know, I’m just cheap and the outside of my house is cleaner than inside. 🙂

  113. Katie Morgan says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for this post and I’m arriving late! Dang it! Why I would LOVE to have a free packet of seeds:
    – I grow vegetable seeds so I already have heating pads and growing light station.
    – I am an essential oil junkie and love to make lotions, soaps, shampoo, and household cleaners with it.
    – My plan with loofah is to make an loofah soap added with essential oils for extra benefits.
    – If I win a packet and successfully grow them – I will gladly send you a couple loofah soaps! ?

  114. Kayla Barrier says:

    I’ve never tried but I sure would like to. Where better to get seeds than from a tried and true expert?

  115. Karen,
    I was about to write to you in the middle of the night with the rest of the loofah insomniacs when I heard a strange noise. It was coming from outside. I switched on the back porch light. No cats, rats or drunks (some bars a few blocks from us) in sight. It was kind of like a chanting noise is the best way to describe it. As I walked towards our cut to the nub garden, I couldn’t believe it – the Russian Sage was chanting. “We want loofah or we’re going to throw some tufa.” Just rude. It has been going on for hours now. I don’t know where they found the tufa. And are there really only two words that rhyme with loofah? Lots of love, Kathy P.S. When will you break ground on your Art of Doing Stuff Center/Spa/Bar?

  116. Melanie says:

    I’ve been planning to grow some luffas this year!!! Haven’t tried them before but fingers crossed for success! I’d love to win a pack of seeds 🙂

  117. Amanda Carlson says:

    Because I’m in a life funk at the moment and need to try something new and different!

  118. Ann Whitmore says:

    I have NEVER tried or even thought I might want to try to grow my own Loufah before, but your blog post got me thinking…before the end of the day or the end of the world, maybe I should try.

  119. Marlene E says:

    Oh Lord …. “at the end of the day”. My brain did a flip as soon as I read that. My husband says this SEVERAL!! times a day. I have to suppress a groan and keep my face from screwing up. That saying …. to say the least (another of his sayings) … is driving me nuts!! And then reading it over and over again in the blog, the cringe went to chuckles. Time to let it go!! Breathe …. namaste …..

    As for the seeds, I have no space that gets over 6 hrs of sunlight that I can keep moist, so, I’ll pass on the seeds. Wishing success to everyone who gets them!!!

    • Shelagh says:

      Oh wow!

      “that saying…” sounds like what my husband has started saying…”Having said that…”

      He is nearing retirement and has taken to working from home…when he gets on conference calls…I counted him using that phrase 4 times in a 30 minute call


      • Marlene E says:

        Whoa….. this is scary!! My hubby is close to retirement and works from home. I talked to him about phrase and he looked at me like I was nuts!! Never realized he even said it once!!!
        Maybe an age thing?!?!
        I fell your pain!!

  120. Ian says:

    Those seed packets are V cute.

  121. Artt Vernon says:

    I am nervously asking to be considered to be mid-wife (husband) in
    the birth of a Canadian Loofah, and the responsibility in its proper upbringing. I speak a little Canadian (mainly from 12 oz. bottles and
    bacon packages) and will earnestly attempt to learn more.
    So, at the end of the day, your seeds are welcome in Orrville, Ohio
    Land of Smucker’s Jams & Jellies.
    Art Vernon (retired pharmacist and trusted servant)

  122. Barb Cann says:

    Hi Karen!
    Love your blogs!
    I’m looking for milkweed seeds…& ……will they grow in PEI

    • Shelagh says:

      I have milkweed all over the place. Never collected any seeds but if you don’t get some from Karen or another reader before next Sept/Oct I will certainly save some for you but remind me!

  123. Nan says:

    Hi Karen ~ As I am a basket weaver I once attempted to grow gourds to make gourd-bottomed baskets. But of course not just round, plain gourds but all the goofy ways like in square cartons, wrapped with rubber bands and in tight net bags. I also made my own training fence with branches. Do you see where this is going ! It would have made a great backdrop for a horror movie! The branches weren’t strong or long enough so the vines just ate them. I didn’t put drainage holes in the containers so the gourds rotted, and so on and so on….I also planted luffa seeds with them, nothing even sprouted. Long story short (not very) I made one cool gourd basket so that’s checked off but I would love to try growing luffas again. I could put them in the gourd basket !!! And it would be really cool to continue the Karen Luffa saga!
    Love your blog !

  124. Janelle says:

    Our gardening game in the community plot has been a little weak. Almost stale. I’m preparing for our plot to rise back to the top! We’re having our planning party next weekend, and I’m adding luffa to the mix thanks to your blog! If I could add your seeds too, that would be killer. Ans since Im actually here commenting, thanks for all the inspiration over the years! I love your blog!

  125. Catherine says:

    Count me in, and as an added inducement since I should be able to grow a ton of loofah down here in college station Texas, I’ll send you back some finished loofah, loofas, loofaes. Whatever.

  126. Grammy says:

    I have grown them many times. No great skill, I just live where the climate is perfect for them. I do know, however, what a thrill it is to get something to grow in a climate zone where it’s not supposed to, so congratulations, Karen, for not only accomplishing this feat, but sharing the knowledge (and seeds) so others can learn something and try something new.

    I don’t need the seeds, so if my comment pops up on your random generator, please pick another person to receive them. I adore reading the comments here, and this post shows how many good people drop in to get a little respite from some of the harder parts of life. I’m really happy you’ve got enough seeds for 15 people because that’s some significant cheer-spreading you’re doing.

  127. Jani says:

    At the end of the day.
    I would love to say.
    “Come in my garden, look with me”.
    “Luffas really don’t come from the sea”.
    “No way” would be said
    As he shakes his head.
    “These are grown in the sea,not the dirt”!
    So, I pull it out of the dirt.
    Peel it, and show him.
    Then hit him in the head.
    I sure hope that it hurt!!!
    Pleeeeease let me be a seed winner!!

  128. Amelia Naccarto-Coleman says:

    I love gardening….especially with challenges. I’ve tried growing gourds but never a loofah!
    I would love to try and grow your seeds……
    (You knew this was coming)
    At the end of the day, I’d love to win! ?

  129. Sue says:

    Because I’m a masochist and love trying difficult tasks..

  130. Olga says:

    I never grown luffa. But I would love to and hopefully I can grow enough before Christmas. I’m sure a lot of my family members never even seen Luffa before. They are pretty much cave people.

  131. Susan Sanders says:

    I use a luffa every single day. I would love to grow my own and wow my daughters with ribbon-wrapped luffas at Christmas. What is the difference between a luffa and a loofah?

    Thanks for gifting some of your seeds.

  132. Deena Kasparek says:

    I would love to win some seeds from you because when i grow up I want to be just like you.

  133. Inger Calder says:

    Hi Karen,
    Luffa seeds. Wonder how they’d grow in zone 3a (at least according the the seed catalogue company). I have some great trees for those vines to climb right by the lake. If I don’t win the seeds, how about some of those snazzy seed packets? They would be awesome to hold my seeds in my late dad’s former wooden tool tray that he made himself as an immigrant Swedish carpenter in the ’50’s. Does that count for anything, Karen? Huh,Karen? Huh? Fellow Scandihoovian?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Inger! You can just click on the link I provided and download the seed packet template. 🙂 Then you can print as many of them as you’d like. ~ karen!

  134. Jennifer says:

    That shopping cart wheel metaphor nailed it! Perfect amount of excitement mixed with “I’m a lucky winner today!” feelings.

    I would love to try growing luffas. I live in zone 9b, so they will grow well and I’ll give them away as Christmas gifts. See, I have this all planned out. Pick me, please and thank you!

  135. Melinda says:

    I would be so honored to have luffa seeds from you. I would carefully nurture them. I would hope to be inspired to find again my inner gardener which has still not recovered from a drought six years ago that killed eight big hydrangeas:( I would so love to try to be a real gardener again…I want to be able to brag about having a luffa plant to my friend who also gardens!

  136. Samantha says:

    Here’s the thing. I thought it was a sponge. Now it’s not and I need to see this thing in action. Up close and personal like. Reminds me of when I found out the seeds of impatients jump if you touch them. Mind blown.

  137. Shelagh says:

    How will you ever decide Karen?

    I vote for names out of a toque! But, in case you actually want to go crossed eyed reading all these entries at any time of day…hey why should I stop you?

    Hubbie and I live in the country in a 1960’s bungalow situated on 176 acres of non arable land that we have slowly ( read cheaply, low budget) been renovating to a more rustic look than mid century modern….the house not the land, its already pretty rustic. To say our situation is fluid would probably only serve to bring back memories of the flood of 2012. I threw out way more than 50 items that September so I absolved myself of anything that January.

    There was already a very large inground pool with a generous enclosure. ( sometime next fall I will be sending you pics of my hack on Restoration Hardware outdoor furniture inspired by you…if that was not a blatant enough suck up I really don’t know what else to do…oooooh maybe pics of a cob oven too? and then there will be the wood and copper chandelier…need I go on? Probably not cause I, if not, you have totally lost track of where I was going with this…right seeds! ).

    So, the pool enclosure has this awful, ugly, yet perfectly good chain link fence around 3 sides. The other was a falling down wooden fence that we have already replaced.

    Added to the frugality ( we are talking about nearly 200 feet of fencing ) issue, Hubbie likes the openness that the chain link provides. I don’t exactly disagree but I really hate the look of the cold functionality.

    I was on Pinterest and saw that someone else had broken up the look of their long stretch of fence by putting up a fake door and inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. ( Does anyone really know what that feels like? I mean felt it and survived to tell folks about it? The albeit poor imitation of your style is also to be noted …Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery )

    I went to a local reuse it centre and bought 5 old screen doors,, painted them different bright colours and fixed them onto a section of fence. The ugly chain link is still doing its function but the old doors add colour and texture, interest and because they are screen doors they are open at the top and are very easy to hang planters on. Total cost was under $75.00 including paint and pipe clamps.

    That only takes care of about 15-20 feet.

    So, I was thinking how about a vine? With big yellow flowers? Say one that might grow up to 30 feet? That would be ultimately useful? I could also promise to send seeds to Idris…but that would be a lie and I would hate to make you think I was getting in the middle of something there.

    As our family expands with each of the four children acquiring significant others (not significant girth) our Christmas budget is getting more and more stretched….I have turned to home made items which I think are nicer anyway.

    Here’s hoping I see some seeds in the mail.



  138. Rebekah says:

    I’d like to give it a try. I have a heating pad for seeds, and two gardening friends I can share the seeds with. I am trying to keep my seed-starting reasonable (tomatoes, peppers, lavender for my zone 4 garden) but I’d love to try a luffa. We’ve managed cantaloupe and watermelon with some care, so hey, we should tackle luffa….

  139. Heather says:

    I would love to win some of YOUR luffa seeds :). I really want to try this year and with your advice and some luck hopefully I’ll be able to harvest some!

  140. Julie Hickey says:

    This would be so fun to grow! I’d love to try.

  141. Allison says:

    Because nobody in my family eats all the tomatoes I grow (gasp)…and I would like to share with a gardening friend 🙂

  142. Rosemary Harker says:

    I have tried to grow luffa before (Virginia Beach VA) but they were mostly small and cute. I too, have heated seed sprouting mat just itching to have some fresh luffa seeds to grow!

  143. Erin says:

    Making ones own soap and scrubbing with your own homegrown luffa while brushing your teeth with baking soda and essential oil, it’s like a combination of every diy dream while giving big box brands the finger. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?
    I’ve always wanted to grow luffa, but haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the giveaway fun!

  144. Patricia says:

    I would love to give this a try. I’m on the edge of zone 6. I’ve got heat pads and grow lights. Several family members that live in warm sunny southern climates have grown these before and quite frankly, I wanna show them up.

  145. Megan G says:

    Because just like tomato soup, I had no idea you could make luffa at home!

  146. Lyn Arnberg says:

    At the end of day I would love to sit outside in my chair and look at my luffa vine. LUFFA VINE! How cool would that be to have loofa vine from Karen growing in my back yard? If only they hung off the vines looking like sponges. Any way, at the end of the day, I collect plants from cool people.

  147. Katek says:

    I would love to grow one! In my mind I thought they were aquatic, like a sea sponge. The thought that they are from seeds is mind blowing. Like magic, kind of like how lights work, all magic ?.

  148. Linda from Illinois says:

    I have never tried to grow a loofah but I have grown cucumbers watermelons and cantaloupes all did pretty well. I would like to try a loofah because I have many heating pads since I start most of my seeds indoors anyway. Thanks for giving us a shot at growing your seed at the end of the day ?

  149. Karin Sorensen says:

    Dear Karen,

    I’m living in Southern Maine, zone 5a to be exact and I would love to give this loofa growing business a try. My Florida avocado tree is doing fantastic and even my green onion snippets are coming in nicely. Therefore I think I can be trusted with your fresh and newly harvested seeds and feel I am deserving of them.

    Besides, think you now, should I not be one of the esteemed 15 lucky ducks to obtain your precious seeds, I will be forced to click on the Amazon link you have kindly provided and order them from there. That however would put me in a very precarious situation, since one does not simply order ONE packet of seeds from amazon and calls it good.

    As you well know, there are packets of Rainbow Carrots to be had, and Kale Seed Assortments and Cukes and all kinds of Beet varieties and Black Tomatoes and Black Strawberries AND Glass Gem Indian Heirloom seeds and…… well, I could go on all night, but I think you see where this is heading. Alas, I’ve already added about one babazillion items into my shopping cart.

    However the money I so desperately wish to spend on all those glorious glorious seeds, I should be spending on food for my children. They be a hongry. Oh the tragedy! You should see their sad sad eyes and their fuzzy ears. Oh the misery! There is Wolfgang the mini schnauzer and there are Toots, Tella and Little Kitty to think about. Oh the hardship they must endure!!! It’s so sad…..

    So, you see, it would be rather irresponsible of you to have me click on this link, wouldn’t you agree….. THINK YE OF THE CHILDREN!


  150. Rhonda says:

    I would love to give these a try because at the end of the day, I would love to be as crafty as you ?

  151. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to grow a luffa because it’s one of the few things I haven’t tried to grow before–I’m always up for a gardening challenge!

  152. Karen Jeanne says:

    At the end of the day, I’ll try anything once. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Dawna says:

    Because everyday i wash my critically ill sisters ass;) with love, and if she gets better she can wash her own ass with her a little home grown love, plus I keep forgetting to buy the seeds, last year I think you said damn seeds or something like that?

  154. Kory says:

    Toughest thing ever started from seed – asparagus! Would love to give Loofa a try…..many thanks for the opportunity!

  155. Sonja says:

    Luffa! At the end of the day, I’m always up for a challenge, especially when the situation is fluid and it’s for something fun and different! At the end of the day, I hope I get some seeds!

  156. Gwendolyn Humphries says:

    I would love to be one of the see giveaway winners. I have never attempted to grow this plant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  157. Natalie says:

    Hrm. I would love some seeds.

    I’m a part-time employed gardener (fruit and veg) and hobby gardener at home (fruit and veg and perennials). I’m secretly trying to make every bed PRODUCTIVE in some way, and I mean more than just “nice to look at.”

    Luffa fits the bill!

  158. Robin Willoughby says:

    I’m with Tracie….(see way above)
    At the end of the day….I’d love to win some loofa (American spelling) seeds. I’m starting a new garden this Spring!

  159. Julie says:

    I so want to grow my own shower scrubby. Didn’t know it was a plant, now that I do, I need to grow one.

  160. Laurinda says:

    I hope I win them because I like smooth exfoliated skin, & because I have 2 friends who make soap. You can slice your luffa about 1 inch thick, then embed it in a bar of soap. I’d like to surprise those friends with fresh luffa

  161. Jennifer K says:

    I’m like 191 at the end of the day! Heck yeah Karen…I Would absolutely love to win some of your luffa seeds! Yep, I’m one of the ones you talked about thinking they came from the sea! I will for real follow your advice on making sure you little seedlings grow!!!

  162. Susie M says:

    I’m a little ludicrously excited about the concept of growing loofah! Granted, you’d have to ship them to America and I’m not sure how customs handles seeds. Stupid border nonsense. Anywho, squee!

  163. Jean in BC says:

    Oooh these would be fun to grow! I like to plant strange and interesting vegetables just for my boys to discover.

  164. Deb says:

    Oh this would be awesome! I had zero idea this could be done! In Canada yet! Yes, I’d love some seeds please 🙂

  165. Adrienne says:

    I would love to win some of your Luffa seeds for a few reasons:
    1. My husband thinks he he has a green thumb and loves a challenge (really I’m the one who is the gardener). We live in the same part of Ontario as you so your tips on how to grow them are exactly what we need to be successful.
    2. I make hand made soap and love growing things in my garden I can use in my soap. I grow lavender, calendula, lemongrass, and rosemary. Soap with Luffa embedded in it is a wonderful thing!
    3. I never win anything and at the end of the day it would be amazing to say I won fresh Luffa seeds from the Art of Doing stuff

    P.S. If I win and am successful growing the Luffas I will send you some of the soap I make with them.

  166. Janalee Simmons says:

    I garden with my Dad, and he always insists that each year we have to plant something unusual. We’ve done peanuts, Indian corn, Warty Goblin pumpkins and I think luffa would be perfect to do next.

  167. Katie says:

    I’d love to try growing a luffa. Why the hell not.
    I’d appreciate something new to nurture and take care of since I just lost my best friend of almost 17 years. Not trying to play the sympathy card (well, unless it works, hehe) but in all honestly, it’s true. My beloved Buddy, my very first and only dog, crossed the metaphorical Rainbow Bridge exactly 3 weeks ago, leaving an emptiness and a heaviness in my heart that can’t be put into words. Maybe it can be put into luffas?
    But if I don’t win, all is not lost. I will tend to my tomato-seed-babies soon enough. Thanks to your seed growing webinar. 🙂

  168. Pam Beck says:

    Hiya Karen!!! I’ve always thought loofahs would make a great home-grown Christmas present, so that’s what I’m going to do with the seeds I win and grow. They should do well here in North Carolina, don’t ya think??? Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!
    playamom57 at yahoo dot com

  169. Izzy says:

    don’t know if this is over, and i doubt if i’ll win cos i’m a haphazard gardener and like to throw in some seeds and hope for the best, BUT, can you tell us where to buy these seeds?

  170. Alena says:

    I was very interested when I read the previous post about luffas but my garden must be the trickiest patch of dirt on the Earth. Due to trees on both neighbours’ lots I don’t have the required amount of sun (and the sun I do get is the works – the scorching sun between noon and 2 pm.
    But I am entering so that I can send my seeds to Tanya in Yukon. She deserves a chance and I am rooting for her!

  171. kelly in weed says:

    I’ve beenl wanting to grow luffa for years…just haven’t gotten around to it.
    now that i have no dirt and no other plants in my yard (wild fires are tough
    on the plantings) luffa will be a great starting point…30 feet of vine should
    help hide me from the looky-loos……and grime up the fishbowl that we’re ‘
    living in.
    so, at the end of the day, i’ll sit comatose in my chair waiting for krazy karen
    to decide what krazy thing to do next……

  172. Alex says:

    Because at the end of the day, growing a luffa would be pretty fucking cool.

  173. You convinced me to buy that VegTeg …VegTrug…thing. I’m ordering it tomorrow.

    So, I would appreciate ONE seed (if it lives, great; if not, its death didn’t take up too much room) and please give the remainder of my seeds (should I win) to Marsha.

    And BIG THANKS for fixing the mobile edition of your blog!! This is the first time in over a month it didn’t freeze and reload (numerous times) and look…I’m entering a comment without swearing…on my iPad…which you saved from becoming a frisbee. Thank you! You are the best!

  174. Kristina says:

    Never tried growing loofah before, but I’d love to give it a go. Where I live, you basically just plant your garden and jump outta its way, and I’m hoping loofah will be no different. Plus, it’s awesome to grow your grooming tools.

  175. T Vincent says:

    I copy links to your blog for my mom. Only occasionally, when I know she needs a great laugh OR when I want to do something with her. Shes 75 (though does not act like it, thankfully). Tonight we were doing our weekend puzzle and she looks at me and says, “you don’t actually want to grow Loofas now?”
    She lives up near Yosemite – have to really work at growing some things – weather, deer, ground squirrels, gophers, gold miners squatting…
    I have another place in Bay Area Ca. crap grows without any help there..
    This would be more of a ‘dare ‘ than anything.

  176. shawna g says:

    Every year I do an experimental plant for my kids. With a teen girl in the house now Luffa wpuld be the perfect experimental plant!

  177. Linda Armijo says:

    Very interesting post! I have never grown loofahs and had no idea they were of the gourd family. If I were able to grow them ( providing I can find a place with enough sun–my property is covered in large trees so sun is at a premium) I think it would be so nice to tie a loofah onto Christmas presents with a pretty ribbon! A fun, home-grown, useful gift decoration. My grandkids would be so interested in peeling them and harvesting seeds. Lots to think about. Thank you so much for the witty inspiration!

  178. mariah says:

    Dear Karen,

    Although I realize that it might be considered a wee bit self serving on my part to enter this contest and bypass “paying my dues” as far as luffa boo-boos are concerned, please oh please pick me to receive one of the coveted envelopes of fresh and beautiful luffa seeds. I am fortunate to live on the Central Coast of California where everything grows like weeds but it doesn’t always help me. The cool and sometimes foggy conditions make tomatoes difficult. I will treat your seeds with the utmost love and care and do my best not to screw it up.

  179. Asprina says:

    Oh my goodness who wouldn’t want to grow luffas. It is on my list to grow this year.

  180. Rintin says:

    I tried to grow luffa once before but wasn’t successful. I had fresh seeds (I think) but no heating pad. Would love to give it another go!!

  181. Erin says:

    I’d love to grow a luffa! I like to plant unique things, and at the end of the day, what’s more unique than a luffa? (Wait; don’t answer that.)

  182. Barb says:

    Karen; We do share quite a kinship… ie; crazy, obsessed DIY fanatic always eager to make another project (mess) especially if power tools are involved! With those seeds I’d design/build a trellis, carefully grow the sponges and then make some glorious ‘loofah’ embedded soap, and then link you in the tutorial. ❤

  183. Lauren says:

    At the end of the day, what I really need is a long hot shower with a home grown luffa! I’m currently planning my overly ambitious garden for this spring and would LOVE to try luffa! And I’m in 8b, so I might even have a shot… 🙂

  184. Christina says:

    I would love to win these for my mom. Thanks for the chance!

  185. I tried to grow these once, many years ago. The vine climbed up the telephone pole at the back of my yard, and 2 lovely loofah grew — FIFTY FEET IN THE AIR. I had to watch those damn things mature, then the skin fell off and those perfect loofah waved at me in the wind for at least 2 years…. yet, I’m willing to try again.

  186. I have the perfect chain link fence. I’m always looking for new ways each summer to camouflage it and hide our yard from the prying eyes of the neighborhood. I hope I win.

  187. Maureen says:

    Your seeds, as a reward, deserve to grow up in sunny California, in later life they may even get to meet some cute sea sponges.
    Plus, I am willing to take some of them to ‘study abroad’ with my 93 year old mother in England who can grow anything.
    If your seeds got to choose, (and they should) I’m sure they would choose us.

  188. CindyBK says:

    I really liked your advice about growing tomatoes “up a string”, and found a place to do that. Now, I think that place is large enough that I could grow a luffa (or two) as well, if I won a package of those seeds. I really liked your advice and look forward to seeing more.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks CindyBK! And don’t forget these luffas get HUGEEEEE, lol. And good luck with the tomato string method. I really will never grow a tomato any other way. It’s GREAT! ~ karen

  189. Mari says:

    Would love to win some seeds, and see if they can survive the combination of norwegian climate and my unexperienced not-so-green fingers.

  190. Kathy says:

    I want would look to win some seeds so I could grow them on the back wall of my garden. Love your blog!

  191. Gilly Bean says:

    I’m here at the beginning of my day, middle of most people’s day and if I was working nights still it would be the end if my day. However, I may have a nap because I’m at my son’s gymnastics and they are currently practicing in an area that’s hidden from view so, a nap seems to be a good idea……kind of end of the day.

    I’d love these seeds. I can’t semester to grow the easy ones that everyone else in the world has no issue with. Only the tricky ones. So I should be able to grow some pretty amazing luffa…… luffas?

  192. Joanne Lewis says:

    well, I have never grown any kind of gourd, that I know of so I think it’s time for me to try it out. And, since when did it become Luffa and not loofah? I have been left out of the luffa loofah loop/luup apparently…

    So please, give me a chance to try! Will they grow in my Zone 4? I do have a small greenhouse and will baby as required, including buying the heating pad and all that.

    thank you for all you do – I’m a better person for following you. No, really, I am.


  193. SeaDee says:

    I’m reading this at the end of the day, three days later, so I hope I’m not too late, at the end of the day.

  194. Melody says:

    Hello Karen! I do enjoy your blog and would love some luffa seeds. Thanks for the information!

  195. Jennie says:

    I want to piss off my neighbors by growing an unruly vine the entire length of my house. Since that’s the sunniest spot on my property, guess I’ll be be building my loofah trellis there soon, one way or the other. Might as well use your seeds, since they start out with attitude anyway.

  196. Marianne Hanson says:

    I’d like to try your loofa seeds, if nothing else to say ” it ain’t that hard”! And thanks for all of the laughs and good information. As we all know at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. 🙂

  197. Michele W says:

    I want to grow a luffa because I didn’t know it grew on a plant!!

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