Instant Cookie Jar

So it’s been cold, rainy and miserable in Southern Ontario for the past … decade.  Maybe it just been half a decade.  It’s probably only been a couple of years actually.  It’s hard for me to remember … the humidity has turned my brain to mush.  It’s some sort of osmosis thing.

O.K., months.

It’s been cold, rainy and miserable in Southern Ontario for months.  But it feels like a decade.

So you know what that means.  My cookies are mushy.

No.  That’s not a euphemism.  My cookies are literally mushy.

I normally keep my cookies in a Monk cookie jar.  The one that I found covered in dirt and dried up spiders at a garage sale.  Which was awesome ’cause it matched the dirt and spider covered chair I found at the side of the road a few weeks prior.  (I have a thing for lost causes)


But the thing about cookie jars is they almost never keep your cookies fresh.  Now for those of you living in Saskatchewan or Arizona this probably isn’t a problem for you.  What with the worst humidity you experience being the sweat you have to wipe off your bathroom mirror after a shower.

But for those of us that live in a climate conducive to respiratory failure and a 10 to 1 ratio of bad hair days to good … a moisture proof cookie jar is important.

And a good cookie jar is also probably sitting in your basement at this very moment … filled with dead spiders.

The good old mason jar.  God, these things are endlessly useful aren’t they?  So last night I grabbed one of my favourites, stuck some cookies in it and stuck it on the counter.

And now I’m in love with it.




You can see why I’m in love with it I’m sure. I mean look at it, it’s as cute as can be.

And it keeps my cookies fresh. Which again, is not a euphemism.

I’m sorry I don’t have something a little more revolutionary for you today.  But I don’t.  I have a mason jar and some cookies.  And quite frankly … I think that’s enough.

If a mason jar with cookies in it doesn’t make  inspire you, clearly you’re a lost ’cause.


  1. Nancy says:

    Love this idea! Yes, it inspires me…but good grief, it’s almost 12:30 AM…what a time to get inspired!!

  2. Lynne says:

    Those look like President Choice cookies to me – I’m starting to get hungry !! – off to the kitchen.

    • Karen says:

      Lynne – I wish they were. 🙁 They’re Mr. Christies Chocolate Chunk. And they’re horrible, LOL. They banned some ingredient in baked goods a while back and ever since then the cookies have been crumbly and gross. PLUS President’s Choice stopped making my FAVOURITE, longstanding cookie of theirs … the Ginger Cookie. It’s GONE. Poof. Vanished! It’s the jalapeno hummus all over again. ~ karen

  3. Lynne says:

    I agree – what is with President’s Choice these days – every time I get hooked on one of their products it does a vanishing act off the shelf and has me scouring countless other Loblaws and No Frills stores in hope of finding that elusive item.

  4. Centi says:

    Glad to see you thought of shaking the dead spiders out before you put the cookies in. 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    are cookies a part of your new fangled diet, Karen?

    • Karen says:

      Laura – It’s not a diet, it’s a meal plan! (that’s what my boyfriend always yells when I refer to it as a “diet”. Yeah, so um … the meal plan is really for him so he’s sticking to it like glue. Me? I’m eating the prescribed dinners and then eating my 2 cookies before I got to bed like I always do. Stupid meal plan. Makes my belly hurt. ~ karen

      • Laura says:

        2 cookies! That’s what my brother and I were always allotted before bedtime. We would ask, “what’s for 2 cookies?”

  6. Pam'a says:

    LOVE jars. The older the better. I’m particularly fond of my “Atlas Strong Shoulder” jars, any made of blue glass, and ones that have glass lids that wedge on under a wire gizmo on the jar. After all these decades, you can still pop a new rubber gasket on and they’re like new.

    Recycling/reusing. The oldest new idea ever.

    ~The Gross One

  7. Mezzamay says:

    Are these cookies part of your special whole food diet? 🙂

  8. ellen says:

    Pass the cookies please. I don’t care if they are horrible. I just want cookies. now.

  9. Connor says:

    Can you even eat cookies on this meal plan of yours? And, for your information, Arizona gets monsoons, which bring ungodly quantities of humidity. It’s not ALWAYS a dry heat. But, still, the whole concept of ‘it gets soggy if you leave it out’ is still fairly novel to me since moving to Santa Barbara… 🙂

    I need to get mason jars. And cookies.
    Mostly cookies.

  10. Robyn says:

    I love that Classico Sauce comes in a Mason type jar so I re-cycle my jars into my pantry to keep the ants at bay….raisins, apricots, rice etc….

  11. Shauna says:

    Yep, I totally agree with the cookies in the mason jar. I often pop cookies in Ball or Mason jars, wrap them with a ribbon and one of my printable gift tags and whallah, a pretty little container and gift to boot. Because, like you say, a gift is made even better when put in a pretty little package.

  12. Lynn says:

    This has actually inspired me to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies tonight, to put into a mason jar and lovingly stare at before I devour all of them. (haha, i kid! i have enough self control to leave a few for breakfast tomorrow.) 😛

  13. Larita says:

    But your little monk jar is SOOOOOO cute!

  14. Julie shinnick says:

    Your photos rock! Good investment!

  15. Anj says:

    Those cookies look delicious. I have been on Weight Watchers since January and have done well except I constantly think about cookies. My niece unwittingly did a bit of sabotage when she made me taste the treat she created. She took a Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie and smeared peanut butter on the bottom. It is like heaven and I can’t stop thinking about it even though I am more of a chip girl.

  16. Laura says:

    I always but a piece of bread in with my ziplock of cookies. It keeps them from becoming hard as rocks. I prefer my cookies chewy – not too crunchy 🙂

  17. marné says:

    Cookies are my favorite (but I’m on that program and not eating grains or sugar, so these pictures are just torturous), and I love mason jars and use them for everything. I don’t want to make you jealous, but I have a couple of my grandma’s old giant mayonnaise jars that she always used for cookies. They’re like mason jars x5.

  18. Anemone says:

    Speaking of the cookies and weather…my cookies got blown away today. Ok I am kidding…but i swear…i was eating president’s choice cookies and watching (FROM inside)the Neighbors’ garbage fly all over, and their bins knocked over by the wind. Anyway the first few cookies were terribly mushy…Have three opened packs…on my way to find a mason jar.

  19. Sheila says:

    Dangit! Now I want cookies! Dang diet anyway. *hrmmph*

    • Karen says:

      Sorry Sheila. They really aren’t very good. They aren’t even homemade. Does that help? ~ karen

      • Sheila says:

        Haha! You are so thoughtful to talk me down. Yes, a little. But the craving anti-diet monster lurking behind the fat door is saying it will eat anything. Right now I’m holding it back with an apple…and images of celery sticks in that Mason jar. 😉

  20. Sabrina says:

    I live in Arizona. And my cookies don’t turn to mush. 🙂

  21. Luke Hoy says:

    Mason jars! The fix all beautiful jar! 😀 I too have a problem with extreme humidity down here in South Texas, as well as vicious cockroaches that have a sweet tooth. Needless to say, I like that the “Cookie Jar” is clear!

    • Karen says:

      Luke – You’ve made me feel good! At least we don’t have cockroaches here. Well we do … but they aren’t terribly common. And I’ve certainly never seen one with a sweet tooth! ~ karen

  22. You’re a regular food blogger! I love these photos!

  23. Evalyn says:

    Half-gallon Mason jars make good canisters for larger amounts of stuff, like flour, oats and cookies.

  24. I’m a Mason jar nut, too Karen.

    And these cookies look delish. I accept food gifts at all times of the year, you know…

    • Karen says:

      Lauren! Do you have a new blog? Is that a new blog address for you that I see? Must go check it out immediately. ~ karen. Oh! Stay away from my cookies. Back away from the cookies.

  25. Sara says:

    Karen! Hi! Newish here. I am really excited about your monk cookie jar! Did you stumble on a Goebel Friar Tuck Monk cookie jar at a garage sale? If so, fun for you! Just do a quick search and see what some of the Friar Tuck pieces are valued out – your little monk might be quite the treasure!

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