Introducing my Black Copper Marans chicks!


Yesterday I told you all about the new breed of chicks I got, now today you get to see for yourself that they do indeed exist (in case the video didn’t convince you).

I would like to introduce you to my 4 Black Copper Marans chicks. (although one of them may be a Black Copper Marans/Lavender Orpington cross).

I won’t be naming the chicks until they’ve developed a bit of a personality.  If I were a parent I would wait until my child was the age of 5 before I named them.  Until that point I’d call them Whiskerbuttons and carry them around in a bowling bag.

Here they are … my new chicks.


Marans 1



Marans 5

Marans 2

Notice the furry/feathery legs. I love those little feathery legs. I could just eat em. And in fact have on occasion.

Marans 4

Marans 3

Marans 9

Marans 6

Marans 12


That’s the actual shell this chick hatched out of.  We recreated the moment for you through the magic of photography and a particularly slow afternoon.



Marans 7

Grass 1

Marans 8

Grass 2

Marans 13

Marans 14


I have high hopes that this one is a gal. Rumour has it that the boy Marans get their tail feathers more slowly than the hens. And this one started sprouting tail feathers almost immediately out of the shell. That would mean I have at least one girl in this group of 4.

Marans 15

Marans 16


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Below you can see the actual shells my chicks hatched out of. The woman I bought the chicks from gave them to me. So I can expect my chickens to lay this colour egg or darker, or lighter. It’s a crapshoot really.

These eggs came from the middle of her hens’ laying cycle which means they’re lighter than they are at the beginning of the laying cycle. They’re a fairly dark egg and because the rooster also came from a dark egg, chances are I too well get nice dark eggs.

Marans 17


You can see the brown egg that I normally get from my one brown egg layer (Walnut). It’s more pink than brown really.

Marans Eggs 18
So once I get to add the Marans eggs into the mix in 6 or 7 months I will have a mixture of eggs that look like this.

Marans Eggs 19

From left to right these eggs come from Walnut, (my soon to be Marans), Cuddles and Cheez Whiz. You can see how the Marans egg is shiny compared to the other, more flat looking eggs.
Marans Eggs 20

That’s it for the chicken coverage for this week, but I’ll of course be posting photos, videos and updates in the weeks to come.

If I have time that is. Watching baby chicks romp and sleep is awfully time consuming.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have one black copper maran I’ve raised the past month from a week old. It ended up being a sweet young roo. Does a rooster have any affect on colored eggs? I’d think not until perhaps I hatch some chicks from him fertilizing. I’m selling all my polish white egg layers so I’ll only have americana and easter eggers for him to breed with. The woman I bought him from told me I couldn’t breed with other maran because they all came from one bloodline. What was she talking about?

  2. Mia says:

    In recognition of the chocolaty eggs, I nominate the names: Hershey, Nestle, and Godiva. Plus for the copper part–Patina.
    But like all commenters above–what cute chick hineys!

  3. Barbie says:

    Those are some very gorgeous chikadoodles Karen!

  4. Olga says:

    Those are very cute. I won’t be surprise if one of them is actually a baby penguin.

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