It happened. I ran out of ideas.

I have nothing else to say.

It happened.

I ran out of ideas.

I’m done.

I’m a creek run dry.

So ….

Please enjoy this video of me hiccupping.



Let’s all form a prayer circle and hope this dry spell ends before I’m forced to produce the fart video.

Have a good weekend!


  1. FLP says:

    Karen, Here is an idea for you. Th world needs more True Things.

  2. Gloria says:

    If nothing else, today’s blog made me laugh. Thank you. :)

  3. Paul says:

    Do us a favor. If you have run out of ideas…………stop talking. And please don’t start selling stuff, especially don’t start selling “How to get rich” videos.

    Leave us alone.

    We’ll wait.

    Instead, take a break. An hour, a day, a week, a year and don’t think about this blog. Do something else, relax, play, do physical labor… anything but think about what to write on this blog.

    The ideas will then come. Stop thinking about what to write and go experience something new, old or mundane. You’ll be surprised what happens when you stop thinking (or worrying) about what to write.

    One question I always ask myself because I live 350 miles away from my daughter. “If I lived next door what would I show her how to do?”

  4. Jake says:

    I demand to see the fart video. We the fans demand to see the fart video, well I do :)

  5. Bonnie says:

    LOL- My first day here, and I thought you were ending it all from your title, but thankfully I picked the perfect day to begin!
    Sorry to have laughed at your expense, but the video is hysterical. Quite similar to laughing at someone when they have banged the [email protected] out of their funny bone.
    I have nothing to add other than I’ll leave the notion of the fart video up to you. (I’ll be back every day now, just to see if…. LOL!)

  6. patra says:

    I’m voting for the fart video next. :-)

  7. Jodi T. says:

    Those look painful. I hate it when I get hiccups like that… Needless to say, this was pretty funny… Hope your weekend is great too :)

  8. Marion says:

    I was waiting for you to hiccup and fall off the couch there at the end! Is it bad that I was bracing myself for this and mentally preparing to not bust out laughing at work? haha. I’m all for the fart video too! Bring it on!!!!

  9. blake says:

    concrete DIY
    cleaning the cracks in the fridge
    4001 uses for baking soda
    laminate DIY
    ornaments in a minute
    4001 uses for colored copy paper
    the origination of the fu dog
    gold leaf DIY
    4001 uses for old pc’s when you have switched to a mac

    the end

  10. It’s Fall. That’s impossible. There’s pumpkin carving, raking the soil post gardening, preparing your garden for next year, seasonal fun things to do in your neck of the woods, fall baking, fall cooking…and most importantly none of it can be written without your sense of humour.

  11. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I think I have told you this before Karen..YOU ARE A CRAZY LADY!!!!!!

  12. Debbie says:

    A few more- installing closet organizer systems, hanging things on walls 101 (shelves, heavy mirrors-anchors, hooks?), installing window treatments. We have a new house and no money left to hire people for these things. You’d get 100 hits a day from me alone!

  13. christine hilton says:

    You sound like a chicken.

  14. Robyn says:

    Best Cure for Hiccups EVER…

    Have someone stand behind you (to prevent laughter)
    they need to plug both your ears while you drink a glass of water, hopefully without stopping. Voila! It’s nver NOT worked for me, although it does look ridiculous when you do it in public.

    Learnt this from a Tiger Cat.

  15. Angela says:

    You could tell us what happened to Chippy and how you trained him in the first place!

  16. Mary Werner says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention the egg laying part – quite nasty.

  17. Mary Werner says:

    Sounds more like the dreaded chicken croup virus! You haven’t been near any chickens have you? It begins by sounding like hiccups then turns viciously into loud crowing! Honestly, I once heard of a girl that had them for over a month – had to be hospitalized in order to get nourishment. Please keep your fingers safe – we need them!

  18. Debbie says:

    Hi, Karen. Here’s an idea: I want to know how to get those silvery scuff marks off my favorite white coffee cups. :) Thanks. Have a hiccup- free weekend.

  19. Langela says:

    Some people get cute little hiccups. I get huge, painful ones. It’s no fun. I have a cure but it is hard to explain. sorry.

    It hits me funny that with all you put the Fella through and he gets annoyed by hiccups?!

  20. Luanne says:

    My family gets extremely annoyed with me anytime I get the hiccups, as if it’s my fault. I get them anytime I take that first swig of pop. It’s loud, uncontrolable and hilarious!

  21. gloria says:

    My hiccups are very much like yours. The unexpected, violent intake of air accompanied by the signature “HURRRUPPP!!!” Not to mention the head snapping backward whiplash-style. I have frightened young children and dogs with my hiccups. Quite disheartening. I’ve found that drinking about 12oz of water out of a plastic cup that you hold between your teeth (a glass tends to slip) while plugging up your ears with your fingers works every time. Drink it down in one go, try to hold your breath while you drink. And no, you don’t have to stand on one foot or whistle Oh, Canada through your nose while doing this either. Neat, huh?

  22. Kim Merry says:

    I have tears rolling down my face! That is the funniest video yet!!!
    I am sorry you had the hiccups but dang you have the loudest hiccup’s I have ever heard!!!

    • Karen says:

      Kim – That was after I’d already had them for around 15 minutes to they were actually pretty quiet believe it or not! ~ k

  23. DzynByJules says:

    WOW! I thought I was the only one besides my deceased mother in law who got a case of the “chicken-squawk-on-steroids” hiccups! The sound is deafening, and my fella is torn between wanting to reminisce about his mom and shoving a pillow down my throat! They.Are.The.WORST and scare the pants off of anyone within earshot when a case sneaks up on me!!! They usually come in sets of three, hopefully yours are done for the year. Jules

  24. Kathy says:

    Here’s one I’ve always wondered about: dishwasher loading. Allegedly there is a proper way to load the dishwasher, which I have never been privy to. How about a tutorial for the uninitiated?

  25. Patty says:

    Prayer has begun…

  26. Kelly L says:

    Dear Karen – here are some problems you can address for us since you’ve run out of ideas:
    1) Milk dust – is there not a solution for preventing the flakes of milk that dirty my fridge with every gallon? I hate seeing them all over the glass shelves, and I hate how the scratch it up. Short of wiping the container after every use, is milk dust preventable?
    2) Orchids – why can I never make mine bloom again?
    3) Red lipstick – what is the secret? Why do others look so chic and I look like a clown?
    4) Hair removal – it just gets worse with age.
    5) Similarly – coloring one’s hair, go bold? Do it yourself? What risks are reasonable in this category?
    6) Switching to the fall wardrobe – why is it impossible to wear tights with heels? My feet slide to the front and my toes get all smashed. Must I switch to boots only as soon as it’s the season for tights?

    Is that enough to get you started?

  27. Rebecca says:

    Well…I guess a cruise through Pinterest is in order. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs so that you can find your way out of the dense forest of modge podge, scrapbook paper and mason jars! I am sure you will find something to spark an idea. Also, Wunder Boner made me laugh so hard I spilled coffee onto my laptop!! It does look pretty awesome though, and the commercial is hysterical. At one point someone says “The Wunder Boner? My wife would love that!”

  28. Emily says:

    Our way of getting rd of hiccups (seriously, this works) is bending over and taking a swig of water while bent over. Works EVERY time. Maybe you can do a post on how to get rid of hiccups! ;)

  29. sherri says:

    ever made dill pickles? I mean really good ones? The Polish ones of course.

  30. Moe says:

    Not sure if this is allowed here but here’s the link for the Wunder Boner.. priceless.
    With the way this thing works, you could easily stuff your fish.. cool idea.

    • Sparky says:

      @Karen, Pati and Rachel Blue Moon—laughs are welcome and Hey, thanks to Moe for posting a link for the Wunder Boner video. You may understand my embarrassment, however, when I first introduced my boyfriend to my family. When they asked him how we met he simply said: “I showed her my Boner, and she fell in love with me.” The name is pretty silly, of course, but the kitchen gadget really works! There’s an update on the video with the new phone number to contact (800-855-246-9948). You can get a bit of the history and a picture of my silly boy here: I’m not certain, but the mere mention of it may also cure hiccups. ;o) Hugs~Sparky

  31. Moe says:

    OMG Karen, such violent hiccups, but so darn funny. I’m going to start the prayer circle because if your hiccups are so explosive, I can only (shudder) imagine what your farts would be like.
    Glad you finally got rid of them though, they are so darn aggravating. My daughter taught me how to get rid of them for others though. Get right in the face of the person who has the hiccups.. almost nose to nose and repeat over and over as fast as you can, while you stare them in the eyes… “Come on, give me a hiccup, I know you can, Hurry, hurry, I need a hiccup. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Usually the hiccupy person is so shocked that the hiccups end immediately or they fall on the floor laughing. Either way, it works every time. Not sure if that would work with the farts though.. lol

  32. Rhonda "SmartyPants" says:

    My goodness, Karen, my hat’s off to you (and I don’t even wear one, but if I did, it would be off and being held in my widdle fingers in homage) – you are one mean hiccuping Woman. No wonder The Fella doesn’t like them – they are huge and startling.

    Now, enough with the compliments. I have a favor to ask – picture me with my hat in my hands and on one bended knee looking up at you pitifully now . . . If you continue to run dry as the Rio Grande in mid-July and resort to posting “Ye Olde Fart” video, please post an advance notice so some of us have a fighting chance. My bladder isn’t what it used to be and I’m not even sure reading the title would give me enough notice to make it before the, um, well uhmmmm, let’s see – how can I say this delicately – uhmmm. Give me a chance to keep the Hoo Hoo Hammock dry. That’s clever, right? Tied my comment to a completely separate blog but kept it relevant to the current effort.

    Honestly, here goes my hat again — you amaze me in how wet your creek runs on a daily basis. I thought you used other guest bloggers when you hit a dry spell, but I cannot imagine what it is like to keep current blogs rolling out day after day – even when The Fella’s dad contributes you still have to do the typing and spell checking and all that secretary-like stuff. I mean, wow! If I were a Paul McCartney fan, I’d break into song now and sing, “Baby, baby, you amaze me…”

  33. Remember when you taught us how to grow a butterfly? And you had to sit there all day waiting for it to emerge so you could photograph it? How long would you have to video yourself for to be assured of a fart?! Or would you go running for the camera as soon as you thought it was coming?

    You have to do it now. We won’t take no for an answer. (Plus, after the yoghurt tampon? It’s nothing).

  34. Louise says:

    Thats made my day! I’ve only been following you for a few weeks, but my thoughts are confirmed… are a complete fruit loop……just like me! Love from the UK x

  35. KiwiKat says:

    I get hiccups kind of like that but they hurt like anything…I find if I deep breathe (in through my nose, out through my mouth), it seems to sync my diaphragm so that it isn’t spasming, thus getting rid of the hiccups altogether. Thank goodness. Still want to see the next video though!

  36. Amanda says:

    I’ve seen chooks do that.

    I have a huge grin on my face.

    You make me laugh nearly every day. Keep on with the inane and frivolous posts I say, even after your mojo comes back!

  37. Sue T. says:

    Dear Karen, Although this is the 1st time I’ve written I’ve been following your blog since I first found it last Fall. You are such a refreshing soul !! I’ve got you by several years, but you and I are surely related somehow…your antics always hit home for me. We even hiccup alike, the loud head jerking ones that always start to hurt. Yours may sound a bit like you might be turning into a chicken though ! Thank You for the good times!

  38. Therese says:

    Oh I hate hiccups. They make me want to cry. You didn’t look too happy either.
    If you really have run out of ideas maybe you could do another “Will they eat it?” episode.
    Our three lovely chickens tried to eat a partially injured dove that got into their coop last weekend. We had to take it to the vet when it survived the horrifying attack. It was like ‘Chicken Run’ meets ‘Twilght’.

  39. Valerie says:

    It is unbelievable that you have run dry…I simply don’t believe this. On the other hand have you thought of asking your tribe of followers about what they feel that they need you to explore or investigate and share with us? For example what is a good way of clearing slugs out of gardens and over lawns? Someone once told me that they disliked copper. I found out that laying copper piping around to be rather unsightly not to mention expensive. I ended up unravelling copper scrubbing pads and laid the end product, this “copper thread” throughout the garden with only marginal success.
    Some others may include how does one make perfect lemon pie egg white topping, are there good recipes for Nutella, is there a superior hand lotion or creme in the marketplace that isn’t pure Vaseline, are epsom salts really useful to dig into the soil for roses, do you know how to duplicate sesame seed bars like you purchase in the grocery store and for which you don’t have to have Julia Child’s candy termometer…to name a few.

  40. Jenny says:

    The Australian method of stopping hiccups is very simple – half fill a glass of water, call out for a friend to help, have them hold the glass still as you put your hands behind your back and bend over to drink out of the upright glass!!

  41. bex says:

    I can’t believe it! Not possible :-) although maybe you could help me with one thing. I want to turn a suntan lotion bottle into a mobile phone, cash and keys carrier for when I go to the beach (and it must still look like a suntan lotion bottle). I don’t want people to see certain valuables that I may have on me. I know its easy to cut it open but the top clips on to the small round nozzle..
    Need your creative brains :-)

  42. Rachel says:

    I guess I’m a masochist. I love hiccups. For some reason they strike me as absolutely hilarious, and yours kept be hooting away for the 4 min and 20 seconds that I watched the clip.

    When I get them, it’s the hiccups, along with tears streaming down my face, and stitches in my sides from laughter.

    Ab workout, done. Thank you. :)

  43. Sparky says:

    Hi Karen:
    I just watched your hiccupping video. Then I looked over at the photo of you with the fish. It made me think about whether you catch your own fish and clean them yourself when you cook them and then I wondered whether you have ever used a Wunder Boner to remove bones from your fish? It’s a tool my boyfriend invented for removing the entire skeleton and all those pesky little bones from a fish. OK, now this is starting to sound like an solicitation. Sorry, but it really is cool. Just curious. Hope your hiccups are gone for now.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sparky! I haven’t heard of a Wunder Boner. Which is a hilarious name. I haven’t boned a fish in years. I catch and release because I normally catch bass or pike … neither of which I eat. ~ karen!

  44. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says:

    I love you! You crack me up!! But I have to withhold on my prayers…because I want to see the next video! Yep I Do! haha! You rock lady! I am a dry creek right now too- the only thing I got going for me…is my dance moves. We should get together. ;)

  45. Jackie says:

    I too am often stricken by the hiccup affliction, and the best cure I’ve found is eating a giant, heaping spoonful of peanut butter. Completely takes your mind off them… its like magic!

    Although, if you have a peanut allergy I’m sure you’d have worse things to worry about than hiccups??? :D

  46. Pam says:

    I’m sorry….I will not participate in a prayer circle ‘preventing’ fart video’s….are you kidding? Such behaviour would rob your tribe of something just too funny to resist.

    • T says:

      I’ll second this. They are cheap…well, free entertainment for the whole family. Curse me and my base attitudes!

    • Gayla T says:

      DO NOT ENCOURAGE HER! As a mother of an adult daughter I respect her dear mother’s feelings. After all, she does have fans on here from her home town. Can you imagine the conversation in the check out line at the grocery store? “Oh,hi! I saw Karen farting online this morning. You must be so proud of her accomplishments, NOT! HAHAHAHA”. I mean really, her relatives have to live there. I’m sure they would prefer a nice discrete poster on the post office wall. Or do they do that in Canada? Well, anyway, you get my drift.

  47. Simon says:

    PS It played the next time I tried. Very funny :)

  48. Bobbi says:

    Oh, Karen, I HATE hiccups. I am glad they are not contagious, like yawns.(didja yawn ?)

  49. Simon says:

    Video won’t play as it says “this video is private”.

    I’d like to see this as i don’t recall anyone hiccuping on a blog before. I get ideas from pottering about the house but as your blog involves industrial amounts of pottering I’m not sure what to suggest. Maybe if you do nothing the next idea will land in your head. I’m sure something will come. Best, Simon

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