It’s a big day! Now what?

1,329,508 Pageviews


251 Posts

147 Unanswered emails (sorry ’bout that)

7 computer induced migraines

3 (unfulfilled) Book Offers – you didn’t know that didja?

1 Year of writing and attempting to take pictures that are almost in focus.

Happy 1st. Anniversary The Art of Doing Stuff!


Yup.  One year ago to the day, I started this little blog of mine.  Most people who start a blog say “Oh golly … I never thought anyone other than my mom would read it”.   I’m not gonna say that.  That’s not true.  My goal was to make the biggest blog known to mankind.  A blog so successful, I could retire from the proceeds from it and start a vacation retreat/cat colony in the Azores.

I wanted to create a blog that would inspire people to do stuff.

I was successful on one account.

The truth is, I really did want to create a successful blog from day one.  A blog that helped people and made me some cash in the process.  Not a ton of money.  Just enough to tide me over until the next hosting job came along.

In fact, I gave myself a year to do this.  A year, which ends today.    If after one year my blog was not what I considered to be successful, I was going to unplug the computer and shut it down.

So today, I have a question I need to ask myself.  Is my blog successful?  Well, from the amount of comments I get … I’d say yes.  I believe I’m providing entertainment and information to a fairly large number of people.

Is my blog successful in terms of making me money.  Nope.  Not when you factor in how long each post takes me to do every day.  The answer is a resounding NO.  I’d make more money selling my shaved leg hair on Ebay.

So what’s a gal to do?

A gal keeps writing.  That’s what she does. What the hell else am I gonna do?  I love writing and I love posting about stuff I think you’ll find useful.

However, in my never ending quest to turn this into a venture I can sustain ( and that can sustain me ) for longer than the next couple of months I am implementing 2 changes to The Art of Doing Stuff.

1.  Once a month I am going to put up a “Donate” button at the end of a post.  If everyone who read the blog donated $1, once a month, I would have enough cash to allow me to do bigger and better projects, plus buy really expensive cheese for myself.

This is exactly the thing every blog professional advises against doing by the way.  NEVER put a “donate” button on your website.  You’ll look amateurish, desperate, poor.  Yes, well I’m every one of those things so pfttttt.  I don’t give a care.  Never one to take good advice, I’m doing it anyway.  Give me a dollar once a month or don’t, I won’t judge.  Honestly, I won’t.  If you give me more than a dollar I’ll bake you a cake.  No I won’t.  That’s a lie.

2.  I am going to somehow integrate porn into the site.  Seems like a real money-maker to me.

Thanks for a truly fantastic year.  And if you can’t donate … that’s O.K, I probably wouldn’t donate to a blog either.  Just promise me you’ll tell a friend about the site.

A rich friend.

(Click the button below if you’d like to give me $1.  Also click the button below if you’d like to give me $100.  Your choice. )


  1. I’d give you a dollar, Karen!


    • Btw, congratulations on your one-year anniversary! You’re doing great! You’re only going to get bigger and more successful.

      • Karen says:

        Why thank you! I love writing the blog. Great outlet and I recommend it to anyone! ~ karen

        • Dollar donated 😀 And I’m going to try to donate each time you put up the donation button.

          I hope everyone else chips in and donates more. You put out all these unique ideas out for free, and you should definitely get some compensation for all your hard work.

          • Karen says:

            Alexandra – Thank you so much. The fact that you did that means more to me than the dollar. I’m sincerely touched and grateful you donated. Button goes up once a month for one post, and that’s it. ~ karen

  2. Kate says:

    Congrats on your blog-serversery! Or anniblogservy or whatever. Just discovered you a few weeks back. Can’t remember how for the life of me – tis the nature of the world wide WEB. Bummer it hasn’t made you a millionaire (yet) but yeah that people read it!
    And I’m totally thinking about giving you a dollar. And it’s the thought that counts, right? No? It’s actually the dollar?

    • Karen says:

      Kate! Thanks for the congrats! And yes … it’s the actual dollar that counts. You are not allowed to read any more posts until you contribute a dollar. Uch. I’m lieing again. Or maybe I’m lying. I never know how to spell that one. ~ karen

  3. Connor says:

    You scared the crap out of me. Thought you were shutting down the blog.
    Well, I’ve heard the Food Network referred to as food porn… Just saying.

  4. @misskher says:

    I’m too lazy to donate once a month so I’ll just do it all at once now. I hope you keep blogging – I’m not really a big blog reader, but I just love yours. Plus you helped me fight off a bladder infection. Win-win!

    • Karen says:

      Misskher – LOL! That bladder infection tip is a good one, isn’t it! I have another I’m onto right now … Crystallized Ginger. I have a tendancy to think I’m getting the stomach flu even if all I’ve done is speak to someone on the phone who had it, like a month ago. Plus I get nausea from my migraines. The “Gravol” ginger pills were too expensive so now I buy crystallized ginger at the bulk store and nibble half a piece. It’s FANTASTIC. There ya go. Another health tip. Free of charge! 🙂 ~ karen

      • Susan says:

        Even better than crystallized ginger is fresh ginger root – cut about an inch, peel, slice and cover with boiling water, let steep for about 5 minutes. Ginger tea, great for whatever ails’ya. The girl that works for me in my convenience store swears that ginger tea and vicks on her feet cures her colds every time she gets one.

        • Karen says:

          Susan! LOL, yes, I drink ginger tea too the odd time. It’s just more difficult to keep in my purse. Not impossible. Just more difficult. ~ karen

  5. Maura says:

    You’re my favorite blog. You inspire me, and you’re funny as hell. Dollar donated.

    • Karen says:

      Maura – Thank you so much for saying that. Hearing people like the blog is great motivation to keep writing and doing stuff. And being hilarious of course. 🙂 ~ karen

  6. Dana says:

    happy birthday, blog! i donated, but the proceeds are strictly to be used for the porn-upgrade!

  7. Laura says:

    I donated two because it’s that cheap american money

    • Karen says:

      Laura – Thank you. Pace yourselves everyone! Remember I’m going to do this once a month or so. (certainly no more than that, perhaps even less) ~ karen

  8. Sara says:

    Dollar done. Love your blog! Now go buy some cheese and where is my porn?

  9. Antonia says:

    I love reading your blog every day (and usually end up having to read them to my husband too, when he hears me laughing so much!) Definitely worth a donation! Don’t stop writing! You’re amazing! (BTW…your photography course is paying off as well…great photos!)

    • Karen says:

      Antonia – Thank you so much! What’s funny is I still hate my pictures. 🙂 Whatever money I happen to make today, I’m going to put a portion of it towards the Photography II course. And Photoshop! 🙂 Thanks again … I got your donation and cannot begin to express how grateful I am. I really don’t want everyone to burn themselves out though! I do plan on asking for cash once a month! LOL. ~ karen

  10. BCBev says:

    Mmmmmm. Porny cheese. No, wait, cheesy porn… No, wait…

    I’m going to flip a loonie to decide which… you just reach on up there and snag it and no one will be the wiser.

    Except all you nosy buggers that just read this comment. Pffffft.

    Seriously, thanks for creating the only blog I’ve ever cared enough to comment on. You rock.

  11. Sharon Woo says:

    I just went from midnight to six and back to midnight again! I’ve paid for a months worth of Canadian wit, grit, and spit! (or is it Canadienne?)

    • Karen says:

      Sharon – I just saw your donation. I think you paid for more than a month! Now I feel pressure to come up with some really good knock knock jokes, *immediately* or something. ~ karen

  12. Angela says:

    I consider this site to be craft porn, so you’re already halfway there!

    And I treated myself to a cherry branch yesterday to use in a flower arrangement, I can’t wait till it blooms. I thought of your ‘Happy Day’ post when I saw it and knew I couldn’t leave the store without it. I used it in an ikebana arrangement (of sorts, I have no real ikebana training) and cheaped out on the dish, I didn’t want to spent Y1580 (close to $20) on a ceramic one so I bought a plastic dish that goes under flower pots. It’s white and decorative and now I don’t have to worry about it breaking if my kid tips it on the floor, I just have to worry about the frog stabbing tens of little holes in her body.

    And I’m going to donate.

  13. Sharon Woo says:

    Darn paypal has my maiden name. The secret is out, I am not Chinese! Hahaha! I am Hartmangruber!

  14. Barbarann Garrard says:

    i like porn. and cheese = )

    • Karen says:

      Barbarann – I *know*! Me too. That’s why this is a win win situation, really … when you think about it. ~ karen

  15. Sara says:

    Had to reset my password so I could get in (tells you how often I actually USE my paypal account!) but $1 is sent! Totally worth a dollar a month for the entertainment value alone – and this is about the only site I can say that for!

    Happy blogiversery!!!

  16. Christina and Ryan says:

    Karen! I’ve never commented but I’ve been reading you for several months, ever since I found out you existed. Actually, the day I found out you existed I spent the better part of an evening going back and reading the entire blog. And I got my boyfriend hooked. We’re addicts now.

    So $2 from us. THANK YOU SO MUCH we adore you!

  17. liz a. says:

    i agree, the entertainment value, who can miss! i did my american dollar! what can the next year bring? whew! nothing but good stuff, thank you karen.

  18. mel says:

    karen, don’t ever considering shutting this blog down! that would be like taking away my morning coffee.. and that would be disastrous for my environment!
    so, in a feeling of sheer terror i donated for a year in advance… just to be on the safe side. 🙂

    congratulations to the anniversary!

  19. Carol-Anne says:

    Congratulations Karen! Thanks for all the wonderful tips; book recommendations; projects; recipes and most importantly laughs!!! I start every weekday morning with you and read all the great comments as well. I gave you a dollar plus tip!

  20. Karen says:

    Happy Anniversary Karen!
    Hard to believe that you’ve been blogging for only 1 year! I love your ideas and I love your writing but most importantly I love that you make me laugh (usually it’s a warm smile that turns into a laugh).
    Everytime I finish one of your posts I think she’d be fun to have a glass of wine with…
    P.S. A book would be very cool.

  21. Farquist says:

    You give me a dose of happy, so I give you $. Good deal. Winnipegers love a good deal. Happy anniversary.

  22. Farquist says:

    PS are you going to tell about the book offers??

  23. Traci says:

    Happy blogiversary, Karen! Thanks for the inspiration and the wit and for making me feel like you’re talking directly to me, even when there’s no way you really could be…is there?

  24. Joni N. says:

    Oh for the love of cheese (and porn)! I thought you were going to sign off forever! I almost passed out. I enjoy your blog so much, Karen. You’re the first blog I’ve ever commented on — several times at that. Well, wait. That’s a lie. I comment on the Pioneer Woman’s blog but only because I’m trying to win something not to actually leave a comment comment. ;o)

  25. Jacque says:

    I will be donating soon…. I *big fat juicy red bleeding* <3 your blog! Happy Blogiversary! I've gotten several blogs to 1 year… and then promptly quit writing because somehow drama (in the form of family usually) ends up ruining it. So far the current one is drama free! 😀

  26. KarenB says:

    I donated a years worth because I am lazy. I love your blog for two reasons: 1) because I love it (useful and humourous) 2) because you have many readers (and responders) who also crack me up! I always read the responses, they are great!
    So thanks for a year of replacing menial household duties with laughter in front of my computer! I thank you, my family… not so much!!

  27. Uncle Shifty says:

    Porn. Now that’s an idea. You need any technical advice you call on your old Uncle Shifty.

  28. Happy anniversary Karen! Just donated…I’m afraid it’s just 1$ since we just bought a cottage & I’m on mat leave. BUT I will make sure to keep recommending the site cause it”s AMAZING. Love that you will continue to “edutain” us… 🙂

  29. Emm says:

    LOVE your site! Couldn’t live without it!!! Happy Anniversary-here’s to many, many more years of your blog (and fingers crossed that you make enough to buy expensive cheese!!)

  30. Serena says:

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  31. Sue says:

    I love your blog!!!!
    Sue in St. Louis

  32. cred says:

    Small price to pay for the money-saving, chic design ideas you offer using your cheapo tips.

    There are lots of great design/diy blogs out there, yours is the only one I bother to follow- it’s a pleasure to read one written by someone with some personality.

    Congrats on 1 yr and thanks for writing!


  33. Emi says:

    Oh, thank goodness you are continuing. I read you every day and am slowly catching up on all your past posts. I love your blog! I just ordered the bottle brushes from Lee Valley, can’t wait to try the antojitos, made the tarts at Valentines…I could go on and on. I either just donated $5 twice or it didn’t work either time. (?) Thank you for continuing to entertain and educate!

  34. Devin says:

    Happy blogiversary! I don’t think I’d get through the work day without your blog.

    (and btw, your pictures ARE great! I tried to recreate the one where you were holding out flowers on the RAK post.. it did NOT turn out anything like yours. It actually just looked like my boyfriend cut the top of my head out of the picture.)

  35. Christal Lewis says:


    I’ll give you $6.00 if you post sexy pictures or videos of you and your He-man Boyfriend.


  36. Celia says:

    $1 dollar is a bargain considering how entertaining your blog is. So…I thought I give more 8-). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and PLEASE KEEP GOING.

  37. susan w says:

    cat colony, leg hair for sale, porn, what’s not to love! Cheers

  38. Michele says:

    Ok, so i donated because you are so influential in my life that I had my 2nd, yes SECOND, in-depth, very real dream about you last night. In the first one you were running in heels and trying to feed me along with your six teenage children. In the one last night you had two houses: one that you use to blog, and one that was a mess.

  39. Robbin says:


    You are totally worth a dollar! Love, love, love your blog. Laughs, crafts, DIY’s, smoker recipes (for my husband) – where can you get that for a dollar??????

    Congrats on you One Year Anniversary!

  40. Carol says:

    The dedication to your blog and the quality of the content is unique and unsurpassed! I struggle with wanting to quit my blog ALL the time, it really is incredibly time consuming and my priority is my ‘day job’ you know the ‘paying’ clients which barely leaves me with time to sleep let alone ‘spare’ time to blog. I only follow a handful of blogs and Art of Doing Stuff is one of them – Happy 1st Blogaversary and wish you many more to come. To honour the occassion I’m sending you flowers in the form of a donation – the equivalent of 3 hydrangeas, since you’ve saved me at least that much with your hydrangea revival tip! : )

  41. Sara says:

    I’ve been reading you for almost a year, and you make me laugh everyday. Seriously, laugh out loud. Thank you for thinking of a way for me to thank YOU for giving me a little joy…plus, you say things like “I don’t give a care.” That is hilarious.

  42. Todd says:

    Karen, congrats on the first birfday of your blog. You must be a proud blog momma.

    I’m all for making a buck by utilizing your blog as a business tool. I strive to do this also. To be honest, at this time, we don’t make enough to pay for the domain, let alone the hosting. I do it because I love it.

    And feel free to send a $1 my way too. 🙂

  43. Liz S. says:

    I donated $2 plus the 11 cent conversion fee (since I’m one of those crazy Americans). I figure I’ve been reading the blog since right after you started it and I’ve shared several posts with my friends. Plus you taught me how to make home made pumpkin pie with real pumpkins, I made my own maple whipped cream, and you gave me great advice on making my first Thanksgiving turkey. 🙂

  44. Karen,

    I’d like to donate, but on the form, it’s not showing the NY states. I’m from NYC by the way. Not sure if the credit card will go through if the billing address is not correct.

  45. Monica says:

    Karen, I’d happily send you $1/month for all the fun and laughs I get from reading your posts. So please add the donate button and keep on writing. You make my day!

    • Karen says:

      Monica – LOL. The “Donate” button is at the end of the post. You just click on it. You’ll laugh when you see it. It’s like when you can’t find your glasses because they’re on your face. Which I do quite regularly by the way. ~ karen

  46. Jessica says:

    I lovelovelove your blog so much; a donation is the least I can do! Please spend it at Dollarama!

  47. Jen says:

    OMG, your blog turned 1 on my 40th birthday! I love your sense of humor and would be sad if you had to stop writing. I also love that you will try just about anything- frozen yogurt tampons come to mind. This post inspired me to quit lurking and tell you how much I appreciate your work. Happy anniversary!

  48. Alissa says:

    “NEVER put a “donate” button on your website. You’ll look amateurish, desperate, poor. Yes, well I’m every one of those things so pfttttt. I don’t give a care.”

    This is exactly what I love the most about you and your blog, Karen. You march to your own drummer. Or perhaps traipse to your own tamborine or ambulate to your own accordion – since marching and drumming are what everyone else does.

  49. Korrine says:

    Happy HAPPY birthday! I am on the books for a year so don’t you go anywhere sugar! Your blog lights up my day.

  50. JJ says:

    Did my donating for one year in one pop cause I’m lazy. You are worth it! Thanks for all the laughs, entertainment and insight on amazing stuff to do! Happy Blogiversary!

  51. kelly says:

    Wow, I can’t believe your blog is only a year old…It seems very successful for being only one year old. And I hear you about needing to bring in some bucks…show me the money, right. to that end I whole heartily get behind the introduction of porn…that would increase traffic… and all those pervs that come cruising by will learn a thing or two about… frozen yogurt tampons!

  52. Heather says:

    When I start making more than $9 an hour I’ll definitely donate! Your blog is awesome. I mean, with all the higher education I have not once was I taught how to chop an onion properly while wearing goggles. Nor did I know how to make a cool table runner out of garbage bags. I’m glad you’re staying. Congratulations on making the one-year mark.

  53. Lesley H says:

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary Karen! Now go get yourself some cheese! My donation is actually a thank you card for the cutting block side table. Oh, and the other stuff is good too, please don’t stop doing what you do!

  54. maggie says:

    Congratulations! We love you, please NEVER leave!

  55. i’ve done the dollar thing. i wonder if it would work for an old lurcher on his blog…

    oh and happy anniversary! we love your blog.

  56. jenn b says:

    Hi Karen ~

    Happy Blogsiversary!! Have a great day, and pretty soon you’ll be a blog “Suhper-Stahhr!!”
    Your blog reminds me that back before I was 40 with 3 kids under 6 I actually had a sense of humour, and appreciated wit. Nice to have some wit to appreciate every day!!

  57. Lynn says:

    Congrats on your one year! You’re doing WAY better than I am (and most bloggers) just in the unique visitor arena, so that’s definitely something to celebrate! After having to fork over a mint to get my phone turned on this morning (boyfriend forgot to pay bill) I lack the $1 donation money, but I tell everyone I know to read your blog so hopefully that helps, and I can always donate $2 next month! 🙂

  58. Shauna Rudy says:

    A dollar for a month’s worth of laughs, inspiration, and how-tos? WELL worth it! Congratulations. May I make a suggestion, because I don’t want you to suffer migraines or God-forbid, burn out and quit?

    My super-fab husband is a guy that can’t do anything good in moderation: if he’s going to run, he has to train for an ultra race, if he does his blog, it has to be every day, if he’s eating too many french fries, he has to give them up for a year. He kills himself with these self-imposed requirements.

    So my advice is to not feel like you have to post every day! We will keep coming back regardless, and probably appreciate you even more. And you’ll have a little less pressure, and a little more time to eat cheese and watch porn. Win-win. Okay, I’ll butt out now. Love ya!

  59. Brittany says:

    Happy 1 Year Blogiversery Karen! Congrats on the BIG numbers too… some bloggers blog for years and their stats don’t even come close! I’m very impressed with you young lady, well done! 🙂

  60. Jamieson says:

    Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment.
    Since your blogposts are now firmly entrenched as a part of my morning reading – often before i’ve even gotten out of bed – I’ve decided to invest in them. I will pay you back the $1 per month I owe you so far, and I’m prepaying the $1 per month for the coming year so you will be obligated now to continue providing me with creative and humorous content. It’s no king’s ransom to be sure, but I’ll happily donate more every time you WoW me, which tends to be often! Think of it as a humble bonus plan. I’m mostly kidding but know that I am really proud of your achievement and am so delighted to be enjoying your wit each day.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Jamieson! You’ve been a big support all along. W/out the interaction of the readers I would have quit long ago. ~ karen

  61. Chrissa says:

    Congrats, Karen.

    I just set the same goal for myself.

    Cept’, I’m totally not turning my computer off.

  62. Kayle says:

    Happy Anniversary Karen! I adore this blog and never ever miss a post! I’m happy to donate, but have you considered selling kits to do your projects at home? I’d definitely buy the personal fireplace kit and the glittering black skull halloween wreath kit! Just an idea . . .

    Wishing you every success and thank you for a year of very entertaining stuff. 🙂

  63. Erin says:

    Congratulations on the one year! I almost threw up there when I thought you might stop your blog. I love it so much and look forward to it everyday. So I have donated $5 to you. I figure thats on par (or cheaper) than buying 1 magazine a month and this has far more useful and entertaining things than a magazine. I might not be able to donate every time, depends on if I have made any sales and have money in my account, but I will try because I would be really really sad if you had to close up due to lack of funding. like throw up sad.

  64. Julie shinnick says:

    You have to be lying about this Karen, big fat super lie!
    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    You cannot have been blogging for only one year!

    I have read all the comments and my jaw has only just resumed it’s normal position.

    I am truly shocked and amazed, I thought you had been going for years and years.

    Well done you and keep it up!

  65. Denise says:

    You scared me too. I thought – oh no, please don’t go. I LOVE reading your blogs and I would miss them. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! $1 on the way!

  66. Susan says:

    You had me at frozen yogurt tampons. Like so many others have already said, your blog has become a daily read, and I’ve gone back to read all of your posts. Your personality shines through in what you do and say. Thank you for opening your world to us, and bringing us so much laughter and good ideas. Congratulations on your first year of what I suspect will be many.

  67. Ana says:

    Congrats Karen and well done!

  68. Kenna says:

    Sent you some bucks – I love your blog because it sounds just like listening to a favorite, fun friend – very genuine. Thanks for all the great info and laughs!

  69. Betsy says:

    Happy Anniversary, Karen! I stumbled upon your blog last year, but did not know it was so young. Definitely a highlight for me every day. Donated $5.00 since I am secretly copying everything in your house and backyard, sort of feel I owe it to you. And you did answer MY email so I consider myself charmed. Congrats and may your success grow by leaps and bounds this year.

  70. Shauna says:


    I totally feel your pain – wanting to keep it going, but sheesh all the time it takes to write, take a decent picture, get it cropped, sized and uploaded. When working on my own blog, I know I read somewhere that the donation button was an okay thing to do – it may even have been Darren Rowse – ProBlogger guy.

    In any case, I love your blog. You inspire me, you make me laugh and if ever I have time in between working full-time, taking care of a 3-year old, trying to post on my own blog and everything else, I may actually try some of your cool & nifty projects (I am really itching to get to a dollar store in my pj’s).

    $1.00 donated!

  71. jennifer says:

    I just found you a few weeks ago, and that first day I read everything that you posted, & I laughed ’till i cried. 🙂 You make my day, and I’m sooo glad you’re stayin! Everyone needs your kind of happy, cheesy and all! I’m broke right now, spent all my spare change on LottoMax. If I win tonight I’ll donate enough to keep you on the web for at least another year,(promise) you know, when your super popular best seller comes out!! Happy Blogaversary Karen. New Brunswick loves ya!

  72. Marie says:

    I gladly made a donation but would prefer to consider it a subscription. I get a lot more great ideas from your blog than from magazines I subscribe to and your much more fun! Congratulations on the big milestone.

  73. Maggie says:

    Don’t ever stop being you! That’s my sign-your-yearbook phrase for the day. I donated, not heavily, but Karen, you are terrific and I am truly a humble fan.

  74. Maggie says:

    Oh, integrating porn is genius. But how to do it tastefully?

  75. shari says:

    If by giving you a dollar a month I can continue to get some laughs along with some info I can actually use count me in! Please don’t put any recipes near the pron. Ok?

  76. Mary says:

    Congrats…LOVE reading your blog! I am now waiting on THE book!

  77. Jennifer says:

    Congrats Karen! And I feel I should tell you I read your post every night in the middle of the night while feeding Allyson…my 3 month old. Your blog is the only thing that keeps me from falling asleep…in fact…I look forward to waking up and reading it. So I agree with whoever said it’s like a magazine subscription…donation coming your way now!

  78. Renee says:

    Your blog is one of the most entertaining I read, so I donated!

    I see you tricked me out of an extra 6 US cents with your crazy Canadian money 🙂
    I didn’t change the total, though, because your blog is totally worth 6 cents more than a dollar! haha

  79. Maggie says:

    Happy 1st Anniversary, you make me laugh all the time, totally worth 1.05 AUD!

  80. mick says:

    It’s not nice to scare people. Just for that, I want you to give your Mom half of my donation. After all, if it wasn’t for her telling me about your website, I would never have discovered the ‘wonderful, wacky world of Karen.’
    You make my mornings!!

  81. Congratulations Karen -and I think (wipe away a sentimental tear) I was your first comment… about power tools…

    Thank you for a year of the unexpected! You are one of a kind!

    • Karen says:


      I just checked. You were my 12th comment (if you don’t include all the initial comments made by my family and friends!). But you commented on like … the 4th day or so. VERY early on. And you’re still here! Thanks. 🙂 ~ karen

  82. Karen too says:

    Ooh – I’m a Patron! So much better than a Matron.

  83. BCBev says:

    Do you feel loved yet??

  84. Misha says:

    Congratulations on a huge anniversary, Karen! Your commitment has gifted us all with a blog that is informative, funny and inspiring. Worth a buck a month and more, so I’ve donated thusly for the year.

    Enjoy the cheese,

  85. Bill Grigg says:

    Another lazy person who doesn’t want to donate each month, so paid for a year up front. I look forward to the next year.

    Congrats on your first year!

  86. Amy from Utah says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now.

    And in that time I have made several attempts to leave a comment. However, because of my deep feelings of inadequacy to match your talents and wit, I have basically cyber stalked you via your hilarious posts.

    And said nothing.

    But today I had to let you know how much I appreciate your realness, your wit, and your glorious tips.

    You basically rock.

    Happy first year. Here’s to many more.

    • Karen says:

      Oh Amy! Honestly. I’m just a dork. Don’t be worried about me. Thank you for leaving a comment! It’s the only way I know people are reading this thing. 🙂 Well, that and the statistics. Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you in the future! ~ karen

  87. KC says:

    You make me laugh just about every day. I have mentioned your blog on Facebook and know that friends have then shared my posts along the line. Considering that laughter is supposed to increase lifespan a dollar a month seems more than reasonable. Your blog is making me live longer! Better too (hell, now I know how to properly cut a mango, what else is there in life?)! I donated five, but don’t get excited, that is mainly because I know I will forget to follow through on it for at least that many months!

    Thanks Karen for the knowledge, the inspiration, the giggles and the gaffaws! Happy Anniversary! Oh, and as to the porn… it is spring, perhaps some lovely floral genetallia (as a botonist friend of mine likes to say-” Ahh, spring! Smell that floral genetalia!”)

  88. pve says:

    I will gladly add to the “cheese” fund or smokin hot bacon fund.
    Just as long as you keep on doing stuff and make us laugh in our undies. NO, I just thought that might make you laugh.

  89. Fran says:

    congratulations! I’ve been reading since the start, and I’m a FAN.

    It’s nice to hear about your plan to give it a year and see how it went. My sis-in-law and I just started a little blog, which we’re excited about and having fun with, but just the other day I was feeling discouraged because it seems like it’s *never* gonna get off the ground. You have inspired me to persevere 🙂 And to go thrifting for cast-iron cookware.

  90. Congratulations Karen on your 1-year anniversary. Without a doubt your blog is a success! Style At Home mag, over 1.3 mill page views, an incredible knack for writing and humour…the list goes on Woot woot. Great job!

  91. Anemone says:

    Congratulations. This is my most favorite blog or website… i really get happy when you put up a new post/posts. Please don’t stop posting…

  92. Wendy says:

    Karen, congratulations on going for your dreams! Your humour and spirit are contagious and I always look forward to your posts. So much so that I did in fact donate to your great cause. Cheers to being a breath of fresh air in this world filled with too many blogs with not enough interesting things to say (and the courage to say when you have nothing interesting to say!).


  93. Tina says:

    I will only donate a dollar if you post a picture of your haircut from the front so I can show my hairdresser. Is that worth a dollar to you, because a haircut magazine is like, five dollars, so it’s worth it to me. BTW- love your blog!

  94. beth says:

    I have become addicted to your writing… i found your blog last nite read it for over two hours! had more laughs than any movie i have paid for in the last year. Woke up late and started reading again…had plans to change mantle over to fall and paint with new oils i got but nope reading you again!
    Eggs are still on counter waiting for me to cook them but i’m reading and when i’m reading i get lost! Thanks for writing! thanks for putting in a donation button! it would suck if you stopped cause of money hope my $ helps! your words are worth it! elizabeth

    • Karen says:

      Beth – Thank you! Both for the words and the donation. The best compliment I can get is to hear someone has been reading my posts for hours. Thank you for letting me know. Also, keep reading because I have a few really good giveaways coming up. 🙂 ~ karen!

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