It’s Dollar Store Week!
The Table Setting

So if you haven’t figured out the theme I’ve been building with these Dollar Store posts let me spell it out for you.  A-T-T-R-A-C-T-I-V-E.  Otherwise known as fetching, enchanting, good-lookin’, handsome, or my particular favourite swish.

Just because you paid $1 for something doesn’t mean it has to look like you paid $1 for it.  I mean everyone wants what they’re sitting on, wearing, displaying or giving to appear much more expensive than it actually is.

Why else would we wrap up some crappy pair of socks at present giving time like we’re giving a trip around the world, where you get to only stay in palaces that are currently occupied by actual royalty.  Who will twice nightly put on puppet shows especially for you.

I’ve wrapped presents where the wrapping, bows, and flowers on the gift totalled twice as much as the present itself.  And then I get unreasonably angry when the receiver of the gift doesn’t ooo and ahhhh to a degree that I think is directly proportionate to the effort it took to prepare the present.  I never said I wasn’t crazy so don’t go start judging me now.

So!  Back to the point of all of this.  Stuff from dollar stores doesn’t have to look like stuff from dollar stores.  So for today’s project, a Dollarama table setting, I could have gone in a completely different direction.  The obvious choice would be to do a table setting out of their cheap n’ cheerful plastic cups, bowls and trays.  They’re really nice.  Green and white polka dots with lime green salad bowls.  Really nice.

Instead I have for you the Dollarama table setting that looks high end.  Dare I say, it exudes the same casual chic the garbage bag table runner has.  So now I present to you, the Dollarama table setting.

loads of random dollar store stuff

Nothin' Else!


One heck of a chic table setting. With a hint of casual. It's that whole casual chic thing again.

Literally every single thing on this table is from Dollarama. OOp! I’m a stinky old liar! They did sell buns at Dollarama, but I decided to splurge and buy day olds from a bakery. Sometimes I go spending crazy like that.


Cutlery, golden woven placemat, plate and bowl - Dollar store

I especially l-o-v-e these oversized, sleek, glass coffee mugs

Not to be outdone of course by these bulbous glass candleholders. hee. i said bulbous.

the candleholders were actually $2 each and each candle was $1. Total $6. Suck on THAT Ikea. Still love 'ya tho *kiss*.

I'm sure you recognize the garbage bag table runner. I think it classes up the whole table. I mean, how couldn't it? Seriously.

buns in a basket, buns in a basket! Basket, yup ... dollar store.

the little salt & pepper shakers are plastic, but they're really cute, plus they're black which is a bonus.


The final thing I wanted to tell you about is the rectangular plate the candles are sitting on. I bought those plates at Dollarama 3 years ago. I looked at them and then for some (probably mental health related) reason walked away. As I was passing the aisle again I saw a couple leaving with a Dollarama cart FULL of the dishes! That snapped me right back to my senses and I ran, RAN to get a cart. I bought every plate they had left. I was actually in the store to buy paper plates for my Christmas Eve gathering and decided it made more sense to buy 15 of these beautiful plates rather than spend $3 on a bunch of ugly crap paper ones that I was going to throw out at the end of the night. It was easily the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Even smarter than when I decided to buy mousetraps. (more on THAT little story another day)
There’s only one more dollar store post to come. Hope you’ve enjoyed ’em so far. I have to go take a gander at my very expensive looking plates now. And maybe eat a bun.



  1. Morgen says:

    Dear Karen,
    You brilliant & hilarious! I adore your site & I adore you!

  2. Langela says:

    I love the salt and pepper shakers! So cute. And the woven place mats. Those caught my eye right of the bat. You are really good at playing “grown up”. It looks like you are all ready for a big girl dinner party. JK! I love it when I take the time to set a pretty table for a normal meal. It just makes the whole meal feel more….grown up. 🙂

  3. mick says:


  4. dede says:

    I Love Love Love your Dollarama posts. I’m going today for inspiration. thaks.

  5. I really wish I lived in Canada.

  6. Wow, that is really impressive. Your dollar stores inventory is way nicer than mine. Think jesus candles and choking hazard toys.

  7. Corinne says:

    One of these days I’ll be chic again! You’re inspiring me!

  8. Jeanenne says:

    That’s it! I’m moving to Canada so I can shop at Dollarama. See you soon.

  9. Karen says:

    Lovin your cheap ways. Great week to sign myself up for your updates.

  10. earthpuppy says:

    I absolutely love your blog–I’m a Dollar Store shopper myself, but you have truly inspired me to shop with a new perspective!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you! I appreciate that. That’s my goal. To help people do it better, faster, cheaper. Like a $5 hooker I guess. :/

  11. Karen N says:

    OMG Karen! I love you! Just when I’m sitting around feeling sorry for myself, because all I can afford is heat, hydro, gas and stupid food. You show me I can still go shopping and make my place look fabulous. Which, in turn, makes me feel fabulous. I even feel like having a party it’s so fabulous. Thank you 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Well I love you too! You only have to spend money on a few things, the rest you can crap out on. Example … my dining room table was custom made out of antique pine. So ANYTHING I put on it ends up looking good. Sometimes when I’m having a bad hair day I just lay my head down on the table and my hair instantly looks better.

  12. Haley says:

    Karen, I read your site when I’m at work. I know it’s scandalous, but I laugh silently – most of the time (sometimes a snort escapes). Anyway, I got all excited to head to the dollar store this past weekend, especially because it’s going out of business and everything is 40% off. Hello 60 cents store! But it ended up sucking. And I felt sad. Which is no fault of yours. It just means Canada has way better dollar stores.

  13. says:

    See I have expensive stuff & it doesn’t look half as impressive as this

  14. Jess says:

    I love it! My husband and I bought all these small IKEA glasses instead of plastic cups for a party. Since we have a dishwasher we figured, heck, 60 small glass cups uses less water resources than 60 plastic cups that you have to buy over and over again. AND way classier

  15. Hobbybird says:

    There’s a Dollarama about 5 minutes walk from here. I’m so going right now.

  16. GAIL BOYLAN says:

    enjoy your wonderful DOLLAR STORE ideas… Keep it up…

  17. claire says:

    hi karen.. i was looking for that candle holders which dollarama store you have bought that because some of the dollar store that i went is not selling those holders .

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