Jalapeno Hummus Recipe with a spicy kick.

Jalapeno hummus that’ll kick you in the pants.  Pair it with some toasted pitas or tortillas and it’s a healthier alternative to chips and dip.  Although chips and dip will always be #1 in my heart.

Jalapeno hummus in a white bowl on a black counter. Sliced jalapenos to the side.

Raise your hand if you hate it when a grocery store (or any other store for that matter) introduces you to something, gets you hooked, carries it for a few months and then snatches it away.

My hand is raised.  Really high.  I think I may have pulled an armpit in fact.

Skip right to the recipe.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve stood in a clothing store himming and hawing over whether or not to buy a pair of jeans only to find out months after buying them that I can’t live without them.  That they are my favourite article of clothing in the whole wide world.

The worst part is … we never seem to know when something is going to be a “favourite” of ours.  It’s a gradual thing, a realization that comes on slowly.  I usually come to the realization once I notice I’ve been wearing said article of clothing for 3 months straight and only reluctantly wash it in the middle of the night so I  know it’ll be ready for wear the next morning.

I’ve had certain jeans that I routinely thought if I didn’t own them I would have to go around in my underpants because there was nothing else I could fathom putting on.

The worst part about the best pair of jeans?  They always die.  The worst part about them dying?   They always die after you can’t buy them anymore.  Even worse than that, is when you go back to the store to buy another pair a year or so later and you jump for joy because the store  appears to carry the jeans, but when you try them on … nope.  They’re not the same.  For no apparent reason, other than attempting to ruin your life, the manufacturer has changed something about the jeans.  Same colour, same label, same name … different jeans.  Stupid jeans.  Ugly jeans impersonating your perfect jeans.

It’s like when Great Lash mascara changed their packaging a little but said they didn’t change the formula, when obviously they did because you never see Great Lash mascara on the “best buy” list of mascara’s anymore.  Yes.  It’s just like that.  Only different because mascara can’t make your bum look good.  Usually.

A year or two ago I got hooked on Jalapeno Hummus.  I first tried it during one of those trips around Costco when you go in for a massive package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and leave with enough stuff to start your own Costco.

I brought the Jalapeno Hummus home.  I was intrigued.  When I tried it, my taste buds danced and sang and lit up like a rainbow.  They do that all the time when I really like something.  Gradually other grocery stores started carrying Jalapeno Hummus.  Different brands and different makes … EVERYONE wanted in on the booming Jalapeno Hummus market.  Apparently I wan’t the only one who liked this stuff.  I bought it every week for about a year.

And then one week my grocery store didn’t have it.  I shrugged it off.  They were probably just sold out of it.

And they were.  I was right on that account.  What I wasn’t right about was thinking they’d carry it again.  For a couple of months I went from store to store, frantically looking for an appearance of my Jalapeno Hummus.  It was gone.  Vanished.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

For some reason my Jalapeno Hummus appeared to have gone the way of the Grape flavoured potato chip.  One moment it was on the shelves … and then it was cruelly snatched away.

On the off chance the very same thing has happened to you, I would like to introduce you to my solution.

Homemade Jalapeno Hummus

Jar of pickled, sliced jalapeños on a black counter with a black background.

You’ll need pickled jalapenos and a container of regular hummus. (or make your own hummus)

Big spoon of hummus being dropped into a white bowl on a black countertop.


Drop a blob or two of hummus into a bowl.

Sliced, pickled jalapeno peppers on a black counter.


Grab yourself a few slices of pickled jalapeno.

Chef's knife resting beside finely diced pickled jalapenos on a black counter.


Mince your slices of jalapeno.  The amount you need depends on the amount of hummus you’re making.  Plus, it depends on how hot you want your hummus to be.  Some like it hot.  I’d be some.

Overhead shot of white bowl with hummus and finely diced pickled jalapenos on top.


Dump your minced jalapeno into your hummus.  Add it gradually so you can taste test as you go along.

Pickled jalapeno juice being drizzled into a white bowl of hummus, topped with finely diced jalapenos.

Also dump in a tablespoon or so of the juice from the jar of pickled jalapeno peppers.

This is an advanced technique, for this obviously advanced recipe that involves both chopping and stirring.  Actually sometimes chopping is hard.  Like in the case of a mango.

Jalapeno Hummus with a KICK.

This Jalapeno Hummus is a good substitute for regular hummus when you're looking for a bit of a kick from your snacking food.  You can make your own hummus or just do what I do and start with a container of premade from the store.
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Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Mexican inspired
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Servings: 3
Calories: 137kcal
Author: Karen


  • 1 cup hummus
  • 1 tbsp pickled jalapeno


  • Finely chop 2 tablespoons of pickled jalapenos.
  • Stir jalapenos into premade hummus.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of liquid from the jar or can of the pickled jalapeno peppers.
  • Stir and taste.  If you'd like more heat, add another tablespoon of jalapeno.


Calories: 137kcal | Carbohydrates: 11g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 7g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 393mg | Potassium: 186mg | Fiber: 5g | Vitamin A: 110IU | Vitamin C: 0.5mg | Calcium: 31mg | Iron: 2.1mg


Mix it all up and top it with a few bits of minced jalapeno peppers.

Just to be fancy.  ‘Cause this is obviously a fancy recipe.

Serve with warmed pitas.  Or … if you want to stay with the “fancy” theme, toast the pitas a little in the oven.

Ironically, this homemade Jalapeno Hummus is even better than the stuff I used to buy.

I can’t say the same thing about the homemade J Brand jeans I tried to make.

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Jalapeno Hummus Recipe with a spicy kick.


  1. Rhonda N. says:

    Karen, if Apartment Therapy writers acquired some of your skills, no one would jump on them for their ‘obviously simple how-to’ articles.

    A quick analysis of your tactic reveals that you:
    a) draw us in emotionally with your spot-on examples of life’s biggest frustrations (the perfect jeans that go AWOL, et.al.)
    b) state up front that this is so simple and obvious, but some of you may need it and, hey, we *can* enjoy the obvious even if we don’t need it. (the obviously advanced recipe that requires both chopping and stirring)

    For what it’s worth, I defend the ‘obviously simple’ AT articles. Some of us *did* need to know how to clean the toilet, and, even if I already knew, I wanted to know how they did it anyway. Maybe they had a secret. But they could sure avoid the haters if they had a little fun with it – like you! :)

    Love this.

    • Karen says:

      Rhonda! I had no idea there was Apartment Therapy hating going on. And you’re right. I see this as a cross between a personal blog and a DIY/design blog. Kind of Dooce meets Design*Sponge. Without the anti-depressants. Perhaps I should get some. Do you think that would increase my readership? Because if I could get half the readership of Apartment Therapy I’d be set. I really have NO idea how people get to a million views a month. Perhaps I should look into getting arrested . That might do it. :) ~ karen

  2. steph korn says:

    3 major things:
    1) croyden house yellow chicken soup base (chicken soup will never be the same again)

    2) hershey’s kisses – (not disappeared, just changed) they are NOT better in their new incarnation

    2) open window bakery! i am stressed about what to do on birthdays and special occasions without a double dip chocolate cake. le sigh.

  3. Nikki F. says:

    My pet peeve is when they change some of the ingredients and neglect to say anything. The new trend is finding things without MSG. Try to find a bag of flavored chips or anything ranch flavored without it. Now I found I can’t even eat KFC due to it. It’s right up there with Hershey’s pulling the cocoa butter out of a bunch of their chocolate lines. Ewww!

    Also if you are in a Walmart in the near future try the roasted red pepper hummus they sell there. Delish! I sometime pair it with those pretzel crackers.

  4. Julie shinnick says:

    You should all spare a thought for those of us that, due to food allergies, this happens ALL THE TIME!!! non-stop!! (ooo can you tell this is a sensitive topic!! lol)

    I get all excited when I see a new item in the shops and then just watch me spit the dummy and throw it back on the shelf when it says ‘may contain traces of sesame’.

    Then you have a favourite item and then they change the packaging and decide to put this ‘may contain’ business on there, so you never know whether it does or not, and when you are hyper-sensitive it doesn’t pay to ‘try it and see!!’ lol

    So, enjoy your hummus dip everyone, that is something I will never try! lol

    And you can always try all the ‘Vinnies’ stores (oh that is an op-shop) to find your jeans! It may take a while, but think of all the interesting things you may find along the way! ‘Hoarders here we come!!’

  5. Valerie says:

    About Great Lash mascara: yes, all the good stuff is gone. Further on this front; why don’t they make mascara in charcoal grey – it would be simply the perfect thing for blondes – real or otherwise. Brown, brownish black and black – the non waterproof types all make blondes look like tired raccoons. Waterproof mascara ends up making my eyelashes fall out – yikes! Please tell me where to get charcoal mascara that is a reasonable price if you know Karen.
    And where have Dad’s cocoanut cookies gone? These have vanished as well.

  6. Lisa says:

    Tahiti Treat…where did you go?

    I live in Canada. Can’t find it here…

  7. janet says:

    Since the recipe for hummus has been provided, there’s nothing to stop all of us from making it. It’s so simple, it’s silly to buy it. As for flavors for hummus (jalepeno, red pepper, etc) for Pete’s sake,,go for it! Make any flavor you want! Make liver hummus! No, don’t, ick. My point is, there are no hummus police, as far as I know, so it is one of those substances that beg for flavors. Do it.

  8. kasia says:

    Here’s my list:
    Cajun Sunshine hot sauce. Fusion Green & Black Breakfast Tea. Tide Total Care…

    I’m sure there’s more I could add! Now I have to either find it online, or hit special stores that I would never go to otherwise to find it! *SIGH*

  9. Kat says:

    Long time lurker/lover of this site, first time commenter. Who would have guessed it would be the jalapeno hummus (OK, it was the jeans) that made me start?

    For all those without Trader Joe’s, their super delicious jalapeno hummus has cilantro in it. I’d guess you could add it to Karen’s recipe to make your own version.

    @Jennifer: I also can’t talk about 1921 jeans.

  10. blake says:

    so my grocery “renovated” the store…you would think that would have nothing to do with what they carry but nooooo you are wrong. By renovating the store they stopped carrying. literally, most of the staples in our home buying habits column. Such as…they carry our pickles but in a tiny more expensive from than before…they carry our milk but you have to buy 2 smaller versions to make the bigger version they used to carry equivalent. I could go on and on!
    I am a furious consumer!
    and the whole Great Lash controversy…don’t get me started! I switched to Loreal’s Voluminous…not as good as the GL was but good!

  11. marilyn says:

    yes it is funny how these different foods that we get hooked on disappear but some products just live on and on and on….sandwich spread anyone?

  12. Denise says:

    I miss diet tropical fruit punch and Airborne’s squishy cough drops…I would never miss humus..

  13. izzy says:

    So true about the jeans! I had a favorite pair that I pretty much wore 6 days a week (the 7th day was for rest – actually, laundry).

    Unfortunately, they’re falling apart and fraying, especially in the back pocket, where a hole is starting to split and my underbum is peeking through.

    Perhaps a tutorial on mending frayed jeans? I would hate to throw these out!

  14. Rea Niece says:

    Java Ice! Nestle’s Java Ice! It’s a coffee flavored chocolate syrup. There directions said to blend with ice, but I hate cleaning the blender so I don’t blend anything. My directions, made up in my own little mind: Locate a clean glass, wash one or a sink full so you have a clean place to place your clean glass in order to complete this complicated task. Find a clean straw, once again you might have to wash a whole sink full of straws. Once you have a clean straw, plunk it down in your clean glass. Pour cold clean milk in your clean glass. Open your favorite milk flavoring syrup. Turn it upside down over your clean glass of clean milk with the clean straw plunked down in it. Aim. This is the rare time I will tell women to AIM! Squeeze the syrup, until you think you have enough in your clean glass of clean milk! Set the syrup aside. Grasp the clean straw and swirl it round and round in a stirring motion until you seem to have the syrup well incorporated into the milk. Now comes the fun part!! Lift the glass and drink. Now tell me that isn’t the best glass of coffee milk you’ve tasted!
    Oh wait, I forgot the very 1st step! Go to your local grocery store and try to locate this wonderful Java Ice flavoring syrup. No? Go to your next grocery store. No? Scour all of local groceries. No? Go to your nearest WalMart or whatever discount store you have in your little neck of the woods. Give up shopping and go home to call all the rest of the stores. Finally give up calling after you’ve been on the phone for an interminable amount of time. Go to your computer and search “Java Ice”. Then you think “I should include the brand name “Nestle”” This where you find out that you have everything all wrong. It’s “Nescafe Ice Java”. Finally! There it is. Right there on your screen. You can almost taste it. Don’t lick the screen, trust me, you will be disappointed. Oh look at that! It’s been discontinued in the US and is now available only in Canada! (I’m in Texas, halfway across the world from Canada..at least halfway across the Americas) Wondering should I pay at least double the amount that I’d pay in my local stores? PLUS shipping?? Nah, I don’t think so!
    How will I ever drink milk again?!?!

  15. Cassandra says:

    I can totally relate about the jeans! I found my old favorite at Buffalo and sadly cannot find the same pair again. :( I did find a new favorite replacement pair of jeans from Levi’s but I’m now terrified about wearing them out (because they’re just THAT amazing!).
    P.S. Jalapino hummus is definitely on the to-make list for this weekend :)

  16. Rebecca says:

    Knorr autumn vegetable soup. Where have you gone? You are the only soup my kids like to eat. I’ve tried to fake them out with home-made stuff, but they never fall for it. I think Knorr got bought out by Lipton or something, and the soup has vanished.

    This morning in the shower I was remembering when Pantene used to smell kinda powdery. Remember that? It was a long time ago (probably mid-’80s) but I still miss it.

    Gap- Long ‘n’ Lean jeans. You may say Long ‘n’ Lean, but you’re not the same and I can’t patch up my old pair any more.

    Also Gap, you’re not fooling me – I know I’m not a size 4! Stop the false flattery. I’m a regular-sized woman who wears an 8 or 10 not a ballerina who survives by photosynthesis.

  17. Caitlyn says:

    I wish that I could pull the gwenever off. . . no really, I wish I could pull it off. Unfortunately I have man calves so they always get stuck on my massive lower legs :(

  18. Shauna says:

    SHOES! I have the hardest time finding heels that will stay on my feet because apparently, I have the narrowest heels in the entire universe and can only wear Mary Jane type heels. These were really popular…LAST YEAR when I found my favorite pair of pretty (might I even say a bit sexy) black Mary Jane heels that I could even wear to work. Fast forward a year, need new heels, all I can find is ugly, old grandma looking Mary Jane shoes with big yucky clunky heels. All those pretty shoes that everyone gets to wear? Not me, I walk right out of them. So Karen, can you show me how to add my own pretty strap that won’t come off and will match any pretty shoe I might buy? This is my yearly struggle – poor me.

    • Becky says:

      Have you tried those sticky heel huggers you can put on the inside of the heel? Those help me stay inside my shoes. I don’t have a brand name to give you but some of them are jelly or some of them have a suede-like texture.

    • Tigersmom says:

      I have narrow heels, too. Have you tried wearing slingbacks? They are my go-to heel style and probably the easiest to have adjusted if need be by a cobbler. Hope this helps.

      • Tigersmom says:

        Sorry about the misspelling of your name, Shauna.
        I’m really tired. I just realized I’m replying to a post from over a year ago. (I’m trying to read all the past stuff I’ve missed.) That not being able to find a favorite bra response got me all riled up.

  19. Lynn says:

    YEARS ago I was at some chain restaurant that had a raspberry peach crumble that was insane. I’m not a huge fan of peaches. I don’t dislike them, they’re just not my go to fruit. I loved that crumble and made excuses to get it at least once a week for about 3 months. Then the fruit pie/crumble season ended and I have not seen it since. This year (probably 10 years after the love affair with the crumble) I’m going to try my hand at making it myself. I will share the recipe too so others are not without this crumbly goodness.

  20. Megan says:

    Oh, man. I love jalepeno hummus to the point that I have trouble fitting INTO jeans because I can’t stop eating it. Alas; I stopped buying it last year.

    But the denim repair is something I can help out with — check out Denim Therapy (http://denimtherapy.com/). It’s hard to believe they can fix the holes and tears that they do. You mail ’em in, and they mail ’em back looking like you didn’t rip your pants from eating too much jalepeno hummus.

  21. Oona says:

    Every time my fiance decides he can’t live without a particular granola-type bar, they discontinue it. He can’t have chocolate and practically ALL granola bars have chocolate. Plus, they must be peanut or peanut butter flavored. First it was Skippy bars, now the Planters version is slowly disappearing, one store at a time. I’m going to have to start making them myself.

    Tutorial request! Peanut butter bars!

  22. shari says:

    I find the perfect bra and I’d buy them 4 at a time when they went on sale. Needless to say they all crap out at the same time. Years I’ve been wearing the same style and poof! Their gone! You try having rather large breasts (I’m not bragging) and no longer being able to buy your favorite style of bra. Just like jeans it’s a nightmare trying to find the perfect fit!

    • Tigersmom says:

      I feel your pain, Shari. If you have large breasts (not bragging here either) it’s both difficult and important to find the right bra.

      I’ve had so many that I loved never to be able to find them again. I also have 2 drawers full of ones that aren’t quite right, but that I can’t get rid of because I have a terrible fear of not being able to find anyhting in my size when my current wearable ones crap out. : /

  23. amy walters, aDESIGNdock says:

    Yumm. I just did a post on making hummus last week. It was my first time making it and it turned out great. I just love when things are simple yet taste so good ;) Thanks for the lovely recipe.

  24. sharman says:

    I have this problem with 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk. The stuff tastes AMAZING and has only 60 calories per serving! I’ve gone from grocery to grocery to Wal-Mart and each and every one that used to carry it STOPS! I even called the company and they didn’t seem to know anything about their own product distribution! ARRRGH!!!

  25. Amy says:

    You are so right about the Great Lash mascara. It’s just not the same.

    Being the cynic that I am, I sometimes think that companies discontinue or change things on purpose. They know that out of desperation, we will end up buying 14 different tubes of lip gloss in an effort to find a suitable replacement for the one we so dearly loved.

    It makes me want to keep a stockpile of all my favorite things… except I would probably end up on an episode of Hoarders.

  26. This phenomenon drives me nuts, too! Jeans are especially difficult to find just the right pair…I just recently found the MOST comfortable-while-still-being-cute pair that I’ve ever owned. And your testimonial makes me want to go buy a lifetime supply of them. While I still can.

    Also, I love hummus.

  27. Lynn says:

    Smuckers Mango Jam. It pops up very infrequently at my Walmart, and I buy two or three jars. I don’t want to be greedy, others should have the chance to enjoy the deliciousness, but I try to establish that MAYBE they should order more than 6 jars every 6 months.

    It’s a jam, it’s a glaze, throw in some chipotle chile and it’s a sauce for everything from fish to your fingers.

  28. Chrissa says:

    Punjab sauce from Trader Joes.

  29. Robin says:

    I am WITH you on the Great Lash mascara. What the heck????

    Great looking recipe. I’ll have to try it.

  30. Traci says:

    Golden Flake brand (only here in the deep south) thin and crispy sour cream and onion chips in the BIG bag!!! They only have the little bags now so when I want to buy them I look like the world’s biggest piggo because I buy 6 or 7 bags all at once! Not to mention the fact that they are getting harder and harder to find! I am like some creepy gas station stalker looking for those things! They carry the ridged ones in big bags, but who eats those??? Not me! Stupid Golden Flake with their delicious light and crispy sour cream and onion chips!

  31. Emi says:

    That happens to me all the time! Bounce Lemon Verbena dryer sheets is my biggest feeling of loss over a product. Why won’t the Pay Pal let me donate to you??? I am in the US. Help me give you money! (I bet I’ll never say that in life again.) Love, love your blog. I read you everyday and learn so much. Can’t wait to try the hummus.

    • Karen says:

      Emi – Hmm. I have no idea why Paypal won’t let you donate. Maybe you need to have an account and you don’t? I don’t know. Anyhoooooo I *also* loved the Bounce Lemon Verbena stuff! I bought the Tide Lemon Verbena laundry soap but they were out of the fabric softener so I put the soap in my basement until I could find it. It’s been a year and a half! I don’t think I’m gonna be able to find it. :( ~ karen

  32. Susan says:

    Yes, yes, yes and yes! Bluejeans? The ONE pair I love is getting frayed and ugly looking at the cuffs and the three pair of the same brand I bought trying to find them again – pristine, of course, because they don’t get worn.
    Food? I’ve come to the conclusion that my taste must be esoteric and weird because nothing I really like is a commercial success and boom! Gone. I sell ice cream and got most of my female customers hooked on White Velvet Blush, white chocolate ice cream with strawberry ripple and white chocolate covered strawberry cups. They just about lynched me when the company discontinued it. (I was kind of glad about that one – it probably had about a gazillion calories and a quart of fat in every serving and it called its siren song every time I walked by the freezer.)
    The other great loss in my life is the P.C. brand Mexican lasagna pie. Maybe it’s still available in Ontario but they sure don’t carry it down here in the Maritimes.

  33. Jo says:

    oh my gosh. This just happened to me with my favourite shower gel: sparkling grapefruit from Softsoap that I used to buy everywhere. i just thought the stores were out for a few months… then I finally looked online and it was discontinued. In a fit of panic I found an online supplier that must have some overstock and ordered six bottles at a price I’m not willing to admit. same thing with Bath & Body Works scents… they change too often!! Super frustrating…

  34. kristen says:

    Have you ever had Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus? It could cut down on all the “hassle” of making your own :o) It’s pretty hot for most people but my husband and I can’t get enough.

    • Karen says:

      Kristen – I have had that Sabra spicy hummus! I like it, but it’s the flavour of the actual “jalapeno” that I like. Bastards! ~ karen

  35. Caroline says:

    A lot of spicy flavored foods! Spicy ketchup, spicy potato chips, and hot tots (tater tots)!.

  36. Funny, I just noticed jalapeno hummus yesterday at Costco but decided to buy my usual big tub of red pepper hummus instead. Now I regretting my decision! Gotta try that next time.

  37. cred says:

    WOW! You remember grape flavoured chips! You are the single only person I’ve ever encountered that recall them. If my sister wasn’t there to witness it, I’d think I was crazy (although the jury is still out on that, for other reasons than recalling fruit-flavoured potato chips).

    I remember that there was cherry, grape and orange- we bought all of them but couldn’t eat them. Gave them to my younger cousin who’d eat anything. Not so sad that they disappeared.

  38. Marian says:

    Bras are another of those items that seem to vanish. The girls get confused when they have to get comfortable in new surroundings. Sabra makes a lemon hummus that is delicious. I found it in Florida last winter and then a friend found it in some No Frills stores in Canada. Try it if you like lemon. Mmmmm Yummy! But you better hurry before it also disappears. Thanks Karen for a morning laugh. Gets me started on the right foot.

  39. CJ says:

    Cashew and coconut museli bars…so miss them…

  40. Farquist says:

    Glutino Gluten-free Gravy mix. Scarfing it down with our roasts, using it for beef stew and shepherd’s pie, sometimes even spilling some on the counter- then poof! “No gravy mix for you!” My gravy has been a disaster every time since. Curse you flour intolerance! I can’t blogslam Glutino here because I couldn’t exist without their flax bread and multi-grain crackers, but if they disappear too I may have to storm the factory.

    • Farquist,

      Try sending an email to my friend Toby. She just wrote a cook book on Allergy Free cooking – her husband can’t have gluten either. If she doesn’t have a recipe already I bet she can come up with one that is super easy and tastier than a packaged one. You can contact her at her website:

      I’ve no allergies but have had her food and it is it is g-r-e-a-t!

  41. pam says:

    Good news…Trader Joe’s still carries jalapeno hummus….not as good as yours I’m sure, but ready to go straight off the shelf!

  42. Antonia says:

    I remember going to Costco last September with my three year old, so excited to pick up the peanut free chocolate covered frozen yoghurt bars, only to have to teach my son about the term “seasonal product”. Boy were we disappointed!

  43. Carol-Anne says:

    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve included a hummus recipe for those who may want to make their own.

    In a food processor or blender, combine;

    1 can (2 cups) drained chick peas
    2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
    2 cloves chopped fresh garlic
    1-2 tbsp olive oil
    1/2 salt – to taste
    2 tbsp water
    1/4 cup tahini – if you don’t have that it’s still good without

    I also add a dash of cumin for extra flavour

    Easy and cheaper than store bought… Enjoy!

  44. Becky says:

    Cotton Candy blizzards at Dairy Queen.

    I went as far as writing head office to beg them to bring them back. No reply yet.

    It’s a touchy subject.

  45. mel says:

    that! the jeans-thing! soooo true!

  46. Bethany says:

    American Eagle boyfriend jeans. The only jeans to ever truly fit both my butt AND my hips, without that annoying gap at the back. I bought three pairs because I loved them so much American Eagle still carries what they call “boyfriend” jeans, but they’re not the same. Not remotely. They changed the formula somehow and now I’m back to jeans either two sizes too small (muffin top, anyone?) to avoid the gap or jeans that fit my hips but make me moon the whole world whenever I have to bend over for any reason.

    Damn you, American Eagle.

    • Karen says:

      That’s it Bethany! VENT! This is the place to do it. Because I guarantee if you vent to the 12 year old working at American Eagle she’ll just stare at you and ask you if you used to teach her History. Or maybe that’s just me. ~ karen

    • Brenda says:

      Bethany, I agree with you on AE jeans! I haven’t found any that fit as good BUT Coldwater Creek jeans seem to have a similar cut, and I saw an ad this week that Levi’s has 4 new “CURVE ID” jeans. Going to check those out soon…although I might need a new size after eating all of this homemade jalapeno hummus!!

  47. Teri says:

    Planters cheese balls, gone like the dodo. And Velveeta has changed it’s forumla and melts cruddy now.

    GRAPE flavored potato chips?????

    • Karen says:

      Teri – Yes. Grape. There was also Cherry. I was about 7 years old. Actually I have no idea how old I was, I’m making that up. Regardless .. they existed. For about a week. ~ karen

  48. Jennifer says:

    Hilarious — and timely — post! I was just this very day lamenting the demise of Silver’s “Tuesday” fit jean. And don’t get me started on “1921” brand. Excited to try your hummus recipe tomorrow; LOVE that it doesn’t involve actually making hummus. Might even go for the advanced technique.

    • Karen says:

      Jennifer – I had an advanced technique? I have to start paying more attention to what I write. ~ karen

      • Jennifer says:

        If I may quote you (to yourself): “Also dump in a tablespoon or so of the juice from the jar … This is an advanced technique, for this obviously advanced recipe that involves both chopping and stirring.” ;-)

        • Karen says:

          Jennifer – LOL! That’s right! Now I remember the advanced technique! Thanks. :) ~ karen

  49. Theresa says:

    The list is too long!

  50. Laura says:

    chocolate covered caramel corn. Gone. just like that.

    • Karen says:

      Laura – LOL. LOVE that. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? ~ karen

      • Lisa says:

        Harry & David doesn’t carry that anymore?? I usually buy some around the holidays, but they sell online too.

        Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago has caramel covered cheese popcorn. Which is oddly addictive.

    • Shauna says:

      JustPopInOnline.com or some such thing carries all sorts of yummy flavored popcorn and I am almost positive they carry chocolate covered caramel. Even the weird sounding flavors are good – cherry, pina colada, cinnamon – yup, all good.

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