I Love the Simple Things.
Labelling with Jar Charms

I came up with this idea the other day.  I do that.  Come up with ideas.  Never when I want to of course.

Like when I need to come up with a gift idea whilst under pressure, I’m rarely able to come up with anything.  Once I was in such an idea slump, my niece didn’t get her 18th birthday present until she was 19.  I’d rather give a late good gift than an on time bad gift.  It’s an OCD thing.

So, back to this idea that some unexplainable brain synapse created.  It’s a good one.  As is often the case with great ideas, it’s incredibly simple.  Slap your head on your forehead simple.   As luck would have it, when I got this idea I had an advertiser who was able to help me out with the supplies I needed.

And here it is … an idea so simple it doesn’t even need words to describe it …  O.K.  Maybe just a few.


Print a picture of a piece of fruit.

Grab a plain charm blank.

click on the picture to go to where you can buy this charm blank on photojewelrymaking.com

Peel a piece of this peel n’ stick plastic bubble off …

click on the picture to go to where you can buy this bubble film on photojewelrymaking.com

… and place it over your fruit photograph.


Stick it down.


Cut around it.


Smear a *small* amount of glue on charm.


Stick your picture on charm.

Attach “O” ring to charm.


Slide charm onto silver bead bracelet.


Then slip it on …

I did this just for myself because I like these little things in life.

But with jam season coming up ….

This little Photo Jam Label will make the gift of a jar of jam seem much more impressive.

Ditto for Chili Sauce, Soups, Pickles and other preserves!


I told you the simplest ideas are often the best.

Now go make that crisp, chewy English Muffin topped with butter and sweet jam that I suspect you’re craving now.


  1. Pati says:

    Oh and I just ate a Cinnamon bun! Now I want an English muffin..with strawberry jam! Such a cute idea Karen. Thanks 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Uber cute. And yes, I’m going to add english muffins to the grocery list. Hmmm.

  3. lori says:

    very clever!!!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks all … Yeah … I’m pretty in love with these things. 🙂 Hate to be boastful and all but … I really do love them! ~ karen

  4. Canuckncaliforna says:

    Jar charms, simply brilliant. Well done Karen 

  5. Nathalie says:

    Oh my goodness, I love love love this idea!!! I<m definetly going to try this one!

    p.s you've got the best blog!

  6. Angelnina says:

    Oh my! I’m a jam makin’ fool, so I have got to do this. You’re very clever…

  7. Those charms are, well, charming, but even better, now I have your fingerprints.



    • Karen says:

      Katen – LOL. Would you believe I didn’t even *think* of using the word charming. Apparently I need a rest. 🙂 ~ karen

  8. mimi says:

    Definitely has the “WOW” factor, and, as you say, jam season is coming up.
    I made a ton of chutney last year with my (ton) crop of plums (fed up of plum jam), gave loads as little gifts at Christmas, and they were loved. But not as much as this year’s, complete with charms, will be.
    thank you Karen!

  9. Annika says:

    And a great idea it was! Very pretty!

  10. magali says:

    the whole time I was thinking, please tell me she is not going to hang this in her neck. This is *not* a good idea. I sighed of relief when I saw what you actually did with it. very cute!!

    ps. I am making a pompom wreath form my cousin’s bridal shower in pink, silver and white. It’s turning out great! although it’s taking longer than I thought it would!

    • Karen says:

      Magali – I spread a whole bunch of tissue paper out on the dining room table for a few days and every do often when I walked by I’d make a few pom poms. Or I’d cut a bunch of squares and then when I was watch television at night I’d fold and puff them out. I just make a whole whack of them in different colours and sizes so when it came time to make the actual wreath I could just pick and choose what I wanted. But yes, it takes a while to make 30 or so pom poms! ~ karen

    • Shauna says:

      Ha ha, I was thinking the same thing – please tell me she’s not thinking about wearing this as a necklace – this is not the Karen we know. As a jar charm, however, it’s perfect!

  11. Socks says:

    BRILLIANT! What a great idea – thanks!!!

  12. Jules says:

    love it! Im going to make some wine charms for a friend to go along with her cool wine glasses that I got as a gift..you just UPPED the look of this gift for sure! thank you so much!

  13. Mary says:

    Great idea! Where can I run out and buy these supplies in the GTA before there’s a run on them by jam making church ladies?

    • Karen says:

      Mary – LOL, I have no idea. But if you order them from my former advertisers, jewelrymaking.com her shipping rates are reasonable as is the price of the charms etc. ~ karen

      • Anj says:

        I was surprised to see you have a few less advertisers. I just checked out one of your current advertisers tara gilchrist wearable glass art and made a purchase and mentioned that I was directed from your site. I am a sucker for glass pendants.

  14. pve says:

    Did you see my pom pom flowers inspired by you and now I need to make some of these for my home-made jellies!
    First, let me eat my jelly topped muffin….yum.

  15. princesslala says:


  16. Cowlady says:

    You never cease to amaze & impress me. I’m not easy to amaze or impress, having a genius IQ & all. No, really. I do. But you put me to shame with your creativity! Thanks! I mean that!
    Every morning, whilst (love that word too!) I sort thru my 40-50 or more new emails, I always save yours for LAST! Then I can look forward to reading it & getting blown away with your ideas. Thanks AGAIN Karen! You make mornings fun, emails exciting & you kickstart the limbic portion of my brain. EVERYDAY! 🙂

  17. Alicia says:

    So you are going to teach us folks who have never made jam, how to make perfect strawverry jam right? (Or maybe you already have, I haven’t gone searching yet)

    • Alicia says:

      Darn. I noticed my typo RIGHT after I hit send.. so obviously, I meant “strawberry”, unless of course there’s a new fruit in town.

  18. Lisa Bondy says:

    Jewellery for jam – I love it!

  19. AWESOME idea! I LOVE it!!

  20. Traci says:

    Ah, so cute!!! Been looking for a way to top my cousin’s peach preserves that she gave out last Christmas and this is it! I’m going to make wine jelly and print out pictures of wine bottles for my charms! Hooray one-upmanship!!!

  21. For a minute, I thought the charm was going to end up around your neck. I was surprised and delighted that it ended up around jam instead — cute, fun idea that I’ll definitely be using soon!

  22. Gina says:

    Good thing it was jam and not breast milk

  23. Theresa says:

    simple and charming ( no pun intended) looking about for things to label-

  24. Denise says:

    THANK YOU!!! Great idea! This will be my incentive to try and can/jar something. I’ve always been afraid of the food being bad when I open it..but even if it does now, the jar will still look great!

  25. Ana says:

    OK This is what my mom is getting for Mother’s Day this year. Lots of these jam labels for all the different jams she makes and gives away to her friends! Thanks Karen!!!

  26. If they don’t like my jam just the way it is they can stuff it…

  27. Amy says:

    Wow, how did you know I was craving that?

    By the way, isn’t it CDO– like OCD except with the letters in the right order?

  28. Robyn says:

    Oh, Karen these are wonderful and I recently purchased two perfect rubber stamps to use to make these charms from Lockhart Stamp Co. http://www.lockhartstampcompany.com/index.html
    one is a jar of jam and the other is a jar of berries found in their itty bitty section. I’m so excited as I will be doing strawberry jam this week or next. I’m so excited! Thanks for the brilliant idea!

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