3 TV Shows You Should be Watching

I love television.  I love it with all of my heart, and I’m not embarassed to say it.  It’s become quite a thing lately to not own a television.  To look at TV as some kind of obscene, pedestrian blob.

You know those people who say “Oh no, I’ve never seen that.  We don’t watch television“.  I hate those people.  Not because they don’t watch television but because they always say it in such a condescending, snotty way.  Like television is just one rung beneath scab picking as a form of entertainment.

Whenever people get all snooty on me because of television I think, Um.  It’s television.  It’s changed the world and the way we see it.  The moon landing, JFK being shot, even last year’s heartwarming rescue of the Chilean Coal miners.  All made possible by television.  And let’s not forget Jersey Shore.

The point is, I like television and the people who think it’s beneath them are pretentious assholes.   Oops.  I didn’t really mean to say that out loud, but it’s out there now so why bother deleting the sentence.

So if you are one of those people who think watching television is the equivalent of sticking a syringe into your brain and sucking out all the gray matter … stop reading now and join up again for Tuesday’s post.

Because today … I’m going to introduce you to 3 television shows that you may not be watching – but should.


 N u r s e   J a c k i e


Nurse Jackie revolves around the life of drug addict nurse Jackie Peyton played by who I consider to be the most unsung, yet best actress of our time … Edie Falco.

Edie Falco won the Emmy for Best Comedic Actress for her role as Nurse Jackie last year.

1/2 hour. (Showtime)

Season 3 just finished airing.

Click here to watch the trailer and get a taste of it.


B o a r d w a l k   E m p i r e


Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire revolves around the times of Prohibition in gangster run Atlantic City.  Fantastic cast led by Steve Buscemi.

Won  Emmy for Best Dramatic Series last year.

1 hour. (HBO)

Season 2 premieres September 25th.

Click here to have a look at whether Boardwalk Empire is to your liking.


 B r e a k i n g   B a d

Breaking Bad follows the life of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who starts making and selling crystal meth after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

Brian Cranston has won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama for the past 3 years for his role on the show.

We named our Rooster, Tuco, after an unbelievably frightening character from Breaking Bad. You can see him at 0:50 in the trailer.

Season 4 currently airing on AMC.

1 hr.

Take a look here to see a promo for Breaking Bad.

There are scads of other shows I would recommend, Dexter comes to mind, but these are the 3 I think you might not be watching.  It seemed like a good time to tell you about them.   Fall is pretty much shuffling towards all of us in North America and with that season comes a whole lotta television watching.

If that doesn’t interest you, I can direct you towards the nearest scab.


  1. Gknee says:

    Don’t forget ‘Treme’!!! Amazing show.

  2. Leslie says:

    I LOVE television, but, to quote Edward R. Murrow, who hijacked it from Karl Marx, it is the opiate of the masses. And I certainly see it’s effect on me, which is why I got rid of my television for year, but when we moved, (mostly so that I could have chickens and homegrown veggies), my husband demanded his television.

    I try not to watch it and it’s not that hard these days because it’s hard to find good stuff on, and now there’s the Internet, Hulu, Streaming videos from wherever. More drugs! whoo hoo!

  3. Vicki V says:

    My husband is a Breaking Bad addict. The writing on that show is unbelieveable!

  4. Marissa says:

    Nurse Jackie is great.
    Unfortunately I don’t have HBO, but I love Steve Buscemi, so I’m sure I will watch that when it’s on Netflix.

    Breaking Bad is phenomenal! Every episode is thrilling. I can’t get enough of it – only two more episodes left this season. I’ll be sad to see it go, but glad that Walking Dead will be returning.

    • Karen says:

      Marissa – I said to my boyfriend that the last episode of Breaking Bad was like a final episode it was so good. The directing was unbelievable! ~ karen

  5. Bridgette says:

    Karen, Breaking Bad is now on Netflix too!

  6. Lem says:

    I LOVE Boardwalk Empire…I am so excited for the return. I can’t get into Nurse Jackie but have heard great things about Breaking Bad so I will probably try to catch up on it when I am snowed in this winter, lol. Funny thing is that I record many shows that I don’t really watch, I just scan them. I Like Mad Men for design inspiration & I am doing the same with the new series Pan Am since it is set in the 60s. I also love the sets & clothing in Boardwalk as well as the the plot & Steve Buscemi is so awesome in anything! Lem

  7. Melissa D says:

    Another one here who’s missing out. I’d love to watch all 3 (and we did watch season 1 of BB) but with 3 kids under 6 I am so tired at night. So very tired. And we ditched satellite this year and bought a Roku — much cheaper than a monthly cable/sat bill and I can monitor what the kids watch much better. Occasionally I’ll buy a season of something to watch via Amazon but that’s as expensive as a cable bill once you really do the numbers.

    I’m obsessed with my Kindle, though, and spending there. Sigh.

  8. marilyn meagher says:

    i love tv too…love it..you should check out rules of engagement..funny funny show

  9. ELISE says:


  10. mary says:

    Love nurse Jackie. I don’t have cable either. I watch everything a little later for cheap on hulu+ right onto my TV.

  11. Linda says:

    I love love love TV. I don’t like anything violent or scary but not stupid either. Ok once in a while. My TV broke and my husband gave me his nice size flat screen so he could get an even larger one. Total waste of money but I am not going to complain, I have a big TV!! Not quite as many channels as you though so I probably miss some good stuff. I love The New Adventures of Old Christine. I have no idea why,I just do.

  12. Kate S. says:

    Hahaha, I totally don’t watch television. But I like to think I say so in an apologetic, rather than condescending tone. It’s interesting to see how people (you) feel on the other end, though. My conversations with acquaintances and strangers typically go like this:

    Stranger: Oh, it’s like on that show . . . you know the show. What channel is that it’s on, with all the reality shows?

    Me: Uh, I don’t really know.

    Stranger: Jersey Shore! That’s what it’s called. It’s like on Jersey Shore, when Snookie did such and such. You know?

    Me: Oh, uh, actually I’ve never seen Jersey Shore. I don’t watch television . . . err, sorry.

    Stranger: Oh. Well, you know what I mean.

    Me: (thinking) Actually I don’t. (awkward smile and nod)

    In my case, I end up feeling woefully inadequate for not having seen Snookie’s latest escapades (or her previous escapades). Often, I want to inappropriately shout, “I read books! LOTS of books! And blogs! And interesting articles! And magazines. Really! I’m very well-read!” Somehow, even shouting that in my head doesn’t make up for my lack of pop-culture knowledge. Throw me a pity party already: )

  13. Tanya W says:

    Everything in moderation…

    Breaking Bad is fab. I love how I haven’t lost interest 3 seasons in.

    I will have to try the other 2..

    Game of Thrones is pretty good, if you can muscle past the nerdyness.

  14. Gina says:

    I admit to allowing Jon Hamm into my dreams, I love Mad Men, and am missing it so much! The other show I really enjoyed was Human Target,(with Mark Valley ummm!) which was cancelled. These guys distract me from the Food Network, which is good when you are a 50+ year old menopausal slow metabolism kinda gal.

  15. Del says:

    Well, it seems like Australia isn’t the only place that suffers from crap TV. There are some good shows and then there are…..? But, in defence of TV I would not have the massive storage of useless and useful facts if it were not for TV. The talking box arrived in Australia when I was about 5 (yes, I am that old)and I was hooked. To say I was a reclusive child is putting it one way. My best friend was the TV set with all the stuff it could tell me about America and England, not to mention animals and science projects. I just wish it would go back the way it use to be – terrific shows, no reality shows and inventive and funny commercials. I know, I know, I’m a sad, mad old lady – it’s been said before. Today TV has become my second best friend, replaced by Google. I guess I’m shallow too.

  16. Amanda says:

    Karen, I LOVE Boardwalk Empire…will have to check out your other recommendations soon! Have you seen Shameless? it’s amazing!

  17. Amy says:

    How funny! I wrote a blog post that was almost the same, except I had three different shows: http://dimestorediamondsjewelry.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-have-confession.html

  18. Steph says:

    You and I are twins from different mothers. I.swear.to.God!! I love your blog and I love all of those shows, I cannot wait for Dexter to start back up. I did love Weeds, but man that show jumped the shark.

  19. kelliblue says:

    Ok. Ok. *I* don’t watch TV. *haughty sniff*

    Not because I’m a pretentious snob, but because I can’t afford it! Basic cable here in $75/month, something I can’t see myself paying any time soon. Maybe when my new car is paid off. In like, 5 years.

    I agree about Breaking Bad – omg i watched the first 2-3 episodes (before I moved and had no cable) and was mesmerized! Most of my TV is now found on Hulu or other TV websites. Another one is The Walking Dead. Crreeeepppyyy.

    There IS good television out there (a lot of it’s on BBCA) it’s just that you have to wade thru so much CRAP to find it! (or pay for it)

    • Karen says:

      Kelliblue – I’m starting to worry everyone thinks I only watch good television. I also *love* bad television. Jersey Shore, The Little Couple, Toddlers and Tiaras if I’m feeling like screaming at the television … Yup. I’m a television whore at times. ~ karen

      • Karen says:

        So glad to hear this about the Little Couple and Toddlers and Tiaras… How about Hoarders? That show makes me feel better about my own clutter!

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