Toilet Paper. Over or Under?

Have an opinion on toilet paper?  I’m sure you do because we ALL do. Now you have your chance to make your voice heard. We all know there’s only one right answer to the age old question …



Toilet Paper Over




Toilet Paper Under

I know which way is right. Do you?


  1. latenac says:

    I grew up in an under household but my grandmother was an over. I have to leave my roots behind and declare OVER. The worst though is people who don’t care which way it is. To quote Stephen Colbert, “We’re at war, pick a side!”

  2. Evelyn says:

    Under, I know over is probably right, but my cat knows how to unravel toilet paper.

  3. jen says:

    I want some men to weigh in on this debate. I’m firmly in the over camp. The husband is under.

  4. muscratlove says:

    Over! If I encounter an under, I always feel like I am doing the household some great service by turning it over for them; when they see it in the over position they will discover with amazement that it is far superior this way, and that will greatly improve thier lives forever.

    I’m sorry if I have just been improving the lives of paper-attacking cats or toddlers. Or am I? :>

  5. Ruth says:

    OVER! ‘Under’ grates my nerves beyond measure. Grrrr…

  6. Michelle says:

    OVER! No debate there! So Karen, when are you gonna gives us your answer?

  7. tina says:

    OVER. just like this debate b/c clearly, all of us are on the same page. however, i sense a follow up post from karen, in which she expertly/humorously convinces all of us that under is actually the right way….gack

  8. __ __
    o/o/ Over and over I’ll be a fool for you o/o/.

    I never cared, till hubby and I were espoused (ooh does The Fella use that word?) Hubby asked for it to always be over so there is never any annoying flipping of directions. Oh and The Fella isn’t the only perfect guy out there, our seat is always down so no impromptu night time skinny dipping.

    • Rats the music notes didn’t work. Oh well I was quoting that old Lloyd Price song “(YOU’VE GOT) PERSONALITY”

    • I’m not kidding this just actually happened! We have cats and a large outdoor “pen” with a cat door. Hubby was in the bathroom when one of the cats,with a chipmunk in her mouth, joined him. I just spent 5 minutes catching a chippie in my bathroom using towels and my housecoat as nets. Chippie seems completely unhurt and is now back out side. Critters in the house isn’t all that entertaining but the timing of bathroom topic is amusing.

      • Karen says:

        LeeAnne! That’s hilarious! What a way to start the day. ~ k

        • Oh there is one more chapter. The fluffy leopard print housecoat/chippie “net”, still containing chippie, was put on the front deck. The idea being that Chippie could leave quietly. After a while I went out to have a smoke and retrieve the housecoat. Today being somewhat coolish, after checking the house coat for squirming, starting the right sleeve, I put it on. When my left hand was almost through I touched Chippie.I screeched like a monkey and snatched my hand back. Poor chippie hit the deck running. Sigh. I off to spike my coffee now.

        • Karen says:

          AHhh! hahahahahha. Excellent. And it is cold out isn’t it?! ~ k

  9. susan says:

    I’ve always been an over person but I moved to PEI about 6 years ago and bought a store and now I’m sure there’s a conspiracy perpetuated by an army of toilet-up-thinking men. EVERYTHING has to be in the roll-from-the-bottom position. Cash register tape, price gun rolls, lottery tape, interac rolls…everything! Including paper towels. If you put paper towels in the dispenser in the “over” position and pull some off, the entire roll goes “thwip” and the paper disappears back up the hole, never to be seen again.
    So my own t.p. is definitely over but here in the store, I’ve just given in and given up. If I can get the kids that work for me to actually check the bathroom and put a new roll on the dispenser it’s a minor miracle and I’m not about to ruin it by asking for more.

  10. Kristen says:

    Under. Under. Under. My grandmother was an Under, my mother is an Over just to spite her mother, and I’m an Under because it just makes sense!!! Yes, we all have/had cats and kids. Under slows the roll…less entertainment for the cats and less wasted TP for the kids. Over = spinning out of control and puddling on the floor = sloppily, rerolled, it touched the bathroom floor, grossness! With Under, I never walk into the bathroom to find TP stretching to the floor. It is neatly, and cleanly on the roll! Under!

  11. Nicole says:

    UNDER!!! Yes, that’s right, I beg to differ from everybody else. I’m such a rebel. I find that when it’s under, it gives you a better grip to rip it out. Plus you can hide the end in the back if it got messed up when you ripped it. I know, that’s pretty anal, no pun intended. Or was it…

  12. Judith says:

    Over of course and I think on that, at least, my husband and I are in agreement.

    What would be more interesting, and you are too young for this discussion, Karen, are the points that my 25-year old son and I disagree on.

    For example, cloth napkins: I use napkin rings so we know whose is whose, he thinks that’s nonsense. “Who cares?” he says, as he crumples his up and then complains about my cough….

    He also doesn’t believe in washing his sheets. But, since he is living with us (temporarily, give the guy some credit, he’s going into the Peace Corps in a few months) I told him that since they were MY sheets, I’d want to use them again for someone else, so please wash them every couple of weeks, at least.


    • Karen says:

      Judith – I’m confused. How do napkin rings let you know whose napkin is whose? Do you mean the rings are marked so you can I.D. them? ~ k!

      • Laura O says:

        Re: the napkin ring thing–We did this in my family growing up. The napkin rings were all slightly different. The fancy ones were handed-down silver, engraved with an ancestor’s initials, no two exactly alike. Everyone used their favorite napkin ring and the cloth napkins were used for several days before being washed. Probably a habit left over from when laundry was more of a pain-in-the-butt to do than it is now.

        • Karen says:

          Laura – I think that’s a great idea! We use cloth napkins all the time and I can’t bring myself to use them twice. But if I knew I was wiping my face with *my* dirty napkin it would be nearly as bad to leave them a few days. Good thinkin’. ~ karen

      • Judith says:

        The napkin rings are all different in my house as Laura suggests. A friend of my has a house by the ocean and she uses shells that are missing some of their outer part so that you can put them around a napkin and each one has a guest’s initial on it.

        Oh, and you will see by my comment below that the 25-year old’s issue with napkin rings seems to be the least of my problems this weekend.

        • This is how my husband uses a ring marked ‘Nancy’ – it was his mother’s. I am a neat wiper and he is a messy one, so I would go to all lengths to avoid using his napkin. Napkin rings are the answer.

          p.s. you can polish them with wood ash, works a treat

  13. Janet says:

    Never mind the over or under, what about the price??
    and the size of the rolls, and if you buy the cheap stuff, sandpaper butt…………..sigh

  14. Bev says:

    Over, I will correct your loo roll if I ever use your loo and its doe ‘wrong’ I can’t help myself, it just NEEDS to be righted. Over. The End.

  15. Amy says:

    OVER!!! But as the only female in this house, I will settle for having some within arm’s reach….

  16. Jamieson says:

    Obviously the professionals do it OVER, as evidenced by the little triangle fold in every hotel bathroom. You can’t do that fancy presentation if the roll is mounted UNDER. Therefore unless you are intent upon retaining amateur status for the Asslympics or similar you must agree that it is OVER.
    My husband and I are unfortunately mismatched on this, so my concession is: whoever replaces the roll gets their way. He is often too lazy to switch it, so ours is usually the correct way: OVER.

  17. Maggie says:

    OVER!!! I know I’m an annoying freak, but sometimes I even change it other people’s houses because it annoys me so much!

  18. Yasmin says:

    We’ve had the debate. Over. The end.

  19. Amy Schmucker says:

    I don’t care One I ota. But my husband being military has to have it over. Sometimes I don’t notice that I have done it “wrong” until its done, and I don’t bother to change it, neither does he. For that matter, he has only changed the empty one for a new one a few times in 8 years of marriage.

  20. Belinda Philp says:

    Eeekkk…at the risk of being the lone voice to call out “under”…I say under all the way, baby! Way easier to unroll. Full stop.

  21. Suzan says:

    Over! My mother always has the paper under and it drives me crazy. As soon as my sons get to her house, they flip the toilet paper just to drive their grandmother crazy! (I love those boys!)

  22. Claire says:

    Definitely over. There is no other option, actually.

  23. Beth says:

    LOL. OVER of course!

  24. katy says:


    :) had to do it… it’s a big problem for me… i change the roll at OTHER people’s houses :)

  25. Orissa says:

    Ok, so – I’m one of the few of you that don’t really have a preferred ‘orientation’. But I am wondering how you would feel when you go to one of those public toilets with the big giganto roll – Thats …. Under …. and … locked up – so no ‘over’ can be achieved??? Do you walk out and go to the next cubicle? walk out in disgust? or learn to manage your expectations??

    • SK Farm Girl says:

      Take a pill and call my therapist to book an appointment – the earliest appointment I can get. Or walk into his office all shaking, crying, and clearly disturbed looking; that usually works! Really – some of us are that passionate about “over”!

  26. Arlene says:

    I remember this many years ago with Dear Abby! I’m an over person myself. :)

  27. Brenda K-C says:

    Oh… let me Cheryl Crow you for one moment, and add that 4 sheets is enough for #1, and 6 for #2. Just saying…

  28. Angela says:

    Over at home, under in public restrooms. I do NOT want to dig around inside a TP dispenser searching for the end of the paper that somehow got torn off way up inside the damn dispenser while trying to keep my kid from sitting on the floor/touching anything in the stall.

  29. Brenda K-C says:

    I am so in the minority here because, to me UNDER is the correct way.

  30. Bee-Naz says:

    I’m with all the rest of you. Definitely over all the way!!
    Also just curious, am I the only one who corrects ‘the under’ when using other people’s bathrooms? There’s probably a social etiquette rule about this that I choose to ignore. I blame my self diagnosed OCD. :)

  31. cheri says:

    What a hoot!! OVER!!!! I, too, am OCD enough to change an under………….

  32. Alanna says:

    Is it bad if I’m so intent on making sure it’s over that I switch it at friends’ houses? Because I do, without shame.

    • Robyn says:

      LMAO…..There is a constant silent battle in our family when we get together. We have one family member that believes under is correct and the rest of the family believes over is right. That roll gets switched all day long…..I am sending them all a link to this post!

  33. Renee says:

    Interesting you posted this today when I just saw this illustrated guide yesterday:

    I agree – over!

    • kathryn says:

      hahahah! hahahahahahahhahaahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhaaaaahahahahaaaahahahahahahaahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaahahahahaha! thank you thank you THANK YOU Renee for the diagrams to illustrate what is THE TRUTH.

      Karen – you have unleashed a MONSTROUS debate here. fork tines and true pies pale into insignificance. I am very entertained (as well as right).

      Have a lovely weekend all!
      kfh XX

  34. SK Farm Girl says:

    Well now, having lived with bowel disease for most of my life, I am a self-declared TP oficianado! Really, I have papers to prove it! Not open for debate, signed/sealed/delivered, fat lady singing, case-closed – OVER!!!! Upon resting me arse on the throne, my eyes immediately fall upon the holy grail – toilet paper! If it is not “in the upright position”, I will let out a weary sigh and take it upon myself to right the wrong and place the roll where it belongs – OVER!! OVER I tell you, OVER! PS – I’m passionate about my TP! The only debate here is how long is too long in the lou?

  35. Laura says:

    oh my! i say under…the hubs says over. however, with children, under is always better so that the paper raider (aka my year old son) will be less prone to grab and run. he will will just chew the whole roll. :)
    p.s. if the hubs actually REPLACES the toilet paper, it never goes in the holder. it sits on top of the old cardboard roll.

  36. Connor says:

    Over. This is not open to debate.

  37. Over, but much harder is to find paper which DOESN’T HAVE STUPID CUTESY FLOWERS QUILTED ONTO IT!!!

    I don’t know why Cotonnel changed from their handsome waffle grid, but it broke my heart.

  38. Sierra says:

    I never spared even one second thinking about this until I had a college roommate who FLIPPED OUT on me for putting it over. Or was it under? Don’t remember. Don’t care. I chose to not worry about the orientation of the paper that I wipe my bum with. It’s going to be covered in in a minute anyway.

  39. Melissa says:

    Ummm… It sounds like we are all in agreement so far… OVER. It’s the only correct way to place the toilet paper roll. No debate about it. I’m going to suggest that it is possibly a gender thing and that guys just don’t “get” it? Or do they just not care and put it on whichever way is easiest in the moment?

    What am I thinking? We’re lucky if they even notice that the empty roll needs to be replaced. I’m at the point where I’m just glad he changes it when it’s empty so I’m not stuck there looking for facial tissue in a pinch. And if he puts it on the wrong way, I’m tolerant and I fix it.

    • Doug says:

      I’m a definite Over guy.

      It never occurred to my wife that there was a difference.

      Of course, it never occurred to me that there are two ways to fold the legs of our ironing board or that it would matter if there were.

  40. Tina says:

    Definately Over! Hubby and I both agree…Thank Goodness, Cause Under drives me Insane!

  41. chisaka says:

    If you have cats UNDER
    if you don’t have cats OVER

    although some cats could care less, then its definitely OVER!

  42. Jessica says:

    Over! Over over over! (except when my cat was a kitten and liked to unroll it at night for fun)

  43. Aimee says:


    Honestly, I never even saw an under until I was an adult, and when I did, I thought it was kind of odd that someone had done it upside down, shrugged and moved on. It didn’t occur to me that it could be a choice! :)

  44. jen says:


    It’s just sitting on the counter — because we are too lazy to replace the rogue spring.

  45. Marti says:

    Over. Like a waterfall. OVER-OVER-OVER!

    Wait. I’m back on the caffeine and all caps thing again, aren’t I?

    Sorry. I’ll be over in the corner there…

  46. Janelle says:

    Is this even a debate? Over!

  47. Vicki Jane says:

    Over!! Otherwise you are scrabbling for the end! Not fun at 3am when you still have your eyes half shut!

  48. Kate says:

    OVER! Totally over, under drives me BONKERS

  49. Mama Bean says:

    I am an adamant OVER type of person. I had finally convinced my husband to comply with this. Then, my toddler discovered it’s really easy to unroll an OVER roll. It is (slightly) less easy to unroll an UNDER roll. So (for now) it is UNDER. But one day, all will be returned to rights in my world… one day…

    • Humble Momma Pie says:

      I am with Mama Bean —- we used to be die hard “OVERs” but with kids (and others tell me you have to do the same with cats), you have to do “UNDER” since it prevents unwinding, but also seems easier to get started for little hands.

      • Renee says:

        First, another vote for “Over,” if only for those blurry 3 a.m. bathroom trips.

        Reading about the toilet-paper loving toddlers/cats reminded me of a tip I read in the Tightwad Gazette. A stingy grandfather wanted to stop his grandchildren from overusing toilet paper when they came to visit (I know, right? Stingy doesn’t cover it), so he would step on the toilet paper roll (breaking the tube) before putting it on the dispenser. At best, the poor kiddos got like two or three sheets a turn.

        I would never do it, but something about the evil genius of it stayed with me.

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