These eggs I mean.  These eggs just got laid.  By Sweetie!

Sweetie started laying eggs right on the 5 month mark of her life.  That’s about when to expect a hen to start laying eggs give or take a month depending on the breed.  For Ameraucana’s you can expect them to start laying eggs at 5 months.

You can also expect an Ameraucana to lay a blue or a green egg.  People think if you have an Ameraucana that lays a green egg you have yourself a subpar Amerauacana.  Probably the product of some hanky spanky going on behind the barn.

Not so.

A “true” Ameraucana will lay either a blue or a green egg, it just depends.  Neither is more authentic or inauthentic than the other.

This is the chart of accepted egg colours by the Ameraucana Breeders Club.  See.  Every shade of blue and green.



People seem to prefer the blue though.  Like Sweetie lays.  Her eggs are close to the blue of a robin’s egg which is hard to capture in a photo.  You know. Like sparkles are hard to capture in a photo.  Or a ghost.




My mother told me the other day that she probably wouldn’t want to eat any of Sweetie’s blue eggs because they’d probably taste “different”.

Different how?

You know.  “Different”.

Different like Crispin Glover?

No.  No, they taste like any other egg.  It’s just the shell colour that’s different, not the guts inside of it.

Here’s a look at all my chickens and the eggs they lay.  All of which taste exactly the same.


The only exception is when one of the chickens somehow get their hands on too many Omega-3s which makes the eggs smell/taste kind of fishy and rotten.  It sounds awful but it isn’t nearly as bad as when they get into the schnapps.



Mabel lays the largest eggs, Sweetie lays the smallest eggs, Cheez Whiz lays the pointiest eggs and Josephine lays the the shiniest eggs.

Most eggs are dull and chalky, but eggs laid by a Marans chicken have a shine to them.  Both Mabel and Josephine are Black Copper Marans, but because Josephine’s eggs usually have less speckles hers look shinier.



Once my little nameless Olive Egger that Cheez Whiz and Josephine raised starts laying eggs I’ll be getting eggs that are maroon.  Just kidding.  They’ll be purple.  Just kidding, they’ll be olive coloured.  Hence the name of the sudo-breed “Olive Egger”.

I’m loaded up with eggs right now but as summer comes to a close (wait has that happened already?) the days will get shorter and the eggs will get fewer.

So I’m starting to freeze my eggs in preparation for the long winter nights ahead when the only thing that’ll be getting laid around here is possibly a new carpet.

Have a good weekend.  OH!  And just to let you know, I’ll be on vacation next week in British Columbia, Canada!  So there won’t be any posts all next week but I *will* be Instagramming the trip every day so follow me if you want to follow along.

I’ll be back on Monday, September 26th with the reveal of the Restoration Hardware Furniture hack!






  1. Agnes says:

    Lovely eggs! I have a Black Copper Maran rooster, my hens are mutts we hatched ourselves. My crazy white hen went broody TWICE this year, and we are expecting chicks this weekend! I heard one cheep in the shell this morning. SO exciting!

  2. Ev Wilcox says:

    Hey, nice eggs! Mabel is one talented bird! It would bother me to have to break those beautiful eggs though. Isn’t Cheese Whiz the Queen Mum of all the girls? If so, where is her darling crown?
    Have a great vacation!

  3. Elaine says:

    This is all so fascinating to read, Karen, from the colored eggs to their nesting instincts, etc! As I said before, we raised chickens during the war like many other villagers did as food was really scarce. However, I was too young to know any of this information. I just loved it when my Dad would bring tiny chicks inside to sit them by the fire on an unexpectd cold snap. I also remember my Mum cooking lots of eggs to feed them with. Happy Memories!

    And I wish you Happy Memories for AFTER your B.C. Vacation! Have a great trip!

  4. JebberJay says:

    Happy vacation!

  5. Maureen Locke says:

    Love, love, love those eggs. Beautiful.
    Question… why are some of them clean and others have straw and whatever on them?? We buy eggs from two different people. One’s eggs are mostly clean.. the others are covered in whatever they had on them when the egg was laid. I’m always a bit nervous of those ones because I’m afraid some of the “debris” will fall off into the frying pan or bowl when I crack them open. I also read that salmonella is a danger with eggs not being cleaned. Can you help me with this one??
    Enjoy your vacation… you sure have earned it.

    • Shauna says:

      Eggs last longer if they aren’t cleaned off – the bloom (protective layer) stays on them. In your case, one egg retailer probably washes or rinses them and the other doesn’t. Just rinse yours right before you cook so nothing falls into what you’re cooking and you’ll be fine.

      • Maureen Locke says:

        Thanks Shauna… no retailer.. just friends. Don’t ask me why I never thought of rinsing the eggs before using.. duhhhh. I guess that’s what I’ll do from now on. Thanks

  6. Andrea says:

    Suggested name for Olive Egger – Olive Oil

  7. judy says:

    The more I read you the more I am amazed,astonished-impressed…….jealous of your intelligence,abilities and ….for crying out credulity….you have a laugh out loud sense of humor and the ability to convey your life in such an endearing and interesting way.

    Are you an advanced life form come to Earth to check us out,inject us with smart juice? Oh-wait I get it …….you’re a Canadian. Right now I wish 1/2 of America could be struck with a Canada magic wand cause I think the Chit is about to hit the impeller and it won’t be pretty. Sob….

  8. Mary W says:

    Loved reading all this information and then I wondered why on earth it was so fun to read. I finally decided it was because I have grown to “know” your chickens and feel personally involved somehow. Another thought I had was the colors remind me of your previous post about decorating. The wonderful browns that I saw are present in the pictures and in your eggs. Brown happens to be one of my favorite colors also, and grey. Soft and downing as a chicken butt.

  9. cary says:

    i lost my favorite hen dorothy to flystrike last month :( i just added 2 mutts ? to my flock, both have americauna in them but one also has marans. i can’t wait to see what color eggs she lays! your eggs and girls are beautiful. and fly strike sucks.

  10. Jen Topp says:

    My chickens (3 Easter eggers and one buff orprington) just turned 5 months on Thursday so I am officially on egg watch! There has been a lot of bock bock BOCK-ing but so far nothing. *sigh*

    And I reeeally want them to know where to lay their eggs (nest box, duh), but I feel badly that I’m not letting them out in the yard and keeping them in their (pretty spacious but not green and interesting) run. Will they know where to go if I let them out in the yard or should I keep them in the run until they’re actually laying?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jen. The best thing to do is put some “dummy eggs” in their nesting box. They naturally want to go to a small enclosed space away from other chickens so just let them roam. The dummy eggs are just real or fake eggs that you put in the nesting box to let them know that is where eggs go. Some people even use golf balls. They’ll go into the nesting boxes and check them out and then when the time comes chances are they’ll lay in the nesting box. You know your chickens are going to lay in a day or two if when you approach them to pick them up they crouch down and spread their wings out. They start this submissive pose a couple of days before laying. Also don’t be alarmed if they sit in the nesting box for hours and come out without having laid an egg. They’re getting used to the process. They’ll lay in a day or so after their exploratory sit in the nesting box. :) ~ karen!

      • Jen Topp says:

        Thanks, Karen! I bought my dummy eggs a month ago because I was so motivated! Thanks so much for your advice. They will thank you too when I let them out of the run for a roam! Have a great vacation!

  11. jainegayer says:

    Have a great, relaxing vacation, Karen. Can’t wait too see the furniture reveal.

  12. Gretchen says:

    Enjoy your (well earned) vacation! British Columbia is on my bucket list!

  13. KariMcD says:

    “different like Crispin a Glover?”……BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    My 15yoDS has Silkies. They lay these very cute tiny little eggs….

  14. Cred says:

    I have two breeds of ducks for eggs- Welsh harlequin and Cayuga. The Cayugas are entirely black, feathers, feet and bill. I thought they were stunning with their beautiful greenish and almost purple iridescence. But then I heard they lay black eggs- what? I ordered them immediately.
    Apparently, initially, they will lay grey to black eggs but will lighten over time. When my girls first laid, I got 2 greyish eggs with an unusual speckled/mottled area on the top( pointy end). It was so cool- it looked like granite. Glad I got a picture, since ever after they have laid white eggs (big fat lying Internet). The bloom was slightly greyish for awhile but now I can’t tell them from the others- they’re all white. Booo! But I love my ducks anyhow.
    Have a great vacation!

  15. Cathy says:

    I love all the colors you get.
    How do you pronounce Amaraucana?
    Happy Thanksgiving ?????

    • Karen says:

      Tomato Tomahto. ;) It’s however you want to say it but either “A mare ah cah nah” or some say “A mare ah can a”. ~ karen!

  16. Maura says:

    Safe travels!

  17. Robyn says:

    Schnapps… schnapps… It’s fun saying schnapps… Awesome post as usual, thanks Karen. Enjoy your break!

  18. Diane T says:

    Wait a minute here … FREEZE EGGS ???? Get back here !

  19. TucsonPatty says:

    Over how many days was this haul? Did you eat/use more of Cheez Whiz’s eggs or is she a slower layer? Does the output differ from each chick, always? That is a lot of questions, sorry. Have a great vacation – you’re gonna have a ball! ; )

    • Karen says:

      Cheez Whiz (or any chicken for that matter) will stop laying if they’re either broody or taking care of chicks (which is the same thing as being broody really). Cheez Whiz only started laying again a week or so ago after caring for the chicks so I don’t have a lot of eggs from her yet. Also if a hen is moulting she’ll stop laying because she’s focusing all her energy on producing feathers. ~ karen!

  20. Grammy says:

    “…the long winter nights ahead when the only thing that’ll be getting laid around here is possibly a new carpet.”

    I see what you did there.

    Ronda is more clever than I — I was going to comment on the logo on one egg but never thought to credit Mabel. She’s a good hen, she is.

    Have fun without me for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be here when you get back.

  21. Stephbo says:

    Those eggs are so beautiful!

  22. Miss Chris SA says:

    Have a great break!
    Can’t wait for the furniture reveal….

  23. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Interesting…getting laid…the eggs that is…..Have fun in BC…I’ll have a peek in your Instagram…

  24. j says:

    Have a great vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ronda says:

    i like the art of doing stuff logo on the one egg. what a clever hen Mabel is! how come all your chickens aren’t doing that? how lazy! lol

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