Plus something special for you.


The website Kickstarter is the most revolutionary tool in the world of business today.  And I say that with all the confidence of someone who knows absolutely nothing about business.  So there.

But, as someone who knows nothing about business … I think this Kickstarter website is pretty damn good.  I like it so much I decided you needed to know about it too.  Because as popular and influential as it is … not everyone knows about it.

Kickstarter is a website that’s completely dedicated to helping people raise money to fund their great ideas. People are now given the freedom to say forget it to banks and their high interest rates, and suck it to Dragon’s Den and other investors who want a cut of their profits. Instead, the new inventors and entrepreneurs are looking to regular folks like you and me to invest in their ideas.  Kickstarter brings us all together on one Internet website.

Kickstarter projects are created by people like you. People like me. People wayyyy smarter than us. People wayyyy dumber than us. Everyone and anyone who need an investor, in other words.

Think of Kickstarter like Ebay.  A site you can browse around looking at things, but instead of buying them … you’re investing in them.  Anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars.

There are countless projects on Kickstarter you can invest in, ranging from someone who needs money to go on their first Stand up Comedy Tour, to fashion students, to people who have invented great new gardening devices.

When you donate to the project you love on Kickstarter you’ll be given a reward!  Rewards  increase with the amount of your donation.  With something like the comedy tour, your donation might get you a potholder made by the travelling comic herself, or a tour tee shirt.

Donating bigger bucks to bigger projects gets you bigger rewards.  Take the most successful fundraising project on Kickstarter to date … The Pebble Watch.


The Pebble is an unbelievable watch created by a few computer guys.  If you click on the picture above you can see all about it in their Kickstarter fundraising video.  Since appearing on Kickstarter, the creators of The Pebble have raised close to 9 million dollars.   This, through the support of regular folks like you and I.  60,000 supporters to be precise.  With an investment of $115 into Pebble, you’ll receive an actual Pebble watch (with a retail value of $150) once the fundraising is complete.  (Fundraising for this particular project ends on May 18th.)

Once you help fund a project you do NOT own any part of it.  You are giving the entrepreneur money to help them.  You will receive your reward as a gift, but you do not own any of the actual project you have invested in.  So once you get your reward, that’s where the return on investment ends.

You do have to be careful in terms of what you pick to invest in.  There are projects that never get off the ground, projects that from the look of it aren’t even remotely feasible.  However, if  the project you donate money to doesn’t reach it’s target fundraising goal, all your money is refunded.  Only projects that meet their goal move forward.

Having said that, over 46% of the projects that start on Kickstarter are successful.  Those are pretty good odds.

I myself have invested in a Kickstarter project and am seriously thinking about investing in another.  The one I decided to invest in was Karen Rzepecki’s  “reCAP” project.


I invested in her project last year around Christmas time.  She has since completed her fundraising and has now successfully launched the reCAP!  The reCAP is a screw on lid that fits over a mason jar, making any standard mouth (not wide mouth) mason jar good for drinking coffee or other liquids out of.  The cap has a spout and a lid that clicks down, so you can put anything in it and it won’t spill.


For someone who has a complete and utter OBSESSION with mason jars, this is now my best friend in the world.  No.  I do not think that is sad and pathetic.  A few weeks ago I received in the mail my investment rewards.  2 reCAPS.  I’ve used them every single day since then.  Partly because they’re truly, incredibly handy.  And also partly because I know in a very small way, I helped this venture happen.  There’s something very satisfying about that.

Pinterest is addictive and interesting but it doesn’t leave you with the same sense of satisfaction that browsing around and  investing in a Kickstarter project does.  Plus you don’t get something in the mail a few months later.   What’s more fun than surprise mail with a gift inside?!  Nothing.

Soooooo … since EVERYONE likes getting something fun in the mail … and I REALLY love promoting a product I personally love …. and reCAP would like you to see how great their caps are too ………


1 reCAP to 10 different people.  To enter, just leave a comment telling me how you plan to use your reCAP.

In the meantime, go have a look at Karen’s reCAP site where she sells this product  to get a better look at them and learn the story behind the reCAP.

I will draw 10 winners randomly and announce the winners next week on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Contest closes for entries on Sunday, May 20th at midnight.    Contest is now closed to entires.


  1. Alix Bouchard says:

    Fresh milk. Yumm.

  2. V says:

    Oh god, for coffee. Definitely for coffee. Every carafe I’ve ever bought inevitably ends up reeking of coffee, because plastic harbors odors, and makes it really hard for me to drink tea. A mason jar reCAPer sounds awesome.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love mason jars. I’d totally use it for sipping on an iced coffee.

  4. olwen says:

    I will use the reCAP on my masonJARS to drink various liquids. Some may be hot, and some may be cold.

  5. JebberA says:

    I would use the rcapped mason jar to drink smoothies, nice cold fruity smoothies.

  6. Lily says:

    Iced coffee. All summer long.

  7. Dani says:

    Whenever I leave the house I will use the reCAP to take a mason jar of something nice to drink with me. Because mason jars are cool. And anyone who raised money for a mason jar related venture from a bunch of complete strangers is cool. I think the reCAP is going to be my new favorite thing.

  8. Lynne says:

    Kickstarter is really neat !! The Pebble watch has Canadian roots – Electrical and Computer Engineers from University of Waterloo – my nephew is the industrial designer on the project. I guess I should have invested in that one ….

    Love the reCAP – Mason jars are always keepers.

  9. sherry says:

    for water with lemon juice and a slice for show. its kind of a hassle to squeeze for each glass.

  10. gloria says:

    I would fill a mason jar with chocolate chips, you know, the kind you use to make chocolate chip cookies. I never get to the cookies because I eat all the chips before I have a chance to make the cookies. Usually I just keep them in their bags and scarf them down while mindlessly surfing the interweb for freebies and contests to enter. But just think how much more attractive they would be in an old mason jar w/ a new-fangled reCap on it.

    • Annie says:

      HA HAHA!
      So funny because it is sooooooo true!
      Best use for sure!
      Thanks for posting that !

  11. gloria says:

    Kickstarter sounds brilliant.

  12. Wendy D. says:

    I’d use it to store and then pour homemade dressings and freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.

  13. TARA BUCHAN says:

    I will use it for the juice i make every morning! Or the tea I drink! Or perhaps for the salad dressing I make!

    I could think of a million uses – I cannot use metal coffee mugs because they all end up tasting like old coffee.

    I love the idea of Kickstarter – and am eager to find the next new thing! THanks for sharing Karen!

  14. Emily Rae says:

    I will use my recap for ice tea drinking while gardening.

  15. Heather says:

    I drink out of a Mason jar at the office. I’m not particularly clumsy, but I’ve had some close calls. Having that reCAP on there would mean I’d be less likely to spill all over my keyboard, thus keeping me in the good graces of my IT crowd.

  16. Jean says:

    What a great idea! I would drink tea from it in the winter, and iced tea or lemonade in the summer.

  17. Mary says:

    Coffee, for sure, among other things. Thanks for sharing this post about Kickstarter – I knew nothing about it! The ReCAP is a great idea and I would use it a lot.

  18. jo says:

    This is perfect. Thro a series of miss haps. I have been on crutches since January. This would be perfect for me trying do get liquids from my kitchen to the front porch ever I spend most of my days resting with my leg elevated.

  19. alexandra says:

    I’ve been juicing a lot lately so I’d throw a reCAP on my jar of juice and be good to go for the day. No spills! No green stains on my clothes! Huzzah!

  20. jo says:

    This is perfect. Thro a series of miss haps. I have been on crutches since January. This would be perfect for me trying do get liquids from my kitchen to the front porch ever I spend most of my days resting with my leg elevated. Thanks for the consideration.

  21. Sue says:

    I know I’d be using the reCAP for my special sweet and sour dressing! I currently keep it in a mason jar w/a regular lid and I’m always leaving drips all over the place. What a smart idea this is! Thanks for hosting the give-away!

  22. Ashley says:

    Moonshine…no need to pour it out of its original container;)

  23. jamie says:

    i also have a problem with jars. i have too many.
    if i had a recap, my mason jar would go EVERYWHERE with me. and i would blog, tweet, and FB about it.

  24. julia says:

    iced coffee!

  25. shawn says:

    To drink my homemade komucha! (Or maybe some vodka & grapefruit…yeah, that’s the ticket!)

  26. katherine t says:

    Ahh! I want a cap! I could use it for EVERYTHING!! water, tea, lemonade, iced coffee, all things all the time!!

  27. missnicoleo says:

    Morning protein smoothie!

  28. Candice Morrison says:

    I would use it for my kosher salt; everyone gives me a stink eye when i pull out my mason jar with it and not some fancy salt shaker.

  29. nancyeileen says:

    Absolutely cool!
    I would use this cap in two ways, for my pooch.
    One mason jar would be filled with dog food and the second one would be filled with water.
    Id use this in my short travels with my choco-brown labradoodle.
    It gets super hot in Texas, and our pets can’t be ignored <3

    PS. My sister and I are in the process of getting our s*%# together to approach KICKSTARTER !
    Wish us luck!!

  30. Linda says:

    Sparkling water with a twist….won’t that look pretty? Very cool cap, and I love Kickstarter! I’ve invested in a few things too, great way to help the go getters of the world.

  31. Petra says:

    I wander if it would work on the jars we use in Europe

    • White says:

      “Standard mouth” is 70mm. HTH

    • White says:

      Homemade salad dressings; homemade syrups; homemade Thai peanut sauce; outdoor beverages without the stinging bugs and other extra-protein critters getting in…

  32. Lucy says:

    As I was reading this, I was thinking, “Oh, please tell us that there are recaps to be had.” Lucky us! What wouldn’t I use it for would be a better question. I can see me drinking hot/cold tea, hot/iced coffee, water, juice, smoothies, chocolate milk (I’ve heard it’s a good electrolyte replacement) from it, as well as using it for storing sugar or flour or anything else I can think of to store/pour. What a great concept and won’t I look cool with my Mason Jar in hand? I’m heading to Kickstarter to see what people are making and to (hopefully) help kickstart a successful business.

  33. DRTVrMoi says:

    I have a ‘green’ drink every afternoon after I workout. This would be a perfect way to sip my way to better health.

  34. Jessica says:

    I would totally use this for homemade syrup. It would be totally awesome sitting on my breakfast table. I am off to buy one for everyone for xmas…Thanks Karen!

  35. JBess says:

    Iced tea! And iced water in my bikram yoga class. I’ll be the coolest yogi in there.

  36. Moe says:

    I would use mine for my “redneck wine glass”. In case you don’t know what these are, they look like a mason jar glued to a glass candlestick. They are hilarious. You need to google it. Neway, I’m always a bit fearful of spilling my beverage down my shirt front because the mouth is so wide ( on the bottle, not me ) This gadget would be perfect for that. :o)

  37. Brenda j says:

    My homemade salad dressing of olive oil, lime-juice and assorted spices; shook around in my turquoise Ball jar. LOVE MY JARS and these lids look wonderful to top em’!

  38. Jenny W. says:

    Would it be wrong to sip Sangria on the patio from one of these? Nope, I think not! Wine it is!!!

  39. MJ says:

    For a walkabout beverage holder. I’m always losing them, leaving them, throwing them out because the cap leaks and looking for one that is perfect and here it is. It will blow that crazy Neal’s sippy cup out of the water at Sunday Funday parties!

  40. Kipley says:

    I would like to put it on one of the old blue ball jars and keep rice in it.

  41. Jamieson says:

    I have mason jars WITH HANDLES that are my favourite around-the-house drinking glasses. I calls them my “gin jars”. (Said like I am Southennnn. The R is silent; like I become after consuming too many gin jars.) Imagine how great a handled mason jar would be with a reCap?!

    In other Kickstarter news, a year ago I invested in the production of a movie sequel to one of my favourite cult comedy films “Girls Will Be Girls”. I trotted down to LA (flew, actually, using my air miles). I spent the day on-set, hanging out with all the stars that I loved from the first movie, as well as the writer-director, whom I found out had been a producer of some of my favourite sitcoms over the years: Roseanne, Mad About You, Cybill, Ellen, Arrested Development. So, it was a fantastic, fun, and memorable day to say the least. But my official reward was a walk-on role in the sequel which turned into an actual (tiny) part in the movie in several scenes, with lines! “Girls Will Be Girls 2” will be released in 2013. So I too love Kickstarter for making people’s dreams come true! Or nightmares, perhaps, depending upon how my performance looks on screen. I will then use my gin jar with a reCap to collect my tears (of joy, or of sorrow, as the case may be).

    • Karen says:

      Jamieson – You’re making that up. You didn’t really get enough air miles to fly to LA. ~ karen

  42. Heather says:

    Hi Karen
    People are so darned ingenious! What a great idea. I am also a mason jar fan and they serve many purposes in my house but this is one I hadnt thought of. I would drink iced peppermint tea in the summer–very refreshing–and plain old ice water. Hot tea or soup in the winter–would it stay hot? Maybe you can design a cozy to go with it for the winter so things stay hot in it…..with some sort of handle or strap….

  43. Angela Recker says:

    I’d like to use it for soup! It seems it would work well for that. I could also see me using it for smoothies with small chunks of fruit. This looks like an awesome product! Thanks fo rtelling us about it1

  44. Annie says:

    Hi Karen!
    I love kick starter too! This

    Has been my favourite project so far.
    If I happened to be chosen I would have to wear the lids as hats, fastened with an elastic of course, until I found just the right mason jar.
    Thank you.

  45. Magpie says:

    I was thinking of investing in the pebble last week! I’ve only pinned it on pintrest so far, and you’re right: probably not nearly as satisfying.
    Recap will be perfect on my jars for coffee and tea. Maybe water on my more health concious days.

  46. Avad Fan says:

    A mojito, of course.

  47. Caitlin says:

    Very cool! I have a Cuppow, which is more like the coffee shop lids, but you have to use it on a widemouth jar and you have to use a metal ring. Thanks for sharing, Karen!!

  48. Sue says:

    Iced tea with some fresh mint, that will look so pretty in a mason jar. What an awesome invention and Kickstarter is a great way to fund cool projects.

  49. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Iced coffee!!!!

  50. Latenac says:

    With reCap I could finally be cool like my co-worker and successfully drink my water from a mason jar.

  51. trisha says:

    so funny that you posted this today! i have just written up a post about me using these caps to be published for tomorrow. i invested as well and received my two caps in the mail not that long ago – i wasn’t sure what i was going to use my first one for.. but stop on by tomorrow and see how i used mine!

  52. Gina says:

    To take a cocktail to the beach! To transport homemade salad dressing to a BBQ! To take my morning smoothie to work! Coffee! Collect fireflies!

  53. Maggie V says:

    Good morning Karen
    Since I am retired but still work part time and it is summer a mason jar with a lid is perfect for iced coffee. No fuss no mess on the drive to the job. Just sayin!

  54. marilyn says:

    for my margherita, so i dont spill any of that precious walk down the hill from the cottage to the beach!

  55. marilyn says:

    precious liquid..blonde moment

  56. Natalie says:

    Okay. This is a great idea. I’m a gardener and everyday I have a smaller jar in my tool bag of whatever refreshing drink I’d like to keep with me for the morning. But really, taking off the lid is the most annoying part, especially with dirty hands. Good call, reCAP!

  57. magali says:

    for smoothies! my bf always makes them in mason jars and it would be so useful to bring them to work.

  58. Karen Boreham says:

    I envision several on my counter, with on jars housing sugar, salt, olive oil. So easy to pour. So convienient. So in love.

  59. William Kunke says:

    Wow, can’t wait to win this. Here is what/how I will be using this great Mason Jar lid for:
    Put one tea bag in jar, add water, cover with lid.
    Place on porch railing in sun, wait a bit.
    When ready for a break, retrieve jar, add ice and a bit of lime from the yard, sit in the shade of the porch and enjoy!

  60. pat says:

    I could be all virtuous and say I’d use my reCap on a mason jar of lemonade or a healthy green smoothie, but what heck, what I really WANT to use it for is a jar of Marguerita…a one litre, two-hander Marguerita. Sounds like a great gardening accessory… I promise to stay within my own backyard (for the first one, anyway)
    Win or not, thanks for introducing me to that product, and Kickstarters in general.

  61. Stephanie Lindsey says:

    I love Mason Jars too, they are my flower vase of choice and we drink lemonade from them in the summer. something about the nostalgia… I would put iced coffee in it and enjoy it all summer long!

  62. Lorna says:

    I love this idea – I’d use it on a smaller mason jar on which I currently have one of those blue plastic lids they sell for them. I make salad dressing and use a small mason jar to store it in the fridge but the big lid is always so mucky and it’s hard to pour without getting toomuch dressing. This looks like it would be perfect for that!

  63. Ann says:

    I love Kickstarter. I am watching several great ideas on the website. But my favs are very pricey and investing in them takes some serious cash and much thought about plunking it down.

    But I love the recap and she needs to do it for wide mouth jars also.

    I would use mine to store parmesan cheese in the frig. Maybe home made salad dressings also.

  64. Alison says:

    I sprayed painted all my mason jars bright yellow! A silver recap would look super stunning in contrast! Don’t ya think…

  65. Julie Cucinotta says:

    I invested in this venture too and have used my caps daily! Love them so much and you are right – its different when you helped versus just buying them!

  66. Donna M says:

    coffee, iced coffee, water, lemonade, iced tea….…..anything! I love to store salad dressing in my mason jars but I hate how the metal lids the all funky. This might be the answer!

  67. Mary Vitullo says:

    Great idea! Drinking from mason jars is now the new cool! Who knew. I would use it for: homemade salad dressings; to serve lemonade for summer Bar-B-Q’s (this ones my favorite); anything that has been opened from a can and has leftovers; homemade stewed tomatoes; homemade milkshakes; the list can go on and on…….

  68. Janalee Simmons says:

    Lakeside drinks!!!!

  69. Rebecca says:

    I will use it to help me drink pickle juice easier! Thanks for your insight into kickstarter….I have heard of it, but had never looked into it.

  70. Valerie says:

    Working outside….always in the garden or flower beds…ok, or sitting on the swing enjoying the beauty but hate the little buzzers that love to fly down straws or into cups….this would be PERFECT!

  71. Bethany says:

    As a Native Texan who spills a lot, this upscale “White Trash Wine Glass” would be perfect for a summer barbeque and my fav white wine (with a few whiskey ice cubes, a’ course). Hot dang, that’s a good idea!!

  72. Tracey says:

    I LOVE those reCAPs! The first thing that comes to mind is that I keep homemade chai in mason jars. And love to bring it with me on road trips. The reCAP would mean I would look less like I was drinking moonshine as I drive, probably a good thing! It would also prevent spillage which is no fun on a road trip!

  73. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing Kickstart with us. It’s this type of site that make the Internet an exciting world of opportunity.
    I also love mason jars and think that this lid for the jar combines the old and new in perfect harmony!
    You’re fabulous Karen:)

  74. Mary Kay says:

    I have told the hubby numerous times someone should invet a lid for mason jars – these would make taking some of my homemade treats with us camping. Like soup, sauce, put raw eggs into already cracked open, and of course we could make individual glasses of suntea to enjoy. These are a great idea!! Thanks to reCAP!

  75. Carol S says:

    Remarkable invention! I’d use it for drinking morning coffee, afternoon UNsweetend Southern tea (I’m a rebel spelled with lower case “r”), or to replace my current repurposed green plastic flip top lid, formerly known as the (icky parmesan) cheese topper for one of my many mason jars filled with homemade powdered laundry soap.

  76. Nancy Grantz says:

    I would drink everything out of it, even margaritas, because you don’t want to spill those. I also think it would be great for homemade salad dressings.

  77. KEG says:

    Oh! I would soooo put my maple syrup in there! Or drink my flowering tea from it when I’m at the office!

  78. Celine says:

    Wow! I use my mason jars to store spices! This would be awesome, would not have to unscrew the lid every time!!!

  79. stefanievpb says:

    This is a great idea! I would use my recap for iced tea.

  80. Maria says:

    Salad dressings & other shake-y/pour-y things. Mason jars are my new love, so anything you can do to feed the addiction is much appreciated.

  81. Teresa says:

    I’d probably use the reCap for
    most of the ways already listed, and then some. Clever idea!

  82. jen says:

    homemade salad dressings, homemade chocolate syrup, teas & coffees. Such a fabulous idea. Where can you buy these should I not be fortunate enough to win one?

  83. monica says:

    I make my own salad dressing. I use mason jars with a screw on plastic lid so I can shake it up, but trying to pour out of that wide mouth jar is a nightmare. It’s either a salad drowning in dressing, or dressing all down the side of the jar.
    These lids would be perfect for me!!!

  84. Jill Flinchum says:

    I would definitely use it to drink iced tea out of when I’m going to and from work, to book club, picnics, etc.

  85. heidi says:

    For my smoothies! I make one in a mason jar each morning and then try not to spill it on my way to work. I’ve been looking for something like this.

  86. Wanda says:

    I would use a recap on the top of the mason jar I store molasses in. There are always mysterious molasses dribbles on the side that goober up the pantry shelf. (I am not accusing, but my 10 year old loves molasses….)

  87. Langela says:

    Drinking cool water or tea while out mowing. Drinking from a pop can is so messy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Leslie says:

    Coffee, instant breakfast, sunflower seeds. This is a genius product.

  89. nicole d says:

    wooo, i would use my reCAP to drink my morning lemon water on the go!

    and what a neat website, Karen, thanks for sharing! i’d never heard of it before…. 🙂 very cool… especially b/c i’m pretty sure that NO ONE loves surprise snail mail more than me.

  90. Pauline says:

    awesome!! I’d use it for homemade salad dressings!

  91. cred says:

    This is excellent- I’m addicted to mason jars. I have two long wall shelves lined with mason jars for dry goods storage. I would use the reCAP for sugar- the pour spout would make it like those restaurant sugar dispensers.
    Oh and for homemade ice caps- Ice cap in the reCAP.
    I love this idea!

  92. Karol says:

    Southern sweet tea sipping!

  93. Megan Beavers says:

    I would use Recap for iced tea, and the homemade sauces I make for summer grilling.

    My mom would use it for coffee and iced coffee.

  94. I love Kickstarter! I’ve helped several projects including one that sent an artist to Japan to fulfill his dream of furthering his technique in gyotaku (fish printing). No joke!

    I would use the reCAP to camouflage the fact that I was drinking the liquid left over from my home-canned brandy peaches. I would just tell people it was iced tea!

  95. Betsy says:

    I carry cups and jars with me everywhere. They never have lids, and I always spill everywhere.
    If I had a reCAP it would help with my spilling problem.

  96. Maureen @theThriftyLass says:

    Well hey there. Here’s the truth: my name is Maureen and I am a Diet Coke-aholic. I guess you always are. But I haven’t had one since just before lent. I can’t have another one or I’ll start back down that long downward spiral. So I gave them up and I’m trying desperately to drink more water. And also green tea. Of course I have a non-BPA plastic thingy but this is ever so much nicer. And I already have plenty of glass mason jars. So you see, I’m a natural for this. Kthanks

  97. christine says:

    i backed that kickstarter project myself! 🙂 1 kickstarter is awesome 2 reCAP is amazing…. i use it for homemade salad dressing 🙂

  98. Traci says:

    It’s for drinking sweet tea, ya’ll!!! Drinking from mason jars is as southern as cornbread and tomato gravy, LOL! That cap will make it easier to take my tea to go!

  99. My daughter takes her salad to school everyday in a mason jar, how cute would it be to have a recap to bring her favourite bevy?? I’d love to win one and buy a few more!

  100. Mike says:

    I’m gonna use my reCap to keep those darn flyin’ critters outta my drink!

    • Brook says:

      Hahaha! I once ended up with a live bumblebee in my mouth while sipping a bottle of birch beer. It was surprisingly soft and fuzzy. Luckily, it didn’t sting.

  101. Sebette says:

    The first thing that popped into my mind was to cap and pour a small jar of homemade salad dressing. Just shake and pour.

  102. deneen says:

    without a doubt – for coffee. You know those reusable cups, the ones with the rubbery lids that kind of stretch over the cup – yeah, the ones that make your coffee taste like it’s being filtered through a swim cap? I’d like to avoid that taste at all cost & I’m thinking the reCAP just might do the trick. So, please pick me & help me to avoid the swim cap taste in my coffee.


  103. Kelly S says:

    I’ll definetely be taking it to work to drink water and be fashionable while all the rest of ’em drink out of plastic water bottles. oh, these are fantastic

  104. Melissa Leach says:

    What a cool idea…I’d drink flavored water all day long with a reCAPed Mason jar!

  105. Mary Lee says:

    Bath salts! It will look great alongside my mason jar candles in the bath.

  106. Denise says:

    I am a mason jar geek too. I freeze with them, use them for vases,craft items, etc.
    I have never drank from one! I would take it to the office every day! Thank yoU!

  107. Mary Lee says:

    IIt will look great alongside my mason jar candles with bath salts in it.

  108. Jenny says:

    Iced tea, with lemon. Or iced tea bourbon, with lemon.

  109. Shannon says:

    Definitely giving it to my 4 year old, Lily Rose…she always wants to drink out of my jar. But she’s not so good at getting the liquid from the jar to her mouth without covering my lap, or my book, or my computer….you get the picture! Save me ReCap!!

  110. AmieM says:

    Good for shaken bourbon lemonade.

  111. Susie says:

    Awwww, the Pebble Watch rewards are all sold out! You can only donate $1 now and you’ll be kept up to date on it’s availability etc. : ( I watched the video though – really cool product! How did you hear about this??? So, I guess I will give them $1, I’m so generous, I know, and then invest the remaining $114 in…….yep, you guessed it reCAP! That looks awesome too! I bet she was thinking of you when she created it!! : )
    Thanks Karen!!!

  112. Kristin says:

    I’d like to say I’d use it for drinking healthy, green smoothies but that would be a big.fat.lie! Coffee, all day, every day.

    • Kristin says:

      Oh, shoot! I forgot to mention I’m going to tell my sister about Kickstarter. She’s been trying to get on her feet as a clothing designer/maker.

  113. steph says:

    What wouldn’t I use this for? I carry old spaghetti sauce jars with tea to work, and while they’re mostly leak proof every once in a while they’re not, and the lids do degrade over time.

    I have dozens (upon dozens) of mason jars that I’d love to use for storage, but have no practical way of doing that with the lids I currently have.

    This thing is genius.

  114. Jonna says:

    I’d use it for sipping things. Pretty original, eh?

  115. Erica says:

    I would use it for salad dressings and easy pouring out of a mason jar. YUM.

  116. Lisa says:

    What a ~BRILLIANT~ idea!!! My wee lil mind goes crazy with the possibilities of these lil babies… I think my first use would be a “much” more functional way to store homemade broths & syrups that are used daily… I can’t stop there – also to store a pourable version of my coffee mix (cacao powder & cinnamon)I keep by my coffee maker! {It’s impossible to stop, the uses for these are all but endless!} Thank you so much for sharing!

  117. Lisa Eaton says:

    I would use this to send my daughter’s drink in her lunch box. I can not stand sending her drink in something that is lined in plastic since the drink is exposed to the plastic all day long. She has a stainless thermos that is lined IN PLASTIC! Too much plastic……………Lisa

  118. Lisa says:

    Definitely oils and homemade dressings!

  119. Jamiek says:

    Since I am obesssed with mason jars I think this is a great idea. I have alot of old jars that are not wide mouthed that I don’t use because I prefer the wide mouthed jars. Since I can’t bring myself to toss the regular mouthed ones I can actually make them functional with these handy things!

  120. A donation jar lid. Besides a B&B owner, I am a youth alcohol and drug councelor who runs a Parkour group in a small village of 1500 (check us out PK Nakusp on Facbook -our like page). So we don’t have an open jar, this looks great for our purposes.

  121. Ron says:

    I would use it to drink all my liquids, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

  122. Linda says:

    What a great idea! I think I would need more than one…so many possibilities! Absolutely would use one for my homemade salad dressings in a jar.

  123. Darcy says:

    sugar dispenser, of course! There are a million ways buzzin’ around my brain to use it but that was just the first!

  124. Deet says:

    I’m not too original but I would use it for making and pouring salad dressings or shaking up flour and water for gravy. Seems very handy.

  125. Kim says:

    Who knew so many people drink out of Mason jars?! I’d also find the reCAP handy to use for & storing homemade salad dressings.

  126. MsMarmie says:

    I love the recap! Sun Tea with lemon! yum

  127. Julee says:

    When my homemade dill pickles are gone, I’ll top the jar with a reCAP to easily pour the juice into Bloody Marys. Dill pickle juice in a Bloody Mary is yummy!

  128. Michele says:

    I would use it all the time for my morning smoothies and for anything else I would take on the go. lOVE

  129. Annie says:

    I think it would be great for salad dressings. I’m really wishing it didn’t get rid of all my mason jars with handles. Otherwise, they would be great for keeping the wasps out of my slushy summer drinks on the patio.

  130. Laura says:

    I will make my easy homemade teriyaki sauce directly in the jar. Shake, pour and store the extra.

    And, if you’re interested here’s the recipe:

    1 part hoisin sauce
    1 part low sodium soy sauce
    1 part honey
    1/2 part warm water
    a few drops to a good squirt of toasted sesame oil


  131. Jess says:

    It would be great for drinks in summer and more precise pouring of canned liquids.

  132. Jan says:

    These are really cool. I would definitely think about using one for a shaker for cocktails, and homemade salad dressing, and drinking just about anything.

  133. Danielle says:

    coffee. coffeecoffeecoffee. (it’s early and i haven’t had my caffeine fix yet)

    and for tea in bed late at night, where i’m prone to falling asleep reading a book. in this case, it will serve the function as adult sippy-cup. 🙂

  134. Kari says:

    I would give mine to my friend Laura, who drinks from mason jars and other recycled glass jars, and never buys anything for herself.

  135. I’m thinking I would use it to pour out the juice from the hot pepper sauce we put up onto all of the spinach and greens we cook down here in the south. Or..I could store my sugared almonds in a mason jar with the reCAP on it and then be able to shake them easily onto our fresh salads from our garden!(Assuming the blasted bunnies haven’t figured out how to chew through the newest defense of metal mesh!!!)

  136. michelle says:

    probably homemade juice made my the hubs (and jack lalanne)

  137. Gadget Queen says:

    I’ve had my eye on reCAP for a while. I almost ordered some but the shipping charges made me pause. They would be perfect to top the quart jars of homemade almond milk for my coffee. Using the lids/rings always drips on the countertop which I then have to mop up/rinse sponge. Adding up all those minutes, I figure it would save me 4 hours a year if I used a reCAP.

  138. pve says:

    You always have the best stuff here. I would totally love that top as I have created a monster and make home made crepes every morning for my daughter. It starts our day a bit more luxurious.
    That top would be great for pouring them out on to the pan.

  139. Beth says:

    For salad dressing, of course!

  140. jenna says:

    I am going to use my new reCap to drink green smoothies and not spill them down my shirt because the top of the jar is so awkward to drink out of by itself.

  141. Erin says:

    ReCAP is such a great idea! Hmmmm…I’d use my reCAP for homemade salad dressing.

  142. Louise says:

    reCap would be perfect for cool cucumber water when I’m on a helath kick… At other times, I think it would be perfect for Maple Syrup… Yum!

  143. Ahnnie says:

    Thanks for sharing Kickstarter, Karen. I will use my reCap when I host my annual Möder Möder Camp with my 4 grands this summer. It will be a treasured prize since this year’s theme is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We might even mention it in the rap we create to perform at the celebration the last night of camp, July 4.

  144. Melanie says:

    glass water bottle!

  145. Bobbi says:


    I supported Kickstarter in Cincinnati… enterprising young man redesigned bus schedules for public transit……amazing work.

    Good call, missy.

  146. Julie says:

    brilliant brilliant brilliant. I would use it for crystal light lemonade, which I take with me every day to work/barn/outside. This just proves that mason jars are, and have always been, perfect.

  147. Leah says:

    I would use the reCap for my smoothie every morning 🙂 I bring a smoothy to school with me (I’m a teacher) and some of the travel mugs I have been using are wont to leak. Also, Mason jars are so much cooler looking than a plastic, blue mug with RBC Investments written on the side!

  148. Corry says:

    Oddly enough, I just started using a mason jar as my full time water bottle since my mom told me the the story or how her grandmother always drank out of a mason jar. Although I never knew her, she was a clever great grandma! I would LOVE to win this awesome reCap and buy a few!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Joanne W says:

    I can just picture it….walking the beach with my “Nonnie’s Medicine”…scotch & water!

  150. Marcia says:

    Great way to use my old “blue” mason jars which i feel are to fragile for canning!

  151. nancy says:

    I got in on this too late but maybe I can regular-old-buy some soon. I would bring my delicious Vita-mix concoctions to work. I already do, but with no cool lid.

  152. Sandy says:

    What a great idea!! I would use the recap for making homemade dressing or for rose petal vinegar.

  153. Courtney says:

    Would this not be perfect to bring to all the summer BBQ/parties?! I think so! Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was BOOZE!

  154. Tammi D says:

    I’ve recently eliminated sweet tea from my daily intake and am drinking lots of ice water! I would love to carry it around in one of my mason jars!!!

  155. alissadale says:

    Oh gosh, so many possibilities for use! But the most frequent one will be to keep this clumsy girl from spilling EVERYTHING when she knocks stuff over. Again. And again.

  156. Carol S says:

    Captain and Diet Coke for sure!

  157. Elen Grey says:

    ZOMG! That is one sexy lid. I would use it for everything. Thanks for posting on Kickstarter. I would have totally invested in the reCAP. Totally.

  158. Melissa says:

    Iced Coffee! Maybe at soccer prctice! Where I’ll be the coolest person in the 3-4 year olds group! (which I “coach” – I’m not a brilliant 3 year old who reads your blog drinking iced coffee. Though that may make me the coolest 3 year old in Canada.).

  159. Ruth says:

    I don’t need a reCAP, because I have only ever seen mason jars while blog hopping and have no idea where I would find one on the island…. but I just thought I would throw a comment in there anyway. ;D

    Now that I’m done making mischief here, I’ll go check out Kickstarter. Tee-hee!

    • Karen says:

      Ruth – No mason jars in Jamaica? Really? O.K. Let me ask this … how do you can things? Like if you make jam. Or something like that? (not you specifically but other Jamaicans) ~ karen

      • Ruth says:

        I have always been interested in canning, but there is not one company here that distributes canning supplies. Believe me, I checked.

        With regard to ‘jam issue’… when I was growing up, mom sterilised and re-used old (store-bought) jam bottles. She never made large amounts. Just a couple of 8oz bottles worth, enough to last a month or so. The jam was always kept refrigerated.

        I don’t know of any Jamaican who does canning anymore (I was told that it was done in the 40s and 50s). These folk clean out supermarkets during hurricane season, so I’m guessing that the supermarket is the ‘storage cellar’. :-/

  160. Shirley says:

    Who doesn’t love Mason jars — it breaks my heart to put one in the recycling box — and now with the reCap I won’t need to nearly as often. Such a great idea! I would use my first one for honey but it looks as if the possibilities are endless.

  161. now this is useful! I would use the caps to make my empty mason jars feel good about being used and washed. Not sitting in a dusty basement, waiting for tomato season and the days of canning it takes to fill them up. If I use a reCap, my friends won’t make fun of me anymore for drinking out of a jar. It will be a jar with a spout. na na na.
    thanks for sharing your loot.

  162. Maria says:

    Fill the mason jar with leftover chicken stock and doll it out as necessary using the ReCap! Cool invention!

  163. Susan says:

    I have been buying my Extra Virgin Olive Oil in big honking cans which do not fit nicely in my teeny tiny cupboards of my kitchen. Therefore, lately I have put a small quantity in a mason jar and this fits much better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pour out worth a darn. It runs down the sides and makes a fine mess. This re-cap would be the answer to my dilemma! It’s a great idea that I would love to use. Please, please solve my oily mess for me….

  164. Loralee says:

    Oh my goodness! Is the ReCap ever a super idea! I have a glass water bottle that was really expensive. I always worry that it will break. With the ReCap, the bottle could break and you could just put the cap on another jar. I could use, like, a million of those things. You could use them for anything liquid (honey, milk, lemonade, dressings) or storing (oatmeal, sugar, flour, coffee grounds). Oh, the possibilities are endless.

    BTW, there is another cool site out there similar to Kickstart website. It is called . I am planning on putting a few ideas up there in the next year or so.

  165. Shelley says:

    So many creative uses by so many people! I’d love to be entered..I’d probably use it for my spice storage jars

  166. Katie King says:

    I just found this thing on Pintrest about making your own nestle quik. I’d use this reCap to allow a little shaking and drinking action on MY mason jar…and by mason jar, I mean those cool spaghetti sauce bottles ’cause i’m too cheap to buy a mason jar. Yup. Though I will occasionally buy expensive pre-made spaghetti sauce. I know.

  167. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I’m thinking this would be great to fill with BBQ sauce for grilling..Just pour some on and brush it over the meat..I like the idea of salad dressings too..and of course any kind of drinks..Thanks for giving us the chance to win one Karen!!!

  168. Kim says:

    Wow, too cool! I’d use my reCap to keep my cat from knocking over my water glass when she tries to steal a drink.

  169. Caroline says:

    My homemade Kombucha 🙂

  170. Joann Bowman says:

    I’ll recap my green smoothies &/or my protein drinks~ very cool idea. Good luck to them.

  171. Susie says:

    My friend has MS. What a cool thing to give him for his water as he works on his hobby and love….antique cars. He has restored several, but is now at the point where he can only do things very slowly. But he NEVER gives up! Yea for those who keep on keepin’on!!!

  172. Angie S says:

    That is a seriously GREAT idea!!! Knowing that Mason Jars fit a standard blender, I would use it to take my morning smoothies with me in the car, saving a few minutes! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  173. Kathe Darby says:

    I use my mason jar with my blender bottom to make smoothies,now I could have a secure sippy lid.

  174. LA says:

    Hey Karen — ReCaps look awesome….I would totally use them on the mason jars that I use to put my absolutely fabulous ‘Bloody Caesars’ in, and I would probably use them for my special coffees on cold nights, and on really hot days I would use them for my ‘mango-berry-coconut rum slushies’…hmmm in looking over my post….it seems I have a bit of a one track mind…. okay…and I would use them for spices…there…that is better… 🙂

  175. Dee in BC says:

    The Re cap looks like it would be great for mixing salad dressing or a bit of flour & water to thicken soup or gravy. I think I ‘d mostly use it for the tea I drink in the evening.

  176. Brenda says:

    I drink my smoothies out of mason jars. It’s tough when I bring one in the car. The re-cap would be perfect to stop unfortunate events from happening when I have to stop short or if I go over a big bump!

  177. Linda says:

    Oh defintely as a sugar dispenser! Then my sugar wouldn’t get all clumpy from people sticking wet spoons in it for their 2nd or 3rd cups of coffee! And I have a ton of Mason jars inherited from my dad & grandma!

  178. Jennifer says:

    I would use mine for everything……keeping a sauce in the fridge without having to use a strange size bowl with non-matching lid; make my own salad dressing; keep it by my night stand for a quick drink as needed but closed so don’t have to wonder what’s happen to it while I was asleep; etc

  179. Janet says:

    Oh, it’s ALL ABOUT the Mason jar and home/sun brewed Sun tea! It’s got to be what this ReCap was designed for.

  180. Sue H. says:

    I’m going to use it for all drinks cold! What a great idea!

  181. Nicole says:

    I would put juice from my juicer in it and bring it to school. I already use mason jars for this but it gets messy.

  182. Michelle says:

    That would come in so handy for the mason jar I use for sunflower seeds!

  183. Jen Rath says:

    I would love a reCap! I’d probably use it for yummy beverages. What a great idea.

  184. Dee in BC says:

    It’d be great for the tea I drink after dinner.

  185. Rie says:

    This person is GENIUS! EVERYTHING tastes better in glass. I’m just irked I didn’t think of it. I LOVE mason jars. So much so that I have actually taped the top and left a tiny opening to drink out of while riding around the farm on my golf cart. I would love a free one, but damn, I’m gonna rush over there and buy some myself. I want to be this woman’s friend.

  186. Joann Bowman says:

    I would love to use the reCap for either my green smoothie or protein drink.
    Good luck to the reCap group 🙂

  187. Jasmine says:

    My husband has issues with kidney stones. He has fougured out that by drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice, it ‘may’ help dissolve them. So, we go through A LOT of lemons in this house. I bought him a citrus juicer for Christmas, and we both are hooked on fresh lemon juice now. I cut mine with water and it’s delish. Anyway, I have been on the hunt for the perfect vessel that the juicer will juice into (big enough mouth), then we can store in the fridge for a day or two, then pour easily into glasses. This reCap sounds like it would be perfect! And, thanks Karen for the new site.

  188. Lonelle says:

    Home made Arnold Palmers (using Sweet Tea Vodka of course!! lol)

  189. Stacy says:

    HI Karen! I love mason jars! New mason jar lids are great. There is another neat product out there called Cuppow! They also stared with a Kickstarter. They fit wide mouth mason jars…
    If I won a reCap, I would use it for maple syrup!

    • Karen says:

      Stacy – I’ve seen the Cuppow! but I prefer the reCAP because you can close the lid which you can’t do with the Cuppow. I also find the Wide mouth mason jar a little large to hold. But those are my personal preferences. ~ Karen!

  190. Trissi V. says:

    OMG!!!!! My sister just pinned these for me, because she thinks I have a sick, sick obsession with mason jars. I plan to use one to make dressing in my mason jar. I shake dressings up in mason jars but the lid gets yucky when you take it off. With a pour spout like that, no need to take it off, just pour.

  191. Larita says:

    The answer “to drink out of a mason jar” just seems too obvious. But all these other comments about iced coffee as re-kickstarted (hardy har har) my obsession with finding and making the perfect iced coffee this summer.

  192. Patti says:

    Okay. I have wedding brain (it`s in just over 2 months), and, since the wedding features mason jars, and I tend to get frazzled, and tea is like a warm hug from the inside, I would use it especially on the big day, so I would be walking around with butterflies AND tea in my tummy, and a smile on my face.

    AND! If I WIN it, I will take a special picture of me, in the dress, drinking from it. Although I`m not a model, so maybe this is more of a threat than a bonus! ahahaha!

  193. Jane says:

    What a great idea! I would use it for salad dressing…. Thanks for sharing!

  194. Marie says:

    I’d use reCap for sipping coffee or tea in the backyard.

  195. Melanie Marie says:

    That would be perfect for the jar of home made limoncello in my freezer. It would be even better for the iced (adult) lemonade. Is it bad that my son has to aske permission before he tries my lemonade?

  196. kate - vl says:

    a few if the things i will use my recap for is for my homemade: salad dressings, syrups, batters, soups, lotions, sprouts…
    these things sound great!

  197. Eric H. says:

    Hmm, I think all the basic ideas have been taken, this really would be handy for making cold mixed drinks.

    BTW, maybe a future post idea: can you document all the different varieties of mason jars and their uses? I’m kinda new to the whole mason jar thing.

  198. Kristen S says:

    I would use it for coffee and other beverages while gardening. I love my dog, but he has a knack for stealing sips out of my glass when I set it down within his reach. This will keep the dog, dirt and other assorted crap out of my coffee when I am digging weeds.

  199. Spokangela says:

    What an amazing idea!! The website AND the ReCap!

    I would use it on one of my 100’s of mason jars to keep my ice water handy (and dirt & bug free) while out in the garden 🙂

  200. Jenny Ryan says:

    I’d use reCap for breakfast smoothies or homemade salad dressing.

  201. ruth says:

    Keep my maple syrup in it!

  202. Debbie says:

    Honestly, as much as I’d like to use it for homemade salad dressing, I know my 13-year-old would steal it as soon as she saw it and I would never see it again. She would use it to drink anything and everything and then the other 2 kids would steal it from her and it would be months of fighting over it until they go on the market and I could buy more. We, too, have a thing for mason jars, so please, for the sake of peace in my home, draw my name. Thanks.

  203. Amy says:

    Being from Texas I would have to go with SWEET TEA!!! It just taste so much better out of a mason jar…(and without bugs flying in it!)

  204. Kate says:

    Iced coffee/tea/lemonade…the beverage options are endless! But I’d also use it for sauces/salad dressing/syrups. When I make stuff like that from scratch then put it in a jar, the jar always ends up a mess. This is a great tool! If I don’t win, I’ll probably order one! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  205. jjordan says:

    mason jars iced coffee. enough said.

  206. Debbie says:

    After finding you on Pinterest, I noticed many people have the mason jar addition that I too have. I have been drinking water out of one basically because I am lazy about getting up and refilling the jar. However in the time it takes me to drink the water something usually has landed in the water and I have to start over. My other thought was to pour pancake batter out of it. If I should win I know I would find many more uses for this product. Thanks for this offering.

  207. Dry Goods in small amounts. Sugar, quinoa, etc. When I dont want to haul out the whole damn bag.

    I covet the recap.

  208. Erica says:

    I’d use it on a jar by the oven filled with oil. It’d be way handier than having to go to the pantry every time.

  209. charissa says:

    Ribena! I love it, and having a sturdy lid on would mean fewer accidental purple stains down my shirt. (Because, yes, being in my 30s doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from a mason-jar sippy cup, apparently.)

    Thanks for hosting this, Karen!

  210. kari says:

    This is such a good idea. Can’t believe it wasn’t thought of sooner. How do these geniuses come up with such awesome ideas? I’d use this one for coffee, for sure. Extra strong. With soy milk. P.S. I invested in the Pebble Watch – so waiting for mine to come!

  211. allyson says:

    Drinks for my daughter – perfect! Love the fact that it won’t spill or leak. So many potential uses.

  212. Karla says:

    I love the idea behind this product. I have a small collection of mason jars used as drinking glasses. Would love to be spill-free while driving. Thanks for the chance to win.

  213. Patty says:

    I love the idea of recap. I have a quite a few mason jars laying around that I don’t use for canning anymore but the recap would be a great way to get some more use out of them. Plus not having to drink out of plastic is always a bonus. I can never get those plastic bottles clean.

  214. Amber says:

    I’m thinking a reCap would be really good for storing leftovers like spaghetti sauce or soup. Or, since I am in NC, I could always use it to make drinking my moonshine easier.

  215. Judy in KY says:

    I would enjoy my ice tea with a mason jar and a reCap. Hope I win:))

  216. Linda says:

    I would give the reCap to my neighbor, he likes mason jars. And he is a great neighbor!

  217. Marian says:

    Because I too am a masonjaraholic I couldn’t even risk not winning and had to immediately place an order (free shipping to the U.S. if you order 3 or more!) – too excited, I’m going to use them for EVERYTHING and plan to personalize one for each person in our house. This is an awesome product, thank you for letting us know! m

  218. mrsblocko says:

    for family picnics to keep out all the stingy bugs. Ever had a wasp fly into your pop can? never a fun time.

  219. Dave Carmichael says:

    I’m gonna use my recap to turn a mason jar into the coolest looking water bottle for volunteer service projects that I will be doing this summer! Hooray hydration!

  220. Rita says:

    Hi Karen, For months now I have been looking for a new coffee mug. My old metal mug tastes awful but so far it’s still better that anything else I have tried. A glass mason jar, with a handle, wouldn’t retain any flavour and with the reCap it looks like the perfect alternative to plastic and/or metal. Very cool idea. Way to go Karen Rzepecki!

  221. Judy says:

    In the freezer. Been wanting to try mason jars for freezing soups since you posted that orginal mason jars are freezer proof. Have a whole box of them from my mother-in-law’s garage.

  222. Michaela says:

    Gin and Tonics, of course.

  223. Lucy says:

    I would use my recap to make a jar into a salad dressing dispenser for the Honey Balsamic salad dressing which I made from YOUR recipe and to which i have become addicted. Thank you very much.

    I now have to have that red pepper goat cheese salad thing like every 2 or 3 days, so I am making that dressing in larger batches.

    So this would be very helpful.

  224. Bedalia says:

    To me, that spout says “pour” more than “drink,” so I would use it to store homemade salad dressings.

    Here’s a handy mason jar tip: standard size mason jars fit many blender bases! So you can attach the jar to the base, blend and then screw on a lid to store whatever you blended! (OK, so, I might also use the reCap for drinking smoothies made using this technique.)

  225. Tami says:

    I love the idea of using it for homemade dressing … but I’d more than likely use it for sipping cocktails. Less practical – but more fun!

  226. kimberly says:

    I would have many uses, but I’m sure it would get used for my daily iced coffee! Brilliant!

  227. Jen says:

    Booze. Any kind. I hate it when gnats and flies land in my drinks outside.

  228. Keelea L says:

    Homemade salad dressings! Love this! Checking out kickstarter now!

  229. Debbie says:

    Homemade salad dressing! Perfect for that use. Easy to clean jar & lid

  230. Kate says:

    I love Kickstarter! I’ve invested in two projects that got made: one, a short movie, the other a fabulous stylus called the Cosomonaut. I cannot say enough good things about Kickstarter.

    I would use my reCap for iced tea.

  231. I’d use it for almost all beverages. It may all be in my head but I personally think everything tastes better from glass jars, containers, etc. than from tin cans or plastic bottles.

  232. Liz says:

    I love my mason/bell jars and this would be a perfect way to use them on the go!

  233. Amanda says:

    I would recap my coffee, my ice tea, my kids kool-aid!!! i would use it as many times and as many ways as I could!!! I saw recap on pinterest and I have been waiting anxiously for the product on shelves!!! So excited!!!!!!

  234. candace says:

    I think the perfect thing to use this for would be evening margaritas while walking the dogs…

    Kickstarter is especially awesome for investing in potential local businesses like bakeries or food trucks or whatever.

  235. Nansuelee says:

    I would use my recap when I make the smoothie recipe I found on Pinterest! It recomends putting them in a mason jar over night for the oatmeal and chia seeds to soften.

    Thanks for sharing, I will be checking out this site. Our daughter would like to open a business one day.

  236. Chavella says:

    BBQ Sauce(with lots of bourbon)

  237. Inga says:

    Fun! Yes please!

  238. Kristina says:

    I would use it for smoothies on my way to work! I’ve tried using a mason jar to make smoothies in on my blender like you see on pinterest, but that failed for me

  239. Carol Ann says:

    Because I have a mason jar fetish almost as bad as you do, I would fill one with a nice, refreshing Arnold Palmer. And if you don’t know what an Arnold Palmer is, you need to come visit me in the South.

  240. Chau says:

    I would use it for salad dressing and drinks. The usage of the reCAP is endless. Thanks for the info on “Kick starter” I’ll definitely check it out. It sounds awesome! Viva the Internet, creative people and the power of collective methods.

  241. Nicole says:

    I would use my reCap for a wine filled mason jar when camping! I’ve been using a designated wine Nalgene for years, but I hate that the smell never comes out!

  242. debbieo says:

    It has to be iced tea! This would be so cool.

  243. Irma de Visser says:

    As a symbol for our Canadian adventure that will start next year when we immigrate to BC.
    I had never even heard of a Mason Jar untill I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago – Home canning is kinda something of the old days in the Netherlands (my grandma did it and my mother remembers her being very grumpy doing it) and most people buy food in convenient small quantities in Dutch supermarkets and chock up their freezers. I intend to experience the real Canadian life and a vegetable garden is part of that, or so I imagine. I already gave it a try growing tomatoes and if it hadn’t been for the worst tomato-growing-summer (weather wise) in human history, I’m sure I would have succeeded – I’m getting a little carried away here, now back to the Mason Jar. I’m already fantasizing about walking out of the airport into my new homeland, a few fully stuffed suitcases in one hand, a reCap for a Mason Jar in the other… I bet you Canadians have never seen an immigrant this well prepared for and pre-adjusted to an exciting new life in your beautiful country!

  244. Lin N says:

    I would use it for everything like drinking tea, salad dressings, to pouring pancake batter and anything else that requires drinking, shaking or pouring!

  245. Anna says:

    I would use my ReCap for keeping stains off my favorite shirts. I’m constantly drinking out of mason jars even though I am incapable of doing so without spilling. Say hello to the new professional, stain-free me!

  246. Girl!!! I NEED one of those! I too am OBSESSED with mason jars. Besides the canning of salsa and tomatoes I do, I also store everything in jars. From nuts to oats they are lined up along the back top shelf of my fridge and in every cabinet.

    I also drink a green smoothie everyday in a mason jar. I currently use the tin lid with a hole drilled in it for the straw. Sad, right? Help me look super cool drinking my smoothie out of a reCAP!!!

  247. Pam says:

    I might use it for a honey container. It looks like it might work for that.

  248. Irma de Visser says:

    As a symbol of our Canadian adventure that will start next year when we immigrate to BC!
    I never even heard of a Mason Jar untill I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago – Home canning isn’t very common in the Netherlands. I know my grandma used to do it and my mother remembers herself trying hard to avoid her whenever she was doing it because she would get very grumpy. Nowadays people just buy their food in convenient small quantities in Dutch supermarkets en chock up their freezers. I intend to experience the real Canadian life and planting a vegetable garden is part of that, or so I imagine. I already tried growing tomatoes and if it wasn’t for the worst tomato-growing-summer (weather wise) in human history, I would have succeeded – I’m getting a little carried away here, I apologize. Back to the Mason Jar. I’m fantasizing about walking out of the airport, into our new adventure, a few fully stuffed suitcases in one hand, a reCap for a Mason Jar in the other. I bet you Canadians have never seen an immigrant this well prepared for and pre-adjusted to their new life in your beautiful country!

  249. Paulina J! says:

    Why the hell didn’t I think of this?!?!! Anyways, I would use it for sweet tea.

  250. Danielle says:

    I just cold brewed some ice coffee concentrate last night. I LOVE drinking my iced coffee out of mason jars. I’d definitely use the reCAP to bring my favourite summer drink with me on my commute to work.

  251. Irma de Visser says:

    Something went wrong and I had to retype my comment, or so I thought. Now I posted two comments (three actually). Sorry!

  252. Pats says:

    I would “let” my sweet husband use it. He drinks iced green tea from morning till night, but he’s blind in one eye and his depth perception isn’t that great, so sometimes he knocks it over.

  253. Judy says:

    So many uses, so little time! Store homemade Ginger BBQ Sauce, homemade salad dressing, homemade this and that, etc..

  254. Trish says:

    I would use it to help facilitate my drinking problem…I’m a spiller;)

  255. Emily @ NewlyWife says:

    Morning protein shake, work water bottle… the list goes on 🙂

  256. Jay says:

    Love raisins in my morning oatmeal, but not served in clumps, my jar would seal in freshness and i could savor the individual pump raisins, no more raisin cluster bombs!

  257. RLW says:

    Yes! The reCAP is perfect for dog walk cocktails, obviously.

  258. Genevieve M says:

    I would so use it to eat/drink my homemade gaspacho in the summer… Hard to have a bowl of gaspacho when you’re a nurse on the clock!

  259. Mylinda says:

    I will use my reCap on my quart jar of Honey! What a great looking product.

  260. Bee says:

    I would use my reCap to drink my iced coffee. I have a dozen jars that I found in Ma’s garage and would love to use them for something other then paining them like Pintrest says I should

  261. Laura Bee says:

    Just realized this morning my ceramic travel mug has a big crack, but isn’t leaking…yet…I will probably end up with coffee on me sometime this week. So, If I’m lucky & win, I’ll be using it for coffee. Thanks Karen!

  262. Alex says:

    oh man, why didn’t I think of that?! I’ve been using mason jars as drinking glasses for ages, but I always spill stuff. I dropped a full plate of ravioli down my front a little while ago…
    maybe she should make a cap for that, too.

  263. sarah b says:

    i would use it for a couple things that i can think of right off the bat… 1) iced coffee and 2) salad dressings!!

  264. What a great idea! And so cool that you invested through KickStarter.

    I’d use reCap to drink iced water or tea. I could see using a number of these at picnics & family gatherings. Thanks for introducing a wonderful product.

  265. Shannon V. says:

    Dressings…sauces….and teas OH MY!

    So many different ways that I can imagine using this product. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for the opportunity to win one!

  266. Wendy says:

    my husband will periodically hide his toe nails to see if I actually do dust…I’d like this reCap to collect these disgusting things then shake them into his mashed potatoes.

  267. Courtney says:

    That lid is ingenious! I have been using a mason jar at work for my water and tea and always manage to spill all over myself. While it is probably just my eye-hand coordination, this would definitely decrease the amount of liquid I spill on myself! I would love to win some, but will definitely buy several.

  268. Barbie says:

    I’d put syrup in it! That is the first thing I thought when I saw it. 🙂

  269. rebecca says:

    love it! for water!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  270. had some ideas about drinking stuff from it, so I would do that but also got ideas from the other comments – perfect for salad dressing! It always makes a mess when I pour my homemade stuff from the mason jar after shaking it up.

    ps gonna try shaking for butter today!

  271. J9 says:

    Anything ice-filed 🙂 I am going to go check that site now.

  272. Bonnie says:

    I saw these on pinterest and though genius!!! If I win one this would be my new travel coffee “jar” which I will promptly crochet a cozy for.

  273. Milton H says:

    I also invested in the reCap and would love to get another. Fantastic item. I use mine for homemade sauces and salad dressings; make ’em, store and use in the same jar.

  274. Karen Clator says:

    One of the many things I would use my reCAP for is homemade salad dressing. What a great idea and a great site!

  275. Terri Betz says:

    I love these! What an awesome idea! Very good idea as a grassroots way to help others! Bravo! Would use these for drinks like iced coffee!

  276. gogothrift says:

    I will use my reCaps to drink yummy smoothies…yessiree

  277. Tasha says:

    In theory, water, as I truly need to drink more of it, but in reality, coffee! Iced coffee for the summer, of course.

  278. Tara says:

    I would totally love one for mason jars full of raw milk. BTW, earlier this year, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to benefit our farmers’ market (our town has some rather ridiculous requirements that we need to try and meet… approx $25k worth??!?!?). We raised around $15k through Kickstarter, but did not reach our goal so the money was not awarded. But… I highly recommend Kickstarter. You have to work it constantly to get your link and your needs out there in the public eye, but even in the trying, valuable exposure is gained. Even though our campaign failed, it was totally worth it!

  279. Lynda says:

    I would use the reCAP for my mother, who has asthma and arthritis problems. She is semi-bed bound and I’ve been having problems finding her a lid that would be something along these lines for her to use and not spill her drink all over the bed. THANKS!!

  280. Amy says:

    When I go to bed at night, I always have a glass of water on the nightstand (insomnia and dry mouth from meds). But several accidents in the middle of the night have taught me that what I need is what I refer to as my “adult sippy cups.” This would be the best one ever!

  281. Jackie H says:

    I love the Recap…that would be a perfect gift for my sister that loves to drink her coffee out of mason jars…if I didn’t give it to her, I would use it to dispense my favorite homemade caramel sauce.

  282. Candice says:

    I would definitely use my fancy reCap on a mason jar! I read somewhere they were made for them!!! BAHAHAHHAHA!!!

  283. Dana says:

    i just inherited a barn that i’m currently remodeling into a studio/office, and in it i found tons of crates filled with old blue mason jars! this would be perfect for drinking some adult beverages out of those jars after a long day of working on the barn! 😉

  284. Carole says:

    Karen, I would like to commend you for bringing so many new items to my world, like Kickstarter and Recap. I also love mason jars and hummies so I would keep my hummy juice in mine so I wouldn’t spill a drop filling the feeders.

    • Karen says:

      Carole – Well … I learned something from you today! I’ve never heard of hummingbirds referred to as “hummies”. I didn’t know WHAT you were talking about until I saw the word feeders. ~ karen

  285. shannon says:

    I also have a thing for mason jars. I just completed a project of retrofitting my pendent lights over my island to now have very large mason jars as the glass shades. I would use the reCap to drink a multitude of beverages from my mason jars.

  286. Carole says:


  287. Synthia Lane says:

    This would be great for my kids’ travel drinks + BONUS, it’s BPA free!! Great stocking stuffers too!

  288. Dee G says:

    I will use it for the whey I have after straining my homemade yogurt. I like to pour it when making smoothies or adding it to batters and the spillage from the standard mason jar without such a gizmo bugs me, so this would be a really great thing!

    • Dee G says:

      And I love kickstarter. Have invested in the NYC floating pool project – a pool located in the river that filters all the bad stuff out. How cool is THAT!!!

  289. Aimee says:

    Ooh, I will use mine as an excuse to finally try Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee!

    And thanks for the nudge to check out Kickstarter. I’ve been meaning to head over there for ages.

  290. Renee says:

    Just a few days ago, I heard that the screw-on blade for the Magic Bullet blender had the same threading as a Mason Jar so one can be used instead of a blender cup, and now you’re telling me this handy dandy lid will fit, too? Now I can blend a smoothie in a jar and twist on a reCAP to take it to work! Awesome!

  291. Kathleen says:

    OMG….to be able to chug sweet chocolate milk out of a mason jar without the dreadful fear of forever ruining your blouse after dribbling chocolate milk all down your front….that would be heaven! For the love of God, pick me! And if you don’t, is this recap thingy (don’t you love the word “thingy”?) available for purchase otherwise??

    • Karen says:

      Kathleen – Yes. I’ve provided the link in the post to where you can buy them online. ~ karen

  292. Jessica says:

    Coffee (iced, hot, whatever fits the moment). And anything I can that would be more conveniently poured through a spout than sloppily poured from a normal mason jar mouth; barbecue sauces and vinegars come to mind.

  293. Jenny says:

    OMG I can has fancy high class smoothies in a mason jar. Yes.

  294. Bonnie says:

    I would love a recap to put on my mason jar of cold water at work. I work in a creativity center, so I would like even my water supply to have a creative twist.

  295. mary c says:

    Pickle juice!!! I’m with pickle juice girl.

  296. hunter says:

    I’d use mine to keep on the jar of simple syrup I keep in the fridge. I like to make fancy flavored syrups (what, we drink a lot). They need to stay in the fridge, and mason jars are cool for that, but they’re hard to pour from in a controlled fashion. Especially as the evening progresses…

    BUT, this could totally solve that. And who doesn’t want to encourage easier consumption of tasty beverages?

  297. I would love one of these. I also have a mason jar obsession. I would use mine on the largest standard mouth jar I could find and take lemon-aid to the park with my daughter.

  298. Jamie says:

    Organic fruit and veggie smoothies for me and my girl. MMMM!

  299. Thera says:

    But I also paint watercolours, and use a mason jar for my water, with a re-cap I could keep the cats from drinking/spilling potentially poisonous water!
    (Currently I do make sure that I always empty my jar so the cats aren’t harmed, but this would make my life easier)

  300. Auntiepatch says:

    Sugar – what could be easier? No problem with pouring sugar in my tea ever again!

  301. christine says:

    iced coffee at work, my keyboard will thank me… what can i say, im animated!

  302. Virginia says:

    Love Mason jars! This is a great invention that I would use for any and all liquids that need containment and easy access – iced drinks, smoothies, salad dressings. I will definitely be ordering a few of these very soon.

  303. Elaine B says:

    Great idea! I would use this for beverages of all kinds that I bring with me around the house. I need something with a lid so my evil cats can’t dip their grimey paws into my drinks!

  304. Anna says:

    Summer’s coming and Recap would be a perfect top for my homemade BBQ sauce! Kickstarter is such a great platform for all of these great ideas!

  305. Annie Kip says:

    I can just see it now – working in the garden with my reCap-equipped mason jar containing a refreshing Fresca over ice – no spilling and no bugs! You just can’t beat Fresca in a glass container!

  306. Kailee says:

    I’d use it for tea. And the salad dressing idea people have posted is good too.

  307. Karen C says:

    I would use it for homemade dressing, and I have also backed a Kickstarter project. Road Trip with Bibi the African Grey Parrot. She is amazing – like you Karen!

  308. Ashleigh says:

    I already use a mason jar for drinking water on the go. It’s so much easier to clean than a water bottle, and I love being able to see through it and KNOW there’s no gunk stuck to the bottom (I’m looking at you, SIGG). The traditional lid is definitely a pain, though. This reCAP looks awesome; great find!

  309. Gayla T says:

    I, too, have a long time love affair with canning jars. I use my little jar salt and pepper shakers for every picnic. I have a set of Good Luck jars on my counter for staples and still have a few jars with handles to drink from left over from a BBQ I threw once upon a time. However, they get knocked over and spill all when I’m outside working in the yard and this great little top would cure that. My drink of choice now that it is officailly HOT is pom and limeade mixed. Soooo good! If I don’t win I’m going to either cry or buy one. Can I get back to you on that?

  310. ev says:

    Love it! I would use it for iced tea!

  311. Kim says:

    For my iced tea – all summer long – and to keep those darn buggity bugs out of it

  312. Blandine says:

    I am going to use mine for hot tea, iced tea, and maybe on a very special night to catch fireflies!

  313. Dee G says:

    One of those “wish I had thought of that” products. I would use it to dole out kitty treats to my cats.

  314. Jill says:

    reCap would be perfect for taking to work – soups, salad dressing, jelly beans…. And I would love to be able to drain a jar of pickles or beets when it gets down to the end without pouring most of it on myself (which happens all the time)!

  315. Amanda says:

    I am so happy to see your post about Kickstarter! I love Kickstarter! The recap concept is fabulous. I hope my name gets drawn, as I need a new portable drinking vessel and have a mason jar addiction!!!

  316. Brook says:

    For iced coffee, iced tea, hot coffee (with a handknit cozy to avoid burned hands), for simple syrup, storing and pouring small grains. So many uses!

  317. Debbie B says:

    Mostly for coffee but also for the odd Margarita

  318. Amanda says:

    I would use it for some nice summer drinks!

  319. Marti says:

    I would TOTALLY use a reCAP because I have to drag distilled water to my job for all my drinking needs. Since I now work seven days a week (as compared to when I worked overnights and read/commented on your blog every day) my life would be immeasurably improved every day.

    As a result, I’d be so much happier that people would stop by my desk here in the U.S. Capitol to ask, “Marti, what is making you so much happier all day?” I’d say “Oh, it’s this cool reCap that Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff gave me. You should definitely buy one of these!”

    They would all buy them, become happier people and Peace would break out across the world.

    Giving me a reCAP is a move toward World Peace. You should totally send me one.

  320. Carole McGinnis says:

    What a great little invention. I would use it for so many things; coffee, syrup, salad dressings, protein shakes, just to name a few.

  321. Teresa says:

    Iced coffee, iced tea, ice water… so anything on the brink of freezing.

  322. Blue says:

    My mom cans tomato juice for making sauce. It’s so good, I sometimes sneak a swig or two from the jar, but it’s perilous work – it requires secrecy, and a spill wastes precious sauce AND totally ruins an article of clothing, since wearing a white shirt seems to make me extra thirsty.

    I would use my reCAP to save my wardrobe and every last precious drop of tomato sauce.

  323. Bols says:

    Oh I am loving these! So many uses … but I know right away what I would do with mine: recently, I developed an addiction to a No Name coffee whitener (in powder form). It comes in fairly large bottles with a cap that has little flip-up thingy – but the problem is the flip-up spout will either tear off my nail or, if I use something like a knife, it will fall off completely (as it is attached by a microscopic hinge). So there. This looks like it would easy to open, pour the whitener out and then close it again without destroying one’s nails.

  324. i am a jar hoarder – particularly mason jars. i use them for dry goods, candles, vases (esp to display herbs), doodads, dog treats, lanterns, etc. i always WANT to drink out of them but end up with major dribbles so i would literally drink EVERY SINGLE THING from my jars if i had a reCap. pleeeeeease!?!?! help me with my closet full of jars 🙂

  325. EVERY SINGLE THING that goes in my mouth ;). I have a closet full of jars and I need help. I can’t drink out of them now without dribbling so I would be thrilled out my mind with a reCap!

  326. shauna says:

    I would use my re-cap for shaking up protein/meal shakes. I like to use a mason jar with ice cubes to get it shaken up really good. This would be perfect to make it an on the go/in the car item.

  327. Lance ==)---------------- says:

    For beverages is the most likely use, but more than half of the above commenters have said that, so I think I’ll use mine to store egg wash solution. I go through it very slowly, so a jar with this lid will keep it fresh for a good, long time.

    Lance ==)—————

  328. JP says:

    Iced coffee! This summer! Every day!

  329. Jen says:

    So many uses…but definitly for homemade salad dressing. Love it!

  330. Donna says:

    Oh, Iced coffee sounds perfect. I think it would have all kinds of uses when camping.

  331. Maria Found says:

    These are so amazing! I am dying here at the prospect of having a recyclable use to glass. I work at a high school and the amount of publicity I can garner by bringing these into school will be insurmountable. I love this idea for bring cool drinks to class, small snacks, sending my kids to school with recyclable containers for their drinks or snacks (like applesauce or anything else that can be ‘poured’). OH FABULOUS IDEA PEOPLE! FABULOUS!

  332. Lisa says:

    My daughter uses small mason jars in her lunch box to hold leftovers. She loves them – and would be thrilled to drink tea or lemonade from them too!

  333. Katy says:

    Iced coffee and smoothies. These look so awesome1

  334. Sandra says:

    Iced tea and mason jars just naturally go together …

  335. Alaina Puleo says:

    I plan on using the reCAP to help me when I pour stuff out of my mason jars, as I have a tendency to make a mess all over the place. It’ll be great for using when I make BBQ sauces and pizza sauces!

  336. Debby says:

    Too cool! One word – margaritas!

  337. Jennifer R says:

    I would use my reCap to keep my home-made salad dressing in at work. Or, I might use it for my iced coffee. Decisions, decisions……

  338. becky says:

    this is amazing! i would use it for all my drinks to keep bugs out while outside!

  339. elena says:

    I would use this to put my AM coffee in my mason jar to drink while driving to work. No more wondering if my cheap commuter cup is BPA free!

  340. Susan says:

    What a great idea! I would use the recaps for lemonade (the perfect working outside in the summer drink) and I know my son and I would both use them for smoothies.

  341. Dora Muller Harrison- FaceBook B says:

    Down here in the south, a few restarants serve their ice tea in Mason Jars, oh how I’d love to have one of yourlids for my own ice tea drink. And would love to show off this lid to the restarants too.
    Thank you for this oppertunity to win one..

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