Are you Team Kindle or Team Book?

Earlier this week I talked  a little bit about how I like the latest and greatest of all techy/gadgety things.  I love them.  I got a Fitbit the second it came out, I have speaker lights in my kitchen, I would be lost without my Apple TV, refractometer or hair dryer.  It’s still high tech.  At least it was at one point.

But then there’s this other side of me.  The side that always goes with the classic, the original, the tried and true.  Nothing fancy thank you very much … just a coffee.  A regular coffee.  A plain coffee.  With just coffee in it.

So regarding the whole Kindle VS Book-Book debate I could swing either way.  It’s a crapshoot.  Does she like the Kindle or does she like actual books?  She doesn’t know because she’s never tried a Kindle.


I get the whole e-reader thing.  It’s convenient and cool and you can have books INSTANTLY and you can carry around an entire library with you.  But it’s not a book.  And I like books.

I like turning down the corner of the pages, underlining words that I like (or don’t know), looking at the cover as I close the book before going to sleep, and I just like the tactile feel of it. I especially like the sound of turning pages.  Books.  I like ’em.  And yes. I really do turn down page corners and underline things (in pencil).  You can take your hand away from your mouths now.

I’ve tried to read books on my iPad a few times and I got through them and thought it was kind of neat but not enjoyable the way my regular book reading is for some reason.  Because of that I’ve never bought a Kindle or a Kobo.

While I was writing this post I looked up about Kindles to see if maybe I could be swayed by their high tech glossy good looks.

This Kindle Voyage almost swayed me.

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How did it almost sway me?  Because it’s the latest and greatest version.  The exact thing I’m always a sucker for.

People love e-readers for vacations because they can take 6 books with them without taking up any space at all in their luggage, but I don’t go on a ton of vacations. And even when I do it seems it’s to places where I’m running from one place to another from morning until night.  There isn’t a lot of relaxation and reading going on in my vacations.   Wandering and getting lost. That’s what goes on during my vacations.  And a lot of time is spent getting an exchange rate headache,  trying to figure out if that bowl costs $40 or 12 cents.

After my post last week about book recommendations a few people asked about whether I use a Kindle and even more people stopped me in the street to talk about them.

I’m team book.

And you?

Team Kindle or Team Book?  And why.

Before I let you all get to your weekend:

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  1. Colleen says:

    I love books! I also love going to the libaray to browse through the books. Having said that I use a Kobo because holding heavy books is hard on the broken and bent parts of my body. I still do read books from time to time if one pops off the shelf and into my hands at the library but, for the most part, the library is a place for me to enloy the pleasure of flipping through the pages of books, read the cover flaps and then borrow them on my Kobo.
    I originally had a Kindle but found out very quickly cannot borrow library books from Canadian public libraries on a Kindle ereader so it was traded in for a Kobo.
    I love the dictionary feature on the Kobo. If I am not sure of the meaning of the word all I have to do is touch the word momentarily and a dictionary meaning pops up. It is also very easy to underline passages and ‘bend down corners’ for bookmarks. It is also very easy to add notes.

  2. Jenifer says:

    Team Book…my kindle has a dead battery and sits somewhere in my house with close to 100 unread books on it. I tried, I really did. It sounded good but the reality was more than I could bear…like those really cute jeans that look great in the store but at home? not so much.

    Maybe in a few years or after a few more workouts.

  3. Jennie Lee says:

    I love both. But I have to say, my Kindle is one of the 2 best things I ever bought. The other was my 500 square foot mobile home, which was so full of stuff, mainly books, that my only defense against being considered a hoarder was that none of it was junk. It was all good, valuable stuff. I bought a Kindle about 6 years ago, because I couldn’t afford internet access, and I got the Kindle 3G keyboard, which allowed me free internet access. I still use that model. Thanks to Freecycle (If you don’t know what that is, look up It may save your sanity), I gave away 42 boxes of books and at least 60 boxes of other stuff. I now live in a larger home, but I still have one room for my books and one for my comic books. It should be obvious that I do love books. Discussions of this topic always get me riled up, because there are so many misconceptions about Kindle. People hate them for reasons that don’t really exist, and they don’t want to find out the truth. 1. My Kindle screen does not glow. You can read it in full sun, just like a book. 2. You do not put batteries in it. It charges up, like your cellphone, and you can read it while it charges. 3. For anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage in their hands, or cataracts, it’s a blessing. 4. There are over a million FREE books for it, including most of the old classics. 5. It is very user-friendly, and the manual of all the amazing features is right there in the Kindle. 6. Like audio books? It has audio. 7. Someone mentioned scrolling…? There is no scrolling. Someone also mentioned a “flicker”…? One page fades and another appears. Better than fumbling with the pages- especially in the wind! 8. If your Kindle is lost, stolen, or damaged, your books are NOT “gone”. Get another Kindle or device with Kindle, and there they are. 9. You CAN loan your books to another Kindle user. Actually, I have 3 Kindles, so I could loan one. (They are very cheap on eBay.) 10. You can read free samples of books, before you buy. 11. It contains 2 very easy to use dictionaries. 12. There is a bar at the bottom of the page showing how far you’ve read, and how far to the next chapter. 13. If you’re into tactile delights, my Kindle covers are leather, and have built-in lights (which you’d never know were there till you pull them out) for reading in the dark. I’ve carried one every time I leave the house, for 6 years, and it looks like new. 14. The space in a Kindle is, in effect, infinite. You can have thousands of books loaded onto it at a time, but you can “archive” an infinite number with Amazon, which you can download back to your Kindle in a minute. In other words, books and Kindles both rock, and if you refuse to try a Kindle, I think you’re missing out.

  4. Sherri says:

    I swing both ways…when it comes to reading. I’m a sucker for great cover art so I’ll buy the book if the cover is stunning. I may buy the book if several book-loving friends want to read a particular title so I can loan it to them after I finish it. I may buy the book if it’s written by one of my favorite authors because I will probably want to keep it. But I do make good use of my Kindle for many books because it’s so light and convenient. My kids gifted my Kindle and a spring green cover with built-in reading lamp to me five Christmases ago and they’re both still in great shape!

  5. Ellen says:

    Absolutely Team Book !! My house is overflowing with books, and there are still more that I want. The trouble with Kindles is that many of the books I want are so esoteric &/or old that they aren’t available in Kindle form. Also, I re-read things a lot, and I understand that books disappear from Kindle after a certain time- Horrors!
    I do have a Kindle on my laptop & cellphone, which I have used only for free books (cheapskate here), and have some wonderful very old books on it. But it just doesn’t work well for me. A real book opens naturally at the best parts and it smells & feels comfortable – like home.

  6. ellen says:

    Team Fickle! Seriously, I use both. For novels and bedtime reading mainly my Kindle. I do buy some books at the thrift store – for 50 cents or a dollar I can’t beat the price for beach reading. I download from the library too. I buy a lot of craft and knitting books, new ones, used ones, hilarious vintage ones. For those there is not substitute – must be the physical books. The new ones have gorgeous pictures and lovely paper, which is part of the luxury experience. I also love magazines, but have not found an online experience of them which is acceptable.

  7. Chuck says:

    I’ve tried a Nook reader and my Samsung tablet and although convenient I keep coming back to books. The other thing I find myself doing on the readers is starting multiple books, its just to easy and tempting to do. Not a good thing.

    So I for team book.

    By the way I just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir. You might like it, lots of good survival hacks. Although on Mars but still very interesting and creative.

  8. Mary says:


    I don’t understand why people think you need to use one form exclusively over the other. I love my Kindle AND I love my books. My house is very small and I simply do not have the room for all the books I read (I read 1-2 books a week) so the Kindle allows me to have hundreds of books available while taking up a tiny amount of space BUT I also buy books and have even been known to buy hard copies of books I read on the Kindle (like the Book Thief). I also adore vintage books and prefer to give my precious storage space over to such gems as ‘The Home Queen World’s Fair Souvenir Cook Book.’ I also take advantage of the many Little Libraries in my neighborhood so at any one time I am usually reading a book on the Kindle and an actual book I borrowed from either a friend or the Little Library down the street. I read in bed before I fall asleep and prefer my Kindle for that because it is easier for my tired hands to deal with but I still curl up on the sofa with my hard copy of ‘All the Light We Cannot See.’

    Come on, Karen, talk a walk on the wild side and enjoy both!

  9. Elise says:

    I don’t think it makes much difference, but I just went through and clicked on every single ad on the page… 🙂

  10. Nanette says:

    Team Book!

    I love the feel of turning the pages and the feel of a book in my hands. I can’t get that same feeling with my kindle. Plus I read it when I get to bed and electronics are not good for that if you suffer from insomnia like me. I hit my used bookstore, the library and my libraries twice a year sale. On the last day you pack a paper grocery bag full of books and only pay $5. Then return them when you’re done, just like a big community book swap and tax deduction. Double bonus!

    But I do have a Kindle. It’s good for traveling (lightweight) and when I can’t find my glasses since I can increase the font.

  11. Liz says:

    team book all the way, but I can see how people would be team Kindle for the reasons you mentioned. I love the smell too! Nothing better than an old used bookstore. Mcleod’s Books in Vancouver is one of my favorite places in Canada 🙂 There is a reverence when reading a real book, like you are partaking in a ritual or privilege that you get to share with everyone and all who ever were. It’s both personal and private, and universal and shared, ya know? Yes, corny, I know. haha

    Ps: way to advocate for yourself and all bloggers really on the ad blocker. I thought your idea the other day of letting people have a few days to check the site out and then blocking them unless they change their settings was a fair idea.

  12. An avid reader since a child, books were the way to go for me. I was always carrying two at a time though: one book and one dictionary. Then I was given a Kindle, and it comes with a dictionary! I can look up words, and the words in those looked up words, and the words in *those* looked up words, and then go right back to where I was. I can change the font size, the background and font color, and switch between 100s of books as my reading fancy grabs me. Plus it has text-to-speech. I can listen to books while I work on manual labor. Ahhh… but then I got my smartphone and downloaded Kindle onto it and now I can read EVERYWHERE. Except in the bath and while I am doing manual labor, because the Kindle app doesn’t offer text-to-speech. So I got Audible. But wait, there’s MORE!. You’d better stop reading right here, Karen, this could get dangerous for you! I got an Amazon Echo, signed up for the Kindle Unlimited series, and now I can read a book on my Kindle or smartphone, listen to it on Audible in my car or on my phone when I’m out, or have it read to me on my Amazon Echo. Plus I can interrupt my Echo to ask it for definitions, or Wikipedia articles on items of interest mentioned, and then return to my book. The Echo, Audible, and Kindle all sync, so I can pick up my book at any point, whether I’m listening or reading! Yes, I still love paper books, but the ability to read three to four books PER WEEK is just awesome! Huge reader, so I have a Kindle, the Kindle app on my phone, the Audible app on my phone, an Amazon Echo AND paper books. Go reading!

  13. Kirsten says:

    I am team iBook!! I have a library of books on my iPhone so that when I am stuck waiting for something or someone, I pull out my phone and read. (It also syncs with my iPad at home) so next time you are waiting 45 minutes in your doctors/dentist/lawyers..etc, just think of how many chapters you would have read instead of leafing through chewed up chatalaine/house and home/ people magazines from 2010.

  14. Sabina says:

    TEAM BOOKS, REAL BOOKS! There’s nothing cozy about curling up with a piece cold gadgetry. I like to dog-ear pages and backpedal for reference sometimes which inevitably means you lose your place on a reader: hhhhhh swipe swipe swipe, scroll scroll scroll…it makes me dizzy and distracted when I want to get lost in what I’m reading. And right now I’m reading In the Night Circus so I’m happy to see it there ^ up there in your “YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS” section. It’s been wallowing in my gadget for about three years now so I decided to buy the book and end my misery! Peace at last!!!


    PS – I got my Lee Valley Catalog, it’s one of my favorites too – CHA-CH$NG!

  15. Miss ID says:

    Firmly in the #TeamKindle camp! I love that it has the “ink on paper” technology screen that allows me to read it in bright sunlight just like a “real” book, and I love that I can highlight and then log on my computer later and revisit all of my compiled highlights. I also check out library books on my Kindle, and it suits my minimalist-wannabe lifestyle. Could not say any more about it, and I never plan on buying a physical book ever again.

    The number one complaint I hear from people in the #TeamBook camp is that they just love the way books “smell” and would not get that from a Kindle. A strange, but legitimate, complaint.

  16. Teresa says:

    TEAM READ what ever it is on….
    I love books and I love my kindle paperwhite touch
    What’s funny is when I’ve been reading on my kindle and change to a book and find myself just touching the page to turn it.
    When reading a book I miss being able to touch and hold a word to get a pop up of the definition.
    Kindle is great for getting books from the library without driving there and for buying the newest release without paying hardcover prices. I also love being able to have my favorite books forever without them taking up room or getting yellow and brittle.
    Kindles don’t need book lights but for real books, I think this is the ultimate lightweight book light:

  17. Lisa says:


    Love, love books BUT I also really like my Nook. So, I go back and forth. I’ll lose my Nook for months at a time, then find it and read on it for a while. Then go back to real books….

    I like the Nook b/c my husband doesn’t complain about the light being on at night. It really hurts when you fall asleep and get knocked in the face tho!

  18. Anne says:

    TEAM BOOK with a caveat because I’m complicated.

    I have a Kobo. An old version that an ex gave me for Christmas. I don’t use it often. But I do like to trot it out on those rare occasions when my wrists ache from propping up really thick books in bed (Stephen King is so wordy) or when there are 43 people in front of me waiting for the 4 hard copies of a book the library has. Or when I want to start reading that book right NOW.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Team Kindle for me – Kindle Paperwhite to be more specific.
    Years ago I would have said that I wouldn’t be willing to give up the feel and smell of the paper. I bought my first Kindle to use mainly for travel and fell in love with it. 2 or 3 years ago I bought a Paperwhite for the advantages of the backlit screen, and I wouldn’t part with it for anything. It is totally different than reading on my phone or tablet. I can read in bed without tearing pages out of my book and I can adjust the brightness, as well as the font size, to suit me (and my sleeping hubby). I can highlight quotations that I want to keep and look up words that I am unfamiliar with. It is a win-win.

  20. Carole says:

    Team Book !! You can’t replace the joy of books, the real paper ones. Many libraries these days are spending more tax payer money on e-book downloads than real paper books, due to demand. Public libraries will probably continue but I worry about book stores. My husband and I owned two used book stores for over 20 years. One is still in business but I wonder about the future.
    Oh, the pleasure of walking into a book store !!!
    Particularly a used one.

  21. Erin says:

    Team Book! I find it really hard to track on a screen. Plus it is hard on the eyes to look at a lit screen for hours. And I don’t have to keep my books charged so I can ready them. In a power outage, I can take out my trusty headlamp and read on for as long as I have batteries. I can borrow books from the library for free, don’t have to pay to download them.
    Plus, I am just not a techie. I have an IPad I have no idea how to use, and don’t really care to learn.

  22. laura says:

    TEAM BOOK. Sorry for shouting.

    Not to repeat your points too much, but the feel of a book. You can’t replace that. The feel, the turning of a page, dog-earring pages – I know, some people hate that, but I love it! I dog ear every page that has a line I love, a passage, a thought, a place that made me laugh-snort. Also, instant downloads take away the fun of bookstore/library perusing, both of which are my favorite zen moments in life.

    Now having said all that, I’m Googling speaker lights.

  23. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    I am a converted Kindle user. I used to swear I would only read book-books but a friend was so persuasive about his Kindle that I decided to give it a go. I am on my second one which is the Kindle Paperwite. I love it. I don’t blame you from not liking books on your iPad. It’s because the iPad is backlit. It’s also heavy and awkward to hold. The Paperwite has teensy tiny lights all around, which are adjustable. No eye strain. You can read in the dark. You can read in bright glaring sunlight. It weighs almost nothing. Instead of underlining words I don’t know, I just touch the word and it gives me the definition. Very cool. I know there are fancier Kindles out there but they tend to be backlit and I don’t need an ereader to surf the Internet – that’s what my iPad is for.

    Bonus – you can have up to 3 kindles that you can upload to. This means I was able to give my first to my daughter with all of the books that I have purchased (about 130 so far).

  24. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    Forgot one of my favourite things!! You can download free samples of as many books as you like. There samples are very generous and I usually know by the end whether I want to purchase.

  25. Kristin ferguson says:

    Team Kindle.

    I believe I’m actually the one who started this topic about Kindle a few posts back. I do like my Kindle, and I use it all the time. I prefer books, but the Kindle features (abundantly mentioned above) make it totally worthwhile. I do miss the intuitive paging around you can do in a book, like in a murder mystery when you want to flip back a few chapters to reread that one bit you are sure is a clue. You can do it on a Kindle, but it isn’t as easy. The simple act of flipping pages with your thumb to speed back or forward is something I do miss. But Kindle books are cheaper than paperbacks, you can read them within seconds of ordering them, you can read without turning on the light, you can look up words, adjust the typeface size, etc. It’s an object that holds thousands of books but weighs mere ounces, and no trees were harmed. I read on the metro train every day on my way to work. Kindle rocks.

  26. Lisa says:

    I am Team Book, but I also have a Samsung tablet with e-reader software on there, and my library participates in “e-lending” using this app called OverDrive. I think the prices for electronic books is outrageous, especially considering that you do not own the book after you paid for it.

    Sometimes the e-book at the library comes in sooner than a reserve on a paper book, so I guess I’m rather 50/50 on it. It is convenient, I’ll tell you that.

    I also subscribe to, which is 8.99/mo and unlimited reading. The selection is not as good as a library, and it kinda frustrates me. I’m on the fence about recommending it, but if you find a topic and they have a lot of books in that topic, it can be good.

  27. Larissa Stretton says:

    Team BOOK all the way, for all the reasons listed, the paper, the feel, the smell, easy on the eyes! I have a Kindle, but have only read one book on it, using it to mainly play games or surf the web. Did I also mention, I am the Story Time lady at my library, so I share the love of books, real paper books, with hundreds of children! Books are the Best! (In my humble opinion).

    You’re blog is a favorite and I watch ads periodically, because I want you to stick around.

  28. tj says:

    I had a kindle and didn’t like it as it was too small and I didn’t like the page numbering system. I do, however LOVE, Love, love ibooks on ipad.

  29. Luanne says:

    This isn’t in any way intentional – but I’m team book. I have no doubt I’ll turn and join the other side – but I haven’t been around them, I haven’t had a use for them, and I really do enjoy the tactile feel of a piece of paper between my fingers.

    Presumably someone will eventually hand me their old old old, almost archaic e-reader, and encourage me to give it a try. And I’ll fall in love with it. And I’ll try to convert the (already converted) world.

    At least.. if past behaviours are truly the predictor….

  30. Kathy says:

    Is there room for another team? I really enjoy audio books. The Harry Potter series had a great reader. My “boom box”, I don’t know what else to call it, plays cds and cassettes. I can listen in the dark and it has a sleep timer to shut off. It helps me go to sleep via a good story without any light to keep me awake. And of course in the car it is the best yet.

  31. leslie young says:

    love books – smell, feel, page flipping, nostalgic, trashy, business, enlightening, photography, magazines, all of them I love them all. My husband bought me a Kobo Reader several years ago on my sisters advice that I would love it – I never even turned it on (felt terrible) but books are my jam !!!

  32. Shauna says:

    I’m team kindle, BUT, I love real books. What I miss by reading on my kindle is looking at the cover of the book, I miss being able to really study the maps that they put in historical fiction books, I miss easily being able to flip back to a spot.

    What I don’t miss – how my hand aches when reading a giant book (I read a lot of historical fiction and there are a lot of big books); the heaviness of said book in my bag.

    I do love that I can take my kindle with me on vacation and not worry about finishing a book and then finding another one I like, in my language. I like that I can take a giant book and it doesn’t take up all the room in my luggage. I like that I can practically lay down flat while reading it and it’s easy to hold with one hand.

  33. Betty says:

    Team Book. Have a Kindle installed on my laptop so I can read e-manuals, etc., but I am glued to a computer all day so when I read at night (and any other time I can get away with it), I want the feel and look of a book!

  34. Laurinda says:

    Team BOOKS!
    I like the idea of an ebook, but prefer the weight & feel of a book. The smell of a used bookstore (my favorite! ) & masses of books are great for deadening sound & have insulating properties! ?

  35. Barbie says:

    I have a kindle but I still love the feel of a real book. I’m like you on this one.

  36. carla gruszecki says:

    I’m Team Book for the exact same reasons you are. I have some ereader thingy on my IPAd but, like you, only read a couple of books on it …..and then forgot about it. I do like the concept though and get why others like it. I bought a Kindle for son a while back and he considers HUGGING me whenever he uses it…. which is a SCORE for Team Mum.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Team Book–because I have a strange habit of “crinkling” pages while I read. I don’t know how I acquired the habit, but it’s strangely satisfying to me and entertaining to my friends and family.

  38. Heather (mtl) says:

    Team book, easily. My sister gave me her CRUZ e-reader years ago as she just never ‘connected’ with it. She bought it from tsc and could never get the dang thing to stay on. Also, it was affiliated with B&Noble, which left the building soon after her purchase. It sits beside the bed with a stack of books and mags on the floor. I read those, but I dust it.
    BTW, thanks for the AdBlock tip. I had no idea so I have enabled you.
    Do you feel enabled?

  39. Kelliblue says:

    As I’m kinda 50/50 on the whole thing, your post inspired me to list why:

    Team KINDLE:
    I can make the text BIGGER and the background brighter for my aging eyes
    I can take ALL my books with me at once
    I can search through the book or easily go to any part of the book I want immediately
    I can instantly look up a word, phrase, author, or even hear how a word sounds, while reading
    If I want more books, or more by that author, I can add them to my library almost instantly
    If a friend has an Android device, I can easily send them a copy of the book almost instantly, and vice versa
    If I’m in an iffy situation, I could clear/wipe/remove my book if need be
    I never lose my place–instant bookmarks–to come back to
    As long as I have a device or computer and my account, I can get to my books anywhere
    I can carry lots of other things along with my books, such as my phone, phonebook, maps, my bank, my camera, even the entire interwebs!
    I can hold and read my book in either portrait or landscape style
    No center book crease! (esp. with a lengthier book)
    I don’t have to lick my finger to turn a page…I just tap
    I can read in the dark without a flashlight 🙂

    Team BOOK:
    There’s something about holding a book that is so incredibly satisfying
    It’s easy to lose yourself in the story…without the page going dim on you
    They’re light and easy to carry (unless you’re reading War & Peace; then you’re just a masochist)
    You don’t have to keep a book charged, or worry about where you can plug in your book, and you don’t need an account or passwords to read a book (but maybe a library card)
    There’s no learning curve with a book, as long as you know how to read
    As long as there’s light, you can read a book anywhere (and without the screen glare too)
    You can write notes, highlight, underline, etc., in a paper book
    If you really like a book, you can buy lots of copies for friends and family easily
    Books come in a variety of forms, like hard cover, paperback, different paper, etc.
    Books have been around for millennia and are very easy to find
    Once expensive books can also be easily found at half price book stores and the like; many books you can find for free if you look in the right places
    Other than our own dreams, IMHO bookstores and libraries are the only other magical places that can take you away to distant lands!
    The *smell* of books is like…history rolled up in imagination, smothered in comfort. 🙂

  40. Sharon says:

    Late to the party, but I’m team BOTH! At last count there are over 800 books in my library, which spans several generations of cherished works. Much of this is Non-Fiction or serious leather bound classics. But my Kindle is always with me, and filled with fiction or light hearted fun reads. Who says you can’t have both??

  41. Laura Bee says:

    Books, real books! I used to have so many. I find nearly all our books at used book stores, yard sales or thrift stores. Now I have a “small” collection of keepers & for the last few years have been reading & passing on my books – except those that really need to be read again. I have had to add a second bookcase in my daughter’s room & it’s just about full. I have bought all her ’12 Days of Books’ for Christmas already. So, it’s either another purge or a bigger bookcase for her.

    As for e-readers, I have never read on a Kindle etc, but I did try to read a downloaded copy of 50 Shades of Grey on my pc & it started to get weird…never did finish it.

  42. gotta write…I’m team book, as well. there’s nothing like the smell of a new book. I like to flip all the pages and take a big sniff. nostalgic, I know, but I like what I like.

  43. Brandy Ballard says:

    I’m team both. I read very quickly so if I’m going on a week long trip I can finish 3 or 4 books. As a child and young adult I always had to allot space in my suitcase for books. If I’m sitting at home reading I tend to go for some of the books on my 7 bookcases, lol but if I’m traveling I prefer my kindle, especially since they are really tablet like anymore so I can link it to my phone’s wifi and access my email and facebook as well. There is also a word processing app that I’ve downloaded as well.

    • Brandy Ballard says:

      Oh and one more thing, my local library is very e-conscious so if I want the next book in a series or another book by the same author I can download it immediately if it’s available and it’s free 🙂 which is a price I can get behind

  44. Paula says:

    I love the convenience of ordering books on a Kindle and having them instantly but I usually read them on my computer. This is usually due to the fact that it is something that I need to know about ‘now’.
    Team Book would get my vote though, I love books.

  45. joanne says:

    Team Kindle, but specifically Kindle Paperwhite!!! (Not iPad app unless I’m stuck somewhere)
    I read a lot, and have always carried books and magazines with me for my commutes. nothing worse than getting stuck waiting somewhere without reading material.

    I’ve tried the Kndle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle app for iPads. I don’t like the glare on the shiny screens of the iPad or Kindle Fire, nor the fact that I can’t read them in bright light situations (and living at the beach, I’m in bright light often). Just like the iphones, the shiny touch-screen surfaces don’t do well in sunlight, but Kindle’s Paperwhite is perfect.

    For reading, I absolutely recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. I do still read using the Kindle app for iPads, since I carry the iPad for work, and commute with it.

    I love the feel & smell of books – but the convenience of the Kindle has won me over.

  46. Pam Jones says:

    Kindle for novels and one-time books. Books for reference. Why Kindle? I can read in bed with the lights off curled up on my side. I can read in the pool (waterproof cover) and that’s how I spend my 100+ degree summer days in Texas. I travel a lot and can bring a dozen books (or more).

  47. Amie M says:

    Team Book! The smell, tactile response and nostalgia of curling up with a book until the wee hours of the morning get me every time.

    I have tried the Kindle and Kobo apps on my iPad, and they worked well when I was impatient for the paperback to be available in a series I am reading. But as soon as that paperback was ready, I bought it.

  48. Robin says:

    Book, book, book – Kindle! But not as a stand-alone device. I get eBooks on my tablet and iPhone via the Kindle app. And I can read any of them on any of my devices. That’s cool. I buy a lot o business-type books as ebooks because a) business books are large and expensive and the e-versions are cheaper and weigh NOTHING!

  49. I’m team both! With an added…I LOVE for audio books…love, love, love it.

    That said, my Kindle is old – like 8 yrs. old – and I love it. It’s my magic book, and instantly transports me to any place and time I want, provided I have the place/time in a book. 🙂

    But, there is nothing in the world like the smell of a real book. The heft, the texture, the print. Ahhh…bliss…

    If tomorrow I had to choose, I’d take the printed book over all the others…and pray my glasses never broke.

  50. Amber Miele says:

    I’m a Team Book! …But have to secretly be Team Kindle/tablet because they don’t make what I read in physical paper form… Woe is me.

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