Last Minute Stocking Stuffer & Gift ideas.
From $4 – $160

Now that the deadline for the Christmas Pledge is almost over (it ends tomorrow) I’m sure you’re all laying around, relaxing with a cup of cocoa wondering what to do with yourself.  Yes.  I know you that well.

Look no more, I have a something for you to do.  Browsing.

I know I said we were all done everything Christmas related by December 5th, but part of the fun of the Christmas Pledge is buying gifts or stocking stuffers not because you HAVE to, but because now that you’re done everything, you have a few moments to actually enjoy browsing around on the Internet looking for fun stuff to give away.

Because you and I are FUN and we LIKE giving stuff away.  We just do.  We’re like that, you and I.  Yes.  I know you that well.

So I have a small selection of things for you to browse today.  Some are things to buy and some are things to read. Others are just to contemplate. ‘Cause we’re deep, you and I. We contemplate shit all the time. Just moments ago I contemplated whether or not to eat some Cheezies.

I’m going to make this post short and sweet (maybe not sweet … maybe snarly … sometimes I’m snarly) because if you want any of these goods delivered by Christmas you need to have a look and order them NOW.
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Photo Jewelrycompass jewelryDesign the LifeRough LinenDripping SpringsEllenoireIguana Make ItCattails StudioParis HuesWay Lay


1. Rough Linen curtains, $160. I’m kindda half thinking about redoing my bathroom and I want these more than you can imagine for around my cast iron bathtub. One day I will have these!

2. Paris Hues, free! It’s a blog you nerd. Please welcome my latest sponsor, Fiona from Paris, France. Her blog is GREAT. I have a huge fondness for it because … well … she’s in PARIS, FRANCE! Reading her blog is like being there. The food, the style, the fun. Honestly. Go have a look.

3. Iguana Make It, $4.50. The cutest little felted soap I ever did see. GREAT stocking stuffer for anyone. (felted soaps are soap covered with felted wool. The wool shrinks as you use the soap and acts to help exfoliate your skin)

4. Cattails Studio, $50. I couldn’t have a Christmas post without the ever popular Flame Birch, French rolling pin from Brenda. I think she sold out of them last year after I showed mine off on this here website. The smoothest, most glowing wood you’ll ever feel.

5. Photo Jewelry Making, $9.99. For the man who has everything. Cufflinks that you can constantly change. Just unscrew the tops, insert a picture and rescrew. I imagine giving them to your husband. With a picture of your left and right boob in each one of them.

6. Ellënoire, $8. With all of the stunningly beautiful products Noelle sells I feel really bad that I’m featuring a cardboard pee cup for women. Ya know … so you can stand up to pee. But I think it’s hilarious. And probably in a bizarre way, useful too. ANOTHER great stocking stuffer.

7. Dripping Springs, $25 – $50. If you missed my explanation of what an Ollas is, have a look at this site. If you garden and have any area or planter that’s hard to keep watered an Ollas may be the greatest thing to ever enter your life.

8. Design The Life You Want to Live, free. Another blog! Many of you already read Lynne’s blog, but if you haven’t been in a while I suggest you go back. I also suggest you take a look at this particular post on door hardware that I *somehow* missed. REALLY interesting ideas for alternative door handles.

9. Compass Jewelry, $33. Bird, birdcage, rose. Hangin’ off your neck. Love it. Nuff said. (free shipping in Canada till Dec 15th with coupon code “XmasInCanada”)

10. Way Lay, $???. I guess what Way Lay will cost you depends on what you’re looking for. They’ll give you advice, create an entire website for you, redesign the website you already have … You name it. And they’ll do it in the most efficient, friendliest manner possible. They really will.

Happy shopping and browsing. See you back here tomorrow for … well I’m not sure yet but I have a few hours still to figure that out.


  1. Karen,
    You MUST MUST MUST purchase the pee cup. I need to know how much dexterity it requires and how much time to allot for practice.

  2. Linda says:

    I just bought the pee cups…I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 Video depends on how spiked the eggnog is!

  3. ev says:

    Karen, the pee cup is maybe useful, put PASS! REALLY want some ollas, though! They would have been the perfect solution to the past summer here in northeast Ohio. Dry, dry. dry! We watered our small garden almost everyday, and sparingly, since we have a well. The garden was a bust this year, mostly. Hope to have ollas for next year! Thanks for the stocking stuffer ideas, though I don’t think an Olla would fit too well!

  4. Shannon says:

    Hey Karen, most of the links from the pictures are wrong-might want to check it out.

  5. That pee cup has my snowmobile name all over it – goodbye wilderness tinkles. Whoop whoop !!

    Thanks for the amazeballs feature of my blog !!

    I wish you a hairy mistress…errrh…I mean, a Merry Christmas.

    Merry Ho Ho
    Lynne from Design The Life You Want to Live xx

  6. Nikki says:

    I’ve wanted to try one of those pee cups for years! Someone needs to let me know. The perfect gift for a girl who grew up with all brothers and just wanted to pee standing up like them….

  7. Nancy says:

    OK..I’m just trying to contemplate in what circumstance I would need to stand up to pee..and who’s stocking I would stuff this in..Huuummmm..think I’m gonna need another cup of cocoa whilst I finish my contemplating since I have nothing else to do…

  8. Pilar says:

    Dear Karen, you could have written 200 more ideas, but only one makes really, really “bingo”!in our bizarre brain: I’m sure everyone wants to know how does the pee thing really work. The human been is really weird! ;D

  9. Long ago I was told I’d know I was at last an assured and urbane woman when I could pee in a field with panache. I’d rather have a pee cup! Can one improvise?

  10. Langela says:

    Of course! This is my first year in 18 years to be at home for Christmas, therefore I have no stockings to stuff. And you go and give me the best stuffing idea ever–the pmate. I may have to give it to myself just for the fun of it.

  11. Raymonde says:

    Thank you for introducing me to “Design The Life You Want to Live”. I’ve been reading Lynne’s blog and I love it!
    As for the P-Mate cup, I admit I am intrigued enough to order one!

  12. kortni says:

    My e-mail is wonky so I want to ask this here. I have a cat that is 120+ years old in human years. He has really really really good days. Then he has poop any where days. I could handle poop if it was in a good easy-swipe place, but he poops in bad places. Like… down the heat register, in the seams of the sofa, under the bed. I know I have to put him down, but I love him very much. How do I put down a beloved pet?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kortni – Putting an animal down is one of the hardest things you can do. People act like it isn’t a horribly big deal, but it is. Your pet is your family member. And probably the only family member you’ve never had a fight with. But here’s the thing. Once a sick or old cat starts pooping anywhere other than the litterbox they’re letting you know they’re not well. Just last week my mother had to put her cat Toby down. She took care of him and gave him insulin shots twice a day for the past year and did everything she could. But he was sick and one day she looked at him and could see it. We could all see it months before, but when she finally looked at him and realized … he’s not happy, she found it in herself to get him put down. It was a horrible day and upsetting for everyone but really is the best thing for the cat. Once an animal is sick enough that you’re thinking of putting him/her down, you should probably do it. I’ve had to put several animals to sleep and it’s awful, but not as awful as watching them in pain, deteriorating day by day. You really are doing them a favour and it’s something you should be proud to be able to do. Not scared of. Good luck. ~ karen

  13. Bonnie Cramond says:

    Karen, you are officially past quirky and clearly into bizarre. Stocking stuffer ideas that include rough linen drapes, a cardboard pee cup, a French rolling pin, an olla (that is only sold in Austin, TX), door hardware, and web sites? You have definitely passed the boundary of whimsical and gone full into weird. And, I am a psychologist, so I can make those official diagnoses. So there.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. O.K. The “official” title of the post is Last Minute Stocking Stuffer & Gift Ideas. Although … my stocking last year was a pillow case as far as I can remember so I’m pretty sure the fella could have shoved some linen drapes in there if he tried hard enough. And if you’re going to diagnose me with something I’d like it to be more interesting. Like … nutjob. Let’s go with nutjob. ~ karen

  14. Maureen says:

    Dear Karen,

    You are my very favorite person that I’ve never met. I just adore your blog. It’s just great. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays to you and the fella.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Maureen! That’s a nice thing to say. Merry Christmas to you and … er … well I don’t really know very much about you do I? Merry Christmas to you and your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, wife, husband, spousal equivelant, kids, grandkids, goldfish. That should cover it. ~ karen!

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