Locking up Loctite.
A Look into what else I do.

Hi. My name’s Karen. I do stuff.

Whenever Twitter, or Instagram or any other Internet thingee asks me to include a small description of myself that’s what I write.

Because that’s really what it boils down to.  I cook, I clean, I design, I invent, I succeed, I fail. But no matter the outcome or product, I do all kinds of stuff.

And this blog is just one of the things I do. I also write for magazines, newsletters and sometimes other websites. All of which just sort of happened because of this blog. People see what you write on this Internet thing and decide whether they like you or not.

If they like you, they come back and read some more. And other times if they like you, they offer you jobs.

I got one such offer about a month ago from a company far, far away. London, England to be precise. That’s the most astounding and fun thing about this Internet we browse every day. It has made the world much smaller while making the scope of opportunities much larger.

So I thought it would be interesting for you today to tell you how one of these offers comes about and how it all works.

To make it even more fun, I’ve chosen to write it in diary format.


Dear Diary,

Today a company from London, England contacted me to see if I’d be interested in making videos for one of their clients. I asked them who the client was and did they eat a lot of fish and chips.


Dear Diary,

Today I agreed to make videos for the client’s Youtube channel. They asked what I would charge for this sort of thing so I made up a number based on what it would cost me to buy a slightly used Shetland pony. They’re going to email me my contract tomorrow.


Dear Diary,

Today I ate some cheese. Oh! And the company sent me my contract. I printed it, signed it, scanned it and sent it back to them. We’re in the video making business for Loctite! (they make superglue)


Dear Diary,

An insane amount of super glue arrived in the mail today. They had to mail me the UK version of Loctite glue because I’m making the videos for their UK audience, therefore I need to use the UK product with the UK packaging in my video. Not the North American versions. Still no answer on the fish and chip thing.


Dear Diary,

I shot my Loctite video today. They let me decide what I wanted to do and then just suggested the glue they would recommend for that particular job.  Tomorrow I will edit my video. I did not accidentally glue any of my body parts to anything.


Dear Diary,

I finished editing my video and have sent it off to Loctite. They have approved it and I will get a cheque soon. I’m going to spend some of it on fish and chips, as I now have an unexplained craving I can’t shake.


So that’s the gist of how that sort of thing works. Someone emails you out of the blue, you decide whether you think the offer is legitimate or not and then proceed.  For instance, the initial offer came from a PR company.  So I simply Googled the PR company and discovered yes indeed, they were real and they were reputable.  That got the ball rolling and glue gluing.

Speaking of which, this is the glue I received.



If anyone breaks a life sized reproduction of The Last Supper done in wood, glass, metal, plastic and rubber …. I’m your gal.

And that video? The video I made for Loctite for their Loctite Youtube channel? It’s making its premiere today!


It’s just like one of my regular videos. Only I got paid to do it. Which means as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best video I’ve ever made.  Seriously though, it’s a really good video and I’d show it right here if I could but, that’s part of the deal where I make money.  You have to go watch it on their website. So get going!


Dear Diary,

I never did get an answer on the fish and chip question. I’m a bit worried they found my question to be perpetuating a stereotype. Or it could be just because they prefer a good curry.



  1. That was so true to who you were. Not some fake post or video about a product that you are being paid to promote. Loved it and love your blog. Can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal.

  2. Leisa says:

    You crack me up! Cutlery really isn’t just used for eating – maybe now the cutlery companies will put a little more thought into manufacturing!

  3. Sue says:

    Love your videot! And I love the knife – I bought the same cutlery set about 15 years ago at Eaton’s (R.I.P) but at my house, it is a spoon that refuses to be fixed. Looks like I need to invest in some Loctite.

  4. Linda J Howes says:

    Now I’m craving fish and chips!

  5. Ann says:

    I love that you start out as a real and normal person. Then all of a sudden the real Karen comes out!!

  6. Sandy says:

    Love the clock!! Great video.

  7. Rachel says:

    Adorable! You win!

  8. jainegayer says:

    Karen, the glue video was great!
    When your check arrives you’ll be able to get fish and chips, a pony and a manicure.

  9. Danni says:

    and great video!! girl, you crack me up! “real world uses”… so true!

  10. Looks like you LOCTedITe up! Well done.

  11. Ev says:

    So now you can add “cinematographer” to your arts! I know you are an accomplished TV person. Your video was short, fun, to the point, and awesome. Glad the girls got a walk-on part! What are they going to do with their part of the paycheck?

  12. Suanne says:

    Red is definitely your color! another fun video from our friend, Karen!

  13. Emie says:

    FUN video…. I hope you get to do more like it!!!! Off to buy some Loctite…. unfortunately the North American version…….

  14. Lush says:

    I LOVED IT!!! 2 thumbs up!! There was truth, comedy, action, chickens. Who could want more?
    I have some of their product here with a massive pile of stuff that was broken in our move from Australia.
    Need to clear the decks & get onto that!!
    Worthing, UK

  15. Tigersmom says:

    Love it! And I love the damage to your manicure in the last shot. And hats off to the folks at Loctite for appreciating and paying for your kind of humour. (I used the British/Canadian spelling there so they would know I know what I’m talking about.)
    And the photo of you in the sweet grey tank makes you look somehow…..I don’t know…… normal? Don’t take that the wrong way, but in that photo, at first glance, you could pass for a teacher or for someone who is incapable of doing 95% of the stuff you do. You look very pretty and with that sly smile you really have to look for a second to see and recognize that crafty glint in your eyes that says there is so much more to you underneath all that pretty. (This is supposed to be a compliment, by the way, but I think it may be hard to tell.)

    Anyway, congratulations on being recognized and paid for your many talents and for finding a way to make a living staying true to who you are. That is why I do not earn a paycheck. I’m incapable of being anything but me and have yet to find anyone to pay me for that.

  16. mayr says:

    The poor little manicure.

  17. Jody says:

    Congrats! You are creative and funny and talented. And….congrats for the plug in the Spectator today for your blog and the gift guide on Etsy.

  18. Farquist says:

    Beautiful and funny! So is the video.

  19. Karen Rains says:

    Now see, that would convince me to buy their glue! Maybe it was the part where the chickens were stomping all over the repaired knife that did it… Great job!

  20. magali says:

    love it! especially the clock and how the chickens make an appearance!

  21. Sue Ann says:

    Awesome video!! And awesome product!! As soon as I finish my fish and chips for supper I’m going to go buy some and find something that needs to be glued!!
    Just so you know, you make my mornings happy!!!

  22. Louise says:

    Well done! I wonder if Loctite could be used as a topcoat for nail polish… I noticed you manicure took a beating in the filming of your video : (

  23. Antonia says:

    Wow! Amazing video!!! I believe you’ll be getting many more video contracts in the future!!!

  24. nycRed714 says:

    Great video! I’ve LIKED and Tweeted and posted it all over the place. I hope you get a commission for every click!

    It is so refreshing to see a female doing stuff that does not involve cooking, needlework or makeup – and don’t get me wrong, I love those blogs as well – but yours is truly unique. Bonus points for excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar – lol!

    Gotta run and order some Loctite – it looks like it beats the hell out of Crazy Glue!

  25. Pat Green says:

    I have been reading your blog for a little while and I have to say you brighten my day. Great Locktite video. Regarding the fish and chips, certainly when in the UK we would have them regularly, say twice a month. However, since living in France for 7 years I have to make my own because we don’t have a fish and chip van or takeaway, pity. On the other hand there are compensations, boeuf bourgignon, coque au vin etc are easy to come by. Keep up the good work, love it.

  26. RosieW says:

    Keep wearing that exact shade of red. It’s wonderful on you.

    Fun video. Know it’s going to boost Loctite sales in the UK. I’m certainly convinced.

    My best, Rosie

  27. Irene says:

    That clock. And that nail polish. Awesome. :-D

  28. Kyle says:

    My dog Ryder says hi. He wants to meet the pony. Congrats on the global takeover. I haven’t watched the vid yet as it’s 3 in the morning here in Jersey but in other news, I do know that you fit in a really big soup pot. The Ohio Players had a song out in the 70s called Sweet Sticky Thing, I think that might be your theme song now. Awesome song too. They have a famous album cover with a woman covered in honey! I saw them in concert and have that album signed by the band. Guess the glue thing made me think if that.

  29. Denise Leavens says:

    Karen, my dear, that video is a genuine HOOT!

    The panache with which you ended it, knife in back pocket – well, it was perfect! (Just to be clear; panache here refers to the like with which King Henry IV wore his white feather, NOT antlers! Whew – dodged an obscure bullet there!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panache

    I am so tickled that I know you. (Grin)

  30. Jeanie says:

    Loved the video. It was alot of fun to watch and iI love the real life uses.lol

  31. Jennie says:

    LOVE loctite…. it is great on EVERYTHING (like curry). Great start on your Youtube career. :)

  32. Kristin says:

    Awesome you! I loved that (crazy British) video! (Just kidding, it wasn’t a crazy video!)

  33. Auntiepatch says:

    OMG, Karen, that is a riot! Do the Girls get extra feed for being extras?

  34. Maggie Andrew says:

    Brilliant Karen, love the clock. You’ll get better fish and chips here in Aberdeen, home of several award winning chippers. You can even get a deep fried Mars bar. You could use your newly repaired knife to cut it! X

  35. Kat says:

    Hahaha! It was perfect! At first I was thinking this is kinda boring then got to the “real life” part and laughed really hard and seriously do not know how many times I have used a butter knife as a screw driver! You couldn’t have done a better job! Just today I seen some commercial on TV where they used the word Fajita as a supplement to the “F” word (remembering your post on swearing) but in a good way, so I will just say it was really Fajita good! You just might become famous like that brother on the show 2 and a Half Men when he got ridiculously rich from a stupid jingle he wrote.

  36. Julia says:

    Wow, and you really dressed up! Was that to impress us British?!!
    You know we are are already totally under your spell don’t you?

    Must buy Loctite, must buy Loctite…

  37. Lin says:

    Well that was an excellent video! I hope they pay you enuff money to take yourself and at least two other peeps of your choosing out for fish’n’chips. I just had to use a ‘super glue’ to fix the comb on my big kitchen rooster that the cats knocked on it’s head onto floor….love that glue!

  38. Amie Mason says:

    I just about screamed – I though you were going to stick the knife in the socket! Phew!

  39. Stephanie Hobson says:

    Nice job! And I’m so happy to see that you didn’t compromise by disguising your true nature! lol

  40. AnnW in the US says:

    Hysterical! I think they should sign you up to be their permanent spokesperson. I’m going to try that trick on a knife of mine also. Ann

  41. Tracy says:

    Very cool – enjoy your fish and chips! ;)

  42. Kathy Hartzell says:

    I do stuff, too. A lot of stuff in the house and garden. My fingers split in the winter if I forget to wear gloves doing stuff. At the corners of my thumbs. So I use Locite to squeeze the tough skin together and get back to work on stuff. Sometimes, however, I glue my other hand to the hurt one, so I have to be careful doing that sort of stuff. It was my dentist who taught me about this fantastic use of the super glues!!

  43. Therese Bourne says:

    The clock was so cute! Good job.

  44. Terri says:

    Awesome!!! Congrats and you looked beautiful!!!!

  45. Teresa J says:

    Way to go Karen! You are an international star!! Love it! The offers and euros will be rolling in now!!

  46. Jane says:

    Dear Diary,

    This girl on a blog I read (The Art of Doing Stuff) is absolutely adorable! Her name is Karen. She is just as cute as they come. She made a video for Loctite Super Glue which premiered today. It was a great video and that “stuff” really works! She got paid lots of money for this video. I can’t wait to see pictures of her Shetland pony!

  47. Sara says:

    Yay! Now you can be like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner and carry around super glue in your overcoat, just in case you need to fix something while out and about. Hopefully you won’t ever find yourself in quite the same superglue predicament she was in though. ;)

  48. Jasmine says:

    Well that was freakin amazing. (Notice how I have cleaned up my language since it was pointed out to me that perhaps I swear too much). I ‘almost’ didn’t recognize the fancy Karen picture at the beginning of the ad though. Good Work!

  49. Laura Watt says:

    Can you fix my fiestaware teapot? It’s little knob broke off and we’re all to sad to do anything about it.

    • Karen says:

      Lol. Oh no! That would make me sad too! Is it original or a repro? Either way, booo. And yes. I have a BOX of every type of Loctite superglue you could imagine here, lol! ~ karen

  50. Marti says:

    Love your “time passes” clock. That was fun and wonderful. Congrats on the new gig.

    Um, perhaps when the check arrives, you’ll be able to afford a proper microphone?

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Marti! And yeah, I know. I have to get a wireless lav that’ll work with an iPhone. ~ karen!

      • Marti says:

        Oh! Send me a link when you buy that one. I’m going to want to see which one you buy, so I can avoid having to research it myself. ;)

        And really, congrats! Did they tell you which glue is best for attaching fingers to plumbing?

    • KiwiKat says:

      If you are getting payment through the post, it will be a cheque. Unlikely that it will smell of fish and chips though. And they’re much better (fish and chips) in New Zealand….you should come visit to find out. Summer has just started.


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