Lookmatic Giveaway!
Sunglasses or Prescription Glasses.

I look good in glasses.  Everyone says so.  This “compliment”  is dangerously similar to saying, “Hey!  You look great with that bag over your head.  You should wear it all the time.”

Glasses cover up eyeball flaws you see.  They cover up wrinkles and hollows under your eyes and sometimes even a wonky eyebrow.  If prescription lenses are good for this sort of thing, sunglasses are even BETTER.  Who doesn’t think they look better in sunglasses?  No one.  I did a study recently among my cats.  I polled them, Do you think everyone looks better in sunglasses?  They both agreed.  And then they tried to kill me by running under my feet as I walked down the stairs.

Yeah.  I was worried about that too.

I spent about 2 hours the other night “trying on” all of the glasses and looking to see which ones would fit.  If you already own eyeglasses that fit, your struggles with fitting are a thing of the past.  You have all the information you need on the inside arm of your glasses right now.  Honestly.  Take em off and look.


Lens-Bridge-Arm  Those little measurements are inside the arm of your eyeglasses right now.




Who knew!  I didn’t.  All that important information hiding RIGHT beside my eyeball.  As it turns out I have a particularly tiny head.  Mouse sized.  So I had to be careful about picking glasses that would fit, not just glasses I loved.


And I suggest you do the same.  Because …



Yup, the kind folks at Lookmatic have agreed to give away 4 pairs of glasses.  You know the drill.

Go to the Lookmatic website and pick out any pair of frames.  Then come back here and leave the name of the glasses you’d like to win.  You can also get prescription sunglasses by the way!

Don’t worry about your prescription or anything right now, just pick out the frames you like.  We’ll deal with the details once you’ve won them.

Get picking!

Contest closes Sunday, April 14th at midnight. (Sunday night) Winners announced Wednesday, April 17th. Contest open to those in North America only.

The contest is now closed.




  1. Ashley W says:

    Hi !!! I choose Uncleonard in Olive! >._.<

  2. J9 says:

    100% the black unisex Woody (hehe)

  3. abby says:

    Apprentice!! So many awesome glasses!!

  4. ellen says:

    Buddy Havana Tortoise is the one for me please! and thank you. [=)

  5. Olwen says:

    The slims (in tortoise). Thanks.

  6. April says:

    Aw, I always wanted to wear sunglasses!
    I’d love the Bel Air pale pink sunnies for the summer!

  7. Heather says:

    I choose Evelyn – I think they will look devine with my floppy sunhat, as drag my chicken tractor around this summer up on St Joe Island. Cool!

  8. j louise says:

    I’d love Uncle Leonard in Olive!

  9. jess says:

    Woody <3

  10. Laura Watt says:

    I’d look great in “buddy”

  11. Faz says:

    FDR makes me look like I’M ON FYAAAAH!

    (And since I’m in LA, I can enter your giveaways now! YAY!)

  12. Barbara says:

    Crap! Typo in my email ……this is the correct one!

    Uncleonard sunglasses in clear please, please

  13. Barbara says:

    Love the Uncleonard sunglasses in clear! Very stylish! \oo/