I was talking to someone recently and I asked them if they liked to cook.   After a lengthy pause they replied with I hate my answer to this but no, I don’t really cook.  Why would you hate that answer?, I asked.

They told me because cooking makes people happy.

And that really is what cooking is all about isn’t it. If you were going to simmer down the whole reason behind what’s so great about cooking, it comes down to that.  Happiness.  And it’s a never ending circle of happiness really; the cooker is happy, the person eating is happy, which again makes the cooker happy … on and on and on until someone serves liver and brussels sprouts.

When I was thinking about what I could give to you this Christmas season as a gift, a thank you for being devoted readers, I knew it had to have something to do with food, yet not something that could possibly harbour salmonella. Because nothing kills a “you make me happy” moment like realizing you have exactly 10 minutes to get home from wherever you are, before the stabbing army of Japanese Samurais in your stomach prod every single thing inside of you, out.


So I nixed my idea of giving you the chicken breast that’s been sitting on my counter for 3 days and decided to go in a new direction.  Bread.

The one thing most of us can agree leads to happiness is a warm, crusty loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven.  In a tragic turn of events it can also lead to hippiness.  But what the hell.

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Rough Linen Proving Cloth

The New Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Danish Dough Whisk

I’m giving one reader my 3 favourite things for baking bread. A Rough Linen bread proofing cloth (which is a collaboration between myself and Tricia Rose from Rough Linen), a Danish Dough Whisk and The New Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook.
You can enter by leaving any comment below. No hoops to jump through. Which is good, because, you know, … the whole hippiness thing.

The winner will be randomly selected so no need for sucking up, although sucking up is always appreciated. Winner announced Monday!


** this contest is now closed**

Have a great weekend.
Yours in carbohydrates,


  1. Christina Corwin says:

    Happiness REALLY IS a warm, crusty loaf of bread!!

    • Roberta says:

      I have been following your blog for about 3 years now – enjoy it immensely – you have been a wonderful source of inspiration for me – even though I will probably never raise chickens in my back yard! Is that sucking up? I have never actually left a comment before so this is a first for me. I currently use a cotton tea towel when I bake bread – the linen cloth would be wonderful!

  2. Lori Diaz-Lane says:

    Yas! Bread!!

  3. Joanne says:

    I’d love to explore the cookbook, trying out the cloth and the whisk.

  4. bill keiser says:

    I am the first to post?! Awesome. Never happened before. Oh, yeah, bread.

  5. I neeeeeeed to win this.

    Linen + whisk + homemade bread = see you never.

    I could do this every.single.day for the rest of my life, or at least until the snow melts. PS. we may be snowed in until 2026.

    Big love,
    Lynne xx

  6. Jen says:

    Yum! I’d love to win this giveaway! I’ll be hosting Logan of lovely dinners over the next few months and would love to learn how to make easy homemade bread.

  7. Auntiepatch says:

    Nothing better than a loaf of bread in your oven. The house smells WONDERFUL!

  8. Patt says:

    Love me some bread!

  9. bob debris says:

    dynamite comment

  10. Sue says:

    Breads of any kind just make my day. Nothing smells as good as bread in the oven! Favorite is really sour sourdough!

  11. Shirley says:

    The best memories are eating homemade bread fresh out of the oven slathered with butter!

  12. Stephanie Stankiewicz says:

    John! Nothing better than freshly baked bread!! ?

  13. Wendy says:

    I love to make bread but don’t do it often enough. Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!

  14. April lovejoy says:

    This is an excuse to heat the kitchen with the stove and pack on the carb induced winter fluff! It’s 2° right now, so I need both heat and personal insulation.

  15. Raymonde says:

    I would love that gorgeous proofing cloth (I love everything from Rough Linen), that cute Danish whisk and oh, that book!
    I don’t really mind about the hippiness problem, it’s so cold right now that every bit of fat is a blessing. 😉
    I’ll start exercising it away when and only when it gets warmer.
    And of course, you are my favorite blogger of all times!

  16. Karin says:

    I’ve checked this book out of the library about 5 times! What an awesome giveaway!!!

  17. Elinor says:

    “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?”
    ― Julia Child

    I want to bake great bread!

  18. That Goofy Bugger says:

    Bourbon goes with bread.
    Even makes liver and sprouts taste better.
    Like they aren’t already the best combo ever.
    Actually bourbon makes everything better, even lidocaine burn.
    Yep. Had to go through Guinness, gin, Keiths, and a caesar, but it was definitely the bourbon.

  19. Ellen in Illinois says:

    ……..I can’t jump thru any hoops because of my hippiness…..I started making my own bread again. I’m going to suck up anyway……if I win the prize I’ll share my tomato bread recipe with you….it’s my own recipe and it’s too darn delicious!!

    • Marie Anne says:

      Tomato bread? That sounds awesome! Karen, does ducking up to Ellen in Illinois count?

      • Ellen in Illinois says:

        Marie Anne……I’ll tell you but don’t tell “her”!!! I took a very basic white bread recipe and replaced the water with tomatoes…..diced, processed, even salsa…whatever I had. Easy! Sometimes I add garlic. Delicious! Shhhhh……

  20. Catt in Kentucky says:

    Oh how I wish I didn’t have Celiac Disease. What lovely gifts. Good luck everyone!

  21. Kate says:

    This will make a terrific Christmas gift for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Signe Buck says:

    Hello! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  23. Kat Mannix says:

    Ha. I have a husband who bakes, I do not bake bread. So. I would love to SUPERVISE and watch as he makes me bread with all these lovelies! nomnomnom!

  24. Edith says:

    Hi Karen,

    My mouth is watering from looking at that crusty bread. I’ll be dreaming about it I think.

  25. Vicki Husted says:

    Sammy (my new starter, bubbling away on my counter) really needs this! He wants to grow up to be a batard. (Bet you thought I left the “S” out of that, didn’t you?)

  26. Teri says:

    My Daughter-in-love and my son came over for a few days. She was mightily impressed with my Rough Linen Pinny when it was hanging on the nail. When she saw me wearing it during meal prep she said “WOAH! That’s wonderful!”
    I have been lusting after that Rough Linen proofing cloth for quite some time. (whatever the time has been since your original ‘reveal’). Please pull my name out of your magical draw box, please please?

  27. Jennifer K says:

    Me too!!! Sound yummy good! I’m interested and going to read about that proving linen cloth and that Danish dough whisk.

  28. Vicki Husted says:

    Duh…I thought I was adding an image to my name. Guess I better round up that post again!

  29. Trisha says:

    Yay for fresh bread! I have some sourdough ready to go!

  30. Diana Trischitti says:

    Love this blog so much! Hope I win!

  31. Laurel says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Vivian Foster says:

    As tempting as the 3 day old chicken breast sounds I believe I would prefer the other option! Love the blog and the laughs that show up when I read it! Thanks for all of it!

  33. Pat says:

    My husband would love this gift since he is the one who loves to make bread. And I appreciate it by eating it!

  34. Louise says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! I want, I want! Yummmm!

    And you absolutely are the dearest, smartest, funniest, most beautiful logger on the entire internet! 🙂

  35. Mary casey says:

    You have inspired me to do stuff. Thanks for all you DIY techniques!

  36. Jo says:

    Bow this would be fun to play with during the cold canadian winter!

  37. Melissa Muller says:

    Nom nom nom!

  38. Erika says:

    This is me shamelessly leaving a comment because your giveaway is so fabulous! ?

  39. Tracie says:

    Oh man, I would make bread and everyone would be happy! But especially me, because I love bread. Plus those other gifts that would help me make bread are pretty awesome too…

  40. Taralyn says:

    Oh yes, please. What a lovely idea. Even a good gift inspiration if I don’t win. Thanks for the great blog.

  41. Lisa says:

    I could really use some happy right about now.

  42. Ruby says:

    fresh bread must be the best smell in the world, drool-drool….

  43. Gayle M says:

    My mom wasn’t much of a cook. Wait. No, my mom didn’t cook much of anything because my dad was so picky. Monday, spaghetti, Tuesday pork, Wednesday hamburgers, Thursday, breaded steak, Friday tuna cuz dad hated fish, Saturday steak n fries, Sunday roast chichen n taters. Every week, all year long. Then dad lost his job, finally got back to work on second shift. It was THEN when we found out mom could cook.

    Coming home on a cold rainy afternoon after field hockey practice, to a warm home, yeast scented kitchen, and a huge pot of oxtail soup and fresh warm bread! Yum! Great memory of my childhood.

  44. Tracy Egan says:

    The best things in life are free…. So they say…

  45. Jean in BC says:

    yum! nothing better than fresh bread out the oven

  46. Connie says:

    Pick me, pick me , pick me !!! pls and thx

    signed Shameless

    (what’s not to get happy about with that combination pkg? it’s all fabulous!)

  47. Alyssa says:

    What a beautiful prize! I love things that are functional and pretty. 🙂

  48. Wanda Wilson says:

    Thank you Karen!

  49. Andrea Leipold says:

    Thank you for a great morning and great idea for the weekend. Since its winter here, it will be verynice to have the delicious smell of freshly made bread in the house.

  50. Heather says:

    This is really a great giveaway! I have my fingers crossed 🙂

  51. Isabella says:

    After the past three months of eating low carb, I NEED bread! Give me please!

  52. Martina says:

    I would so love to have a reason to bake bread and winning the gifts would definitely make that happen! And since sucking up is allowed…I think you’re awesome and I love your blog…how’d I do?…:))

  53. ronda says:

    omg. the smell of bread baking in the oven? to die for. seconded by the taste of bread fresh out of the oven. maybe this gift will be the impetus to get my butt in gear to start baking bread! thanks for the opportunity Karen! fingers crossed!

  54. Emily says:

    This giveaway is “proof” that you love us readers, even us “crusty” ones.

  55. Nicole Loewen says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  56. Mindy says:

    Did somebody say bread?

  57. Karen T. says:

    Homemade bread will go great with the slow cooker apple butter I make. Mmm…

  58. Mark says:

    This would be a fantastic Christmas gift to me! I think there is nothing more intoxicating than the smell of baking bread! Except maybe the smell of butter melting on a warm slice of bread just out of the oven. 🙂

  59. Rubie Mourar says:

    9 degrees here in Kentucky tonight; highest it got today was 21. I do NOT want to be outside when it is so danged cold . . . . the perfect excuse would be, “Sorry, I’m baking bread!”. Brrrrr.

  60. Dana says:

    You know, I couldn’t find a Danish whisk in Denmark!

  61. I’m already a hippie, so hippiness doesn’t scare me. 😉

  62. Bev says:

    Count me in. I love homemade hot bread and Irish butter.

  63. Luanne says:

    This looks like a wonderful gift to win!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  64. Elaine says:

    What a lovely gift for some lucky winner!

    Merry Christmas, Karen, and “yours in carbohydrates” too! I’ve always been a big chicken (sorry for the expression but I am!) and too scared to try bread but sure would like to give it a try!

  65. Gigi says:

    Teaching my granddaughter Mackenzie how to make bread with these items would be a dream come true. Pick me please!

  66. Linda Moore says:

    I started baking our bread in earnest (isn’t that funny? Most people use an oven) when I moved to the Yukon and discovered that bread was $4 a loaf. I have refined my regular recipe since and would be happy to share it with you, although you seem to be well set in the recipe department with that lovely looking cook book. Used to have a Danish dough whisk but lost it in one of our many moves up here. Would love to get another one, especially free. I don’t have a proofing cloth but would love to try it out. So………please, please, please pick me. Thanks so much.

    By the way, we have been suffering -35 to -40 temps up here for the last two weeks so you see, I really deserve something nice to happen to me.

  67. Sue says:

    I could get back into bread making again. Just not the grain grinding, or the wood cook stove, or the hauling buckets of water up a steep hill. That was then; this is now. All I need now is a proving cloth, a whisk, and a new bread cookbook. If I had all that, I just might spring for a rough linen pinafore . . .

  68. Oh, I love home made bread.
    Love to read bread recipes, and imagine how the bread will taste.
    Love to make it.
    Love how yeast smells.
    Love the mess flour makes.
    Love the way the scent of baking bread weaves its way throught the house.

    Please put my name in your hat.

    Thank you.

  69. Jennifer says:

    Oh, yes please! Fresh bread is the best smell in the world.

  70. Carole Lynne says:

    Is there any better food than bread? I think not!!!

  71. Ruth says:

    It’s the cloth I luster for and I’d gladly share the whisk and book with other commenters.

  72. Jill says:

    Please oh please oh please!! Would so love to be elbow deep in dough and have the payoff of delicious (hopefully as my bread game is not fully developed) crusty loaves = happiness!!

  73. jen says:

    Giveaway?…count me in!

  74. Susan says:

    Wonderful giveaway!

  75. Bread is part of all of my favorite meals and memories associated with them. I would love to win your give away. Although the neighborhood bakery will probably go out of business when I learn to make bread and stop going there.

  76. Thandi says:

    I love breeeead. Here is a poem about bread just for you:
    Bread bread bread bread
    Bread bread

    I’m crap at poetry, but I’m very good at eating bread. Honestly it’s better than cake (when done right).

  77. Sara says:

    ooooh, I love this…it has been on my wish list since I saw your rough linen proofing cloth.

  78. Whitney Goller says:

    I’ve been waiting for the right post to comment on… and I feel like you just spoke directly to my bread-heart.

    I love your blog. I’ve tried blogging so many times, and until yours I didn’t feel like it was okay to actually be myself while writing. You’ve given me blog-hope.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Whitney! Yes, just be yourself, it’s the only way to go. Don’t try to be better OR worse than you are. That’s another mistake bloggers seem to be making. Ohh look at me, look at all my disasters, I’m just like you! LOL. Just. Be. You. 🙂 ~ karen!

  79. Joan says:

    Mmmmmmm…… Freshly baked bread!

  80. Wendi Miller says:

    Great! Now I’m craving freshly baked bread! Thanks, Karen, you blonde bombshell goddess of a woman <—-That was the sucking up part 😉

  81. Nan says:

    As if your blog isn’t enough now you’re giving terrific gifts! With the bone-chilling cold and non-stop snow predicted for our winter here, making fresh bread would be a welcome hobby (and possibly life sustaining).

  82. Marla says:

    thanks for your great blog, and Merry Christmas!

  83. Madonna Myers says:

    Mmmmm….bread and my famous Tuscan Bean Soup. I want that now!!

  84. Michelle says:

    Mmmmmmm…….. Bread! Fresh bread!!!!!!

  85. Alice says:

    “any comment” 😉

  86. Lynne says:

    Thank you for not requiring any jumping thru hoops, based on the massive amounts of cookies I’ve baked (& tested/consumed) this week I won’t fit!
    I have however just signed up for an Elemental Hoop Dance class so I can (maybe) justify the cookies and the the fresh baked bread I’m now dreaming of!
    Have a Merry Christmas Karen!

  87. Lin N says:

    Bread…warm, aroma, melted butter, soft and chewy, many types of tastes, what’s not to love!

  88. Steph H says:

    Since getting a kitchenaid mixer (which had replaced “a pony” on my Christmas list as the gift I always ask for and never get), I have been a bread baking fool. Like, make-your-own-sourdough-starter-pioneer-bake-everything-from-scratch fool. Oh to have more carb-enabling toys.

  89. Molly Johnston says:

    This would make me very happy. Plus its perfect for my birthday on the 24th. ?

  90. Avita says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! ???

  91. Julie Napier says:

    Maybe the smell of fresh baked bread will make my guests unaware of the fact that my silver has not been polished for at least a year!

  92. Leah says:

    Love making bread, and would love to add these tools to my arsenal. Happy holidays!

  93. Bambi Mayer says:

    Would love these things!! I bought a proving cloth from Rough Linen but gifted it. One of these days I’m going to know how to make delicious, beautiful bread and anything that will help…..

  94. Sande says:

    Count me in!

  95. Marianne says:

    Hi Karen:

    Wa bread, warmer hips , who could ask for more? Well maybe perkier boobs. Your post made my day. Too much snow and very weird people driving. Mmm – warm, crusty bread – almost better than wine. Wait I can have both. Life is good. Even though phone appears possessed – this taking forever to write so enough. Good night.

  96. Lanelle says:

    I’ve already purchased two proving cloths as gifts so need my own. I don’t cook, but learning to make bread could change all that!

  97. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OMG…To win all of this stuff from the greatest cook/baker in the Great White North would just be a dream come true for this crazy little old cat lady from the new USA…the one where they elect toads for President….hey…a little suck-up never hurts…

  98. Amy Jo says:

    Never keen on cooking meals but baking bread? Absolutely!!

  99. Irma de Visser says:

    I love carbohydrates!

  100. Jolene Grendahl says:

    Hate to cook, but LOVE to bake!

  101. Kiki says:

    Pity I am in South Africa… it very seldom snows where we are, and if it does the snow is gone by the next day. Could seriously use your wonderful gift though, because, unlike in Canada, most of the bread here is not great!

  102. Jack says:

    Fresh bread can be intoxicating. My 2 granddaughters helped finish off a loaf as it came out of the oven tonight.

  103. Jari J. says:

    Fresh bread + cold butter = Heaven!

  104. Zala says:

    Wow. Homemade bread. After that I would sure be tempted to make homemade butter. And jam. And cheese. And salami. You know, to go with it. Oh, I better not win. I do have a day job.

  105. Julia says:

    Carbs for the win!

  106. Haydée Skeet says:

    Are you and Tricia bffs?? I could totally see it.
    Plus can you get a chicken like Billy (Holiday) ? She was their favorite and you don’t have one yet

  107. Laurinda says:

    I would love that book! Years ago, I discovered that even my ‘crappy’ bread gets scarfed down like they haven’t eaten in days. That’s the power of homemade bread

  108. Pat S. says:

    Wonderful giveaway. Good luck, everyone!!

  109. Mckee maryann says:

    Will you post to france 🙂

  110. Berry says:

    Mmmmmm Fresh bread. What I really want is a bread oven like yours. Maybe I will try building one this year.

    Cheater hint: proof some yeast to fill your house with the scent just before the guests come over.

  111. Cynthia says:

    Yep, I need this! My chickens are mean & molting and now my mornings are spent trying to insure they don’t peck each other to death…

  112. Mary Edmondson says:

    Karen – I missed out on the cooking gene, but I have beaked bread a time or two that was actually “eat all in one sitting” good. Even if I don’t win – I’m motivated to try my luck again. So throw my name in the hat and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  113. Sue Ryan says:

    I always wanted to learn how to bake bread. What a great idea!

  114. Biggi says:

    Oh thank you! I love Tricia’s linen, and I’m truly curious about the Danish dough whisk! And being German, I NEED bread! Funnily enough, I haven’t been eating bread for 4 months because I’m in a fly-in community up north and I can’t get any spelt sourdough bread! I’d love to get into baking bread again!

  115. Lavada says:

    I believe James Beard said it best: “Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts!” ~ James Beard

    Yes, please, and thank you very much either way!

  116. Kristi Smith says:

    That’s a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to try out the whisk! Keep up the great blog Karen!

  117. billie scara says:

    hi karen , i would like to win something and bread things are wonderful i love making bread ,have very merry christmas and a very happy new year that brings you much joy

  118. Eliza says:

    Hope I win. : )

  119. Elisabeth Gallant says:

    Nothing says lovin’ like a fresh loaf from the oven….

  120. Tiffany Miller says:

    Bread fresh from the oven with goat butter…

  121. Anne says:

    Artisan Bread, the only kind. Yum.

  122. Michelle Vaughan says:

    Would love to bake bread more often. Still using my grandmother’s recipe for white bread and cinnamon rolls.

  123. As Homer would say, “dough” and then drool.

  124. Mimi says:

    A warm bread, to make my lonely christmas a bit warmer

  125. Amber says:

    Random? I can do random! Me, me, ME!!!!

  126. Susanne Larsson says:

    Great stuff! Would be nice to have them in my country kitchen. Love your blog *sucking up*…

  127. Barbara Cooper says:

    One of the best aromas…says “Welcome home”! Merry Christmas to all!

  128. Linda B says:

    One of my favorite things…..fresh baked bread!

  129. Jessica says:

    Bread is my “desert island food” – you know, what you would pick if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life. Mmm, bread.

  130. Olivia McKillop says:

    It’s been decades since I made potato bread and baguettes….hummmm.

  131. Oh, Monday is my birthday! I would love to win! I’ve only made bread twice in my life and both times were a disaster. But maybe I could do better if I won these fabulous items!

    Your blog is the best on the internet! You posts have inspired me to be more creative, and made me laugh until I cried. I visit my local dollar store waaaay more than I used to because of you, and to this day your photo of all the dead flies in your fly trap is etched on my brain and makes me feel queasy whenever I remember it! And I love hearing about your chickens!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  132. Carrie Wassenaar says:

    I would love this! Bread is my great weakness in life. So much yum.

  133. Amanda p says:

    Bread. Sustinence of life for centuries. Wars were started over bread. Watch “Cook” on Netflix. A whole show is on bread. My husband needs a prooving cloth. Thanks for sharing.

  134. Diane says:

    Either way I’m getting that book from my library…saving to buy a rough linen apron, too! In new Zealand at the moment and the bread and butter are amazing.

  135. Grammy says:

    I don’t often enter these things because I only enter when it’s something I really, really would want. I would so love to win all three of these things. Plus, I haven’t had scotch in a very long time, but now I’m thinking I should climb up and get that bottle out of the top cupboard and dust if off in this cold, rainy weather this weekend. Thanks for everything this year, Karen!

  136. Jenny W says:

    I need a new Hobby – Baking Bread could be it!

  137. Eleanor says:

    Hi Karen,
    I only discovered your blog a few months ago, completely by accident whilst searching the internet for tips on using self-levelling concrete, I know this is totally irrelevant but thought I’d give you the background. Since learning that women can indeed use self-level unassisted I’ve cried at your post about losing Cuddles and am keeping everything crossed that my ‘Wickles’ turn out good next week (because I’ve told people about them now and hate to disappoint), but I still haven’t laid the floor!

    I’m pretty sure this competition isn’t open to UK residents, and I live in Wales which is only a corner of the UK that not everyone knows exist, but I thought it was worth a shot anyway, because I’d really, really like to win and it is Christmas after all!

    Nadolig Llawen (Merry Christmas in Welsh) and good luck to everyone who is allowed to enter!

  138. Kimmer says:

    I’m just starting my bread making journey, this would be a great bump for me! Have a happy holiday!

  139. Melissa says:

    Happiness is truly from making other people happy, it is for me anyway. The whole “tis better to give than to receive” thing is so true for me. Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

    No sucking up here, not necessary with our Karen, she always gives without expecting anything in return. Thank you for always giving of yourself, your humor, your wit, your time.

    “It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

    Happy Christmas Karen!

  140. Mary says:

    Who doesn’t love bread?

  141. sharon yanaitis says:

    I’m never going to win, I’m never going to win, never,never

  142. Melissa says:

    I agree completely. This is a stupendous idea. Love this blog…

  143. Gail says:

    I love carbs!

  144. Kate says:

    The smell of freshly baked bread makes everything all right!

  145. Liz says:

    I was snarking “oh like Karen’s going to come and make me bread all the way here in Australia” but then I realised you’re making it so that when you do come visit we can make you happy 😛

  146. Beth says:

    I would totally give this prize to someone as a gift. ? Just kidding! I would become a bread baking monster! I just bought a rough linen robe for my daughter for Christmas because she was so impressed with the one my sister bought. I asked for a pinny for Christmas – we shall see if anyone loves me…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  147. Karen says:

    I keep meaning to make bread again and this would be great motivation.

  148. Cathy says:

    Ooohhh…am I the 5280th? Put me down for 25 minutes of pure, fresh sucking up.
    But be warned; my sucking up closely resembles stalking. Distance is in your favor.

  149. Prairie Girl Karen says:

    Merry Christmas Karen! Your blog is the best thing since sliced bread. And sliced bread is pretty darn good, so you can imagine how much I love your blog. I wish you the best of the season and a very happy Holiday.

  150. Mary Vankeulen says:

    I would just love to win this!

  151. marli says:

    Hey! I asked for those for Christmas!! (Well, the book and the proofing cloth that is. I didn’t know about the whisk.) Thanks for this, Karen! Maybe I’ll get them from YOU!
    P.S. Also thank you for skipping the chicken breast idea. I’m sure we ALL appreciate that.
    Smiles, marli

  152. Laurie says:

    I love homemade bread. Looks like a great prize!

  153. Tina Settimi says:

    Happiness really is cooking, food and family❤️

  154. Bridget Brecheen says:

    Nothing smells better to me than homemade fresh baked bread. The memories of being in the kitchen with my grandmother are interwoven with the intoxicating fragrance.

  155. Maura says:

    Thank you for this chance to win something for myself!
    Merry Christmas

  156. Pat Marino says:

    Hi Karen,

    A warm homemade loaf of bread reminds me of my Grama, she has been gone for 23 years now, but hers was the day of juicy potatoes, made with lots of bacon grease, powdered milk, yuck, bayer aspirin just because, and suppers of toast floating in a bowl of warm milk, powdered no less!! Miss her but not the PM, she also was the one to teach me crocheting and sewing as well as baking the bread. Have a great Christmas Karen, I love your posts, they make a day fun!

  157. allyn says:

    love fresh bread! W ho doesn’t? Love you too, you ask the hard questions. then give us the answers!

  158. Becky says:

    I really want to get back into cooking and this gift would be my motivation! I love your blog!!

  159. Misha says:

    My husband would love this! Fingers crossed. Thanks!

  160. Christina stark says:

    I still remember vividly my first bread baking lessons-yeast proofing, kneading, molding but best part was always the fragrant embrace of bread baking and the sheer joy of butter on that warm slice of fresh bread! Yum! Love your posts Karen! Merry Christmas!

  161. Lez says:

    I feel so sorry for all of you struggling with winter temperatures! Where I live in Africa it is crazy hot today & we are dying! It is 130 degrees in fahrenheit! Too much. But I could still light the gas oven for bread me thinks!
    Good luck to all! 🙂

  162. Patricia Denise Taylor says:

    Thank you Karen, for this and all you do!

  163. Susan says:

    Been taking bread baking classes. Would love to have the tools to make me look like I know what I’m doing!

  164. Kat says:

    I would love to share the hippiness I mean happiness with my fellow employees with a fresh loaf (ves) of bread!

  165. Sarah Muir says:

    Ooo, fun giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  166. Terri J. says:

    I would rather have bread than dessert.

  167. Rick says:

    Just put a batch of our daily loaf in to proof (Neil’s Harbour White Bread from Food That Really Schmecks – Edna Staebler).
    Great way to start the day!

  168. Kathy Wright says:

    Bread, yes. Brussels sprouts, no. I’d love to win!!!

  169. Mari Tovmo says:

    Love fresh bread, would love this!

  170. Carol Denney says:

    I remember Saturday mornings growing up. Mom would make a few loaves of bread for the week nut one just for us to eat as soon as it came out of the oven. We would smother slices with butter! Utter happiness!

  171. Angela says:

    Love you, Karen! Please pick me!

  172. Sandra Lea says:

    You know the quote, “man shall not live by bread alone”, well yes I can and maybe I will. I love bread and I love baking bread but have decided that I need to work on the baking part a little more so this is perfect timing.

  173. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    Consider this a serious suck-up!

  174. Nai says:

    This is the exact thing I was planning to give my husband! I bought some random linen at the store to try to make the couche but I know it won’t be as pretty as the Rough Linen one. I love your giveaways!

  175. Cheryl says:

    Oh, you make me laugh! Love your blog. Thanks.

  176. Teri says:

    Wow, great giveaway, thanks.
    There is nothing better than warm, fresh bread. The best butter delivery system ever!
    Very cold out here on the, usually, wet coast. We need to carbo load to get through the unaccustomed activity of shovelling snow and scraping windshields.
    Coming home to a warm house smelling of fresh bread approaches nirvana.

  177. Melissa White says:

    Thank you so much for your fun and inspiring blog! Merry Christmas!! Kiss the chickens for me!!

  178. Catherine says:

    Thank you Karen, I could use that to keep my hippiness going, happiness too! Love your blog, wish you could package up and sell some of your energy!

  179. Devin says:

    Thanks or the giveaway Karen! And thanks for always keeping us entertained ?

  180. Susan Updike says:

    Oh sigh. Would love this so….

  181. Lisa Mitchell says:

    Wow Karen, what a thoughtful and lovely gift package!

  182. Carrie Miller says:

    I love fresh bread – I first learned to bake it when I was in 5th grade in 4-H. Won several blue ribbons at the California State fair over the years, but it is always the warm fresh bread with the butter melted into it that I remember best.

    I am curious about the proofing cloth – I always used my grandmother’s old flour sack turned tea towels as a proofing cloth.

  183. Dawn says:

    Mmmmmmmmm……homemade bread!

  184. Barb says:

    ooo! This just might inspire me to build that cob oven in the backyard!

  185. Sylvia says:

    Have moved from downtown to what I lovingly call the boonies (a suburb of London Ontario) and am thinking of starting to make my own bread so I don’t have to take my car out as much. Would love this giveaway.

  186. Lauren says:

    I could really use a Happy right now. Would love to try making bread.

  187. Shirley says:

    I believe bread should be a food group …

  188. Nana Judy says:

    Karin, my mom baked all our bread once a week. Coming home from school to the smell of bread just coming out of the oven was the best, the absolute best thing of the week, well, except for biting into a warm crusty piece, and sure made up for a lot of woes. I would love to do that for our grandkids.
    Besides, I really want to stick it to the local “health” nut who keeps writing about the evils of wheat in our local paper….maybe invite him over for a fresh loaf of bread hot out of the oven….
    I am new to your blog. It is a wicked pleasure! I laugh out loud and then have to explain myself, spend too much time going deeper and deeper into past posts, and drool over some of the projects. You are inspiring. I might just become a chicken farmer, bee keeper and bread maker!!!

  189. Susanne says:

    I love making bread! Cinnamon raisin and Honey mustard oatmeal are our family favourites!

  190. Penny Coleman says:

    Would sure love to win this! Merry Christmas Karen

  191. Judy Beeksma says:

    Never entered a prize so easily!! Thanks for the chance!! Merry Christmas Karen!??

  192. hubs was just asking the other day about why the breadmaker is stuffed in the corner. time to dust that puppy off.

  193. Peggy Mackey says:

    Love, love, love bread!

  194. Erin MacDonald says:

    Bread is beautiful and, as we are having a storm day here, a perfect time to start a loaf or two!

  195. Kay says:

    I would just love these!

  196. Marie Anne says:

    Bread! And a cool way to make it…. Pretty please!

  197. Cathy Maga says:

    Ooh! Pick me!!
    I’d love to have something from Rough Linen! And the bread book looks great!

  198. Kim says:

    What a nice ensemble of gifts – and what can possibly beat the smell of freshly baked bread? Mmm…

  199. Louise Bugeau says:

    Ah……the miracle of freshly baked bread!

  200. Cyndy Roth says:

    Oh, the aroma of the dough proofing in a bowl! If I didn’t have to go to work, I would start up a fragrant, bubbly bowlful right now! Thanks for the reminder that it’s winter and time for bread!

  201. Leslie K says:

    Count me in! Nothing nicer than warm bread on a frosty morning.

  202. Maria Campbell says:

    Thank you for the giveaway

  203. Janice says:

    Yum!! Love fresh-baked bread. Thank you!

  204. Bridget Garza says:

    Yummm….fresh bread, makes the entire house smell good too.

  205. Jeanne huntley says:

    Made my Christmas panettone yesterday for toasting on Christmas morning.could have used that beautiful proofing cloth instead of my old tea towel.

  206. Sandy says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  207. Patricia Haight says:

    Bread baking has always been my nemesis! Would love to finally conquer it!

  208. Karen Kramer says:

    I never win anything … but what the hell.

  209. Carswell says:

    You can add me to the list of shameless, posting in the hopes of winning.

  210. Diane R. says:

    I have never made bread, but I think it’s time to start.

    Merry Christmas Karen

  211. trish oriordan says:

    I accept free things.

  212. RuthAnn says:

    Making bread for holiday dinners has become a family tradition and it is due to your inspiration. tanks Karen.

  213. Jeannie Rickard says:

    Fingers crossed!

  214. Janet says:

    Mmmm bread! I can smell it now, and feel the warm loaf in my hands, butter quivering on the dish in anticipation.

  215. Nicole says:

    So does “hippiness” mean “like a hippie” or “has wide hips”? Because I REALLY like bread. I blame my hips on bread. 🙂

  216. Renee in Iowa says:

    Yes, time to warm up the house with bread! Sounds better than cookies this holiday. Happy winter!

  217. I need to win something. That would feel really really good too! I enter all these contests and I know someone has to win, but it hasn’t been me. Maybe this time it is me???

  218. Rebecca dubous says:

    I bought one of those whisks when you featured them last time and I love it!

    Would love to have the linen cloth too – and I’d give the whisk to my mum

  219. Robert says:

    Please make me happy!

  220. I have always wanted to try bread making, but it hasn’tmade it to the top of the list. I think winning such a wonderful package would change that and what better time of year to master breadmsking than winter. Love the blog.

  221. Danni says:

    My idea of the perfect gift, I love the whole bread creation process… IhopeIwinIhopeIwinIhopeIwin…..

  222. Elaine says:

    I have just discovered a love for cooking.
    Attempting bread is on my list of things to learn.

  223. Linda koch says:

    Me, me!
    It would be great to get a Christmas present I really like.

  224. Darlene Meyers says:

    any comment

  225. Carrie says:

    Finally, bread! Something to eat Nutella off of other than a spoon.

  226. Leisa says:

    “If a picture paints a thousand words….” oops, wrong Bread”

  227. Ruth Moffatt says:

    Home made bread takes me back to my childhood.

  228. Ginny Dickos says:

    I just made bread a couple of days ago- using this same rough linen cloth and dough whisk- which I had ordered upon your ever so wise suggestion in a previous post. So, All-Knowing Karen, I would love to win this set, keep the book for myself, and give the cloth and dough whisk to the friend who changed my life by teaching me how to make the crusty French batard (which is now a staple in our home.) Kind of like paying it forward – or backward perhaps?

  229. maggie van sickle says:

    Well Karen I love to cook so the chicken breast would have been fine. Baking not so much so I will leave the bread prezzie to someone else. If my name is drawn either draw again or consider re gifting to someone who likes to bake like yourself bahaha.

  230. Kim K. says:

    We’ve started buying/eating sprouted grain bread — healthiness and all.
    And…you owe me…after winning that hideous halloween wreath some years ago?? lol
    HO HO HO

  231. Beckie says:

    Nothing like yeast bubbling away, waiting to add magic to what would otherwise be paste.

    Thanks for the chance! =)

  232. Donna Horne says:

    Here’s hoping I win, love bread.

  233. Cr says:

    Thank you Karen for giving me a reason to look forward to Monday. Here’s hoping!

  234. Kate says:

    Count me in – thank you! L-o-v-e homemade bread.

  235. Barb B says:

    Love bread! My husband does the cooking and I’m the baker.

  236. Margaret says:

    Love reading your blog – it always puts a smile on my face. Have toyed with the idea of making bread for a while now but never enough time. I’m thinking if I win, then my excuses are over and I’ll have every opportunity. I could make a new recipe for each of the 12 days of Christmas!

  237. Marie says:

    Thanks so much, Karen! Since I’ve begun reading your blog we have built a wood-fired oven and made bread and pizza from your posted recipes. We are proof of your inspirational powers! I have the proofing cloth and was going to order the dough hook from Lee Valley, but will hold off a little while longer…

  238. Lori says:

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays everyone!

  239. Myra says:

    Haha you’re too funny. Great giveaway! Merry Christmas 🙂

  240. Rosie Walsh says:

    Fun offer from you, Karen.

  241. Jane says:

    One of the few ‘creative’ things I can do is make bread. A new book would be appreciated.

  242. janet rowan says:

    This is a great giveaway! Bread, the gift that keeps on giving!

  243. Sheryl Strachan says:

    Awesome gift Karen!!

  244. Wendy Iles says:

    We are bready people. And cheesy people. And winey people. (Without the H!)
    Got the cheese and wine, just need bread!
    Merry Happy Karen!

  245. Hélène says:

    Any comment!

  246. Mary McCabe says:


  247. Kathryn says:

    Hmmm. I used to make bread when my kids were small, because there were a lot of them, and they ate a lot of bread. So I had a breadmaker that I would dump all the stuff in, but they didn’t like the hole in the bread from the breadmaker, so I started taking out the dough and baking it in the oven. Very little fuss and mess, and it looked the way they liked it. Now I’d like to just bake a tiny bit of bread for myself whenever I want it. So if I don’t win, I’ll probably go out and buy the book.

  248. April K. says:

    Yum! My husband would be soooo happy if i made him bread!

  249. Ron says:

    What I remember best about spending summer vacations at my uncle’s farm was the wonderful dinner rolls that my aunt used to serve. I couldn’t stop eating them until they were all gone.

    I bake my own bread & have often tried making dinner rolls, but they never matched the ones my aunt used to make from starter she kept in the refrigerator. I intend to keep on trying though!

  250. Mel Robicheau says:

    Oh pretty pretty pretty please with beautiful knife slashed crust and flour on top! What a great prize, thanks for the chance to win Karen!

  251. Nicole from Laval QC says:

    Bonjour Karen, I really, really would love to start making bread and this kit would be a really great Christmas gift for me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  252. Jennifer R says:

    One cannot live with bread alone…she needs a lovely whisk and proofing linen.

  253. lisa says:

    I’ve been making bread a lot lately, but I don’t have any of these three things!

  254. Charlene says:

    I love home made bread! Slathered with butter or homemade strawberry jam or even shared with food.

  255. Elissa Rioux says:

    Once I came across Breadtopia’s No Knead Bread recipe I have been baking weekly. It would be lovely to have some new recipes! I am a Rough Linen groupie! Can’t get enough of this stuff. Complete bedding, heavenly to sleep in because is so breathable. My essential pinnie! A great bread bag and my latest, a birthday present to myself…a linen bathrobe. Happiness!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  256. Cathy Watkins says:

    My family and I all love bread, this might be dangerous!! 🙂 Can’t even imagine how much we’d eat!
    thanks, Cathy

  257. Chris White says:

    Is it wrong that I made the Pillsbury Doughboy noise as I read about your bread contest?!! Hoo! Hoo!

  258. Kelly says:

    I’ll keep it short because my internet service sucks. I bake bread all the time. I’d like to win! Thanks, Karen!!

  259. savannah says:

    The plan is to make bread again, so we’ve started making scones! (there’s a logical tie-in there, I know) Last night with our leftover potato and leek soup (the husband made it) that he added leftover middle eastern flavored chicken bits, we had home made biscuits! Baking loaves of bread is coming closer everyday! Winning this contest would be pure gravy! (see what I did there?) xo

  260. MJ in Seeleys Bay says:

    Love bread
    Enough said!

  261. Elizabeth says:

    My body composition is approximately 80% bread, so it might as well be great bread! I’d love to win this…

  262. Michelle Paul says:

    We love fresh from the oven bread here, but have been trying to do more GF. Hope to create an awesome GF bread recipe in my new house/kitchen in the new year.:) We use Schar now exclusively, but would love to make my own.

  263. Sandy Z says:

    Yes, please…and thank you, of course.

  264. Jody Sloan says:

    WOW best prize yet!!! would L❤️VE to win this!!!! I love baking!! I’m attempting to make a sour dough starter to bake sour dough bread. That bread book would be awesome and I’ve been wanting the proofing cloth. I also love brussels sprouts (maybe I shouldn’t admit to that with your hate of them hahahaha)

  265. Annie says:

    Cooking is my happy place! Some people think I am crazy that I LOVE hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas but it is not stressful – just wonderful!

  266. Angie says:

    Oh, I hope I win! My husband has taken an interest in baking bread on his days off (he does shift work) and I love it. I love fresh bread.

  267. Erin K. says:

    Merry Christmas Karen!

  268. Jodie Bobco says:


  269. Monica says:

    I’ve been very good (ish) this year!

  270. Linda Wade says:

    Now for a brief amount of sucking up. You’re lots of fun to read and I actually get a good belly laugh now and then. Thank you. Now for the reason for the reply. I LOVE BREAD! Just ask my hips and second tummy. Keep posting.

  271. Wendy says:

    I think this would also work with the all the bagels I’m making….from a recent workshop. If it wasn’t -20, plus a windchill, I’d be baking them in my green egg ? My non DIY of your beautiful wood oven. Love your blog.

  272. Ann Marie Jamieson says:

    Yummy, the smell of fresh made bread after trudging through the snow on a cold, wintry day. Wish they could bottle that and put it in an atomizer. ? Thanks Karen for all your hard work!

  273. TexasMom says:

    I want it Want it WANT IT
    Merry Christmas.

  274. Jennifer says:

    Oh yum! Thank you for not using some contest widget that makes you click on five million things.

  275. Judy Currie says:

    I love fresh bread & I love your blog!

  276. Steph says:

    what a lovely give away. Happy days.

  277. Pauline says:

    I LOVE to cook, mostly I shy away from bread making, however last week I made Nan bread, it was wayyyy better than grocery store Nan but not quite as good as the Nan bread you get from a really good Indian restaurant. The proofing cloth was on my Christmas list, because I really want one! So if I can’t win one hopefully Santa brings me one 🙂 Merry Christmas Karen!

  278. Emily says:

    I just got my husband a couche for christmas! And also, I want bread now.

  279. D. Chisholm says:

    You solved my toilet problem with your recommendation of the American Standard Cadet. I have been a devotee ever since, so here’s to another great Year of Karen (okay, that last part was sucking up)!

  280. Will E. says:

    People shouldn’t be afraid to cook! Send the prize to me and I will make one of my boys the designated bread baker. :7) And merry Christmas to you even if I don’t win.

  281. Becky Winters says:

    I love to make bread!

  282. Erinne Stevens says:

    Mmm Bread!!!

  283. Ishrath says:

    pick me!

  284. Ev Wilcox says:

    Our family gathering for Christmas this year is at my daughter’s house on the 23rd-yay! So, on Christmas day I hope to be home and not go anywhere. If I am nice, not naughty, (what are the odds?!), I will make two artisan no-knead loaves for us and the resident bread fiends will love it! Haven’t made it in awhile and will actually have to look up the amounts. Bad me. I like bread, but I don’t LOVE it like everyone else in the family. Guess I didn’t get that gene. Since I never win anything, the likelyhood of me getting those lovely gifts is pretty narrow. But it is nice of you and I am sure the winner will really be glad! Merry Christmas to all, especially Karen!

  285. Kathryn says:

    I’ve played around with Jim Lahey’s no knead bread and I’m pretty sure that the proving cloth will up my game. Not to mention trying out new recipes. Thanks!

  286. Alice says:

    Yes, please!!!!!

  287. Chelsea says:

    Bread bread bread!!

  288. Amanda says:

    Warm beer and bread they say can raise the dead… LOL I love love love homemade bread!

  289. Catherine Naulin says:

    I make the “no knead bread” often, but just because I live and breathe linen, would LOVE to try recipes from the book and use the proving cloth. Looks so damn good! Which would bring me to wear the “Rough linen” apron, so beautiful.
    Hope I win, hope I win….

  290. Susan says:

    Hi Karen,
    Would love to win this awesome gift. Thanks for all the full on belly laughs and have a
    Very Merry Christmas!

  291. Jeanie Burch says:

    You are right! Cooking does equal Happiness! I love to cook but I don’t make bread. Would love to win so I can learn to make bread and make me and others happy. Thank you.

  292. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  293. Katie C. says:

    Karen, you have to pick me. That’s all there is to it.

  294. Conrad Zutavern says:

    I made my first boule last week and I’m presently making a poolish for my second.

  295. amy watson says:

    I have been wanting this bread book forever, I love my proofing cloth so much, I ordered it as soon as I saw it. So here goes the sucking up part………you are an inspiration to all of us regular people. Yep you are. Now pick me hahahaha

  296. Susan Claire says:

    I am deathly afraid of yeast and never bake bread-well, beer bread once in a while, but that doesn’t count. Any recipes in that book not using the traditional method of yeast and kneading?

  297. Phyliss Hajnasiewicz says:

    I grew up on a farm, so FRESH home made bread was the bee’s knees. Sue wish I could make it like my mama used to.

  298. Julia Sirrine says:


  299. Maria says:

    Love it!

  300. Kim King says:

    Love it!! Just made the bread recipe from the cob oven and loved it! This would be sweet.

  301. Jasmine says:

    Oh goodness! I love bread 😀

  302. Linda Sieve says:

    I love that cookbook! Ever since I bought it (because of one of your blogs) I am 8 pounds “happier” than I was 6 months ago! Have a great Christmas

  303. Suzanne G. says:

    I’ve never baked bread, but I’d like to try. This looks like a good place to start.

  304. Carolyn says:

    I’m all out of catchy comments….
    Mmmmh, bread…

  305. Gretchen Sexton says:

    Karen! You. Rock.

    You’re not only funnier than a crutch–you’re also one heckuva generous blogger!

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season up there in the snow. (We did make it all the way to 29 down here in Alabama…so ’tis the season!

  306. Kirsten says:

    I already have the cookbook, although i would be happy to give one to someone else because it will make them happy too. The proofing cloth and whisk i would keep for myself. Merry christmas to me!!

  307. Gramma Carol says:

    Merry Christmas, Karen. My oven died in the middle of cookie baking..a new one after holidays. I think your lovely bread combination would be the very best first run through my new oven!!

  308. Katie says:

    mmmmm bread

  309. Lisa says:

    Who doesn’t love bread just out of the oven?

  310. Chelsea Randall says:

    I don’t like to cook, but I LOVE to bake!! And of all the baked goods, bread is by far my favorite 😀

  311. Erika Collins says:

    Oh please please please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Neeeeeeeeeeeed! (Or should I say (scream) KNEAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!! Hoping hoping oh so hopefully hoping…….

  312. susan dachille says:

    Karen, I would absolutely love to win any one of your prizes. Looking forward to making bread this winter on a cold Canadian wintry day.

  313. Kelly MacGregor says:

    Hmmmm, I can smell the fresh loaf now….:)

  314. Brandi says:

    I’ve never made homemade bread. Maybe it’s time to give it a go.

  315. Sandra says:

    If I don’t win, I’ll still share my 1 Hour Rolls recipe with you! Just ask for it 🙂

  316. jainegayer says:

    My son ate nothing but my bread until he started kindergarten, then I went back to school and work, and he traded his sandwich for a friend’s sandwich and came home and told me he wanted my bread until he got married and then his wife could make his bread. That was 40 years ago and I would love to get back to baking bread again. There is nothing like slicing a warm piece of bread barely out of the oven and smothering butter on it. So dearest Karen, BEST blogger and DIY selfer in the ENTIRE world I want this book and Tricia’s proving cloth and that strange looking wisking gadget, pretty please.

  317. Angie says:

    Yup! Home made bread is the best!

  318. Laura says:

    Looks awesome! Merry Christmas.

  319. Katherine says:

    Yes…warm, lovely bread. Such a perfect gift. ?

  320. Brenda says:

    Eating freshly baked bread makes me do a happy dance! Pair that with fresh cranberry, rosemary compote and I enter a zen trance. 🙂

  321. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Holey moley, I just dragged my sorry butt outta bed and there’s already 314 freekin’ replies! Just goes to show how much we all love a freebie eh? Or at least the chance of one eh? Well, count me in, I’m no better than the rest of y’all. Think I’ll go back to bed now.

  322. Elaine McLaughlin says:

    Hello there Karen,

    Thoughtful and inspiring giveaway……many of us would certainly use these helpful aids to jump right in to learn techniques of making breads, you have enticed many! Thank YOU!

  323. Helen says:

    I have not been particularly happy of late and have not felt up to doing anything. A few weeks ago I discovered your blog and, starting at the beginning, have been reading your posts. I have started to feel like …. Doing Stuff! Last week, I made bread and, in doing so, felt as close to happy as I have been in a very long time. I will continue to make bread but would like to expand my loaf repertoire and this book would help. Thanks for blogging.

  324. I make my own bread and won’t even buy the loaves of sugar and air that are sold in the “bread” aisle of the grocery store anymore. There is nothing to compare to warm, fresh bread.

    Also, you turned me on to Rough Linen and my credit card is now a whimpering shadow of its former self. So, you owe me.

  325. Patty Reed-Pederson says:

    There is nothing better than hot out of the oven homemade bread. I’m drooling over the picture.

  326. lovely! I’ve been aching to get back into baking bread.

  327. Myrna says:

    Off to buy fresh yeast!

  328. Linda in Illinois says:

    I’m not sucking up Karen but,… you look marvelous !! You are a fantastic person !! You make my days much brighter and I would love to share a loaf of bread with you any day. 🙂

  329. Tarra says:

    Gluten Rules!

  330. Amanda says:

    Thanks, this is a gorgeous prize.

  331. Sue Heatherley says:

    The aroma of fresh bread, good quality butter and strong black coffee…….
    Darn. I am salivating!

  332. Ellie O'Toole says:

    LOVE IS cooking and baking.

  333. Barbara Qualteria says:

    Bread. Yum. Thanks, Karen!

  334. Maureen K says:

    Sure would like this prize pack. Thanks!

  335. gloria says:

    Lovely idea. I am looking forward to baking a beautiful loaf of bread!

  336. jill white-abell says:

    I want to be a happy, hippy hippie. Please and thank you.

  337. Adrienne says:

    Mmmmmm…fresh crusty bread makes my tummy happy.

  338. Jacque Pennington says:


  339. Audrey says:

    I am just about to start my day of baking…10 pies and 13 dozen tarts. The Phoenix payroll disaster has forced me to earn some extra dough for Christmas and may have started a new enterprise for me…I would live to become a better bread baker too.

  340. Ann says:

    Merry Christmas, Karen!

  341. MARILYN JOHNSON says:

    I WANT TO WIN!!!

  342. Karen says:

    LOVE IT??!!!

  343. Charlotte van Rijn-Rosier says:

    I love fresh baked Bread, this is a beautiful gift for the holidays.

  344. Sandi Trussell says:

    What an awesome gift! I would love it all. I love your blog. Merry Christmas Karen.

  345. Erin says:

    Thanks, Karen! I would love to get back into bread-making and this would be the ticket.

  346. Linda says:

    Yeast is my spirit animal.

  347. Karen says:

    Would love to learn the art of bread making. You’ve taught us so much already, my latest love is the wickles. Have some brewing in the fridge now, although they’re slowly disappearing before the two weeks is up. Yum! Merry Christmas!

  348. Brenda says:

    Best Giveaway Gifts Ever! Happy Dancing … with crossed fingers. Good Luck Everyone (including me). Wahoo!

  349. Mary W says:

    What a great! present from a really great (sucking up) person! Tell your Mom I miss her camera work!

  350. Kim Steinmetz says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  351. Meg says:

    Having you as a best friend would make me happy because you are the funniest, smartest, most beautiful blogger in the whole entire universe..does that count as sucking up? Oh and bread, yeah, bread would make me happy too.

  352. Beth says:

    Inserting suck up comment here….

  353. Katie Grace says:

    I would like all the breads please 😉

  354. meredith says:

    I live in a bread desert. South Central Pennsylvania. Really we have to go almost the whole way to Philadelphia before the bread starts getting pretty good. I blame the Amish. They make great shoo-fly pies, but very squishy, eggy bread. Somehow, despite the lack of good bread, I am still hippy.

    Oh well. I’d like to make good bread at home.

  355. Donna Boo says:

    Going through a bout of vertigo (which I originally thought was a bit of a hangover), so staying home today. Woke up craving fresh homemade bread.

    Today’s baking menu: artisanal crusty bread, chocolate chip cookies for someone that did a favor for me, and maybe some cinnamon buns. Christmas cookies are scheduled for Monday.

    Oh, and thanks to you I am obsessed with my Rough Linen bed. Just don’t have a proofing cloth.

  356. michele wines says:

    Bring on the hippiness!

  357. Jean Tremmel says:

    What a kind offer. I’d love to win this. Thank you!

  358. Karen Stor says:

    Especially this time of year! Tomorrow (12/17/2016) the overnight low forecast is -7 (Yes, seven degrees below zero). I live in Denver, CO and making a loaf of bread sounds like a great way to warm up.

  359. Mary Michelle says:

    Hope this will be a lucky post for me, since today I officially become an elderly lady.

  360. Sue H. says:

    I love fresh bread and I would love to win.

  361. chris says:

    I want the chicken breast.

  362. Jane Keene says:

    I never met any home baked bread I didn’t love….rather have warm buttery bread than meat. Sooo happy I can eat all things gluten ?….Merry Christmas Karen!!

  363. Liz in Sacramento California says:

    You are correct about cooking and happiness. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy your sense of humor.

  364. Niki Dolan says:

    Recently I’ve been going through my emails and unsubscribing to them. I clicked on yours to do the same. I thought it was from a local art studio. Instead I was pleasantly suprised by your blog. 🙂

  365. LindaSchultz says:

    I LOVE bread and this book looks amazing. thank you for promoting it.

  366. Sheryle G says:

    I’ve never used a Danish Dough Whisk. Would like to try it though. And the cookbook looks like there are some wonderful recipes in it.

  367. Vanessa Dubyk says:

    OH yea!!! I gifted the rough linen to both my mom and MIL, but stupidly haven’t bought it for myself yet. So, does this mean YOU might gift it to me Karen? Would also love to try out new recipes aside from my standard loaf recipe from my grandma.

  368. Amanda says:

    Love all the stuff you do!

  369. Lynn says:

    I have to agree bread baking is the best smell in the world. Heaven has landed right in your home.

  370. Ann Swalve says:

    You make me happy.

  371. Laurie says:

    That’s so perfect Karen, I was looking at a bread cloth in the Lee Valley flyer we got yesterday, but winning one would be SO much better!

  372. My first comment disappeared, so I’m back. Because breeaaaaaaaaaaaadd…

  373. Synn says:

    If I would have to chose only one thing to eat – bread would easily be it (potatoes come a close second :-D). Bread is the best, really!

  374. What a thoughtful gift! They certainly would be a boost in my attemp in bread baking! Thank you Karen!

  375. Mia says:

    It’s such a beautiful prize–like artwork in a kitchen. Merry Christmas and thanks for another year of life-lifting posts.

  376. Tracey Durrett says:

    While cooking is my “Yoga”, I have never, ever baked bread… This would be the *perfect* starter kit!

  377. Jeanne Meyer says:

    I would love to learn a new skill with your ‘”favs”! Jeanne

  378. Susan warder says:

    The biggest problem with making bread at home is having bread to eat at home. Instead of eating slices and slices and chunks, I’m going to give more bread away.

    I really am. Really.

  379. Lynne says:

    Great prize !! Thanks Karen !

  380. Sharon Jones says:

    Thank you for the chance to win such a great giveaway. Love bread!

    Happy Christmas and 2017. Thanks for a great blog.

  381. Paula F. says:

    This looks like fun! The only bread I’ve made is in the bread maker but I’m willing to give it a go!

  382. Milton says:

    Have already received my Christmas present with your wonderful article about Wickles and your famous quote:

    If you’re going to do something, DO IT.
    Don’t half ass it.
    Kick ass it.
    – Karen Bertelsen

    You’ve had a great year, brought a lot of happiness, brought a lot of laughs, you should be proud of yourself.

  383. Teresa says:

    This is me sucking up. No really, I love bread more than most things. If I could sleep on a bed of giant warm bread I would. – and life would be perfect because I could just roll over and eat my pillow.
    My fav bread recipe is The NY Times no knead bread. You might love it too.
    Happy Christmas!

    • Karen says:

      That IS a good recipe Teresa! Love hearing it crackle when you pull it out of the oven. ~ k!

      • Teresa says:

        Yes! And the crackling has a name : Singing. The perfect combination of a technical and poetic.

        As it cools you hear the crust sing. And if it doesn’t sing, you don’t have a good crust and likely have a crumb that is gummy. (I sound like I know what I’m talking about.)

        Karen, Your post inspired me to bake bread today (photo) and I was going to include a short video of the loaves “singing” but that’s not allowed and we really need smellavision for the whole effect anyway. Someday, I’m going to treat myself and buy that proofing cloth!

  384. Christine Barton says:

    Hippy and happy. No regrets.

  385. Marie says:

    woo hoo!!

  386. Liz says:

    wow, internet bread jokes are seriously groan worthy. This one is pretty cute, kinda vile:

    Q: What do you see when the Pillsbury Doughboy bends over?
    A: Doughnuts!

  387. Becky G. says:

    This is so timely! I was just saying yesterday that I want to make something with yeast in 2017. (I never have. I don’t know why I am intimidated by it, but every time I see that word in a recipe, I skip the recipe.) HELP ME BAKE ALL THE BREADS, KAREN!!

  388. Ro says:

    Fresh bread out of the oven with butter is AWESOME!!

  389. sara jenkins says:

    Bread, bread, bread!

  390. Jebber jay says:

    The only thing that matters is bread.

  391. Chris says:

    Such an excellent give-away! Thank you. I keep checking the bread book out from the public library and would love to own a copy.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas – excited to see your Christmas house 2016 and had to enter the contest first!

  392. annie says:

    Please random thing pick me!

  393. shannon says:

    I put this book on my Amazon wish list after reading about it here! Maybe I’ll get lucky.

    I’ve never made homemade bread. I’m certain doing so will lead to (more) hippiness.

    Merry Christmas!

  394. Jamie says:

    My husband will eat extra servings of everything I cook, and I love to cook for him! Bread is always a winner, especially for homemade croutons!! Thank you ahead of time for the gifts 😉 !!

  395. Jennifer Aakre says:

    Warm bread makes my family happy!

  396. Pattie Meyers says:

    I’m in. Love the blog. Thank you ?

  397. LisaS says:

    I have been using your bread recipe on here and love it! What a great gift! PICK ME PICK ME! WOOT

  398. Jennifer E says:

    How fun. Would love to win some bread making goodies.

  399. Ana R. says:

    There’s only one thing that can fix a year like 2016 and it’s bread. Thank you Karen!

  400. Heather says:

    This would be awesome to win as I am just discovering the joy of fresh baked breads! It started with pizza crusts then on to homemade pretzels and now I have been looking up bread recipes to start making that as well. Nothing is better than warm, fresh breads! Congratulations to whomever wins and thank you for having such a fun, interesting blog to entertain us all with. 🙂

  401. Tammy says:

    When I see “The Art of Doing Stuff” in my email, I smile! Thanks for all you do! We have so much in common….except Brussels Sprouts….I happen to love them.

  402. Pam says:

    Happiness is bread slathered in butter…. until you get on the scale the next day.

  403. Sheryl says:

    And here I was, all prepared to suck up to you for the bread giveaway. You gorgeous, talented, generous person, you.

  404. Merrilee says:

    The best part of this is trying to think of how to suck up. Let’s see…. “You look lovely covered in bookshelf dust.”? No…how about “You have the best community garden plot.”? I’ve got it……”Karen has a way with yeast.”!!! lol great giveaway- and damn that’s a lot of comments!

  405. I love baking bread. My first batch of sourdough starter came from my son, who lives in Brooklyn (where else?).

    But, we recently sold our home of 23 years in Massachusetts and have moved to Portland, Oregon. Not only did my starter die a spectacular death (it turned black) during this transition, but all of my bread baking equipment remains in a storage pod in Massachusetts until we can move into our permanent home here in Portland.

    While there are many terrific bakeries in my new hometown, nothing can replace the aroma of fresh baked bread. So if anyone needs that book and equipment, I do! Thanks for giving me a chance to win it.

  406. Lorrie Kay Douglas says:

    Yes, please! What a great opportunity. Thanks for thinking of your readers. I just made some ciabatta bread last night to share with a neighbor. Happy Holidays!

  407. Carol A Lawlor says:

    I enjoy reading your comments. Sometimes blunt, but always interesting! There is always something new to learn from others.

  408. Amelia says:

    hurrah for bread!

  409. Jean Uva says:

    Karen, long time reader, first time commenter! My mom used to make bread every week back in the 70’s – our school lunch pb&j’s were all on super thick, dense whole wheat bread slices – how I longed, wheedled and begged for a sandwich like my pals’ on fluffy white Wonderbread! Then I grew up and realized having her warm yeasty bread straight out of the oven after school was a luxury – not the deprivation I imagined at the time! My penance for being such a little brat years ago will be to use your gifts and bake weekly bread for my family:)

  410. Jim Vallas says:

    The staff of life! Merry Christmas!

  411. Denise says:

    I do love bread and cook books.

  412. It’d be my first time making bread, but what the heck! I’m in!

  413. Susan M. says:

    Already have lots of elastic-y waist pants, so bring on the bread! Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you and your flock!

  414. Katie Schneider says:

    I’ve been eyeing all those items since you first posted them and i promise that I’m not just sucking up!

  415. Carol Desoer says:

    Hi Karen
    I used to love making bread but have gotten away from it since becoming an empty nester. I have made it in an antique wood stove oven, on a rack under a roasting pan on a wood heating stove, in an electric bread maker and of course, in my regular stove oven. Now that winter is upon us, I would love to start again to warm up my friends, myself and my house on these cold days. Thanks for your terrific blog to which my friend Larraine introduced me. You remind me of my earlier days and offer some new ideas for now.

  416. SuzanneLH says:

    Yes please! ;<)

  417. Patsy says:

    Yes….nothing smells better than fresh baked bread…well a turkey cooking in the oven, clean baby, etc. Okay fresh bread is ONE of the best smelling things….

  418. Denese says:

    I think the hippy ship has sailed from here, or perhaps merely slid off the edge of the earth on a slick of homemade cultured butter.
    At any rate, I have been stalking that cookbook for quite a while. What a great trio of gifts.
    Merry Christmas, Karen.

  419. BamaCarol says:

    Wow, would love to win this. Happiness is a warm loaf of bread and a big tub of real butter.

  420. Melanie says:

    Wow. I love the smell of baking bread. What a delightful giveaway.

  421. Flash says:

    Looking forward to the extra layers of fat I gain in winter by eating hot bread with lots of butter and a little salt sprinkle. Then waddling off to a cave to sleep away the rest of the winter months.

  422. Joanne says:

    oh yes, fresh bread and butter… there really is nothing like it. Maybe this will inspire me to get baking again!

    Thank you for your blog and all that you do – I love it and have brought a few people over to your side!

  423. Jan says:

    There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh bread baking. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  424. Clara Woodburn says:

    I’d love it if you’d pick me. Merry Christmas!

  425. Alissa says:

    Mmmmmm! Warm bread! Nothing better!

  426. Attygreen13 says:




    That is all. Your carb sister ❤️️

  427. Dona Owens says:

    I’m in…just for the hippiness of it all! ?

  428. Julie says:

    Would love this…back in the day I made bread regularly…I’m willing to do that again!

  429. Kori F says:

    Awesome! I have dreamed of that proving cloth since you first posted about it!!!!! Please on Please pick me!

  430. Scott Burton says:

    Homemade bread is the best!!

  431. Teresa Perry says:

    What a great gift! You, of course, have excellent taste.

  432. Scott Burton says:

    Pick me please!

  433. Stephanie says:

    I can forego the main course for warm, fresh out of the oven crusty bread. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Karen (as well to that glittery, pole dancer that took over your body a couple days ago)!

  434. Kris says:

    Perfect combo, you get give the best gifts! Thank you, and congrats to the winner!

  435. Jennie Lee says:

    I can’t believe you said “cooker”. According to what was written in my Baby Book, when I was 3 or 4 years old, I told my Mom that she was “the best cooker in the world!” I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone else using “cooker” as a description of a person. Just you and me. No wonder I like your blog! I am NOT the best cooker on my block, I would guess. But homemade bread might help!

  436. Jeanne C says:

    What an brilliant prize, I hope I win!
    I love to make bread and these would be welcome additions to my kitchen. 🙂
    Happy Holidays from Idaho!

  437. Louise says:

    We love bread! Any kind, any time, any place! Joyeux Noël!

  438. Stacey Vass says:

    Any comment below. Yes, I’m a smartass.

  439. Candyse says:

    I love the smell of fresh baked bread! My grandma used to make it just to keep her arthritic fingers mobile.

  440. Rhonda says:

    Would love to win this, what a great prize. Love you Karen and have a very Merry Christmas.

  441. Carla says:

    LOL – That’s my big project for today, baking a loaf of bread! So you’ll understand why the first thing I did when I clicked through to your blog was check the driveway to see if you were here! But no, only some quail and Mr. Pheasant looking for breakfast. I just got a bag of einkorn all purpose flour that I ordered from a place in Southern Idaho that grows it and mills it. My aunt is celiac and about 90% of my nieces and nephews are gluten intolerant and it is so hard to try to cook for them. I have at least 10 little bags of different types of non-gluten flour in my freezer since every “gluten free” recipe I try calls for a different type of flour. Anyway, after reading about ‘ancient’ wheat and how it is different from the regular, corporate ag wheat in the stores, I thought it was worth a try. So wish me luck!

  442. nancy says:

    Sure, it’d be great to win. You should try James Beard’s bread book, “Beard on Bread”.
    There is a recipe for high gluten bread. That gets the party goers panties in a twist. Conversation of the worse kind ensues with so much animation you can duck out unnoticed.

  443. Taylor Conrad says:

    I have a heritage of bread lovers, My mother loved bread, my brother and sister love bread, my children love bread. My mother gave me the hoosier from her home cuz I was the bread maker in the house and in my teens. I’d love to perfect it.

  444. Alex Nett says:

    Thanks to you I make bread regularly now. It’s so funny how much this impresses people- it’s akin to spinning gold from straw in most peoples mind. They get all awe-struck. Excellent parlor trick, really:)

  445. Adele Wilson says:

    Cooking is the best because————-happiness of course. Not entirely sold on baking though (too precise) but bread baking is another story all together! Plus winning this prize would be great practice for my new Karen-inspired backyard pizza oven project planned for next summer.

  446. Arlene Hogan says:

    I have 2 grand kids living with me..I feel like a worthless piece of crap..I haven’t baked bread for over a year.(or two) if I win this, I PROMISE i will repent,and start baking again.

  447. Patti Shiels says:

    That cloth would make me want to bake bread like an expert which I am not.

  448. Tracey says:

    Pick me! Pick me! (Please.)

  449. Lindsay H says:

    I would absolutely love to win this.

  450. cj says:

    Nothing better than bread baking !!!

  451. Kathy Crissman says:

    Grandma would love it!

  452. Cred says:

    Mmmm, warm, crusty bread, fresh out of the oven. For the gluten intolerant, perhaps less about happiness and more about those stabling Japanese samarai- so sad.

    Happily gluten tolerant

  453. Karen Sather says:

    Bread, wonderful bread! Love the smell of bread baking in the oven!

  454. Rhonda says:

    Mmm bread !
    PS I think ur hilarious !

  455. Christina says:

    What is home? A welcoming, safe place. This sums up the smell of baking bread when you walk into the kitchen. Bread baking=home.

  456. Catherine says:

    Oh, Santa baby, just slip that proofing cloth under my tree please.

  457. Lauren Burke says:

    Amazing gift! I have been dreaming about that proving cloth since you announced it!

  458. Cred says:

    for some reason my comment I posted has disappeared- odd!

    Mmmm, warm, crusty bread out of the oven- heaven!

    • Ann Brookens says:

      Is it on page one of the comments? At this moment there are three or four pages!

      • Cred says:

        Poop! I hope I didn’t screw up the draw by posting twice. I should have realized a giveaway generates a mountain of comments. Thanks

  459. Kathy Houk says:

    Yeah a Christmas do you feel lucky raffle. I’m hoping.

  460. Kelly Bodie says:

    Love bread as does all my family , you just gave me an idea of family gifts when visiting! Thanks

  461. Sofia Leo says:

    Bread IS happiness! 🙂

  462. Lynne Burns says:

    Would love to win this….. Bread is my spirit animal

  463. Amy Foster says:

    Yes bread!! All I want to do after the crazy snow and traffic in Toronto these last few days, is stay home all weekend and make bread. I love that proving cloth!

  464. Jill Southworth says:

    Happy Holidays.
    Peace out.

  465. Katie says:

    Baking bread is the best! I’m happy ’tis the season again.

  466. Catherine says:

    Bread … infamous bread. The one thing on my cooking list I can NOT seem to master! Embarrassingly I worked at a bakery in my early 20’s and regularly baked all types of goodies … however … the bread dough was always pre-made early in the morning by the chef, I simply had to pull it out of the cooler to let it proof or roll it out into buns, cinnamon rolls, danishes, etc. and bake. Even at home, my mother would make the dough and I would roll it and make cinnamon rolls (better tasting than my sister’s as she would say …. and that was quite a feat since she had won a blue ribbon at the fair for them!) Oh, to win these items and FINALLY master the art of making bread …. now THAT truly would be the gift that kept on giving!!!

  467. Leisa Joan says:

    I love to cook, basically because I like to eat…I should be 300 lbs. But I also like to make bread, so would love to win this gift. Merry Christmas!

  468. Beth Popowski says:

    Love it! Thanks.

  469. Benjamin says:

    Does Brandi, the Christmas stripper deliver her goods/gifts? Got my runway lit up for landing. C’mon… mama needs a new dough whisk and linen proofing cloth. *wishes* ((hugs)) poof !!

  470. Sandy Z says:

    Gonna try this again, with my picture…finally remembered to add my picture so Karen doesn’t just see a grey head! Hope it works.

  471. Marie says:

    I love bread! And the scent of bread baking is divine!

  472. Angie says:

    mmmmmmm warm cinnamon rasin bread soooooo good!

  473. Cait MacLennan Penman says:

    This is lovely and I would love to win!

  474. Laurie Christensen says:

    Love fresh bread .. need to start some sourdough ..

  475. Eileen says:

    ok, this is probably automatic disqualification, but now I’m craving liver and brussel sprouts, with some fresh bread on the side….

  476. kat says:

    Great giveaway!!

    I’ve been loving 100% sourdough rye bread. I made my own starter with yeast that I captured and get the rye from a local mill. It’s the best bread ever!

  477. Sandy Z says:

    OK, one more time. Let’s see if this worked. Bread…mmmmmm!!!

  478. Linda says:

    who doesn’t love fresh bread??

  479. Sandy Z says:

    Well, they say persistence pays off…we’ll see. Is this the time my picture finally shows up?

  480. Sandy Z says:

    And there it is…just not quite where I intended it to show up…LOL…c’est la vie!!

  481. Ian says:

    This is my second Holiday Season with The Art of Doing Stuff. I love doing all the stuffs. Including bread making. I threw away pounds and pounds of brick-like bread before becoming a super, ok, satisfactory, home bread baker. I even used one of those brick-like ones as a door stop! I could feed my friends all the magic carbs if I had some more dough tools. Even if my entry doesn’t rise to the occasion I will still love The Art of Doing Stuff, and making bread or crackers or pizza at midnight on a Tuesday.

    Challah at ya boy!

  482. Carol says:

    Love the smell of bread baking!

  483. Joyce says:

    Bread! Carbs! Yum!

  484. Peggy says:

    Now that I am retired I think that baking bread would be a good hobby.

  485. Theda says:

    Warm bread never fails to put a smile on my face!! As always, I enjoy your stuff!

  486. martha says:

    Thanks Karen for the chance at the great give away. Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread in the oven!

  487. Katie McKinnon says:

    We are all sick in our home so some fresh bread would be REALLY comforting right now.

  488. Dianne Thomas says:

    I want to make my family happy!

  489. Beth says:

    Nothing better than fresh bread and the smell!
    I so enjoy your blog! Every morning I think – is it Monday, Wednesday, or Friday? Yeah – I can read Karen!


  490. Carole says:


  491. Kiara says:

    I adore the Rough Linen collab.. What a wonderful gift! And the bread book has been on my Amazon Wish List all year! Merry Christmas, Karen!

  492. Alena says:

    Bread IS happiness. With a capital H.
    Especially if it’s sour-dough.

  493. Marilyn says:

    Would love to have these things before I attempt to make bread. Have tried it twice before … not very great. The book, whisk and cloth would likely be the answer to my prayers, and of course, any additional tutorials and info you may want to add on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

    Wishing you a marvellous Christmas ….

  494. Nicola Cunha says:

    Woo hoo! I’m looking forward to making a cheesey tear-n-share for Christmas!

  495. Liz says:

    How can anyone NOT love fresh bread? Although my mom has told me that as a child, she loved it when her mother would bring home a loaf of store-bought bread… can you imagine?

  496. Amy D says:

    Yes, please!

  497. kelly in weed says:

    I’m almost ashamed to say it, but i might just become a hippy if i won this.
    ok, well, maybe not, but i could think about it.

  498. Lindy says:

    Boy there are a lot of comments piling in here. I’ll add mine and cross my fingers. I used to bake bread. Every Friday there were two loaves, plus some sage and prosciutto rolls which were easy but glam. And then I bought a farm and moved to the land of Amazing Bread, and let the habit drop. But ten days a month there is still living in the Land of Blah Bread unless you want to spend a fortune (England). So I have returned. But the new me is not kneading and thumping and stretching dough. Soft tissue damage and sore hands are relegated to gardening tasks these days. Instead I think bread making has altered slightly. There’s no real need to knead. Just a bit. Then shove it in the fridge for a few days and let nature do it’s thing. But there is a need to mix that dough in the beginning, and one always has to prove. So if I were to win, (yay!) then the first and middle bit of my bread making habit will be make aeshetically and practically better. And happier. Because it’s true that one perfect loaf – or imperfect (my oven has a cold spot) equals happiness. Yours in hope….

  499. Jenn Martin says:

    I’ve just gotten back into baking bread, so this all looks amazing! That gorgeous cloth is especially lovely.

  500. Dale says:

    So… what’s so wrong about liver and brussels sprouts? Cooked together…. not so much. Liver and onions… awesome, especially if I want to drive the rest of the family out of the house. And I’ll take brussel and his sprouts any day over kale. I know that will get me kicked out of this blog tribe but it is what it is.

  501. rina says:

    Hello Karen: There is nothing like home made fresh bread with prosciutto, parmiggiano , figs and a glass of wine. yumm. Buon Natale. Rina

  502. Ann Brookens says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  503. Liz Douglas says:

    Hi, I would really like that. You are Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thank You

  504. Lise says:

    Love your blog. Hope you have a lovely Christmas (and that I win).

  505. Liz says:

    Mmmmm… Bread. There couldn’t be a more perfect gift!

  506. janni says:

    Me! Me! Me! I may not comment often, but I read all your posts:) I would love this give-away!

  507. Julie Pearce says:

    Soon retiring, hope to have time to bake, my man loves anything homemade….he’s very deprived now! Cookbook will help, he might even bake for me!

  508. Carolyn says:

    I love making, and eating, bread!

  509. Ruth Vallejos says:

    As much as I love the fresh bread, my sister is just the person this was meant for.

  510. Donna says:

    I’m in.

  511. Sharon MacDonald says:

    Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia! 🙂

  512. Deborah Wright says:

    Bread is LOVE

  513. Mike says:

    This is an anti sucking-up message. I simply want to win free bread.

  514. Shawna Greyling says:

    mmm. bread. I don’t need to win this as it won’t be good for my waist line but I want to win it because it tastes sooooo good.

  515. My family would love for me to win this gift! Thanks!

  516. Jasmine says:

    As it turns out, I have a virgin sourdough starter I made last week and three weeks of leave from work starting right now. I’d love to use these items to bake a loaf of bread!

  517. Carly says:

    I sure hope I win! I could use some warm crusty bread happiness

  518. Linda says:

    I am quite sure this would put me in the mood to start baking bread again.

  519. Lily says:

    I am in! Please and thank you!

  520. MichelleR says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I would love to bake some bread
    Wouldn’t you ??

  521. Deb says:

    So by now I have to be the 900th response? LOL Good for you for having a huge following. Although 2 responders would make my odds better

  522. Kathleen Potter says:

    I make bread at least once a week so this would be lovely. Nothing says love like freshly baked bread.

  523. Allan Connery says:

    Sucking up anyway, because you never know.

  524. Kathryn says:

    There’s nothing better than a snowy day, a woodfire, a loaf of fresh bread coming out of the oven. Can’t resist cutting into it immediately.

  525. Kathy says:

    Thank for the chance to be just like you, baking bread and using cool tools!

  526. Shelly says:

    Yum, fresh hot bread and butter. Salivating here!

  527. Jasmine says:

    Ohhhhhh yeah……..!!

  528. Lisa says:

    Thanks for doing your blog. I love the wide range of subjects you cover along with the witty comments of course!! And bread, what else is there to say? If you have that and some butter, you have it all!!

  529. Ei Conklin says:

    I’d give up my lo-carb diet for this. Pick me!

  530. jennifer says:

    Love bread, love all things Rough Linen, love cookbooks, would love to win!

  531. Sara says:

    The dough whisk looks so neat!

  532. Fritzy Dean says:

    Karen , I am a very senior, senior citizen, so I do not build chicken coops or pizza ovens or bookcases. Nor do I climb on tables to wire light fixtures or tear out walls with a sledge hammer. However I do read every word of every post you write.Be cause you can always make me laugh….or at least, grin. So if this is sucking up, I am guilty.
    Thanks for the grins!

  533. Stephanie Hobson says:

    Pick me, pick me (waves hand)!!!!

    Haha, just put me on the list please.

  534. Garth Wunsch says:

    You make me laugh… or at least chuckle, on most every post… and that’s almost as good as fresh warm bread!

  535. holly pearson says:

    Love your blog, and so do my backyard flock of hens who are better known as Team Omelette!

  536. Gerrylynn Geyer says:

    What a wonderful idea for a giveaway! Such a nice gesture for your readers.
    Bread is such a communal thing. It’s nice to think of people coming together over it.

  537. Pam says:

    I can already smell it!

  538. Deb says:

    Love, love, love bread. It’s my not so secret crush.

  539. AMD says:

    Oh, yes, please!

  540. Sharon says:

    My family loves fresh baked bread.

  541. Amie Melnychuk says:

    Yay, no hoops!!

  542. Stephanie Harley says:

    Woo-hoo! I hope I win!

  543. June Pool says:

    Just commenting, no sucking up :○)

  544. Jane says:

    My husband makes fresh bread almost every day. And yet somehow he always manages to lose his Danish whisk. I’ve gotta get him another one! I bet he’d love that book too.

  545. Heather says:

    I love baking bread & can always use new info & helpful tools!

  546. Carole Williams says:

    I have tried to make bread and failed. Who knows?! The proving cloth may make all the difference for me. And a bread cook book with a really cool whisk would inspire me to try again!

  547. Laurel says:

    I have no idea what a Danish whisk is, but it is so pretty I think I need it.

  548. Joy O'Donnell says:

    At least i know what to ask for for Christmas..

  549. Melody Ryan says:

    Me, me, me, pick me!

  550. maria-to says:

    no knead bread – the greatest thing since sliced bread 🙂

  551. MaryJo says:

    Hi Karen! I don’t want to be considered for the giveaway because I already own the book and the whisk, and I use a tea towel for proofing. I’m commenting just to say how great the whisks are. I’ve given them to several people for gifts and I highly recommend them. And of course the book is excellent too.
    Keep up the good work and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  552. Natalie says:

    I have been wanting to try to bake bread. I think this will be a goal for 2017!

  553. Becca says:

    I’m a bread lover!

  554. Turbocharger says:

    Nom nom nom … carby deliciousness.

  555. Renee Evans says:

    Eeee! Oh please! I just started to grow my own sourdough yeast and I could use the redemption and more ideas to feed my new hobby (obsession) for all things bread.

  556. Robin WIlloughby says:

    Oh ! Yes PLEASE! I’m really needing these BOTH!
    Trust YOU to have a great givaway!

  557. j says:

    Karen-You are the best-and you make me better because you nudge me out of my rut and then I consider, or attempt, or accomplish something that I hadn’t even considered doing when I woke up. I just might make bread tomorrow!

  558. phyllis says:

    OK. No Sucking up! Pick me. Pick me. PICK ME! PLEASE!

  559. Laura says:

    Add me! I actually bought my sister 2/3 of these gifts as her Christmas presents this year… the proving cloth and the book! My husband made her a wooden bread peel too, but what about me?!?! I need to make bread too! Even if I don’t win I won’t be mad, because your blog gave me the ideas for her 2016 gift!

  560. Joy says:

    What a wonderful give away!!! Would be a great addition to my kitchen. Been trying my hand at homemade buns this month, not going so well…. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  561. Rolayne Venator says:

    Comment. 12/17/2016

  562. Laurie wright says:

    You’re so right! People assume I love to bake but it’s exactly as you say, it’s all about giving it away and making people happy. What a thoughtful gift for some lucky fans.?

  563. Carla says:

    I love baking bread! It’s my favorite hobby!

  564. JJ from Cali says:

    I love you, my cornbread.
    My pizza crust, so fine.
    O worthy bread loaf,
    why do you elude me?
    I’m determined to conquer you!

  565. Tasha says:

    These look cool – while I don’t bake bread, my mom does. And I like to eat bread, so she AND I would get a gift.

    Regardless of whether I win or not, have a great Christmas.

  566. Paula says:

    This is better odds than a lottery ticket!

  567. Kristina says:

    Yumyumyumyumyum. Nothing is nicer than fresh bread.

  568. Linda says:

    I am trying to move on to sourdough breads and more complex yeast breads, so this book would be great.

  569. SeaDee says:

    Damn you, Karen!

    Why do I have a KitchenAid Mixer? You (I now grind my own meat now and bake awesome cakes!)
    Why did I make my own portable fire pit? You! (photo attached)
    Why did I build sliding drawers for my little panty this year? You.
    Why do I want to make more bread, and do it with that damn proofing cloth? You!
    Why do I have to work out more? Because of all that cake-and-bread-eating I’m doing? I blame you!

    Thanks for the inspiration and awesome blog. Maybe one day I will start one to for all my projects.

  570. Amanda says:

    Exciting! I’m looking forward to moving in the next couple of months and FINALLY having space to cook again! I’ve been living in a beach cottage for the past couple of years that’s made for weekend trips and not…living. Zero counter space, it’s been awful. Other than…you know…the beach.

  571. Emma says:

    There are almost 600 comments.
    I never win things.
    I love bread and I love creating things in general.
    I have made no knead bread with success.
    I love baking. It does make me happy.
    It makes those who receive my baking happy.
    It is 5 a.m.
    That’s all I got except….love Karen and this blog!!!!!! źźzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    oops sorry
    nodded off there
    I never win anything.

  572. Roisin McIlwrath says:

    I would love to win, but I live in Ireland and I’m not sure if it applies internationally. Here’s hoping!

  573. Nat says:

    Yum, bread!

    I could pretend I was baking it for the kids

  574. Brittany says:

    Bread is my favourite food! The plan this year is bread for everyone for Christmas, so this would come in handy 🙂

  575. cary says:

    Merry Christmas Karen! Thanks for all you do! PS… I think I may have a chicken mutt that has some Maran in her! We will see 🙂

  576. JADE R PELLETIER says:

    Fabulous!!!! Happy Holidays!

  577. Jan Lundgren says:

    I have lust in my heart for that rough linen proofing cloth.

    Love your blog Karen… just the right amount of irreverence and naughtiness in your humour.

  578. Jacqueline F says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  579. Kirsten says:

    I so want this gift! But slightly terrified that I’ll end up the size of a house once I start making my own bread…

  580. Jenny Latreille says:

    I love to cook but baking isn’t my strongest skill – this would be SO helpful! I make crumpets every weekend and would love to start making my own bread, too.

  581. Cindy says:

    I’m trying to imagine smelling that bread smell. Can’t do it. So I guess I might need that book and accouterments to make that smell happen. Actually that would be a marvelous Christmas gift from you. Thanks in advance. LOL!

  582. Stephanie says:

    I cook almost every night because my family is a better family when we all sit down to a meal together, but my bread-baking game needs real improvement. We are iced in today – maybe I’ll give it a try, but would love to have these tools for another time!

  583. Melissa says:

    No Atkins for me! Bread is life!

  584. Jennifer says:

    Please, please, please!

  585. Karyn says:


  586. Jody says:

    Seriously?!! I’ve been eyeing the whisk at Lee Valley for some time now…..

  587. Fereshteh Hashemi says:

    My daughter would love these 3 things! She’s a budding baker and this would encourage her to bake more bread for us! That would make all 5 of us very happy!

  588. Renee says:

    How awesome would this gift be! My daughter & I have been doing recipe “bonding” she wants to make all the old ones passed down from both Grandmas and Great Granny, and a few aunties thrown in, and wants to learn how to bake bread with me…this would be perfect…just sayin…..

  589. Sheila says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks!!

  590. Designgirl64 says:

    Ok. WHY are these people up at midnight posting comments about bread???
    I love me some nummy bread as much as the next person, but wow, this is dedication to your blog Karen!
    Oh, and 12 hours later than them, I want the bread book and shtuff too!

  591. Lynne H says:

    LOVE you to bits….and LOVE warm homemade bread! 🙂

  592. Karla says:

    I would very much like to be a bread-baking Happy Hippy!

  593. Kelly says:

    Great gift idea! Thanks for another great year of laughter, encouragement to do stuff, and chickens!

  594. Meg says:

    I’ve been hovering over the purchase button of the rough linen website . . . I’d love to dip my toes with the proving cloth.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  595. lori says:

    yummy bread,, good book, great tools,,,,, oh how I dream of fine linen 🙂

  596. Jan A says:

    Right this moment, all I need is a loaf of good bread with a pound of butter. In my experience a crappy day can be improved with bread and butter. And wine. Or rum. xo

  597. Natalie says:

    Last year I went through a bread baking and yoghurt making phase but I’ve slacked off. This is would be the loveliest kick in the arse to get me going again.

  598. JessD says:

    bread, bread, bread yum, yum, yum

  599. Holly says:

    Thanks for no hoops! Merry Christmas to you!

  600. Artt Vernon says:

    The Angel of the home makes divine Oatmeal Herb Bread with Molasses and Honey
    to give to Family over the Holiday.

  601. Karen Rains says:

    My name is Karen. I can always add to my hippiness! Thanks so much.

  602. Maureen David says:

    Thanks. Miss you on tv. Glad to see you on facebook.

    • Karen says:

      Well hi Maureen. Yes, I quit television 6 or 7 years ago to start this blog. I do all the same stuff here with a little more swearing. 😉 ~ karen!

  603. Kim Hockney says:

    OMG…I have a Danish friend who is having the time of her life baking artisan bread! I would give this to her!!!!

  604. Asia says:

    Nothing like homemade bread!!

  605. Camille says:

    Thank you Karen. Your writing brings great laughs and happiness too.

  606. Jacque McKee says:

    Happiness IS fresh bread and cinnamon buns, yum, which I am going to make today. I look forward to reading your blog but don’t consider that sucking up.

  607. Bonnie Eckert says:

    Love bread ????

  608. Sandy Grevatt says:

    The staff of life

  609. Amy says:

    YUM! Bread!

  610. Shannon Korpela says:

    You me go pull out my bread machine. No judging.

  611. Janel says:

    Happy already….
    thanks for introducing me to Rough Linen!

    • Karen says:

      Oooo it’s a dangerous place Rough Linen. 🙂 I own 3 pinafores, sheets, a duvet cover, pillow cases … :0 ~ karen!

  612. Brandi Bryant says:

    My family loves bread. Thanks for the giveaway.

  613. Ella says:

    Mmmmm. Bread. With Real.Salted.Butter.

  614. Alice Hinther says:

    Love your sense of humour. I’d love to win this! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

  615. Lisa Eiken says:

    If anything will motivate me to make bread, it is this!

  616. Anne Riemer says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I like baking bread but then again I like bread & butter
    and had to learn if I wanted good bread.

  617. Julie says:

    Me, me. I want it.

  618. Karin Sorensen says:

    wow, what a great giveaway. keeping fingers crossed. love the whisk.

    thanks Karen

  619. Sandy Bishop says:

    I think I can smell that artisan bread from here! What a lovely giveaway! Especially if you give it away to me and my oven.

  620. Ton says:

    Bread-making virgin NEEDS this! 🙂

  621. Diane says:

    If I win, please give the book to someone else because I already have a hard copy. Same with the whisk if it’s the shorter one but I would dearly love to own the proving cloth.

  622. Wisconsin Gal says:

    I gave a copy of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day to my son;s girlfriend a few years ago and she never used it. I wanted to ask for it back but didn’t, and now she is an ex-girlfriend, so I missed my chance. I’d love the new book and the delightful accoutrements.

  623. Leslie says:

    Yummy!! Bread and butter…

  624. Melissa Oliver says:


  625. Betsy says:

    Pick me!

  626. Heather says:

    Looks awesome.

  627. Diane Stairs says:

    Bread is my favourite food thing in this world…

  628. Lynne says:

    Just started a sourdough starter and I will need a proofing cloth to make it – fingers crossed for this xmas present!

  629. Christie says:

    Warm bread and room temperature butter…. Is there anything better??

  630. Amanda Erickson says:

    Not much I’d better th Han fresh baked bread!

  631. As I come to visit your blog, my double batch of white bread from the Joy of Cooking is proofing in my oven. An apropos post for me to read this morning. I don’t often comment, but I very much enjoy reading your insights and out takes.

    Merry almost Christmas!

  632. Crystal says:

    I work at a health food store; more and more frequently of late I have been wanting to try baking some artisan breads – great timing!

  633. Melanie says:

    Would love some cool bread making tools 🙂

  634. Carole Larose says:

    Yummy yummm I’ll have bread in my tummy and ill be banking You””

  635. Karen Beal says:

    Cooking for people really is great for everyone involved, unless the recipient never once says they appreciate and enjoy the results of your hard work, which is why this will be year 2 of me not cooking or baking anything for my extended family members for Christmas. Those jerks just get a card. I will be making pies for my coworkers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  636. valerie says:

    Nice giveaway, thanks!

  637. jo says:

    Winning that prize pack will help me move from making bread in the bread maker to ME being the bread maker!

  638. Found you on FB, looks like a fantastic site!

  639. Jody says:

    I’m drooling just thinking about all the yummy fresh bread I could make. And a little concerned about my thighs! Thanks for the chance to win!

  640. Roxanne says:

    Please enter me in your contest.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas,

  641. Mary says:

    I would love to have this prize, I bake bread every week and this would be such a nice addition in my kitchen. Love your posts Karen.

  642. Teresa says:

    More bread-making is on my agenda for 2017, for sure. I especially love the proofing cloth – beautiful!

  643. Sandy Z says:

    Did my picture finally show up?

  644. Sandy Z says:

    I think I got it….Mmmmmm, bread!!!

  645. M Wilt says:

    Bread Bread Bread

  646. Shannon Riley says:

    Putting my comment in :). Thanks!!!

  647. Kirsten says:

    I would love to win! Homemade bread is amazing!

  648. Darcy Bodiford says:

    You’re just THE BEST!!!!!

  649. Jennifer Nelson says:

    As much as I enjoy cooking, baking is really my true love. If I could, I would bake bread every day.

  650. Joanne Blancke says:

    The feeling of making warm fresh bread is happiness for sure.

  651. Joanne Blancke says:

    Homemade bread ,that is happiness

  652. Jackie says:

    Bread is the best!
    Merry Christmas!

  653. Katie Yates says:

    Baking bread (and eating bread) is my happy place. I’d love to give this giveaway a good home. 🙂

  654. Gabrielle Marie says:

    I love fresh bread??

  655. Jani says:

    I feel like a heel on a loaf of bread but just saying I hope my post gets picked!!

  656. Lisa says:

    Happiness is realizing you are right where you belong, and warm bread, and real butter.
    Yeah bread and butter. Doesn’t matter where you are. That’s it.

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