Meat or Veg? The results show.

Close to 400 and counting.  That’s the number of comments on last week’s Do You Eat Meat? post.  Even the fella’s father chimed in.

In the words of the fella’s father “Eat meat, fire good, chew, fire, eat, growl, pie”. Or something like that.

The sentiment was … he likes meat. And I can vouch for that. He’s been known to serve what has come to be known as …





A dinner that consists of grilled sausages, chicken, and a big hunk of roast-like meat.  Dessert is a box of chocolate laxatives.

So we know where he stands.  But what about the rest of you?

As I said in my original post, I’m a meat eater.  According to studies around 4% of North Americans are vegetarian.  I thought that number seemed low judging solely by friends, family members and readers I know are vegetarian.  So I held a poll last week.


Meat?  Or Veg.   This completely unscientific study  of the preferences  The Art of Doing Stuff readers is, as I said, completely unscientific.

My question was this.  Do you eat meat?  Or do you not eat meat?

Before I get to the results I have to say that even though this is a bit of a hot topic that can sometimes lead to meat eaters actually eating vegetarians … I’d like to commend you all on being open minded about the choices of others.  You were almost 100% non-judgemental towards your fellow commenters.  I have no idea where you got that from, certainly not me.   But kudos to you.

Onto the results of my completely unscientific poll …





As I suspected,  there’s a greater number of vegetarians out there than the official polls report.  Almost 5x the amount actually.

What I brought away from the comments, and I hope you did too, is that not one thing is right for every person.  Or for someone’s whole life for that matter.  Consider Manisha who said she had been a vegetarian for 6 years until she got pregnant and suddenly absolutely HAD to eat a sausage.  Or vegetarian Sheri, who was a meat eater until she got pregnant and suddenly couldn’t even stand the smell of meat.

There are vegetarians who become vegan who become meat eaters.  There are meat eaters who become vegan and then transition into vegetarianism.

And then … God bless him … there’s the fella’s father.


  1. Carey says:

    great poll, Karen. I guess it’s not about being perfect, just doing your best to eat healthy, whole foods every day. Thanks for helping to open our eyes and minds. Now go eat your salad, haha!

  2. Elsie Harrington says:

    Great poll! Yay for your chickens, that eat bugs so their yolks will be golden and so will you and your hair shiny too!
    Interesting trend, but the proponents don’t mention that animal sourced nutrients are necessary for optimal human function. (Intrinsic Factor is one such variable. Its absence can be fatal (I know, and so eat animal fats and protein now and am healthy, but it was a long road back! Low sunlight in Canada and such higher latitude areas make this extra important.) More research and solutions need to be done before the food police force Vegan-ism on us. I say, eat smart, limit refined (white) carbs, eat fiber and lots of greens to avoid the chocolate laxative dessert. We need sensible science and common sense not religion/morality taboos and eco-hype to keep us healthy. (The science also says it’s not the animals but the endless corn/soy fields that endanger the planet and that product goes to produce fuel more than animal feed. Roads, parking lots, “concrete jungles” and vehicles harm the planet more than some meat in our bowl.)

  3. christine says:

    Could you do that survey again and ask ages? 🙂

    • Linda S says:

      Ha Ha…I bet you anything, Karen does not want to open that can of worms!! Whoops, did that sentence just throw me over into the meat-eater category?

  4. I would like us to be vegetarian, but we both love meat too much to give it up. We have compromised by eating a lot less of it and trying to only eat free range and naturally raised. I say trying because we are not fanatics. If we are at a friend’s house we will eat what we are served.

  5. Pat says:

    It would interesting to know how often people eat meat as we are being encouraged to not eat meat everyday of the week. In a lot of countries, even though they have meat in a dish, it is in very small quantities compared to the pile of veggies in a that same dish.

  6. Arlene says:

    Love this. My Dad always says his favourite vegetable is meat.

  7. Audrey says:

    I completely agree with Jessica. Try to eat the very best ‘whole’ foods possible but be flexible when it’s called for. I long for the day when our government will label foods properly. I believe that GMO foods and all the dreadful additives (not used in Europe) are either killing people or causing them to have allergies never seen before. Just think how many people have asthma now. And all the auto-immune diseases… Greed and the bottom line drive everything in North America.

    • Shauna says:

      Yes, Audrey! All those allergies. I don’t remember a single child in my youth having a peanut allergy and now it is so prevalent that many schools ban peanuts/nut/etc. from school altogether.

      It has to do with how we’ve changed the processing of our foods. Damn and Down with Monsanto!!!

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I also believe there are more vegetarians than they are saying there is..This was a good survey Karen..and I got to pick on the pie guy..he makes it so’s about time we have another list from him!! lol

  9. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Woo-Hoo..I don’t know who is funnier..Him or his

  10. West Coast Nan says:

    This was a very informative, your unscientific Meat or Veg poll. Thanks for getting us thinking about our options.

  11. Nevenan says:

    I love fruits and veggies and I would become a vegetarian except for one thing…bacon…oh, and well, steak…uh, and chicken, and shrimp and catfish and roast and fajitas and ribs….but other than that….

  12. nancy says:

    Yea, this poll was interesting and I love reading most of the comments. And you’re right, no one wants sanctimonious.

    I found this recipe, it’s so easy even I might want to try it, to put on my coffee.

    How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream
    1 Can Coconut Milk
    1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
    Flavour Options
    Lemon Extract
    Mint Extract
    Powdered Stevia
    Cocoa Powder
    Place can of coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight to separate the coconut cream from the oil.
    Open can and scrape only the thick coconut cream from the top half of the can.
    Place in your food processor (or use a hand-held mixer). Whip until it is the consistency of whip cream. Stop occasionally to scrape down the sides.
    Top your cheesecake with this delicious natural cream.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Nancy! There’s only one thing wrong with the recipe. There’s absolutely NO need for the cheesecake, LOL. ~ karen!

  13. Pamela Pruitt says:

    A vegetarian or vegan would probably taste better than a meat eater. If you think about it…all the meat animals we eat are fed vegetables and grains. But none of this will stop me from eating meat. I don’t want my corpse to taste good! LOL

  14. Brit says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your daily posts. Not only are they highly entertaining, they’re also delightfully informative.

    RE: Meat or vegetarian
    Vegetarian and on & off vegan for 40 years. Easy to do when living in northern California and on a farm. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      BRIT!!! I love your walnuts!! I still have some (in the freezer). I’ve used them to top my canned peaches alllll winter and spring! 🙂 ~ karen

      • Brit says:

        I’m so glad that you’re enjoying them, Karen. Let me know when you run out!

        We’ve started making walnut milk with them for our personal use and, surprise!, we’re all liking the flavor and ease of preparation. Don’t think it would be a hit for your father-in-law, however. 🙂

  15. Kristin says:

    Actually, what you determined was that a greater percentage of your readers, more specifically your readers who are motivated to respond to a poll about meat-eating or not, are vegetarian. I’d bet the national numbers are about right. Vegetarians are vocal. Love ya!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kristin – Yes, well as I said it’s not exactly a scientific poll. I decided to *do* the poll based on how many people I know of that are vegetarians. I’d say meat eaters are equally vocal, LOL. So even if it isn’t by the degree shown in my poll I’d still say the official national #s are low. ~ karen!

  16. Lindsey R. says:

    “Dessert is a box of chocolate laxatives.” Made me LOL. I can sympathize, I think my family is actually made of meat and potatoes.

  17. Natika33 says:

    I wondered at the 5% myself as I seem to have a lot of friends who are vegetarian or vegan as well. Some are newer converts and others grew up that way.

    18% makes more sense in my Canadian circle of friends too, but in my Japanese set of friends, it’s more like 0.1%. Then again, none of my Japanese friends would ever go to the extreme of the fella’s father, yet I know quite a few Canadian friends who are strict carnivores too! ha ha!

  18. Jen says:

    From 11yoa to 22yoa I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian. It was a compromise with my parents and pediatrian.

    Then one day I decided I just HAD to have a McDonalds cheeseburger. Out of no where.

    Now that I am 30 I eat chicken, turkey, ground beef, and some seafood. I’ve tried duck (yum) and slowly new seafood (scallops and lobster). I still eat a large amount of veggies and fruits. I try to follow an “as clean as possible” diet. I love cake!

    The whole point of this is that I still cannot eat steak. In the past 8 years I’ve tried twice and both times I barfed. It wasn’t a mental thing or taste because they were good. But for some reason my body’s reaction was, “um nope!!” Bizarre, but point taken, body.

    I’m not entirely sure which category I fall into since I can go days without eating any meat…I’m a meaggietarian?

  19. Manisha says:

    Ha! I’m honored you shared my comment. I am on the Board at my local co-op where half our members are vegetarian or vegan. I love sharing my conversion story and I love to see their reactions. One thing that helped me start eating meat again are all the free-range options.

    • Karen says:

      🙂 It was a good example to prove a very valid point. Not everything diet choice is right for everyone. ~ karen!

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