Menu for April 19th – April 25th

Better late than never.  Right?  Uch, whatever.  I’ve been working, which may have spoiled me a teensy bit.  While shooting W Expert Challenge I was served breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Lunch and dinner always changed depending on the caterer or the production budget, but  breakfast always involved a banana.

Often presented to me by our intern Jordan who was the happiest person on the set.  Ironically he was also the only person on the set not getting paid.  Hey!  he’s like me; his favourite job is the one he doesn’t get paid for!  We’re so alike Jordan and I.  Except I don’t like show-tunes.  As you can see, Jordan took the time to personalize my banana by inserting toothpick arms, and drawing a smily face on it.  Cute!  Weird.  Cute!

This menu is dedicated to Jordan and everyone else who has a job they love but don’t get paid for.


MONDAY –  Beef & Broccoli

I made a double batch of Beef & Broccoli a couple of weeks ago to see how it would freeze.  Since I wasn’t very hungry and equally unmotivated to cook, I pulled this out tonight to eat.  Holy crap!  I was stunned it froze so well.  Perfect!  Just your basic beef & broccoli recipe made up of flank steak, onions, broccoli and a thickening sauce of oyster sauce, soy sauce and cornstarch.  Maybe a couple of other things, I can’t remember.  Regardless, I must say it again … Holy crap!

TUESDAY –  Seared chicken on a bun with crispy lettuce and garlic aioli, Beet salad with goats cheese and orange juice dressing.

Truth be told I really just want to eat a bowl of aioli, which is likely to be exactly what will happen.  The chicken and the bun are really just in the meal to act as diversions from the fact that I’ll be eating a bowl of garlic mayonnaise for dinner.

WEDNESDAY –  BBQ chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, beet greens with pine nuts and red wine vinegar.

Gonna double up on the mashed potatoes so I have enough left over for potato pancakes.  Like you care.

THURSDAY – Penne with a spicy meat sauce, crusty garlic bread, chopped salad.

We had a penne with spicy meat sauce on set last week and it was FANTASTIC.  I never make a meat sauce.  Why waste meat in a plain old sauce when you can turn the meat into meatballs I always say.  But I might be a convert, because that spicy, chunky meat sauce made with diced tomatoes, chile peppers and ground beef was amazing.

FRIDAY – Spinach sausage, potato pancakes with homemade chile sauce, ginger glazed carrots

Again … much like the aioli I’m really only having potato pancakes so I can eat the chile sauce.  I haven’t found anything else I like it with so if I want chile sauce, I have to have potato pancakes.  Other suggestions?

SATURDAY – Beef Stew with potaotes, carrots, celery and parsnips, whole wheat dumplings

It’s supposed to be cool, dreary and raining here in Southern Ontario so this might just be the last chance I have to hack up a blade roast and make a stew.  I don’t have central air conditioning.  So past May … I don’t have stew.  Nothing spells b-a-r-f  like hot stew, on a hot day, in a hot house.  How hot you ask?  A few years ago a taper candle in a room on my second floor … melted.  Uh huh.

SUNDAY – Prime rib with horseradish sauce, Yorkshire pudding, ginger carrots, mashed potatoes, canned peas.

Yeah, I said it.  Canned peas.  I HATE frozen peas and there aren’t any fresh ones yet  (which I really only like raw anyway) so I am having canned peas.  Salty, mushy canned peas and I can’t wait.  If you are judging, that is fine because deep down I know you also like the odd bit of crap.  For those of you who aren’t judging … you really should start eating better.  Canned peas?  Those things’ll kill ya.


  1. Danielle says:

    All I have to say is where is my fork? Yu-hum!

  2. Kathy Jones says:

    You gave me some great ideas! Beef and Broccoli YUM!! The fact that you can make a double batch and freeze it – all the better!

  3. Laura Fowler says:

    Krazy Karen, you crack me up. I start shooting Revamped in Kitchener next week. Please come visit me and bring Wednesdays menu please! I love this site.

  4. Lynne says:

    Hey I guess things worked out alright for Jordan – saw him on the new W network series “Making House”. Good things come to good people ! Hopefully he was paid for his time !!

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