Menu for May 10th – May 16th

Don’t you hate it when you just ate dinner and then you have to start thinking about the next dinner?  Such are the challenges that come with planning out the whole menu every week.

Not that I mind the planning, I just mind the planning when I’m so full I can actually feel the food trying to climb out of me via my oesophagus.  I’m sure if I did a headstand it’d all fall out of me.  Damn those spaghetti & meatballs.  And garlic bread.  And caesar salad.  And coffee.  And the teensiest glass of wine.  Damn them all!

However, thanks to Mother’s Day I was able to get a good chunk of inspiration courtesy of my new Jamie Oliver (Jamie’s Food Revolution) and Gordon Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay’s Family Fare) cookbooks.  No I don’t have kids, why do you ask?  I have a couple of cats who were nice enough to pick me up a few things.  They’re very resourceful cats, but to be perfectly honest with you I don’t truly believe they went out to a bookstore and bought me cookbooks.  I’m pretty sure they used the Internet.

So here you have it … this week’s menu.

MONDAY – Flat pounded, breaded Chicken Breasts stuffed with Spinach & Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Potatoes with Herbes de Provence, Broccoli

If you’ve never tried Herbes de Provence on roasted potatoes you have my permission to stop reading this post right now to go out and buy some.  Go on … go ahead.  I’ll wait.


Potato Soup w/ Saffron

TUESDAY – Potato/Leek Soup, Caesar Salad with crispy bacon

It’s time for my favourite soup again!  As you can see I have a picture of the completed soup, but not the process and recipe so, I’m gonna make a point to photograph and list the recipe for this soup this week ’cause everyone should eat it all the time.  I’d eat it every day if I thought I could get away with it.  Let me rephrase, I’d eat it every day if I thought my lower ass/thigh region could get away with it.

WEDNESDAY – Aged Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion omelette, Asparagus, Turkey Bacon

I don’t like turkey bacon, but I tried it on a Starbucks English breakfast muffin this weekend and it was pretty darn good!  It basically tasted like salt formed into the shape of a bacon strip.  Yummy.  And asparagus is in season (as are fiddleheads)  so go buy some.  Eat something truly fresh for a change and support a farmer.  I don’t much care for fiddleheads but I do eat them once a year, when they’re in season, ’cause it makes me feel superior to all others for some strange reason.  And I like that feeling every once in a while.  Well … once a year basically.

THURSDAY – Jamie Oliver’s Pot Roast Meatloaf, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus with Jamie’s Red Wine Vinegar dressing.

This one was a request from the man – er … I mean cat – who bought me the cookbook.  Seeing as he bought it for me I felt obliged to fulfill his request.  I actually like Meatloaf.  And I like Pot Roast.  We’ll see if I like them together.  ‘Cause I can tell you right now I like black olives and I like Maple Syrup but probably wouldn’t like them together.  Hell … I don’t even put two things on my fork at the same time.  I am NOT a food mixer.  Blech!  Why even bother making separate food dishes if you’re going to shovel them all into one big mess?  In fact, why stop there, why not just throw every beautiful thing I made into a blender and puree it into a brown bowl of goo and eat THAT?  Stupid food mixer!!  Eh … did I go off on a tangent?  I think I went off on a tangent.

FRIDAY – Oh crud  … I don’t know what I’m gonna have Friday night.  Maybe I’ll just chew on my toenails or eat some cat treats.  Who know.

SATURDAY – Homemade Chicken Fingers, Homemade Oven fries, Broccoli.

My stepson comes to stay with us every other weekend.  The chicken finger menu is in honour of him.  He’d probably prefer beef stew, but beef stew is on hiatus until next fall.

SUNDAY – Avocado & Alfalfa Sprout salad, Sliced Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Corn on cob, single servings of Scalloped Potatoes.

I’ll be growing my own sprouts and buying my own avocados for this one.  I considered rearing my own beef, but the only cows around here are the folk arty wooden type.  They’re usually seen  on porches saying things like “Mooooooove Over”.  Occasionally you get a really clever one that makes use of the word udder.  As in “I’m udderly delicious”.  Uh huh.

And on a final note, last week’s experiments‘s Butter Chicken and CommunalTable‘s Pureed Carrots went over well.  The butter chicken was a bit mild for my tastes so I just added a whack more curry paste and Neil’s pureed carrots were perfect!  O.K., I added a bit more spice again, but they were delicious.  Purees don’t seem to get the attention they deserve in my books.  They’re udderly delicious.


  1. Liz says:

    mmmmmmm, cat treats.

  2. Langela says:

    Looks good, but didn’t you say something about a chili recipe? What about pizza Friday? We had some left-over peppers, etc. from making the antojitos last week. I added some pepperjack cheese to it and put it on pounded out chicken and rolled them up. They were delicious. Your menus are an inspiration. They help to get my mind going onto things that I might not normally try. Thanks, Karen!

    • Karen says:

      Ack? Did I? Did I mention something about a chili recipe? I might have. Well … if I make chili again, I will post it. The way the spring is going here in Southern Ontario, I’ll have the chance to make it for about another month. Had a fire last night it was so cold.

      • Langela says:

        I went back and reread. You said potato pancakes and an awesome chili sauce. We had to turn our heat back on again. It is flooding and windy and cold here, too. We did have chili last night and cornbread made from popcorn run through my grain mill. It makes a nice sweet cornbread.

  3. Andrea says:

    I am especially inspired by Mystery Meal Friday – I insist that you make this a weekly feature on the menu and then surprise the pants off of all of us (not literally of course.)

    While I have tried yours and others methods of planning the weeks meals, my taste buds won’t stand for it. But I do enjoy reading about this! Looking forward to Friday already 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hah! I used to be the same. But now that I’ve gotten especially good (and crazier) at it by cross referencing the menu with the weather, etc. etc. I’m usually happy with what I’ve planned for every night. I try to rotate chicken with red meat so I’m not having two “beiges” in a row etc. etc. I’ll have a lighter meal, followed by a heavier meal etc. etc. There really is an art to it. But I totally hear what you’re saying. Trust me … the odd time I say screw it and go wayyyyy off course on the menu. Not Friday though. Friday it’s cat treats come hell or high water.

  4. Tricia Rose says:

    You don’t HAVE to plan food – plenty of us manage to stuff ourselves daily with no pre-planning beyond defrosting a sullen hunk of protein every now and then.

    I have had complaints from the cat.

    • Karen says:

      Well Tricia, that’s true. But I love a planned menu for the week. And I’m sure your cats would too. I think about meals once at the beginning of the week, go to the grocery store once and then I’m done.

      I started with the pre-planning when I noticed we were spending over $1,000 a month on food. If you go to the grocery store more than once a week to pick up whatever you need you inevitably end up picking up a few (hundred) other things. One can only resist the temptation of chocolate croissants, sleeping bag sized bags of Puffed Wheat and muffins the size of your head for so long. Once a week shopping and menu planning helps to reduce the chances that these things make it home with you. Kind of.

      • Karen says:

        By the way Tricia! Your “sullen hunk of protein” sounds delicious in a very stark, nouveau-cuisine kind of way. You trend setter!

      • Tricia Rose says:

        I’m over cooking – although I can make a wonderful Thai hot sour soup and will again, one of these days. For now I face the stove, close my eyes and think of England.

        • Karen says:

          Hee. I’m not over cooking yet. I AM however, completely over cleaning up after cooking. Muffin pans from making Yorkshire Pudding are routinely chucked in the garbage now.

  5. Kathy says:

    Okay…,feeling dumb. What is a fiddlehead?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kathy. A fiddlehead is an unfurled Ostrich fern. They’re only around for a week or two every year when the plants are coming out of hibernation and growing. They’re kind of asparagusy but a touch more … mmm … strong. They’re fun little things. I wish I actually liked them! 🙂

  6. Rather than starting from scratch each week, I have a template of the general types of foods I cook each day of the week and the number of times I use each main food. In other words each week I cook: -1-2 stir frys -1 salad -1 slow cooker or soup meal -1 fish/seafood meal -1-2 meals from a different cuisine from around the world -1-2 prepare ahead oven meals

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