Menu for October 4th – October 10th

It’s been a longgggg time since I put one of these babies up.

In the summertime I’m more of a living on the edge kind of girl.  I still plan my menus but mainly the plan is the make sure everything I eat can be cooked on the BBQ.  So basically I was embarrassed to show you that my menus of the week throughout the entire summer consisted of BBQed corn on the cob, roasted red peppers and either  steaks, chicken or hamburgers.  Possibly ribs if I was feeling especially dedicated to the BBQ.

We’re back to slightly cooler weather so I’m back to using my oven.  On occasion.

This week’s menu!

Monday – BBQ Chicken and Ribs, Corn on the Cob, Roasted Red Peppers with goat’s cheese and honey/balsamic dressing.

Yes. I definitely see the irony here.

Tuesday – Cheese Souffle, Sausages and Salad

I’m not sure what all the fuss about making a souffle is.  As long as you follow the directions and ingredients it’ll turn out fine.  If you go all rogue on it, adding in mystery ingredients, you might have some problems, but if you follow the recipe you should end up with a pretty darn decent souffle.  I’ve found the the most delicious cheese souffle is made out of organic white cheddar cheese.  As it turns out this is also the most expensive cheese souffle.

Wednesday – Leftover Cheese Souffle, Sausages and Salad

That’s the good thing about souffle.  It’s pretty stinkin’ rich, so you can’t eat a ton of it.  There’s almost always leftovers.

Thursday – Brown rice topped with marinated extra firm tofu, peanut sauce and bean sprouts.

After 2 nights of cheese souffle and sausages it’s probably in our best interest to dine on something that isn’t the cholesterol equivalent of eating a cottage made out of raw bacon.

Friday –  Szechwan Carrot Soup, Teriyaki Stir Fry with chicken, red peppers, red onions, snow peas and broccoli, Brown rice.

Quite  honestly it takes a couple of nights to get over the cheese souffle and sausages.

Saturday – Rotisserie Chicken on the BBQ with stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots with lemon and salad. Oh! And Gravy. Can’t forget the gravy.

I have used my rotisserie to cook a whole chicken several times.  Each and every time I hum a little tune to myself as I stick the spit into the chicken’s bum and traipse outside with it.  I then stick the rotisserie rod into its little turney thing, wiggle my bum a bit in excitement,  close the lid and walk away.  5 minutes later I scream and run back out to the BBQ, red faced and arms flailing.  Inevitably it’s too late.  My chicken skin is burnt to a crisp.  Unlike most people, the crispy chicken skin is my favourite part.  This burnt skin business surprises and saddens me every single time.  I don’t expect this Saturday to be any different.

Sunday –    Chicken pot pies.

As a general rule I do not like meat encased in pastry.  Especially pale meats in a pale sauce encased in a pale pastry.  So using fairly simple methods of deduction you could assume I wouldn’t like Chicken Pot Pies.  I don’t.  Don’t ask me why the hell I’m gonna make them, but I am.  There’s really no figuring me out.

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  1. mimi says:

    Do you take in guests? For dinner?

  2. heather says:

    Soggy pastry doesn’t do it for me either, but chicken pot pie with buttered layers of phyllo dough is the best!

  3. L Dub says:

    Would you share the recipe for your cheese souffle, please?

  4. Rebecca Hoban says:

    That’s allot of chicken. I like your menu idea. I think I may try a version of it as well. Will you be sharing your recipes? Some of your items sound very good! :O)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rebecca – I used to put my weekly menus up every week, but slowed down on it in the summer. Everyone once in a while I add a recipe. If you click on Szechwan Carrot Soup you’ll find that recipe, and I also have the recipe for my Teriyaki sauce for chicken on there. Over time I’ll add more and more!

  5. Lesley H says:

    Please set an extra place on Thursday. I’ll bring wine.

  6. Theresa says:

    THe carrot soup sounds very good so am going to put it on the list to try. Always in awe of people who plan their menus – I know its a good idea I just have NEVER been able to get it together.
    OH you should find out how to get on the Nate Berkus show – I just caught it the other day and I think he would LOVE your design/style sense and DYI ‘tude.

  7. JEN RAMOS says:

    Brown rice and marinated TOFU…Love that! Reminds me of what I may want to eat this weekend! oxxoox
    Have a good one !

  8. Lisa says:

    I also detested chicken pot pies, until I started making my own. Add red peppers, yellow peppers, fresh spinach, corn, asparagus, chorizo, you get the picture. Not pale anymore! Oh – and curry powder if so inclined.

  9. Karen says:

    OMG!!! What was I thinking???? Sunday is Thanksgiving!!! I must be losing my mind! I will NOT be having Chicken Pot Pies on Sunday! I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my immediately family of 15! Unless you think they’ll be satisfied with chicken pot pies. Mmm … probably no.

    • Anj says:

      You might have to rethink the rotisserie chicken the night before Thanksgiving too! Unless maybe you are using it as a practice dinner.
      God I love Thanksgiving 2 turkey dinners in a row and none of them cooked by me. We take turns at Christmas but Thanksgiving is only allowed to be cooked by Grandma and Oma.
      Thanksgiving dinner for me is all about the stuffing, on my plate there is the stuffing and the small bits of turkey and vegetables I put on my plate to hide the fact that I am only eating stuffing!

  10. Jennifer H. says:

    Just found your blog through design*sponge and am enjoying it immensely. Love the posting of the menu idea, too. Do you take recipe requests? Well, regardless of whether you do or not, I have one: the organic white cheddar cheese souffle, please. 🙂

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