Merry Christmas to all …

As promised yesterday I have a few photographs for you.  It’s what my family and I will be looking at tonight during the Christmas Eve party I throw every year.  That sentence seems completely wrong, but I don’t have time to fix it.  I have food to make and a Christmas party to get ready for.  That means dabbing nail polish onto the chipped portions of my always chipped nails.

Remember the Thanksgiving Dinner I hosted this year where the evening ended with everyone measuring each other’s heads?   The Christmas Eve party is pretty much like that with fancier clothes.

Oh! Oh!  And once we had a fist fight over flannel pajamas  at one of my Christmas Eve parties!  To be fair, they really were exceptional pajamas.  So that’s something to try and top.  I’ll keep my camera handy just in case.

I’ll be serving the biggest mish mash of food you’ve ever heard of … as I do every year.

We’ll be eating antojitos, mini sweet and sour meatballs, veggies and dip, pan fried polenta with portobello mushrooms, shrimp and cocktail sauce, cheeses, polish sausage and crackers, bacon wraps, olives and an assortment of chocolates and cookies. And of course the standard chips and dip. It’s a festival of mismatched appetizers.

I’ve tried to change things up over the years.  I’ve tried to fancify it.   But I’ve been met with resistance. Resistance in my family is voiced something like this, “Um.  Where’s the meatballs“.  And then someone pokes me in the eye and makes a run for the door.

Oh right!  I was going to show you pretty pictures of my house before it becomes a mess when my guests arrive.

For your viewing pleasure …

My Festive Foyer

This is my live tree.  My real tree.  My main tree.

More on it later …

These are my elves. They creep people out.

My champagne tree and deer in my bookcase. I have a thing for reindeer in Christmas decorating.

My Festive Living Room

That’s Ernie under the table.  We found her on the porch 2 winters ago.

This tree is one I found in my mother’s garage.  She owned it for years, got sick of it and decided to throw it out.  To chuck it.

I grabbed it (only moments before my sister) and have had it up ever since. Well, during the holidays anyway.

The mantle.

Back to my main tree.

My main Christmas tree is decorated with antique ornaments.

I found them all at garage sales.

They’re beautiful and I love them.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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