It’s sneaking up on you!  Not age (although that is along with wrinkles, saggy skin and the complete inability to use the phrase “on fleek” properly in a sentence) but rather Mother’s Day.  The day you give thanks to your mother for allowing you to shoot out of her where you were previously living rent free and incurring no expenses at all.   Among other things.

There are 2 weeks left until Mother’s Day which means if you want to order something online as opposed to shopping locally (I fully endorse and encourage shopping locally even though it means I don’t get an affiliate commission) you need to do it NOW.

I grew up with a Mother who possessed a sense of humour of questionable taste.  She herself being raised by a mother who thought the baseline of hilarity was putting plastic bedbugs in her grandchildrens’ beds when they came to visit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my mother thought the best game you could play with your kids was putting on a terrifying rubber mask and chasing them around the house until they almost peed themselves.  Heh heh.  Such good memories.  And as a result, such superior bladder control.

She also used to chase me around the house with the eye from a potato pretending it was a  huge bug until I cried.  Weirdly, I  now have a tendency to hyperventilate when confronted with either a) centipedes or b) french fries.

It’s a wonder I buy my mother a Mother’s Day present at all.  But I do. You won’t find it on this list because she reads my blog and I don’t want her to know what I’m getting her.  It may or may not be a Mr. Potato head.

Ready for some Mother’s Day Gift inspiration?  Good.





  1. Little House Tissue Box For the boogie nosed minimalist mom.
  2. S’well water bottle.  The “it” water bottle.

3. Super-cool SMEG toaster.  This one in this colour is especially beautiful.

4. Turkey timer  Makes Thanksgiving even MORE fun.


5. Hand wall hook  Yes.  It’s a hook in the shape of a human hand.  Personally I’d put it on the wall with lots of fun things in the palm of it.

6. Set of 3 bamboo toothbrushes  I’ve always wanted a wood toothbrush.  My wants are simple.



7. Little multicoloured vases on a tray.  SO cute.

8. Peacock bangle bracelets  Sortta hippie, sortta elegant.  They’re hellegant.




9. Sheep Push pin holder  Who even cares that no one uses push pins anymore.

10. Sewer’s measuring tape bracelet  For the sewer.



11. Caffeine Molecule necklace.  Yes.  It is a necklace with a hanging caffeine molecule.

12. Super-weird little fluffy faced keychain.  No explanation needed.


13. Chicken feet socks.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about these.

14. Rat proof, mouse proof, squirrel proof, bird proof Chicken treadle feeder.  I own it. I love it.



15. This is called a “Boa” decanter.  Obviously it looks like a colon.  A colon that you serve a beverage out of.  Please don’t buy it.

16. Whiskey glasses  These on the other hand are really nice.  Buy em.


17. Cheese (& chocolate) Curler  I didn’t even know such a thing as a cheese curler existed until 2 weeks ago when I saw one in REAL life.  I almost bought it for myself then decided it was probably the sort of thing you I should let someone else buy for me.

18. Cheese Grotto  You know all about the Cheese Grotto.


19. Pinot Noir soap  Wine soap!

20. Chardonnay Scented candle  Wine candle!


21. “Tile” tracker Attach this little thing to your keychain, cat, dog or purse so you can always find it.

22. Wireless doorbell  Pretty!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include 2 of my own products.  ONE of which has been sold out for the past several months.

The Rough Linen / Art of Doing Stuff dough proofing cloth is BACK IN STOCK!

23. Rough Linen bread proofing cloth


And let’s not forget …

24. Cattails Studio Cleaver hook

That oughtta get you at least started. If you’re still stumped you can do what an old friend of mine does with his friends every year at Christmas.  They each give each other a book, a DVD and a CD.

Wait.  He only did that a few years ago but that’s like olden days shit now.

If you can’t find things like DVDs and CDs online anymore you might be able to find them on fleek.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    This is some cool stuff…I need a new doorbell for one…I would like to see a picture of you in the chicken socks…

  2. Janet says:

    OMG I want to take the chicken feet socks to my cousin’s wedding and don them with my fancy dress as soon as the Chicken dance comes on!

    • Karen says:

      Andddddd THAT’S brilliant! A reader actually sent me those socks last week! And they’re completely hilarious! ~ karen

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