Sunday, May 8th.  Circle that on your calendar, like this …


It’s exactly 17 days away.  Unless you’re reading this on a day other than Friday, April 22nd.  In which case you’ll have to do the math yourself.

I got Betty her Mother’s Day present ages ago and have been waiting to give it to her for almost 3 months.  Betty informed me last week that she’s actually not going to be here for Mother’s Day.  Totally understandable.  It’s hard to get angry when she’s had a higher calling.

Betty’s going to a casino.

If you happen to have a more respectable mother than I do, one that spends Mother’s Day with her beloved offspring, not whooping it up at a Casino with her lucky martini in one hand and a slot machine handle in another, then I have a few ideas for you.

And hopefully there are a few things you haven’t seen or thought of before as Mother’s Day gifts.

I’m not even a mother but I get so sick of the sappy, sucky mother’s day gift ideas out there.  Not all moms are idiots, even though cereal commercials would have you believe they are.  You know the ones I mean. The ones where a mom walks into her kitchen to find out little Timmy has poured all the cereal down his pants, washed his hair with milk and stuck a wooden spoon up the dogs butt.  And idiot mommy stands in the corner of the kitchen, arms crossed over her chest smiling and shaking her head like a pre-op lobotomy patient.

I guess what I’m saying is mom’s are people too.  They like hammers and booze and sparkly things and concrete and gold and funny things and pretty things.  And martinis.

They like it all.

For those who have those moms?  This list’s for you.



This is what I got Betty last year. It’s a pink druzy ring from one of my favourite jewellery sellers on Etsy.  She’s the same seller I got my turquoise ring from.



This one’s a bit more earthy than the last jewellery piece. And you know what? I love them both.

‘Cause I’m multifaceted like that.  I am woman, hear me like and dislike lots of things.


The ring.  I got it at the same time I got my mother’s.  I always get compliments on it.

Plus these rings are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit or not.




Same seller.  Told you I love her stuff.  It’s beautiful. Raw turquoise on long chains necklace.



And … more rings.  sorry.  I can’t help it. I just love her stuff.  I’m pretty sure you will to.  And so will your mom.




These marble salt and pepper cellars have been on my wish list for AGES. How could they not be?  LOOK at them!



O.K., for real, I’m gonna tell you right now I don’t get the Spiralizer.  I. Do. Not. Get. It.

I’m not sure why you want to spiralize your vegetables, what the point is or what the purpose is.  But apparently it’s a thing.



I’ve used the same blue ramekins for so long I had no idea there was a whole other world of prettier ramekins.  Like this set.  The same seller on Amazon has ones that are Faux Bois which I really like.



If she ever said it to you, this is the perfect thing.



This is another thing that’s been on my wish list for ages.  The “Frank” dinner dishes.  I wantttttttt them.

You know, now that I’m paying attention it seems I’ve just picked up a bunch of stuff for your mothers that I in fact want.




‘Cause old moms need rocking chairs.



And support pillows.


And sensible reading glasses.


And a tiny hook that magnets onto whatever she’s wearing so she doesn’t lose her sensible reading glasses.


And a pretty little pill case for all her “medication”.


And a wallet covered in pot because she either a) loves pot or b) has no idea what pot looks like.  See?  Either way a perfect present, just in different ways.


new mom


Granted this is really easy to make if you like sewing but if you don’t … it’s a great price to have your kid’s drawing whipped up into a cute little embroidery hoop.  (all orders custom based on your kid’s artwork)



Kind of a fun way to announce you’re going to be a mom!




Betty had something like this candle holder when I was a kid!  This one’s much nicer though.


If your mom likes flowers AND midcentury design, this is the thing to get her.  The iconic Aalto vase.  But it’s tiny so be warned.  Don’t be expecting some huge vase.  Those ones go for much more money.


Floral scented, gold sparkle, hand painted bath bomb.  I’m not at all sure why I love this so much, but I do.   Getting a few of these and wrapping them up in a box with tissue paper would be beautiful.



Because yes.  Mom’s know how to use technology too.  The floral iPhone case.





You know her. The mom that says “Oh, that’s different!  I like that!”.  Betty’s that mom.

These are tiny little concrete pillows accented with gold.  I’m freakishly enamoured with them.



Ditto for the 3-D printed, tiny, robot planter.



Probably my favourite thing on this list.  A personalized hatchet for mom.

Granted, this seller seems to think hatchets are just for men named Don, Dan, Luke and Joe. So please order one for your mom and let me know their reaction.  Both the sellers and your moms.



I mean what can I say?  It’s perfect.


Hope that helped you out.  Have a good weekend!




  1. TucsonPatty says:

    Too fun! I want many of these things and would have liked to give several to my mom. I do miss her – she died 18 years ago of colon cancer. (“Get your butt to the doctor!”)
    My 24 year old daughter will call me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, and that will work. Happy Mother’s Day to all of those out there. Give your mother a hug. : )

  2. Mark says:

    You find the neatest things!

  3. mia pratt says:

    GREAT gift ideas, you”ve got the best stuff ever! Love love love the lotus flower….and the pot wallet? Priceless!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Mia. I appreciate you saying that because let me tell you … it takes a LONG time to find this stuff! It’s not that I’m better at it than anyone else, it’s that I spend days (no seriously … days) scouring the Internet for it. 🙂 ~ karen!

  4. Jan in Waterdown says:

    I don’t really have anything profound to say but I’m just heading to bed after finishing “the Martian”. I guess you can’t really tell us what you got your Mom since that would blow the surprise eh? But, I’m guessing it’s something fab! Night night.

  5. MissChris SA says:

    Oooooo that pink druzy ring!!!!
    And those little concrete pillows!!!

    Now to get the hint out there to my children!!

    On another note – and Betty did not invite you to spend the day with her at the casino??? 😉

    Have a great weekend Karen!

  6. catt says:

    That jewelry on Etsy! Love her things and so reasonable. Very cool dinner plates and that white vase….well everything is great, although not sure what I would use a hatchet for. Great list…thanks!

  7. Jenny W says:

    The Pink Druzy Ring! Be still my heart!
    And her stackable Raw Opals 🙂
    Everything on her Etsy site is gorgeous and unique. I now have her Bookmarked.
    Thank you for all of your hard work finding these great sites for us to shop from!

  8. Kae says:

    ‘Lucky martini’. Love it.

  9. Sandra Lea says:

    I love my spiralizer.

  10. ellen says:

    My mother would have been delighted with a substantial slip!! She was funny that way.

  11. ronda says:

    at 89, my mum already has more stuff than she wants or needs, so it will just be brunch or dinner out! she hits the casino on her own a lot too. but a great list of fun things i could pass on to MY kids as ideas … those concrete pillows are amazing!

  12. Tracy says:

    to do done! Thank you, awesome person!

  13. Suzanne Moore says:

    I totally get the casino I think I might have seen your mother there

  14. Mary W says:

    My favorite is the robot planter. My Mom is no longer with us so I’m thinking it would be great for my succulent loving daughter. It is so stinkin cute.

  15. Karen says:

    Wow! I love them all! You did great, I even love the hatchet cause my husband “borrows” my tools and this might say Hands OFF! The jewelry is fabulous. Think this would be a swell gift from me to me. Thanks

  16. Melissa says:

    [Note, I am in NO WAY connected with this, nor have I even touched one, but I *hope* to come Mother’s Day!]
    Karen, I know you are, or were, a knitter (do you have any time for that these days?) I saw an ad for this knitting counter and asked for one for MD. It can count THREE THINGS at once! Like when you have to, say, decrease two stitches every four rows and make a total of 12 decreases? It will help you keep track so after you sip your wine, you aren’t like “shit. Was that 9 or 10? [it was 13]”

    And they have great colors.

  17. whitequeen96 says:

    Oooooh, the pink druzy ring is gorgeous! And the bath bombs are so pretty that I couldn’t just throw them into a bath; they should be mounted and displayed like pieces of art!

  18. Sabina says:

    Love the mat at the end! For me it should say “PUT AWAY YOUR STRAIGHTENER”. Storage space is at a premium for bathroom products so some days there’s a deep dark crevice of my daughter’s where I’d like to deposit her straightener! As always, thanks for the lowdown on all these great products! I want one of those awesome pinnys from Rough Linen so I’m sending that link to my daughter…she owes me 😉

  19. Linda says:

    Missing my mom, who dearly loved playing the slots. She got me to drive her and my aunt to Nevada when I was only 16 and had to sleep in my VW overnight while they gambled. Nearly killed us all on the way home by falling asleep at the wheel. Good luck Betty!

  20. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I love the prints and the little robot planter!

  21. Cathy says:

    My mom has passed on, no kids here, so I get to put the following on my ” give to thyself” list— love the S&P set, the 3-D robot planters…all of them, the hatchet– handle broke on my old one, the pill case and the ramekins. Yup, that should take care of a couple of paychecks.
    Have a spiralizer & love it, the white plates not so much. Love the list, something for everyone. Well done, you.

  22. Merrilee says:

    It’s “possible” that I just ordered the pink druzy ring AND matching earrings. I commented that I learned about her work from your blog. I will now wrap and give to hubs and kiddo to present to me on Mother’s day. Thanks Karen, I couldn’t find enough ways on my own to spend my money!

  23. Stephbo says:

    I have one of those “Well, that’s different” moms. Except when mine says it, she means, like hate it–too and there’s no way on earth I would ever want one of those, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings.” Unfortunately for her, a lot of things are “different.” We do a lot of outings and dinners instead.

  24. Melissa says:

    i have forwarded this list to my husband/children….wish me luck.

  25. Luanne says:

    I want a spiralizer. 🙂 And I realize I would use it once, and only once.

  26. Amy in StL says:

    None of this would work for my 87 year old mom. She doesn’t wear jewelry or cook. She’s talking about giving away most of her plants this year and gave me most of the stuff in her china cabinet so she doesn’t have to dust it. What I got her last year was some scoring pads for her bridge games. Apparently that’s a very difficult thing to find if you don’t have the internet. This year it’s erasable pens. Pencil is hard to see when you’re doing crossword puzzles and so erasable pens are where it’s at in her group of friends – and they’re also hard to find apparently.

  27. Kari says:

    The robot is so cute! I want those bath bombs for myself. I have jewelry mom and jewelry mom, she ain’t cheap. I got super lucky this year though and found a gorgeous bangle watch I know she will LOVE at the outlets for $60 on sale from like $200!

  28. Kari says:

    I’ve been checking out Inbalmishan on Etsy. Great find!

  29. Marti says:

    The Numero Uno Reason for having a Spiralizer is… to have people ask “how did you do that?” when you put a gorgeous spiral cucumber and zucchini salad on the table, then tell them that you have a very sharp knife which you just sat down with a bowl and applied the knife to the veggie and slowly, slowly, ever so patiently turned, thus creating incredibly thin and very even slices.

    It’s hilarious. The Joy of Having Gullible Friends Come For Dinner.

    Don’t be left out, Karen.

  30. Heather says:

    I sent this link to my husband and was given the pink druzy ring! It is beautiful. Thank you for the awesome suggestion.

  31. Cred says:

    I love the salt and pepper cellars- I decided to watch out for marble cellars and just cut my own wood base in my guys shop. I found them at chapters but they were $22 each. However, this week they were on sale for $10 each. I picked up a black and white one- they come with a little silver spoon. They do have gold spoons but those ones weren’t on sale.
    In case you’re interested in a little indigo hack

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