This has been the most amazing summer ever in terms of getting stuff done.  I haven’t stopped!  It’s like someone has put some sort of super-enhancer inside my brain and body making me capable of magnificent feats of accomplishment.  Just yesterday I woke up, watched the chickens, took photos of the chickens, took a few videos of the chickens, gave the chickens treats, went out and bought melons for the chickens, took MORE photos of the chickens, sat and watched the chickens … WITH FRIENDS … told the friends to leave because they were cutting into my chicken achievements, watched the chickens some more, hand fed the chickens, picked up the baby chicks and told them their porn names, took videos of the chickens and practiced a few selfies with the chickens.

And I also gave great thought to showering which took up at least 40 seconds of my allotted chicken time.  So that was a waste.  In the end I decided against showering.

Clearly, I don’t want you to think that you could also accomplish this sort of a jam packed day.  I mean, I’m me, and you’re you.  If you were to say to me, “Hey Karen.  I think I could to that too.”, I would say to you, “That’s cute. No, you couldn’t.”  And then I would walk away, towards my chicken coop, with the kind of swagger only someone with 6 baby chicks (or a purple muscle car with flames on the side) could have.

It takes a lot of commitment and endurance to do what I do on any given day and you can’t hold yourself up to me as an example.  It will just lead to disappointment in yourself and probably therapy.  Or cocaine use.  And don’t fool yourself into thinking cocaine use is the cheaper option of the two, because you have to factor in the cost of all those tiny spoons and rehab a few years down the road.

So here, I have for you the fruits of my hard labour.  The result of my endless dedication to the observation of my 6 new chicks. (lread this post f you’re interested in how I sexed these chicks 3 different ways)

I give you … Be Happy.



2 day old chicks.  A thousand pounds of happiness wrapped up in 40 grams of feathers.


Have a good weekend!



  1. Jessica says:

    OH MY GOD this made me laugh so hard because we have 6 baby chicks right now and I waste entire days with them! They just started having adventure day’s outside and I seriously waste all day just watching chicken television…I justify it by telling myself they are only young once and the house will always need cleaned, I have to shower again eventually, and friends will wait hahaha. I cannot get enough of the cuteness and am the most obsessed chicken mama ever!

    • Karen says:

      I know! It’s really very sensible to spend all day watching them. I mean, when you think about it. And see? Mine are all grown now so I can’t sit and watch them! So I’m glad I did it when I could! You have my permission to spend the next 2-3 months doing it. ;) ~ karen

  2. Leighe says:

    I am bustin out laughin at how many people are “horrified” we feed eggs to chickens. I also feed chicken to chickens, lol. They eat crickets, worms, occasionally a small mouse, just about any leftovers from the kitchen or a restaurant. Did you know they can’t taste spicy? Crazy. The song choice was amazing. It was the “Happy” song of my generation, long before Pharrell Williams (but I love his song too!)…..I’m just a naturally happy person and nothing makes me happier then my chickens and chicks. Even my rooster walks around happy, happy, happy, lol……

  3. Lauriee says:

    oh so happy!!! Thanks so much Karen, really happy to see my rss reader have posts from you again!

    • Karen says:

      HI Lauriee! Were you one of the ones they had disappeared from?? I got a few emails in the last week about people not getting my emails! I’m still working on figuring it out. I’ve looked into it a bit myself and have asked Mailchimp to check into it. ~ karen!

  4. Lyn says:

    I would spend all my time with the chicks also! Cute &fluffy!

    BTW, I was looking at plants and came across one you need to check out.
    It is called the Nest Egg Gourd.
    They grow to resemble eggs (2 1/2″) and were used to trick hens. If you ever have a hen who doesn’t want to give up her eggs, I guess you substitute these.
    Or grow just for fun. I am.

  5. Okay, so I’m even more tempted to get chickens again! I’m hoping to integrate them with my parrots. Any thoughts on that???

  6. GC Lehman says:

    …also, you gave them port names?!?

    I’m shocked that someone else didn’t pick up on that. Maybe it’s because I watched the video then read the post…?

  7. GC Lehman says:

    So sweet! How I missed it when you posted it is beyond me!! Off to check that I haven’t missed anything else….

    • Karen says:

      Hi GC! Some of my emails haven’t been getting through to people for some reason so check your spam folder. If you have a security/spam program it could be filtering out my emails or some reason. I’ve emailed one particular security system called Barracuda that has blacklisted my site for no reason to ask to tell me why they’ve done it and to take me OFF of the blacklist! So that could be one reason you missed this post. ~ karen!

      • GC Lehman says:

        Well, that’s just rude! I hope you get it straightened out soon.

        That may be the trouble but (at least in my case) I just may have been distracted.

        Shocking I know!!

  8. Debbie says:

    Seems wrong…or bad kharma or something to be feeding them scrambled eggs….I’m glad that no one fed me scrambled people when I was a baby….

    • Karen says:

      Ha! Well, someone would have had to have fed you an unfertilized scrambled egg from an ovary for it to be the same thing but I hear ya. Best food in the world for young chicks. ~ karen!

  9. Theda says:

    Yes! I got happy!!

  10. Lez says:

    As the video started I wondered what music you would choose! SO glad it wasn’t “Chirpa Chirpa cheep cheep chirp” !! Remember that song?!
    Well done, they are adorable & reminded me of my chick breeding days with fond memories…

  11. Kat says:

    PERFECT SUNDAY MORNING WAKE UP VIDEO! Thank You Karen for making Sunday Morning HAPPY!

  12. PaulaBt says:

    That video is wonderful!

  13. Phylicia M says:

    Hahahaha! We must have received the same enhancer because that is EXACTLY what I did yesterday! I am completely consumed by my 4 laying chicks- the Kardashihens, 3 Silkie chicks – The Fluffer Butters, 3 laying hens – Charlie’s Angels and one orphan White Palm Turkey chick – Speedy.
    It really is a sickness …lol

  14. Shannon says:

    NOOO!! The video is a sad gray pixel face for me! What am I doing wrong?!!!! WHY???!!!!

  15. Shirley says:

    Well that was so cute it brought ears to my eyes. I let a hen hatch chicks this spring for the first time ever. It was so awesome! Hearing peeps from the eggs was so exciting I had to have wine to calm down!!! Loved the sparkle it brought to her eyes, the first day she brought them outside, and how she clucked to them non-stop. That lasted for 5 weeks then she got sick and tired of them. They were huge Black Cooper Maran chicks and which I only let her keep 4, they were a lot for her to sit on at night. They insisted on being on her or under her and she got too hot. Turned into EVIL MOMMA, and started attacking them. They became terrified of her and I had to step in to give them some loving. They are 11 weeks old and now friggin HUGE, and will get bigger. It was fun while it lasted. Looking forward to dark brown eggs. Good job!

  16. Marion says:

    Thanks for that video Karen, perfect thing to start the weekend off with! Sweet babies!!

  17. Lois Baron says:


  18. Susan says:

    Absolutely adorable! Have you named them?

  19. Mom of Chirp says:



  20. Jackie says:

    That was just too cute. You really can do it all. By the way – which one of your chickens was that that just had to poop while crossing the screen just when the chicks were coming out of their house for the 1st time? Was she just jealous??? Am I the only one that saw that? Oh – and how about that calendar – have you thought about that? Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    • Ronda says:

      had to back and watch it yet AGAIN! totally missed that poop shot across the screen. maybe someone was a wee bit jealous and would like her own brood?

  21. Mary Kay says:

    OMG Happy??? YES YES YES
    Congrats chicken mom on your new chicks!

  22. Colleen Smith says:

    Too cute!

  23. Wendy W says:


  24. Liz says:

    how fantastic is that?!

  25. Ev Wilcox says:

    Big smiles here! Thanks Karen!

  26. Teddee Grace says:

    Terrific. That last frame could be the answer to insomnia.

  27. Melissa in NC says:

    What a great video! Those chicks, oh, those adorable chicks! You made me smile, giggle out loud and say awww. Way.too.cute. I wish I could spend an entire day with the chicks. I would have to take a shower before bed…just sayin’. Thanks for making and sharing this video :)

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