My 5 Favourite Posts from 2013

22,520 comments, 256 posts, 10 giveaways, 7.4 nervous breakdowns and 1 year.

2013 has nearly come to an end. In that time there have been ups and downs, laughs and tears. And that was just during the Sweet Pootato post.

You’ve helped me through what can only be described as a gross time in my life, and I hope my posts have helped you through some gross times of your own.

Posts are kind of like children, you can’t help but having favourites. The only difference is I’m not afraid of being locked up in an old age home and made to drink out of a sippy cup by telling you which ones are my favourites.

I already have some huge posts scheduled for next year, but for now, these are my 5 favourites from the past year.






Join me as I introduce you to the world of Bikram Yoga and vomiting.





One of my favourite DIYs to date.  The iPhone armband .



An open letter to Idris Elba.


My BIG fall project, plus a lesson in the business of blogging.



Betty versus the Brick Wall. Watch as my nearly 80 year old mother demolishes a wall in flip flops.

These are my favourites from the past year. I’m sure you have your own. I also really loved the series I did on making tortellini en brodo from scratch, starting with making homemade pasta, to using a pasta machine to making the filling and shaping them.

It’s funny. As I run into people I hear what people like and don’t like.  There’s a whole group of you out there who don’t like any cooking posts.  Then there’s the opposite end of the reader spectrum, who say the cooking posts are their favourite posts.

You’re a quirky bunch.

Can’t imagine what you’re doing around these parts.


  1. Shauna says:

    I originally came for the dollar store crafts. I’ve stayed for the laughs, the camaradarie (sp?) and the inspiration. I cannot pick a favorite, but I love the ones that make me laugh till I cry. I also love that your blog feels like a bunch of friends…who have never met.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shauna. Thank you! Actually, when Canadian Living was here shooting the house the other day the editor commented on what an unusually great community I have. I felt very proud. Kind of like a mother hen, lol. ~ karen!

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Well now what can I say..Thanks for the support when I went through the same idiot man crap as you did..Thanks for the mention on my 60th..You don’t know how much that meant to me..Thanks for keeping me laughing through it all..Also thanks for sharing your Mom with us..I want to be Betty when I grow up..Seeing her shows me how you became the strong, caring, independent lady you are..Hugs to you Karen..and Betty..and Cleo..and Ernie..and the girls of course..I’m looking forward to another year of sharing with you matter what comes our way..

  3. West Coast Nan says:

    Love, love, love you and your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us, I feel I have grown so much since I started reading your blog. I especially love the commenters and all that they add to the mix. Hands down the best part of my day. Favourite post this year was the one with Betty, that lady has talent! Best wishes for an even better year in 2014…

  4. paula says:

    i share your sentiments…2013 was also a shitty year for me; probably one of the worst in my life. thank you for making my mornings a little brighter. i love your blog and look for it each morning. my fave post hands down has to be, Betty vs the brick wall. soooo looking forward to your kitchen reveal; health and happiness for 2014 and let’s all hope it doesn’t suck like 2013.

  5. Bobbi says:

    I love and read your blog every morning, then when I get home from work (2nd shift) I read all the comments. Sometimes, it takes quite a while to read them all, but I love them, and I make the time. I feel like part of something so much bigger. You are like a mother hen to us, (even though I am older than you are), taking us from adventure to adventure. Keep on keepin’ on…Thanks for all you do.

  6. AnnW in the US says:

    When are you coming south for a Karen’s Triumphal Tour of the US? You can charge admission and bring one of your favorite chickens. You can demonstrate a few things and make us laugh. You know that Annie Sloan charged about $450 for a short one day workshop? I’d pay $100 or more just to hear a few jokes. And to see the color of your hair in person. Plus if you bring Betty you can double the entry fee. It would be kind of like Kathy Griffin and her mother. Actually, you should produce your own reality show. Now THAT would be a hoot.

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