My cure for the winter blues …


It’s cold. And snowy. And you’re craving the sun.

There’s no green, no warmth and life is no fun.

You cry to the skies, Let the sun peak out.

You try to keep hope, but in truth you doubt.

You know winter is here by the frost on the panes,

But it’s spring that you need to make you feel sane.


Don’t worry. It’s coming.  Something to tide you over until then …



51 days until the first day of spring.


  1. Susan U says:

    Just wanted to share with you, as Christine Chitnis and you have inspired me to raise chickens in my little urban backyard. I got six chicks yesterday (they are a week old and living in my dining room). Celebrated with my family by sharing your lovely video with them. Excited for what is to come. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Karen says:

      Susan – Congratulations! Isn’t it exciting? They’re sooo cute. You should be eating eggs by September or October. You’ll never forget your first egg. I’m happy to have inspired you! ~ karen

  2. Sarah says:

    Ahhh I have such bad winter blues today! Thanks for the video, it made me smile. :) I wish my city would let me keep chickens in my backyard.

  3. Katie King says:

    More incentive for me to get a bale of hay! I’ve been using wood shavings, but hay will be neater…and look brighter. PS. This video was just what I needed this morning: thanks for posting! It’s actually sunny in the PNW, but it’s nice to remember that it’ll be sunny enough to wear short sleeves again in a few months…

  4. Katie King says:

    How do you keep your seat/bale o’ hay poo-free?? I’ve been trying to think of a ‘clean’ way to chill with my flock that doesn’t involve moving furniture or changing my pants every time…

    • Karen says:

      Katie – Oh there’s poop on top of the bale the odd time. I just wait until it dries then brush it off with a whisk broom I have hung on the coop. The straw gets replaced every little while. I use it to fill the nesting box, the inside and the outside run. I just grab a few flakes. Then when the bale is gone I go out and buy a brand new one to set out there. Works well as far as straw plans go. :) ~ karen

  5. Sue S says:

    That was totally awesome. Made me smile the whole time! Thank you! I have been thinking to myself that we have to get through February and then we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I live in Western MD and it won’t be spring spring, but that tell tale lime green life will start to sprout. And our hearts will quietly start to sing.

  6. Lynn says:

    Hi Karen I have a young woman who works for us who got what we call a small holding, not quite a farm but bigger than a garden, she has a few chickens and ducks too, she loves them.
    My sister is married to a sheep farmer, he also has a few dozen chickens, some how I don’t think he loves them like you do lol. Then of course its the turn of 4000 turkeys after the sheep have gone, then he starts all over again, he the breeder , my sister, well she a good cook, and I just love eggs.

    By4now Lynn

  7. Lisa says:

    That is probably the best video I have watched on the ‘net in many a year!Thanks for the smile and the feeling of warmth on this Manitoba -47C morning.

  8. erica says:

    Karen, that was one of your best posts! I share your happiness in the simple things…just hanging with your flock. Thanks for this, E

  9. Rondina says:

    And here is Texas, although it is what we consider cool this morning at 40 degrees, I believe spring is here. The phlox is blooming and so are some of the bulbs. I realized last year that global warming had moved February to January. We may have a couple of more cold snaps to go, but hey, it was in the 70s before the front moved through yesterday bringing March winds. You miss spring. I miss winter.

  10. Louise says:

    You are the chicken whisperer :). Great video, soooooo therapeutic this time of year. And I’m counting down the days right along with you!! You have some very happy chickens, what do you house them in during the winter months?

  11. christine says:

    you just reached a whole new level of awesome in my book…. my hope one day is to have a coop 1/2 as great as yours and chickens that will be as great as well!

  12. Liz Walter says:

    Thanks Karen for the warm fuzzies. Your video made me think of my Mom-she loved her chickens. I remember that she used to go into her garden with a glass jar and hand pick any bugs that she found and put them into the jar and take them to her “girls”. When they saw her coming they came running to her to see what she brought them.

  13. Sara says:

    I’m pretty sure yours is the only blog I read all the comments! LOVE the chickens!

  14. SK Farm Girl says:

    That brought a tear to me eye *sniff*, *sniff*! Really did warm the soul and give us hope when the weather really has gotten to us! There is a Bogs commercial in there just dying to get out . . .

  15. Marlene says:

    I really,really needed that. I spent the best of the afternoon cleaning my driveway from the snow and ice we had overnight and was feeling really piss…I could feel my blood pressure slowing down while watching! THANKS!

  16. Sandy says:


    This video made my heart sing. Thank you.

  17. Susan in TX says:

    Love the video and the cuddly chicken. It’s 81 degrees here today and the spring blooming trees are almost ready. But then in August it will be 105 with 92% humidity. The grass must be greener.

  18. Denise Leavens says:

    I agree, your timing with this treat is just perfect! I loved the sun, chicken cuddling and music. I confess I enjoyed the last shot of the snow by your shed, too.

    Here is some more coop love:

  19. Alicia says:

    I dont know why, but i never would have thought that a chicken would sit and let you pet it. It was adorable!

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