My Last Post of 2020.

If 2020 was a marathon, we’d be at the point where we no longer care that we pooped in our pants a little at kilometre 31 because we can see someone waving a banana peel at the finish line. 

There’s no other way to describe 2020 than completely f*cked.

I mean, we all did the best we could, but still – it’s hard not to feel knocked flat in a year where Tiger King was the second most horrifying thing about it. Think about how bonkers that is.

It wasn’t all bad though. We learned a new language. Just a year ago if I had told you “I didn’t want to ZOOM with anyone outside of my bubble until my maskne had cleared” – you would have stared at me blankly. Maybe thought it was a science fiction sex thing.

Of course if you are a dog, you are fully on board with an identical repeat of 2020. You will fondly look back on this as the year your owner finally remembered they owned a dog. 

As we sit now, many of us around the world are in another complete lockdown, learning that a new strain of the virus has developed and (as if not to be outdone) – Netflix has agreed to purchase a second season of Tiger King.

But the one positive thing 2020 did do was to inspire me to plan something new and something fun. What I mean is, the entire focus of what I’m working on revolves around – fun. Your fun. 

And deboning a chicken.

No it doesn’t, I don’t know why I said that. 

This is my last post for the year 2020.  Have a great holiday everyone. Betty and I will be partnering up for a Christmas dinner-for-two while the rest of my family does the same within their households.  Betty might even be sleeping over so you can look forward to lots of Instagram stories if that ends up being the case.

I’ll see you on the other side of the finish line. For the love of God, watch out for the banana peel.


  1. Tres says:

    I hope you, and your family, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the worst of 2021 be better than the best of 2020

  2. Bruce Cisco says:

    Merry Christmas Karen!
    I don’t remember how i found you… but you hooked me on my first read. It was early 2019. I now have my daughter, wife and several friends following too.
    I love your humor and love doing stuff.
    I’m pretty handy… my wife and I have flipped 7 houses on the side but I still manage to learn a ton of “stuff” from you, while being entertained.
    Keep on, keeping on!
    Cheers from New Orleans!

  3. Ken Lyman says:

    So what happened? Did you fall over?

  4. Gael says:

    The best to you and yours, blog friend. Your posts have brought little bursts of joy in a year that has been challenging, to say the least. Here’s to a happier and more ‘normal’ 2021.


  5. Lauri says:

    Happy Holidays to you!
    I discovered this blog during a search for refinishing an old pine floor (we followed your recommendations for our project last April and are thrilled with the result) I think my husband might be getting a little tired of hearing “look what Karen did here….” tough luck for him :)
    Thanks for all the laughs, inspiration and know-how….I look forward to more in 2021!

  6. Eileen says:

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays, your chickens and your beautiful home.

  7. Jody says:

    I was trying to come with something witty but it just isn’t there. Just a heartfelt Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends, both old and new (I guess David meets both those requirements).
    So looking forward to your next adventure.

  8. Helen Whaley says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Betty!
    Thank you for being the voice of sanity (mostly) and hilarity (always) as we navigated the annus horribilis that was 2020.

  9. Heather Grauman says:

    Thanks for keeping it real and teaching us stuff all year long! Never change okay? I know you and our adopted Mom Betty will have some great laughs and probably too much wine. Cheers from rural Alberta. ( also a shit show but maybe improving fingers crossed) merry Christmas!!

  10. Helen Ruebel says:

    Merry Christmas Karen,
    I met your blog when my sister told me she had sharpened her reel lawn mower(no way I said). I was so impressed to find another handy women I had to follow you. I have enjoyed it.

  11. Carla says:

    Hey Karen – I just wanted to say 2020 wasn’t all a wash for me – someone told me about your blog back in March and I’ve been following your adventures and advice ever since. So thank you for making 2020 bearable. Thanks to you I’m entering 2021 ready with a super bubbly sourdough, a nice wee bottle of homemade vanilla, and a beautifully decorated home (ok the last one is a tiny fib but it’s not too bad. I have lots of soft bows around)
    Merry Christmas to you and Betty. And here’s to a miraculously ordinary 2021!

  12. Karin Sorensen says:

    amen sister.

    it’s been a muffinfluffin doozy. but! for me personally with it came a lot of opportunity i wouldn’t have had otherwise. it was a whirlwind for sure. a warning of sorts as i see it, to remind us that bigger and more is not better. i hope we as a whole learned something from that and stick with that new found knowledge.

    wishing you and Betty and the rest of your family a peaceful and happy holiday, merry christmas and a happy new year.

    you remain a beacon of hope and hilarity Karen, i wouldn’t wanna miss ya for the world.



  13. Deb Miller says:

    Merry Christmas, Karen! Thank you for, once again, bringing us a big dose of truth with humor. Cant wait to learn more about your next big project – and some good stories from Christmas with Betty!

  14. Rocky says:

    Merry Christmas Karen! To your family and flock as well!! Yes 2020 was a f*^# year but I was blessed with my first grandchild, a precious little boy! After losing my Dad in 2016 and mom this year ( not COVID related) this little boy has changed my life around.
    Slamming the door 2020! Hello to 2021! God bless us all!
    I love your post! Instagram and emails!
    Love, friend, Rocky in SC

  15. Linda in Illinois says:

    Merry Christmas Karen to you your mom and your family including all of your followers

  16. Melissa says:

    Many thanks to you, especially during 2020, when we all needed help and laughter!

    I’ll always be grateful for your kick in the pants during the first “Summer of Doing Stuff” group. I tackled my ugly fireplace surround and mantle, and have enjoyed the transformation ever since. I used new tools, developed new skills and felt like a badass! If I hadn’t already said so, THANK YOU!

    Merry Christmas to you and Betty! I hope your coming year is a good one 💗

  17. Leslie says:

    Well said. It has been a hella year, but with silver linings. I found you after being inspired with DIY leanings I’d subjugated until now. I’m seriously thinking pizza oven for 2021 so thanks for that tutorial (hubby isn’t sure whether he’s as thrilled since I’ll be drafting him to help). Vaccines are on horizon which is as close to a magic bullet as we dared hope. Happy holidays to all. The Brits have it right; keep calm and carry on. 🎅🎄

  18. Sue in Fairfax says:

    I’m a long time reader, but rare poster. Thank you… your blog is always a bright spot and especially so in this shit show of a year.

  19. Cristie says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your Momma .. looking forward to your New project and many more laughs in the New year

  20. Thera says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Betty, the rest of your family and all the lurkers and posters on here!

  21. Deborah Mattin says:

    The Last of 2020 anything is cause for celebration. Hope you and Betty have a good holiday.
    I’ll be looking at my waxed amaryllis. This year I splurged on ginormous doubles and pressed moss into the wax-beautiful . Thanks for so many good ideas and snort-out-my-nose commentary!

  22. Janis says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this part of 2020 and look forward to continuing in 2021. Otherwise, 2021 will be f#$#ked!

  23. Phyllis Paolucci says:

    Thank you Karen for all your posts!!! It has been very entertaining and informative. I look forward to reading them.
    Happy Holidays and stay safe and healthy.

  24. Sandy says:

    Karen, I have looked forward to your column for some giggles throughout 2020. Made me smile and laugh out loud on more than one occasion, when all the world news was swirling around the drain. Hug your Mom for me. Best wishes for a hopeful and safe New Year from a Texas neighbor!

  25. Emily R Riggan says:

    Happy Holidays to you and Betty! Thank you for your articles and humour throughout this year-they have been informative and entertaining!

  26. Penny Hanson says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021 to you and yours! Many thanks for all the laughs, from Penny in Liverpool 🇬🇧😊💕🎄

  27. Kaisa Kupila says:

    Merry Christmas from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Thank you for all the wonderful articles and tips. May 2021 bring …….hmmm….something different. Not sure what that would be at this stage but hopefully something different.

  28. Neva says:

    I found your site only a few months ago….so, something good still happened for me in this shitty year:)
    Best wishes from Varaždin, Croatia.

  29. Sheila Meagher says:

    LOL. In my case, this year my introverted dog became very concerned that I, also an introvert,
    had stopped leaving the house. At one point about 6 weeks into social distancing and staying home, he got into my face and wanted me to know that he needed me to leave, so he could have some peace.
    Happy Holidays!! I am looking forward to your next adventures!!

  30. Ruth Hirsch says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. thank you for endless hits of humor, endless. and huge smarts. In between endless humor.
    Wishing you and all your loved ones Moments of Peace, joy and delight.
    And vibrant good health. vibrant good health. From Saugerties— wonder f I might be your one and only from this little village, little but with two–TWO– chocolate shops. And where we all —-except real estate brokers— pray that the tide of NYC folks who have flooded this region will reverse and they’ll ………….. go away.
    Not my most generous wish ok, back to equal sincerely wishing you, Betty, Pinky, and all your loved ones moments of Peace, joy and delight.
    And vibrant good health.

  31. Karen from Maine says:

    I am not really a blog reader/follower but your sense of humor, Karen, is my sense of humor – so thanks for saying the things out loud that I sometimes (and not sometimes!) think, but which are always great fun to read! Oh, yes, and I do learn stuff, too, when I peruse your postings – lol! Best wishes for a wonderful time with Betty and here’s to looking 2021 in the eye and giving it a wink while saying, “Bring it on – we made it through 2020, what have YOU got in store for us?” Be safe, be well and be kind to Everyone in the Canadian Karen Universe!

  32. Teri on the Left Coast says:

    Happy Christmas from Salt Spring Island to you, Betty, Pink Tool Belt and Fish Pedicure. I wish you all a superb 2021. Now that Solstice is done (shortest day of the longest year ever) let’s all hope the vaccine(s) really are the light at the end of the tunnel and not the headlight on the train bearing down.
    Can’t wait to find out about your new project.
    Thank you for the fun all year despite the zoom bubbles and maskne.

  33. Maureen McMillan says:

    Granada, Spain
    Clear skies and a brisk 7C.

    Have a nice time with Betty. See you in 2021

  34. TucsonPatty says:

    It has been a 9 month marathon for me, and I am *still* not caught up with my Netflix queue! I may have to retire completely in order to catch up – not really, but will this ever end? Is it the end of the world with this god-forsaken damned mutant virus coming out on top? Is that where the dinosaurs disappeared??
    Tomorrow will be better. The furnace man appeared yesterday, and I turned the heat up to 62°F. It’s very cozy in my living room, now.
    Karen – you have been one of the best things about my entire year. I look forward to, and appreciate all the experience, thought, effort, and humor you inject into every post. You are my hero! I tell everyone about you. Hopefully you have new readers from Tucson and Kansas, because of me. Merry Merry and Happy Happy and tell Betty hello, also. ❤️❤️

  35. Jane C. says:

    Thank you for all your entertaining and enlightening posts during this clusterf*ck of a year. As we head back into lockdown, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Covid-free 2021.

  36. Merry Christmas LaCourciere says:

    Thank you for the many DIY this year and the many laughs and chuckles this year has been really hard not just with covid and I needed the smiles so again Thank you

  37. Carol MacSween says:

    Happy Christmas to you and Betty, Karen. As always, your posts have been fun, informative and distracting in such a good way. Love your posts, your stories and can’t wait to hear more about David…. hopefully the saga continues! All the best for a heart warming Christmas. Cheers! Carol

  38. Marie Braun says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your mom!

    Your blog has been one of the few bright spots in this horrible year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every post.

    I hope 2021 is kinder to us all.

  39. Marie says:

    You’re the best! Thank you so much for helping me through The Grand Slog of 2020. Stay safe and healthy. Oh and since I can’t travel home and hug my Mom this Christmas, please post a pict of you and Betty!

  40. Susan Dooley says:

    Well said, Karen! One good thing about 2020, or specifically December 31, 2020, is that it may be the first time in history that the entire human race is united around a single thought: “thank God this feces show of a year is over!” Happy New Year to you and yours and to all my fellow readers. And thank you, Karen, for the insights and the laughs.

  41. Marlene says:

    Thanks for making me laugh and inspiring me to try some new things this year. The dried orange slices are pretty beautiful on my tree.

    Grateful for your sense of humor, your fantastic eye, and your boundless creativity!

    Wishing you and Betty a very Merry Christmas, and a great new year!

  42. PegMinn says:

    Merry Christmas, Karen and thanks a million for helping me stay sane in an insane world.
    Let’s bid 6 No trump that 2021 will be better.

  43. Rita Tytus says:

    Merry Christmask!
    Hope you and Betty have a Pand-EPIC holiday!
    Thank you so much for your enlightening and entertaining posts!
    I am SO looking forward to 2021 and your new focus on fun!
    I do hope it involves a puppy…….?

  44. Robyn says:

    You call them as you see them and I appreciate that. You are an inspiration – still wanting chickens in my yard – maybe soon as Burnaby is reconsidering their bylaw. Follower for a very long time. Hugs from Burnaby BC

  45. Nan says:

    Merry Christmas, Karen!!!

  46. Roberta Breeden says:

    2020 was a weird, challenging time for sure. But finding your blog(don’t know how?!) was a real pick me up for me. You have given me permission to mix my panton chairs with my brass candelabra! You are the reason I have 3 heavy(!) stumps drying out in my basement. Project! Or the fact that I will make Julie and Julia’s bruschetta on Christmas Eve. But my favorite has been the orange slices glowing on my Christmas tree this year. Yesterday the sun was low and the light came in through the window shining on the tree and for a few minutes it was magic. Thank you Karen, you have been some sunshine as well. 🌲

  47. Kat - the other 1 says:

    Merry Christmas!

  48. Lisa Eubanks says:

    You have made me smile (even laugh!) several times this year, and I can think of no higher praise….hang in there and keep doing what you do — you are a joy!

  49. Gene says:

    Happy anything and everything, Karen!

    And thanks for all the wonderful posts!

    Here’s to Jack Frost roasting on an open fire, and chestnuts nipping at your nose…

  50. savannah49 says:

    Happy Holidays, Lady!

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