My New Fridge Revealed!


It has been a long time coming but the moment has arrived.  After 7 months, I would like to introduce you to my new fridge.   Get ready to gasp.








Uh huh. Yes.  You did read that right.  I still have my old fridge.  Pisser.

After living with my old broken fridge, a mini bar fridge, and a slightly larger medium sized bar fridge,  for 4 months I decided to give fixing my old fridge one more go.  I’d already replaced the thermostat but decided to fiddle with it a bit.  By fiddle I mean rip, tear and smash at things until it worked.

It didn’t help.  Weird.

So I took the thermostat out, reset where the thermostat probe went and did a few other adjustments.  BOOM.  The fridge was working again.

I can’t say that I was thrilled.  For one thing, I was looking forward to a new fridge.

For another, I paid some jackass to come in and fix the stupid thing at the start of all this.

So how did I get to this point? Why, in those 4 months, was I not able to find a fridge?

‘Cause I’m not completely right in the head.

Which is a good thing. If I weren’t the interesting, full of curiosities person I am, you’d be bored.

When my fridge broke early last summer I figured I could work a deal with someone to supply me with a fridge.  I show their great fridge  and give them a spot of advertising on my semi-successful blog and they in turn, give me my dream fridge.

After a few weeks of researching and emailing, I got my first solid offer for the Monogram glass front fridge that I was SO in love with by General Electric.



Then they realized I was from Canada and not the States.  No deal.  They were extremely helpful though and put me in touch with the G.E. people in Canada.  Who ALSO offered me a fridge!  However, not the glass front Monogram.  I wasn’t interested.  Now that I had a taste of becoming a part of the refrigerator elite I would settle for nothing less.

And yes, that worked for me.  I would rather have no fridge  than have one I didn’t want.  I was the same way with boyfriends for about a decade.

I put looking for a fridge on hold for a while so I could do the next truly important thing. Look for a stove.  Even though my stove works perfectly.

And that is when I found this …  a 6 burner Blue Star range.



AT COSTCO!  For way less than it would be if you bought it from the manufacturer.

Granted, the Costco range has less BTUs than the one bought straight from Blue Star but here’s the thing … I don’t care.


I’ve always said if I were to die, I’d want to come back as me, but with a 6 burner stove.

But a 6 burner stove would mean I wouldn’t have room for a regular 30″ fridge, and would have to get something smaller.  And if I was getting a new fridge and stove, I’d also have to get a range hood.  And new appliances would make that wretched kitchen counter look even more like crap, but I can’t get a new kitchen counter if I don’t get a new sink.  So we’re at stove, hood, fridge, counter, sink and floor.  Did I not mention the floor?  My kitchen floor is falling apart.  My kitchen floor runs into my mudroom and  my bathroom.  So those would have to be done too.  If I put a new floor in my bathroom that means I should probably get a new sink and toilet complete with fixtures.

You may have a better understanding of my need to use the word pisser now.

It is a pisser.

The kitchen and bathroom are the 2 rooms I haven’t really done in my house since moving in 14 or so years ago.  I’ve done bits here and there with painting and a bit of fixing up but it’s gotten to the point that it isn’t really optional but more of a necessity.

So.  My old fridge is my new fridge for a while longer.  Hopefully it’ll keep on running until I can figure all of this out.  I can’t do anything until I decide whether to get a 30″ stove and a 30″ fridge, or a 36″ stove and a 27 or 28″ fridge (which are harder to find).  Plus there’s the issue that I haven’t found my dream kitchen table and chairs for a reasonable price yet (a 1970’s knock off of the tulip table and chairs).

Every year I have a big,  new project.  Last year it was ripping out the front yard and  Putting in a Vegetable Garden.  The year before that it was Building a Chicken Coop.    This year’s big project is looking more and more like a mini-kitchen reno.

So as I said.  Pisser.



  1. Laura says:

    My new LG fridge arrives tomorrow!! You are smart to wait for the right one.

  2. TorontoBoy says:

    If you don’t mind me saying, that is one nifty old fridge! Congrats getting the steel beast running again! I’m guessing that was no easy feat!

  3. Chris says:

    Well I must say GE are not that smart in regards to advertising. Your site is worldwide now and you attract a huge amount of traffic and could benefit these companies. Just the traffic alone to the Bogs site yesterday is a testament to this. I am sure they are watching your site and if they have any social media sense you will get your deal and more. Like the fridge but would have to keep the it tidy at all times.

  4. Chris says:

    Forgot to mention that I saw that tulip table awhile back on a site called GUFF. It is a store in Toronto and has some pretty nifty items.
    Also check out Tasco online for all their kitchen appliances.

  5. Karen says:

    LOL. Thanks for the boost of support Chris. But GE in the States couldn’t provide me with the fridge because of having it go over the border or something. They liked and were aware my site has a good readership. I’ll check out both GUFF and Tasco. I really *do* want the Blue STar from Costco though! Love it, love it, love it. Thermador is a beaut too. ~ karen

    • Tina says:

      Apparently you’ve forgotten about your second home in the US. You know, the one just south of the border. It’s so convenient for deliveries, no?

  6. Chris says:

    Your fridge problem sounds like the childrens story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I completly understand where you are coming from.
    Chris =]

  7. Leena says:

    Why is your fridge next to your stove and oven? Isn’t that a big burden on the fridge to keep it cool next to a burning hot oven?

    • Karen says:

      Leena – Because that’s the only place to put it. ~ karen

      • Chau says:

        In the US when you redo/update kitchen of an old house, you will have to follow the current building/safety code. That means the stove cannot be adjacent to walls or refrigerator. You might have to re-configurate your kitchen layout to separate them.

        • Karen says:

          Chau – I don’t live in the US. I’m Canadian. Plus I have illegal chickens in my backyard, regularly taste test fruit at the grocery store and wear white after labour day. I’m a rule breaker. ~ karen

        • flattire Tuesday says:

          You rebel, you. 😉

        • Chau says:

          Karen, I’m with you on tasting fruits at supermarket and white anytime. Another caution for high BTU stove: to be sure your gas supply line is adequate to meet the stove requirement.

        • sia says:

          Omg… Karen!!!! You kill me!!! Discovered you today and have been lol litteraly. People at work are staring Karen! Ok ok, it’s just my husband and his helper… but still! They are people… according to the pediatrician present at their birth.
          And you are absolutely crazy for wanting a fridge with a window! Dude, if anyone saw the mess in my fridge, I’d have to crawl under it. I suspect YOU are the one walking around with bells ony our shoes!
          I had legal chickens, but I live in Greece my fellow Canadian! If you don’t have chickens here, you are NOBODY!
          Please make me laugh some more!


        • Karen says:

          Sia – If you keep reading, you’ll keep laughing. I have around 800 posts so you have some catching up to do. When you catch up let me know and I’ll put my extra-funny pants on. ~ karen!

  8. gardenbre says:

    If I read you right there’s a spot I need to locate to give a walloping big kick to so my fridge will be right as rain again … swEET! I am putting on my docs …

    West Elm has a cute little baby fridge that would look like a cute little dinky toy next to your 6 burner dream stove. you’re welcome (it doesn’t have a glass door though sorry but it’s seriously cute).

  9. gabrielle says:

    I guess the question is: do you want to be able to store enough food for a big party, or be able to to cook for a big party? Me, I have a 28″ fridge and a 24″ stove for 25 years now, back when my kitchen had to be in an upstairs bedroom of my 1872 farm house. If I’d known I was going to keep those appliances forever, I’d NEVER have bought them. Pisser! Just served a traditional Christmas dinner for 18 this year, cooked in the proper downstairs kitchen. I guess practice makes perfect. I’ll bet I’ll be buried in that fridge, with my head in the freezer! 😉

  10. Rosie says:

    Old enough to be very wistful about the days when appliances lasted as long as you wanted them to.

    And a horror story. Neighbor’s fridge quit on her. Repairman came, replaced the thermostat, charged her $500! What??? A thermostat costs no more than $20. My neighbor lives with blinders on. She justified the cost saying a new fridge would cost about $1000. I’m lucky to have the best repairman in Atlanta who charged me a nominal amount to fix mine.

    You didn’t ask, but my opinion is that the bigger the fridge you can fit in, the better. Six burners would be fun, but 36″ fridge infinitely better.

    • Amy says:

      Oh, pleeeeeease! Do share who your best repairman in Atlanta is!! This past summer my son and I replaced the gasket on my fridge and fiddled around to make the glacier on the bottom of my upright freezer disappear forever (think MacGyver!), but I live in mortal fear of my appliances dying on me! We replaced them all – at once – 15 years ago after our house fire, and I think they conspire together in the middle of the night about how they’re all going to break at once! Ugh!

      • Rosie says:

        Amy, Thanks to my daughter finding this honest man, I’ve used Appliance Service, phone 770-496-0980. ALWAYS ask for Joe, the technician. Think they are Gwinnett county based, not positive. They are very fair in their pricing, show up when they say they will, or call if delayed a bit. I’m so grateful I found Joe. You will be too.

        Rosie, in Sugar Hill, GA

  11. paula says:

    Hi Karen, I had my fridge for less than 2 years when it went on the fritz. I had a repairman in, but the fridge company wouldn’t honour any of the warranties. I was able to finally get them to agree on paying for the obviously defective part (computer that runs the entire fridge!!) but they made me pay the repairman to do something myself or my husband could have done in about 10 minutes. Cost us over $200! A lot to be said for being curious, and I would definitely poke around myself next time. Regarding the table you need, check out Kijiji. I also saw one a couple of years ago at the Millionaire’s Daughter on Ottawa street in Hamilton. It was probably a reproduction, but I remember it being reasonable. You could have them give you a call if anything comes in? Decor on a Dime is also a good place to check out to see what may come in (also a consignment furniture spot).

  12. I received my dream fridge about 7 years ago. I was so caught up in getting to pick my first new refrigerator that I didn’t think about the depth of the beast as well as the width. Now I’ve lived 7 years with this beautiful machine sticking 6″ further into my kitchen space than any of my built-in cabinets. The sides make a great place to put my grandchildren’s artwork, though.

  13. Linda J Howes says:

    I’d go for the larger fridge and regular stove. The Fridge will come in handy for keeping all those fresh veggies you’ll be growing. Besides, as you said, you don’t need the stove.

  14. Jackie MacDougall says:

    My daughter saved her money up for a vintage tulip table with two matching chairs when she was 15; now she is at U of T in a great apartment with her very cool table set. We live in Cape Breton and schlepped the set to her in the back of a giant rental SUV the year she moved into her apartment. Last trip to visit her we spent most of a day in the Queens West area….wow! Tulip tables everywhere, tons of vintage and reproduction amazing goodies. I usually fly to TO, but next driving trip I plan to squeeze in as many finds as I can!

  15. Janie says:

    If you give a mouse a cookie….

  16. Our frig in the garage quit on us right before 2 big parties before Christmas. I had so much food and of course wine. I didn’t know what we were going to do. One of my friends was in the process of moving to Florida and we were helping them move. I was also trying to help her sell some of their big stuff like her 3 year old stainless frig and a universal gym, etc.The day before they had to be out the last deal to buy it fell through. We still didn’t have one for our garage yet so I asked if we could buy it for a good deal.Our guys went over with our dead one and left it in the garage and they brought the good shiny one home and it is so pretty and works great!
    My outside freezer went out a few days later but we had a great repairman I found on Craigslist so we didn’t have to get a new one!

  17. Ruth says:

    Is it odd that I totally understand your reasoning? Here’s the part I don’t understand… Why force yourself to choose? Knock a cupboard out or something, and get the bigger fridge AND the bigger stove. 😀

  18. OH, I forgot the best part of my long story! They GAVE it to us for free because of all of the work we did! SCORE!!!!

  19. Heather Ferguson says:

    If you are getting a beautiful new 6 burner. And a new floor, and a new sink, and a new faucet and new counter-tops. You might as well add in new cabinetry. And if you are doing that then you can change the footprint of your kitchen and move your fridge to a different place. You can create the perfect triangle and you can now have a fridge with a tv in it, an ice maker, a water dispenser and double doors. Did I just blow your mind? 🙂

  20. Pat says:

    Just to be the devil’s advocate…..make sure you look at the consumer’s reports on all these babies to check for reliability, etc. I know someone who bought their dream appliance only to find out (after the fact) it had really bad reviews and did end up being a real problem….but it did look great! Just sayin’…

  21. Diane says:

    Karen, I hear ya sister! My new Samsung gas convection self-cleaning range (praise and excitement beyond compare!) was installed Monday and I am in heaven. Do without whatever…get the ONE you want or nothing at all. Took some work…like running LP gas lines to FP and someday gas stove several months ago, and I held out for exactly what I wanted (5 burners, not 6). Good luck with that whole kitchen remodel.

  22. AnnaM says:

    No comments about the fridge/stove debate, but I am surprised you haven’t replaced your countertops already. You have so many skills that laying new tile will be a breeze for you. Have at it, it’s actually kind of fun.

  23. Stephanie says:

    I love the fact that someone as cool (yeah, I’m old) as you is as cheap as me! Same damn Sears fridge, in ugly almond, since 1996. Will not die. Makes a scary thunk however when the compressor shuts off. hope hope hope hope

  24. Erin says:

    I understand. I’m also looking at a kitchen upgrade this year. We built our own home and put in the required kitchen for the building inspector. After five years of microscopic counter space and tight quarters it’s time to give that room the attention it deserves as the hub of our home!

    Should we re-do the floor at the same time? What about the adjoining dining room – it will have to shift over into the living room. We need a real dining room set. The living room is crap. We need to rethink that room as well. Then there’s the “pantry” (future bathroom) that shares a wet wall with the kitchen…

    I look forward to your reno (and mine!)

  25. Susan says:

    I’m with Ruth, you can have your refrigerator and stove, too. That means either entirely new cabinets, or, since the counter is going to be replaced, just shaving off from an existing cabinet however many inches you need. You lose some cabinet space, but you’ve got a basement for storage, and running up and down the stairs is good for you, so it’s not the end of the world.

  26. Tigersmom says:

    Thank you for finally satisfying my strangely obsessive curiosity about this fridge matter.

    I’m just sorry that the reason you kept it quiet wasn’t what I was hoping for you (that your blog had become so successful and was making you so much money that you were able to get one of those ridiculously expensive but amazingly cool fridges but didn’t want to share it for fear of alienating your readership).

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Don’t worry. If my readership gets so large I’m rolling in money I’ll always be careful with it. Comes from working freelance my whole life. BUT … I will splurge on things like dream fridges. I won’t change. Just my appliances will. 🙂 ~ karen!

  27. Suanne Jefferies says:

    How “sucky” that you didn’t get your Monogram glass front! Hey…You want us all to boycott GE products??? ‘Cause we would do that for you Karen…yes we would. Come on Canada GE. This woman could do wonders for your Canadian business!!

  28. Call Me Patty says:

    Ahhhhh, the life of a renovator. Doing “A” leads to “B”, leads to “C”, etc. etc. But in the end, it’s SO worth it. I LOVE IT! Call Me Crazy, Maybe….

  29. OK, just sticking my neck out to offer a slightly different perspective. As a serious food gardener (and fellow chicken flockster!), and being concerned about energy use and CO2 emissions, we’ve been taking a look at our appliances in a new light. For instance, we just realized that we could buy a bigger, energy star freezer and get rid of an older fridge in basement and our previous, smaller chest freezer, and because of the energy savings, we sould SAVE money! So before you choose a fridge, don’t forget energy costs. The fridge is one of most homes’ biggest energy sucks, right after the clothes dryer.

    Second, when we moved in and we needed to replace our fridge, I knew I was going to be growing as much food as I could. Thus, I logically thought, I need the biggest fridge that would fit in the kitchen, with the biggest produce drawers I could find. The surprise? I have hardly anything in my fridge!! It’s mostly full of condiments, a few leftovers, and dairy products. And empty drawers and shelves. And most of the condiments don’t need to be in there anyway.

    Think about it. You keep your eggs out, the veggies are in the garden in the summer, and either in the freezer, the root cellar, or the pantry in the winter. The meat is in the freezer. The staples are in the pantry. What’s left? A few leftovers, meat thawing (if you’re more organized than me!), a few bits of supplementary produce, dairy, and….condiments.

    We have a 30″ fridge, and if it ever breaks down, I would seriously consider something smaller again. Just a radical .02 cents to throw out there! Go European! 🙂

  30. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    You are absolutely right are’s good that you recognize this about yourself though..Some people have to pay other people big bucks to tell them right there you probably saved enough money to get you your dream stove..Don’t worry..I give my advise for free..Whatever you do with the kitchen I know it will be an adventure that we all will enjoy and get lots of laughs from reading about it..Good luck girl!!

  31. Elen Grey says:

    Oh, the stove, the stove! I love watching your brain out loud. Hold out!

  32. Laura McG. says:

    I believe your next project should be robbing a bank!

  33. kate-v says:

    but, wait… maybe I’m telling you something you already know, but I say you DO care about BTU’s – you just don’t know it, yet. as an example, my gas range has one 1300 btu burner for faster hotter, cooking, especially witha large pot/pan and three 900 btu burners for just ordinary cooking. I always boil tea, cook pasta, brown meat on the 1300 btu burner. My son, who at one time did “not care” (or know ) anything about btu’s INSISTED on a range with four 900 btu burners. Now, though, he owns a range with a 1500 btu burner, a 1300 btu burner, a 900 btu burner and a 600 btu burner (simmering). Believe me, these differnent burners are cooking TOOLS of a very basic nature. Check it out and good luck with your kitchen update!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kate-v – I should have better explained. The Costco burners have 5, 15,000 BTU burners and one simmer burner. So even the pared down, residential version of the stove is WAY higher BTUs than other stoves. The commercial Blue Star from the manufacturer has 22,000 BTUs. Don’t need that. ~ karen!

  34. Alex says:

    Do NOT get me started on fridges. My first rant of the year was about the disappearance of white refrigerators. I absolutely love glass front fridges but my husband is having none of it. Actually our bank account is having none of it either. I cannot believe how expensive they are. That one is divine. Why did you show me this photo? Now I now it exists and I can put it on my When I win the lottery list of things to buy.
    So like you we’re stuck in the original fridge stays for now until we sort out the half kitchen reno that apparently we say we’re going to start every single year but still haven’t done so.

  35. Trisha says:

    Just a thought – could you do a stovetop range (will edge into your counter area…but you seem to have a decent amount) and then you can have as much room as you need for a fridge if you get a normal size wall oven. Keep the dream alive that you can have what you want with some rearranging; you’re creative enough to figure it out!

  36. Heather says:

    You’re killing me. I have a similar problem. We bought a torn up repo house. It needed appliances. I bought what I wanted. Now the floors, paint, lighting, counters, sink, carpet etc look dingy and sad. You just want a new faucet and the next thing you know, bam! You’re gutting the whole house. Don’t even get me started on the bathrooms. Good luck, sister

  37. Barbie says:

    …..if you give a moose a muffin….

  38. Debbie says:

    This is my story too. Fridge stops working, they don’t have parts for it anymore. I move it to the garage when the new one gets here and it starts working again. That was 1985 is still in the garage working away.

    Second part kitchen. I have had so many bids, proposals and guesses on price for cabs for my kitchen. I ended up with Ikea. Yes, for somethings they can be throw away furniture. The cabinets have been wonderful. You could refigure your kitchen with their help, figuring in the dream appliances. You spend a lot of time in there get what you want. They also have some solid tops you can put pots right on too. If you scratch it, sand it and it goes away. Color is all the way through. The cabinets, and the top could be installed by you will a little help from the fella. Good Luck this can be fun……….

  39. Debbie says:

    Sorry one more thing. You could consider a gas cook top and seperate oven that could be oven microwave or oven and another oven combo. You have lots to consider.

  40. Denise Leavens says:

    Your situation is indeed a pisser. Best use of the word pisser I’ve heard in decades.

    I think back a year ago or so to when you were planning the front yard vegetable garden and how your enthusiasm, energy and anticipation were palpable. I sense reluctance, frustration and possibly even dread with the mini kitchen reno.

    Yes. Pisser with a capital P. I am so, so sorry.

    But think of the CHALLENGE!

  41. Teresa Messick says:

    Our fridge began to die the week of Thanksgiving…defrost system. My freezer looked like the inside of an igloo and the fresh food section was warm. Being a DIY’er, I unplugged that bad-boy, took the inside panel of the freezer off and proceeded to defrost the two inches of ice inside with a hair dryer in hopes of finding the defrost timer (one blog said it would be there), but it wasn’t. After putting it all back together, I found the defrost timer inside the fresh food section! It was working fine, which meant it was another part of the defrost system. BLEH! Long story short, it took two weeks before it froze over again and after a repeat of my first fix, the man said we were buying a new one. Believe it or not, I was not excited about dropping 2K on a fridge the week before Christmas, but sometimes you just have to submit. I must say, I love my new fridge! It’s huge! Really too large for my one-butt kitchen, but it is glorious! Just hope it lasts!

  42. flattire Tuesday says:

    I *regularly* drool over that blue star range from Costco. One day. If we build. That beauty will be mine.

  43. Nicole says:

    Preach it sister! i know where you are coming from. On the bright side the handles on the fridge are really nice…and I just noticed the cast iron casserole on the stove is that a thrift store find?

  44. Leslie says:

    Hahahahah! This reminds me of the time someone asked if I’d ever consider getting a boob job and I told them, “That would be like painting just one wall in my house.”

  45. Bonnie says:


    Before you commit to the refrig, you should read the comments at

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade. I know as well as anyone that the hear wants what it wants.


    • Karen says:

      HI Bonnie! That’s funny. I remember reading those comments months ago when I was researching refrigerators. I also remember thinking … these people are idiots, LOL. To say commercial appliances went out about a decade ago is ridiculous. Silly people. Didn’t find anything else in the comments that was particularly valid. So, nope. Don’t bother me none. Plus I’ve always said if I had a glass front fridge it wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t perfect inside. I’d want it clean, but don’t need all the bottles lining up perfectly. ~ karen!

  46. julie s says:

    I’ve always said if I were to die, I’d want to come back as me, but with a 6 burner stove. <– this really is the funniest thing I've read in a very long time!

  47. Suzanne says:

    If it’s still available, we bought a 5 burner 36″ Ikea gas range that is the best stove ever (made by whirlpool). At least $1000 less than anything else available in Canada. Good luck with your dreams!,

    Many years ago, I bought a Viking frig that cost more than my first car. It is a pig. Don’t EVER buy anything Viking but stoves. Have replaced everything but the door. It’s still a pig. It lives in the back hall, so we have more counter space. Only 2 steps farther away, and well worth the unorthodox arrangement. Have been designing kitchens for 40 years. Don’ t believe in the ” work triangle”. It was designed by an engineer that didn’t cook or clean up.

    Do what you want!

  48. Paulina J! says:

    OMG when I saw this pic I thought of you (and myself of course):

    I WANT ONE SO BAD! The stupid website didn’t have any brand information, but thanks to the magical Google fairies I found it. TA DA:

    They look like old fridges on teh outside, but are new on the inside!!! Apparently, they have stoves too, but I haven’t had time to look at those. Let me know what you think!

    • Paulina J! says:

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it’s a CANADIAN company! Maybe they will advertise.

    • Karen says:

      🙂 LOL. I know all about Elmira Stoveworks. Love their stoves but especially their fridges. For my kitchen I don’t want quite so kitchy though. More “Something’s Gotta Give” or restaurantware. What with the cooking obsession and all. They *are* nice lookin’ though! ~ karen

  49. Jacquie says:

    Try looking for a small fridge (cause I got a small kitchen & would really like more counter & cupboard space & a full-size oven) in Victoria BC! Which is why I’m gonna try a bathroom reno first!!

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