Next Week!
Guest Posts from the very BEST.

I’ve decided I’m going to take a few days off from the world of blogging.  I’ll be heading up to the fella’s family cottage next week to do something I find very difficult.

I’m going to try and relax.

For hours on end.  Days on end really.  That’s the plan.  As to whether I’ll be successful at it or not is a bit of a crapshoot.  It really is the perfect cottage for relaxing.  There’s no television, no schedule and often no electricity.

There’s this.

Since I couldn’t leave you hanging while I bumble around at the cottage, I lined up a few of my best Intermet friends to write guest posts for you.

And it’s quite an impressive list if I do say so myself.

You have posts from Centsational Girl, Ashley English, WayLay and makeup artist Andrea Claire to look forward to.

I’ll be checking in and approving comments. Probably harassing you from time to time on Twitter and Facebook.

Unless of course I actually get the hang of relaxing.


  1. ruth says:

    Build an inukshuk. Saw a log in half with a pocketknife. smoke fish over an open fire. AND relax! You can do it! Have an excellent time away!

  2. Dawna Jones says:

    Everybody deserves a break Karen even you! We will miss your sarcasm but enjoy yourself and we will look forward to your return!

  3. anna says:

    can’t wait for more education from the fella’s dad! enjoy your time off!

  4. Elise says:

    If it’s not too much, please report back with a list of *TRUE* somethings from the fella’s dad. And relax dammit! =)

    • Karen says:

      Elise – The fella’s dad won’t be up there this time, but we’ll be going again this summer and he’s going to be there. I’ll work on another “true” list then. ~ karen

  5. Susan says:

    Want me to babysit the chickens?

  6. Cathy G says:

    We will be expecting a ‘how to’ blog on relaxing. You know, materials list, setting up your relaxing area, step by step instructions on how to actually sit still for more than 5 minutes…. :)

    Have a great time, you will be missed!! Looking forward to our guest bloggers!!

  7. Wendy R says:

    Have a great trip!!!

  8. Lyn says:

    There is an art to relaxation – you figure everything else out, I’m sure you’ll get this!

  9. Debbie says:

    Can I come, too? I just had my first taste of cottage life last week and I’m hooked. I can do your relaxing for you, if it’s too much for you to handle.

  10. Amanda says:

    Have a great relaxing vacation!!
    Enjoy yourself!!

  11. Nicole2 says:

    Next post from Karen: The Art of Relaxing.

    Enjoy your holiday, my friend!

  12. Mary Kay says:

    Have a nice vacation!!!

  13. mickey says:

    Can I come with you?

  14. Judy says:

    Enjoy evvvvery minute, Karen! All your sharing, work and great ideas require some recharge. May your garden have no weeds when you come back…and your vacation be trouble free. We’ll be muddle along.

  15. Jan says:

    Have fun! taking any books?

  16. Carol-Anne says:

    Enjoy – bring some great books to help you relax!

  17. Tracie says:

    I look forward to your future posts, I’m pretty sure they will be something like spectacular…will also look forward to your stand-ins. Love Centsational Girl, looking forward to hearing from the others….Relax, please relax!! A little anyway. :)

  18. Jamieson says:

    Very excited for you! Welcome to average paced living.

  19. Enjoy yourself Karen! Goodness knows you deserve it x

  20. Gayla T says:

    Yes, I can imagine you will whittle your favorite poster, me of course, but then stick little pins in it all day long and laugh and laugh and laugh. Meanwhile, I’ll be stuck here in hot old Kansas crying and crying and crying while my favorite blogger has lost her mind and had to be taken away for a rest to recuperate from the first one. Take my advice and pack a tool box. I can’t imagine that cabin sat all winter long w/o any love and it doesn’t need a Karen fix. Just think of all the great stuff just waiting for you. High on your list would be to drain the lake and sort out all the unwanted species who had been living there. Perfect job for you! Then you can start your recipe book on cooking them all and if they are not edible, make little fishy habitats for them. You’ll need to pack your canning jars for that one. Just let us know if you run out of ideas and we’ll be thinking of things for you to be doing. It will be like you never escaped, no, not escaped, went on vacation. Oh, My, Gosh, I just thought of something. Have you packed for the girls? I’m so looking forward to that special post when you get back. Taking Chickens on Vacation! Bye!

  21. Jamie says:

    That picture looks absolutely heavenly! I hope you have an amazing time.

  22. Natika33 says:

    Have a great vacation!

  23. Shannon V. says:

    Karen, I hope you are successful in your pursuit of relxation! Love the picture too. Looks so serene!

  24. Kate says:

    So, shall we start a betting pool on how many projects Karen manages to start up at the cottage?

    • Shirley says:

      I predict that Karen will quickly tire of all that free, unproductive time and will:

      – try to domesticate the wild birds and film another video of “Will They Eat It?”
      – figure out a way to build a better beaver dam
      – plan a week’s worth of menus based on one tiny rock bass and a pile of last year’s acorns
      – instruct the forest animals on better ways to prepare and serve roadkill
      – knit a lacy throw out of cobwebs and fish-line
      – and throw together a brand-new bunkie using only an old croquet mallet and hand-whittled wooden pegs

      I have no idea what she will do on the second day of her holiday but no doubt it will make for interesting reading. Enjoy your “break”, Karen!

  25. Centsational Girl says:

    Have a grand time my friend! If you’re anything like me you’ll have the capability of sitting still for 90 minutes then you’ll probably go find a fallen tree and whittle part of a branch into something cool – like the silhouette of your *favorite* blogger. (ha!) Have a great time relaxing!

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