How to Remove Oil on Pavers.


Hey!  Look at me!  I’m a lantern.  An oil filled lantern!

I live in Karen’s backyard!

Oil on Paver 2


Last week, just a day after Karen cleaned her pavers, I jumped right out of my spot in the garden and landed on the exact same paver Karen had just spent 2 days cleaning vegetable oil off of!  Don’t blame me.  The tornado made me do it.

Yup. I spilled my oil all over the exact same paver.   Heh.  Yup.  This pretty much sums up Karen’s life.

Oil on Paver 1


Yes.  It’s true.  My lantern is an asshead.

I’ll admit it.  I cried a little.

No actual tears came out, but I made that scrunchy face.
The fella kindly went out and got me some Dawn because so many people had recommended it.

Plus the Internet said it worked … but … the Internet lies …

Oil on Paver 3


Dawn was applied to the stone.

Oil on Paver 4


It was scrubbed in with a scrub brush, with a tiny bit of water … and left for 5 minutes.

Oil on Pavers 5


Lather, rinse , repeat.


Oil on Pavers Final


And THAT is how to remove oil from cement or pavers.