A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Me.
I used to be fun.

I let you know all kinds of stuff about me here on my blog. You know that I redid my whole house a few years ago, you know I have chickens, you even know when I have a yeast or bladder infection and what I do about it.

You know I’ve made my living as a television host and writer. I’ve let you know all this.

I’m a sharer. That’s what I am.  Except food.  I *hate* to share my food.  Do NOT take a fry from my plate or I’ll pluck your eyeball out and shove it up your nostril.

However, no matter how much I share, there will always be  things you don’t know about me.

Take a listen to this little diddy by The Four Horsemen from the early 90’s. If you listen veryyyyy closely at the veryyyyy end of the track … there I be. Clapping and (in an effort to distinguish myself from the other clappers) whistling. Yup. I’m a whistling fool. Go ahead … give it a listen.


Now, I realize that it’s very difficult to prove that the clapping and whistling is me, so you’ll just have to believe me. For one thing if I was going to make something like this up, I’d probably pick a more popular song to attach myself to. Like “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road”. Although, looking back on it, this was the most popular song The Four Horsemen probably ever recorded. The song was recorded in a studio in Hollywood and I happened to be there at the time. The producer needed a bunch of people clapping at the end of the song, so we all stood around and clapped. (with me improvising a little with my whistle)

At one point, many, many years ago when I used to be … well … fun, I spent a bit of time in Hollywood with my friend and her fiancé. He was the lead singer in a band that was popular at the time. The band was called The Cult and the singer was Ian Astbury. You may have heard of them. Or not.

I haven’t seen or spoken with Ian in years, but I’m still friends with his fiancé.  She’s the one who does my hair actually!  She did his too back in the day.  That’s why Ian Astbury always had beautiful, flowing, shiny black hair.  Because of Renee.

During that trip to Los Angeles I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of people I met and went to dinner with and saw in concert.   Lemme tell ya, you see a whole different Hollywood when you’re there with a rock star.  I have it all written down somewhere because I knew I’d probably forget half of who I saw/met later.  And I have.   Elton John is one I remember. He was sitting on a bench in gymnasium type seating at a party for a band I can’t remember.  He looked sad.

It was an experience I’m kind of shocked my mother let me take. I was youngish at the time and I’d really just met Ian and Renee.   Mind you, this is the same mother who shoved me off to New York City when I was 16 with a friend. I didn’t want to go … she pushed me. So the two of us, 16 years old and stupid, boarded a plane and headed to the Big Apple.  It was THERE that I saw a true icon.

I’ve met countless celebrities through my job.  I was an entertainment reporter for 3 years and interviewed a plethora of bands and actors.  None of them thrilled me like this random encounter.

My friend and I were in the store Fiorucci with her cousin, an artist … and there standing over to the right of the store was Andy Warhol.  The cousin screamed, I swore because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see him well and my friend  … she asked who Andy Warhol was.  A year later Andy Warhol was dead.

So as we head into this weekend I thought I’d ask “Have you had a brush with celebrity?”  And did they give you a yeast infection?

Have a good weekend everyone!  Menu posted tomorrow, see you on Monday.





  1. Susan says:

    My daughter worked in Hollywood for 4 years and she took me to the set of CSI NY where I met Emilio Estevez and Gary Sinese. We talked for a while and than Gary put on his cool CSI sunglasses and left. My overall impression was…..man he’s really really short.

  2. Danielle M. says:

    I don’t know that this will count, but it is as close as I can get. I was in Israel during my college days and Paul Wiley was the male figure skater of the hour. One morning while we were at the hotel restaurant for the breakfast buffet, we noticed a short man who looked quite familiar getting food. One of my friends was bold enough to ask him if he was who we thought he was. Indeed. She walked away with a picture taken with him for her efforts.

  3. Barb says:

    I was teaching a classroom of eighth graders when I walked to the window and noticed two men walking down the street. One looked a lot like Paul McCartney who I knew was in St.Louis with his wife Linda who was promoting her organic frozen food line. Suddenly I yelled out his name and the kids came running to the window. I momentarily forgot I was the adult in the space and had time traveled to a hormonal fourteen year old. He turned around and waved and we went wild. I could later verify it was he because a mother of one of my students was out trying to catch her runaway dog and told me that Paul helped her to round him up. What a lovely bloke!

  4. Design Love says:

    Do you remember the band, “I Mother Earth” from the 90’s early 2000’s…..they are actually back writing and have 2 shows coming up again in Toronto in May. Anyways…Our children are in the same class and we have become great friends. Jag Tanna is the guitarist he is incredibly humble and very talented. Also, one of the fella’s from Kids In the Hall at the Prince concert! LOL


  5. Brian says:

    I saw a star in the making over 20 years ago :) Also met Michael Jackson in Vegas. Now let me tell you that was different! I could really not tell if a star walked right passed me..Unless it was you Karen!..Well maybe still not..LOL
    Have a great family day weekend!

    • Karen says:

      Hah! You too Brian! By the way, Michael Jackson was the one celebrity I, for some reason, *always* thought I’d meet. Never did. I’d trade all my celebrity interviews and encounters to have met him! ~ karen

  6. Jaime says:

    One time Fred Penner came in to the HMV store I worked at. He bought an Albeniz CD and some other stuff. I remember being impressed with his taste in music, but I was always more of a Mr. Dressup kind of girl.

    • Alisha says:

      This made me LOL – One of my highschool teachers always told us that Fred Penner was his brother. Didn’t believe a word he said after that.

  7. Michelle Wilson says:

    I used to be “fun” too. I had the greatest job in Los Angeles and lived by the beach in Santa Monica. Lots of celebs hung out there… and you had to pretend they were just a part of the scene there. It was odd if you ever heard someone scream or run for autographs when someone ‘famous’ was in the room. I sat next to Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks at breakfast one morning. I was in a spinning class with Helen Hunt. Remember ‘Natalie’ from Facts of Life? She used to go to the same coffee shop as me. Oh and I pet Calista Flockharts dog before I realized I was petting Calista Flockharts DOG?!
    Anyway- I used to be fun AND cool. Now I have 3 kids and live in Burlington Ontario. How’d that happen???

  8. Joanne says:

    We were lucky enough to be in a very small comedy club one night in NYC when the special guest of the night was Jerry Seinfeld, without advertisement. He just got finished with Seinfeld. It was our last night in NYC as we were moving, and I will never forget it.

  9. Stacy says:

    I’m originally from Nashville, TN so I’ve managed to meet a lot of country music people over the years. In high school I was friends with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s nephew. I’ve also met Wynonna Judd, Billy Ray Cyrus,and George Jones. All nice people. Back in the mid 90’s I got to go backstage with The Cottonmouth Kings and on the tour bus for 2 Skinny J’s. Anyone heard of them? THAT was an experience…

  10. The only celebrity I know of is Elvis Presley….my Uncle work for him on his ranch in Mississippi….and I also worked at the clothing store he love to shop at…he would come in late at night with all the people he wanted to buy for…including himself….and just shop….

  11. Nicole2 says:

    I once saw Freddy Mercury walk by at Dorval Airport where I was picking up a friend. Just casually walking, nobody noticing him…

    Then a few years ago, we were on a trip to California with our friends and our two daughters and their two daughters. We had rented this van and were driving in Beverley Hills in rush hour when we spotted Peter Falk driving beside us. Our friend tried to snap his picture, while driving no less, and engaged in his pursuit. You should see how fast and well a person can drive with just one eye. I guess celebrities learn to dodge paparazzi.

    On the same trip, when we landed at Pearson, we saw the Jonas Brothers just outside the airport. They were here to film the movie Rock Camp, and they were barely starting to be famous. They only had one body guard and our collective four teenage daughters asked if they could take their picture with them and they easily said yes. A year later, I’m sure they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near them. They made a lot of friends jealous.

  12. Darlene says:

    I got lucky many times earlier in my life – I worked at a hotel in Baltimore called Cross keys Inn – I worked the front desk, this was way before the Inner Harbor was nice, probably in the late 70″s. Any improtant person coming in to perform, Diana Ross, Harlem Glboe Trotters, major league baseball and football teams all stayed there…One I do remember is what a jerk Reggie Jackson was!

  13. Bev says:

    I never get a brush, but my golf loving hubby has *peed* next to some greats. It never fails that he will be playing at a course and some big golfer comes in. He regrets that he has never been able to shake any of their hands.

  14. Karen says:

    Back in the 80’s I worked at the cosmetic counter in Eaton’s Saskatoon… the Centennial hall was next door where at the big bands came to play at the time.. Seemed like who ever was playing there did their Saturday morning shopping at the Midtown plaza and I was lucky enough to have stars come to me! I waited on Burton Cummings, Joanie Mitchel, Meatloaf, And the most fun was all three Pointer Sisters at once!! My other lucky encounter was Caesars Palace Vegas about 2 in the morning.. only the older gals will remember him… Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear asked me for change at a Slot machine… still think hes a hunk!

  15. Angie says:

    When I was in high school, I worked at the front desk of the Holiday Inn at the Airport in the evenings. One evening I was checking a rather large party in under a random name. I looked up to see the spitting image of Meryl Streep. I said to her, you look sooo much like Meryl Streep. She smiled like, “You’re an idiot, darling”, and continued to her room. I learned about pseudonyms that night.

  16. This year, at Christmas we went to NYC for a friends Birthday paaaartteeee. She turned 40. We booked a two night stay at the Greenwich Hotel. {total splurge}…
    I didn’t know that Robert DeNiro owned the hotel. So there we sat, in the lounge…Robert DeNiro was there. Mary Kate Olsen too (could have been Ashley…I never can tell).
    Next morning…Tom Cruise , Katie and Suri opened Christmas gifts with the parents by the tree in lounge. It took everything for me to not loose my mind and just pretend to be cool and NOT jump up and down. I sat there…with big internal flutters. That was good enough.
    NYC was a blast. A blast of heart fluttering moments.

  17. Holly says:

    That totally sounded like your whistle to me. I sat on an airplane next to Orville Redenbacher once. He was in his little suit and bow tie. I fell asleep during the flight and when I woke up I had a yellow sticker on my sleeve that said, “I met Orville Redenbacher!”

  18. Susan says:

    I have had a few opportunities to meet some very famous people and so not as famous ones. As I read these comments I realized it has been quite a few. I was in Toronto airport once and being the ditz that I am tried to go down an up escalator. Dan Hill was coming up … That’s how I know it was the up one…of course I ran smack into him! My daughter was horrified! I have met Burt Reynolds, Renee Zeilwegger, Paul Giomato, Richard Gere, Hilary Swank, Chris Potter, just to name a few thru the vintage cars that we use on the movie sets. I had my 50th birthday brunch with Don Cherry…his birthday is close to mine and we both ate at the same place and got talking and ended up getting pictures together… I will talk to anybody. Then 2 years ago I was meeting friends for dinner in Yorkville in Toronto and had a bitch of a time parking my car because the Toronto Film Festival was on. Therefore i was late and racing along the sidewalk as much as one can race in 4 inch heels and came upon a huge crush of people blocking the sidewalk. Screw this I thought and went thru the barricades that somebody had put right in the middle of the sidewalk! I was dressed to kill and everybody started taking my picture and shouting and I looked around to see what the commotion was all about and ran right into one of the Jonas Brothers who was coming out of the hotel that had the barricades up! I didnt have a clue who the Jonas brothers even were! That made me even later for dinner at Sassafras! Got there and then couldn’t get in because George Clooney and Matt Damion were having dinner upstairs and there was such a crush of people at the front! Sadly I never got to eat or even see them because they had a private room but I am convinced George would have thrown sticks at that Italian model and sure wouldn’t have taken on the wrestler if he had ever seen me that night! Convinced!! :-)

  19. Caroline says:

    *oops – that should say sing!

  20. Caroline says:

    Oh, and how could I forget, my hubs and I took the kids to see Teenage Head the summer that Frankie died and he A. asked my daughter and her girlfriend “wanna go f@$#?” B. let my husband and I sign with him and C. when we met him after the show and we told him our son (12 years old)played the bass he put his arm around him and said “Nice to meet you you little f*&$er! You should drop out of school and be a rock star it’s f*&%ing awesome!” It was a memorable night to say the least!!

  21. Caroline says:

    A few years ago the Dalai Lama and his entourage walked by us at the airport in Miami. He looked very smiley and sweet!
    But my favourite brush with fame is that as a child I met (several times) my aunts brother Guy Sanche who was Bobino from the very popular french kids show Bobino et Bobinette which ran from the late 50’s to mid 80’s. Kinda like hanging out with Mr. Dressup and Casey! AND I had my own autographed poster hanging on my bedroom wall – i was the envy of all my friends!

  22. Violet says:

    OMG, I LOVE IAN ASTBURY!!! So, what … after all that, Ian and your friend never got married???

    It’s surprising how many celebrities I’ve managed to meet (for not even trying), some that I won’t mention because I’m actually friends with them now and don’t want them to come across this if they Google their names (LOL!). I accidentally met Jackie Chan once (really sweet guy, warm and friendly). I was once eating lunch in L.A. when members of Van Halen sat at the table next to me and ragged on David Lee Roth the entire time (of course I was eavesdropping, who wouldn’t?). And there was the time I was in line at the grocery store behind Kurtwood Smith (who played the father, “Red,” on That ’70s Show. That was particularly amusing, because I was staring at him, not because he was famous, but because I was thinking, “Where do I know that guy from?” and he was staring back at me like, “Yeah, you know me” so we were just standing there, staring at each other like idiots, not saying a word. And when I realised what I knew him from, I didn’t say anything because I knew the character’s name, but couldn’t remember HIS name to save my life, and I know it bothers a lot of actors when people call them by their characters’ names instead of their real names, and I didn’t want to be THAT girl. Oh, and I was also in line behind Danny Glover in the market (I knew he lived around here, but I was living here for nearly 20 years before seeing him), but I didn’t say anything to him because a lot of people were calling out to him and it was clear he just wanted to get his groceries and go. Very quiet unassuming guy.

    But I think my most unusual brush is one that very few people in the world got to experience: I spent a day with Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the professer, and Mary Ann, all on Gilligan’s Isle. I was really young at the time and I watched Gilligan’s Island every week. My mom wrote a letter to the network, telling them it was my favorite show and I never missed it, and we got a personal invitation from creator Sherwood Schwartz to come down the studio and hang out on a rehearsal day. We were there the day they were rehearsing the episode with the giant spider in the cave, so I got to meet the exceptionally charming Frenchman who was in the spider costume, too. Anyway, the whole thing was intimate, because there was no crew or other people around at all — just me, my parents, and the cast. Because I was small and very shy, the cast completely doted on me, treating me like a princess. But what I remember most is wanting to swim in the lagoon really badly. It was a giant tank on a soundstage (the soundstage doesn’t exist any more, it’s a parking lot now), so it was actually kind of traumatic to have the fantasy that they were on an actual ISLAND dashed, but still, I loved swimming more than just about anything in the world and I wanted to go in that water because it was really just a gigantic pool in a big glass tank with a wave machine and fake sand and palm trees around the edge. The cast assured me I did NOT want to go in, because the water was freezing cold, but I stood there with my nose pressed against the tank, looking in at the water longingly.

    Something ironic is that now, years later, I’m friends with the Skipper’s grandaughter, who I did not know was the Skipper’s grandaughter at first. When I found out, I said, “Guess what, I spent a day on Gilligan’s Island with your granddad!” and she got really excited and wanted to hear all about it, because by the time she was born the show had long ended and the soundstage was no more.

    Oops, sorry for sucking up all this space! Your Ian story got me a little too excited.

  23. Rosie says:

    Mr. fabulous himself: Johnny Depp. It wasn’t *that* kind of encounter, but I’d like to address the last question and say that our meeting did not end in a yeast infection!

  24. Centi says:

    The Cult? I’m so impressed. I really am.
    I believe that I once was standing beside Andrew Eldritch at a rock concert. That was because my friend who was with me found this guy next to her spooky and switched places with me. Nice girl. And the spooky guy was Andrew Eldritch. At least that’s what I believe. ;)

  25. Gayla T says:

    My husband used to travel a lot with Armco Steel and I went with him a lot just so I could remember what his face looked like, he was gone that much. We were staying in a hotel in Des Moines Iowa at Thanksgiving and the weather was so bad we decided we couldn’t get home and back in time for an important meeting he HAD to attend. Our son was a toddler and was with us. Johnny Cash show was in town so we got tickets and attended and went back to the hotel and found out that they were all staying there, too. They couldn’t or wouldn’t leave either because of the blizzard so when we went to eat there in the hotel they were all there eating and doing a lot of drinking. The Carters were there and of course the entire band and there were not a lot of people there so they just kind of pulled everyone into the group and played guitars and sang and talked to everyone. I went to my room and got my program from the night before so I have all their autographs and memories that don’t even seem real. I had been really sad that we weren’t going to get home to our family dinner and it turned out to be the best Thanksgiving of my life. I have no memory of the one before and after that I did spend with my family but I will never forget that one we spent in Iowa. The party went on from about 1 pm when we went to eat and ended in the middle of the night. I was pregnant with my daughter and they helped us pick out a name for both a boy or a girl and some of the suggestions were hilarious. June Carter told me if it was a girl and we named it after her or her mama she would send her a guitar. I wish now that we had done it but we named her after our mothers. I can’t begin to tell all that was talked about that night but they were like family and like we had always known them. Sadly, we didn’t even own a camara in those days. I’d give anything for pictures. I’m not sure some of our family and friends believed us when we told them about it but some of the funny stuff written on the program pretty well verifies it. My husband died a couple of years later so it is one of the highlights of our short life together. I’m getting pretty teary remembering it. We also saw a beach movie being made in California about a month after we married but didn’t get to meet anyone.

  26. I’ve worked with many ‘slebs through my jobs in theatre (as in people acting on stage….not theatre as in cinema auditoria!) and PR, so I’m generally not at all fazed by meeting famous people.**

    Having said that, I used to do a bit of photographic modelling too, and one ‘tog I worked for, who was a well known rock’n’roll photographer, received a sponsorship from Mobil Oil to do a photographic tour of the US, based on the Chuck Berry song, Promised Land. At the end of the tour, he gave a lecture at a university in Philadelphia (I think) about his work, and Chuck Berry was there (not least because he and Gus had been friends for years).

    Part of the set dressing was a pair of 20ft high posters of me on either side of the stage! After the lecture, Chuck and Gus were chatting, and Chuck asked for one of the posters of me! Ha ha ha! So while I have never actually met him, I do think it’s quite fun that Chuck Berry has a poster of *me* (the uni kept the other one apparently)!


    **Last Friday, I was on the step directly behind Matt Smith (the current Doctor Who) on the escalator at Euston station (London). To be ‘absolutely certain’ it was him (heheh), I surreptitiously stood right next to him on the concourse while he checked the train times (pretty sure we got the same train actually – his mum lives around the corner to me!)! I was inwardly squeeing like a teenage fangirl!

    • AmieM says:

      I would have cried, on the inside. Matt Smith is awesome. And handsome. I know I would have whimpered something totally uncool like, can I be your companion? And then he would call the police.

  27. Sebrah says:

    I went to an after race party for F1 in Monaco.
    I booked it for my husbands 30th birthday. We had an imaginary light sabre fight behind George Lucas, I peed in the toilet next to Naomi Campbell, danced next to Rod Stewart and Penny, chatted to Jenson Button and Danni Minogue at the bar and squeezed through the crowd of other F1 and English football/tv celebs. Perhaps we’ll do it again for his 40th :-)

  28. ashton says:

    I wish I had had a brush with a celebrity, but I have to live vicariously through my family: my mom grew up with Maya Angelou as her neighbor (this is after she was famous – I think it was in the 1970s). Maya and my Grandma used to get together for tea :)

    And my brother is friends with Nick Diaz of wrestling fame – they met through a bicycling club of all things

  29. Nicole says:

    the closest I’ve come to an encounter with a celebrity is when my sister and I got to go up on the (empty, abandoned) stage after the New Kids on the Block Christmas concert. somewhere, I have a zippy bag full of the white shredded plastic they used as snow.

    growing up in Irving, TX, I met countless Dallas Cowboys, which only count as celebrities if you’re a) from Texas or 2) a football fan. Troy Aikman tips for shit.

    Karen, I don’t get the accosting celebrities when they pee thing. Eminem has talked about that in songs, and I’m always SO confused. I love me some Eminem. I don’t want to hear him pee. Call me crazy.

  30. Antonia says:

    Not really a “celebrity”, but back in the 80’s when I was a young girl I got to shake hands with Princess Diana when she and Prince Charles visited Newfoundland! Great moment for me!

  31. ra says:

    My hubby is a photographer and has been friends with many undergroundish rock bands. Because of this, we rode in a van in Santa Cruz down to the boardwalk with Fantomas. This might make some girls pee their pants, but not so much me, I was sitting across from Mike Patton. And yes, he is really that spazzy, all the time, it seems. Oh yeah, also Dave Lombardo, you know, from Slayer, was in the back with his super blonde, big-breasted lady friend. And this other guy some may have heard of, King Buzzo, aptly named. Lastly, Trevor Dunn, but sadly nobody pees for him ;)

  32. gloria says:

    I hate professional wrestling. So it was really weird when I found out one of my Tampa childhood classmates (Terry Bollea) had grown up to be Hulk Hogan. We lived in the same neighborhood and were in the same classes all through school. You just never know.
    And in an unrelated brush with celebrity, boarding a plane for London in 1972, I was asked if I was with the James Taylor party which was also boarding. Must have been my hippie outfit and the guitar case. But duh, I said no. He and his entourage were wisked off to 1st class while we were ushered practically back to the luggage department.

  33. Claudine says:

    Oh, and Karen, nice whistling!

  34. Janelle says:

    K.D. Lang accidentally spilled a drink on my Dad on an airplane once, on account of violent turbulence. He was thrilled; she was very apologetic and bought him a drink!
    I dont’ really have my own…unless fantasies about being trapped in an elevator with Clooney count.

  35. Trysha says:

    Elisa from season 4 Project Runway almost ran me over with her cart in Target in Santa Fe.

    I was about 4 months pregnant and she came around the corner and I didn’t realize it was her. My husband is the one who pointed out it was Elisa and told another woman was trying to see if it was her. My husband, who obviously loves me very much, stalked her in the store so I could get a picture.

    I guess the best part was that my husband knew who she was. And all that time I thought he was only watching because of Heidi. He even remembered the clothes she made.

  36. Claudine says:

    At a small Mexican restaurant in LA, Rob Lowe was ahead of my son and I, by a several people. Most were getting take out, but the place was full, and when we looked for a place to sit down, the only table was next to Rob Lowe’s. I smiled at him as we sat down, but my son acts and I know enough to let celebrities have their space, so we just talked together, essentially ignoring him.
    But as he finished eating and stood up to leave, a busboy walked over to the table and said “Hey, I know you from something. Who are you?” We couldn’t help watching this unfortunate interchange. He replied, “I’m Rob Lowe.” The busboy then said, “Well, what have you been in?” and was told “St. Elmo’s Fire?” The busboy said he hadn’t seen it, and asked what else. “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?” Busboy, “Oh, I guess that was it” and walked away.
    I think my mouth was hanging open from shock at the way this boob was behaving. I know my son’s was. As Rob left, he put his hand on Josh’s shoulder, smiled, and said “Thanks for letting me enjoy my lunch.”
    I’m sure he wouldn’t have interacted with us, if there hadn’t been such an obvious difference in how we treated him.

  37. carey says:

    Ian Astbury? Are you effing kidding me? Love the Cult and Ian! I have a whole new appreciation for everything Karen now. Oh, btw, did you see him perform with the Doors a few years ago? He was amazing! (wait, is that you clapping in the background?)

  38. KEL says:

    Four years ago my husband & I were in NYC – we walked right past Tony Bennett in manhattan. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked, horrified, at my husband. “I thought Tony Bennett was dead!!”. Oops… Apparently he’s alive and well ;)

  39. Cindy says:

    I took an elevator in my friend’s apartment building in Honolulu with Pat Morita of The Karate Kid. I didn’t let on that I recognized him, because he looked like he’d rather avoid the ‘fan’ thing.

  40. NotRealName says:

    In 1998, Hubby and I were Jackson Square,New Orleans, eating Ben & Jerry’s (he had the Wavy Gravy. When they stopped making it, he died a little). It was consolation for Hurricane Mitch ruining our plans for VooDoo Fest. Off to our right, there’s a disturbance in the Force. Hubby says, “Look at this dude. Who does he think he is?” It was Lenny Kravitz, headliner for the festival, with his entourage and a wake of hysterical fans. He passed three feet behind us with some drunken white guy screaming, “DUDE, YOU’RE F’IN’ AWESOME! I GOTTA SHAKE YOUR HAND!” Lenny obliged. Then, white guy screamed, “YOU’RE THE SH!#, MAH N!@@AH!”

    Yup, The ‘N’ word. You never heard such a deafening silence in a busy city street. Lenny was totally classy about it. Just smiled and waved and kept on walking.

  41. Valerie says:

    The true “clapper’s” challenge:

    Obtain the “UNSQUARE DANCE” by Dave Brubeck. Start it from the beginning.
    See if you can clap, without hesitation or mistakes in rhythm RIGHT to the very end.

  42. Doug says:

    This morning, I was in the same jury pool as (former NY governor, better known as Client #9) Eliot Spitzer. He did not give me a yeast infection, but I would think twice about sitting in that seat.

    Meanwhile, my wife was meeting Paul McCartney. She said he was a doll.

  43. Cora says:

    I don’t have any good stories … or even any stories at all because I’m boring. But my aunt went to a funeral for a guy she’d known and he’d been Phil Collins’s roadie or something. There was a bar, she was making a drink (no bartender) and Collins asked for a drink. She mixed it, handed it to him, told him she wasn’t the bartender. He took a drink of it and said “Yeah, you aren’t.”

  44. Julianna says:

    I’m mostly certain I had a mutual stalking with who I think was Steven Weber (‘Wings’) off the center of the square in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Eveytime I turned around to look for him, he was there. Something he was wearing was Orange (shirt?Hat?) and every time I see him on tv (which, granted, doesn’t happen all that often), it reminds me of the color. That may or may not have happened sometime in the mid 1990s. I mean, I think it happened.

  45. Pati says:

    And I even went to the ashtray where he stubbed out his cigarette and STOLE HIS CIGERETTE BUTT !!! He smoked Vantage in case anyone’s interested. LMBO !

  46. Pati says:

    That’s for REAL,Karen !! I found out he had a flat on the cab they took to L.A. thru the National Enquirer !!! LOLOL !!

  47. misskher says:

    I regularly interact with Karen effing Bertelsen on Twitter! Seriously, I remember you from the Springer days and from MMM!

    • Karen says:

      Yup. That’s the time period when people followed me into bathrooms and popped out of my front bushes to take pictures. ~ karen

  48. Pati says:

    I was in the San Diego airport back in ’79 when our plane broke down. In first class was Henry Winkler and his wife,agent and his wife’s mom. We all had to get off while arrangements were made for other flights so my husband sat me and the kids next to the Winklers. He was REALLY nice and REALLY CUTE back then and we all talked for about 45 min. He asked me where I was from so I told him my hubby was in the Navy and my mom was flying us home for our anniversary. (It was VERY OBVIOUS we had NO money.) His agent got him a cab to LA (which had a flat on the way !LOL) and so he bid me adieu…but ran back about 5 min. later and pressed a 20 dollar bill into my hand and said Happy Anniversary !! I fed my babies and us on the 20 the next morning. VERY nice guy…

  49. Jenn says:

    A few years ago I was in San Francisco. As I crossed the street I noticed a man walking in the crowd toward me. He was tall, thin, wore a long leather jacket and leather pants, had massive burgundy dyed hair (it was horrid), and distinctive round glasses.

    Then it hit me: holy crapola, that’s a famous washed-up rock star!

    I must have been staring at him. All of a sudden, a voice rang through my head.

    It said, simply, “piss off”.

    I’d just had a telepathic moment with Alice Cooper.

    • Jenn says:

      Oh, and John Ratzenberger watched me play with a dog at the airport (our friends had taken the same flight with their dog & asked me to walk the dog while they got their luggage). This was during his Cheers days.

      It’s odd to know you’re being watched by a celebrity who’s used to being watched.

      • Karen says:

        Jenn – It’s been a while, but believe me … it’s worse to be the person everyone is watching. I used to have people follow me into the bathroom and try to talk to me while peeing. One guy had me autograph his birth certificate. (not while in the bathroom) I don’t think that’s even legal. ~ karen

    • Karen says:

      I love Alice Cooper. He’s so … Alice Cooper. Ironically, my friend Renee who I refer to in this post … I think her mother is friends with Alice Cooper! ~ karen

      • Jenn says:

        Every time I’ve met a celebrity I try WAY too hard and wind up being a jerk. I took a year-long class with Edgar Martinez (former Seattle Mariner, delightful man, and beloved member of the Seattle community). I put my foot in my mouth so many times that I just stopped talking to him. I hate that about myself!

      • Tanis says:

        The only ‘brush’ I’ve had was with Alice Cooper.

        You may know he LOVES golfing. I was at my aunt’s house in Winnipeg which backs onto the 7th hole of a golf course. He hit his ball into the rough in her back yard. He was decked out in a great golf outfit (picture plaid pants and a beret).

        My dad embarrased everyone by getting out his big ‘paparazzi’ zoom-lens camera.

  50. Cindy says:

    I stalked Tom Selleck once — just kidding, he filmed Magnum P.I. near my home in Hawaii and I went across the street to get a photo with him. He’s the sweetest man. I was about 10 or 12 years old at the time. I still love Tom Selleck.

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