How to fix One Two Lashes


I know.  I said that the One Two Magnetic Lashes didn’t work.  That they were  weird and stupid.  (Clearly this is not a sponsored post)   After I wrote my review of One Two Lashes last week, I just couldn’t give up on them. Partly because I’m tenacious and partly because I shelled out $100 for them.  Also, if I could get them to work I would have instantly long and luxurious lashes which, as we all know, would lead to dating Idris Elba.  Again. 

I fixed my magnetic eyelashes the same way I fix pretty much everything around here.  I took them apart.

One Two Lashes too straight? Here's a hack.

The biggest problem with magnetic eyelashes is they aren’t curved for some bizarre reason.  They’re as straight as a knife.  Even cheap drugstore lashes that run you about $3 have a curve in them. What eyeballs don’t have a curve?  Even Kim Kardashian has curved eyeballs and she’s otherwise entirely one dimensional.

Hack for One Two Lashes that are too straight.

By cutting off the ends of the eyelashes (the outer corners with the longer lashes) I accomplished 2 things.  I made the actual length of the eyelash strip shorter, so the straightness wasn’t as noticeable, and by trimming off the longest lashes, the lashes are more natural looking now.  Not natural looking you understand; more natural looking than they were.

Cutting off the ends is something makeup artists do all the time with cheap false lashes. It’s a bit harder to stomach when they cost $100.  (for 2 pairs but still)

Fixing One Two Lashes

Just trimming off that tiny bit turned these from completely unwearable to something I’d wear every day. Seriously. I wore them while stacking 8 cords of wood.


And they did not budge all day.  Who doesn’t want to feel pretty while sifting through piles of Oak filled with potato bugs and spiders?  Also found a dead mouse

Don't like One Two Magnetic Lashes? Here's a fix.

On the left we have the eye with the magnetic eyelashes, and on the right the bald eyeball.

It’s not like I’m rocking tarantulas on my eyes.  They’re subtle enough that you could wear them to the grocery store. Especially since the cashier will probably be wearing false eyelashes that curl right up over her eyebrows.

False eyelashes are kind of the thing right now.

Fixing your unwearable One Two Lashes

I’m going to have to change my review of these One Two Lashes.  My first review was a definite do not buy these.  My second and current review is if you do buy them they might be horrible but you might be able to fix them.   How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

One Two Lashes Review

I mainly wanted to write this post for anyone who has already shelled out the money for these things and has relegated them to the back of their makeup drawer with the white eyeshadow and your MAC Spice lipliner.

One Two Lash Review

Don’t want to shell out $69 for eyelashes?  Yeah, I don’t blame you, even though now that I’ve hacked mine I love them.  According to most of the professional makeup artists I know through television, if you want to buy regular old fake eyelashes buy the drugstore brand Ardell.  Their Demi-Wispies are good if you want a light, natural look.  Makeup Artist Andrea Claire (check out her Instagram page) also recommends the Ardell 110 if you want a completely natural look and adds if you get them in brown and add black mascara it adds depth and makes them even more natural looking.

I mean, they’re not Idris Elba good but they’re David Beckham good at the very least.