How to fix One Two Lashes


I know.  I said that the One Two Magnetic Lashes didn’t work.  That they were  weird and stupid.  (Clearly this is not a sponsored post)   After I wrote my review of One Two Lashes last week, I just couldn’t give up on them. Partly because I’m tenacious and partly because I shelled out $100 for them.  Also, if I could get them to work I would have instantly long and luxurious lashes which, as we all know, would lead to dating Idris Elba.  Again. 

I fixed my magnetic eyelashes the same way I fix pretty much everything around here.  I took them apart.

One Two Lashes too straight? Here's a hack.

The biggest problem with magnetic eyelashes is they aren’t curved for some bizarre reason.  They’re as straight as a knife.  Even cheap drugstore lashes that run you about $3 have a curve in them. What eyeballs don’t have a curve?  Even Kim Kardashian has curved eyeballs and she’s otherwise entirely one dimensional.

Hack for One Two Lashes that are too straight.

By cutting off the ends of the eyelashes (the outer corners with the longer lashes) I accomplished 2 things.  I made the actual length of the eyelash strip shorter, so the straightness wasn’t as noticeable, and by trimming off the longest lashes, the lashes are more natural looking now.  Not natural looking you understand; more natural looking than they were.

Cutting off the ends is something makeup artists do all the time with cheap false lashes. It’s a bit harder to stomach when they cost $100.  (for 2 pairs but still)

Fixing One Two Lashes

Just trimming off that tiny bit turned these from completely unwearable to something I’d wear every day. Seriously. I wore them while stacking 8 cords of wood.


And they did not budge all day.  Who doesn’t want to feel pretty while sifting through piles of Oak filled with potato bugs and spiders?  Also found a dead mouse

Don't like One Two Magnetic Lashes? Here's a fix.

On the left we have the eye with the magnetic eyelashes, and on the right the bald eyeball.

It’s not like I’m rocking tarantulas on my eyes.  They’re subtle enough that you could wear them to the grocery store. Especially since the cashier will probably be wearing false eyelashes that curl right up over her eyebrows.

False eyelashes are kind of the thing right now.

Fixing your unwearable One Two Lashes

I’m going to have to change my review of these One Two Lashes.  My first review was a definite do not buy these.  My second and current review is if you do buy them they might be horrible but you might be able to fix them.   How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

One Two Lashes Review

I mainly wanted to write this post for anyone who has already shelled out the money for these things and has relegated them to the back of their makeup drawer with the white eyeshadow and your MAC Spice lipliner.

One Two Lash Review

Don’t want to shell out $69 for eyelashes?  Yeah, I don’t blame you, even though now that I’ve hacked mine I love them.  According to most of the professional makeup artists I know through television, if you want to buy regular old fake eyelashes buy the drugstore brand Ardell.  Their Demi-Wispies are good if you want a light, natural look.  Makeup Artist Andrea Claire (check out her Instagram page) also recommends the Ardell 110 if you want a completely natural look and adds if you get them in brown and add black mascara it adds depth and makes them even more natural looking.

I mean, they’re not Idris Elba good but they’re David Beckham good at the very least.


  1. Joanne Palmieri says:

    Can the one two magnetic eyelashes be worn with glasses?

  2. Joanne Palmieri says:

    I have to wear eye glasses. Will the one two magnetic eye lashes work?

  3. Laurie says:

    Just found your blog today. Some people binge watch tv, I will be binge reading your blog. Mad props for the MAC Spice reference. I think we totally share a spirit animal, except mine is lazy.

  4. N says:

    The problem with one two lash is people just wear them on the outer corner and it looks ridiculous and miss piggyish. The lashes need to go from the inner corner out. Not just on the edges. It looks like those weird cars that drive around with eyelashes on their headlights.

  5. Jewel says:

    I was lucky. I was within the 30-day trial period so I was able to return one slightly used case of lashes, one new case and an unopened bottle of lash cleaner. I ran into the same problem you did–these are not curved! They would not conform to the shape of my eye. Wish I had come across your blog sooner so I could have cut mine like you did. However, since I was able to return them for a full refund, I decided to do so. The idea is great, but one-two should curve their lashes.

  6. Natalie says:

    I use strip lash and had accidentally pulled my lashes and it had started to thin as well. I have been using Dermalmd eyelash serum for about 3 weeks now and have seen a difference. My lashes have started to darken and see some small lashes growing between the long ones. I am so happy

  7. Yvonne says:

    What’s the life expectancy? How many times can you use this before needing to buy another pair?

  8. Linda says:

    I also put more glue to the ends )) Just to make sure ))) Didn’t wear falsies for several months though as after a course of Cherish Lash serum they definitely grew longer. I loved your photos ))) A true star of blogs!! :) Such a nice lady.

  9. Kay says:

    Thanks so much for this post! Do you wear these with a touch of mascara or clean lashes?

  10. Penelope says:

    Thank goodness I found your post (which made me laugh; you are a great writer)! I was feeling impulsive one night and bought TWO cases of these one-two lashes. Sadly, in addition to the money I dished out for the lashes I ended up having to pay an extra 30 bucks x 2 for customs (as I live in Canada)….didn’t know I’d have to do that (I’m not quite THAT impulsive). Anyhow….tried them on and UGH….they look far too thick and black for my eyes. After seeing your post I got out my scissors and started cutting out some of the lashes. Finally, they turned out okay. I think I still have some cutting left to do but I can see a future for them now. Thanks for the inspiration. As is my usual style, they will likely end up at the bottom of some drawer eventually :( oh well.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! Well they aren’t meant to last forever so maybe they’ll fall apart before they get relegated to the bottom of a drawer, lol. ~ karen!

  11. Gina W says:

    are you wearing the original lash or the accent lash in these photos?

  12. rhonda says:

    typical socialist. Look at that poor child laborer behind her.

  13. Kmarie says:

    Just a warning- I bought two pairs of lashes from Urban Lash…waited three months, kept asking them for tracking information…Finally asked for my money back and received this message:
    “As of Nov 22, 2017, The Urban Lash is under new management and operations. We are working continuously to improve past issues on the website such as delayed delivery, delivery of the wrong product and poor-quality products.

    Unfortunately, per any refund, replacement and/or exchange requests made for purchases before Nov 22, we do not have access to past transactions or prior store owners account and are unable to administer refunds since the transition of new ownership. If you have waited 60 days for your product(s), please contact your bank to proceed with a chargeback or their recommendation for this situation.”

    This was a pain all around. I would not recommend Urban Lash. If only I could find Magnetic lashes in Canada…All the Etsy sellers I found had ok prices for their lashes but then charged THIRTY dollars for shipping a small pair of eyelashes. I have bought many items from the states and have not had to shell out that much for shipping! I would like long, black glamorous magnetics because that is what I usually use with glue ons but I am reacting to the glue- let me know if you find any that are reasonably priced and work well!

  14. Stumbled onto your blog while researching magnetic lashes. Thanks for doing an update; I’d wondered why other bloggers hadn’t trimmed their magnetic lashes like you did!

    I also have clear lashes naturally. I also want to love magnetic lashes. But until they are curved to fit a human lash line, I think I’ll stick with the old ones.

    Ardell Chocolate is my best lash friend. I trim the lashes into 4ths, use the inner 3 sections and discard the last section, because the lash strip is too long for my eye. Duo glue hasn’t failed me yet, even in a chlorinated pool in the July heat. But a swipe with a swab dipped in non-oily makeup remover softens the glue enough that no natural lashes get ripped out when I *gently, gently* pull off the lash sections.

  15. Erin says:

    First time reader and I loved your post! Very funny and you made me feel way better about wasting money on these. I made the even worse mistake of buying the “bold” version. No chance of those ever looking natural. Will try snipping then soon. Thanks girl!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Erin! Yeah, start chopping them, lol. Funny thing is the company just announced that they’ve just released a set that you can bend to the shape of your eye. I think EVERYONE who bought them the first go round should get a complete refund! ~ karen

      • diane jones says:

        I did get a complete refund on my first set. My account was refunded before they even received the return package — which has never happened before in my lifetime. They were great about it. I just received the new link for a “private discount” to try the new re-release at 50% off. I am going to give it a go ~ Like you, My issue with the first pair was no curve to the lashes. According to the press releases, that problem has been fixed ~ as well the top lash now has two magnets. We shall see. I admire a woman in business branding this brilliant idea and I will try and support her (plus my clear blonde lashes are the death of me:/ ).

        • Victoria says:

          I just bought these lashes – arrived this week and they only have one magnet on the top and one on the bottom lash. Struggling to put them on! Will try the recommended trimming.

  16. Brenda says:

    Groupon has them on sale now for $18 … I’m in Toronto but check wherever you are – they are regularly $33 but look better than those ones from China … the magnet looks like it’s in the middle and they look straight (but on the model look perfect and curved – of course) … sorry if someone’s already alerted y’all – I was too excited to even get them – let alone read all the comments through – yet.

  17. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Ok…I was going to say sorry for calling you a weirdo on the last eyelash post…until you said that you paid $100 for them…also why do you have a five year old kid unloading your truckload of wood?…don’t you have child labor laws up there?…So yeah you look pretty and if they make you feel good I guess they are worth it….weirdo…hahaha

  18. kelli says:

    Good thing you’re so adorable even without those stinkin $100 eyelashes. A HUNDRED DOLLARS. That, to me, is…well, it’s beyond kooky talk (that’s food for 2-3 weeks!).

    But I feel you on the non-existent lashes thing. Also non-existent brows (thanks high school pluckage!). Personally I haven’t worn mascara regularly for years now, but LINER…ah, that’s another story. And there are tricks like this that help:

  19. Kmarie says:

    Due to a medical condition and recent hair loss I use false eyelashes often. However the Duo glue sometimes gives puffy or itchy lids. I’d like to try this. After looking – what do u think of the three magnetic length ones selling on Etsy? I found a few and I like dramatic long lashes ( early thirties and I enjoy making a statement with my eyes if I’m wearing them) but I’d like to know your opinion on what u think of the safety of those sellers or options? I’ve never heard of this before u and I trust your research – plus the adhesive was never a huge plus for me – would u buy from etsy sellers? Thank you for giving me a healthier alternative!

    • Karen says:

      Hi K! I’m going to be reviewing another set once they arrive, but they weren’t from Etsy. They are 3 pairs, 2 regular and one bold and were $50 Canadian for all 3 pairs. I guess I’d look at the Etsy seller and establish whether they seem reputable. I don’t think health wise there’s anything that can go wrong. It’s the magnets in general that people would be wary of but as I said in my original post on the lashes, there doesn’t seem to be any research saying that magnets of any size near your eyes are bad. If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll get notified with each new post, including the next eyelash review. :) ~ karen!

      • Kmarie says:

        Sweet…thanks! I already follow your blog but subscribed too – just in case:) Looking forward to that review and being able to wear falsies daily would greatly improve my self esteem! When you have hair loss and feel old while being youngish- it’s amazing how these advances and what others deem “fake” can give such a boost to self…and in turn help in the health department simply by feeling less “sick” because you look less sick…it’s a weird cycle…but I have noticed I def do better in my mind, on the days when I feel I look better (well mostly:) I often wear hair extensions too if I am going out with my children and husband. Feeling like I look my age helps me to remember to act it- even if I feel yucky symptoms otherwise. I don’t feel products like this are ridiculous. I feel they are quick and wonderful ways to add a bit of fun, frivolity, dramatics or just simple confidence to the day to day. Lives are stories…why not embellish some of the details from time to time?:) Thanks again!

  20. Ardith says:

    Of course you hacked them, and wore them whilst flinging firewood (and calmly dealing with a dead mouse)…as only you can, with wit and style. Cheers, Ardith

  21. Marlene Eastman says:

    I thought you were wearing false lashes when you posted the delivery of your wood delivery! Then, I thought …. naaahh, she wouldn’t do it slinging wood?!? I was wrong!!! You go girl!!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know how you can stand looking at your eye so closely to do this! Makes me dizzy just thinking of it. That being said, they look amazing!

  23. I love my friend Karen; she’s fun, she has a wickedly intelligent sense of humour (cuz she’s a funny smartiepants), she listens to me when I’m sad and cracks appropriately inappropriate jokes. Karen woke up at 4 am to let me in to sleep on her couch when I was shooting Hugo Boss in some provincial park in Dundas (true story) – I was too tired to drive home.

    I witnessed her accidentally stealing chocolate and it was the best thing ever.

    This post about the magnetic eyelashes. Brilliant… except I stopped being a Walmsley in 2005/06. But that’s ok, my good friend Sarah Slean occasionally calls me Walmsley still.

    I forgive the people I truly love.

    • Karen says:

      Hahaha! That was a lot of build up to tell me I was wrong. I will always think of you as Andrea Claire Walmsley. But if you insist I’ll change it. ‘Cause I’m nothing if not accommodating. (hence the 4 a.m. couch incident) ~ karen!

  24. Patricia says:

    Remarkable tenacity!

  25. Andrea says:

    How hard are they to take off?

  26. Jacquie says:

    A little time to think it over and I knew you would figure it out. Try the Elleebana LashLift. It’s a Lash Perm for your natural lashes. You can also have your lashes tinted or have a semi -permanent mascara applied. Google elleebana usa.

  27. Arlene says:

    How do the magnets “snap” on your eyelid.?….I don’t get it!

    They look great tho! Good job figuring it out!

  28. Ella says:

    Hey now…that looks pretty good!

  29. Monica says:

    I have a question about the potato bugs and the spiders… the lashes are fun though, do you have tons of potato bugs and spiders running around your house when you bring in 5 or 6 logs for a fire? How do you combat this?

    • Karen says:

      Yes as a matter of fact I do! Not always but sometimes. And I throw that wood in the fire as quickly as possible. The other thing I do is knock the wood hard on the ground before bringing it in to knock off whatever might be using it as a condo. ~ karen!

  30. danni says:

    OOOOhhhh disappointed! I thought for sure you attached them to a creepy doll for Halloween!
    They look great tho!

  31. Mary W says:

    I’m impressed (usually am after reading you) but the make-over was a real success! Idris will be ringing soon. Again.

  32. That has to be face cord right? Lashes look great! Makes me almost want to get some.

  33. Meredith says:

    Shocked that Canada doesn’t have more stringent child labor laws. That is obviously a child less than 10 years old delivering and dumping your firewood. He should be in school!

  34. Marilyn says:

    Tarantulas lmao !! I think I know that cashier …guffaw..snort.

  35. Cynthia Jones says:

    What happens with these. Do you glue a magnet strip on and then clack on the eyelashes.? I’m too lazy to look it up.

    Did you see the Idrib Elba/Kate Winslet movie yet.?

    • Dee Dee says:

      They already have the magnets on them. There’s one set towards the inside of your eye and one towards the outside. Magnets are super thin and you don’t really notice them after a few minutes. The main thing is that you aren’t using glue. It’s really bad for us. And after time we lose a lot of our natural eyelashes.

  36. gloria says:

    Let me get this straight. You’re saying there are actual magnets involved? Right up next to your eyeball? This seems really crazy to me.

    • Karen says:

      Nope. Magnets have no ill effect on your eyes (or any part of your body) at all. I researched it before buying them. ~ karen!

  37. Shauna Rudy says:

    Are you getting better at attaching them too? How many tries does it take now?

  38. dana says:

    They look good!

  39. Vikki says:

    You need EIGHT CORDS of wood for the winter?
    Yet you have such lovely summers.
    Oh! Canada!
    You do weather right.

  40. Madeline says:

    Why doesn’t Idris Elba have you on speed dial? Or maybe he does!? If I weren’t married to a jealous man, he’d be my boyfriend too, but he wouldn’t know it.

    Meanwhile, does it hurt when the magnets snap together?
    And I agree with another poster who says your eyes look great either with or without extra eyelashes.

    • Karen says:

      Oh no it doesn’t hurt at all. Actually once I snapped my eyelid skin between the lashes and that pinched for a second but that’s it, lol. ~ karen!

  41. Peggy says:

    The fakes look pretty good, but still fake.
    Sorry, but I actually like the “bald” eye better.
    When you get tired of fussing with them, remember that.
    And thanks for one of the funniest posts ever!

  42. Katy Tafoya says:

    I picked these up myself and never got around to trying them on yet. You just snipped the longest 3 or so lashes?

    • Karen says:

      Yup! I held the up to my eye and decided what was best. For some people it might be 3 lashes, for others 2 or 4. Depending on the size and shape of your eye. They’re soooo much better now. So if you put yours own and think NO, give this hack a shot. But don’t do it until you try them on first. Who knows, you might like them as is. ~ karen!

  43. Robert says:

    Well, in 2009 the white eyeliner didn’t look so bad unlike red eyeliner in 06 that I would definitely snap right out of the hands of one of my friends if I weren’t so woke. We were 12 or 13 and she had every right to look as bad as she wanted to but UHG!!!!

  44. Barb says:

    I wonder if you could get a couple of pairs of the already curved drugstore eyelashes and attach your own tiny magnets? I think I’ll try to find bead sized magnets and see if it works.

    • Karen says:

      I think you could do that (in fact it’s my plan for when these die) but only with these particular magnets. The magnets on the made in China eyelashes I bought were small but not nearly as small as the ones on these One Two Lashes. And the Chinese magnets looked and felt HUGE, lol. It was amazing. BUT you could always give it a try. ~ karen!

  45. Flash says:

    You look great without them

  46. Paula says:

    Well done, they actually look really good!

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