One year ago it all fell apart. Today I’m putting it back together.

It has been exactly one year since all hell broke loose in this household. Happy anniversary to me.

One year ago today right in the middle of me renovating out kitchen, without warning, without reason, the fella walked out the door and never came back.

The house was a mess, my life was a mess,  and there was nothing I could do about it other than deal with it as best I could.  And as the worst year of my life came nearly to an end, the fella’s father died.

This year was a horror.  It was a horrible, awful, tear and rage filled year and today it comes to an end.

If this year I am run over by a bus, have a spider lay eggs in my ear and get the gout, it will still be a better year than last year.  So here’s hoping.

One of the things I stopped doing this past year was make a weekly menu. I didn’t do it because the fella wasn’t here to cook for plus I didn’t have a functioning kitchen or a real desire to cook. And even if  the kitchen was technically functioning it was ripped apart, meaning my olive oil may have been in the mudroom, my big pan under my bed and the wood spoons somewhere I hope to figure out soon.

So this week, on this day, as a way to start my next year on a good note I’ve decided to (at least for myself) start doing weekly menus again. It’s something I always loved doing. Making the menu and then making the food. I thought I’d lost my love for cooking this past year but once I took a look at my new kitchen I realized I hadn’t lost it at all. It was just hibernating.

The kickstart was when I decided to make a true pie (apple, which happens to be the truest of the true) in honour of the fella’s father this week. Making the dough and stirring the sugar into the apples, stirred something inside of me.


So I headed to the chalkboard and for the first time in a year I wrote down a weekly menu for myself. I can’t guarantee I’ll be posting the weekly menu here every week, but I will the odd time.

If you’ve been knocked off your rocker for any reason this past year, I hope this weekly menu might stir something in you.





Goat’s Cheese & Leek Tart

Beet Salad

Cashew Chicken

Toasted Bagel with Sprouts

Broccoli Soup

I look forward to a year of garnishes, greens and gout.  And I wish the same for you.