Organize your kitchen utensils!
Day 4 of 5 days of organizing.

I remember watching a television show about organizing once, it may have even been that guy on Oprah who  tells everyone they need to throw everything out in order to be a sane and balanced person. He’s a bit extreme that guy.

Anyhow, whoever it was said  if you haven’t used a kitchen utensil in the past 6 months to throw it out.

That person was an idiot.

At the very least they didn’t do a lot of cooking.

I have kitchen utensils that I may only use once every year or two but when I need them, I NEED them. Like my shortbread cookie press, or the battery operated whirly thing that stirs my sauces when I can’t stand by the stove doing it myself for an hour.

So rest assured and sleep soundly because I am NOT going to tell you to throw your kitchen utensils out.

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5 days of organizing!


I thought I was getting pretty clever a few years ago when I took all of my wood utensils out of the kitchen utensil drawer and put them in a crock beside my stove.  And it was clever and really handy.

But it still left this mess to contend with every day.



Utensils Messy


So yesterday I grabbed the drawer, pulled it out on the counter and started organizing.  Like I said, I’m not going to make you throw things out, but there may be a few things you know you really can throw out.

Like the red plastic sundae spoon from Dairy Queen.

For your most successful kitchen utensil drawer clean out EVER follow these steps:

1.  Take each piece out and assign it to a pile.

  • Small and hard to find

Hard to find things like small knife sharpeners or those metal pins you use to close up a chicken or turkey butt to hold the stuffing in,  are easily lost to the bossier tools like spatulas and meat tenderizers.  Keep the tiny things separate in a small box in your utensil drawer so they stay in one place and are really easy to find.

  • Used often

I use my wood spoons and spatulas the most often, so those are the ones I keep out, within reach.  Plus they look really nice in either a modern white canister or an old crock.

  • Used occasionally

Any other tools that I use often like tongs and measuring cups go front and centre in the drawer.  I can now just reach in, see them immediately and grab em.


  • Used rarely

Tools I use rarely get the spot in the drawer that’s the least convenient to get things out of.  In behind a couple of boxes and to the back of the drawer.  That’s because I only use the blades for my electric knife, and my candy thermometer once or twice a year and I don’t care if those things are a little out of the way to grab.

  • Never, ever used at all, ever.

The red plastic Dairy Queen spoon is a fine example of something I could toss without any anxiety.  Well not a lot of anxiety anyway.  If things get really hairy and I find I’m in some kind of red plastic spoon emergency, I can always head to Diary Queen for another one.  Plus there’s the added bonus of getting the Peanut Buster Parfait that comes free with every spoon purchase.

2.  Now that everything is out of the drawer, dump out all the weird crumbs that somehow get in there, even though you’ve never once eaten toast over your utensil drawer.  Wash the drawer.

3.  Buy some rubber mats.  You can usually get them at most Dollar Stores.  

Line your kitchen utensil drawer with a rubber mat cut to size.  It does a stunningly good job of stopping your utensils from slipping all over the place when you open and close the drawer.  So everything you put down, will stay where you put it.

And the ta da moment …

Utensils Tidy


I could have made things look a lot tidier but that would just be lying. Nobody’s going to carefully place everything in their drawer. You’re gonna carefully place for the first 5 times you use then drawer, then you’ll go back to just chucking things  in there.  It’s human nature.  We’re chuckers.



The other way I was able to make space in my drawer was by assigning things I found in it to different areas.  I had my food colouring and a few cookie things in the drawer as well, so I moved those to a tin that I have that holds all of my cookie cutters and supplies. I also had my canning tools in there, which I only ever use when I’m canning, so I moved those to the basement where I keep my pressure canner.

If I really wanted to go over the top I would have cut and fit small pieces of wood to create different sections to my drawer.  And that’s exactly what I would have done, were I not installing an entirely new kitchen in oh …. a week or two.

The fact that I cleaned out this drawer at all is a testament to what I am willing to do for you, The Art of Doing Stuff readers.  I am SO dedicated to you I am willing to clean out a utensil drawer that’s only going to be in business for the next week,  so that you, the loyal readers, have motivation to clean out your own drawers.

Plus I couldn’t find my chicken butt closing pins.
Have your own tips? Tricks? Let everyone know.

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  1. Leslie Zuroski says:

    Your drawer looks beautiful and has inspired me to organize mine too. Thanks Karen!

  2. Meari says:

    One of drawers has built in wood dividers that I keep tongs, corkscrew, peelers and oddities that don’t get used often but often enough. Does that make sense? lol I keep spoons, spatulas, mallets in one crock and all the wood utensils in another. Funnels and measuring cups go on a shelf. And like yours, the canning utensils go with the canning stuff in the basement. My cake/cookie decorating stuff goes in a clear tackle box type container in a small cupboard out of the way.

  3. Amber says:

    Chicken butt closing pin.
    Chicken butt closing pin??
    Chicken butt closing pin?!?!
    That’s gonna bug me all night.

  4. Katie says:

    Yeah! I caught up and did the fridge this afternoon and then proceeded with the entire rest of the kitchen–all the drawers and cabinets! Found some wedding gifts never opened, some ancient tupperware, and evidence of rodents that got into some dry goods. :/ All gone now…. especially the rodents!

  5. Devon says:

    What on earth are chicken butt closing pins? Google was no help.

  6. Ella says:

    How DO those crumbs get in utensil drawers? I’ve often wondered….

  7. Nancy B. says:

    Hummmm..we must live on different planets because I use my potato masher A LOT!! and you put yours at the back..It is great for mashing veggies for the dogs food and I would not be able to make refried beans without it..oh yeah its pretty good for the potatoes as well! Have you tried mashed potato tacos deep fried to a golden, crispy ,heavenly,…Darn it Karen! Now I am hungry!!

    • Lyn says:

      That’s funny about the potato masher. I just had to have my cousin bring me hers on Christmas so I could make mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner. I don’t even own one. Even though I obviously don’t cook I did however, know about the chicken butt closing pins, never used them or owned them or ever closed a chicken butt. My chickens come from the rotisserie at Costco. Yum.

  8. Jake says:

    I want one of those thingies that stirs the sauce, then I can leave the soup to take care of itself while I do something much more interesting like, errrrr almost anything really.

  9. CarlyMae says:

    My problem is my ’50s kitchen drawers no longer slide (those little wood things under them are long gone…), so they grind on the wood and all the drawers are constantly full of sawdust! And I rent, so a kitchen remodel isn’t an option 🙁

    • Kerry H. says:

      @CarlyMae – You might want to try waxing the bottom of the wood where it slides (grinds). I have an old kitchen too. It seems to help. I use a piece of wax paper for the waxing, just watch out for splinters. Oh and be careful the first time you pull the drawer out, it may pull out faster than you are used to. Good luck!

    • Tammi D says:

      you can run a bar of soap, or better yet, an old candle along the rails, and it will help a lot!

  10. Corinne says:

    I am one step ahead. Did exactly this last week. Even lined the drawers with plastic shelf liner bought at the dollar store. Have to admit though that I had more than one of those red sundae spoons. Have no idea really why I was keeping them. But after much debate, I did chuck them. As you pointed out, its real easy(maybe too easy) to get a new one – or two!!

  11. Valerie says:

    Ikea sells drawer containers that are made of wood and have separate sections. I find them useful for the utensils. I purchased about 10 brass hooks that were about an inch in diameter and screwed them along the inside of my pots and pans cupboard area and hung many of the flippers, paddles and whisks. I used to store them as well in a crock beside the stove but have found hanging them on hooks to be more convenient and it reduced the clutter on the counter top. I threw out the potato masher as I have found that so few mashers do a good job of potatoes. I now use the hand mixer to whip my potatoes and we prefer the result. About the only implement I keep handy in the utensil drawer beside the butter knives is the skewer that came with the nut cracker set I once purchased and have found it to be great in tackling crannies when the cleaning bug bites me, or opening the holes on the salt shaker.

  12. Bernard says:

    Did You discard said Red plastic spoon in order to make a special “reward” trip to the DQ or did it find a new home?

  13. Sue says:

    I’m trying to get up the courage to tackle the junk drawer (again.) Yes, I did it last year, but wow. Stuff in there breeds worse than hangers.

    The system I use for my drawers is partly because the convenient drawers next to where I actually work in the kitchen are ridiculously small-both narrow AND shallow. Plus, it started when a friend’s daughter was young enough to get into stuff. The top drawer is “SHARP”. Specialty knives, graters, cleavers, ice picks, wine bottle openers, thermometers, etc. (All the stuff I’d ever need to defend myself is all in one nice easy spot, haha) The next drawer is “NOT SHARP”-mixing cups and spoons. vacu-vin, bag sealers (binder clips-the. best. ever. way to close food bags), misc odd things. Then below that, there’s foil, parchment paper, ziplocs, and finally the very bottom is dishtowels (deeper drawer). I find it pretty nice to know that I don’t have to worry a whole lot that I’ll get stabbed, sliced, or randomly knuckle grated by sticking my hand without looking in most of my drawers. I have one other larger shallow drawer in my island cart for the rest of the frequently used stuff that isn’t in a crock (tongs work great in a fat crock hanging over the rim).

    I’m looking forward to the NEW Kitchen organizer series…How you put together your NEW kitchen… preparing myself for serious drawer envy!

  14. Cat says:

    We don’t really have a drawer for our utensils… Instead, the ones we use all the time hang on little hooks from a rod under out kitchen shelf (and above the george foreman). That and having a magnetic strip for our knives makes everything nicely reachable.

  15. Nancy Lane says:

    Skip a step with those elastic bound tongs. OXO tongs with silicon tips. I use them daily, many times over and the have a flip switch and always stay closed.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nancy – I’m actually freakishly discriminating when it comes to my tongs, lol. I love these ones. Although I may adapt Gwennie’s tip of keeping them in a paper towel tube! ~ karen

  16. Gwennie says:

    I keep my tongs inside empty paper towel tubes. They don’t open and get in and out easily.

  17. Tigersmom says:

    I’m taking a pass on today’s assignment. My utensil drawers manage to stay fairly organized due to the fact that I am the only one who ever unloads the dishwasher, or loads it, too, for that matter.

  18. Su says:

    does the mat from the dollar store filter the crumbs? how DO they get in there????

  19. Linda J Howes says:

    My utensil drawer is quite deep and I have a LOT of utensils. I screwed strips of wood inside the long sides of the drawer and then cut a thin piece of plywood just over half that length and the width to fit. I screwed rectangular plastic organizers (amazingly just the right length to be just over half the length of my drawer) from the dollar store to the plywood and voila, sliding second drawer inside drawer! This is similar to how cutlery organizers are set up. It is much less messy but I could still use another drawer or two.

  20. Danni says:

    CarlyMae, if you can take drawers out, rub rails with an old candle, the wax will “lubricate” hopefully.
    And as for dividers, if you use the rubbery drawer liners, just put a slat of wood under the matting, mold the matting around it, instant lazy dividers!

  21. Sarah says:

    I hold my chicken pins on a small metal carabiner. You know, those thingies that look like miniature mountain climbing clips. Dollarama, hardware aisle=no lost pins
    Utensils are in long plastic trays (again dollar store), so it prevents the “jumble”.

  22. jainegayer says:

    I’m still working on my closet. I’m such a lardass.
    But Karen, your drawer looks so organized and I thank you for the motivation.

  23. Ruth says:

    I had solved my drawer issues by having hubby making dividers to screw in diagonally (Thanks, Pinterest). It works fine now that my son (7) has figured out where everything goes. Since the dividers went in, he has become the self-appointed unloader-of-drainer/packer-of-utensil-drawer…. who knew dividers were a novelty?!

    One day he might get tired of it, but they have been in for more than a year, and his enthusiasm for returning things to the drawer has not yet dimmed. We’ll see…

  24. AngieC says:

    Wheee! Second free day in a row. When Husband and I bought this house a year and a half ago the kitchen was terrible. Horrible. Awful. Unfunctional and ugly. So, I ripped it out and put in a new one and now I have a whole bank of drawers for utensils. Top drawer is for spatulas and flippers, second drawer is for extra knives and sharp, pokey things like bottle openers, third drawer is for things like the potato masher and the deeper fourth drawer has barbeque tools, hand mixer, tongs, knife sharpener and that sort of thing. I am, however, going to tackle the cupboard under the stairs (alas, no Harry Potter to magic it neat) storage area. It’s bad. Totally cancels out the organized drawers.

  25. nicole d says:

    i had been seriously slacking with the organization pledge… until last night… and now i’m almost caught up!
    I completely gutted my bedroom closet, dresser, jewelry chest, front hall closet, and my iphone…. lol. I actually just organized my cutlery drawers a few weeks ago, and they are in fairly good shape still… My husband also collects strange things in this drawer… like the spout from the bag/box of wine. He was like “we could use this some day” and stashed 2 of them… they got chucked.

    tonight, I tackle the fridge. Thank you for the inspiration… it was much needed. Between the hall closet, and my bedroom, I have an entire laundry basket FULL of stuff to bring to a clothing exchange a few friends and I are having next week… and now room in my closet and drawers for whatever I receive in the exchange! 🙂

  26. Donna says:

    Thank god you didn’t say to throw stuff out. I can clean closets, drawers, garages and throw stuff out. Kitchen stuff? No way. I may use that thingamajig one day–even if I may have to google it to see what it’s for.

    Yes, I am a gadget addict.

  27. Hope says:

    I think the breadcrumbs in drawers issue should get some serious Canada Council Funding! How does this happen???
    One of my two utensil drawers came out and fell on the floor on Sunday morning when all I had planned was coffee and the paper. Sigh! So I wiped and sorted as I put it all away. I too have a hard time throwing anything away as I do use it all in the course of 12 months. Went on to do the second one too. I have two housemates and I always try to be the one to empty the dishwasher. That way I keep order in drawers and as I do the bulk of the cooking of main meals it saves time and energy when trying to throw things together. ( I never shovel snow or wash floors)

  28. Linda J Howes says:

    Maybe mice leave the breadcrumbs behind as they go galavanting through the drawers.

  29. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Hey Karen..How did you get that picture of my utensil drawer up there?? The first one not the second that is..Does this mean that if I go open that drawer right now it will be all neat and organized like the second picture?? Thanks are amazing!

  30. Kristin says:

    I’m a pastry chef by profession, and a very well-equipped home cook, so I have a lot of tools. I have three utensil drawers:

    One to the left of the stove (I’m left-handed) holds what I refer to as “all things that perform a stirring-like function.” Tongs (3), wooden spatulas (3), whisks (like 5 or 6, some quite tiny for whisking a single scrambled egg), ladles, and large metal spoons and spatulas (several).

    The right-hand drawer holds all those other things that go in a kitchen drawer that aren’t specifically pastry-related. Garlic press, ice cream scoop, potato masher, basting brushes, etc. (My pins for holding a turkey butt closed I keep in a cabinet along with all those things I use mostly at Thanksgiving and Christmas, like my roasting rack, turkey baster and lifters, electric knife, all in a big ziplock.)

    Then there’s the pastry drawer, which holds birthday candles, food coloring, piping bags and tips, measuring cups and spoons, rolled up parchment paper, pastry brushes, pastry cutting wheels, etc.

    Then there’s the garage, where I keep several plastic drawers full of the more arcane culinary equipment, like wedding cake pans (both round and square, varied sizes) and tiny little tart tins, and madeleine molds, and the majority of my cookie cutters.

    Damn. I have a lot of crap for cooking.

  31. Sera says:

    Ok. I’m slacking on the closet front, but inspired by the t-shirt yarn, I took two t-shirts and sewed them together into a new, super comfy nightshirt. Distractions distractions. Then, while at target buying toilet paper, I bought a new coat so I can finally get rid of two other coats I’ve been hanging onto despite their ill fit. Question, I have two expensive coats (and one inexpensive but very cute coat) to get rid of. I don’t just want to put them in the good will pile. Where should I take them?
    On the fridge front, both fridges are good as I’ve been keeping up with them since thanksgiving. ( I need to do both freezers though :/
    iPad /iPhone? I should do that.
    I also did the utensil drawer right before thanksgiving because it was EMBARRASSING. Although I’m sure I could probably toss the porcelain chopstick holders. I’m sure I’ve never used those, even when I have used the soy sauce bowls when eating take out sushi. Mmm, sushi.

  32. dana gault says:

    If the only change I get to make is to segregate the wee bits from the bullies by using little boxes, you will have made my life insanely better!

  33. Barbie says:

    I took this gigantic sigh of relief when you said you were NOT going to ask us to throw out our kitchen utensils! Bless you! However I wouldn’t have anyway….I have this “thing” about my kitchen stuff, and like you I may only use it once every couple of years…but when I need it I NEED it! Well put my friend!
    I want to clear one of my pantries out to make it an appliance pantry. I wish I had thought of that when we built the house. Stuff like my canners and ice cream maker, gigantic stock pot… and other big items that I don’t use everyday. I bet your having one of those put into your new kitchen…cause your such a smarty! lol
    I’m up to date on all your weeks projects but I really want to clean out the basement storage area it’s about 800 sq feet, loaded and completely a MESS! Do I get credit for that? I will send you before and after pics….??

  34. Jcrn says:

    I know something about how crumbs get in the drawers, at least in my kitchen: actually there are many opportunities for crumbs and debris to drift into drawers.

    Just the other day I was standing next to the coffee pot, desperately waiting for my caffeine fix, watching my family prepare snacks. One person would grab a knife to butter some toast. Then after buttering the toast, knife in hand, would walk over to another drawer for…well…something (I forget).

    Anyway, I saw some crumbs fall from the knife into that 2nd drawer. And then I started paying attention to my own habits. How I’d grab a pinch of oregano and add it to spaghetti sauce. But I didn’t examine my fingers to see if EVERY spare fleck of oregano was gone. And sure enough, some oregano fell not the drawer with the measuring spoons when I …well, I forget but it was probably somewhere in the whole spaghetti sauce process. I saw it that same night when I was putting something back in the drawer.

    Anyway, a few crumbs, spices, etc….escape detection. They just do.

  35. magali says:

    there’s a whirly thing that stirs sauces?! that’s going on my list of things I’m getting when I put together my rich person kitchen one day!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Well the whirly thing is only $15. So you don’t need to be much richer than the average hamster. ~ karen

      • magali says:

        the thing about my rich person kitchen is that it will have SPACE! space to store all those little gadgets! but good to know it’s affordable even for a hamster, thanks!

  36. Debbie says:

    Lucky me I cleaned out the utensil drawer right after Christmas. ( When I was trying to get out of putting Christmas away.) Have not touched the fridge, Friday my day off will tackle it. I have two to tackle with remnants of Christmas food still there. The phone, since I don’t have the exact phone as you will have to take some time to work on. I have not run out of space so it can hold a little while. The fridge, now that’s a health concern!

  37. Shauna says:

    I love my cheap magnet strip that I bought from IKEA to hang my good knives. It’s hung right next to the stove and makes it so easy to grab knives when needed and don’t take up any space in my already small kitchen. Right under the magnetic strip I placed a hangy thing with little hangy buckets (also from IKEA) that holds all my wooden spoons, garlic press, hot pan handle cover thingy. It’s great because it doesn’t take space on my counter (of which there’s less space than drawer space) and doesn’t take up drawer space and is hanging right next to the oven, so I don’t even have to move when I suddenly realize I need a wooden spatula and a wooden spoon.

  38. Susan says:

    I’m still working on the closet(s) because there are two of them, and they’re large and full and lots of decisions need to be made. The refrigerator was cleaned out before Christmas to be ready for the holidays, but I’ll use the idea of the basket for all those little jars of pimentos and things I use almost never. My “smart phone” is barely sentient, so I don’t use apps on it except a game I play if I have to stand in line at the pharmacy, so there was nothing to clean off. For kitchen organization, I have small hooks on the inside of the base cabinet doors adjacent to the area where most of the work is done. On those hooks reside measuring cups and measuring spoons. Above the stove and against the wall behind it is a nice piece of walnut with L hooks in it, and that’s where most of the wood spoons, potato masher, whisks, spatulas reside. All of the cookie cutters, including the cookie machine, are in a drawer with other things like the meat grinder, cake decorating tools, etc. The butt sticks are ALWAYS put in the eating utensils drawer, and reside with the teaspoons all year until they’re needed. I almost ALWAYS use them for other things, like cleaning dirt out of some crevice, but I’m always buying sets of them at garage sales around here, so have more than enough that some can be sacrificed for a greater need. That drawer also holds a container in which all of the thermometers live – candy, meat, except the electronic meat one, which resides in a drawer next to the stove. So all those things were pretty organized already, but I have pulled a few things out that are redundant to other things I use for their purpose, and those will be going to the thrift store later this week so someone else can get some use out of them. I will be keeping the second boiling pot-watcher found, because if I lost it once and bought another one, which means I’ll lose one of them again and will need the second one again. The week is going well so far!

  39. Mary says:

    I did this on Sunday before I ever heard of you! but it must have been in the air. My husband and I cleaned out the two cutlery drawers and it is still a lovely surprise every time I open them now to get something. I had 6 thousand elastic bands, which I would have thrown out, but hubby said they’d come in handy. I think that’s how we got into this mess in the first place. I might “lose” them when he isn’t looking. I have bags of brand new Staples elastics.

    • Karen says:

      Before you’d heard of me, LOL! Well now that you’ve heard of me LISTEN UP. Throw out the elastics. 🙂 ~ karen!

  40. Chris says:

    I hate that drawer in our house. I have to organize it on a weekly basis because stuff doesn’t get put away properly. Last year I bought a new dining table, which set in motion dumb-ass-never-thought-of things to do. My buffet was now too big, and would need to be emptied and put in master bedroom as a dresser. All the stuff in said buffet had to be put away, so all the kitchen cupboards were emptied and reorganized. I still need room, and hope someday I will find another buffet.
    I am sure you have seen them, but Ikea sells rolls of thick plastic drawer liners that you cut to fit. They are very durable.

  41. Ellen says:

    what I want to know……. since my utensil drawers are in good shape cause I must have been bored one day………

    do the newspapers folded around a wine bottle for seed starting really hold up from the time you plant the seeds till planting time?

    sorry to change the subject but not really cause I really really really want to know.

    • Karen says:

      Hah! Hi Ellen. Yes the newspapers hold up great! When I first started doing them I thought the same thing, but they last forever! Doesn’t matter how wet they get either! So not to worry … start wrapping! ~ karen

  42. Pam'a says:

    I’ve just figured out the ONE good thing about not having a single drawer in my entire kitchen that’s more than 8″ wide. 🙂

  43. Debbie says:

    I love my chicken butt closing pins!

    There are really awesome plastic holders that fit together. They come in a myriad of sizes and are sometimes on sale. Maybe Rubbermaid, or Sterlite (something like that). I keep these in my kitchen drawers. I have really long ones for knives and short ones for chicken butt closing pins and other small items. The little bins are hugely helpful and easy to clean out. I have to be very organized in the kitchen as I have two sets of everything (don’t ask unless you really want to know) and space is at a premium.

    I love this post. I love that you make me smile!

    • Karen says:

      Well I love that I make you smile too Debbie. What with the fact that oftentimes I just make people angry. Heh. ~ karen!

      • Debbie says:

        I can’t imagine you making anyone angry. I love your humor. I often read posts to my husband as he enjoys your sense of humor as well. You also give very practical information. I also love the comments. I stay up way too late reading them. 🙂

  44. Anita says:

    It’s funny you couldn’t find your butt pins. I was actually looking for them in the drawer and didn’t see them. Of course, I can’t see them in my drawer either… Mine are supposed to be with my knives (stabby things go together), but I have a vague memory of sticking them into my ball of kitchen string. I wonder where that wound up.

  45. Lindsey R says:

    Off topic but equally important, what kind of pressure canner do you have? I been looking to get one, but the reviews for them are all over the place!

  46. Laura Bee says:

    Oh, this is good. I need a small box now….
    My tip? What I do to keep all the other things I need to use almost everyday – or at least every week – and the antique whisky thing & egg beater that are just nice to look at – is hang them all up on my big pot rack (that only has one small copper pot and 3 copper fry pans.) I painted an old spindled twin headboard and hung it up with cable, added two dozen chrome dollar store curtain rings & cleared out those jammed drawers & cupboards. I love it and everything gets put back where I know it is. Unless the boyfriend puts stuff away – how can he not remember the measuring spoons have hung on the far right side for the last 8 years or so? Always end up in the cutlery drawer or even worse – on the far left side of the pot rack! Takes me five minutes to find them…lol I still thank him for putting the dishes away – but really!?

  47. beth says:

    OMG i covet your ladle! we redid the kitchen 2 years ago and we built wooden slat organizers into all or existing drawers. I knew what I had laid it all out traced onto original drawer bottom then made the supports. Uber custom…I try hard not to buy any more utensils as now those drawers are full! Can not wait to see your new drawers! LOL

  48. Janet says:

    You know, in a pinch you can mash potatoes with a wine bottle…then open the wine and the temperature is perfect, especially for reds! Rolling dough works too with the bottle. Do I drink too much??

  49. Lori says:

    I think I have a potato masher, but what I do have and have used a number of times is a potato ricer. My sister in law has one and I was like what the hack is that ?! A few trips to kitchen stores and I found one! but it is a bit bulky . But it really makes great mashed potatoes!!
    OH and I knew what the chicken butt closing pins are. Hehe

  50. So I have failed miserably at your assignments this week as the timing is all wrong for me. I cannot do these projects in a day (big house, 3 kids, giant kitchen– loads of closets). I do however spend 40 days of Lent each year doing this to my house room by room so I will refer back to this in about a month (specifically the Iphone one). But I do have a suggestion for you or your readers next time you do another torturous series like this…the spice drawer or rack! Hubby and I just went through ours this morning and there was ground coriander that expired in 2005! Who knew? We needed glasses to locate the tiny expiration dates but we had quite a few very expired spices. Just an idea for those that are bored and want more to organize.

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