Pets. Sit Spot Sit.

I have a friend Debbie.

Debbie has a dog.

Debbie’s dog is smart.

Really smart.

And yet … really stupid.

Debbie’s dog likes birds.

This … is Debbie’s dog.



Debbie 's- Dog


See? Smart and stupid all rolled into one.

Kindda like me. And pretty much every other person in the world.

She sent me this picture last week and I think I’ve shown it to  every person I know, plus a few unsuspecting people in line at the grocery store. And a guy I suspect was a hobo.

Before we head into the weekend I thought I’d ask you to send in a few pet pictures of your own.

Have a good picture? Send it to me at by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.

Don’t have a picture but have a good pet trick/story?

Now’s the time to tell it … comment away!

Have a good weekend.



  1. Erin Q. says:

    Please please please send this into Cuteoverload, Karen!!!

  2. Renee says:

    We had an airedale terrier growing up that we adopted from an old lady that couldn’t care for him anymore. Her house didn’t have any stairs, and ours was a split-level.

    Brawny didn’t know what to do when he entered our foyer, so he turned around and walked up butt-first, one leg at a time! People never believed we didn’t train him to do that!

    He was a big dog, so there wasn’t even much room for him to get up to speed from the bottom level. He just decided butt-first was easier, and went up that way for the rest of his life!

  3. Amanda says:

    My ex and I had 2 dogs out of the same litter. They were typical sisters. If one was doing something the other was doing the same. I have several polaroids of them in identical poses. My dog Maggie Cassidy (Jack Kerouac was my favorite writer for a while) was the smart one. The ex’s dog Sage substituted brains for rank as alpha. What ever Maggie was playing with Sage had to have it. After about a year of this Maggie got frustrated (you could see it in her eyes). She would place 4-5 toys all around the living room while Sage was otherwise distracted. As soon as Sage came in the room Maggie went into action. She would grab the first toy and play until Sage saw it and took it away. Then Maggie would move onto the 2nd toy and this time start to really make a show of playing with the toy until Sage would take it. Each time grabbing a new toy, and with each new toy the antics would get wilder and wilder until Sage had taken all of Maggie’s toys. Sage would sit with her pile of toys and be happy… Maggie would lay on the floor and look sad. As soon as Sage stopped caring what Maggie was doing… Maggie would go into stealth mode and creep behind the table where she had hidden her favorite toy. There, behind the table she would quietly play for HOURS!! As long as those dogs lived Sage never figured out that Maggie was tricking her the whole time! I miss Maggie… Smartest dog I ever had!!!

    • Jenny Ryan says:

      That’s awesome! 🙂

    • AnnW says:

      Maggie Cassidy, we need a picture of her! I read that dogs are as smart as a two and a half year old. Some dogs, like poodles,(really?) are as smart as a three year old. When I read that, I started treating my dogs differently. They like it. They also like to be teased. Maggie must have been a Queen like Cleopatra in a previous life. Ann

      • Amanda says:

        thanks Ann w… she was an amazing dog… I’ll try to get one uploaded before tuesday… they are all on polaroids and I don’t have a scanner 🙁 I do have a cute one of her and Sage in a moving box that cracks me up every time! For an idea in the meantime she was a mix breed… 1/2 lab and 1/2 pit bull, which made her look like a small black lab. I know if I say pit bull everyone gets a bad idea… but I have found when the mom is lab they don’t get the lockable jaw and they don’t turn… She also loved her tennis ball! Every time it got stuck in a place she couldn’t get to she would lay down and just stare until we could get it for her LOL

  4. Kailee says:

    I decided to pop out and scare my cat not long after getting her. So as she followed me down the stairs I hid around the corner, jumped out, and said BOO! She poofed up and high-tailed it behind the couch to hide.
    The next day I tried it again. She poofed up and ran behind the couch again. So I went over to look behind the couch. While I was looking for her she had snuck out from behind the couch.. She leaped up next to me on the arm of the couch and said MEOW!
    Well played cat… well played. We’ve been teasing each other and playing tag with each other ever since.

  5. Indira says:

    well, finally – somebody wants to hear my pet story :-)) Once I went for a walk with my Duch friend and her dogs. Since she’s Duch and I’m Croatian, we used hands a lot wile talking 🙂 So, her dogs liked to run for stick! Wierd, a? :-)) so, when one of the dogs brought back the stick to me, he wouldn’t let it – Suzzane instructed me to do like this… – and petted her head to show me. So I turned to the dog, looked at him decisively, and – patted my head. Suzzane fell to the ground laughing – NOT YOUR HEAD – DOG’S HEAD!!!! :-)) I have cats! :-))

  6. Moe says:

    LOL.. OMG, that’s hilarious.. hehe

  7. Bonnie says:

    I wonder if it was Debbie’s dog that jumped onto my bird bath and sent the top crashing onto my little girl statue, breaking both the statue and the base of my bird feeder. 🙁

    It might have been a cat.

    Anyway, I am going to fix both. Maybe Monday.

  8. Bonnie says:

    * bird bath

  9. Laura Watt says:

    Ohhhh, I just sent you the best post-skunk photo ever. Something good had to come from it and this picture did cheer me up considerably.

  10. Karol says:

    Who DOESN’T love dogs?! Our dog Jesse, a mixed breed that we rescued, was smart as a whip. She had an enormous vocabulary to the point that we had to spell sometimes, I swear. If she heard the word “walk” in ANY conversation, she was up and ready to go for one. She’d run back and forth between you and the door, over and over until you finally got her leash and took her out. You could have said “I really had to walk a long way to get to my car today” and she zeroed in on “walk” and turned into a Tasmanian Devil dog, ready to go. She was a wonderful pet, and we still miss her. Nothing like the unconditional love from a dog.

    • Chrissy says:

      Our dogs do the same. We spell around them regularly. “Have the D-O-Gs been O-U-T?” It’s a miracle they haven’t begun reacting to that. 🙂

  11. Barbie says:

    That’s a Jack Russell for ya! Both smart and stupid at the same time. We had one and he was both adorable and a bit of a pain in the patootie…but we loved him.

  12. deb says:

    My name is Debbie. I don’t have a dog. I’m smart. Really smart. And yet….really stupid. I am currently cat sitting for an elderly neighbor who is hospitalized because she fell over her stupid cat and broke things you don’t want to hear about…TRUST me. Elderly neighbor’s cat likes birds. Elderly neighbor’s cat is stupid. Elderly neighbor’s cat cannot figure out his food & water is on the front porch. Elderly neighbor’s cat sits under my bird “sanctuary” on the back deck until I open the door and allow him access to the house. Elderly neighbor’s cat needs access to the house cause he is too stupid to walk AROUND the house to the front porch to eat…he thinks he has to walk THROUGH the house to get let outside to eat. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  13. gogothrift says:

    hey, have you heard of this?

    looks very useful..thought I’d pass it on

  14. Brenda says:

    My American Bulldog, Kai, was just a little over one year old. She was laying in the hallway on a rug with her bones strewn about her. I swear she has OCD, because she’ll gnaw on one for a bit, then drop it and pick up another. She had about 4 of them laying around her. We could hear her chewing (we have wood floors and as she chewed it would echo throughout the house – a split foyer, so this is on the upper level). She was only alone for about 5 minutes. We would check on her periodically, because she CAN’T be left alone. Lo and behold, the dog must have decided the bones were no longer good enough. Instead she looked at the blank wall beside her and thought, “gee, I wonder what that tastes like.” She chewed a hole in the middle of the wall. There was nothing sticking out from it, it was flat as a pancake. She eats tissues, out of the box and the trash. She has eaten holes in two blankets (both king-size, for crying out loud). Paper, tissues paper, magazines…beware.She is now 3 and we still don’t ever leave her alone in a room for long….EVER.

    • Melissa says:

      We have an 8 year old beagle who does this stuff. She will eat anything paper – especially tissues out of the box. Her 12 year old brother beagle likes anything that is um….unfresh…like dirty socks and underwear. So gross.

      • Brenda says:

        Oh yeah…that reminds me(how could I forget?) we’re at 6 socks and 2 panties and counting. Thankfully she barfs them back up around 3:00ish in the morning after a day or two. Maybe she’s part goat.

    • Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

      Oh Katie, I’ve had BestCatsEver also! A couple have been from the Humane Society, one a rescue from a unpleasant farm, one a feral cat. Nice post.

  15. Miranda says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘trick’, but my dog once at an entire corn-on-the-cob and passed it, mostly still intact. You’re welcome for that visual.

  16. When we first adopted our dog China, she was well-behaved right from the start. House broken, calm, never jumped on people, etc.

    On Thanksgiving about two weeks after we got her I set out a cheese tray. I made it all pretty with the cheese slices fanned out and overlapping each other.

    I turned my back for about 20 seconds and when I turned back around, one sliver of cheese was missing and China was across the room licking her lips, looking particularly guilty.

    I couldn’t be angry, though. I was too impressed. None of the other slices were disturbed at all and there wasn’t any dog drool anywhere.

  17. Lisa says:

    Miranda’s story reminded me of a similar story of my own. Our 50 pound Australian Shepherd / Beagle mix ate 3.5 pounds of raw, bone-in, chicken breasts (rib bones). I was terrified the bones would cause internal injuries or issues going to the bathroom. Heck no – she never had any symptoms or issues. Pretty amazing but I don’t want to go through that worry again!

    • Jenny Ryan says:

      Which reminds me of a story, too. ^_^ I was a freshman in high school and our dogs had a doggie door into our garage/basement. Our Thanksgiving turkey was defrosting on top of the clothes dryer. Shadow, our short black lab, wrestled a half-frozen turkey off the dryer (the turkey was pushed back as far as it would go and she wasn’t a huge or tall lab), out the doggie door and ate almost THE. WHOLE. THING. We were pretty worried about her (and my mom was super pissed because it’s near impossible to find a non-frozen turkey the evening before Thanksgiving) but Shadow just laid in the front yard looking miserable for a day or so and then was back to her old self. God I miss that dog. She also ate my baseball glove. ^_^

    • TJ says:

      It’s cooked bones that are dangerous.

  18. jen says:

    Karol – we have to spell out words like “walk” and “go” and “treat” all the time! Otherwise our dogs get super excited. Frequently I’ll say to my husband “hey, after dinner do you want to g-o on a w-a-l-k?” ha ha. good practice for kids i suppose!

  19. carol-anne says:

    I could go on forever about my girl Lola! I love her to bits; she’s the best thing that ever happended to me! She knows every toy (2 baskets full, courtesy of my mom) by name and will bring each one of them to me when asked (most of the time unless distracted by a squirrel in the backyard)

    • Aly says:

      We have a girl named Lola, too! And she is smart as a whip. We keep her toys in a reusable shopping bag on the sofa. She likes to stick her head in the bag, jump down from the sofa (with the bag on her head), bring it to her bed and pull out the toy she wants to play with at that time. It’s adorable.

      Lola is a great name for a dog. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! Is that your girl in your picture?

      • carol-anne says:

        Yes, that’s her, I have so many photos of her but that one is my favourite. You can’t see it becasue it’s so small but she has water droplets from melted snow on her face – she looks so cute.

  20. Sherri says:

    What a great photo of the dog in the birdbath! I think the pup needs his own swimming pool and was trying to send that message to his owner, which makes him smarter than you may have given him credit for. As for a pet story–I was frantically trying to plant 300 tulip bulbs one fall several years ago as a storm was building up to the west. I was down to maybe a dozen bulbs left in the bucket when the first raindrops started falling. I quickly planted them (after adding a little bone meal to each hole), stood up and looked back at the area I had just planted. Our chocolate lab was midway between my starting spot and where I was standing and he was rapidly digging up the bulbs and licking out the bone meal, then moving on to the next spot. I’ve never harmed an animal intentionally, but that dog probably would have ended up injured if I’d been able to catch him! He did, however, stay out in the rain until I had cooled down. RIP, Bear (no, he did not die at my hand!).

  21. Kathe says:

    I did a whole post about our JRT, Max. My little loveable clown 🙂
    I can’t tell you how many times I have been on my hands and knees looking under every piece of furniture for his ballballball! He is a freaked out neurotic mess until it is found. He is obsessed with it. Not just any ballballball, it has to be a certain kind of ballballball. The certain kind that Petsmart now only carries online. The kind that is only .99 online so I have to order 10 at a time to make the shipping reasonable. Still, I love him like one of my kids!

  22. Lisa says:

    I had a rescue dog that I was fostering, and he was super-fat (like 3x his normal body weight) and heartworm positive. The vet said he didn’t want to treat him for HW until he lost some weight, so I basically put him on a starvation diet for a month.

    He ate a raw corn on the cob, an entire bag of onions, a banana peel, and he used to pluck cherry tomatoes right off the plant. But the best one was when he ate two peppermint candles!!!

    He lost weight, got treated and lived a very happy life after that.

  23. Scouty says:

    Oh, we do love our pets. Well, I guess I am a little overboard as my 13 year old black lab, Scout, has more than one bed in each room. Ok, except the bathroom & kitchen as there is not enough room! She never destroys her toys, so they have accumulated to 5 baskets full and she still plays with them all. Not sure if I am bragging or complaining 😉

  24. Carole McGinnis says:

    I love Debbie’s doggie. How cute is that – he thinks he is a bird. I have a brother and sister alaskan malamute. They constantly make me laugh. Here are my pups howling up a storm like they are wolves.

  25. That is the cutest pic.
    My dog is a lab/queensland heeler mix, and loves to chase stuff, even stuff that disappears when you throw it.
    I had taken to throwing the water from the salad spinner into the back yard, making it half price…well Rasta decided this was quite exciting, and whenever she hears the salad spinner come out of the cupboard, she starts pawing at the door and whining. She then spins in a circle anxiously waiting the water throw. When I toss it in the air, she tries to get under it and so as wet as possible, then runs up on our deck lookout and looks for the neighbors dog so she can bark at it! If she is outside when I start making the salad, she hears it and looks in the window, waiting for me to come outside with it. Crazy dog!

  26. I am not ashamed to admit that I put a video of my cat on youtube. I think it has like 9 hits and they’re all my mom. Anyway, he can open the front door – I had to get the video as proof. The best part is that part of his tail is shaved. He got his ass kicked the last time he opened the front door and went outside, but he keeps doing it. Smart and stupid at the same time.

    • Aly says:

      I just watched your video and I love it! Your cat is adorable, the tail makes him look like some kind of feather duster! Sooo cute.

    • Carole McGinnis says:

      This is hysterical. What a smart kitty. Loved it.

    • AnnW says:

      I love this video! Smart cat. I think you will get more hits now. My older dog can shut the door. She jumps up and pushes it hard until it slams. The younger one watches, but doesn’t have a clue. Ann

  27. Nan Tee says:

    Love this post, as well as the stories.
    Our Lhasa was caught with a box of dogbones on his head, after we heard a rustling sound. Have the picture somewhere. He was my favorite pup, still miss him. Our next incarnation, a Shihtzu, plays by himself, then will deign to play with you. Love *all* my dogs!

  28. Shannon says:

    Yay, a pet post! I sent a pic of my own dog being silly, but I also had to share my aunt’s dogs. Her lab and her (late) cattle dog actually played tetherball. They seemed to somehow even know the rules. I had to take a video, or nobody would ever believe me:

  29. Pati Gulat says:

    One day when I was cleaning house, I heard my late Shih Tzu, Cissy barking FRANTICALLY outside, so I went to see what was up. She was literally trying to attack my grandson’s life-sized, stuffed Batman I had leaned against the railing of our deck ! I had to have her put down 2 yrs ago this July & if I don’t end there, I’ll cry. ;o)

  30. emily says:

    My cat Cali plays fetch! When she learned, she use to only play with a rubber band, which she ate. Now she picks up receipts and other paper items from the floor and drops them nicely in front of me. She also eats plastic, paper, fringe on pillows, wire binding on notebooks… anything. Yay! 🙂

  31. Bonnie Cramond says:

    We had a Westie that we adopted from a humane society. He played soccer with a ball–batting it back and forth between his paws–until he got so tired that he would flop over the top of the ball. We laughed at him so often. His name was Bailey, but after we found out how well he played soccer, we called him Bailey Beckham.

  32. kelli says:

    Somewhere along the line I became a crazy cat lady. My first cat, Blue, really doesn’t have any good stories to tell. But a few years ago, i also adopted an older Devon Rex named Arnie. Devons are already funny looking enough, but Arnie looked like he’d swallowed a football–big round tummy, skinny neck, legs and tail, and huge eyes and ears. The first time one of my girlfriends saw him she laughed so hard I thought she’d hyperventilate. But oh, what a sweetie he was. If he were human, he’d be a laid back hippie–nothing phased him. He loved people food, esp. corn on the cob, and would stick his entire head inside an empty bag of chips and lick out all the salt…then march around the house with the bag on his head like he meant to do that. 🙂 He also snored like a chainsaw, and if I let him sleep with me, he’d burrow under the covers and curl up between my legs. Just like a man. LOL

  33. Amy says:

    Lst night about 3 a.m. I heard something hit the closet door in our master bathroom. The next thing I knew, our cat jumped up on the bed and came over to me to be petted. But when I tried to pet her head (her favorite place), she kept ducking me. Apparently that was what had hit the closet door. We’ve always said she’s pretty but not very bright!

  34. Stacey says:

    The beagle I had growing up was very sweet and mostly smart, but she had her moments. One day, we were having a cookout and had the sliders to the deck open (just screens). Someone asked if Sandy had ever run into/through them and as I was answering “no,” we heard a loud thump and a yelp. Way to prove me wrong, Sandy!

  35. karenagain says:

    Okay, We’ve finally built a fence in the last couple days. Now Tommy can go outside. There is a magpie that harasses my old cat. The magpie bites his tail and pecks at his ears. My old cat is still very spry, he just pretty much ignores the bird. But, sometimes he pounces and they roll around a bit. I don’t know if they are friends or enemies.

    I have baby sparrows in my clothesline post. At first it was quaint, but now they are noisy and hungry all the time. When I try to water my flowers, the parents attack me.

    I have a Shih-Tsu named Brian. He is the smartest dog in the world. He knows the names of all his toys and refuses to eat off a hard floor. Brian will only eat his doggie food on the carpet spilled out of the bowl. Diva.

  36. KimS says:

    Our dog, Tucker, can fetch the morning paper from the end of the driveway. He’s a 20 lb. cockapoo and just kind of learned it by himself. Our kitchen door has a small landing and then about 7 steps down to the driveway. Usually we say “go get the paper” and it is the funniest thing–from the landing he peers out to the end of the driveway and says to himself “oh my gosh there’s a paper there!” You can just see him jolt! So, the other day, my husband doesn’t tell him to go get the paper. He goes down wanders around a bit and does his business. Then my husband says, “Tucker, go get the paper.” He looks up, and rather than continue down the driveway a bit to the paper, he runs back to the top of the stairs peers out to the end of the driveway and then proceeds his normal path of down the stairs and down the driveway to get the paper! What a funny dog!

  37. Shirley says:

    Karen, I’m just about to email a pet picture, but in the meantime, here are three gerbil horror stories with a happy ending:

    Wish I had had a picture (better yet a video) of the time my son Michael accidentally vacuumed up one of his gerbils, with a central vac, while he was cleaning up shavings around his cage. The curious gerbil was standing up trying to figure out what the noise was all about, Michael bent over to pet him, and before you could say, “It would probably be a good idea to put the hose down first, Michael”, the gerbil was on his way at 30 mph to the canister two floors below in the garage. My heart nearly stopped when I heard Mike’s cry of horror. I ran upstairs, pulled the hose out of the wall, and then we waited with bated breath. Ten long minutes later, the gerbil, somewhat the worse for wear and looking more than a little stunned, backed slowly out of the nozzle. It was an electrified hose so I imagine he slowed himself down by holding onto the ridges during his wild ride in the wind tunnel.

    This same son managed to “relieve” one of his new gerbils of half its tail within five minutes of opening his “best, ever” Christmas present — who knew you have to grab a gerbil’s tail right at the base or it will break off as a survival measure? — leading to yet another cry of horror from Michael as he stared at the severed tail between his fingers. Made it easy to tell the two gerbils apart from then on, though.

    Then there was time we brought two gerbils back to life by giving them heart massages, after Michael spilled water on their shavings as he tried to make them a “swimming pool” in a bowl while we went away for week in the winter, having turned the house temp down to 10 degrees C. Took a half an hour of massaging their little chests while they lay on a heating pad, before their whiskers started twitching and we knew they weren’t dead, just hibernating. Great relief all around.

    I could go on and on …

    Our gerbils had more lives than a cat, and in our house they definitely needed them. Believe it or not, every single gerbil lived out his allotted four-year life span. With lots of great stories to tell the grandchildren.

  38. Sandy B says:

    My husband had a dog that would stroll up and down the vegetable garden, find the biggest carrot, gently pull it up by the greens, and then go lay on the lawn and eat it. He had to fence in the garden. While hosting a backyard BBQ he was telling his friends about this dog / carrot story and they wouldn’t believe him so he let the dog into the garden and the dog immediately proved his story. Dogs are amazing. Love all the stories.

  39. Cassie says:

    Lightning was our outdoor cat. Very friendly but since we picked him up from the shelter, he was miserable if not allowed out. Fine. He had a collar that said “I’m Lightning, I’m friendly. I will go home”. Then another tag that said “If sick, call ***”. People would always call and tell us he was at the gas station or something and we should come pick him up. I thought “Why? A cat lover would never steal someone else’s cat and a cat-hater wouldn’t dream of it”.I took off the phone number tag. Wrong. He was stolen. 6 months later my daughter and hubby were driving home about 5 miles from out home and she spotted him in a field between two homes. They stopped, called to him and he dropped and rolled like he always does when he is outside and we call him. We took him home and noticed that the person took off his collar but never intended on trying to get him to us as he has a identifying chip in him. He now never ventures more than a couple houses away and has been with us for 11 years. He’s awesome.

  40. Emily J says:

    I just forwarded a pix of my Sophie being interrupted while indisposed. No idea what email my phone sent from, though.

  41. Kit says:

    Aero picked me while I was dogshopping at a local animal shelter event. He was tiny and cute and a puppy. He was also super calm and fell asleep in my arms. I was smitten. When we got home he never stopped moving. And he hasn’t stopped moving for three years.

    Also, I found out from his papers that we have the same birthday. Must be meant to be.

    He’s the most amazing creature in the world. He sits, downs, walks, run, catches and jumps through hula hoops on command. He also loves to ride. Anywhere. My mother treats him as a grandchild.

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