Photoshop Fun for Friday

I’ve discovered I’m kind of in love with Photoshop.  Which is proof that you really can go from hate to love.  There’s hope for Brussells Sprouts in my life yet.

Photoshop has what might be referred to as a bit of a learning curve.  When you first get the software and fiddle around with it you learn that you hate it.  Then you learn to control yourself from throwing your computer across the room.  Then you learn that’s futile and you learn how to save up for a new computer.  You learn to suppress your swearing while using Photoshop when children are around, you learn *new* and more aggressive swear words when they’re not.

So trying to figure out Photoshop is basically a festival of learning all kinds of new and exciting things.

Then, once several months have passed, you accept that you’ll never actually “learn” Photoshop.  You’ll probably never even like it.  But like 2 wild animals thrust into the same cage for life, you will learn to co-exist.

It’s either that or learn to strangle software, which is much harder than it sounds.  There’s nowhere to grab really.

Now that almost a year has passed since I got Photoshop I’m proud to call myself a Photoshop semi-amateur.  If you’ve ever struggled with this stupid software you know what an accomplishment that is.  I’m kindda proud.

Since I’m a self-classified  “semi-amateur” Photoshopper I wouldn’t dare try to show you anything it does.  Not just yet.  Most of what I accomplish in Photoshop is completely by accident that I spend weeks trying to replicate.  Unsuccessfully usually.  Sometimes I press a button and lines and numbers appear all over my picture and the only way to get rid of it is to shut my eyes, close the entire program and walk away.  If I’m lucky when I open the program up again the lines and numbers are gone.

If I’m unlucky … they’re still there.  The only saving grace is I usually come up with a pretty good new swear word at this point.

Like Snacklefart.  Or Fuargeeeeshi…ARGHsnot.

But for all the anger and frustration, Photoshop can be not only a great tool but a really FUN program.  My niece recently sent me a picture that her husband took of her kids.

At the very moment he took the picture the scene before him transformed.  The very second the camera clicked, his son took on some sort of bizarre Rapper in training pose.  And once the picture was taken … it was gone.   That millisecond in time, fortuitously caught … by the camera.





It’s a cute picture all on its own.  Funny even.  His arm slung oh so casually, yet protectively over his girl.  Her face beaming at the camera with all the pride every rap girlfriend feels.  You can almost hear the “Heyyyyyyyy!”  escape her mouth.

I laughed out loud when I saw that picture.  Not an “LOL”.  An actual LAUGH OUT LOUD cackle.  And immediately I knew I had to make the picture even better.  That’s what happens when you begin to love Photoshop.  Everything is a possible Photoshop opportunity.  Some people use it for good, some for evil and some … like me … for funny.




Have a Photoshopped picture you’re proud of?  Send it to me at

The best Photoshopped pics will appear in a post next Friday (April 20th, 2012). Need some inspiration?  Try Photoshopping this …



If you have a blog don’t forget to give me your site and I’ll link to it.

Good luck!  Have fun!  Please get your entries to me by Tuesday night so I have time to … well … Photoshop them.  (just throw them into a collage actually)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Bev says:

    Love your blog Karen and can’t thank you enough for all the great inspiration and DIY projects. I love your PS image and wonder if I might ask you a question as I am very new to PS and have a huge problem . My fonts are displaying SUPER small (I have CS4) and I apparently knew just enough to cause myself a giant headache but not enough to know how to fix the problem. I’ve searched online literally for days and am desperate – hope someone can help me – fingers crossed!
    Please email if you can throw me a lifeline. =) Thanks!

  2. Christie says:

    Ha! That’s brilliant. I had a really fun time creating our banner with Photoshop (at

    1 part astronaut suit + 1 part sassy chicken + 1 part NASA Image of the Day = MAGIC. My favorite part? As you click around, the chickens float around in space.

    Yes, Photoshop can be magical!

  3. Spokangela says:

    Snacklefart! Thank you Karen for yet again delighting my 12 year old boy sense of humor! :)

    I like what my non-swearing hubs says. “Big bowls of cuss soup!” Or when he’s really mad.. “Big bowls of cuss soup ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!”

    I do enough swearing for the both of us. I was just thinking today that I need to get over my fear of all things graphic-ey design-ey. Thanks for the push to do just that! Your blog never ceases to inspire, amaze, entertain, and sometimes shock the hell outta me. I love it!

  4. kelliblue says:

    the only thing that might make that picture even better is to add a big-a** chain around your nephew’s neck–HA!

    I’ve been dying to use Photoshop too, but like Lynne, I’m askeerd of it (and I work in technology!). However, I’ve used a similar version called Gimp, which functions much the same way, but it’s free! Why is it called Gimp? Probably because people got so frustrated with PS they ended up kicking their computer…and got a gimp. So some brilliant person came up with the app to de-gimpify folks. So until the day I can venture into the PS territory, Gimp will just have to do for me.

  5. Wayne says:

    Ha! Great post, Karen. That pic is hilarious. You have come a long way indeed. If anyone is interested, Adobe has just released CS6 Beta for FREE download.

    And to see what sort of new features it has:

    I am looking forward to seeing the Photoshop submissions next week. Who knows, I may throw one in myself ;)

  6. Jodie says:

    Hilarious! I think that little rapper in training deserves a friday the 13th post!

  7. ARod says:

    Awesome pic totally love it

  8. elise says:

    I can’t stop laughing at snacklefart. I think I might get sent home from work early. I am having a serious laughing fit. Thank you so much for that!

  9. Lindey R. says:

    Karen, I use photoshop everyday and am what you would call a “professional”, and there are still days I hate it.

    Take a class, it may help relieve the frustration. Out local community college offers them as one day seminars. I still have to take a class every few years when I update to a new version.

    • Karen says:

      Lindsey – Well … I did take a class. :) If it weren’t for that class I’d still be completely lost instead of just incredibly frustrated. ~ karen

  10. Katrina says:

    ZOMG, I love me some Photoshop. I can’t help it, all those pixels to twist to my will!!!! I’ve been using Photoshop since version 4, back in ye olden times when there was only ONE undo allowed. The best way to learn it is by using it, and doing projects of gradually increasing complexity. I highly reccommend Terry White’s tech blog. He’s a product evangalist for Adobe and always shows off the newest tricks in each new version. I’m happy to say I’m a pro… and it only took 13 years!

  11. Barbie says:

    I am SO with you on the photoshop thingy! I have only used it to mostly make myself look skinner when I was feeling a picture made me look fat! LOL Using the clone tool.
    I REALLY need to try harder!
    Looking forward to the entries of peoples funny photoshopped stuff!
    PS: How is the front yard garden going? Been thinking about you this week.

    • Karen says:

      Barbie – I’m still working away. I’ve discovered I maybe needed 2 weeks off, not one. Today is planting day! Even though I’m still in a bit of a mess. Gotta get the cold weather crops in though! ~ k

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Just discovered your blog and WOW what a fun place to be. Looks like a blast over here with all your creative juices. So, I’ll be back. The photoshop post has me smiling and of course I’ll want to check out the entries for the contest. FUN.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Elizabeth! I’m glad you found my site. And yup. It’s a fun place to be. I don’t know how so many fun/funny people found the site but I’m glad they did. ~ karen!

  13. Allison says:

    Karen, I this might be your issue with those god-forsaken lines and numbers:

    View > Show > Slices

    When they pop up on your screen, there will be a check mark next to “slices.” Click it to turn it off.

    I’m not giving you this information so that new swear words will go uncreated. I just wanted to free up some of your time because I bet you have a lot of vaginas to still punch from your french fry post!


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