The Dining Room Floors are Done! Raw Wood With a Matte Finish.

The dining room floors are sanded, sealed and finished.   They’re also perfect.

On the morning of August 26th I sank into my couch with a cup of coffee in my hand.  It was the Sunday after my street’s annual block party, which means the rest of my neighbours were still sound asleep or creeping quietly into their bathrooms in search of aspirin.   The neighbourhood was quiet and it was a moment I should have savoured.  I should have sat quietly like everyone else reflecting on the night before; the baskets filled with charred, herbed street corn, the plates of salad and lawn chairs dotting the road.

I didn’t sit quietly.

I began ripping up my wood floors. On a whim. The way a normal person would buy Honey Nut instead of regular Cheerios on a whim.

It started by lifting one piece of flooring to see what was underneath out of curiosity and ended with me ripping out all of the wood floors on the lower level of my house to reveal the original pine below.

It was 3 months ago that I lifted the first floor board and just a couple of weeks ago I managed to get the last coat of finish on my final floor, the dining room.

The finished dining room floor turned out to be very different than the foyer or living room floors because it didn’t need to be professionally sanded.  There was no finish on it and it it was fairly smooth.

It was hidden beneath a layer of perfectly respectable, relatively old, oak strip flooring.

I wanted to retain as much of the original patina and discolouration as possible and the only way to do that would be to hand sand it as opposed to having a professional come in with a big sanding machine.  It’s the   the imperfections that make this floor perfect.

The square patch right under the dining room table that looks like an escape hatch for instance is my favourite thing.  I have no idea what it’s doing there, but I like it.

That’s one of the areas I had to repair actually. One of the boards was completely cracked and none of them were particularly stable, so I fixed that.  In the process I had to lift all of the boards of the square up which was about as terrifying as removing my own intestines.

You see, underneath my dining room floor is a dirt crawlspace.  Which we all know is where mice, rats, centipedes, spiders and poltergeists live.

Turns out there was nothing crawling around under there so I’m considering turning the “square”  into a trap door and building a box underneath it for storing things like heads.

I mean potatoes.

This is what my dining room floors looked like before, with the oak strip flooring.


As I said they were perfectly respectable.

A bit shiny.  A bit orange.

Now they’re a lot more stained, a lot less uniform and a lot less shiny and orange.


Later, probably in January I’ll do a post on how exactly I finished the floors and what products I used and why.

But for now I’m just going to sit quietly and savour the moment.

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The Dining Room Floors are Done! Raw Wood With a Matte Finish.