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Christmas House Tour 2012

My house looks beautiful. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

I probably shouldn’t say that. Humility and all that stuff. But … it does look beautiful. I love it. I really don’t feel bad saying that for a few reasons which I shall list for you right now.

1. It was a lot of work 3 days, no elves, 2 injuries.

2. One injury involved spray flocking, a sparkle and four eyelashes. People are always prouder of things that involved getting an injury.

3. After standing proudly decorated for a total of 2 hours, my Christmas tree fell over. Scratch that. It didn’t fall over, it smashed spectacularly to the ground accompanied by the sound of artillery, resulting in my diving for cover under the nearest thing. A Triscuit cracker. As it turns out the “artillery” was actually dozens of my antique glass ornaments shattering into pieces.

I did not cry. I came close. But I did not. It wasn’t until the THIRD time the tree fell I cried. Mostly because it fell on me. People are always prouder of things they accomplish by overcoming the odds. I overcame all odds.

So those are my reasons for unabashedly proclaiming my Christmas decorating to be beautiful.

I followed my usual rules this year.

1. If you put something out, you have to take something away. Reindeer on the buffet? Then take away the vase. Just put everything you take away in a box or two and stick it in the basement until Christmas is over.

2. Just because you own a Christmas decoration doesn’t mean you HAVE to put it out. If you hated it last year and only put it out because you felt like you owned it and you had to, you’re going to hate it again this year. Just leave it in the box and get past the guilt.

3. If you put it on a glass block or under a glass dome it’ll look like it cost more than the $3 you paid for it. That rule works any time of year.

And this year I added a new rule. Use more fishing line to attach your Christmas tree to the wall than you think you would need. In fact, factor in the amount of fishing line you think it would take to capture Jaws and then double it. Then use more than that to tie up your tree.


Merry Christmas Door 1
Table 1

White Tree
Table 2
Stump Final
Sofa Table

This would be the tippy, topsy, toppling tree.



One final point for those who are wondering.   If a tree crashes in the living room … it does make a sound.  And by it, I mean me.   And by sound I mean swear words that would warm Gordon Ramsay’s heart.


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  1. Casey says:

    Ahhhhh!!!! The front door!!!! I must know how to do the letters on the front door! <3 That absolutely looks fabulous! It is now on my must-do-this-year list :)

  2. cheryl seals says:

    Guess i missed last years tour so i now just saw how beautiful it is….And u really burst my bubble i thought u had to put up all the decorations you had even if you didnt like them !! Not really my daughter will be getting a free pick of the boxes in attic now to give me some free space to get what i really love !!! thanks Karen

  3. Charlotte says:

    Are those your broken vintage ornaments on your buffet? Gr8 idea. Check out my new blog!

  4. B.J. says:

    After a spectacular tree disaster, I invented a way to make sure it NEVER happened again. Plus, my tree is always straight. Here’s the how-to:

    Drill a small hole in the ceiling that’s about where the main stem of the tree will be. (Of course it’s always nice to hit a stud.) Insert a threaded hook or eye of some kind. (Little is good. Trees don’t weigh that much.) Now tie fish line to the top of the tree and hang your tree from the little hook in the ceiling. In a perfect world the tree will just be lifted off the floor by a half inch or so. You’ll be able to put a bucket or whatever you want under the main stem for water. Voila. Tree is straight. Doesn’t fall down. Fix the little hole in the ceiling sometime in January when you’re bored out of your mind. Or leave it for next year.

  5. Anemone says:

    I say let me leave all my comments before you go into your little warm Christmas hibernation. I mean holiday. Your house is marvellous. That Santa near the candy basket looks expensive and your glass dome is soo cool. I find the dome a lil teeny weeny bit of steampunkish. ☹ I am sorry your ℬaℓℓs broke but I do find your real tree looks very beautiful.

    • Karen says:

      Anemone – I’ll be reading and approving and replying to comments throughout the week. No need to fret. :) I bought Santa at a garage sale about 8 years ago for $3. NO idea why no one else bought him. Guess no one’s thinking Christmas in the summer. ~ karen!

  6. dana gault says:

    I’m always amazed at how you use the same stuff over and over in many different and amazing ways, and your house never looks the same way twice…but it’s always spectacular! And more important, inspiring, which is why one blogs in the first place, non?
    Does your kitty eat the tinsel? Mine did, and it made for an extremely festive litter box.
    Cheers, all the best for a fab holiday!

  7. Heather says:

    A great mix of rustic and modern! I don’t think anyone has asked… but is the awesome vest with fur collar on the first page a recent purchase? That’s perfect too… Thanks for sharing.l

    • Karen says:

      Heather – Thanks! My mother gave me the vest for my birthday last week. It’s Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply line. ~ karen!

  8. rktrixy says:

    Beautiful! Lovely tree. I mourn the loss of your antique ornaments, but know you will pull it all together. Again.

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