How to Rip Out a Ceramic Tile Floor

I made a video of this process and I had the camera set up the wrong way. Vertically. Which is wrong. I wanted to address this before I addressed anything else about ripping out my floor.

So let’s watch the video.

Spending 3 days ripping out tile, cement, wire mesh and plywood tends to wear a person down. It wasn’t nearly as bad a job as I thought it was going to be, but … it was bad enough that I wasn’t quite thinking straight. Hence the vertical video. And the meal on Tuesday night of a Hungry Man dinner.

A HUNGRY MAN FROZEN DINNER. That is what I ate. I have no idea what the fella ate. Cat hair maybe. The most perplexing part is I thought the frozen dinner was going to be really good.  Anything that didn’t involve cooking or even chewing really, seemed enticing.

Mid demolition I had to run into my local drugstore for something and saw the Hungry Man dinners on sale. I grabbed 2 of them thinking they’d be as good as I remembered them being when I was a kid.  I’m a sucker for fake mashed potatoes. Mmmm.  The Hungry Man dinner was one of the weirdest things I’ve eaten in a long time.

It just occurred to me that this post isn’t about frozen dinners. It’s about ripping out a ceramic tile floor.

O.K. This isn’t a real tutorial because demolition is pretty much just breaking things, shovelling them and dragging them out of the house. All while looking as cute as a used vomit bag.

I do have 2 tips for you if you’re going to demo a ceramic tile floor though. You *can* rent tools to do this, but you don’t need to. It’s not fun, but it’s not that hard either. It can definitely be done manually.

What you *should* invest in is a Super Wonder Pry Bar.  Or something like it.




Also, buy yourself a roofing shovel. It’ll make ripping up the plywood floors easier.  I did not invest in a roofing shovel and used a flat end shovel instead.  It worked fine, but a roofing shovel would have been better. I just plain old couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy a roofing shovel. I ate a Hungry Man frozen dinner for God’s sake. I was obviously in a fragile state.



Lest you think from the minute long video, everything was easy, here are a few shots revealing the true mess of everything during the ceramic tile phase of this Big Spring Project. Click on the picture to see the full sized images.

Now just the heated floors, self levelling concrete, tile adhesive and the actual tiles to go. Please send help. Or yes … even a Hungry Man dinner.