Rough Linen Giveaway!

The fella drools in his sleep.  He also sweats and emits as much heat as a mid efficiency furnace.  Hot, sweaty and he drools.  It’s like sleeping with a Saint Bernard.

Because of this I’ve never invested in a good set of sheets.   The problem is … I’ve always wanted good sheets.  Really good sheets.  The kind of sheets that would make me feel like this in bed …



The kind of sheets Tricia Rose makes.  Rough Linen sheets.  That’s Tricia up there by the way.  I don’t know for sure, but rumour has it Tricia only gets out of bed to pee.  If I had those sheets, I wouldn’t even get out of bed for that.

Now, due to the good grace of Rough Linen, I actually  *do* have a set of sheets like that!  After 2 years of yearning after them, I got a set of Rough Linen sheets and pillow cases.  I feel like a Queen. And  not a poorly shod drag queen.  An actual Queen with a sceptre and stuff.


And by the way, remember yesterday’s video on  how to fold a fitted sheet?  Not needed anymore.  Tricia sends out 2 flat sheets instead of a fitted and a flat sheet.  According to Tricia, fitted sheets were invented by manufacturers as a way to use less materials and therefore save money.  Using a flat sheet as your bottom sheet is the way to go!  Plus they feel beautiful.  As Tricia says they’re made of “linen the pilgrims would recognize.

I’ve been following Tricia’s blog and business for a long time now.  I subscribe to her as a matter of fact.  When she sent out a newsletter with a picture of her latest endeavour, napkins and tablecloths I couldn’t take it anymore.  I emailed her like some sort of linen groupie gushing about the tablecloths and telling her I’d never seen anything so beautiful in my life.  Don’t believe me?

How’s that for beautiful?  I love a tablecloth that doesn’t need to be ironed.  What’s better than that?   It has a casual elegance.  That doesn’t need to be ironed.   She also makes matching 22″ or 16″ napkins.

After I emailed Tricia about  my love for her tablecloths she suggested I might like to do a giveaway.  Um.  YES.

So that’s what I have for you today.  Tricia has agreed to a …

Rough Linen

You’re thinking, $250 for a tablecloth and napkins?  Yup.  Tricia’s  linen is specially milled for her  and she sews each and every item herself.  Well, I’m sure she has helpers or something, but these babies aren’t made in a factory.   These are exquisite, beautiful products with a rustic sophistication that will make you feel like a queen.  With a sceptre.  Plus they’ll last forever.  And I mean forever.  And the greatest part about linen is it just gets nicer and softer and more drapey

Even though this giveaway is for a tablecloth and napkins, I’m sure if you picked $250 worth of something else on Tricia’s site she wouldn’t turn you down.  So go have a look and pick something out.

To enter, come back here and tell me what you’d choose if you won.  (up to $250 value, but if there’s something more expensive, the Queen Duvet Cover  at $350 for example, I’m sure Tricia would let you put the $250 towards it and then you’d only have to pay $100).

I know.  It’s a fantastic giveaway and I deserve to be revered.  As does Tricia.

Contest closes Tuesday, December 6th at midnight.  Winner will be randomly selected by computerized thingamajig.

Finally – This contest is open to everyone!  Yup.  Worldwide.  You have Tricia to thank for that.

The contest is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Pretty much sucks to be you if you’re too late.


  1. Joelle says:

    I definitely would choose the smooth white table cloth. It is so beautiful!

    • Claudine says:

      I would love to win something this wonderful. I would choose a queen duvet. We are in Southern California and have been without power since a windstorm Wednesday night (4 nights and counting). Spending lots of time in bed! Had to go to town to check email and what am I doing, but checking out “How to do Stuff”. Do you have any tips on how to get through a 4 day power outage?

  2. Emily XQ says:

    Seriously wouldn’t mind the tablecloth and napkin set. Because, well, I’d never even think about spending large dollars on either. Sounds elegant. I’m sure the other items on her site are ridiculously fabulous but I’m going to root for that linen. Thanks for the shot to be a winner. I don’t get many.

  3. Liz Encarnacion says:

    Love these textiles! If I were to win, I’d probably go for the Queen sheets, which would go nicely with the new, neutral-colored duvet cover I recently got. But I’d be sorely tempted by the tablecloth & napkins even though I usually use a table runner & placemats for our messy eaters.

    P.S. think you meant that she sends out two FLAT sheets, rather than two fitted sheets. How wonderful, like a Euro hotel! So much nicer than the fitted ones that don’t quite fit the mattress.

  4. Amanda says:

    Damn…I don’t wanna be first! The first person NEVER wins!! But if I don’t do it now, I’ll forget, and then I really won’t win!
    I want it all!! Those beds need to be crawled in and never left…ever!
    Love the bedding, love the tablecloths, love the napkins, LOVE IT ALL!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Tasha says:

    I love linen. I hate to knit with it, so I need to win this so I can indulge in my love of linen without making my knuckles hurt. And of course, because of my inherent queenliness (?sp) yearning to be set free.

  6. Jen says:

    Oh my! I live near the ocean and I can envision the perfect warm day with a light breeze blowing my linen curtains as I sit at my beautiful covered table and sip some tea. The bedding looks heavenly.
    I want it all!!

  7. Definitely the rough linen tablecloth and napkins! Beautiful!

  8. Megan says:

    I would love it all. 🙂 I really don’t like ironing. thanks!

  9. Diane says:

    I love the Orkney tablecloth – with smooth white napkins. Yum

    And thanks.

  10. Dieu says:

    Omg. I already know. Sheets, the smooth white ones. This kept me up last night reading the original post.

  11. Leonora says:

    I love the idea of the soft bed sheets – such a unique and sensual take compared to crispy-crunch department store linens. The table linens look exquisite as well, but with downsizing, that’s sort of a non-thing right now. Thank you for sharing. Your writing’s always fresh and engaging.

  12. Greg Handler says:

    Such a nice natural look, the table cloth and napkin set would be a wonderful addition to the holiday table.

  13. I would love to sleep like a queen in those sheets!

  14. Marley says:

    Ach! you totally sold me on the sheets. i want to feel like a queen. hell, id settle for even feeling like a princess. even that princess who had to sleep on that pea, but didn’t really sleep because of it. anyways. sheets. yes please.

  15. Laura Watt says:

    Ohhh, rustic and luxurious all at once! I’d love the orkney table cloth in giant size for my giant table.

  16. Lynne says:

    What a great website ! Terrific photography – you can almost feel the texture of the fabrics. I would choose the Queen pure white linen sheets ‘cus you know you spend one third of your life in bed and you might as well do it in comfort and style !!

  17. Marti says:

    “Rough Linen sheets. That’s Tricia up there by the way.”

    Thank you for keeping me from humiliating myself. Duvet cover. Does she do black? I should go look myself, but I keep waiting for some web developers (who are probably, in reality, vacationing in Cancun and TAUNTING ME with my relaunch) to get things up and happening.

    Karen: I am going to lose my mind if it doesn’t show up on the screen soon. Did you feel like this? I have been waiting for this for months, but the all day, every 30 minutes “refresh” is really working my last nerve.

    • Karen says:

      Hah. I don’t even remember seeing it for the first time really. Weird. You’d think I would. Don’t worry .. it’ll happen. ~ karen!

  18. @RadioRedhead says:

    LOVE the orkney natural bed makeover. Wish I could afford it even if I won the contest! Perhaps I could settle with the duvet cover or smooth white sheets?!

  19. Larissa says:

    I’ve been spending the past hour researching bedding sets, and will be posting a blog about it because I had NO IDEA. You know what I want? A bedding set. I don’t know what that entails, but I know what I want:
    Soft pillows, with pillowcases that are all matchy-matchy and grownup-looking.
    Flat sheets. Ones that keep me warm in winter and cool in summer and ones that just feel like the equivalent of hot cocoa in front of the fire on a chilly winter night.
    And a cover. I don’t know if it’s a duvet, a comforter, a quilt, I don’t KNOW. I just want the part that goes over all of it.
    You know when you see a bed in a display room and it’s all nicely done and it has like 8 pieces? That’s what I want. It would make me feel finally at peace, and finally like I won some sort of adulthood award.

    And maybe…just maybe… I’d tolerate having a Breakfast Pillow. Whatever that is.

    So if Miss Rose and her holy grail of linen stuff had something along those lines, that is what I want. I want something that makes me feel the way she looks in the photo, every night.


  20. Jessie B says:

    Oh wow, oh wow. I have a thing for linen sheets but these have just become my new obsession. The bed sheets. Definitely. 100%.

  21. sherry says:

    i do LOVE the smooth white curtains, the orkney pillows and the table cloths. and the bedlinen is dreamy xoxo

  22. cred says:

    Beautiful! I was just on her site again yesterday after reading your post on how to fold a fitted sheet. I have been coveting them since you first mentioned Rough Linen.

    If I were to win, I would have to choose the smooth white linen sheets- I do love the look of the orkney natural linen products she makes but if I am to actually owe something as luxurious as linen fit for a queen, I want to be lounging in it.

  23. Caroline says:

    my fella dosen’t drool or sweat but I do, he would like new sheets

  24. Antonia says:

    I went to her website last week…wow! Gorgeous linens! I would definitely go for her beautiful duvet covers. They look so comfortable!

    • Karen says:

      Antonia – Just to clarify, the giveaway isn’t to win *anything* on the site. It’s a $250 value. The Queen sized duvets start at $350 I believe. (however, if you wanted to I’m sure you could take your $250 and put it towards a duvet cover, making it cost only $100)! 🙂 ~ karen

  25. Janelle says:

    Oooooooh orkney natural shams with white buttons and coordinating bedskirt…because they wouldn’t touch my drooly, sweaty self and I would never have to launder them and they would stay magically new forever. I think the entire queen makeover bed will be my very first purchase when I win the lottery.

  26. Oh, what a great giveaway!!! Way to score Karen! If I won, I’d want the Queen Sheet set! My hubby sweats and stains our sheets yellow, Like wtf? Anyhow, I can’t afford to keep buying new sheets so this would be wonderful.


  27. Sharon says:

    It’s so hard to decide! I might have to go for the Queen size sheets, though, because the idea of being engulfed in smooth linen is just too tempting!

  28. julia says:

    I too have been lusting after Rough Linen for ages. So gorgeous. I would gladly go for anything on her site; first on the wish list would be a duvet cover.

  29. nadia says:


  30. What gorgeous texture! I would be beyond thrilled with the tablecloth and napkins 🙂

  31. I went through a period when I planned to start a business making linen duvet covers and shams from old linen table clothes, so soft and beautiful. Thanks for igniting the memories. I would chose a sheets and shams.

  32. Lane says:

    Beautiful linens! I’d love to have a duvet cover in the smooth linen or Orkney.

  33. Sue H. says:

    I love the SHEEEEEEEETS!

  34. Clara says:

    Love the sheets!

  35. Sandy says:

    Everything on her site is amazing! Wow. I’d love the Orkney tablecloth and napkins.

  36. nevy says:

    I would love to have a couple of the smooth white flat sheets…

  37. mary says:

    Oh, I want it all. Someday! For now I’d like the white and orkney tablecloths and I’ll dream about the sheets and duvet. Love.

  38. michele says:

    Oooh. I don’t even need to look at the site again. I would put it towards sheets for sure… That tablecloth is a thing of beauty though.
    I think I might explode with exitement over this giveaway.

  39. Fiona says:

    I love it all. I want I want I want.

  40. SK Farm Girl says:

    Sheets, man, sheets! Exquisite, smooth, white sheets woven just for me . . . dreamy like a vanilla milkshake . . . mmmmmmmmmmm!

  41. Pati says:

    Wow what a generous give away:) I would love a duvet cover…would be soo dreamy. Very beautiful products and pictures on her site.

    • Karen says:

      Pati – Duvet cover is $350 for Queen size. Giveaway is for $250. But you can probably put the $250 towards the $350 duvet cover. ~ karen

  42. Nicola Cunha says:

    I sewed up some linen napkins over 15 years ago and still use them! Would love to sleep in Tricia’s sheets! How generous!

  43. maggie says:

    Simply beautiful! I would do want the white tablecloth and orkney napkins. Happy to be in the running.

  44. Joanne K says:

    Linen sheets would be the dreamiest.

  45. Jane says:

    I love her stuff and would be thrilled to get anything at all! The tablecloth would be my go to item I think.

  46. Rebecca says:

    Seriously, I want everything on her site. I love linen so much. If forced to choose, I’d pick the Pure White Linen Sheets I think, but maybe the smooth white tablecloth.

  47. CJ says:

    I love the Orkney natural tablecloth and napkins… or the white Orkney tablecloth and the natural Orkney napkins…. no wait… Oh, sheesh… everything’s so amazing… the white Orkney bedsheets… the Natural Orkney shams…. I want a Natural Orkney tea-length dress… I could go on forever…. maybe my computer power will go out soon and stop the Orkneymania!

  48. Carla says:

    These are so beautiful I can’t even stand it.

  49. Carla says:

    Oops, forgot to say that I want that tablecloth and napkins

  50. omg…i love the exact one in the picture. I dont own an iron. that combo is so my style. me…me…me.

  51. Amber Lew says:

    Everything is beautiful. I would so love the white linen sheets, and be happy to cease sewing the always appearing holes in my old but soft pillowcases. However, we recently got new (ikea) kitchen table, and a white linen tablecloth would go beautifully with the colbalt or navy blue I plan to paint the unfinished pine table and chairs. Plus, its Ikdea…Probably needs a little linen to class it up a bit.

  52. Madeleine Portuondo says:

    Mmmm. White smooth linen Queen sheets. And after that….I may just have to start collecting other pieces a little at a time.

  53. Gknee says:

    I have visited Tricia’s site many times just to gaze upon her beautiful products so this give-away is a real treat. If I had to choose something I’d choose the St. Bart’s curtins (58″ X 108″) in natural and white.

  54. Susan says:

    Oh, the tablecloth definitely. When you had a photo of it on your blog the other day I fell in love. And I’m all about not ironing too.

  55. Sally says:

    I would choose the exquisite St Barta curtains in baby blue. I can already feel a cool summer breeze blowing those curtains…

  56. yvonne says:

    I would love me some linen bed sheets. I share your husband’s bernard-like tendencies, so I usually cheap out on my bed linens.

  57. Kate S says:

    I don’t have a large dinning room table.. but I do have a bed. So if I was selected grand champion then I would ask for a set of beautiful smooth white linen queen sized flat sheets.

    Thank you Karen, and thank you Tricia!


  58. Shelli says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! It would be so hard to choose but the white Orkney sheets look soooooo inviting!

  59. Kara says:

    Seriously…last night, after reading one of your posts re: Rough Linen and spending ages ogling the gorgeousness of Tricia’s work, I fell asleep composing my comment should you ever have a giveaway – ! It began something like “swoon, double swoon, and swoon to the power of swoon…” before devolving into the 1/2 baked sleep-deprived ramblings of a fabric junky. A sheet and pillow slips would be dreamy, but I’d honestly wrap myself up in any of those lovely linens if given the opportunity. BTW, my daughters are captivated by your videos 🙂

  60. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness. The sheets. Those white linen queen sized sheets are amazing.

  61. Emily says:

    My fella also has the Saint Bernard issue, haha. I would love the St. Bart’s blue & natural twin duvet cover.

  62. Z says:

    Smooth white linen pillow slips and pure white queen linen sheets!

  63. Meg says:

    Orkney Tablecloth, Smooth White Napkin!!!!! I neeeeeeeed a new tablecloth and napkins– all we have are Christmas ones, and as much as I adore them, we could use a very nice looking every day one that would work for surprise guests!

  64. Lori Allen says:

    Oh, so luxurious!! Love her linens!! I would love the Smooth White Sheets….i think having luxurious sheets like that would be reason to spend a relaxing weekend in bed….like a queen….fetch me my breakfast please!!

  65. V says:

    Oh man, definitely the bed sheets, king size. I kinda want everything, but alas! It is just not possible for me.

  66. Kailee says:

    I would get the orkney curtain and sham. So beautiful!

  67. Jerrica says:

    Wow, those linens are beautiful! I especially like the White and Orkney tablecloths — I would layer them like in the picture. So homey! Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Meg says:

    Tonight I was lying in bed reading a book. I glanced over to my boyfriend’s side and said aloud to myself, “God Alex. What are you doing over there?”. So yes, I would get a set of queen sized sheets. And maybe a 4-set of napkins if I could throw that in, too.

  69. Angela says:

    Hi Karen, been following your blog from London and I have often been declared bonkers for falling in love with and obsessing about the perfect…(add household object here) and also have suffered your schizophrenic vintage collection (b.f. calls it ‘old tat’)vs modernist ocd dilemmas.
    Love the linen collection especially the sheets and duvet cover.
    My partner is also a drooler – damn! I have a beautiful Jigsaw (English brand) duvet set with embroidered birds on it which has so far survived his drool (just!)
    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor Karen, keep up the good work.

  70. christyl says:

    Sheets! I want to feel them!

  71. Amie says:

    Delicious! I love the whole Orkney range!

  72. Donna says:

    Oh my goodness…her products are so gorgeous! I just absolutely love linen. Thanks for the link to her site 🙂 If I won I’d go for the king duvet cover I think, or maybe curtains. I want everything!

  73. lynn says:

    Sheets!!! Gorgeous!!!

  74. Cathryn says:

    Wow. That is all I have to say. I would get a queen set. And never get out of bed again…

  75. Maya says:

    Natural palettes and minimally mass produced is the way to go, =D

  76. Mary-An says:

    Oh these are gorgeous! I’d like the bed makeover, and the tablecloth and napkins, and the… oh wait, I was supposed yo pick just one thing, huh? Um. Actually, I think I’d like what was offered first, then I might have to save up some money for more later!

  77. Chris D. says:

    I would love the Queen sheet set!

  78. Karen says:

    I was hoping this might happen! I would love to have 4 of the King white linen pillow slips/cases, they are just gorgeous and would match my recently purchased duvet cover perfectly.

  79. Nathalie Chernoff says:

    beautiful! pillow slips and napkins for sure.

  80. Kat says:

    I would go for White Queen sheets and pillowcases, and a bottle of tide with downey… wash a few times and just settle in for the winter with a good video and Hot chocolate!
    I like that they are flat — I worked in a hospital when I was young , tight and tuck!

  81. Kathy says:

    I would love, love, love the sheets. they looks so beautiful and I am so tired of fitted sheets that don’t fit our ridiculously deep mattress.Thank-you for this!

  82. Manetta Lavergne says:

    Definitely new sheets, these sound dreamy!!

  83. mel says:

    worldwide??!! i am soo in! 🙂 would it be too crazy to spend 250 $ for the whole bunch of Orkney cushions?

  84. Corri W says:

    I had a long and glorious look at the Rough Linen website the other day after reading your gift ideas and promptly earmarked her King Size white smooth sheets for my bed. Sadly being in Australia and what with the horrible state of our economy and the ever fluctuating exchange rate, I couldn’t manage it right now, especially before Xmas 🙁
    Maybe this will be my saviour.

  85. Tracy says:

    My Hubby has the exact same St. Bernard tendencies, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes for the King sized sheets!

  86. Jess says:

    I would put it towards the duvet in white, or a set of two sheets. Until recently I had an off white duvet cover from Muji that I bought in London in the 90’s. I had it for a long, long, time, and it got incredibly soft. Somewhere in there, it probably hit its peak of softness, before the little rips began. Eventually the poor thing disintegrated. Now we sleep under an IKEA duvet cover. Just not the same. Would love something so elegant and natural, to fall asleep under every night.

  87. deanna says:

    Ohhhhhhhh ~ the smooth white linen curtains! Yum. I have a
    room just begging for these (of course, the neighbors would like to see something on the windows as well). We recently moved after 27 years in another home and I’m overwhelmed with all of the things to be done…this would be WONDERFUL!

  88. Belinda Philp says:

    Oh please, please pick me…those sheets look gorgeous..and I’d pay the extra to get 2 queen size sheets. I can almost feel how good it would be to slip between them with my darling….;)

  89. Suzan says:

    A Smooth White tablecloth and napkins would be my choice. Tricia’s linens are beautiful. I have two treasured pieces of woven linen that were made by my great-great grandmother. The Smooth White Linen line looks so much like those pieces!

  90. Gina says:

    Oh yes the sheets! And the sweaty husband can go sleep in the spare bedroom, eh?

  91. Ginny says:

    I think I would start with sheets and a bolster. Then add from there. The possibilities are endless!

  92. Jen says:

    I have a thing for sheets. I think I would go for those.

  93. Lucy says:

    Oh, sheet! What a set of sheets that is. Added shams and pillowcases would be my idea of heaven. The linen reminds me of what we saw in Ireland. No wonder, since her first piece was from her Scottish grandmother. Talk about lasting quality.

  94. Valentina says:

    oh, I really love the Orkney Duvet Cover (twin size). Looks amazing!

  95. Jennifer says:

    I’d be happy with a remnant scrap from her workshop floor! Gorgeous stuff!!

  96. Sharon says:

    Definitely a duvet cover! Mine needs to be replaced and Tricia’s would be perfect!!

  97. Laurel says:

    Oh my… sheets and pillowcases please!

  98. Rachel B. says:

    Those sheets look so lovely! I would be tickled if I got a couple of those.

    Although… the curtains are also awesome. If only I had a job I could fill my house with linen. Ah well, good luck everyone! 🙂

  99. Cindy says:

    I would definitely choose the bedsheets! Wowza!

  100. Jan says:

    I went looking for a set of sheets just yesterday and came home empty-handed and disappointed. No nice sheets to be found! These are beautiful, will last forever and feel great. So, obviously, I’d put my $250 towards two white linen queen sheets.

  101. sara says:

    Yep, those table cloths are gorgeous, I cannot imagine what it would be like to sleep in the sheets. SINCE I just purchased a dark gray sofa, I would get three of the yellow and orange pillow cases (St. Barts – V, St. Barts – Q, &St. Barts – O), And the king sheet.

  102. I love a worldwide giveaway! Thanks Tricia. I’d choose a smooth white tablecloth and orkney napkins. Beautiful.

    Also, just had to say, I recently stopped using fitted sheets too, and I actually think it’s EASIER to make the bed this way. No struggling pulling everthing tight and trying to ease the last corner over.

    I can see your next video Karen – how to make a bed with flat sheets. Pretty please?

  103. carolyn says:

    It would be a sheet and pillow cases for me. I’ve never tried a flat sheet for a bottom sheet. I have resorted to king sized fitted for my queen bed and just tuck in the extra. Her flat sheet idea sounds like the way to go.

  104. teresita says:

    Orkney Duvet Cover is just perfect!!! Such a beautiful store, so classic and elegant.

  105. Susie Heller says:

    Definitely the queen sheets. Love the look and feel. And because they are Queen sheets and her Sheets make you feel like a Queen, I certainly would be Queenly with that double whamee. Only fear…. Don’t want the sheets to turn my prince into a toad just ’cause they can.

  106. Clem says:

    ooooh. When you first posted about this I was DROOLING over that gorgeous linen. I LOVE it. If I won I think maybe I would go for some pillowcases or a duvet cover as they’d get a LOT of use, whereas the tablecloth would probably only come out for special occasions. And I’d have to kill the first person to spill red wine on it. xx

  107. Constance says:

    Definitely the bed sheets!

  108. Anita says:

    It’s so hard to pick! I so love the okney natural fabric and everything in it seems to look so good!

    If I couldn’t have everything 🙂 then I would pick the gorgeous white sheets with the pillow slips, and a custom bedspread (it’s there in the pictures but no price tag!) in natural okney!

    The perfect fabric for an Indian bedroom!

  109. Petrel says:

    I would so totally choose the table cloth and napkin combo–absolutely gorgeous!! My style exactly. 🙂

  110. Marina says:

    White Orkney Duvet Cover in Twin, please! I have a linen sheet that was a gift from my grandmother, and it’s the most amazing thing to sleep under. With the duvet, I’d have a set!

  111. Probably the white bed sheets 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity…again!

  112. magali says:

    you’re getting too popular! I can’t believe how many people enter your giveaways! (I know you’re thinking that there’s no way you can be *too* popular)
    If you’re right about everything you think Tricia would let us do, then I would get the sheets!

    remember the days when you were giving away potato chips?! don’t get me wrong, those were good days as well!

  113. Laurie says:

    White sheets, thank you very much.

  114. Diahann says:

    I would get the ROUGH LINEN BED MAKEOVER QUEEN size. The fabric looks fabulous and if I’m going to treat myself I might as well get the whole package. It looks like great quality for the price.

  115. Jennifer says:

    Those sheets are so gorgeous. I think I’d go with the bedding, just because you get the most bang for your buck (so to speak), and there’d be no need to constantly fret about spilling red wine or tomato sauce on the tablecloth. The way my family eats, the tablecloth and napkins would be ruined within a week.

  116. Sheree Russ says:

    How is it that I didn’t know about this? I loved EVERYTHING at the Rough Linen site! It is just my style. I would be happy with anything from there, but I think I especially covet the tablecloth/napkins (but then again, those SHEETS!).

  117. How in the world to choose. I love the sheets….and the curtains….and that big bolster…and I adore the brown buttons!!!

  118. Robyn says:

    What an amazing give-away, thanks for the opportunity to both.

    All of it gorgeous stuff, and I would love to choose 2 x white orkney bolsters and 2 x white linen pillow slips.

  119. Dawn says:

    The sheets……DEFINITELY the sheets!!!

  120. jdp says:

    I couldn’t dream of dressing my table in that before having some for my bed. 2 queen sheets first for me!

  121. I am in dire need of 2 table clothes. I love the orkney tablecloth layered with the smooth white tablecloth and of course, I would need 8 napkins to complete the table. What a fabulous giveaway. Ho Ho Ho…

  122. Leesa Brinkley says:

    the tablecloth and napkins would be my pick! gotta love linen!!!

  123. Denise says:

    I think my pick would be the Pure White Linen sheets…Queen size. But that tablecloth is fantastic too!

  124. Greta says:

    Beautiful stuff! I’d love the sheets or the shams with brown buttons.

  125. JoAnn says:

    How cruel – making me choose??? I want it all … but I think the smooth white linen sheets would be wonderful to sleep in/with!
    Thanks Karen, have a good day!

  126. Nikki says:

    The sheets! Fabulous!

  127. Jayne Hickey says:

    Oh good gravy, it’s like you read my mind! I have linen sheets at the top of my “first things to buy when I have a spare $300” list! So yes, I would be tucking the corners of a flat sheet over my drab queen size bed with the biggest smile this girl could possibly conceive.

  128. Mary says:

    The white orkney table cloth, because I like the sound of the word orkney. 🙂

    Wonderful give away Karen. Thanks.


    P.S. Still wondering how your squash (in a cage) crop turned out.

  129. Sharon says:

    Helllloooo Orkney table cloth! Of course, it would look completely out of place with all the cheap stuff I’ve got in my house, but it’s a hit I’m willing to take!

    Everything is so lovely!

  130. Katharine says:

    The tablecloth is tem

    • Katharine says:

      Umm. Tempting. But I think the sheets are just a little more tempting. It would be a hard decision, but one I feel up to making.

  131. Stefanie vP-B says:

    The sheets are really beautiful, and I just love that yellow color in the “St. Barts” line.

  132. Anita says:

    I can’t make up my mind. Everything is beautiful. The smooth white is stunning. Tablecloth and napkins for sure in smooth white. But the duvet would look devine in my room. argh!!!!!!

  133. Anne says:

    Oh, the sheets!! Love, love, LOVE them!

  134. Laura says:

    Ooohhh. Smooth white linen please.

  135. Tara says:

    Love rough linen! I’d go for the tablecloth….beautiful!

  136. marilyn says:

    the sheets, the sheets, the sheets!

  137. Amy McNamara says:

    i love the double tablecloth shown above- so beautiful

  138. Shelley says:

    I love linen!! I would be happy with any of her products. I do like the tablecloths, but I am also with you on the sheets! Excellent giveaway! Thanks!!

  139. nancy grantz says:

    I would chose the curtains or the bed skirt so I could throw away the hand me downs I have now. I love the look of her products and all of them would work with my decor. So, maybe the table linens too.

  140. Barbara H. says:

    Oh my word, I’ve been drooling too since I looked at her wonderful products after your previous post. Sheets – lovely sheets, that’s what I would go for. If I got the tablecloth the cats would probably give up their normal cushy sleeping spots and transfer to the table – can’t have that.

  141. Brigid says:

    I’ll take one queen sheet and two orkney shams, please. the cats will have to learn to sleep elsewhere. (like that will ever happen…)
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  142. Karine R says:

    Ooooh, I’d love the Natural and White St Barts Curtains ! But I could go for anything…it is so gorgeous !!!

  143. Jen says:

    *duly revering both* Oh, it’s all so gorgeous. I’d choose the white curtains so I can enjoy that linen loveliness all day, every day.

  144. Erica says:

    The white orkney and orkney natural tablecloths look fantastic!

  145. Jodi Thompson says:

    Oh Me oh My!!! There is nothing I love more than a big fluffy feather duvet and there is nothing I would love more FOR my big fluffy feather duvet than the YELLOW AND WHITE ST. BARTS DUVET COVER!

    Please pick me… please please please please please… I’ll keep begging if I have to… please please please please please

  146. blake says:

    so we have to pick one thing??? impossible! but if I have to I want the entire bed Tricia is in…spanx very much!

  147. Emily says:

    I can already feel the regal white linen dabbing the corners of my mouth as I dine on roasted duck and pomegranate and yield my royal sceptre.

  148. Mary Bowness says:

    If I could choose anything I’d have to choose lunch with Tricia Rose. Linen has long been a fascination of mine. I’ve often wondered about the feasibility of a linen shop or supply here. I think this is fantastic and gratifying to see that someone has been able to manage it. Canada is a top producer of flax but I’m not sure if the plants are the same kind as used for linen production. The history of linen is fascinating… the feel of it is amazing… I dream of clotheslines filled with linen sheets (image how strong you’d be if you had to hang linen sheets on the line everyday). See… I really am linen obsessed. Linen sheets…. impossibly divine.

  149. KEG says:

    Oooooohhhhhh nice giveaway Karen! I’d go with the smooth bed sheets for sure! 😀

  150. Jen says:

    Everything looks so lovely! I think I’d have to just go with the original giveaway of the tablecloth and napkins to avoid having to make a decision!

  151. Rebecca says:

    Oh my! Those white orkney curtains…drool. But the tablecloth and napkins look wonderful. I so hope I win!

  152. maggie says:

    Hey Karen
    All we had when we were growing up were flat sheets and our Mother made us iron them and we loved her so no problem. Not sure what she would think about these no-iron beautiful sheets, she would no doubt have us iron them. Me on the other hand would love a set, it would bring back very fond memories and besides I hate ironing. Thanks Karen

    • Karen says:

      🙂 I’m not a huge ironing fan either. My mother on the other hand irons everything to within an inch of its life. ~ k

  153. Kim says:

    White Orkney Bedskirt is really wonderful and something I could use. I know it is not as showy as a tablecloth or flat sheets, still… it would really work for me. I loved all of her collection!

  154. Leslie Zuroski says:

    I would choose a king sheet set and pillow slips and happily pay the extra, because you have e so intrigued about experiencing these sheets! And maybe, just maybe, I would sleep better…

  155. Jo says:

    I loved the curtains with the wide stripes! Linen is such a lovely natural look.

  156. kady says:

    I don’t know, I’m not sure I deserve anything as nice as this… oh, wait… yes I do!!

    I’d go for the tablecloth & napkins. Yep.

  157. Kim says:

    I love it all! Thanks for the opportunity.

  158. michelle says:

    i think i need a couple sets of calking smooth white linen sheets. sounds heavenly!

  159. Laurel says:

    Ooh, those sheets look heavenly! I would definitely upgrade and get the duvet cover and pillowcases, hmm and then maybe a sheet for the bottom, a FLAT sheet . . .

  160. Scouty says:

    Love the pale blue and natural St. Bart Stripe Duvet Cover for $350.00. So I if possible, put the give away amount towards this lovely piece!

  161. Langela says:

    The duvet cover and the curtains and the sheets and the pillows and…. Please enter me in this awesome giveaway. Tricia’s products are so beautiful!

  162. Tandy says:

    Definitely the Orkney tablecloth and napkin set. I can imagine them being handed down a few generations. Beautiful stuff.

  163. Phyllis says:

    oohh…smooth white sheets…Christmas day….stay in bed all day….being a retailer is so much fun at this time of the year…but so hard on one’s sleeping time…nice thoughts..I think I’ll dream some more!

  164. Jen says:

    Sheets please! King size. White. Yum!!!

  165. Rachel says:

    The sheets….pleeeease!

  166. Aoi says:

    Smooth white sheets, for sure. Then I’d start saving up for a natural duvet cover. I’m visiting my mother, sleeping on her couch, so I’m especially vulnerable right now.

  167. Jen H. says:

    the nicest thing- even if you don’t make the bed, it still looks gorgeous, but because of those sheets, if I won them, I’d never make the bed- I’d want everyone to revel in their awesomeness! This is a fantastic giveaway!

  168. Lorri-Ann says:

    I would put my winnings towards king size sheets for my soon to be purchased new bed. We have been living in our office for almost a year while a never ending remodel is underway at home. What a celebration it will be to wake up on those sheets in my home again.

  169. Tamra says:

    Oh how beautiful. I think I would choose a combination of the bolsters and cushions. Thank you for the chance!

  170. Kelly says:

    Smooth white bed sheets! Perfect for humid summers down here Florida. Maybe they’ll keep my hair from frizzing too!

  171. Flossie says:

    Now that I’ve got my house decorated (It IS December 1st!) I have time to enter for the marvy sheets. Hope I get picked.

  172. Jasmine says:

    Oh, pick me, please Magic Random Machine!!!!
    I would delighted with any of this linen. I signed up for her newsletter, and asked for samples, and have even blogged about this lovely linen (except it is queued to be able to post next week when I am not going to be able to blog).
    Anything, and I will ask Santa for more sheets and pillow slips too. Thank you!

  173. Megan says:

    Smooth white linen queen sheets! I love that she does this the old fashioned way. Down with fitted sheets!

  174. Kerri says:

    The tablecloths are beautiful but I would really love fancy sheets!

  175. MichelleG says:

    Beautiful linens! Would love the chance to win the smooth white tablecloth and napkins!

  176. Nancy412 says:

    sheets…white billowing sheets…please

  177. Emma says:

    Karen…quit taunting me with beautiful things. It’s not good for my bank account. Seriously.

    I LOVE it all, but I think my fave is the Orkney Duvet Cover. It’s making me very wanty.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway, Karen! And, it would be so great if you could pick me as the winner this time… 🙂

  178. Tessa says:

    Oh my oh my it would have to be the smooth white 72 x 118 smooth white tablecloth & a set of orkney napkins. how divine would they look on my farmer’s table – oh boy!

  179. Petra says:

    Deffinitely Orkney Tablecloth, I am sure it would love to live with us in Budapest:)

  180. Stef says:

    Wow. I would choose the Orkney duvet cover…and the smooth linen sheets. As a weaver, I really appreciate the luxury of these textiles. Absolutely gorgeous!

  181. Babie Knoop says:

    OMGOSH! I love everything! I love this woman! What a simply delightful lady! I watched almost all her videos until I was late for my appointments….almost called and canceled a few so I could watch more! ha! I’m going back to the site today later so I can devour the rest! I would take ANYTHING she had on that site. OH and I LOVED her house in London that is on one of the videos! Thank you Karen for turning me on to this amazing lady and her goods! I especially love the smooth linen sheets and pillow cases and the story behind them too!

  182. Jen says:

    Definitely the smooth white bed linens. She has a great tutorial on making the bed with two flats sheets, if anyone’s interested.

  183. Jess says:

    How beautiful! I am also drooling over the sheets and pillow cases!

  184. Olivia says:

    Oh wow, I love everything in her shop. I already own a linen duvet cover that I absolutely LOVE and wanted 4 years before I actually splurged on it.
    The St. Barts curtains are so pretty and fresh and of course I’d need 2 bolsters, too!

  185. Cynthia Earle says:

    I love this linen soooo much. I would love to have a table cloth and 8 napkins in the gorgeous natural Orkney linen, but the white is wonderful too. I have a slightly odd (apparently was a custom job) sized antique table. It’s 44″ x 83″.
    Do you suppose she could make a length and width that would work?

    Loved your sheet folding video by the way. You are a hoot. I look forward to every post.

  186. Karen Anderson says:

    Having Orkney ancestry myself, I’d choose the table cloth and napkins.
    “Boreas domus, Mare amicus”! (The motto on the Orkney crest–the north our home, the sea our friend.)

  187. Jem says:

    Ooh, I just LOVE the smooth white tablecloth, especially with the raw edge hem. I would love the medium size one, with 6 of the 16″ matching smooth white napkins. I love the juxtaposition of the eternal elegance of white linen and the effortless and casual look of it unironed. These linens would look beautiful in any setting–but especially in my slowly-evolving dining room! Thanks!

  188. Linda Carlson says:

    Oh, those smooth white linen sheets are calling my name!

  189. megan says:

    Coveting it all! Love the sheets, love the tablecloths, love the napkins, love the….you get the idea. It’s all so pretty!

  190. Pam says:

    I’ve never had a “nice” bed set so I think I would use the $ towards going all the way with the Rough Linen Bed Makeover… My favorite look is the Orkney… I have a hard enough time getting out of bed with my el-cheap-oh bedding… I’d never want to leave if I were surrounded by Tricia Rose’s treats…


  191. Courtney Bushway says:

    How do you pick just one?
    If forced, I love the Orkney Duvet Cover in Queen.

  192. Jan says:

    I’d like just one of those Queen sheets – a second one would be nice, too 🙂 Sounds divine!

  193. Tara says:

    o my- i love it! I think that I’d have to avoid anything white since I have 2 small kids but the orkney tablecloth & napkins are amazing. since the duvet cover would cost almost as much as my king size bed! I guess that is out… but then again do you want tiny kids puking on such stuff… nah. Table linens it is for at least another 4 years.

  194. Krista says:

    I love the St. Bart curtains! And the sheets. And the napkins. And the tablecloth. Crud. This is harder than I thought…

  195. Laura C says:

    I love the Orkney Natural in King. After reading Tricia’s website, all my frustrations aver making my bed were revealed. All of my fitted sheets perform the exact annoying actions that she described. And the smaller top sheet? Don’t get me started. I sent a link to my DH to let him know it’s not me that causes the top sheet to be missing from his side of the bed (even thought I do have a death grip on it for some reason)…. I do have one question for you, Karen? Does your fella have that “funky” man smell? I literally have boiled pillow cases to get that funk out of them. Hoping the linen ones may have better resistance to that horror.

  196. pve says:

    If I were to get married again….I would wear linen.
    I love linen!

  197. Pauline says:

    Beautiful!! I’d love to see the Orkney Bedskirt on my bed….but then I’m not sure if I could stop there, the shams are beautiful also. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  198. Kim says:

    OH MY! Everything is lovely, x2!
    I’d need a king bed makeover please 🙂

  199. Jenny says:

    I’d use it towards a set of 2 white linen queen sized sheets. They look sooooooooo beautiful

  200. Lovely giveaway! I would choose the white orkney duvet cover – so beautiful!!

  201. wendy says:

    Oh! I so want the King sheet set! Or maybe some curtains to go with it!!! Hmm… Everything looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on this site! Thanks for sharing!

  202. Sarah W. says:

    I love the orkney tablecolth and napkins! All of her products are beautiful!

  203. Caitlin says:

    I’m crazy about the St.Barts duvet cover, the yellow and white one, and I’d go straight for that!

  204. Diane Amick says:

    OMG – the st barts curtains are to die for…I’ve always wanted pure linen drapes to put in any room. Love, love, love them!

  205. Jen A says:


    Duvet cover … and sheets … sheets next to skin. duvet cover next to sheets. and Orkney is fun to say so that’s what i’d go for. Orkney.

    Thanks Karen and especially Tricia Rose!


  206. Mary says:

    Pillow cushions! We are building a cottage… in each and every one of her wonderful colors!

  207. Lita says:

    I think I would also love to have a sheet set.

  208. Kim says:

    So, am I the *only* one who didn’t know that high quality bedding “linen” was made from, uh, linen? I thought linen was for summer clothes…never knew it made soft & casually elegant bedding and table dressings. Tricia’s sheets put my highfaluting Egyptian cotton sheets to shame. I have a weirdly shaped dining room table and she has such varied tablecloth sizes that I’m sure I could put her orkney tablecloth to good use…and who doesn’t get a giggle out of the word “orkney?!”

  209. Emie says:

    Sheets… definitely the sheets… they look so luxurious!!!!!

  210. claire says:

    Sheets! Oh, glorious sheets. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win!

  211. Jess Hill says:

    Does Tricia make rough linens capes?!

    I would like a rough linen cape please!

  212. Erika says:

    I would love a natural queen sheet set, but I’ll take anything that you choose to send to me! Thanks!

  213. Christine says:

    I’d have to get the orkney duvet cover. Or put the money towards it. Beautiful.

  214. Glenda says:

    I feel a serious need for that natural orkney tablecloth. If I win, i’ll even repaint my dining room to match it. The St. Bart’s duvet covers are on my covet list as well.

  215. Amanda says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh……..the natural bedskirt with brown buttons. In the process of a bedroom remodel – and this would be perfect!!!!!!!!

  216. Tracie says:

    Wow, so beautiful…I’d pick two Queen size sheets, but would be ecstatic with any one of her items. Everything just looks so cozy and comfy. And I so love the idea of non-fitted sheets. I was going to whine a little at there being no crafty post today, but how can I do that now?? I think you just might be a bit crafty! I did manage to get my glowing orbs to look fantastic though, thank you! I hope I win, I hope I win…..

  217. Beth says:

    Someone will be very happy, very soon! Hope it’s me! Sheets, napkins, pillowcases – very hard to decide!

  218. Tammy V says:

    Too many decisions. Probably the duvet cover in the smooth white….

    Signed up for the newsletters too!

  219. Tammi D says:

    wow, choosing is difficult, but I would go with the Ornkey napkins and table cloth. So gorgeous!

  220. Laura says:

    I love the tablecloth and napkins…Give me another excuse to invite my friends and family over for dinner!

  221. Kristin says:

    Oh my. The Orkney tablecloth wins, but I did stare at the buttons on the duvet and pillow shams for about 20 minutes. I think I’m obsessed.

  222. Liz S. says:

    I would love the Orkney table cloth with Orkney and Smooth White napkins.

  223. Jonna says:

    I’d love the queen size sheets, but if she really wants us to stick with tablecloths, I’d be completely happy with the Orkney – honestly, it’s just all so ridiculously beautiful!!

  224. Rose says:

    Oh M GEE!!!!! I would love love love the sheets! However, the tablecloth in the natural state, mmmm hot chocolate!

    Having two kids under age 5 though, how would linen stand up to spills?

  225. Yvonne says:

    Everything looks wonderful I couldn’t pick.. unless I won then I guess I would have to (but I could live with that!) 😛

  226. Stephanie P says:

    I think I’d splurge and go for the sheets, though the table cloths are beautiful too.

  227. Betty says:

    I love everything, but I would take the tablecloth and napkins so I could show off with them. I can just imagine having guests over to dinner. I would be envied by everyone.

  228. Oh my, I just got lost in the Rough Linen website. I think I need sheets. And pillow cases. And a bedskirt. And a duvet cover. Oh heck, I need it all!

  229. Sarah says:

    I love the Orkney cushion covers {esp. designs E, P & Q}. I just bought a new couch and these would be awesome throw cushions. Or sheets. Or a duvet cover. Hell. These are all awesome!

  230. Judy Bales says:

    I would like to have two panels of the Smooth White Linen Curtains.

  231. ginger says:

    Oh my GOODness! What a fabulous giveaway! First of all, Thanks, Karen….you ROCK! And, thanks so much to Tricia for gracing us with her beautiful work and generous giveaway. I think I would have to choose either the curtains or cushion covers. It would definitely have to be something I could see everyday because they are just so pretty! 🙂

  232. Ann says:

    Wow!! I think the word is getting out that you have the bestest contests of all time. I am impressed with the number of comments but of course, that lowers my chances significantly of winning….

    I would go with sheets. I love the naturalness of linen and the fact that it should last forever and beyond. Imagine having to will your linen sheets to one of your children or grandchildren.

  233. KB says:


    I’d choose a coupla king sheets!

  234. Angie says:

    I’d go for the sheets!

  235. Jillian says:

    I love the simple pure white sheets!

  236. Melanie Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing. Everything looks so beautiful. It would be hard to choose. I need it all.

  237. Wendy says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Hard to choose but the tablecloth/napkins would be wonderful.

  238. Jennie says:

    I would LOOOOOOOVE to win the table cloth and napkins! My dining room table is a weird size and I can never find 1 that I like that fits just right. These fabrics are just my style and I can have them made to fit my table. Sounds like a win to me!!

  239. Chrissy says:

    I want those sheets!

  240. kat says:

    Sheeeeets!!!! Yeah!!! Hell yah! The mattress before the current one was so horrible, nothing fit on it, and i was able to finally get some fitted ones from garnet hill that didn’t act like they were possessed, migrating to the South Pole in the middle of the night, and laughing in my face at my ambition to have a nice tidy bed. Death to pillowtop mattresses.

    I completely am on the boat with Tricia Rose’s hatred of fitted sheets: “I am incensed whenever I have to make a bed with a mean spirited, stingily proportioned fitted sheet – straining to get the last corner down, seeing the sides roll up again like window shades if the elastic isn’t hooked under the bottom.”

    Karen, no wonder you and Tricia Rose get on like houses, I think you both have the gift of the gab, been to Blarney anytime recently?

  241. Jenn says:

    Oh love. I would love the queen duvet cover (natural). I would find a way to finance the difference. So lovely.

  242. Jules says:

    What is this thing you call an iron??? never heard of it…would kill for the ORKNEY Tablecloth and Napkins- gorgeous!
    Thanks Karen!

  243. Lisa says:

    I would definitely have to have the sheets! I love the tablecloth and napkins too, but sheets first, then table linens. Beautiful stuff!

  244. Gettinby says:

    I have always wanted something made of actual linen. So I’d take whatever she sent!

  245. Kirsten says:

    I dream of such linens, pure and simple.

  246. Heather says:

    Ironing is for the birds! I think I’d like the tablecloth!

  247. Maureen K. says:

    Would love the white tablecloth but have to agree with Clem about red wine spillage so probably the white sheets & pillowcases, please & thank you.

  248. Elizabeth Haselden says:

    Always wanted a really nice sheet set but could never justify forking the money over. I would definitely pick the white linen sheet set.

  249. Joanne says:

    I’m so excited that you chose Rough Linen from your sponsors to do the giveaway. I could not leave her site not just because of the beautiful products she offers, but the true genuine nature of the whole enterprise. It’s so full of heart! I love it. I want to crawl into that bed with her and snuggle (in a good way!). And yes, the picture of the tablecloth got me at hello as well. It would be really hard to choose, but I think I would have to go with a king size duvet cover and pick up the rest of it the cost, and throw in some shams and I will be in heaven. Pick me, please, computer thingamabob! You’re the best Karen!

  250. Claire says:

    Orkney duvet and shams. Her stuff is so beautiful!

  251. Jenn says:

    Ooo where to start???!!!! I think I’d start my collection with sheets. Yep, def take care of bed then move to tablecloth. Crossing my fingers:)

  252. Jenni says:

    I would pay the difference and get the King Size Orkney Duvet Cover and save up to get the shams, then the sheets. I would be sleeping in the lap of luxury

  253. Kat says:

    Oh geez, asking me to pick just one thing from Tricia’s website is like asking me to pick my favorite child! 😉 I have long drooled over her Orkney duvet, and can’t even decide if I would want the natural or the white, but I could force myself to choose one of those if I win, and pay the difference just so that I could snuggle up in bed with some of her beautiful linens! Thank you to both you and Tricia for the chance to win!

    Kat 🙂

  254. Lisa says:

    I have wanted a rough linen duvet cover for a long time, so that is what I’d choose….. I think. Everything is so pretty.

  255. Olwen says:

    I would love the Orkney tablecloth and some smooth white napkins. They would look beautiful on my 80+ year old table!

  256. Sara says:

    The tablecloth and napkins are beautiful and perfect since I am allergic to ironing! However,
    I am allergic to morning too so the sheets would be absolutely heavenly…what a dilemia! 🙂

  257. Angie says:

    Oh, those dreamy Orkney curtains…. that’s what I would get!!! Then, I’d have to get new furniture to match the curtains, but I’m totally OK with that.

  258. Abbie says:

    That fabric looks absolutely deliciously dreamy! As a super hot, bed sweat-er myself, I would LOVE to get my hands on two of those airy looking white queen sheets, or a white queen duvet cover.

    The table cloths look amazing, but I think I’d be too afraid to eat over a table cloth that nice. A single staining spill would seem like the end of the world!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  259. KittyCardea says:

    I’d choose:
    58″ x 108″ Natural Orkney Tablecloth – $160
    8″ diameter x 32″ long Natural Orkney Bolster – $50
    Orkney cushion Q $35

    Total: $245

  260. Trish U says:

    I would pick the tablecloth and napkins or perhaps some sheets for my king bed. I would of course have to ban my messy husband and 3 year old from eating on my new tablecloth 🙂

  261. Pati says:

    I want the white tablecloth and napkin set. Linen is my FAVORITE fabric ! LUUUUUUUUUUUURVE IT !!!!!

  262. Aaron says:

    As a textile designer, I can attest that linen is the best! I love the natural tablecloth and napkins and I’m liking the bolster pillow as well.

  263. Jeanne says:

    The Orkney Tablecloth and the smooooth White Napkins…….I drooled over every picture. How
    wonderful to find someone so true to their love and talent.

  264. Sandi says:

    I love the Orkney table cloth. That is definitely what I would choose!

  265. Janet says:

    Love the queen smooth white………they look delicious!

  266. Jody M says:

    I’m actually torn between the sheets and the napkins. I love cloth napkins and that’s all we use, in fact. Thanks for the chance to win!

  267. Amanda says:

    Wow, definitely the sheets. They look amazing!

  268. kelly says:

    I want to empty my entire house and start again…with linen, linen, linen….i love it all
    it’s so fresh and airy and then i’d fill all the corners with fresh lavender…oh bliss

  269. Ruth says:

    I have been to the Rough Linen site from clicking on your ads a couple of times just to drool and dream. I would take absolutely anything from this lady, but have been dying to have a decent tablecloth for years. And sheets. And a duvet. and, and, and…..

  270. kate says:

    Would love love love the duvet cover..BEAUTIFUL!!!

  271. Christine says:

    i loooove linen. i would choose sheets i think, nothing like really great sheets and pillowcases! that being said my 88 year old grandma DID just teach me how to fold a fitted sheet a few weeks ago…

  272. Barbara Hill says:

    A set of Queen size sheets. Only problem I can see is it would be REAL hard to get myself out of bed for “life” ( work, checking Karen’s site, and the other few things I do each day). Must start saving $$$ for this!!! Pretty sure I will not win. Odds will be great, cause we will all want to win this one!!! Blessings on your day KAREN.

  273. sophie says:

    So hope I win the queen sheets, they look absolutely amazing!

  274. alyssa says:

    I’m dreaming of a full sized set of the bed sheets! I also share the fella’s sweating/body heat issues, but I still love beautiful sheets!

  275. Ashley K says:

    I’d love to get the white tablecloth and maybe some pillows for my bed!
    The fabric looks wonderful though!

  276. Gloria says:

    Yes these are the ones you would want to have forever!!!!! and when they wear out… bite the bullet and buy more…..I would love….love…to have two creamy flat sheets…..or I guess I could just lay on the table…..LOL….thank you for this chance… are a doll….

  277. LoriD says:

    I think I’d have to put it towards a gorgeous duvet cover or sheet set. My formal dining occasions are minimal.

  278. Nicole2 says:

    Pheeeeew! Took me 15 minutes to get to the end of the comments! I would definitely like the Queen size sheets because they are, well, fit for a Queen! (That would be me by the way!) You spend a third of your life in bed, might as well do it in style. And who knows, if I win, I might just do like Tricia and only get out of bed to pee….Teehee!

  279. Jenny says:

    No need to look, I want the tablecloth and napkins!

  280. suburban prep says:

    I like the queen pure white linen sheets and the shams.

  281. Suzy says:

    The sheets. I love the idea of 2 flat sheets. Hitting my head with a big dope slap because it is so obvious once you think of it. I liked the video of you folding the sheets but I will keep to my way of doing it. Take one pillow case fold the flat sheet nicely then take the other pillow case and the fitted sheet and shove everything in the first pillow case – it works every time and you can always find a matched set.

  282. Bobbi says:

    Well, I went to her site the other day and watched the videos and watched the cutie pie young man put on a duvet cover and have had linen on my mind ever since. I was as feeling so bad that I probably could never afford such luxurious sheets and here you go and tell me I could win some linen…..king sheets for me for sure………pick me…pick me….

  283. I already revere both of you. And linen tablecloths.
    Please pick me, random computerized thingamajig!

  284. Monique says:

    I have followed Tricia for a couple years now, and I probably think about her linen sheets every other day. Honestly, I would be happy with anything from this very talented woman. Linen is a way of life.

  285. Erin Louise says:

    I am in love with the orkney tablecloth and napkins, so sophisticated!!

  286. Jac says:

    The St Barts curtain looks wonderful and I would love to have them!

  287. charlene says:

    I would definitely pick the sheets. I also have a man with the sweating problem. The sheets sound wonderful.

  288. Amy Burcher says:

    If I won I wouldn’t even think twice about getting the Orkney Duvet Cover. Luscious!

  289. Tris says:

    Oh! Curtains or sheets…I just can’t decide! Not on the color either. Sheesh! Decisions decisions decisions. EEK! Thanks for the opportunity, Karen!

  290. angela says:

    I would love to try the sheets, they would be lovely to get into on a hot summers day!

  291. Debby Hennessy says:

    Love the Rough Linen website! I went to the site last week after seeing it on one your blogs about being a favorite for gift giving. Be happy to have anything from this beautiful collection. However, I have to say your description of the sheets sounds more than appealing! Great give away!

  292. hunter says:

    Two Twin Duvet covers…

    The Boy and I sleep under separate duvets (marital harmony demands it) and I’ve been wanting linen ones for-EVER. Pretty pretty please?

  293. jewdicat says:

    I adore the St Bart’s collection…the blue/white curtains are especially pretty.

  294. Brandy says:

    So hard to make a decision. I would love the sheets because how lovely that would be, such an indulgence! But I would probably go with the St Barts natural and white curtain. They are so lovely, they remind me of what I think a beach house should be, and I really need curatins

  295. Eric says:

    White sheets. Gotta go traditional on this. Beautiful!

  296. JoJo says:

    Oh my – I’d have to go for the tablecloth + napkins. Every dinner party would be a winner with these gorgeous pieces of linen heaven!

  297. Meadowlark says:

    Anything from the St. Barts collection … these colors make me want to cry they’re so gorgeous. YUM! Or maybe king linene sheets. And a bolster or 6. Too many decisions, but pick me so I can be “forced” to decide!

  298. elle says:

    Oh I would LOVE some new sheets!

  299. Jessica says:

    I’d go for the layered tablecloth look – one smooth white, one orkney. I agree with you – having a tablecloth that looks that good AND doesn’t need ironing would be amazing!

  300. Kera says:

    Orkney tablecloth is so fabulous looking, but so is the smooth white!
    I would have to do both I am afraid.

    Wow! Beautiful!

  301. taria says:

    I love those orkney panels or the sheets or really any of the beautiful things she sells. BTW, my birthday is the 5th. What a great gift?

  302. Tara says:

    I’d go with the White Duvet cover. So pretty!

  303. Brie says:

    Swoon! I have two toddlers, my own business, and a husband who works 80 hours a week. So much screaming!- the toddlers are pretty loud too…. I need a place to go to escape!!!!! Three words- WHITE LINEN SHEETS! I bet Jesus sleeps on these…..divine. Thank you for the opportunity to feel luxurious Karen.

  304. Wow this is beautiful linen! I would buy the Orkney Bolsters and a few Orkney cushions for my bed. It would be lovely against my white bedding!

  305. Tamra says:

    Oh my goodness! To choose is HARD! Most likely I would be totally selfish and choose sheets for our bed which would get used ALL THE TIME! If I was less inclined to be selfish I would choose linens for the table..but I’m goin’ totally with bed linens! Computer, pick me, pick me!!! LOL By the way, just found your site two weeks ago and I have been checking it out thoroughly EVERY day…at work (during lunch, of course..he he) and at home after kids are tucked in bed. I’m totally hooked and love your sense of humor. You are a fave site on my list! Just sayin’…..

  306. oooooooohh the Orkney Queen Duvet bleached of course. I look longingly up the Bay as I drive across the Bay Bridge and think of all that fabulous linen Tricia is keeping warm for me. I would love to come by and pick it up and meet this lovely woman. I’m so in love with textiles!

  307. Andrea says:

    I love the Orkney Natural Linen! Its so beautiful!
    A set of 6 napkins and a matching tablecloth would be the most wonderful thing in the world! Totally beautiful with my white and grey table setting! SIGH-of-longing.

  308. Niki Mills says:

    Oh no doubt the St Bart curtins are amazing. Either way I have to have them. Im a total linen junky. Love to see im not alone.

  309. Becky S. says:

    Two bolsters and lots of pillow covers.

  310. Amy says:

    Gorgeous! I’d love to have the smooth white Duvet!

  311. I just found you through Tricia’s blog. You’re a very good, entertaining writer.

    I love Tricia’s products and I’ve been saving my pennies to get my own set of sheets. I think I would get a bedskirt. With three cats, I have huge kitty hair tumbleweeds under the bed and this would disguise them.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  312. Renee says:

    Well,…let’s see,…orkney natural duvet cover,…yes,….and the natural pillow shams,…oh, and the bed skirt,…and maybe also that books she’s reading, too.

    That or the table setting in the photo. That’s really beautiful!

  313. Smooth white sheets and pillow covers! I’m a sucker for nice bedding!

  314. diana says:

    I’d put $250 towards gorgeous Smooth White tablecloth and 8 napkins. Absolutely gorgeous!

  315. Jennifer says:

    I’d go for sheets and napkins. 🙂

  316. Beth says:

    Wow! These are amazing! I would definitely get the orkney tablecloth and smooth white napkins and would feel like Martha Stewart 🙂

  317. Stacie Sawvell says:

    white orkney duvet cover although I would like it all!

  318. Stephanie says:

    Wow! Those linens look beautiful!!

    I would definitely go with the duvet cover because I am always looking for a nice comfy new one. I would definitely kick in the extra $100 for that!

  319. martha welch says:

    I would love to have the smooth white sheets! Gorgeous! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  320. Jessy says:

    I have been thinking of making my own linen duvet cover for about a year, because I HATE ironing my duvet cover. So a duvet cover that looks best wrinkled is right up my alley. And if I dont have to make it, it’s even better! Thanks for the opportunity!

  321. Those tablecloths look dreamy!!! I want one!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  322. Anna says:

    The white sheets definitely. It never occurred to me to use 2 flat sheets!

  323. martha welch says:

    Would love some of the fabulous sheets! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  324. sandra says:

    I would love to snuggle down on those white sheets! Of course i wouldn’t mind chowing down on that Orkney table cloth either.

  325. L. Kolar says:

    Something from the St Barts collection, the colour combinations are gorgeous, and would make my tiny little bedroom a joyous place to be.

  326. Lynda Stone says:

    Oh definitely the tablecloth/napkins would be my pick… I’m for ANYTHING that doesn’t need ironing.

  327. Deborah says:

    I would love the white tablecloth. Could it be made for a 60 inch round table?

  328. cristinemcc says:

    Blessings to you Karen & the very talented Tricia Rose for such a generous promotion.
    The sheet & shams have caught my eye…

  329. Darla McKeown says:

    I would love a set of these lovely linens!

  330. Gwen says:

    I have a boyfriend who sweats and drools in his sleep too. Actually, he sweats, I drool. We are a mess. Better go with the tablecloth and napkins.

    Please :o)

  331. latenac says:

    I’m torn between the sheets and the Orkney tablecloth. We have sheets we like but no nice tablecloth for company and it would look lovely with our dishes.

  332. Susan says:

    I would soooo love the smoooth white linen duvet!

  333. LaineyDid says:

    Oh, those sheets……I want them SO badly! I have stage 3 infammatory breast cancer and they would be awesome to sleep in. Yup, I’m doing it- I’m playing the cancer card, that’s how badly I want them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  334. Kim says:

    Wow, what a generous and amazing give-away! Thanks to both Tricia and Karen! If I were the lucky winner, I’d go with the sheets or orkney tablecloth.

  335. Carol S says:

    What gorgeous linens and what a generous giveaway, Tricia and Karen! I would adore the Smooth White Linen twin sheets for my own cozy little bed down here in Texas.

  336. Laura says:

    The tablecloth and napkins are beautiful, and the bedding and curtains aren’t too shabby either. How do you even decide? I want it all!

  337. Kelly R. says:

    Those white sheets make it look like you’d be sleeping on a cloud! I would definitely choose the sheets (queen)!! Thanks so much for letting us know about Rough Linen!

  338. Laurence says:

    Ever since you posted about Rough Linens a few days ago I have been storming the internet to look for as much info about linen beddings as I can. I subscribed to the newsletter and am impatiently waiting for my fabric samples!

    I would buy sheets faster than I can blink.

  339. Susan says:

    OH please, please queen maker smile on me for the duvet cover!!!

  340. Nicole says:

    I despise ironing to my core…ironing can Suck It! Everything in her shop looks so lovely… but since I do not own ANY nice sheets I would put my $250 towards 2 white queen size linen sheets 🙂

  341. Trissi V. says:

    I want…I want…I want it ALL. I am fascinated with the bed makeover though. The Duvet and pillow shams are fabulous (and would look ever so pretty on my new bed).

  342. TrinaH says:

    I would put it toward king sheets. I have been looking and looking for good sheets!

  343. Linda Gribuski says:

    I can dream, can’t I?? The white sheets duvet would be lovely.

  344. Alissa says:

    Oh wow, definitely the sheets for me! I’ll bet those would result in some divine slumbers!

  345. Mary Anne says:

    Love, love, love Tricia’s products. I’m redoing my bedroom right now and would love…everything! I am lusting after the Bart’s blue and white curtains. And Orkney sheets and duvet cover. Hard to keep it to $250!

  346. Beth Chapman says:

    ooooooooo i want all of it!

  347. tashnnuva says:

    i would love to get the tablecloth and napkins because believe it or not, due to tight budget and my passion for quality stuff (which are usually priced so high i can reach only one at a time)i still dont have any tablecloth 🙁

  348. Amy says:

    I like the sheets (in king) and the pillow slips. 🙂

  349. Nancy says:

    WOW…so hard to decide..table cloth and napkins would be great..but curtains would be beautiful also..everything she has is so beautiful…

  350. Angela N says:

    I have the white linen table cloth on my christmas list. I would also love a fantastic set of sheets. So hard to choose!

  351. Tracy says:

    Everything looks really wonderful so I would be pretty happy with anything!
    The prices are really quite good considering the longevity of linen.

  352. Ashley Williams says:

    I just loved the neutral and white striped duvet cover. Sooo pretty.

  353. Teresa says:

    Oooohhh, I’m in love. The orkney bedskirt would be fantastic to hide all the dustbunnies that live underneath my bed.

  354. kristin says:

    Actually, I really would love the tablecloth and napkin set. The idea of not having to iron them really appeals to me!

  355. Sarah says:

    LOVE! I absolutely adore the white linen tablecloth with the raw edges – Thanks for sharing a new vendor whose product is one of a kind!

  356. Barb says:

    I LOVE the Orkney natural tablecloth & napkins! It would be great fun to set my holiday table with these linens and then mix in other organic elements like pinecones, cedar and rosehips.

  357. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous! I love this tablecloth and napkin combo. These would definitely enhance any dinner. Looking at the website, though, I’m pining for the St.Barts curtains in blue & white…or the white sheets…or the cushions…or the pillow slips…or…

  358. Ann Boughton says:

    This would look so cool on my perfectly aged library table. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  359. Amanda says:

    I would love to have some new sheets to snuggle into!

  360. Victoria says:


  361. Marie says:

    Karen and Tricia, thank you for giving us this opportunity. I’d have to go with the white linen sheets because I’d be too afraid of spilling red wine on table linens. Of course I’d also have to give my whole room a makeover to make it worthy of such beautiful sheets!

  362. carolmcc says:

    like you, i have dreamed of real linen sheets for years…2 queen bleached rough linen sheets…then i would have an excuse to buy myself two shams, and maybe even a duvet cover. these are just exquisite.

  363. Nicole Jones says:

    everything looks so soft and wonderful…i think i really would want the Orkney Tablecloth, because my table is incredibly ugly and the tablecloth would instantly make it beautiful..

  364. Kristina says:

    GASP. I love her wares. I was just drooling over them the other day. I am also sad she doesn’t make bedspreads anymore. So, maybe two orkney smaller tablecloths to sew together?

  365. misskher says:

    Embarassingly enough, I’ve never had proper sheets! Just cheap, crappy ones that I got at Loblaws and I hate them. I would love to have beautiful sheets!!!

  366. Allison says:

    those napkins are beautiful

  367. Allison Watson says:

    King bed makeover!! What could be a better treat for a sleep-deprived mama of 14 month-old twins? I just know they’d fall back to sleep under these sheets when they wake up at 5 a.m. and I try to snuggle them back to sleep in bed with me 🙂

  368. Nancy says:

    In my kingdom linen would be the only fabric I would have in my castle. I would love to win and I’d choose the curtains in smooth white.

  369. Katie King says:

    I’ll take that gigantic white linen tablecloth, please. Thank you! 🙂

  370. Mary says:

    You’ve already chosen the best – again!
    The tablecloths and napkins in your picture are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  371. Katy says:

    The bedding looks so comfy! I would put the $250 towards two queen sheets.

  372. Celeste says:

    I’d probably swap the tablecloth for two sets of queen sheets, which I desperately need. I was planning on purchasing at least four sheet sets from my local discount store but why not try and win some beautiful, quality sheets that will last me for many years?

  373. TRICIA says:

    I love the tablecloth but seriously would love the sheets. You can’t go wrong with good, comfy sheets. So I definitely would go with the sheets and the shams!

  374. Patricia says:

    Would give away my first born for the Orkney Duvet Cover Queen Size!!!! Or at least a $250 credit towards it!

    Me please!

  375. OK, serious awesome giveaway! I have been a big fan of Rough Linen and would loooove to win some! I guess I would have to choose St Barts Curtains… they are gorg! Thanks for the chance to win!

  376. susan warder says:

    I think I’d choose the sheets. I’m guessing they’re more than just step up from thrift store bed covers.

  377. Megs says:

    Without a doubt I would go for the sheets. They look fab!

  378. Michelle says:

    Bed skirt!!! Bed skirt!! They are beautiful! Pick me! Pick me!

  379. nancy says:

    Its all amazing, i hate ironing, tablecloth is my top pick, random selector thingy please pick me.

  380. Yvonne says:

    Definitely the Orkney Natural Tablecloth with Smooth White Napkins for me. I have too many patterned tablecloths which just ‘don’t do it’ for me anymore.

  381. jacj says:

    I would love the smooth white linen sheet sets. There is a good chance I wouldn’t let my husband sleep in them, he is also a stinky sleeper.

  382. Mary Bristol says:

    I ‘NEED’ the sheets! I’ve finally purchased a new mattress set after using the old one for well over a decade…..I really really really need sheets!
    I’m not even picky about the color…

  383. Elizabeth says:

    I would definitely get some queen sheets in white! I’ve been working towards a master bedroom makeover, and those would just be the very best cherry on top!

  384. Natalie says:

    Karen you make these linens sound heavenly. I think I would either go for sheets or a duvet cover. Or a table cloth, or curtains. But that bolster thing on the bed looks really comfy too!

  385. Lynn says:

    Without question…. Orkney Natural – 2 shams, 2 bolsters, & 1 square pillow. I want to cry they are so beautiful. But I will not cry, nor will I wipe my tears on my new linen.

    Thanks for introducing us to this amazing woman, amazing site, and amazing woman Karen.

  386. Chrys says:

    I would choose the Orkney natural sheets–they’re gorgeous!

  387. Jen says:

    Ohh, I’d take the sheets! Maybe even sheets and a sham. Sigh. I wouldn’t leave the bed either.

  388. kelly says:

    Well its happening again… I can’t decide. I would be overjoyed with any of the products as I could put them all to good use. I guess if I listen to my heart and chose the one which makes it thump wildly with anticipation it would be the sheets… oh to roll around in luxury.

  389. Tess says:

    Hard to say really. If I win and get the sheets, I’ll not permit husband to sleep on them, so then maybe I should get the Orkney tablecloth and white linen napkins, but not allow any food on the table. Waiting until Tuesday to toss a coin.

  390. gloria says:

    I’m hoping, she will one day make nightgowns. Think about THAT for a minute…ok, minute’s up, fantasy’s over. Until such time, I would love anything she makes, but will choose the tablecloth. I’d like to have one good thing to leave to my family after I’m gone. (hopefully not today, just someday 🙂

  391. Sherry says:

    Oh. OH! Duvet cover, pillow slips and curtains please.

  392. Sandy says:

    I would definitely get one of every orkney Q pillow. Not sure if they add to $250 but they are gorgeous!

  393. Beth says:

    ohhhhh, those sheets. I’d have to make my (drooly)husband sleep in a sleeping bag on top of them, but we could make it work!

  394. amber P says:

    Beautiful! I would pick the Orkney tablecloth or the Orkney white sheets! thank you for the giveaway!

  395. Annie says:

    Oh my! orkney tablecloth! truly coveting one of those! Drooling, just like “the fella”.

  396. Lisa says:

    Sheets, all the way. I tried buying linen sheets in Ireland, and it worked out to about $800. I might start saving some pennies for these.

  397. Carol Ann says:

    I’m with you sister. Give me the sheets any day!

  398. Paulina J! says:

    I would love the Orkney Duvet Cover. Does it come with that hanging bed and the view?

  399. susie says:

    wow! whst a give a way!

  400. Shannon says:

    I would love the white linen king sized sheet with two king sized pillow sheets. My bedroom is on the 3rd floor of our house and gets very hot in the summer, I love the idea of having white sheets on the bed it seems to make the room cooler.

  401. Kari says:

    Would love the napkins and tablecloths!

  402. KJ says:

    Sheets. Sheets. Sheets.

  403. Nicole says:

    Yet another awesome resource, Karen – thanks for bringing Tricia’s products to a broader audience. I, myself, would love the giveaway like I am guessing it was first laid out – a 58″ x 108″ Orkney natural tablecloth and 6 16″ x 16″ Orkney natural napkins. SO lovely! Cheers to whoever wins!

  404. Liz W. says:

    How can you go wrong with the Orkney table cloth? I would pair them with the smooth white napkin.

  405. Lauren says:

    Sheets. Definitely sheets. I LOVE the feel of a soft, wonderful, heavenly bed!

  406. Giovanna says:

    love love love linen! me too, I remember sleeping in fantastic linen sheets at my granny’s cousin…so definitively sheets for me, king size…hope I win 😉

  407. Rachel says:

    So beautiful — thanks for introducing us to these products.

    I would love a duvet cover in orkney natural with the darker buttons. My husband and I are FINALLY updgrading to a queen bed from a double and I’d would be a real treat to upgrade the quality of our bedding at the same time!

  408. Katie says:

    I think I need those shams…

  409. Lynn Pratte says:

    I would pick the Orkney Tablecloth (58″ x 59″ • $130), Orkney Napkin (4 napkins 16” x 16″ @ $15 each) and Smooth White Napkin (4 napkins 16” x 16″@ $15 each). That would be 1 table cloth and 8 napkins. Total would be $250! I love the layered look of the napkins 🙂

  410. Allison says:

    You are telling me there is hope for those of us who slumber beside a hot, sweaty, “leave a sweat shadow on the sheet” guy? Omg! I thought I was out of options! Those sheets are for me, a nice queen set! Pick me, pick me!

  411. Jo-Ann Keith says:

    Oh my, I would have to have the tablecloth! Tricia made me a gorgeous king duvet with antler buttons and a set of Euro shams. I love, love, love them”

  412. Tanis says:

    I like the orkney duvet cover.

  413. Carole McGinnis says:

    Oh, sheets for sure…and she makes Cal King sheets, which can be hard to find. Yippee. There is nothing like quality sheets to sleep on. Fingers crossed here.

  414. Tracey says:

    Hands down, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the extra hundred dollars for such a beautiful product! I love the Orkney duvet cover in either the grey or white. The buttons are a beautiful touch. I wish everyone else luck but most of all, I want to be the winner. Linen is one of those good things in life, especially hand made. Thank you for the giveaway! It’s nice to see such generosity.

  415. Alayn says:

    I, like you have always wanted linen sheets, I would definately choose a set of 2 white king sheets, and pillow cases. I have never left a comment before, anywhere! That is how much I would love those sheets.

  416. Ellen says:

    They are soooooooooooooo beautiful….. I love real old linen.. have collected it for years from church sales, but have never found anything like these beauties. I’D ADORE REAL LINEN SHEETS. I wouldn’t be sure whether to feel like a crofter or a queen. Oh the dreams…..

  417. Kathe says:

    I bought some wonderful,crisp Egytian cotton sheets this summer and my Guy says,they are too loud,Go figure!Bed sheets would be awesome.

  418. I have a baby who really likes sweet potatoes, so I would have to place the tablecloth and napkin set in a place of honor on a shelf for a few years…

    There is not a single thing on her website that isn’t covetable. But if I HAD to choose, it would be a king-sized sheet in the smooth white. And maybe a pillowcase to match.

  419. andria says:

    love the napkins as well as the sheet set!

  420. Sarah Coviello says:

    OMG! The Orkney bed skirt, duvet cover and cushions are to die for!! Yum!

  421. Mary Anita M Kelly says:

    I would seriously want her tablecloth setting. I would want the orkney over the white. That is GORGEOUS!!!

  422. Courtney says:

    So tough to decide! Its all so beautiful. Having trouble deciding between the table cloth and napkins or the curtains. I want it all!!!

  423. Annie Miller says:

    Oh, Karen, what a lovely opportunity for one of your lucky readers. Thank you to you and Tricia Rose for this wonderful chance!

    Not only did I get to find a new–and incredible–source for great linens. I got to learn something about myself in the last few minutes.

    I saw the contest rules, went to the Rough Linen site, and promptly spent about 30 minutes crafting a comment about how deserving I was of a beautiful orkney table cloth and napkins from Rough Linen. I was practically singing, “Choose me, choose me, choose me!”

    But I got to the end of my comment and realized… I’ve been so blessed this year. Yet my best friend–who also happens to be my sister– has had one of the worst years of her life. At last, the dust seems to be settling for her, but at the age of 49, she is starting over, right down her kitchen utensils.

    I was planning to get her a snazzy pizza cutter for Christmas, but oh, what a pleasure it would be to wnn this giveaway–and then hand such a lovely gift over to her. Though her new home is tiny, I know she is looking forward to sharing it with friends and family, as she always has done with such grace.

    I salivate at the thought of wiping my, uh, salivations (sounds better than “saliva,” right?) with a gorgeous, hand-crafted orkney napkin. But the truth is, whatever pleasure I might gain were I chosen “The Winner,” well, it simply would never compare to the joy I would get in watching my wonderful sister receive it instead.

    Not only does she need a set of table linens–she would be deeply grateful.

    I really wanted to win this contest for myself. Wht I’ve won instead is the reminder that all is well in my little world, and that truly, I need nothing. I love the fact that my heart remembered..aand reminded me of what is imiportant. Doing for others, not just during the holidays, but all year ’round.

    Regardless of who wins, Karen, I just really want to thank you for sharing Rough Linen with your readers. Thanks, also, to Tricia Rose, for creating such beauty in a world that can be a little, well, rough.

    This will be my go-to site in the future when I need to give a special gift.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  424. Lilia says:

    Oh boy! I would get the orkney or white tablecloth and orkney napkins! They’re so beautiful! Or the bed sheets. They look so comfortable.

  425. Virginia says:

    Ack! Can’t decide between tablecloth & napkins or a set of sheets. Will make up my mind when I win!

    I wonder what size sheets I’d need for a queen mattress with an 18″ drop…?

    Rough Linen is jaw droppingly gorgeous!

  426. Inga says:

    Love the White Orkney Bedskirt!

  427. Carol says:

    I would choose the largest smooth white tablecloth as I have a HUGE dining table and this would be perfect!

  428. kier j says:

    sheets and pillow slips in smooth white linen – oh my!

  429. SamiJ says:

    I would go with the Smooth White Duvet cover. Or the pillow slips.

  430. Missnicoleo says:

    Love it all! but especially the mooth white sheets!

  431. Sigal says:

    amazing stuff!! I would love to have the twin Orkney duvet cover 🙂 thank you both.

  432. Judith says:

    I would love the Orkney Queen size Duvet cover please.

    This has been a big week for me. Not only did I learn the right way to fold a fitted sheet, I also learned the ‘proper’ way to stuff a duvet cover.

    Thank you!

  433. Claire Ransom says:

    oooooh I would choose a kingflat sheet and two orkey shams! (and pay the extra $10)

  434. Sheri says:

    Wow what beautiful luxurious fabric. I would definitely be all about the sheets in Orkney Natural. Good luck to me!!! Well and everyone else 🙂

  435. Cathy says:

    Love the Orkney… anything, the colour is so beautiful, thanks, my fingers are crossed!

  436. Jeannette says:

    The white curtains, for sure!

  437. Melanie says:

    Ooooh makes me sleepy! I would love to try a set of the queen size sheets.

  438. Chau says:

    The linens are so lovely and luxurious. I would love to have the orkney table cloth and napkins.

  439. A duvet cover – hands down! I love the beautiful natural color combined with the white.

  440. Leslie says:

    It’s all so gorgeous, but I think I would get an Orkney tablecloth and napkins – I’ve always dreamed of being able to throw a classy looking dinner party!

  441. Jeannine says:

    I would choose the sheets. Something about that is so appealing. I love the idea of two fitted sheets. Probably would add some pillowcases to the order too. Awesome site!

  442. Rosemary Nick says:

    The Orkney Duvet makes my heart flutter!

  443. Alyson says:

    I love the organic-ness (it’s a word) of the Orkney cloths – just beautiful. It’s always wonderful to read about someone like Trisha inspired by a small moment of connection with loved ones.

  444. heidi says:

    I would love about 18 Orkney napkins and a matching tablecloth (but I need it to fit a 120″ table). Looks like I’ll have to kick in some of my own cash if I win. But at least it would be so much more affordable! Such gorgeous stuff!

  445. Kate C says:

    Ooh, I like the layered look of the two tablecloths! My napkins are actually chambray dishtowels that I got for pennies someplace… and they’d look lovely with the layered tablecloths.

  446. Adam B. says:

    My wife and I just bought a new king size bed, and are in need of new sheets. A set of 2 King sheets would be absolutely fabulous to have!

  447. Stitchfork says:

    Oh I would love to sleep like a queen on Tricia’s beautiful sheets!
    xo Cathy

  448. Tara says:

    Drool… I can’t decide!?!? I honestly want it all. Being on a tight budget, I looked at her site and tried to figure out the most practical piece I’d want first and then I started a plan to build my collection from there. Well, that was a total buzz kill, so I will just lay it out there and say, “I WANT ALL OF IT”.

  449. sarajane says:

    Oh. my. goodness.. those are just lovely. Since I gave up sleeping with a top sheet (thanks to the doggy-bed-hog), I would definitely put the certificate toward an orkney duvet cover.

  450. Princess & the Pea says:

    Maybe the perfect sheets will negate that pesky pea and I can finally get some beauty sleep.

  451. Claire says:

    I would love, love, love a set of queen sheets. I have been lusting after these sheets and would love to win the 250 credit toward the bedding.

  452. Kristin says:

    I thought I commented earlier but it didn’t work… I’d love the Orkney tablecloth. But the buttons on the duvet and pillow shams are amazing! Maybe I could do the sheets and talk my husband into getting the duvet for a Christmas present….

  453. maria says:

    Would looooooooooove the sheets!

  454. Michelle says:

    I am so impressed with Tricia, and her endeavors. Really. Textiles are my thing, and she’s doing everything right, and I emailed her so the other day after reading your post about Rough Linen. I would definitely go with gorgeous linen sheets for our Cal King bed. The most luxurious thing I can think of!

  455. Jenn says:

    Well… I love the sheets but I think I’d stick with the tablecloth and napkins on this one – those are wonderful – love the smooth white!

  456. debbieo says:

    The tablecloth for sure. Simply gorgeous.

  457. Danielle says:

    I love the tablecloth and napkins. and since i already have sheets and (ugly) curtains and no tablecloth, i would chose that!

  458. Jill Palumbo says:

    What a lovely giveaway! I love linen and her items are gorgeous. I would love to have lots of napkins to use all the time, but I also love everything she has! Thank you.

    Jill Palumbo

  459. Mariaurora says:

    Love me some linen sheets. 🙂 They would make the perfect gift for my mom.

  460. Marion says:

    While I would love to have such a beautiful tablecloth, I don’t have a table that size. (I don’t actually have a table at all…) In that case, I’d have to go with the Orkney Duvet Cover. It is absolutely gorgeous. I think I would request b’fast in bed every single day if I owned it. Thanks Tricia for making to giveaway possible!!!

  461. Adriane says:

    I love, lurve, lave the sheets! Thanks for a great giveaway. It would be wonderful to sleep in such luxury.

  462. Kim says:

    Ohhhhhhh my lordy, a rough linen giveaway?!?! This is a dream come true! I often times find myself on Tricia’s site, my mouse hovering over the “add to cart” buttons… I’d take the sheets!

  463. PoopsieRenee says:

    Thank you and Tricia for giving me permission to ditch every damn fitted sheet i own. I just hate them!
    I luh-huv the sheets.curtains.tablecloths in orkney!
    I want to marry them and stay in bed with them forever. The end!
    Fingers crossed in Texas….

  464. Sondra says:

    I love a good set of sheets so that’s definitely what I would pick. My second favorite would either be the curtains or a table cloth. My her items are lovely!

  465. Elizabeth P. says:

    Wow, what a great prize. I would use mine towards a queen duvet cover in orkney.

  466. lauren b says:

    I think I’d want to mix and match. Like two Bolsters in white, I absolutely love the sheets (two king size), perhaps a couple shams or the oxford pillowcase annnnd.. I’d want some napkins. Of course. I swear that’s simple. 😀

  467. Shauna says:

    Pure white linen sheets – dreamy! As much as I’d love to have the tablecloth, I do have a 3 year old and I would be way too freakishly worried that he’d spill on it.

  468. Kate says:

    Uh, yeah. You SHOULD feel like a queen. I already have her orkney natural queen duvet cover on my Pinterest so I would definitely have to go with that. Gorgeous!!

  469. Karen Eggleston says:

    Pure white linen sheets sound so elegant.

  470. janie horn says:

    I would LOVE to have both the white and natural tablecloths…..and the napkins, too. What a fantastic combination.

  471. Virginia says:

    I would love the sheets …love …love …love them !!!!!!!

  472. Mary Foster says:

    I really, *really* want the White Orkney Queen duvet cover. My sad little down comforter is coverless at the moment. I just throw a big sheet over it, but it really needs the perfect cover. And I’ve found it. The: White Orkney Queen duvet cover! Pick Me!

  473. Heather says:

    I want everything dangit… but I’d settle for a gorgeous tablecloth and napkins! YUM!!!!!!!

  474. Virginia says:

    Oh the sheets ….yes the sheets for sure !!!!!!!

  475. janie horn says:

    OH, geez, I thought I hit send….. Well, I’ll try again.
    For my prize, since of course I’ll win….., I want the white and natural tablecloths and the napkins, too. Pleeeeeeeze.

  476. Carole says:

    My oh my…such beauties all. I would feel sooo queenly snuggled into those queen Smooth White Linen sheets, not to mention never, ever having to deal with corners again.

  477. KatyKazoo says:

    Oh, goodness. It would have to be the sheets, because if I chose the tablecloth, it would just spend more time wrapped it around me than on the table.

  478. I’m seriously going to have to buy lottery tickets after seeing this site. Or find myself a nice, rich widower. Nah, I’ll stick with the lottery.
    The sheets would have to be first but I’d have to have the smooth white linen pillow slips or my head would be jealous of my body. And if you’re going to have that much luxury, you’d need the Orkney natural duvet cover, shams and bolster to complete the Sunday morning wallow. And the bed skirt, of course, so the duvet didn’t look naked. Then, after all that, maybe two dog kennels…

  479. Virginia Aitken says:

    Sheets for sure .

  480. janie horn says:

    I’ll take it ALL!!!! But, to start, I would be very happy with the natural and the white tablecloths – such a great look. And, the napkins, too, of course. 🙂

  481. Sherri says:

    I’ll go for the tablecloth and napkins, darlin’. I’m sneaking this in at work and didn’t have time to go to her web site to do the research about which color or style, but if I’m lucky enough to win this shindig, I trust you’ll let me figure that out when the time comes.
    Keep on truckin’!

  482. Sue B. says:

    How I’d love the whole bed makeover…but would be equally happy with the natural orkney cloth and napkins…but, in 10 minutes I might be thinking something else instead!

  483. Natalie says:

    All right. The last time you mentioned Rough Linen I obsessed over the site for awhile and then forgot. But now I was just looking again, and had a pang when I realized that she doesn’t have full sized sheets. I share a full sized bed with my guy who is also pretty much a heater while sleeping. But THEN I realized that since there’s no fitted sheet, I could get the queen sized and have them hang off a bit too much… and make a case for a queen bed when we get a new one in the next year! Anyway, everything is beautiful.

  484. Del says:

    Ooooo, sheets – real sheets, like my mother use to have. Orkney natural, king size would be my dream. I don’t know if I can allow my husband to sleep on them. I sleep next to a roaring train, an old steam powered one – very hot and drools.

  485. Christina says:

    I was JUST looking at her website (through yours) a few days ago thinking of christmas gifts!! It would be awesome to win a set. I would choose the sheet set and then have to splurge and get the bed spread so it would be a total makeover 🙂

  486. Irene says:

    I would get a pile of Orkney Cushion covers in patterns J, E, G, and P!

  487. Annie says:

    Beautiful curtains to sway gently in the breeze (or in the air flow from the floor registers.)

  488. Lynn says:

    I love the tablecloth and napkins in your photos actually. Although the sheets are magnificent, what I need right now is the table linens. 😀

  489. Monica says:

    I have never seen a giveaway this fantastic. I want the exact setup as in the dining table picture. Those tablecloths are exactly the right width for my table!

    P.S. The book she is reading in bed is fun! Read it if you get a chance.

  490. Nicole says:

    I would love the American Pillow Shams and then of course the sheets to match!

  491. Kathy J. says:

    I would definitely LOVE the Queen size Orkney duvet cover! It is so hard to find beautiful duvet covers for our down comforter. This is a great giveaway! Thanks, Karen!

  492. Jen says:

    Orkney Tablecloth, or curtains, or twin duvet for a snuggle blanket… anything really! It is all gorgeous!

  493. Lucinda says:

    oh, divine! some sheets would simply be luxurious!!

  494. Darcy says:

    One of the duvet covers.

  495. Vivian Kaufman says:

    Want want want!!!

    I love everything on her site. For me, probably a duvet cover.

  496. Chris says:

    My married daughter loves sheets and is so fussy about them! Although she would never hurt me by telling me this, I fear I have bought her yet another inferior set online for Christmas this year. I would SO use the winnings to put towards two queen size sheets for her. She would absolutely adore them!

  497. Jeni G says:

    Gorgeous!! I’d be thrilled with a lovely tablecloth & napkins!

  498. Amanda says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Rough Linen, Karen! I am drooling at the thought of sleeping on such divine sheets…but, I promise, I won’t drool ON them! If I win I will definitely put my $250 towards the purchase of 2 CalKing Flat sheets, shams, and pillow slips in the Orkney Natural color. I’m still drooling!

  499. Nancy says:

    Would love to had those sheets! Lovely! And hand made, know wonder you sleep like a Queen!

  500. Jen says:

    Queen size St Barts Stripe Duvet Cover in pale blue and natural. Or the orkney duvet, queen. I need a new duvet, badly. Don’t ask.

  501. Katie says:

    Oooh, so pretty! I would get two queen sheets, they look dreamy.

  502. Jill says:

    Sheets. Definitely the sheets.

  503. Amy says:

    OOhhhh, I love those sheets. Thanks for passing on the fantasy of living comfortably in those sheets. I think I would live in my bed too if only to get out and pee. Looks so fluffy and light.

    I also love the linen table covers, I so hate to iron and this would be right up my alley.

  504. Caroline says:

    well I don’t even have a table at the moment (I have an apartment with a small breakfast nook) so I’d go with the sheets. and I’d have some left over so maybe curtains! I have no curtains.

  505. Lisa says:

    I would be thrilled with the table linens…Then again, everything I saw on her site is just beautiful.

  506. Liru says:

    Are you kidding? I would want the sheets – the heavenly sheets – who needs to eat if you can sleep on those??!! Thanks for posting these – I am saving starting 5 minutes ago!

  507. Keva says:

    Oh, we sooo badly need a nice tablecloth. I’d go for the Orkney Tablecloth, and maybe pay some extra to get the plain white for underneath. Looks nice!

  508. Erin T says:

    Oh, it all looks so lovely. I think I would choose a tablecloth and napkins, but the rest is so tempting too!

  509. Melissa says:

    The sheets, the sheets! Oh the glory! (But the rough linen shams are very, very wonderful, too!

  510. Jeffrey L says:

    These are beautiful products. I would love to re-do my bedroom starting with the queen duvet cover! Amazing.

  511. Janice says:

    Oh um… how about that Orkney linen duvet cover needs to be in my life! I would happily do a lot more than dream beneath it’s silvery folds…

  512. liz says:

    Ahh, the smooth white linen table cloth and a couple of white napkins would be gorgeous on my Christmas table.

  513. trinity says:

    I have never seen any bed so gorgeous. I want $250 off the Queen makeover! Please computer thingy, pick me!!! Thank you Tricia!

  514. Brenda says:

    I am not entering the contest because I wouldn’t feel right being another sponsor and all but I just have to tell Tricia, your goods are fantastic… the sheets are dreamy, the tablecloths I WANT, oh the orkney with the raw edge, love the un-ironed look….oh and OT but I would give my right arm for those chairs !!

  515. Debi says:

    I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than sleeping between linen king sheets, maybe putting my queenly head on linen pillow cases.

  516. Jocelyn says:

    I would put $250 to white linen sheets. King.
    However, the orkney tablecloth is also gorgeous. I would like one of everthing!

  517. Kimberly says:

    I’m decking out the bed with Pure White Linen Sheets Queen Size and 2 Smooth White Linen Pillow Slips. They are beautiful!

  518. Helen murphy says:

    The tablecloths like you have in the picture, would be so appreciated. like a heirloom piece it could be passed down.

  519. Janet Murphy says:

    Hi Karen, this is so great, love the tablecloths like you show in the picture. Hope I win.

  520. Myria says:

    Goodness those sheets look FANTASTIC, though one downside, I feel like they would making getting up in the morning even harder!

  521. Alecia says:

    I would love linen sheets. I want to be royalty!

  522. Traci says:

    The linen tablecloth and napkins would be so amazing to own! If I set a table with that tablecloth, I’d feel like an adult and junk!

  523. Elen says:

    Holy Rough Linen, Batman! Those textiles are a squee moment. I have complete lust in my heart. I would have a tough time choosing between the Orkney tablecloth and napkins or the Orkney bedskirt.

    Thank you, Tricia Rose, for this lovely opportunity.

  524. Denise says:

    Sheets please! Love them, love it all but really really want some nice bedding!

  525. Annie says:

    Definitely the Orkney tablecloth…maybe some napkins too. Good lord…COVET!

  526. Laurie says:

    I have a lovely little oval antique dropleaf farmtable that I recently acquired for the itty bitty dining room in my traditional modern home. I’d love to treat it to a linen tablecloth! I’m excited about Tricia’s St. Barts color options, because I love bold color.

  527. Emily says:

    I am a bed person, I would give up food if ir meant I could sleep all day so I would definitely start with the duvet cover. I mean, I would love the bed makeover, but if I had to stay on budget, a gorgeous linen duvet cover is exactly what my bedroom needs.

    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  528. redz says:

    ooh ooh ooh! Pick me pick me! 🙂 Seriously, I’d go for the queen sheet set in white or natural. They look scrumptious. Getting up at the crack of noon on weekends would be *ever* so decadent!

  529. Jess says:

    Sheets Please!!! Wanted a nice set of sheets for a LOOOOONG time, but never could afford them! I love your giveaways, they are always so fun!

  530. shawn bryan says:

    Orkney Natural duvet cover, (queen), sheet set, table linens….want….all…..please. :0*

  531. Jaclyn says:

    The sheets and pillow slips! I would love the bed makeover… if only I were rich! Her linens are gorgeous!

  532. OMG. I have been drooling over this for several days now and Pinned her stuff and Facebooked her so I can remember it for that far off day when I have money. I Love Everything she has. I esp Love the bedding (king) in any colour and finish. I need a bed skirt so I would probably go with that, but it feels like a waste down there where I wont be touching it.
    This is too much Pressure. I am going to say 2 white king sheets. final answer.

  533. I just bought new sheets!! I would definitely return my Walmart purchase and swap em out for a set of white linen twin sheets! I have a weird futon bed that doesn’t take regular sizes..its a double but fits smaller…kind of a pain, but #firstworldproblems :p

  534. Stephanie Birchett says:

    I spent most of last night reading and browsing Tricia’s site and fell instantly in love with the Orkney Duvet and Smooth White linen sheets. So much in love, I’ve started mentally redesigning my bedroom around them. And if I have to get rid of my kids and my Mastiff to keep them pristine and perfect, so be it;)
    Oh, I just had a thought! If I SELL the kids and the dog, I can get one of everything!!

  535. Jenn says:

    The Orkney duvet cover it simply lovely!

  536. Laurie says:

    Have you seen the rough edge option on the smooth white tablecloth? If that came in an oval it would keep me up nights thinking about how I could acquire such a thing.

    On the other hand if I had the orkney duvet cover I could probably sleep it off.

  537. Ana P. says:

    I would have to go with the smooth white table cloth, however I would really love any of the bedding, it just looks so comfortable and inviting.

  538. Zomg says:

    Why do I fall in love so often on this site? Rough Linen is a dream brand. When I’m a real grown-up, I’ll order a bed makeover in queen size. For now, I’ll make do with the curtains in white orkney. Or the sheets. Or the curtains. Or everything. Sigh. This isn’t lust, I’ll have you know. It is truest love.

  539. Katie G says:

    OH my goodness how luxurious and grown up these look!

    Im still sleeping on shades of watermelon from my college days…

    It would be glorious to have a set of those beautiful white sheets in a queen size 🙂

  540. Deb redhair says:

    I would definitely choose the duver cover, pillow cases, sheets that Tricia has on her own bed in the picture. They make me want to make some hot chocolate get in bed and read a good book ALL day long. Cleaning house bedamned.

  541. Cat N. says:

    I would get the Orkney smooth white linen sheets for sure! Beautiful!

  542. Sally says:

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Oh I would love the duvet cover and a set of queen sheets is the way for me. I watched quite a few video’s and was amazed at how the linen becomes linen. Very nice.

  543. Linda says:

    Oh my! I need new sheets sooooo bad! I have had my eyes on Rough Linen for a while now. I’ve been dreaming about the day I could afford to buy Tricia’s king sheets … this may be it!

  544. Debbie Dahlin says:

    OH MAN!!! That was a wonderfully dangerous site to visit … in my mind I just spent $1000 at least! Hmmm start with sheets and then onward to the double tablecloth and …. (Thanks!!)

  545. Katie says:

    I would certainly put the $ to some new sheets. I love the feeling of sleeping in white sheets, and I know hubby and I would get a great night’s sleep in some of these!

  546. Yelena says:

    Oh, what an a-maz-ing giveaway! Old European feel to this bedding, nice to the touch and beauty to the eye. I’d like some queen pure white linen sheets to feel like a pure queen and maybe some cushions in Barts (J).

  547. Danielle white says:

    What fabulous linen stuff!!!! I would kill for a set of those sheets, Cali king :-). Love following your blog Karen!!!

  548. Well, if you check out my latest post you’ll understand why the Orkney curtains would look perfectly at home in our family room! I’ve been on the hunt for something grey, natural, etc… YAY! But, of course, I wouldn’t be able to stop there… the duvet cover is GORGEOUS!!!
    Oh, and, of course I couldn’t leave without mentioning that I’ve got a Giveaway happening on my blog, closes tomorrow, in case you’re in the market for some lighting?!

  549. Gayla T says:

    If you think for even a moment I could let these heathens I call a family eat on a $250 tablecloth you are as silly as I am. I’ll take the sheets. Having a chronic pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, I spend much more time in bed than normal and to do it on linen…….dreamy. However, you will have to do a tut on making hospital corners and how to bounce a dime on the just made bed, ect. I got all that in home ec back in the dark ages celled the 60’s but if these kids can’t dress a chicken they probably can’t make hospital corners,either. What is this world coming to, Mildred????

  550. Dru says:

    linen. be still my heart.

    would want bed linens. to start.

  551. Farquist says:

    Tablecloth s.v.p.

  552. leslie says:

    I didn’t already drool. I do now. Over these linens. I don’t have a table to dress up, so I’d pick a sheet set and the Orkney Queen American Shams. DROOOOOOOOL

  553. Alissa S says:

    oooh, I’d love the large white tablecloth and napkins… I can envision lots of scrumptious dinners and entertaining.

  554. Marie says:

    It’s all so wonderful! If I am picked, I would probably select the Orkney King Bedskirt and then, as some have said, begin building the rest of the bedding set over time. Thanks for the possibility!

  555. jo says:

    sheets! they’re gorgeous.

  556. Amy says:

    The beautiful duvet cover! Love every item on her website. I think I may ending up “needing” those white sheets too.

  557. karenagain says:

    Pure white linen sheets. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Karen.

  558. Beth says:

    Definitely the Orkney tablecloth and some smooth white napkins. Bee-you-tee-full!

  559. dana says:

    I would surely go for the smooth white sheets. They look like bliss!

  560. Sharm's Outlet says:

    I am a big fan of linnen… I have to say these are beautiful… cannot imagine she takes time to sew each… I think the price is so worth… Thanks for the chance to win…

  561. lin g. says:

    I love your rough linen fabrics and your careful stitching, especially the mitered corners on the napkins, wow! I would choose your natural linen tablecloth and napkins to show off (and calm down) my busy franciscan-ware dishes!!Modern tablecloths made of no-iron polyester are horrible and I’ve been looking for years for the right tablecloth!!

  562. Whoa, how amazing! I’m a sheet junkie, we take bedding very seriously around my house. (Don’t believe me? I have a sheet changing schedule- believe it!)

    I would choose the simple sheets, who doesn’t want to rest their head on fresh, handmade sheets?

  563. maria says:

    Oh, tablecloth and napkin — perfect for a Christmas celebration!

  564. Mary says:

    definitely curtains. I’m dreaming of linen draperies in my living room and office.

  565. Suzanne says:

    Ohhh I love the White Orkney Duvet Cover for my guest room. Oh wait, if I get nice linens for there, they may never leave. So it’s going to have to be for the master bedroom!

  566. Jenn Barbo says:

    I love the orkney table cloth but would be totally satisfied with the bron buttons. Love it!!!

  567. Preston says:

    I would die to sleep in a bed made up of you pure white linen sheets, white linen pillow slips, and beautiful orkney cushion! <3

  568. Barb says:

    My husband says I’m the “best sleeper he’s ever known” 🙂
    That’s fancy talk for “lazy.”
    (I actually own my own company and work hard, just sleep hard too)
    I love my bed and can snooze at the drop of a hat. (Even AFTER morning coffee)
    I LOVE great sheets, but never spend much more than $70.00 on them. I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven with queen sheets like that. Thanks for your generosity, and who ever wins is a lucky sleeper!!

  569. annie says:

    Tablecloth and napkins. They looks so beautiful…

  570. Debbie B says:

    Would love that Orkney Bedskirt

  571. Shari says:

    It’s a toss up between the table cloth and napkin set or the St. Barts curtains and the smooth white pillow cases. I’ll just have to bit the bullet and decide when I win 🙂

  572. Emily Johnston says:

    Need. The. Sheets.
    I’m going to build (yes, build – I’m that flavor of cray-cray) a new CalKing bed, and these would be the PERFECT sheets to put on my happy new fancy bed.
    I just need to unwrap the Table Saw I bought on Black Friday sale. (Online – I’m not THAT cray-cray!)

  573. Cynthia says:

    Love, love, love the Smooth White Linen Sheets! So classic!

  574. Louise says:

    I do love everything, I can’t choose 🙂 A duvet cover would be nice for the guest room, it would be instant decoration and replace an ugly one. I will need drapes for the living room of my new house when I move in February (I had them immediately pinned on pinterest when you first talked about rough linen) and I kind of lust for the tablecloth and napkins. If my only problem is to choose… I’ll live 🙂 And you are revered by me lol

  575. Ali says:

    Definitely a queen-sized Orkney Duvet cover with brown buttons. I know it would hide all the dog hair and dog drool and husband drool …

  576. gogothrift says:

    I want the queen sheets. I mean REALLY WANT the queen sheets. Do you think the computer can sense how much I WANT THE QUEEN SHEETS?

  577. Marcie says:

    I would get the duvet and shams in the orkney colorway and happily, HAPPILY pay the extra! Absolutely coveting these now.

  578. I love love love the look of the king shams with brown buttons! and that rough orkney tablecloth would really transform my table! I hate ironing with a fierce passion. hope hope I win!

  579. gogothrift says:

    i love the queen sheets……….yes,yes please pick me Mr Computer

  580. Whitney says:

    Oh my, everything’s so lovely! I’d be delighted to receive anything Tricia is willing to part with: in fact, I’d love to be surprised.

    I’m so pleased to have discovered her work and products!

  581. Lana says:

    Either the tablecloth (looks so inviting!) or a set of curtains (they make a room look light and breezy!) or BOTH!

  582. Steph says:

    Orkney Tablecloth 58 x 59 yes please!

  583. Steph says:

    Orkney Tablecloth 58 x 59

  584. mechi says:

    Beautiful and rustic!! I’d get the smooth white linen queen sheets with queen pillowcases to match and a couple sets of the large smooth white linen napkins.

  585. kat says:

    hmmm. the bedsheets look wonderful.

  586. Candice says:

    Bed Sheets, For SURE!!

  587. NOJuju says:

    I don’t think I could resist getting a set of sheets, although the table cloth and napkins is is so incredible tempting as well. But blissful linen sheets… every night? Heaven.

  588. Paige Gibson says:

    Holy smokes, the sheets for sure! So lovely! And comfy!

  589. BLE says:

    Queen duvet cover. Love it.

  590. Sarah P says:

    The white orkney curtain! I would totally use it as a shower curtain; I’ve been wanting a nice linen shower curtain for a while! (Also… the napkins. I love cloth napkins.) Her work is so beautiful.

  591. Sissel says:

    the king sheets are a must. with the bed skirt. have to have the whole she-bang! will this fit a california king? the california king bed is nothing but trouble. sure, its bigger but its hard to find sizes and like the rest of california, it all costs more. thanks for hosting this giveaway and leading us to rough linen. i am also going to find some cool branches to hang on my wall as art. love that idea.

  592. AKing says:

    I’d go for a set of sheets, but everything is so gorgeous that it would be hard to choose!

  593. caroline says:

    Oh my goodness. $250 towards the large and luscious king size white orkney duvet cover. because I have both a large fella and clee clee the cat that need something new and large to drool all over. literally.

  594. mle-mle- says:

    The duvet cover! The natural linen shade is divine.

  595. Laura says:

    Orkney tablecloth and smooth white napkins, please!

  596. Meredith says:

    I just adore the sheets but of course I would be happy to get the tablecloth and napkins. Which I don’t know if I would actually use. They are beautiful. I think I would only set the table and look at it.

  597. AmieM says:

    The duvet covers are to die for! I love the texture and colour of the white orkney, and the napkins. Yum!

  598. Faith says:

    Woo, made this contest in time! Good luck to everyone!

  599. Rowan says:

    I would totally get a smooth white linen sheet and a couple of cushion covers.

  600. Karena says:

    I adore Tricia Rose and Karen now I love you and your site as ell.

    Gosh I would love a King size sheet and a couple of pillow slips (well of course I would LOVE 2 King sheets!

    A great giveaway!


    Art by Karena

  601. hannita says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus! Her stuff looks amazing. I want it all. I think I would go for the sheets first and then add in those gorgeous pillows with bursts of color.

  602. BE says:

    I love the sheets and the duvet covers. Love the rustic, classic look.

  603. leslie says:

    oh geez, i love *all* of tricia’s stuff. the mind boggles…

    any of the following would look oh-so-lovely on my boat:
    orkney square shams
    orkney duvet cover
    orkney tablecloth

    (thanks, tricia and karen.)

  604. GFN says:

    I would love some king size sheets and, of course, matching pillow cases in the smooth white linen. So luxurious!

    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  605. Diane says:

    I’ve wanted linen sheets FOREVER! So I’ll take a set of queen in Smooth White, please. What an inspiration Tricia’s website is. I’ve always loved linen. After seeing the film, I have a whole new respect for it. Thanks, Karen for showing us this treasure.

  606. dana says:

    My message doesn’t seem to be anywhere, I’ll try again – sorry if I’m double posting…

    I’d go for the smooth white sheets for sure!

  607. Jody says:

    Oh the luxury! I would love to have the Orkney Duvet Cover with some pillow covers. Gorgeous!

  608. nina says:

    I have wanted a set of linen sheets for years. I love linen. Its hard to find decent linen these days, they just don’t grow/process/weave it like they used to. I would love this good linen. Thanks for the chance!

  609. Laura says:

    I would LOVE an orkney tablecloth with some smooth white napkins. If I had a sunroom though, I’d be after those curtains quicksmart!

  610. Polly says:

    Wow, the sheets for sure!

  611. Emily says:

    Orkney table cloth/napkin set!

  612. Sarah says:

    I would choose the Orkney bedskirt, it would go great with my slow bedroom makeover of shades of gray and lavender…. or I might need the sheet set instead! Also very sick of wrestling with an ill-fitting “fitted” sheet. Beautiful products.

  613. Gabi Edey says:

    Oh my indeed! I too would love to have every last item Tricia offers, but would settle for the Orkney Duvet Cover, the Pure White Linen Sheets, or Orkney Tablecloth and napkin set…one of each would be great! That’s what I would put my $250 allowance towards 🙂

  614. Whitney Kay says:

    OMG how does one decide?!?!

    Queen Orkney Duvet Cover?!?!
    Queen Pure White Linen Sheets!?
    Orkney Tablecloth?!
    Orkney Napkins??
    Smooth White Napkins?!?!?
    Any Orkney Cusion?!?!
    Orkney Bolster?!?!?!?!?!?
    Orkney or White Orkney Shams?!!?

    I realize I just listed almost everything available. Maybe I’m like you? Gosh..

  615. George Trian says: to choose? Well if I had to, I would take the Orkney Duvet Cover, the Pure White Linen Sheets, or Orkney Tablecloth and napkin set!

  616. Gabrielle Edey says:

    The Orkney Duvet Cover, the Pure White Linen Sheets, or Orkney Tablecloth and napkin set…one of each would be great! That’s what I would put my $250 allowance towards 🙂

  617. Jeanne says:

    I wouldn’t say no to the tablecloth and napkins…

  618. Katie says:

    I’ve loved linen since forever. Everything she has is gorgeous, but, yes, the sheets would change my life!

  619. Karen Rae says:

    Oh man… to have the duvet cover!

  620. Rebecca says:

    Just gorgeous, I hope I win but I’ll have to own some of those linens no matter what. Comfy bedtime is something I love!

  621. Vinci.L says:

    WOW!!! i think the Smooth White Linen Pillow Slips(queen), Pure White Linen Sheets (twin), and the Orkney Bolster (queen) are just beautiful! I’ve always loved these types of fabric!

  622. Ruth says:

    I want to put my cheek down against the soft white linen pillow slip. I would get two king size and two queen size slips — that only comes to $230 but I am a modest person. If my head could rest on the smoothest softest linen, I am sure the rest of me would also sleep blissfully.

  623. Kitty Walsh says:

    I would love, love, love to win one of the queen Orkney duvet covers. I would be HAPPY to pay the additional cost. They are absolutely beautiful!!! I have been reading and ajoybing the blog ‘Cabin on the Water’ for awhile now and love it.

  624. Kitty Walsh says:

    I would love, love, love to win one of the orkney queen duvet covers. I would be absolutely thrilled to pay the difference between the prize and the cost of the duvet! I’ve been enchanted by the Cabin on the Water blog and enjoy reading it whenever it’s updated. Drooling over the duvet cover would be saying it mildly. I collect old linen tableclothes, but of course they didn’t make duvet covers then.

  625. karen says:

    I would love the sheets. thank you for the contest!

  626. Amy says:

    Ooo, I’ve been yearning for those bedsheets!

  627. Kristyn Martin says:

    I love the CalKing Sheet, and if I won the giveaway, I would want two of them! With sheets like this, I might get fired for oversleeping and being late to work every day, but I will take my chances! 🙂

  628. Virginia says:

    I would love the sheets !!!!!

  629. Jodie says:

    My hubby regularly asks for new sheets, but then complains about the cost. Hello, giveaway! I would like Queen size, please!!

  630. Ashley says:

    I choose sheets. Why should my dishes have all the fun? I want to create a sleep trap that I will never want to leave. Yes, I choose sheets.

  631. brittany says:

    I would totally put the money towards 2 table clothes just like the pictures above, they’d make my little round table look spectacular!

  632. Thelma Begley says:

    It would definitely be the Smooth White Sheets for me.

  633. pam says:

    Is it too late? I so wanna be in. Count me in. please. It’s Christmas. I’ll take anything 😀

  634. Aimee says:

    Goodness! How gorgeous is her stuff???

    I don’t know everything I’d choose, but I think I’d start with a couple of those St. Barts pillow covers in meaningful letters!

  635. Ramona says:

    Mmmmmmm. Smooth white linen sheets. 🙂

  636. Andria Sheridan says:

    I would love the sheets or the duvet cover. I mean to sleep on something so dreamy, that would be divine!

  637. Erica says:

    Such a wonderful way to rest and enjoy simple luxuries! It was a hard decision – each click navigating the menu of Rough Linens’ website was another beautiful option – but I would go with the smooth white sheets (Q) and then 2 Orkney bolsters for my antique Louis Philippe style daybed.

  638. Phillipa says:

    These are gorgeous! Would love the tablecloth and napkins, but those sheets look divine too!!

  639. Doreen Stuart says:

    I would pick the sheets although I am not sure I would let my husband sleep in them with me as you hit the nail on the head with the Saint Bernard thing, but maybe we could compromise.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  640. KateW says:

    Oh golly. I am so a bed person. Sheets and pilow slips for every bed in the house. wow.

  641. oh my goodness! I’ve been in love with these rough linen, linens for so long… I even have sample fabric pinned on my inspiration board! someday, someday… I tell myself! my dream would include owning real linen sheets. these! and a bedskirt wouldn’t be too shabby either! 🙂 Thanks heaps for the grand give-a-way… !!

  642. Virginia says:

    It has to be the bedsheets !

  643. Tata F says:

    What beautiful fabrics!! I really like the table cloth and duvet! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  644. Dee in BC says:

    I’d love one of the Okney table cloths – the napkins would be wonderfull too.

  645. Judy Murray says:

    Smooth White Linen curtains! I plan on painting our bedroom after xmas and they would be perfect.

  646. deborah fischer says:

    OMG! Of course I go away for a few days….but better late than never right?
    Okay, this giveaway is the cats meow! I’d want a set of sheets, or the duvet cover….I love duvet covers!

  647. Caroline says:

    I have been drooling over her website for ages! Would love a set of sheets and pillowcases and would splurge on a duvet cover to go with them!
    Thanks Karen and Tricia for an awesome giveaway

  648. Oh my goodness!!! I love everything there.. I love linen so it would be so hard to choose. I love the square white linen shams but I would also LOVE linen sheets. Thank you for introducing us to Tricia Rose. I love her story and I love these kind of businesses.

  649. Stephanie says:

    Just gorgeous! I think I’d go for the sheets, queen (maybe have to buy the napkins on my own). I love the rough texture. Even if I don’t win, thanks for the tip!

  650. Erika Serodio says:

    The table set with that orkney table cloth draped over top of it looks so beautifully simple and elegant. I would have to choose that, so that I could have my favourite people over for dinner and we could enjoy the beauty of it together. Shared happiness.

  651. Sandy says:

    I love the Orkney tablecloth and the napkins too! If I win, I will probably have to go with the sheets though. yum!!!

  652. Holly says:

    I’m sure, like anyone who view this post, I WANT ALL OF IT! Everything is so beautiful. But if I must choose, I would love to wrap myself in the sheet set.
    And thank you, Karen, for the post and contest!

  653. Marika says:

    When you posted the link to Rough Linen under your gift ideas post I kinda went nuts and started emailing everyone I trust to ask them if it was absolutely ridiculous to want to spend $820 on sheets (bed makeover). If I won this I would probably put the money towards a whole kit. But I might also go for the tablecloths. They are so pretty… I love it all.

  654. Denine says:

    The white pillow cases are so pretty that they make me want to weep. I would buy as many as I could with the gift certificate. Gorgeous!

  655. Tricia says:

    I would so choose the Orkney, They look just lucious! I agree that two flats Queen, it the way to go, I can never find sheets to fit my extra thick Mattres, Its a deep pocket and those fitted never fit!!!

  656. Joan says:

    I would love a duvet cover. I have a linen sheet and 2 pillow slips that I bought in Italy 30 years ago: good linen only gets better over time and that, to me, is true luxury.

  657. Shawna G says:

    I would love a set of the Pure White Linen Sheets and a couple of St Barts Pillow Shams in Burnt Orange & Natural. My room would look so wonderful!

  658. karen says:

    I will take the Queen Duvet and the Table Cloth please! I absolutely LOVE linen and her products are beautiful! Love everything and would be thrilled to win such a great giveaway!

  659. Lesley says:

    The white orkney duvet cover, I love the texture and the clean look of the white.

  660. Love, love, love tha natural colors and textures of Rough Limen. The bed makeover is certainly inspiring and I would love to begin with The Orkney duvet!

  661. Alexandra says:

    Wow, if I was dining on the table cloth with those napkins I would feel like a medieval princess! Love the giveaway!

  662. Ann Snarr says:

    I would definitely want to try those luxurious sheets

  663. Julie says:

    Drooling over those curtains!

  664. Marco says:

    I would love to sleep in those bedsheets! 🙂

  665. Chiska says:

    I would choose sheets too. Just to have a sheet stay on the bed would be magical.

  666. ikkinlala says:

    These look great! As much as I love the tablecloth, I think I’d get more use out of a queen sized sheet and a pillow slip or two.

  667. Peggy says:

    Its the sheets. I know they’re the ones I’ve been looking for forever. White. linen. sheets. Unhuh.

  668. Tamsen Mitchell says:

    I think I’d have to pick a queen flat sheet and a couple of pillow cases.

    I’m sick of looking for luxurious sheets that have a natural look and perfect, careful quality. I normally end up buying sheets when I go home to England, only to find they don’t quite fit when I get back home to northern California.


  669. Kerri says:

    Oh my lord.. even if I’m not chosen, I must thank you for pointing that site out. Dreamy! I would have to choose the queen Orkney Duvet Cover and spend the $100. I’m going to go live on her site now..

  670. Lori Olsen Moloney says:

    Ack! How are we supposed to choose? It’s all so gorgeous! I would choose the white Orkney queen sheets and give up sleepwear altogether…

  671. Steph says:

    The Orkney tablecloth and napkins are beautiful. I’m also in love with the St Bart’s curtains. Thanks Tricia and you for such a wonderful give-away!

  672. Melody Madden says:

    Definitely the smooth queen duvet. Would look perfect on my bed….such gorgeous work

  673. Stéphanie says:

    I would definitively pick everything smooth white, it’s so beautiful! But since we have to choose, white linen sheets and pillow slips.

    Really great work Tricia!

  674. Lyudmila says:

    I prefer Smooth White Queen Pillow Slips 2 @ $45

  675. Martha says:

    I dream of a round table cloth… but since it doesn’t exist, the bedskirt would be fabulous.

  676. amy mills says:

    i would absolutely buy the curtains! curtains we often just “make do” with but a beautiful curtain like Tricia’s are so cozy and elegant, they would really make a room.

    yep that’s what i’d do:)

  677. Michelle says:

    Smooth white linen tablecloth – soo pretty. I have been looking for the right tablecloth for my grandparents large Risom table for years. This would be great. Thank you!

  678. Wren says:

    I am in love with the Orkney…I could use a tablecoloth but a duvet cover would be the grandest of all choices…I certainly hope the computer thigamabob picks me!!!


  679. Arwen says:

    The orkney duvet is actually something I NEED in order to sleep ever again. I just fell in love with your blog and can’t believe how I have gone this long without. merci.

  680. Mandi A. says:

    Ok, I’ll admit, I may have drooled a little like your fella when I saw the rough linen site. The tablecloths and napkins look amazing, but I think I would have to go for something more tactile, a king sheet and two orkney shams. Because it needs to be harder to get out of bed in the morning. =\


  681. OH heaven!! I would love a smooth white line beautiful tablecloth… please enter me.
    Have a pretty day!

  682. Christine says:

    Definitely the bedsheets, which may lead to a duvet cover, bed skirt, pillow shams…

  683. phioniray says:

    This is absolutely amazing!
    I would choose an Orkney Duvet Cover. It looks gorgeous!

  684. judy says:

    I would definitely go for the orkney tablecloth-love linen-great stuff!!

  685. Kristen says:

    Would totally go for the smooth white tablecloth and the Orkney napkins. They look amazing and it’s not something I’d normally be able to have due to costs but I love to entertain.

  686. Ann says:

    I would definitely choose the Orkney Duvet Cover – Queen size. I have 4 cats who insist on sleeping with me, which means I have to wash my bed stuff frequently. Not only gorgeous, I think this would hold up too! Thanks for the contest Karen!

  687. traci says:

    The tablecloth would be perfect in my dining room!

  688. Susan says:

    I can’t decide; they are all lovely. But the duvet cover would be perfect.

  689. tegan says:

    First World Problems: I’ve been thinking for like 20 minutes now and I can’t decide whether I would rather have a set of Orkney pillows or an Orkney sheet set.

    Some day when I have more than no money I would love to buy every product on that website.

  690. Lindey R. says:

    If i am picking out a tablecloth, I want it in Orkney, with napkins in smooth white. But, i would rather put my $250 toward a new duvet, of which I am in sore need. I really really like Orkney Duvet. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  691. Cindy says:

    I’d love to have the tablecloth!

  692. shannon says:

    Definitely the Smooth White Linen Tablecloth with Raw Edge! I can’t imagine a more beautiful landscape for pottery and well loved food!
    And since I’m here, thank you for appreciating handwork. Thanks to Tricia for making handwork.

  693. kate says:

    Lovely, lovely…one can amost feel the comforting rhythm of the weave. I’d like a Cal king duvet cover (didn’t see sizes listed in the duvet cover section) OR a set of Cal king sheets – both in that soft dove grey.

  694. Robyn O says:

    A set of King Sheets. They look just heavenly. I already do a joyous dance on clean sheet day each week, these would require a full ballet I think.

  695. Jody says:

    I adore linen…linen anything, oh so lovely to touch and gaze upon.
    Wonder if Tricia wants a new best friend..

  696. Joyce says:

    Orkney Linen tablecloth + bolster would satisfy a part of my linen craving…

  697. Nikki says:

    Wow – amazing.. I have been yearning for something so beautiful and hanging onto my old cloth until i found it – and here it is! It’s so calming and luxurious. I would opt for the Orkney Natural – a purest at heart.

  698. Kerry says:

    Ooh, tough decision, but I think I’d go with the smooth linen sheets. I’d love the Orkney duvet cover, but I’m afraid my dogs would love it a little too much for its own good!

  699. Jessica says:

    Hi! I love the Queen sheets but I might go with the tablecloth and napkins. Decisions, decision. Thank you (and Tricia) for the chance to decide.

  700. Leslie says:

    LOVE the orkney table linens!! Great site and amazing products

  701. Elena says:

    I would choose the Smooth White Linen Pillow Slips and the Pure White Linen Sheets.

  702. Kim says:

    Would love a king duvet…and then use it as a tablecloth too. 🙂

  703. I love linen but have always been afraid of it since in 8th grade I bought linen pants for the big spring dance and promptly sweated through them while doing the worm (yeah I am that old). I am ready to try it again ….just not as clothes 🙂

  704. Rachel says:

    I would love the sheets…..I’m asking the universe to send them to me!

  705. Heather says:

    I would pick the Orkney table cloth and napkins — they are perfect for my new place.

  706. I would positively love to slide into my cal king bed with those sheets on it. I haven’t bought myself new sheets in years, that would be a real treat!

  707. Linda says:

    Oh, for our lake place, The Curtains! Yes Please!

  708. Christina says:

    I would DEF go with the sheet set as well. They look SO comfy!

  709. alexandra says:

    oh heck to the yea. i would lovee the cal king sheet set. bc my bed is huge and ive never bought really nice sheets for it. viva rough linen! thanks for introducing her products to us karen!

  710. Laura says:

    My sister mentioned this giveaway & said she didn’t enter because she is a new reader. So I would get the Orkney cushion covers with her & her husband’s initials & also a set for me & my hubby. (That’s a ‘D’ & ‘W’and ‘L’ & ‘R’.

  711. charissa says:

    How have I not known of Rough Linen before? I LOVE linen! I think I’d be boring and go with a set of sheets, and the Smooth White tablecloth, although that Orkney curtain is very tempting…

  712. Mags says:

    The grey linen tablecloth and napkins up there are just calling to me. What a lovely giveaway!

  713. Stacy says:

    um wow are you kidding me?! i would take any of the above mentioned luxurious wonders! table cloth is amazing. i’m pretty sure i need this in my life! 🙂

  714. lily says:

    Again, I’m prompted to comment because of a giveaway. I’ve been drooling over these sheets since I first saw Tricia’s website a couple months ago. The white queen sheets would be so very lovely. Just for starters…

    BTW, nice sheet-folding video. Have you ever folded your fitted sheets by nesting all the corners together and folding in the sides to make a straight-sided rectangle and then folding it like a flat sheet? I’m probably not explaining it well but it’s easy and quick and produces very acceptable results.

    Thanks to you and Tricia for the very generous giveaway!

  715. AnDee says:

    Holy Hell…
    Just got in under the wire…Lucky I found you. Thank you Pinterest! 😉
    What an awesome give away! The Orkney natural line is just fantastic!
    Thanks You and She!

  716. audrey says:

    I would like the king duvet cover….. beautiful!!!

  717. Rachel says:

    Oh, the sheets all the way!

  718. Jinia says:

    Def a queen sheet and a couple of pillowcases. This would only happen in my dreams!

  719. Thera says:

    Ooooh almost too late! Hubby threw his back out etc so I am just catching up 🙁
    Sheets, 2 pillow slips and a Smooth White Linen tablecloth with a raw edge!
    Gorgeous stuff, I have book marked her site for future dreaming!

  720. Janet says:

    After reading about the longevity of her great-great granny’s pillow slips, I’m definitely in for several of those. I can picture them repurposed, several generations later.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  721. Laura says:

    I would go with sheets! I LOVE everything Rough Linen but I have been searching for the perfect bed linens for YEARS and have yet to find any that make me happy!

  722. Chad Alice Hagen says:

    Those beautiful white linen sheets and pillowcases- queen size to wrap around my full size self. I have loved linen since I was born, well, as long as I can remember. Almost had heart failure once while wandering through London small shops and found one filled to the rafters with OLD linen, OLD hand woven, much loved, wonderfully patched linens. Unfortunately they would not take my promise of first born child nor my blood nor right arm…So this I see as my second chance.

  723. Christina says:

    Pure white linen King sheet set, oh my goodness that sounds amazing! Thanks as always Karen!

  724. Nellie says:

    What beautiful products! I love the St. Bart duvets, but since I have a duvet problem and already own 4, I think I’d get the sheets and some napkins. Really are beautiful pieces!

  725. Gabrielle says:

    Everything! I want everything on the site.
    But if I could only take one thing with me, then it would have to be the Orkney & Smooth White tablecloth combo. It’s so elegant and inviting!

  726. Angus says:

    I love the pure white Linen sheets; simple elegance works every time.

  727. Mimi says:

    For me it would have to be the orkney tablecloth and smooth white napkins. Beautiful with a dark wood table! Great find, thanks so much!

  728. Stefanie says:

    Orkney Duvet Cover, queen-sized, please!

  729. PMM says:

    Love the Orkney natural tablecloth–perfect color for hiding coffee spills. Sign me up!

  730. kerry says:

    gosh, i’ve been admiring tricia’s linens for a while now. since i’m finally trying to get my house together, i need an assortment of things – two natural orkney bolsters, two natural orkney king shams and one twin sheet (obviously, i’d owe!). thank you for the oportunity!!!!

  731. Can’t believe this! I missed it and now I’m here in the nick of time! Good omen, I say.
    I would choose white queen linen sheets, and I would not get out of bed if I win, except to pee, cos no way would I pee on those sheets. I hope random computer thingy hears that and picks me!

  732. Rachael says:

    It would be so nice to win, I’ve had her site bookmarked for so long in my “me wantie” file.

    If I could choose anything on the site…the twin duvet in Orkney. If I had to choose a tablecloth/napkin combo, the 108″ Orkney cloth with 6 16×16 smooth white napkins.

  733. Marilyn says:

    Oh, yes…the sheets please.

  734. Leslie says:

    I’ve been dreaming of linen in my home…on my bed, as drapes, tablecloths…how great to find out about Rough Linen! Thanks. I’d have to go for the king sheets if forced to chose.

  735. mackenzie says:

    Gorgeous product + great giveaway…if, by some chance, my response was selected, I would definitely ask for the queen orkney bedskirt. Would be equally happy with the tablecloth + napkins, however…definitely wouldn’t be too choosey 🙂

  736. Stephanie says:

    I would definitely choose the orkney tablecloth and napkins 🙂

  737. brigitte says:

    My fiancé and I just bought a 100 year old house… and the woman we bought it from had lived here for 60 YEARS (!!!) When we were closing, she told me she was leaving us the walnut dining set because she felt it belonged with the house. She and her family had made many memories around that table — and she wanted us to continue that tradition with OUR family. So — I would pick the table linens — what a perfect way to begin building our traditions at the table!

  738. denise says:

    Well who wouldn’t love to hibernate in a bed entirely dressed in that beautiful bedding but in this case, I would choose the smooth white tablecloth with the Orkney cloth on top. It looks so beautiful – classic and contemporary at the same time – and I am so happy to finally have a new dining room table and chairs that fits my whole family.

  739. Virginie says:

    Such beautiful material! I too love sleeping in freshly washed bed linen that’s been hung to dry… Such a summery experience! So I would love to slumber in the queen duvet cover!

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