Mason Jar Christmas Tree!
The DIY you’ve waited a year for.


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Around this time last year I posted a Christmas House Tour of my home that featured a DIY I came up with using a few supplies from the Dollar Store and … the ever popular mason jar.  I have a thing for mason jars.  And by “thing” I mean an unhealthy love affair normally reserved for stuff that lives and breathes.  Or at the very least is covered in pizza sauce.

These little tree filled mason jars seem to have struck a chord with The Art of Doing Stuff readers.





I didn’t think much about posting them until the comments started coming in asking how I made them.  Then the emails.  The screaming. The knocking on my door. WHEN was I doing a post on those mason jar trees.  In December I said.

This is the first post of December.  Drop the balloons from the ceiling, set off the confetti guns, THIS is the Mason Jar Christmas Tree post!



Mason jar

Epsom Salts

Small fake Christmas tree

Battery operated string of lights.



1.  Shove your lights into the bottom of the jar. Turn them on first so you can see what they look like.

This part is a bit fiddly because the lights want to pop up every which way instead of staying placed in the very bottom of the jar.  To make it a bit easier you can loop the lights around your hand, secure them with a twist tie or two and drop them in the jar.



2.  Start filling the bottom of the jar with Epsom salts.  Push the lights down with your spoon if they pop up.



3.  Place your tree in the jar and shove it down in the salts a bit.  Add a bit more salt if you need to.  Make sure the wire from the lights runs straight up the back of the tree (not the side or the front).




4.  Admire.



That’s all there is to it.  Salted Christmas Trees.  I kindda feel bad for keeping something so easy a secret for so long.   Only kindda.  Not a lot.  O.K. I don’t feel bad at all.  But it seemed like the right thing to say.


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  1. Becca says:

    I’ve just started following you. So far I’m inspired, tickled and enjoying. Sharing with my friends who also enjoy your down to earth way of getting stuff done.

  2. Susan Swayze says:

    Hi, I made something similar this year. I had a glass jar w/o the cover. :-( It’s about twice the girth of a Mason jar. I put about an inch and a half of table salt in the bottom. I took a straw and moved the salt around so it was at different depths. Then in the table salt I sat 2 different sized trees burying the base of the tree in the salt…and then added 3 small deer….? mommy & 2 fawns? I had a daddy deer with all the antlers but he took up too much room so I took him out. Around the threaded top I put a narrow red ribbon gluing the end over end to hold it in place because I didn’t have a cover. Probably a piece of aluminum foil held in place with the red ribbon might have worked as a cover but it really doesn’t need a cover.

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