Please don’t be alarmed.  You are in the right place.  This is The Art of Doing Stuff.  I am Karen.  You may, at this very moment, be fearful.  Maybe you’re afraid that my site has been taken over by someone else.  That’s understandable and if you would just calm down for a second I can prove to you that this is indeed The Art of Doing Stuff and I am, for sure, Karen.   I don’t have any kind of computerized thumbprint recognition I can do or anything to prove that this is still my site and I am still me, but let me just say this: Snarklefart, asshead, shitshow, Cuddles and “I hate brussels sprouts”.  If that doesn’t convince you it is indeed me, Karen, writing this post then nothing will. Also Idris Elba is hot.  That last one there oughtta secure it for you.  So no one has taken over my blog and turned it into something different.

It’s just the new site redesign.

You’re liable to be feeling all kinds of things right now, and over the next few minutes you might in fact feel a whole array of things including violent, violent anger towards me and this new site.   It’s O.K.  Just go ahead and feel them.  Nobody likes change.  I mean, there are people who say they like change but those people are just trying to be show offs.  Like those people who claim they actually enjoy reading Russian literature.  As if.

Today I’m just going to take you on a little tour of the new look and show you what’s different about it so you’ll have an easier time navigating it.




First off,  you’ll notice at the top of the page is my new logo designed by my friend graphic designer Russell Gibbs.  It’s simple and  graphic looking.   I had a few options but I liked this one right away and it was Russell’s favourite too.  With the logo, Russell wanted to emphasize that me, my life, this site is all about DOING.  The Art of Doing Stuff is not a lazing around letting someone else take care of it kind of place and I’m not that kind of person.  And neither are the people who read this site.

After living with my blog and watching it evolve over the past 5 years I developed a better idea of what my categories should really be. For one thing when I started this blog I didn’t even own chickens!  They came a year into my blogging career. So for the past 4 years of owning chickens and doing a LOT of posts on chickens I didn’t even have a Chicken category.

There is now a chicken category.

I also didn’t really know how much I was going to talk about myself when I started this blog or how often I’d just blabber as opposed to showing you how to do something.  Hence the NEW category, “My Life”.  That’s where you’ll find stories about me and my family (think Betty or my nieces hilarious Bikram Yoga experience).  My Life is also where you’ll find the things I recommend like product reviews or my series 5 Books I’ve Read, Plus 5 Books I’m Gonna Read, or 3 Shows You Should be Watching.  This is also where “Random Shit” goes, which are things that are great but don’t fit into one of my regular categories.

Another brand new category is the SHOP page.  There’s nothing to buy there right.  So that’s the most anti-climactic store opening ever. The Shop category is  eventually where I’ll sell my video courses,  maybe some tea towels, products that will be exclusive to The Art of Doing Stuff and of course my favourite things that I own and love.




As you can see, the categories I’ve decided to go with are Food, Garden, House, Chickens, Tips, DIY and My Life.  Each category has a sub-category  underneath.  Just hover your mouse over the category and the sub-categories will show up.  So Tips are sub-categorized into cleaning tips, cooking tips, decorating tips, organizing tips etc.  The DIY category has a drop down menu showing all of my individual holiday DIYs including Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more.  There’s also DIY sub-categories in flower arranging (which I used to do a LOT more posts on), and general DIY tutorials like How to Brace a Saggy Gate, How to Fold a Napkin, How to Stack Wood, How to Make Foaming Soap or any other step by step tutorial I’ve written.




You’ll also notice that as you scroll down any page on my site that my menu will stay put up at the top. So if you scroll down to the bottom of a long post you don’t have to scroll all the way back up to go to the menu.  It’ll be right there for you.




You can easily subscribe to get my emails sent to you every day by typing your email address into the subscribe box.

Wanna search something?  Hit the little search button at the top.  This is the one thing I’m a bit worried about. Not everyone knows that that little magnifying glass is the symbol for “search”.





When you click the search button this will pop up,




There are other ways the site will change too.  The background will change throughout the seasons for instance.  There’s the slate background (which you can see on the site now), the butcherblock background and the foil background.  The foil background is special for the holidays and butcherblock will make it’s debut next fall.

Wanna hear something funny? I totally thought I’d be writing this post 10 months ago. It was over a year ago that I told you  The Art of Doing Stuff was going to be getting a new design because my old design was … old.   I figured I’d get it all wrapped up in 2 months and then in my mind gave myself a buffer of another month. So 3 months.  It took 13 months.   And I’d been thinking about it for 3 months prior to announcing it. So from the moment I thought about it to the moment my new site went live was 16 months.  If this were a gestation period I could have given birth to a whale.

The Art of Doing Stuff is also now “responsive”.  All that means is it will look good whether you’re checking it out on your laptop, phone or tablet.

I’m guessing there might be the odd hiccup over the next few weeks and maybe even a bit of indigestion. Some of you may even feel a little bit queasy right now.   It ain’t easy, giving birth to a whale.

And you and I, we have the easy part. We just have to get used to it.   All of the truly terrifying work was done by WayLay Design.  Selina is the one who actually had to somehow, miraculously turn my old site into my new site without skipping a beat (unless you’re counting my heartbeats in which case many, many beats were skipped).

Now you go browse around and I’ll go and work on that shop page.  And eat some chips.  (see?  It really is me.)

Have a good weekend!




  1. L. Brown says:

    The new responsive design looks good. Please make your pages available in “reader view” for iPhones so it’s easier to read on the tiny screen in the font and size I choose. The current sans serif font is hard on the eyes and I have to turn my phone sideways to make the size large enough to read. Love the content as always!

  2. Shauna says:

    I’m going to admit, I was scared. Change is hard, but I’m sure I’ll still love it.

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