Show Me Your Coop

I love this chicken coop.

It makes me feel all weak in the knees.  The weather worn boards, the slanted roof, the mish mash of faded paint on the front.  I love this chicken coop.  In fact, everything from the split rail fence to the snow covered trees make me a bit woozy.   It’s a common condition actually … I am, at this very moment, suffering from what is known in the scientific community as “Snow drunk”.

I might also be actually drunk.

Snow really does make everything outside look better.  It’s like beer goggles for derelict buildings and nature.

The coop belongs to Amy from ABCD Design in New York City.    The coop’s on the roof of her Manhattan condo.  Just kidding.  It’s at her country house.  I’ve been trying to convince her to fill it with chickens, but so far I haven’t succeeded.

Even though I love my contemporary coop, and it suits its surroundings … I still have a HUGE appreciation for traditional chicken coop designs like this one.  Coops that were built way before chickens became the new lap dog.

I also like chicken coops that are shaped like barns, coops with chandeliers in them and coops built out of old cars.  I love me a coop.

I also love me pictures of coops.  That is where you come in this week.  It’s been a while since I called upon you to send in pictures, but … I’m a callin’.

Now is the time for you or your friends to show off their chicken coops.


So if you have a chicken coop, send me a picture of it.  Send your photos to [email protected]

(the coop picture post is now closed.  sorry, no more entries allowed)

I’ll be picking the cream of the coops and posting them next week.  It can be a new picture or an old picture, just so long as it’s YOUR picture.

No prize.  No winnings.  Just a chance to show off your chickens and coop to other coop owners and those who only dream of a coop.  Plus everyone else.  So clearly, a huge opportunity for you here.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Denise Leavens says:


    This is not MY coop. I don’t have one. I am going to CLAIM this one as mine since it no longer even exists. I found it in 1910 New Orleans via the fantastic website

    Be sure to click on View full size.

  2. Teresa Messick says:

    At the moment, my coop…err, I mean future coop, consists of a stack of pallets I have been dragging home for months. They are leaning neatly against the massive Southern Magnolia in the back yard waiting for spring and the hope of being built into a magnificent Chateau Poulet! Probably butchered the spelling of that name. Maybe this time next year I will have a photo to send in. Oh, and I love snow pics too, especially since we get very little way down here in the armpit of the South! Thanks for sharing!

  3. judy says:

    how about memories of a chicken coop? my grandmother had one on her farm outside of wewoka, ok. about the size of a modest bathroom, with a large chicken wire (what else)window in front, part left-over tin from the barns and part wood for the walls..gravely-dirt floor and two layers of roosts (is that what they’re called?) that had probably 10 nests. in the summer when visiting, the one who drew the short straw got to gather the eggs. Her chickens were a little on the mean side and loved to peck the hand that stole their treasure, then peck our barefoot heels as we beat a hasty retreat. Grandmother, however, would coo as she went in and gently gather a basketfull. we should have learned from her!! thanks for the memories!

  4. Debbi says:

    “Coop” is a pretty awesome word. The more “coops” in a sentence the better is what I always say.

  5. Sara says:

    A bit of sound advice – never buy a house while snow drunk. I made that mistake once. Winter melted and I woke up in the spring and realized just how ugly my new neighborhood really was. Sadly, no coops here. Something about that snow-drunk house debacle made me realize just how much I really love an HOA…

  6. Marti says:

    Nice coop picture. I love your carrot soup. We are having our first serious cold weather and I’ve gone through 5 pounds of carrots in the last week, Karen. When I’m done with this batch, it’s on to the Fire Broth…Mmmmm!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Marti. We had the carrot soup this week too! It ended up being REALLY spicy. Eep. I’ve only recently become a soup maker. I’d be perfectly happy eating soup every night for dinner in the fall/winter. ~ k!

  7. I would love to show my coop! However, that means I have to find the cord to the camera to upload the pics. And I’m in the middle of packing to move. Awww, but my “new” place has a coop and I’m super excited to see what it looks like! Maybe I will snap a pic of that.

  8. Linda says:

    I don’t have a coop, but I thought you might be interested in this:

  9. Barbie says:

    ……I will never be snow drunk …me thinks.
    To much California in these ol bones I guess…even though I have been in Spokane for 22 years now….I have really started to hate the snow! I know I know! Go ahead throw stones at me!! However you ARE correct that it does make everything pretty….I would just rather be admiring it from afar than up close and personal.

  10. Susan says:

    My coop was so old and crappy that a mink got in and kilt everyone. We burned the darned thing. No digital photos, so you don’t get to see how actually crappy (think old painted plywood, one room, wooden orange boxes for nests, and plastic feed sack stapled over the chicken wired windows in the winter. True crap. I lust over the beauties you post.

  11. Shauna says:

    I have a couple of good pics, but none straight on that aren’t right after we built it, so I’ll have to take another shot of the whole thing. Too bad this wasn’t asked of me in the summer when we still had pretty green plants growing on top. Maybe I can convince the girls to pose for a shot:)

  12. Dawna Jones says:

    I love Amy and that’s totally cool that she has a chicken coop with no chickens. Lol.

    • ABC Dragoo says:

      Aw, shucks Dawna – thanks! LOL

      Seriously, I am not sure how I would handle a bird of prey swooping in and taking one of my girls from the yard. I’d likely lose my mind!


  13. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Well I wanted to do the chicken thing..but it never happened..So I look forward to seeing everyone else s..Good one Another

  14. Another Karen says:

    Q: Why do chicken coops have only two doors?
    A: Because if they had four, they’d be sedans!!
    Nyuk nyuk nyuk :D

  15. In my part of Canada, I’m only a generation removed from a time when coops were the norm for many families, along with other creatures kept for the calories they could provide. We’re like the gen that forgot how to procure our own food. I’m looking forward to droolin’ and dreamin’ over your pic picks, Karen. Maybe I’ll become a retirement farmer!

  16. Love chickens, love coops, have neither. Can’t wait for the pictures!

  17. Janet says:

    Dang! I’m coopless! I live in a neighborhood where the neighbors would freak out if they saw I was harboring chickens…but I’ve a friend that has a coop…well, it’s really a little chicken hovel under the trees with a little structure with wire around it…but her chickens rarely use it. Her rooster took over the little dogwood tree next to her front door….now I guess, after a little rooster pressure, the hens hang out there too. I wonder if they think they are partridges?…no wait, that would be a pear tree, right?

  18. Diane says:

    I am so excited to see all the coops! WOOT! I have been searching for some ideas that will spark my imagination and allow me to go chicken crazy with my own design! Yeah!

  19. Mary Kay says:

    I wish I had a coop to show you. *sigh*

    But I do have a question for you: If you go away for a weekend or vacation does someone take care of the girls while you are gone? We camp alot and this a concern in my decision for starting a coop. I don’t know if I can convince anyone in my family to take care of the chickens while we are away.

    • Karen says:

      Mary Kay – Well, like any animal you do need someone to check in on them while you’re away. They have to make sure the chickens are O.K. that they have food and especially that they have fresh water. And of course bring in any eggs. Anyone who looks after my chickens for me gets to keep whatever eggs they find. My mother usually comes in the evening and I have 2 very nice neighbours who come over and check on them in the morning. It’s an easy job really. If you’re only going away for a few days or a week they don’t even need to clean out the coop. It’ll be fine for that long. (that’s most people’s concern when they’re asked to look after the chickens … DO I HAVE TO CLEAN THE POOP?) ~ karen!

      • Mary Kay says:

        THANKS – I might be able to convince my niece or nephew to do the job since no POOP will be invovled. See, my sisters and I were raised as close to city folk without actually living in the city. And since the niece and nephew are young still they might come feed the chickens for me. Hmmmm I wonder how much bribing I might have to do to sweeten the pot… Well that is putting the cart before the horse – I have to get a coop and chickens first LOL – again thanks for the info!!!!!

      • ABC Dragoo says:

        Karen, Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. Our coop still has the poop from the last batch of birds who lived here before we bought the house. I keep wondering – who is going to clean out the poop.

        Worry number two: what if one dies? I know I will become attached to them like they are my own babies and I’d absolutely lose my mind if I lost one.

        There you have it…that is why my coop is empty.

        Thanks for featuring our chicken coop today and for letting me take part in kicking off your coop challenge!


  20. Jim Barry says:

    I think they said “Get into the Christmas spirit.” and not “Get into the Christmas spirits.”

  21. Laura says:

    To say that coop envy will be on overload is a huge understatement. Gotta go now…time to sell my house and move somewhere I can have a chicken coop!

  22. Moe says:

    You’re making me wish I had a coop. I don’t even know anybody who does have a coop except you. What a pitiful life I lead. :(

  23. magali says:

    I’m so happy to learn this term, Snow Drunk!
    I hope that is how my guests feel when they are standing outside in two months for my wedding ceremony. Because I too agree that everything is looks better outside with snow!

  24. Bonnie says:

    OMG! I never saw your coop until today! Amazing.It looks nicer than many houses. I have a new appreciation for chicken coops. I bet none of your chickens want to cross the road to go anywhere else.
    Can’t wait to see the upcoming array.

  25. Heather says:

    Why did you have to do this now??!! The plans are to build one in the spring and hatch eggs in my class at school ( I am a high school bio teacher). Well I will just have to send you pics when I do it. Mine will have to be pretty too bc coops really are quite charming when done right. Merry Christmas Karen–thank you for brightening my days xo

  26. KDot says:

    *rubs hands together* I can’t wait for the results. I’m gonna pin the crap outta them!

  27. Heather says:

    Bummer I don’t have a coop and I don’t know anybody that has a coop. I do however have the sudden urge to find one and snap a picture of it!

    Hmmm any coops in Tampa??? Lets see if I can find one.

  28. Dallas says:

    Challenge accepted!

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