A Lip Update Plus …
Some Super Fantastic Stuff from my Sponsors

I thought I’d give you a little update on the fat lip.  Here’s a picture of it on Day 2.  I love it.  I finally have a lip worthy of gloss.  In their natural, uninjured state, I would describe my lips as very … well … Protestant … looking.

This!  Now this is the look of a racy Catholic.


IMG 7191


Now I have 2 options. Continue to smash myself in the face every so often, or bring this picture to a plastic surgery clinic and tell them to start injecting. I’ll give it some thought. For now I’m going to buy every coloured gloss I can get my lips on before the swelling goes down.    I wish I could think of something else to do while I have my great big lips.


Or  maybe just open a kissing booth.  Or just wear gloss.

As promised last week,  I have the remaining top picks from my advertisers.

A Pocket of Posies is a return advertiser  And she seems to have expanded her line since last time around.  I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this first item.  I love, love, love them.  Not pretend love because I have to say I love it because she's an advertiser, genuine sincere love.  Take a look at my favourites, starting with the object of my affection, a pair of earrings I plan on marrying ... here, here and here!

 Nancy is a money coach.  More importantly she is the rarest of rare breeds.  She is a money coach … get ready for it … with a sense of humour.  Yup.  She’s funny.  Nancy + Money = Funny.  Don’t believe me?  Read this.


MJH is a new advertiser and when I saw her hand painted pendants I nearly choked.  If you happen to own a French Bulldog, or a Boxer or one of those little White Fluffy Dogs you’re gonna wanna take a look.  Even if you don’t, you’re gonna want to take a look because MJH will paint a portrait of your pet on a pendant.  All you have to do is email her a picture.  Seriously!

And finally … I’d like to thank Mr. Pickles.  Mr. Pickles is a classy cat.  A classy cat who caters to your questions.  Yup.  If you have a question, a dilemma, a conundrum, you can Ask Mr. Pickles and Mr. Pickles will answer.  And yes.  Mr. Pickles is way smarter than Toonces.

The only complaint I have about all of my advertisers?  Not a one of them carries gloss.


  1. Marti says:

    Other option: I paid for this look two days ago at my dermatologist.

    I’m just sayin…

    • Karen says:

      Marti – That’s what I meant by option #2! There’s always the fear of walking out like you have an inflated tire on your mouth though. I may just stick with smashing myself in the face. Wow. I am a control freak, aren’t I? ~ karen

      • Marti says:

        Absolutely, but more to the point, either way we both apparently are willing to put up with a certain amount of pain to look the way we want! Eek!

  2. plump lips without having to pay for collagen?! woowoo!

  3. Ouch! It does look kind good though 🙂

    Hope it feels better soon.

  4. Deb J. says:

    An easier and less painful solution is to go on YouTube and search for makeup videos that show you how to ‘create’ this look. Did it once. LOTS of videos! Results not quite like the jigsaw jam but waaay less painful. And maybe a blog entry?!? Just an idea:)

  5. Hey tx for the shoutout Karen (my blog traffic spiked!) you racy-lipped thang!! 🙂

  6. Beth says:

    Wow…I went back and read your first post about it, and it looked like a pretty nasty injury. Now…not bad! Work it, girl!

  7. Mr. Pickles thinks that your website is a perfect example of why the Internet was created. And no, Mr. Pickles is not Al Gore.

  8. gf says:

    I have never understood some of the extremely painful things people will do to their bodies in the name of fashion or beauty.
    “here let me jab a crazy big needle in your face so you will look like you have been punched in the mouth…”
    Just don’t get it. Look either your partner is attracted to you as you are or you should seek a different one. If a former partner has dumped you I doubt it is because your lips were not puffy enough. They more likely dumped you because you were fixated on your appearance (or their appearance) instead of enjoying life by building a chicken coop or fixing your door closer thingy or making an awesome pie (a true pie or otherwise crusted dessert).

    • Karen says:

      I don’t think it’s quite so black or white. I completely understand people wanting to look their best. I don’t think wanting to look good and being shallow or boring are necessarily mutually exclusive. If it makes you feel better about yourself or more confident … go nuts! Fix your wrinkles and fix a pie! 🙂 ~ karen

  9. Trysha says:

    Plumping lip gloss from Sephora. Ah-mazing! (though I don’t recommend using it when your lips are chapped. Holy Ouch, Batman)

  10. You are the only woman i know who has done cosmetic work with a jigsaw. Looks good though, looks good.

    However your browser just told me I sent it a Bad Request when I clicked on your rates Karen, and now i feel rejected…

  11. Melissa Tuli says:

    I discovered your blog through the likes of “centsational girl”, and I thought I’d let you know that I absolutely love your blog! After scrolling through countless blogs about happy stay-at-home mormon moms (Am I the only the only one that has noticed that there are a lot of these out there in this blog world?) You are a breath of fresh air! I also love your style. Just thought I’d let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    • Karen says:

      LOL, Thank you Melissa. I think there’s a huge audience for the ‘gosh and golly’ blogs. But gosh-darn it, this isn’t one of ’em. Now excuse me while I go scream my refrigerator into submission. ~ karen!

  12. Laura C says:

    I once bought a contraption that you put on your lips and then pull on it and it basically creates SUCTION to suck blood into your lips and puff them up. Of course I bruised the crud out of my lips and looked a bit silly. Just one pull a day… Think of it as a sex toy for your lips. But a heck of a lot easier than getting injections or hitting yourself in the face! Now, where’d I put that thing?? 😉

  13. jainegayer says:

    Maybelline BABY LIPS lip gloss. BEST stuff ever! It comes in sheer tints and clear. I wear clear to bed and I wake up with pouty, full lips, honest. I’m 63 and my lips started to thin out. This gloss saved them and more!

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