How to Grow Your Own Luffah Sponge.

Yes it is possible.  Yes I have done it.  Yes, you can do it too.

But you have to start now!!

How to Grow a Luffah Sponge

Sometimes you have to get dirty to get yourself clean.

Thanks to W Network for letting me use this excerpt from my show Playing House.

Some Tips:

So, I have done this but not all that successfully.  If I’d told you that at the beginning of this post you wouldn’t have watched the video.  Having said that, the only reason I wasn’t successful is because I planted the vine in a spot that didn’t get enough sunlight.  These suckers need a lot of sun!

1.  Start your plants indoors in the early spring.  Many garden centres carry the seeds.

2.  Plant out after danger of frost is gone, gone, gone.

3.  Make sure they have something HUGE to climb on.  They’ll grow 12 feet in the air if you let them.

4.  When they’re growing, the loofahs look like big cucumbers.  At this point they’re edible, but I probably wouldn’t.

5.  Let them stay on the vine as long as possible without getting frost.  Even a bit of frost won’t kill them, it’ll just kill the vine.

6.  In the fall, pick the Loofah and let it dry for a few days.  You should be able to hear the seeds inside when you shake it.

7.  Peel the skin off, and the inside will be your loofah sponge.  Clean it up then scrub away.

The first time I did this, I planted “surprise plants” in all my relative’s yards.  Not a single one of them took care of them enough to ensure they grew.  They were subjected to pesticides, lawnmowers and dogs.  Every single sister, mother and neice killed their plant.

Had they known they were Loofahs they may have taken better care of them.  Who doesn’t want to be able to grow their own shower friend??

If you’d like a FULL in depth tutorial on starting Luffahs from seed read My Ultimate Guide to Growing Luffah Sponges.

Good Luck!


  1. Lex says:

    So how long can you use and keep them after they are grown? Also we aren’t allowed vegetable gardens at the condominium complex we’re out (we do have a backyard), so how can I hide them?

    Third, where in Canada are you from?

    • Karen says:

      Lex – 1. they last a long, long time. Months and months. 2. You’re gonna have a helluva time hiding these things. They grow about 20 feet high. 3. Small town, about an hour outside of Toronto. ~ karen!

  2. BGrigg says:

    Ya know, when you whipped out the loofah, for a split second it looked like a, like a… well, something that can get whipped out.

    I thought they grew in the ocean as well. So now we all know!

  3. nicole says:

    no way, thats too funny! my husband and i questioned one another when walking in athens, greece, why so many loofah’s? we just thought since they were close to the ocean, hahaha. im going to have to show him this video..

  4. Linda says:

    I never would have guessed that! Crazy!
    K I found you through design*sponge and recognized you from tv. When I was a teenager and used to stay up late watching Arsenio Hall you used to do those short clips during the commercial break and I thought you were hilarious! I’ve read a few of your posts here and well you really are hilarious. Glad I found your blog :)

    • Karen says:

      Hah! I think I was still a teenager when Arsenio Hall was on. You probably saw me during David Letterman, Jerry Springer or Tom Snyder. Maybe the Simpsons too. I don’t remember anything about Arsenio Hall! But I could be losing my mind. I mean … it’s actually totally possible. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Linda says:

        I probably got that wrong about Arsenio Hall…oh well…I recognize you from tv so in my mind you are way more famous that a tanning salon manager ;)

  5. I love the clip :) Yeah…who knew.

  6. Nice tips and video! Thanks :-)

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