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And THAT my readers, is how you spell The Art of Doing Stuff. Yes it is.


  1. Therese says:


  2. Marti says:

    What?? Did someone OTHER THAN ME point out that you misspelled your blogs name in yesterday’s post? I was so good… so restrained, Karen. I’m on vacation and I thought “Oh, just let Karen have a vacation, too. Don’t bug her.” But someone else said “No, no, that’s not how you correctly spell the site’s name. This is: http://www.TheArtofDoingSNuffelupagas.

    Is that why you’re spelling it out for us? Have we been bad?

  3. ev says:

    Hey-forgot to tell you that we got an olla! It will be in a central location amidst 4 tomato plants. Four other plants will be watered as usual. The cost of the olla was about $25, but the shipping was OMG! It came from Texas: we live in northeast Ohio.
    Anyway, sure could have used it last year when it was so dry. We will see how it goes. If I get another maybe I will be able to find one closer. Thanks for featuring them, Karen!

  4. Carla Barnes says:

    The bed of my dreams! Oh, you are a genius.

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Very clever lady..I’m so glad that you did this..my links at the side are still missing and I was too busy yesterday to have my son look into it..I will ask him today..Anyhow..I just used the link you put up to get to Cubit’s and order my Organic Delicata Winter Squash Seeds..I will have to fence it in somehow as every time I try to grow any squash (like pumpkins) someone thinks the blossoms are quite tasty and they all disappear..if it’s the bunnies I think I can win this time..if it’s the deer..I’m not so sure..Thanks!

  6. Sara says:

    KARENNNNNN!!!! The OLLA!!!! Um, why does the whole state of Texas not know about this? Oh my goodness, my vegetable garden and I love you! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Really loving my BOGS! They are two thumbs up. I removed fencing in them, planted my garden in them, took a load to the recycle in them, and pretty much live outside in them. Thanks so much for my wonderful BOGS Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Great! I love mine too. I use my short ones for gardening and cleaning the coop area all the time. Might need another pair soon. ~ karen!

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The Art of Doing Stuff